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List Your PG Symptoms For The TTC-ers!

by mara232
I thought it would be helpful to list our pregnancy symptoms. I know when I was TTC I would pour over lists of Pregnancy Symptoms to see if I had any. :)

************************************************** *******
Mine included:

- Pinching at my belly button 12dpo for an hour (It made me hop out of bed!)
- creamy yellow cm
- super sore bbs
- heavy bbs
- feeling warm
- bad cramps like AF was coming
- didn't get my monthly pre-Af headache
- didn't get PMS
- didn't get my pre-AF munchies
- stinky pee
- getting up in the night to pee
- Really felt like AF was goign to show up ANY second

  • Thanx Mara!!! This is going to be immensely helpful info to the TTC's!!
    It would be great if you also list when you 1st felt the symptom begin!

    Thanx much ladies!!!!

    Rose Marie
    started fertility treatments 09/04'
    3rd round injectibles (Follistim) & 2IUI's---7/4 & 7/5/05
    - Rose Marie, 9 years ago
  • Mara, thats very helpful, thank you very much.
    - karenh, 9 years ago
  • Honestly, I didn't have any that I can say. The only reason I knew I was pregnant was because the HPT (and then the blood test) said so. As early as we test, because we are trying so hard to conceive, it's really too early for any major symptoms. If you have PMS normally, your PMS symptoms can also be pregnancy symptoms. This whole pregnancy I've had very few symptoms. Some say the more symptoms the healthier the pregnancy. I for one don't believe that. As I said I've had very few symptoms and my pregnancy is very healthy so far (Praise the Lord).

    This probably wasn't much help, but I thought I'd share. Just because you don't have early symptoms, don't give up hope! :)
    - Leslie, 9 years ago
  • Thanx Leslie! Yes, what you have to say IS very helpful! :wink: It just amazes me how DIFFERENT everyone is in what they feel. I have heard some say they felt things as early as 3 days after fertilization that were 'different' & others like you, say there has been no 'significant' symps. Everyone's input is great! As you guys all must know, some of us TTC-er's hang on every possible symp to keep our HOPE going! So, please keep posting ladies!

    God Bless!
    Rose Marie :)
    - Rose Marie, 9 years ago
  • This is fabulous! It is thoughtful of you to post this for us.
    I am very hopeful to join this board soon.
    I wish I wouldn't watch every little symptom during the 2ww - but, of course, I do!
    I am doing an early hpt tomorrow (10dpo) that is sensitive to 25mIU.
    - kirsten, 9 years ago
  • What's funny is I didn't think I was preggas this cycle cuz nothing from Day 14 til Day 28 felt like my first pregnancy. I suppose my body has changed. No morning sickness YET but I tend to begin on the day I crossover to Week 5. I also never threw up with Kel. Some of my symptoms are due to being taken off met and my beloved reflux meds. I miss my Zoton and my Dr wont give me even the meds that are safe djring preggo until I see my obgyn and he says it's ok. I hate people assuming my reflux is from being 4 and a bit weeks pregnant. Hello! Dim wits - I've had a problem since I was 6! People think they udnerstand but the pain is intense. I live on mylanta while preggas.
    - Kelansma, 9 years ago
  • Oh but I forgot to add - sore boo boos (that's what my son calls breasts) have been a symptom for me for both pregnancies.
    - Kelansma, 9 years ago
  • I didn't think I was pregnant until my nurse suggested I take the test. I don't get visits from AF and I have not taken any fertility drugs that month. I was actually planning to take a few months off of all the stress of fertility treatments.

    First sign was the sore breasts and the change in size. I thought it was just the new bra I bought that week. That started right after conception.

    Second was bad cramping. I thought my appendix was ready to burst. Went to the doc and he said the pain was right over my right ovary. So then I called the nurse.

    Third was extreame fatigue. Going to bed 2 hours early and taking naps during the day.

    Fourth was increase in eating. More often and smaller meals.

    Right about now is when I got around to taking HPT at 6 weeks.

    Since then I do have nausea most of the day when I don't eat. Cramps are really bad if I don't drink enough water.
    - Cheaven, 9 years ago
  • Well, for me the big key was the sore breasts. I'd also been experiencing intestinal troubles for a week or two (bloated & constipated, just in general "weird" feeling in the tummy area), but because I had just started met and knew that was one of the possible side effects, I didn't think anything of that. I also was very tired. But as I said, it was mostly the tender breasts.

    - Meadow1013, 9 years ago
  • bumping this up! 8)
    - mara232, 7 years ago
  • I had very sore bb's.. and a problem with the headlights being on at all times and then that would start hurting too. I found out i was pg at 5 1/2 weeks. I would say about a week before that i started having that but i didn't think i could be pg.. the other symptom i really remember is getting up to go pee during the night. I was never someone that did that but it started around the same time i would say. Around 6-7 weeks the constipation started. I am fortunate and those were my only symptoms.
    - karmelah04, 7 years ago
  • sore BBs was my biggest symptom early on as well...sore in a way that they weren't when i was just premenstrual
    - mary14, 7 years ago
    I think that's all I can remember that really sticks out, of course, the nausea started at about 5 weeks......
    Good luck!! :D
    - B-Girl, 7 years ago
  • - Pinching at my belly button
    - creamy yellow cm
    - super sore bbs
    - heavy bbs
    - feeling warm
    - bad cramps like AF was coming
    - getting up in the night to pee
    - Really felt like AF was goign to show up ANY second
    All of these i had and also-
    feeling sooo tired all the time!
    and crying at the drop of a hat (very not like me)
    - kells22, 7 years ago
  • I've already added mine to the 2007 Graduate Symptoms list. So you can check them out there! I gave that thread a bump!
    - wildflower, 7 years ago
  • My first sympton was a feeling of "digging" in my side at ~8dpo. I remember thinking, I've never felt that before and it feels like something is going on in there for sure.

    Other symptoms:
    - Sore bbs, esp. under my armpits (bbs started to hurt at 12dpo and never stopped... they usually started hurting on 10dpo then would go away at 13dpo and I would start AF the next day so I knew something was up w/ my bbs)
    - occasional menstrual cramp that also felt like diahrea pain, they would hit me randomly here and there and then go away (~9dpo on)
    - felt tired
    - moody, prone to tears for no reason
    - usually in the "mood" to BD w/ DH right before AF starts... mood never came and has not returned! LOL
    - high temps
    - JennyLeigh, 7 years ago
  • bump!
    - mara232, 7 years ago
  • For me, my bbs were very sore (I noticed it on the stairmaster ... and I'm not very chesty, so it was rather a shock), and I was super tired. I'm usually a night owl but I started getting tired around 10 p.m. -- very early for me. I was also ravenous at times ... seemingly out of nowhere I would get super hungry. And, I kept waking up to pee at odd hours.
    - birdling, 7 years ago
  • I felt perfectly normal up until a couple of weeks after my bfp.

    After that it was mainly being very tired!! Sore boobs but nothing extreme, and then around 11 or 12 weeks I started my m/s (no vomiting). I also started peeing alot, like 3-4 times a night around 7-8 weeks!
    - TeriD, 7 years ago
  • With my 1st pregnancy I was exhausted right away and had very sore bbs. Both right around the time I took the test. And then the morning sickness kicked in at exactly 6 weeks.

    This time around has been easier so far. I am a little tired, but not completely wiped out. Since a couple days before I tested, I have been waking up at night to pee. Haven't hit the 6 week mark yet, so not sure when/if I will have more m/s. But right now if I get really hot I feel sick.
    - Terra, 7 years ago
  • I didn't really have any symptoms before BFP except that my boobs were really soft.
    - teegra05, 7 years ago
  • The symptoms above were w/ my last pg that ended in m/c. For this pg, I got carsick... that's what alerted me to take a test. I had been working out intensely w/ a personal trainer so a lot of my aches and pains I wrote off to the weight lifting. I did have sore bbs/armpits and I recalled telling DH that it reminded me of when I was pg before, but it still didn't tip me off. So ultimately, less symptoms than my first pg and this one is sticking... go figure!
    - JennyLeigh, 7 years ago
  • My biggest thing now, so early on, is the boobs. I am very big to begin with but now feel friggin' enormous. It hurts not to wear a bra. Also, my lights are on too -- as if I were cold. And when i am cold on top of it, it's pain not just discomfort. Right now I am having intermittent intensification of my AF-like cramps and am hoping that's all par for the course.
    - eri, 7 years ago
  • My biggest symptoms with my pregnancies has been not sleeping well from the very beginning.
    - esarah, 7 years ago
  • I started having lower back pain 9 dpo along with really sore boobs. My face also started to break out horribly right away and it still hasn't stopped. Morning sickness really didn't kick in until week 9.
    - meg1976, 7 years ago