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Fentanyl Patch Help "first Time Attempt(maybe)"

by ch3mical0ne
hey guys,have acquired a Janssen-Cilag durogesic fentanyl patch 50mcg/h,
been using oxycontin for a while and jumped onto hydromorphone for a fair bit
supplyr has moved.. which sucks..!
could handle about 80mg oxy,and around 32mg hydromorphone - rectally,because i dont feel like stabbing a vein yet :(.
just wondering whats the best way to use these patches for first time use!
as i have nothing else.. and i am goin insane!
the packet seems to be pretty thin,so i doubt there is gell in there!

peace guys appreciate the help!!

  • Cut off a strip (with your tolerance, I'd say you'd be safe with 1/5th or so of the patch). Apply this strip to your gums, sticky side down, for 30 seconds then remove it. Wait 10 minutes, if you're not where you want to be then rinse/repeat until you are. Eventually you'll get the hang of how long you need to leave it in, but never forget it's there, since that's an incredibly easy way to end up cold and blue.

    Have fun, but be safe :)
    - Crankinit, 2 years ago
  • all the research and talking to people is scaring me :P, this is the most non intimidating post i have read sofar. lol.
    and im still scared :(.. is there any special ways to cut them.. i have not even attempted to open the patch and look at it yet!
    so you say strips..will that contain alot. do you know the equiv to hydro or oxy/
    cheers! :D
    - ch3mical0ne, 2 years ago
  • Yeah, it will contain a lot, one patch will last you at least a couple days, from my memory of when my tolerance was around your level.

    Fentanyl is dangerous, but people exaggerate somewhat, as long as you pay attention to how long you apply the strip to your gums, it's perfectly possible to take safely.

    No special way to cut them, just grab some scissors and cut off 1/5th or so of the patch.
    - Crankinit, 2 years ago
  • Not related to your question, but I've never heard of anyone in Oz getting Fentanyl. Damn, you have to be on death's bed to get a lousy prescription for Panadeine Forté!
    - Michael_25, a year ago
  • something is still holding me back haha :P.. were you this intimidated by a patch?
    wish i had some dilli on me :(
    - ch3mical0ne, 9 months ago
  • A little bit yeah, but I was pretty opiate naive at the time. Fentanyl was actually the first opiate I took after codeine :| I got the hang of it fairly quickly though, if you're that worried, make sure you have someone nearby with a phone on hand.

    wish i had some dilli on me

    Don't we all :p
    - Crankinit, 9 months ago
  • im not really that worried,i have never ivd before... hydromorphone rectally and oxycontin,, im allergic to codeine :P so drs say.
    just people saying dont do it! you can easily die etc..
    i have never herd so much bad talk about a drug in my life..!
    - ch3mical0ne, 9 months ago
  • i dont weigh that much either,and i am a small kinda person.. another factor thats holding me back lol... 1 /5th of a strip on my gums for 10 mins,
    that seems scary lol.....i have only ever plugged 32mgs hydromorphone before!
    not really sure how much it differs :S so yer better safe than sorry right :P
    - ch3mical0ne, 9 months ago
  • No, leave the strip on for 30 seconds, then remove it and wait 10 minutes for it to kick it. Do 'not' leave it in for 10 minutes, that's way too long for your first time!

    Look, if you're this worried you can always just not do it. Sell them off and wait till some oxy or hydro comes along and buy those.
    - Crankinit, 8 months ago
  • supplier moved!
    theres alot of idiots out there, so its hard to socialize with the right people :S
    ya know what i mean..
    and i really wanna try fent haha.. but people scare me with there talk about respecting it.. i respect anything i put in my system lol..
    too many people are quick to judge!!
    - ch3mical0ne, 7 months ago
  • dude are these the right ones?
    how am i suppose to cut these.. it seems like theres a split in it alrdy
    - ch3mical0ne, 6 months ago
  • Yeah those are the right ones, just cut a strip off, not hard :p
    - Crankinit, 6 months ago
  • yer i did. dont feel much atm left it 30 seconds twice feel a bit warm and tired,still enough to hold my eyes open and move around.
    - ch3mical0ne, 6 months ago
  • fent patch for the winn1!!

    if u follow crankinit's directions u'll be safe as fuck! :)

    i too had the pleasure of trying out fent patches, enjoyed the high to the max.

    but it ruins your tolerance like crazy. after the patch when u do other opiates u'll feel like nothing :(
    - headdah, 6 months ago
  • hey guys,Im back!! i must say i was disappointing with the outcome..
    maybe the onset i guess..
    another thing is how many times can u use one strip?

    compared to dilli, its not that rapid and intense yet! :S :(
    anyways thanks guys
    appreciate it all much :D
    - ch3mical0ne, 6 months ago
  • Dude you shoulda just used it transdermally and got a three day high.
    - 4thDimension, 6 months ago
  • You can use one strip HEAPS of times, basically until it does nothing. It didnt work so well on the gums for me, I had to leave it on until I could feel the fent and then I would take it off but thats probably not the safest method.

    Once you get you're technique down you will love it.

    @4thDimension, I got 2 days of use out of half a patch on the gums with pretty much a constant full blown delirium nod but I had no tolerance
    - Jakeperson, 5 months ago
  • hey guys,Im back!! i must say i was disappointing with the outcome..
    maybe the onset i guess..
    another thing is how many times can u use one strip?

    compared to dilli, its not that rapid and intense yet! :S :(
    anyways thanks guys
    appreciate it all much :D

    I've used fentanyl and OH-Me-fentanyl, was not that fussed over either of them. Sure they feel nice, but they seem to be lacking in euphoria and body warmth and fuzziness that other opioids provide. Hell even codeine is preferable in my book to them, but as they say, diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks.
    - Mr Blonde, in 7 months
  • Yep,couldn't of said it any better.lacks the wonderful euphoria i love.
    ddnt end up around a toilet bowl for a first time use.
    im use to a quick heavy buzz,with quite a bit of nausea actually :p
    - ch3mical0ne, in a year