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New And Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

by zer0signal667
Just like the title says, lets see pictures of your watercooling systems.
Let's try to keep questions, comments, and complaints within the other threads, just pics and specs here.

Here ( is a link to the old sticky, if anybody wants to browse or salvage pics from it...
in topics:

    check sig for specs :)

    new CPU p4 3.2E@4Ghz and PSU TrueBlue480 2.0

    also not to mention a 16mb 250GB SATA maxtor HD
    and 1GB (2x512mb) dual channel OCZ 4000 gold
    update: BFG 6600GT o/c
    - The_In_Kid, 10 years ago
    - Bio-Hazard, 10 years ago
  • Here is an old rig of mine. I am currently in the process of building a core i7 machine that I will post here when done.

    Athlon64 Venice3500+ @ 2.75ghz (11 X 250mhz) - 4x HT - 166 divider.
    MSI K8N Neo2
    1 GB Mushkin Level 1 PC3500 (2-3-3-6)
    BFG GeForce 6800 GT (425/1080)
    Creative Audigy 2zs Gamer
    120 GB SATA
    Pioneer dvd-r
    Antec TruePower 430watt
    DangerDen waterblocks on CPU and GPU

    And this is my old rig.
    - ProOC, 10 years ago

    See sig for the specs.
    - MikeTimbers, 10 years ago
    - Darw1N, 10 years ago
  • CPU: Dtek White Water Aluminum Top
    GPU: Maze 4-1
    NB: Danger Den Z-Chip
    Pump: Swiftech MCP600
    Rad: Chevette Core w/ soldered fill 'n bleed tube

    Temps are 29 C ambient, 33 C idle on CPU and 38 C load on CPU.
    LEDs on my Sunbeam Rheobus sure are shiny...note that the temp reading is for the hard drive, which is being cooled by the Vantec Vortex.
    Meh, will get Chevette core mounted sometime. And no, my tubing isn't dirty ;) . It's a slightly orange tint from adding Prestone coolant (most of it already faded away).
    - DaveX, 10 years ago
  • Here's a teaser
    - Johnie, 10 years ago
  • I am kind of emarassed to post with the way most of the rigs look here but here goes.

    P4 2.4C @ 3500~3600, 512meg OCZ PC4200EL , AIW 9800pro, 2x Maxtor 200gig sata raid0 SB Audigy2 ZS Plextor 708a DVD RW, Pioneer 120s DVD, Hauppauge PVR 350, Hauppauge PVR 250, Antec 635 caxe,True control 550PS
    - dzitzner, 10 years ago
  • Here are the specs of my system:

    -DD Maze 4 CPU and GPU Block
    -Eheim 1250
    -D-tek Procore w/ shroud and Panaflow M1A
    -Custom T-Line
    -Criticool PowerPlant Relay
    -Tygon Tubing
    -Metal Hose Clamps

    I have the progress and development of all my mods/watercooling posted on:
    ---------^^^ remove spaces for link

    Here are just some of the pics:

    Tell me what you think about it.
    - DiseasedCow, 10 years ago
    - nikhsub1, 10 years ago
  • Just finished my first WC install, into an Antec Sonata. This is an Asetek Waterchill KT03L20 version 2. I snapped a quick pic for another thread I posted into, so here it is. Will come back and edit when I have more/better:
    - dewhite, 10 years ago
    - cmonkey, 10 years ago
  • Here is mine i want to do more modification will see...... :D :D :D
    - Undertaker, 10 years ago
  • I just finished my new external water cooling system. You can read about it here:

    Here's a few pics to look at if you don't feel like reading...........:)
    - Bio-Hazard, 10 years ago
  • I got this SN41G2 to power an XP2400+ at 2325MHz. And it never gets above 40c.
    Ready for a LANparty Baby!
    Pick me up! I wanna go!
    Baby got watercooled BACK!
    - ItsTooHot, 10 years ago
  • Pentium 4 2.8B @3.4GHz (28c idle / 35c load)
    ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe Motherboard
    1024MB DDR400 RAM
    eVGA Geforce4 Ti4400 (300/650)
    SoundBlaster Audigy2
    Tt Aquarius 2, Modded radiator.

    Changes coming: Wire sleeving and eVGA Geforce 6800 coming Thursday. New watercooling parts eventually.
    - ·PitBuLL·, 10 years ago
    - fallguy, 10 years ago
  • Until I receive the parts necessary to have my 6800GT on its own loop using the DangerDen NV-68 (3/8"), I'm gonna keep using this setup.
    The parts should come in a few days. I'll update then.

    This is what it used to be:

    Due to the low-flow pump of the Koolance and its lacking radiator, however, I disasembled it.
    The parts include a Via 1300 pump (370GPH, 6' head), 86 Chevy Chevette heatercore, a Sunon 120mm fan and shroud, a reservoir, and the DD-NV68.
    - Optimummind, 10 years ago
  • I need to take some better pictures...
    - _drk_, 10 years ago
  • ( ( ( (
    - Scroatdog, 10 years ago

    This is how I routed the water.


    Shuttle SK83G
    AMD64 3400+
    BFG 6800 GT OC 256MB
    1GB OCZ Platinum PC3200
    74GB WD Raptor
    Panasonic slim slot in CD-RW/DVD
    Dangerden TDX block with nozzle 5
    Dangerden NV-68 block
    Dangerden round reservoir
    Laing D4 12V pump
    Thermochill HE80.1
    1/2" tubing just for the challenge. :D

    For a full 13 page worklog click here (
    - mashie, 10 years ago
    - ViruX, 9 years ago
  • Here are some pics of my new water cooled rig.

    Thermaltake Tsunami Case
    Hydor L35 Water Pump
    D-Tek Pro 120 Radiator
    Swiftech MCW5000 Water Block

    Computer Specs are.

    Abit NF7-S 2.0
    XP 2500 @ 2.2GHZ
    1GB PC3200 Memory
    Radeon 9700 Pro

    Thanks to Grahxen for helping out with the mod, and bitching about every last detail. Now only if he would stop making bogus files on my desktop over our wireless lan..........

    Here are the pics:
    Damn that is sexy....

    Here is the link to grahxens original case...
    - Exiled, 9 years ago
  • Hello, it's been a long time in the making but it's finally here.

    Here are some pictures. My vision came to life.
    - BlueAqua, 9 years ago
  • here are pic of my watercooled setup

    here is a night shot
    - rahssan, 9 years ago
  • An older temporary watercooling solution that I whipped up for when this rig was being used as a gaming server:

    Homemade res. $1.89 in parts from Tap Plastic:
    - agrikk, 9 years ago
  • Another pic I scrounged up from way back:
    - agrikk, 9 years ago
  • Mecanique:

    I made this rig for the cover of my new book The MaximumPC Guide to Extreme PC Mods ( . You can see more images at (

    -Pentium 4 2.8C
    -MSI 875P Mainboard
    -1 GB Corsair CMX512 3200LL
    -Western Digital 74GB 10k RPM Raptor
    -160GB Western Digital SATA
    -ATI RADEON 9800 SE
    -Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS
    -Danger Den Maze4 CPU/GPU water blocks
    -Danger Den DD12V-D4 pump
    -OS: Win XP Pro
    - CrimsonSky, 9 years ago
  • really nothing special
    - flat4, 9 years ago

    AMD FX-55, 2gb Corsair PC3200 DDR, 6800 GT. .5" ID tygon all the way through, cools processor, northbridge, and video card.
    - Mark305TBI, 9 years ago
  • Here is my new system:
    - SocceRich20, 9 years ago
  • Finally took the camara home
    - Suicidal Insanity, 9 years ago
  • Just finished mine last week! :D

    Side Panel Off >>>

    Side Panel On >>>
    - JessAlba452, 9 years ago
    - Rezistor, 9 years ago
  • Just put this rig together a week or so ago, and finally got some image hosting on the web for the pics.

    This is it right before plugging it in and pushing the button (already did 24hr leak test)
    The wires could use a little more cleaning, and the hoses are a bit sloppy... but oh well

    Here it is, with my laptop, with flash

    Without flash (the side fan isn't plugged in, but is a blue LED 80mm)

    And a vanity shot for the paint/waterblock/pump

    DangerDen TDX
    DangerDen DD4 (swiftech mcp350)
    BLX radiator
    DangerDen HDPE bay res
    1/2" lines

    Only running the same mild overclock that i ran on air (xp3k+ to 2.2ghz) due to lack of time for actually overclocking the system, but runs at +2* over ambient (31-33*) idle, +8* over ambient load (37-39*)
    - Punx_Clever, 9 years ago
  • Here it is fellas, nothin fancy.
    mobile AXP @ 2.6ghz 1.8v
    dtek spiral block
    dtek csp750 pump
    dangerden round res
    chevette hc push/pull with 2 aluminum frame 120s
    - thabub, 9 years ago
  • My setup, I just finished it last week.

    The internals:

    Swiftech MCW6002-64
    Silverprop FusionHL
    DTek Pro 120 heatercore
    AquaXtreme 50Z-DC12
    Distilled water + 12% Hy-Per Lube from PepBoys

    Don't worry, since this pic I have fixed the orientation of the CPU block so it's correct :)

    Odie :)
    - Odie812, 9 years ago
  • Why do there have to be so many WC pic threads? I've done this like 3 times now on hardocp. Since I didn't find my name in this thread I'll post it again:

    more at my link in sig
    - Unoid, 9 years ago
    Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting (


    BrassTop TDX Socket 775
    DD D4 Pump
    DD Maze4 Rev.
    BlackIceXtreme Dual 120

    - Suntar, 9 years ago
  • my i-net pc, watercooled...
    - grugar, 9 years ago
    - CAD OC'er, 9 years ago
  • Some impressive systems in here, very nice indeed. Here is my latest setup with a new UFO case from Mountain mods. Big yes, but the room makes it awesome to work on!
    - Jiggaman2576, 9 years ago
  • Here is my rig the specs are in my sig
    - lentic, 9 years ago
  • Syrinix built 2002, now three years later it is still going strong as a Linux server.

    The only maintenance has been to top up the water every 6 months and replace a blown motherboard a few months ago.

    For more pics and details, click here (
    - mashie, 9 years ago
  • My water
    Had to do something with the hdds, the rad is huge, takes up the first 7 bays. Not visible is the Weapon modded 2-302 heatercore+shroud, 2x120mm Sanyo Denki fans, and DDC.
    - cetoole, 9 years ago
  • My water

    Had to do something with the hdds, the rad is huge, takes up the first 7 bays. Not visible is the Weapon modded 2-302 heatercore+shroud, 2x120mm Sanyo Denki fans, and DDC.

    Dude, I did the same thing with my cage in my stacker, with same heatercore in front. What I did though, was have mine turned 1/4 turn to thr right (compared to yours), left the fan on it, so I get push/pull cooling from the bottom rad fan (push) and pull from the hdd box fan (pull). Like this:
    - Scroatdog, 9 years ago
  • ( (
    i used a gutted out fan for a shroud ( (
    - Sgt.Corleone, 9 years ago
  • ( (
    - mohammedtaha, 9 years ago
    - nikhsub1, 9 years ago
  • here's what i got... iteration 2.5 (first 1.5 was in a different, smaller case):

    system specs:
    athlon64 3000+ 754pin
    abit kv8-pro
    1G crucial ddr400
    9800pro w/128M
    turtle beach santa cruz sound card
    PCI raid card
    280G HD space (WD and seagate 7200rpm)

    watercooling specs:
    danger den dd12v-d4 pump
    maze-4 cpu block
    maze-4 gpu block
    black ice extreme radiator (w/push-pull fan setup)
    5 1/4" reservoir

    flow goes:
    pump -> cpu -> gpu -> radiator -> reservoir -> pump

    cpu @ 2.15G, video @ 440/398

    idle temp: 36-38C
    load temp: ~45C

    i love this case... it's a monster but EASY to work with! :)

    i built this system based on the hardocp article from last year (here (, and love it. :)

    - caligula jones, 9 years ago
  • ( ( ( (
    - Hamateer, 9 years ago
    - notoriousformula, 9 years ago
  • My current rig from the rear...

    and from the side...

    and with the side in place.

    My previous rig with the Koolance...

    and after I integrated a cooling solution into the case...
    - madmat, 9 years ago
  • Here is some pics of my new rig:
    - Zektor, 9 years ago
  • I've posted details about this setup in this thread ( but here's some pics of my Reserator setup:
    - agrikk, 9 years ago
  • Hi,
    I´m from Germany,
    Sorry, but my english is not so great. I´m very interests to this tube and water cooler connections: (

    Were can i buy this tube and water cool connections online?
    Thanks. ;)
    - corey8iowa, 9 years ago
  • Here's mine, finally finished (please no flames on it being an Alienware: I happenned to have gotten it for a really incredible deal and yes I can DIY)

    My rig: specs are in my sig (33 idle/38 load) jumps to 43 when I have it maxed OCed

    Case openned: overall I'm really happy about my wire management (7x120mm, 3x80mm, 4x30mm)

    Fillport Tucked in

    Lights Out
    - yang88she, 9 years ago
  • here is my customized ex wc kit, it has 2x150mm fans and a custom made rad with a dimension of 120mmx300mm, pumps are 2x1600l/h . the tubings I used is a Masterkleer 7/16" ID/ 5/8" OD. my load temps on an oc'ed A64 3200+ is 39C, 11C lower than my previous cooling which is a Thermalright XP-120 paired with a 90+cfm TTake 120mm SC Fan.
    - barubal, 9 years ago
  • And this is why comments are supposed to be restricted in this thread... so one doesn't have to wade through scrrens and screens of pissing and moaning to see what they came to see... you know, pictures.

    So, without further time wasting... here are new pictures of my rig. Since the last time I posted pictures, I've added a GPU cooler (and had to buy a new graphics card due to the last one catching on fire... only slightly related). A bit trickey routing the tubes (next system I build will be 3/8), but it works. ( (
    - Punx_Clever, 9 years ago

    been running the radiator without fans for the past week or so. works pretty well and of course is very quiet...
    - playafly187, 9 years ago
    - ][V][AGIC, 9 years ago
  • Well I have put my cheap watercooling in place now. It might look like warm temps to you but it is Silent!
    Closed case and fan on the slowest rpm without stalling:
    Water temp 40C/42
    CPU 50C/52

    Closed case and medium speed on the fan:
    Water temp max load 31
    CPU max load 42

    As long as the CPU never gets above 60 I don't care As long as its quiet. The cpu is unstable at 63 and at 64 it locks up. But at 60 it is stable 24/7/365
    And of course some pics:
    Don't tell me to fix my cables please because it is imposible to have them nice when you have 2 dvd and 3 hd and the power cables is too short or to long to reach etc. This is fixed, you should see them before.
    - condac, 9 years ago
  • New DFI MB and the same Aqua cooling.

    I really miss my NB block....
    - theseeker, 9 years ago
  • well im semi finished with mine. but i call it finished. i just gotta drill the remaining holes for the top radiator fan, and get some hard drive rails for the 5inch bays so i can actually put the face plates on. sharka ran out of the reservoir black faceplates. so its silver right now. so it doesnt match my case as of yet. my main excitement is the fan hole, it was my first time modding my case. im happy because it all went smooth.

    ill post the finals of the whole thing when done in a couple of days... hopefully.
    - Boozer, 9 years ago
  • Hi guys

    Lian Li PC65 anodised
    PCP&C 510 SLI
    DFI Ultra-D
    X2 4400+
    2 x 1GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC4000 memory
    2 x 74GB raptors
    160GB 7200rpm Lacie external (back-up storage) drive
    Audigy 2 ZS Gamer
    2 x samsung DVD-rw
    1 x floppy
    Nexus fan controller
    Matrix Orbital MX222
    4 x 80mm blue coolermaster fans
    2 x 120mm antec blue fans
    thermochill 120.2 rad
    RBX cpu block
    Maze 4 gpu block plus OCZ ramsinks
    Aquaxtreme 50Z pump
    1/2" blue primoflex tubing
    DangerDen fillport
    EP-UK fan grills
    Dell 2405FPW UltraSharp LCD monitor
    Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speakers
    Logic3 rumble gamepad
    Logitech multimedia keyboard
    Logitech MX510 mouse
    Icemat II mousemat

    Now its quite messy , it was cable free but I had to keep changing things over and became more and more frustrated. One day I will get round to do the cabling again. ( ( ( ( ( (
    - nicholarse, 9 years ago
  • Some Pics day and nite of the new rig ( (
    - catkicker, 9 years ago
  • updated, new psu, video card and mobo. also, added more lighting and some UV dye.
    - playafly187, 9 years ago
  • ;)
    - vexvegaz, 9 years ago
  • Note: There's no pink lights! It's RED & UV, damnit. :cool:
    The graphic's card's angle is NOT from the weight of the water cooling block, but it is from the previous stock heatsink that was on it. Doesn't bother anything but it looks odd.
    The tubing (esp. from northbridge to video card) is a bit overkill in length, but as this was my first watercooling attempt, I feared crimpage and poor waterflow.

    Specs in my SiG.
    - BlueBrat, 9 years ago
  • i finaly got the inside pretty much done, all thats left is to mod the psu. water coolings staying the same, unless the physics card runs too hot to cool silently ;) ( (
    - ryuji, 9 years ago
  • This is my first post here :D I dont have the side panel because i screwed it up modding it :o (
    - Lt_JWS, 9 years ago
  • Damn you guys have some sick looking machines. Props to everyone.


    I'm slowly putting together all the components for a major upgrade in about a years time, till then I'm modding a OEM case from Fujitsu Siemans which doesn't have all that much room in it...being a student at University doesn't leave all that much funds spare for updating...

    please excuse the messy room, getting ready to go back to Uni this year of my physics degree thankfully...

    System specs

    P4 2.8ghz (Northwood) @3.06Ghz
    V9999 256mb 6800GT
    1gig ram
    80gig & 160gig western digital drives caviar
    - poley, 9 years ago
  • I got bored today so I tore my main rig apart and installed my Storm water block and MCP-655 pump in it to replace the PolarFlo parts. I got a bit better temps along with the swap, lowered my load mild OC (275x90/2.475) temps by 2c. with all the fans set at 7v. Should get a bit better temps after the TIM sets in a few days.
    - Bio-Hazard, 9 years ago
  • It's a basic Innovatek setup. No internal copper, all nickel plated. Works decently.
    - HeavyH20, 9 years ago
  • I got my watercooling rig setup this weekend... I have a work log with all the gory details, URL in my sig :) but for here, a select few images...
    the case is a koolance lian-li combo pc3-725bk
    cpu block is a DD TDX and the gpu blocks are DD maze4's (one lo-pro and one not)... the fittings are all 3/8s... tygon tubing for most of the runs... I left some of the koolance stuff there also... it's UC reactive as it turns out. Oh well... I think I will eventually swap that last bit of koolance tubing out in favor of using my last bit of tygon... but all in good time. :)
    I am really happy with this koolance... it's super quiet in modes 1-6 and 7-10 are very powerful! it really moves some air through that rad @ lev 10... I still need to place all the thermal sensors, so I am in full manual mode, but that's fine for now.
    I still have some adjusting to do, but not bad I think for 48 hours work.... not in a row, but over the last two days... whew... doing burn in tests now, letting the as5 set in... then I will start pushing this beast... I am planning on getting a 3700+ sandie core for more cpu OCing goodness... right now, my temps are cpu 29c idle 35c load and gpus are 39c idle and 44c load! wow... happy happy joy joy!!
    - revenant, 9 years ago
  • Nice clean build. Call me impressed !
    - HeavyH20, 9 years ago
    first rig in my sig
    - ALL4AMD, 9 years ago
    - GLiFiK, 9 years ago
  • First venture into watercooling... :)
    - CentronMe, 9 years ago

    Swiftech Apex
    Lian Li PC60
    - Dragon99, 9 years ago
  • My almost quite PC with Reserator 1 Plus with 120mm fans :)
    - Heidelun, 9 years ago
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    - bradyapba, 8 years ago
  • Here is mine ;)
    - Anime_Fan, 8 years ago
  • ( ( (
    - mohammedtaha, 8 years ago

    Pictures speak for themselves =).

    If you want more pictures, or different angled pictures, just send me a PM and i'll get right on it.
    - TehRoflcopter, 8 years ago
  • my 2 comps ( ( ( ( (
    - Nettwerk, 8 years ago
  • Sorry about poor quality. Only digi camera I have is my cell phone and its only 1.3 megapixel.

    Thats my current setup for now. The bay res in the front is going to the wayside hopfully soon and will be replaced by one of those oh so nice aquacomputer aquatube reservoirs. Also soon to come is a vga cooler, also from aquacomputer (Aquagra FX 6800 R.2), for my 6800GT. Im planning for that though to have its own pump, radiator, and lines but just share the reservoir. Why, because i can mainly. That and my video card generates alot of heat so i dont want it messing with the rest of my components in the cooling loop. Other than that lemme know what ya think. Im always open to ideas on what to looke at next.

    Here is a complete rundown of my machine

    Abit NF7-S2G mobo
    AMD Athlon 3200+ (2.2GHz)
    2x512MB OCZ Performance Series Ram
    2x250GB Maxtor SATA HD 16MB Cache
    2xGeneric DVD Dual Layer Burners
    EVGA 6800GT 256MB
    Ultra X-Connect 500w Power Supply
    SwifTech Storm CPU Block
    Blue Acrillic Accent Kit for CPU Block
    PolarFlo TT Series Chipset Block
    Swiftech MCP350 12v Water Pump
    Typhoon Dual 5.25" Bay Reservoir - UV BLUE
    Danger Den Black Ice Micro Dual 80mm Radiator
    1 major crapload of 3/8" braided tubing (very non flexible)
    - RCars2, 8 years ago

    just put my D5 and storm in
    - .xXLucidXx., 8 years ago
    -Swiftech Storm
    -DangerDen Maze4 GPU
    -DangerDen Maze chipset
    -Swiftech MCP655
    -Weapon 302 HC/shroud
    -homemade reservoir (rev.1.1)
    - sprocket, 8 years ago
  • Finally got the new tubing in with the new window and everything. Just need some more lighting and some kind of UV dye and she'll be good to go. I'm thinkin ga couple of 4" white cathodes above the cd-drives wehre the pump is, a red one on the bottem, and put the blue one up on top right below the rad and PSU. But, here it is for now, 7/16" masterklear to replace some 1/2" dangerden stuff.

    Also, dont mind the hanging ATX calbe and power for the graphics... leak testing right now. The ATX cable will be tucked up between the radiator and the PSU and the vid card line fits nicely with the rest.
    - Punx_Clever, 8 years ago
  • Here's my baby: (

    Side shot of reservoir on front of comp: (

    Another reservoir shot: (
    - EL_BaRTO, 8 years ago
  • my new external waterbox

    DangerDen NV78 block on the way for the 80C + vid card...
    - playafly187, 8 years ago
  • Definately some sick setups in this thread. WCing is so sweet.
    Here is my contribution to the craze:

    I'm very happy with this setup, but I'm still annoyed with all the heat produced by the Northbrigde and RAM especially, but also videocard memory and VREG, as well as the harddrives.
    Therefore my next project is to add a second loop to this system, using 1/4" tubing. A new loop with a separate pump (DD MAG) and a separate rad (single 120mm) will connect to the reservoir thats already there. This loop will cool the RAM sticks (Koolance VRAM), Northbridge (undecided block), HDDs (Koolance blocks) and maybe the vidcard VREG (Koolance VREG block).
    That should take care of the heat and eliminate the need for small whining fans.

    Merry Xmas.
    - CC_Pirate, 8 years ago
  • I finally got some pics of mine after putting some lights in my case(it kinda looks the same tho because the others were with the flash on..)

    heres the res with LED lights(which makes it look very blue for some reason

    More pics here (
    Still More pics here (
    - bladeiai, 8 years ago
  • Another revision of my seemingly endless modifications of Koolance system.
    - Rezistor, 8 years ago
  • off.jpg up dark.jpg
    - TheToE!, 8 years ago
    - SycoraX, 8 years ago
  • my setup:
    Waterchill Antarctica Water Block
    WaterChill VGA Block
    Waterchillchipset Block
    Danger Den DD12V-D5 Pump
    Danger Den Bay Ressy
    Waterchill Triple 120mm Fan Raddie
    Tubing is 3/8" and a 1/2" to 3/8" adapter is used on the D5 pump
    - spyder_flex97, 8 years ago
  • so here my new configuration:


    complete from the side:

    closeup CPU & NB:

    graphics & SB
    - grugar, 8 years ago
  • Well, after a few long months, here is my new venture into watercooling. It's my first time actually modding a case to make everything fit. I love this case, didnt want to get a new one, but I am happy with how it turned out...

    My holes arent perfect, but its the first time with a whole saw at the reigns. Once fedex delivers my fan grills, it shouldnt be noticable anyways.

    This shot isnt really regarding WCing, but I figured I would include it anyways... since it almost pleased me more than the WCing did. This case was a bastard on wire management thanks to the slide-out mobo tray. Cut a little hole along the top, and pushed all the wires on though. This is the one thing the case was missing from the get-go.
    - Viper87227, 8 years ago
    - frost, 8 years ago
    - exoticalex, 8 years ago

    my first watercooled rig... just finished it 2 weeks ago :D
    - damstr, 8 years ago
    - Rudager, 8 years ago
  • Heres mine ! :D

    I just finished ( ( (
    - RealMentalCase, 8 years ago
  • Finally completed my system. A few posts up was what it looked like minus the GPU block and reservior, and there were a few other quirks. Now its done, and im real happy with the way it turned out.

    Swiftech Storm
    Black Ice Pro II (Fans @ 1200rpm, push/pull)
    Swiftech MCP655
    Swiftech MCRES-Micro
    Silverprop Fusion HL
    - Viper87227, 8 years ago
  • I just finished stability testing the system. The system was done about 2 weeks ago.
    I have to solve some condensation problem with the reservoir and some wiring. The waterblock is dangerden TDX. If you ask why TDX -well this is the only waterblock I can get my hands on it without waiting for 1 month for it. That's what you get to live in backward undevelop country. I moved from beaverton,OR to overseas.

    For cooling : water + chiller
    It's a small chiller - i think it was like 1/4hp. With the system on w/ cpu load 100% water temp stays @ 10.5C - 11C. I run client to keep my temp @ 11C mark so there wont be any unwanted condensation arround the water tubing.

    The chiller itself sits inside a custom boxed. Made a hole @ the bottom of my thermaltake case so the tubing can pass through from the chiller to the rest of the system.

    Custom chiller 1/4hp + heat xchanger
    Custom made reservoir
    DangerDen TDX
    DangerDen Maze4
    Custom made chipset block
    Custom made mosfet/voltage regulator block
    Pump is generic brand Resun SP-2500; the spec is 1400 l/h & 1.5m head/18watt

    System spec is:
    Athlon 64 X2 4200+ @ 2738
    Galaxy Geforce 7800GTX 256mb @ 515/1350
    Thermaltake Media Lab
    Thermaltake Hardcanno13
    2x250MB Seagate SATA HDD
    2x1gb Corsair XMS DDR PC 3200
    Pioneer DVD-RW+Liteon DVD combo drive
    X-Fi soundcard
    A8n-SLi Premium
    Thermaltake Armor Case - Black I Painted the whole inside black.

    I like this system a lot better. Easy setup like regular watercooling w/o the noisy sound of the fan of the regular watercooling setup typically used to cool the radiator.
    - wolfio, 8 years ago
  • OMG UV...

    The LAN Rig:
    - BLiTzKRiEG, 8 years ago
  • [img=] (

    might redo the tubing to 3/8 :P
    - xdkimx, 8 years ago
  • Updated Pics : up dark.jpg off.jpg
    - TheToE!, 8 years ago
  • just got mine finalized on Wednesday.

    Nice temps so far, just a PITA Intel EE chip on overclocking:
    - Dgephri, 8 years ago
  • ( ( ( (
    - mohammedtaha, 8 years ago
  • heres my redo ( ( (

    u can still see the garbage i left in the back lolz
    - xdkimx, 8 years ago
  • well, there are so many nice rigs in this thread... wow...

    Here's mine... not the best, but I am happy with it :)

    and the morning I did the wm on it LMAO
    - NortHWizarD, 8 years ago
  • my old set-up :) (don't have finished pics)
    - revzero, 8 years ago
  • waiting a long time to post in this thread ..... ( ( ( (

    HI RES 1 (

    HI RES 2 (

    HI RES 3 (
    - malicious, 8 years ago
  • Water cooled Masstige. Need a longer Sata cable so i can hide it and a shorter Ide cable to make it look cleaner. Dual x-flow 120 rad in the front, ac cuplex pro, aqua pump, innovatek plug on res, crappy TT gpu block. upgrading card and block in a little bit. ( ( ( (
    - Kid8, 8 years ago
  • ( ( ( ( ( (

    Click 4 Big ;)

    cuplex evo
    twinplex CS & ATI
    airplex evo 360
    - Shoggy, 8 years ago
    - Digital Viper-X-, 8 years ago
  • my new case with modified watercooling setup:
    - grugar, 8 years ago
  • LanLi Pc-75B
    OCZ Powerstream 600W
    DFI Expert mobo
    AMD 3800x2 @ 2.8ghz
    2gb Mushkin Redline 4000
    2 7800GTs SLI
    1 x 36Gb raptor
    1 x 250gig WD
    2 x 300 gig Seagate sata II drives

    Swiftech storm block
    2 Maze 4 gpu blocks
    D5 Pump ( ( (
    - Nettwerk, 8 years ago
  • UPDATE WITH NEW PICS!! - window is very dusty but i was afraid to clean it with normal windex type cleaner .. any suggestions safe for acrylic?
    - malicious, 8 years ago
  • Heres Mine! ( ( (

    DD-D5 Pump
    Swiftech MicroRes
    130.1 BIP With Yate Loon fans
    Swiftech G4
    DD Maze 4 GPU

    CM Stacker 810
    Silverstone 600 Watt PSU
    DFI N4X 754j
    AMD 3700+ 2.4 Stock, Socket 754
    2 GIG DDR500 G.skill Ram
    - L1ght, 8 years ago
  • under UV-light:

    sideview throuh window:

    sideview open:

    the four watercooling blocks:

    sb & gpu watercoolers close-up:

    complete side with flash:

    the front with the tripple hc in the top:
    - grugar, 8 years ago
  • I need to clean it again, but this is my latest watercooling setup. The hard drive block was custom made, I have another one being made for the other side and I'm designing a new mounting system that will isolate the drives from vibration when I roll it on the floor at lan parties. Enjoy
    This one was taken before the hard drive waterblock was installed
    Chipset watercooling!
    CPU Block
    Some 7900GT watercooling action
    That should show it pretty well I guess. Some sweet systems on here btw!
    - Jiggaman2576, 8 years ago
  • new update includes the cooler master stacker side window, zalman fan speed controller, uv reactive lights, and my awesome X2 3800+ running @ 2.94 :D
    ^^^^ these pics are my most recent one's but I did cut those 2 tubes pushing up against the window so now it looks much better.

    also the camera I was using was kinda crappy so the pics with the UV reactive lights don't look anything like that. they look a lot more purplish.
    - damstr, 8 years ago
  • aquaporn

    cuplex xt
    twinplex pro gpu
    twinplex chipset
    black ice pro x-flow 120.3
    - BioPort, 8 years ago
  • here it is, specs in sig, sorry for the bad pics (cell phone camera)
    - aldy402, 8 years ago
    - Bio-Hazard, 8 years ago
  • This is my latest build. Most of it's mine but the CPU and vid cards were on loan for a write-up I was doing

    Yeah, I know that 2 of the pics are slightly redundant but the last gives the better internal view.
    - madmat, 8 years ago
  • I call this one Hypersnail ;)


    Opteron 180 (2x2.4GHz)
    2GB Mushkin Redline XP4000 RAM (2x512MB Corsair fitted in the picture while waiting for RMA)
    Asus A8R32-MVP
    2 x x1900xt
    BFG PhysX PPU
    WD Raptor 150
    Lian-Li PC-777B


    Aquacool pump and reservoir combo
    Swiftech Storm for CPU
    2 x DangerDen Tyee for video
    DangerDen Maze4 GPU for PPU
    ThermoChill PA120.1
    3/8" Tygon tube
    - mashie, 8 years ago
  • Drilled out my V2100 today and mounted a few things...
    MCP655, Micro-res, MCR-220, Yate Loon D12SL-12
    (Need another bolt and nut to mount the res to the one brace, have to get that tomorrow)

    Ran out of time tonight, but tomorrow these might get some use:
    Maze4 low profile SLI kit and Storm

    What do you guys think?
    - Volkum, 8 years ago
  • looking good. would love to see how you route from reservoir to pump. the lo pros with the new barbs look nice as well.

    Like this maybe?
    - Volkum, 8 years ago
  • Hope this isn't too big...

    To do:

    1. Buy more zip ties (ran out) and clean up the jungle of cables.
    2. Get some of those tube coils (or whatever they're called) and ditch the zip ties holding out the kinks.
    3. Widen the hole I ran the tubing through.

    I don't have a clue how you guys do the SLI bend, but I couldn't get my 5/8" OD Tygon tubing to not kink (tried boiling water and about 50 zip ties, but neither really helped) so I had to do GPU ==> CPU ==> GPU (at least for the time being til I can get some 90 or 45 degree elbows.).
    - Volkum, 8 years ago
    - rohcky, 8 years ago

    At night:
    - jhego, 8 years ago
  • Updated Loop/Hardware setup. Got my X850XT PCIE Card instead of AGP clocked stable at 560/600, never goes above 45c :) CPU Clocked at 287x9 with Storm. (
    In The Dark (
    - Justshoe, 8 years ago
  • Updated:

    I moved around a few blocks, and switched up the fan arangement on the rad (which you cannot see in the pics) as while as got a new GPU block... and then I reworked the hose arangement a bit. Came out nice. Won't last for long though, in a month or two I will be doing a major overhaul and moving to a new case.


    Desk shot:

    This part gave me a bit of a hassle, DIMM1 on my board is right where the thread wanted to be. A bit of working and I got it though:
    - Viper87227, 8 years ago
  • New case and my first time watercooling.
    - A2TheRizzo, 8 years ago
  • update pics:
    planned on wc'n both 7900gt's but with all the issues ive been hearing , i wasnt comfortable voiding my warranty
    - vexvegaz, 8 years ago
  • Here's what I've recently put together. Apex ultra kit with MCW60 all internal :) Pics are full size, watch out.

    Pics ( (
    - Imitation, 8 years ago
    - Cyber, 8 years ago
  • I was NOT happy with it at all, temps were amazing (64-x2 4200 2800mhz @ 32c 100%load) but I thought mounting the raditor outside of the case was ugly. width 400
    - Richatarded, 8 years ago
  • here's a couple shots of my latest loop in a Cooler Master Stacker STC-T01
    - CRXican, 8 years ago
  • Redid my main case (other lanli) ( (
    - Nettwerk, 8 years ago
  • Here it is finally, was horrible to bleed the thing as the res is too small. At least I didn't kill my hardware like I had a feeling that I would. Semi successful first WC. Thanks to ReD.SkY for the help!

    Horrible photos I know, Bad lighting + terrible photographer. Sorry about the feet in the one pic also :\. The 80mm fan will be replaced and UV lighting will be added so the dye is actually useful.

    AquaXtreme MP-05 SP LE, MCW-60, MCP-655, MCR-220, Alphacool Mini Res, 7/16 Musk, Distilled + Dye-Lite UV blue, Aquacomputer grill, 2x Yate Loons. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
    - mattjbak, 8 years ago
  • updated pics, added maze4 sli into the loop
    - vexvegaz, 8 years ago
  • Dual systems (I need to be re-motivated and do some cleanup and wire-management):
    There is a dual fan radiator on top and one in the back of the case. Everything except the bay mount resevior (black one) is Danger Den. I pulled out the stock Alienware ALX Koolace crap of course. ( ( ( (
    - DarthBeavis, 8 years ago
  • Couldn't stand the stock side panel so I ordered up the windowed panel. Had issues with tubes rubbing against the window and getting tweaked hence the black velcro strap things. The CPU out to GPU in tube is still touching the window, too long. It doesn't look like any of the fittings are stressed but because I like to worry, I am stressed. Good thing new tubing is cheap. Anyway, on to the pics: ( ( ( (
    - CRXican, 8 years ago
  • Fixed my inlet on my TDX..
    my rad
    - A2TheRizzo, 8 years ago
  • I did it for shits and giggles, and my fan is pushing 97cfm, so I'm assuming its good enough. Temps are 30-32 idle and 36-37 load so I'm happy.
    - A2TheRizzo, 8 years ago
  • My rig ( ( ( ( (
    - sladesurfer, 8 years ago
  • Well the Borg have landed and who knew that Marvin would be in charge?

    Here is my U2_UFO build. As a member stated because it is so wide open it is tough to hide the wires. I am still working on the wire management.
    - SiGfever, 8 years ago
  • Update - 7800GTX, Aquatube Plexi, Dual Laing ...

    I like the Airfilter alot :)

    Ghetto Style fan mount ... but hat side is facing the wall so i don't care ;)

    Aquatube Plexi ...

    UV Lights :
    - Anarchy, 8 years ago
  • Here's my watercooling that i just setup, looking for suggestions to improve performance etc. Cable management will come as soon as my new mobo get here. ( ( ( ( (
    - underdone, 8 years ago
  • Here is my latest setup - this is my 2nd watercooling build.

    Processor - AMD A64 X2 3800+
    Motherboard - Asus A8N-SLI Premium
    Case - Aerocool Masstige
    Power Supply - Seasonic S12-430
    Video Card - EVGA 7600GT
    RAM - Corsair ValueSelect 1 GB
    Hard Disk - Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD5000KS 500 GB
    DVD Drive - Samsung SH-S162L/BEBN DVD±R

    Radiator - Black Ice Pro II Dual 120mm
    Pump - Swiftech MCP655 12V DC Pump
    CPU Waterblock - Swiftech Storm Rev. 2
    GPU Waterblock - Swiftech MCW60 plus ramsinks
    Tubing - Clearflex 60 1/2" ID 5/8" OD
    Fans - Nexus 120mm
    Misc. - DangerDen Fillport
    - dedwards, 8 years ago
  • Heres mine ( ( (
    - wheels2040, 8 years ago
  • Been waiting to post these for ages, as always it's WIP stuff:

    That's not all !
    - MrSneis, 8 years ago
  • Will add more pics tonight :)
    - oneil, 8 years ago
  • See sig for specs...
    More stuff in this thread (
    CPU core = 28c idle, 36c max load is the highest I've recieved.. mostly max load is at 34c.
    Water temp usually stays a constant 27c to 28c.
    - w1retap, 8 years ago
  • Here is my water cooled system... I just finished building it. Completely custom.

    box running on my desk
    and the same image with the lights off
    here is the cube from the front, lights are off, with the UV going... the big fan becomes transparent like this, you can see the inside here.
    here is a closer shot of the cube with the UV going in the light.
    and the same images with the lights off...
    and on image with the system running with all the UV lights off...
    Here is the inside... only the top hald of the front opens...
    and the UV look inside

    Specs are in my sig, the cube is small, 13 inches cubed, very cramped and i had to 'make it fit' with the light inverters but that was the price i paid for building it so small. If i were to build another case it would be a scoshe bit bigger.
    - Elleric, 8 years ago
  • ( ( ( ( ( ( (
    peripherals are : 2005FPW,Logi G7 on a fUncpad F10.s Large,Logi X-530's and a G15 keyboard.
    - apex32, 8 years ago
  • Here is mine..... sorry the pics are not as good as the could be... ( ( ( ( ( (
    - Adidas4275, 8 years ago
    - Richatarded, 8 years ago
  • My Setup: Swiftech Storm, MCP655/D5 pump, BIX 120 with Sanyo Denki fan, 7/16" Master Kleer tubing and some cheap bay res i've had forever.

    Previously I had a Scythe infinity cooling the Core 2 Duo overclocked to 3.6ghz with 1.51v, temps where 83c using core temp, or 70c in Asus Probe.

    Now, same clocks and voltage, 65c using core temp or 51c in Asus Probe.

    (System in sig)
    - WesM63, 8 years ago
  • pretty much a complete overhaul of good ol "cheap" box!
    - MrSneis, 8 years ago
  • Here is my new setup. Only decent picture I have right now and I know I need some wire management. Ill work on that later. (
    - v8_h8r, 8 years ago
  • Finally get to post my system, it's finished after about 7 months of changes.
    - Borgschulze, 8 years ago
  • Not quite done yet. ( ( ( (
    - catkicker, 8 years ago
  • air sucks
    in the box
    res/pump/rad/fan in the basement silent
    e6300 from 40 idle to 23 from 55 load to 39
    from 3150 to 3300 and absolutley silent 265 gph sub pump from feeders supply heater core from mustang 120 mm antec case fan all zalman blocks...
    - futuredenied, 8 years ago
  • My latest incarnation of my system:

    Eventually I'll make the move to A64 X2 but right now I'm still plugging away on this P4...
    - madmat, 8 years ago
  • What better things are there to do on a Saturday night than post pictures of a 5 month old loop?

    (Note: my Lanboy isn't that badly bent, my camera just likes to do a bit of a fisheye in macro mode) ( (

    Mandatory poor-quality dark-UV shot: (

    I wouldn't really reccomend a Lanboy for anyone's main rig, just something that is incredible light (and bendable) for solely LAN use. Then again, mine was $40.
    - ikellensbro, 8 years ago
  • I apoligize for the poor picture quality:
    - fameless, 8 years ago
  • Gotta love my 4 year old 2mp digital camera :D
    I have a danger den 3x120 stealth rad on the roof the case.
    - infin@, 7 years ago
  • Here's my set up:th_coolio: ( ( ( (
    - sladesurfer, 7 years ago
    - ][V][AGIC, 7 years ago
  • here is my v2000 with double raddy
    - spyder_flex97, 7 years ago
    - ][V][AGIC, 7 years ago

    E6600@3.5g 1.55v 37c load Seti, 43c load dual prime.
    X1900xt@ 690/1550
    2g SuperTalent DDR800 4-4-3-8
    Dual Power Supplies. 600w/430w

    Power supply adapter (homemade). 600w turns on the 430w. 430w powers, pump, 8 fans, and 1 hard drive. If the 430 dies the machine will turn off. The pumps RPM sensor is pluged into the CPU fan header.
    - mjd1964, 7 years ago
  • Here it's finally done :D

    Wire hiding extreme!!!! :eek:

    Well worth the work into wire hiding considering how clean I got the interior.

    Nice little close up shot

    Great big pic so not putting this one inline, just clicky

    And the all important over exposed dark shot

    Linkage to the worklog showing why it took me a month to get this right.
    - Sniper_Merc, 7 years ago
  • I got all the info on how to build a watercooled PC from this forum. I would just like to say thanks. So here she is.
    - Warhire, 7 years ago
  • Hey guys, im new to the forum, but marveling for the past year. You guys have some of the best watercooling setups ive seen, and it puts mine to shame, and since i finally have something to be proud of, I thought id post it. Now before you guys say anything, im switching the ugly sunbeam case for a armor as soon as i get paid, and hopefully getting another triple fan rad. I get about 80F for CPU, and about 90F for GPU, and when i add ice, it stays around 65F for both ;) . ( ( (
    - EclipseMTL, 7 years ago
  • Posted in the Cooler Master thread a while back, but never got around to posting here in the coveted spot of the Watercooling Sticky =). (
    - Dark Prodigy, 7 years ago
  • this is what hapened when I found the PAGLAN06 coupon code a while back :D ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
    - _G_, 7 years ago
  • I just finished my dual WC loop. :)

    First loop (CPU only): Laing D5 pump > Swiftech MCR220 Rad > Storm Rev. 2 CPU Block> Coolingworks Bay Reservoir > back to pump.

    Second loop (GPU and North Bridge): AquaXtreme 50Z pump > Swiftech MCW30 NB block > Weapon Heatercore > LP Maze4 GPU Block> T-line > back to pump.
    - MakubexGB, 7 years ago
  • I finally got my 939 rig going. It's in a Mozart TX case and consists of an A8N32-SLI Deluxe, X2 3800+ @ 2.55Ghz (10x255) @ 1.44Vcore, 2X 1gig Corsair PC4400Pro (recent addition, not in these pics) 2 x 160gig WD1600JD SATA drives, 1 x 500gig Seagate 7200.9 SATAII, eVGA 7950GT KO @ 650Core / 1550mem, Apex Ultra 220 with MCW60 and MCWRamcool, be quiet! BQT 600 P6 600W modular PSU and Samsung 16X DVD burner.
    Not the tidiest but not bad and everything is easily swapped out.
    Same shot sans flash.
    Entire case lit up. The blue glow in the upper right is from EL wire wrapped all the way around the window edges.
    The blue tubing is running to the other side of the case where the res lives. I like having the res there since the case sits to the left of me, with the res mounted on the right side I can see it through the right side window and keep tabs on the flow and level.
    The LED fans are a bit whiny at 12V but at 7V they're pretty quiet and not too shabby as far as air flow goes.
    - madmat, 7 years ago
  • (
    It gets the job done haha
    - EclipseMTL, 7 years ago
  • Finally put together my new loop in a u2-ufo.

    System Specs:

    Asus A8N-SLI Premium
    Athlon X2 4800+ @ 2.6 1.31v
    2gb corsair xms
    2x bfg 7800gtx @ 490/1.32
    2x 74gb Raptor
    500gb Hitachi Deskstar
    400gb Hitachi Deskstar
    Audigy 4 Pro
    Plextor sata dvd-rw
    6x Yate Loon

    Water-Cooling Specs:

    Laing D5 Pump
    Thermochill PA 120.3 w/ gasket, 3x Panaflo U1A
    Swiftech Storm rev 2
    Swiftech Microres
    2x Danger Den Maze4 GPU
    Masterkleer 7/16 tubing


    Ambient: 23-25c
    CPU Idle: 27-29c
    CPU Load: 38-40c
    GPU Idle: 35-36c
    GPU Load: 39-40c

    Please excuse my crappy camera, dark shots didnt come out too well.

    As anyone with this case will tell you its really hard to hide the wires so the next project will be sleeving. Probably will replace the fan grills with something nicer too.


    NICE RIG! We have almost the exact same setup, except I'm able to run my X2
    4800 at 2.83Ghz. It might be because of my DFI board. I'm actually going with a
    Mountain Mods case for my next build next year. How do you like the case?

    Check out my rig.

    Mobo: DFI LANParty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert
    CPU: AMD X2 4800+ @ 1.58V 269x10.5 2.824Ghz
    GPU1|2: BFG 7800GTXOC @ 515/1340 SLI
    RAM: Corsair TWINX2048-4400PRO 3-4-4-8 1T
    Monitor: Viewsonic 20.1" LCD Pro
    Speakers/Headphones: Logitech Z5500 | Sennheiser
    Case: Modded CM Preatorian custom watercooled
    3DMark06: 8437 | PCMark05: 6567
    My Rig:
    - jpongin, 7 years ago
  • Just started putting my system back together after upgrading the CPU/mobo/case.
    Preliminary images:

    Temps are around 35-38 idle, 40-41 load so far. Havn't had time for a long load test tho.

    Anyone have suggestions on quieting the pump down, its the loudest part of the build atm.
    - Suicidal Insanity, 7 years ago
  • Added the graphic card as well as sound and TV tuner. (
    click for large version
    - Suicidal Insanity, 7 years ago
  • I originally installed this system in August, but I was never happy with, so I never posted it. I didn't like the tubing hanging out the back, the pump placement was cramped, and the res and pump were not firmly mounted to the case. Here's the original setup. The res is a Swiftech MCRES-MICRO sitting in the 5.25" area.

    And the new setup. One of my white CCFL's decided to die on me during all this, so thats missing in the pics, but will be replaced soon.
    - rjblanke, 7 years ago
  • Been a while since I have posted mine up. The wiring is sort of a mess ATM because I am planning on rebuilding it after christmas. Specs are in my sig. Today I actually changed the coolant out from purple Zerex to blue Pentosin G11. If anyone wants some PM me. I have a gallon of it. Thats enough to make like 100 gallons of coolant! :D

    Yes, it is a pond pump been going stong for 2+ years. :) Its REALLY quiet and offers high GPM.

    Homemade window of course:

    The inside. Again, sort of messy ATM.

    And since I am tired of crimping new molex plugs I came up with this idea:
    Someone needs to learn how to use a ruler and drill. Obviously the terminal strips don't line up properly. :rolleyes:

    Feel free to leave any comments! :)
    - DaRkF0g, 7 years ago
  • Just a piccy of my W/Cing system. Swiftech Storm, DD Acetal Maze4GPU, Swiftech MCP655, DD Dual-5.25 resevoir, DD Dual-120 heatercore with custom shroud and 7/16" MasterKleer tubing. I've really gotta break everything down and clean it all up.
    - autobot, 7 years ago
  • Hi guys....very nice topic....i'll give my contribute....

    Asus p5b dlx
    E6600 @ 3600 (1.4v)
    2x1Gb Teamgroup 667 chip Micron
    Xfx 7600gt XXX
    2x74 Raptor Raid
    WD Caviar RE 320Gb
    Gigabyte Dvb-t
    Creative Xfi Xtreme Music
    Samsung dvd burner Sata

    Black Ice Gt Stealth 360
    Swiftech mcp655
    Dtek Mp05 spray pattern
    Dtek mp01
    Danger Den 5.25 bay res

    Hope you like it! ;) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
    - vkbms, 7 years ago
  • This is my first setup. It's with the free after rebate ultra wizard mid-tower. Case is a little nicked up even though I masking taped everything because I'm a complete noob at any type of physical work. I used a 4.5" holesaw and smoked up my old power drill trying.

    Apogee, DDC2 + Petra's top, MCW60, zalman ramsinks for 7900gs, thermalright hr05 nb heatsink, 7/16 masterkleer, mc microres, coolingworks coolrad 22t, 4 yate sl's in push/pull intake for rad.
    Honestly, I can see why this case was free after rebate. Initial fiddling showed the case as decent. But once you get involved, you quickly realize all its shortcomings. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the drive cages have room for 4 external 5.25, 3 external 3.5", and 2 internal 3.5". However, the front bezel only has room to implement 3 external 5.25" (2 of which get dominated by the rad setup), 1 3.5" external in a 5.25" caddy, and the rest all internal.
    Here's a shot with the drive covers removed so you can get a better look. It looks like it's really close to the bottom, but there's about half an inch or a little more, and the airflow isn't all too bad. It turned out to be surprisingly well positioned. I didn't realize until after I was done that I only had a margin of error of about 1/2" front to back, without hitting the front rail or psu in the back. To get to the psu, the rad has to be removed, so hopefully the pos ultra 500w v power won't fail again too soon ;) (hey it was free after rebate!).
    Here's the main shot. I had to make a notch in the lower left where the lip is for the side panel rails (done after picture was taken). It allows me to remove the motherboard without removing anything else, except for the rear 120mm exhaust. I had a hell of a time getting the brackets on the mc microres, and ended giving up and just using the velcro approach. It's actually more stable than I had imagined. Also, for the ddc, I drilled two holes for it, but then ended up rotating it 90 degrees, which obsoleted the holes. I ended up just using the adhesive neoprene pad it came with. Also, since the base panel of the ultra wizard isn't flat (what the hell!!!), it was a pain in the ass, but surprisingly, the neoprene was extremely flexible and adapted to it just fine.

    I used the front barb on the rad for the cpu to avoid too sharp a turn. This meant that I had to use the inner barb to connect to the ddc. I hope it's not killing flow to the ram too much. Maybe I'll get those active ram coolers in the future.
    Nothing about watercooling in this shot, but something I picked up from some of your posts, and really liked the idea. Routing cables through back here really takes care of a lot of the mess!! I'm still thinking of 7volting the fans, which is why I haven't tied the wiring down a bit more yet. In a case like the ultra wizard, where it wasn't designed to have you route wires back there, the mobo tray lip comes up pretty much right to where the side panel would be. This makes closing the panel a little harder, but it's not really a problem.
    Final pic of a closeup of the holes I made for the top. You can really see the scratches here, where I slipped once when I was drilling the first hole. I got a lot better on the second one, but both look similar in the picture. Rad is attached simply with 8 #6-32 1.5" screws going top down through the grill, case, fan, and into the rad. Bottom yates are attached with #6-32 1.25" screws.
    - ziddey, 7 years ago
  • Here is my first shot at watercooling w/Danger Den parts & 7/15-5/8 tubing. Forgive the wire mess.
    I wish the gigabyte 3d aurora case was a tad bigger, but I do like mounting the rad on the back.
    - Vegasr, 7 years ago
  • Here is my first try:

    ASUS Comando MB
    EVGA GeForce 8800GTX Air for now
    Core 2 Extreme QX6700
    Corsair XMS 9136 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2
    NEC Black 1.44MB 3.5"
    Western Digital Caviar RE WD2500YS 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive(RAID 0)
    PLEXTOR 16X DVD±R DVD Burner
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer
    Asetek WaterChill Xtreme Integrated Pump (modified)
    Swiftech Radiator - MCR220 Quiet Power Series Dual 120 mm
    Alphacool NexXxoS XP Socket 775 Water Block
    1 x Alphacool Heattrap RegCooler Asus SLI
    2 x MIPS ASUS Chipset Freezers
    XP+ EXT (Extreme Performance) Coolant - UV Red
    10’ PrimoFlex Tubing 3/8
    - HDW101, 7 years ago
  • ( ( (
    - ~LoKe, 7 years ago
  • after reading these forums many ,many times ,Ive finished my first w/c project ,
    I'm very happy with it and thanks for all the good info available in these forums

    i know the apogee block is the king right now ,but i received a $200 gift certificate for new egg this xmas and wanted to use it on this

    i also don't on planning a gpu block till i get a dx10 card
    - homer1226, 7 years ago
  • So I'm on version 2.5 of my watercooled system. I think I've only posted pics once, and since I just redid all the tubing here's an update.

    Version 1.0

    Yes, I know there is no video card, this was the leak test.

    Version 2.0

    Moved to a Coolermaster Stacker, new mobo, new chip, new video card, etc. Changed to a t-line as well.

    Yes, I know it looks bad, wires and tubing everywhere. Why do you think there is a 2.5?

    Version 2.5

    New tubing, new arrangment for the tubing, somewhat better wire management, added UV.
    - Zamt, 7 years ago
    - AuroraProject, 7 years ago
    - cambrian, 7 years ago
  • She's not fancy but she's mine!! Here are the early pics of my first water cooled rig. I have some cleaning up to do with cables and what not... and I need to finalize how I'm going to store the fill tube. Yes, my shroud is a bit ghetto but it's working well. I might try to fashion something more visually appealing later as well do some OC'ing.
    - Linux_Box, 7 years ago
  • Swiftech blocks and pump, DD Rads, Silverstone Fans
    - jpongin, 7 years ago
  • Here my rig, just finished it a few days ago. What do ya guys think

    FLOW: Pump>Rad>CPU>GPU>Res>Pump ( (

    ** had to flip my res over due to air issues. when i get new pics ill post them.
    - wilson82, 7 years ago
    - aldy402, 7 years ago
  • here's mine
    - aiya, 7 years ago
  • Well got tired of waiting for the r600 and decided to build my first crossfire setup. I had just sold one of my old comps and found a x1950 xtx crossfire card for $419.99 cdn on ncix and decided to pull the trigger. Got rid of my ultra 550 ps, the fan was loud when my system was stressed. Picked up a corsair HX620 as a replacement and am very happy with it. I apologize for the pictures, still using my 5 year old 2.0mp digital camera.
    new x1950 xtx crossfire b/f waterblock install as well as x1950xtx, corsair ps, and dd maze 5 gpu waterblock, threw the x-fi plat in for kicks.
    assembling was a pan in the butt...pulled a newbie mistake, my acrylic reservoir had a little residue build up and decided to swish it with isopropyl :rolleyes: Needless to say it was rendered useless the next morning.
    Hade some space issues, was very hard to find fittings and parts up here in canada. Used an old maze4 chipset cooler that i had from a previous build. It works well, was a little bit tricky to install had to bend the retention bracked a little, nice and snug now.
    Went a little overboard with the radiators I have 1x120 Blackice gt stealth between my cpu/chipset and my graphics cards. Then a 3x120 Blackice gt stealth that cools everything off before the loop starts over.
    Previous configuration, Version 1.1
    My overall setup hasn't changed much.
    Version 2.0
    Temps according to coretemp are 40-43c idle 56-60c under load (orthos). I think the higher temps are due to the fact that i have an older core 2. I needed 1.6v to get to 3.6 stable. I am currently running a little below that, 3.56 @ 1.55v. The gpus idle at 37-40c and the ambient room temperature is betweem 20-24c. See sig for more details on specs, I haven't got a chance to run 3dmark 06, but current benching has shown large increases.
    CSS 1920x1200 max everything. v1.1 156fps v2.0 233fps
    FEAR 1920x1200 max everything, soft shadows off, FSAA Off, Anis 4x, volumetric lights on medium.
    v2.0 Min 52, Avg 110, Max 294
    v1.1 Min 24, Avg 56, Max 128
    more to come in a few days...
    - infin@, 7 years ago
  • Just finished it yesterday..
    - officermartinez, 7 years ago
  • A few more..
    - officermartinez, 7 years ago
  • Consider it done.. First shot is with the flash on.. Second and third shots are with the flash off..
    - officermartinez, 7 years ago
  • Crappy photo job :(
    - Banks, 7 years ago
  • This is my first water cooling rig, it's a work in progress that should have been done already. It would have too if it weren't for the defective pump that I got. Now I have to wait for an RMA and then ship my pump back before they ship me a new one.

    Filling the system:

    Draining the system:

    Empty system, complete view:
    - BrokenMonkey, 7 years ago
  • First build, very fun, but cant wait to upgrade it and get better parts/make it look nicer.

    Pump: d5
    Tubing: masterkleer 7/16"
    Radiator: X-Flow Stealth GTS 240 w/ 2 Yate Loons, 7v.
    Res: Swiftech Micro

    Put a window and some yate loons on the all steel side panel
    My rad is sitting on the bottom of the case, but I have cut two large squares through the bottom of the case to let hot air out from the radiator, because the fans are in push. The case is propped up on bricks :rolleyes: lol to give more room for the heat to let out, but it does work!

    E6400 oced to 2.8Ghz.
    Idle: 38-42
    Load: 48-52

    I would definately like to see lower temps than Im seeing. This is my first and only WC setup so some of the parts may not be top of the line but still.

    I was having problems with the DD TDX WB with my Asus P5B-E motherboard, hitting one of the capacitors and not getting good contact so i sanded it down and am at these temps now. I think the capacitor is still slightly in the way so Im thinking about getting a Dtek Fuzion WB, because if I sand my TDX anymore than my loop wont be closed anymore:D
    - DJS2, 7 years ago
  • Heres mine. I finally wanted watercooling. So....I got it.
    - tylerdustin2008, 7 years ago
  • Got my replacement pump and got my system up and running, overclocked it to 4.25 GHz
    - BrokenMonkey, 7 years ago
  • heres my baby... shes not finished yet though :)
    - nightwalker, 7 years ago
  • Haven't tried o/c yet.

    - grugar, 7 years ago
  • hi i m french

    Asus Crosshair
    x2 5200+ @ 3055mhz 1.57v
    2GO Dominator pc8500 @ 2.35v
    x2 8800GTX XFX @ 660/2050
    x2 raptor x 150 GO raid 0
    XFI Fatal1ty fps
    alim Tagan turbojet 1100w
    2x plextor 760A

    watercooling >

    2x 120mm - Black Ice GT Stealth II
    Laing Delphi DDC-1+T Pro 12V + Réservoir 110ml
    x2 EK WATERBLOCK - EK-FC8800
    8/10 tubing pur ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
    - BlackHouse, 7 years ago
  • heres my newest build. its a few months old but i just got around to taking pics of it. dont mind the cooling. it looks a lil foggy but its not. ( ( ( (

    a few wires are showing just above the CPU, thats because i just added 2 lil fans to the northbridge and i didnt have a permanent solution to giving them power yet. so its just a temp rig for now. besides a few zip ties showing *which you never see when side panel is on* everything else looks good. my cleanest build yet.
    - Boozer, 7 years ago
  • Hey guys, just finished my first 'real' build. I say this because my first build I did when I was 11 and merely plugged cable A into socket A.

    So, lemme give you the rundown, incase you are too blind to see from my pictures below.

    I went for a minimalist look, while trying to keep it cool. It is a PC-V2100B-PlusII case, but does not have the side fan due to fititng issues with the DD-8800GTX water block. I have cathodes in the system, but they are the only lights, and are controlled by a switch on the side. I mainly have them because it is sick looking through the mesh when they are on (you get to see the 8800GTX!).

    The case is mostly stock, with the few adaptations being a bigger hole cut in the back for wire-management (where the header cables come up), 3x 120MM holes drilled into the bottom for a completely internal PA120.3 with 3x 120x120x38MM silenX fans (I know... don't rant on me..). I also had to drill new holes in the PSU mount so that I could mount my Toughpower in the top slot, but have the 120MM fan face downwards, instead of into a slab of metal. Besides this, the case is completely stock.

    I loved this build, but am regretting I didn't go with the Mid-Tower version of the case. It is just a pain to lug to lan parties =D.

    So, enough chat, here's the build!

    Profile shot:

    Head on:

    'Nother shot with the panel off:

    Profile with side off, look at that wiring job! (around mobo area, not near PSU =D):

    Another shot showing mobo' side wiring but from dif angle:

    Now.... to the cables!:

    And the grand finale.... CABLES!:

    Comments and suggestions for my next build are greatly appreciated. I just ordered an Antec 900 case I am going to mod for a friends comp, so specific to my LL-V2100, or just something I need to focus on in general, all comments are wanted.

    - Jomanscool2, 7 years ago
  • Here is my latest creation. For this one I wanted an external solution that could do more than imagined. The aquaduct exceeded my expectations. Here are some of the things it can do.

    1. Temp sensors on each exhaust fan
    2. Temp sensors on incoming and outgoing water
    3. Flow senor
    4. Water level sensor
    5. Fans will raise and lower based on any combination of sensor (configurable via included software)
    6. LCD display on unit that will display all fans/sensors/pump
    7. Pump is overclockable via LCD or software
    8. Blue/Red LED's that change color based on temp sensors
    - R1ckCa1n, 7 years ago
  • Here's mine :) ( (
    - sladesurfer, 7 years ago
  • Here is my WaterCooled Rig.
    - Darkatom, 7 years ago
  • It might not be the prettiest, but it cools like a mofo! :D
    - MakubexGB, 7 years ago
  • My latest build:
    - AuroraProject, 7 years ago
  • (

    I know its messy but its ok (

    This is my first watercooling project:)
    - Slufa111, 7 years ago
  • Upgraded to a C2D system, so I figured I'd post it up here along with a few additions and changes to my cooling system.
    - Bio-Hazard, 7 years ago

    Need a uv cathode now :)
    - Nicksterr, 7 years ago
  • Well here goes, after finally getting up the guts and some funds I got the chance to build my first system. Please don't be too critical on me, oh watercooled and heavily overclocked gurus.

    I didn't have a crazy amount of funds so I tried to concentrate more on simple game performance rather than looks or features I'll probably never use. I'm an avid Counter-Strike player so I went with the recommended graphics card by nVidia. I also made sure I got an sli-ready mobo, hopefully I'll have that second card soon, I just have to recover from the initial investment. I'll just have to see whether it's worth it to get another aging 7900gt or just wait and get one smoking hot card when some new technologies come out.

    Started with a Ultra Grid case. 400w psu. nothing fancy. I did want a window so I could show it off a bit.
    Then I added
    Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard socket 929
    AMD64 X2 4200+ dual-core processor
    BFG 7900gt oc graphics card
    2 Gig Kingston ram (2x 1 gig)
    160G hand drive
    (2) DVD RW multi format type burners
    64 in 1 card reader
    And enough fans to blow yo mommas wig off
    It looked sloppy as hell and was louder than I could have imagined. So after trying to play around with the fans for two days and cleaning the dust out of the case twice, I decided to go WC and add a couple of lights. If i was to try overclocking this thing now it would probably stay semi-cool with a moderate oc, but I wanted more power and by doing so, would probably cause a tornado in my living room from the 7 fans total in the rig.

    So I tore it all down and got a Vantec STG-100 watercooling system and a couple cold cathode tubes and LEDs and got back to work. I wanted a res because I read somewhere that it was easier to bleed and top off when needed. I may switch up the pump and res eventually.
    The performance was a huge improvement over my old Dell but I knew I could get more out of it by overclocking now that I had a good cooling system for it. It's kind of a no-brainer if you ask me when it comes to watercooling. You can push your hardware harder and cooler without all the noise and dust froms fans.

    Started by taking off all the heatsinks. Then I removed the heatpipe for the NB and SB.

    Then I put on the new thermal paste and waterblocks (after cleaning all the old stuff off of course)

    Then the radiator and lighted fan.

    Then cut and attached all the hoses and anti-kink wrap

    Filled it up, lit it up.

    I just spent a few days researching and toying around with my timing, and now the cpu is overclocked from 2.2 Ghz. to 2.7 Ghz. with temps of 31c at idle and the most I've seen so far is when I ran the highest setting of SuperPi. The core temp got up to only 41c. After I learn some mo

    Counter-Strike is crazy quick with all quality setting turned up to high and Doom 3 is like a completely new game again. I'm going to get a modular power supply to clean up all the wires, but for now it's more than I could have expected.
    Thanks for checking it out and please give me some feedback and some suggestions if you could. And thanks to those of you who answered all my questions over the last couple of weeks.
    - bonghitter400, 7 years ago
  • Who says I can't take some advice? Added a 530 watt power supply and took the stock fan and remounted it with part of the original heatpipe. Also installed some additional cooling heatsinks and a fan controller. The modular ps really helps clean it up along with some split loom tubing. Also took out some of those gay looking lights. Not bad for my first build I might say!
    - bonghitter400, 7 years ago
  • Just finished my recent build:
    Old rig in Antec 900 - DD TDX, PA120.1, Swiftech Micro-res, Tygon 1/2" ID, DD D-5

    New Stacker T01 - D-Tek fuZion, EK 8800GTS, PA120.3, EK Multires 150, Tygon 7/16" ID, DD D-5
    - pvtdonuts, 7 years ago
  • Updated Pics:
    - Darkatom, 7 years ago
  • It's bleeding ATM, but I should have it up and running fully when I get some AS5 tuesday:
    - Trendy, 7 years ago

    coolermaster atcs
    Enermax Liberty 500w
    A7n8E delux
    athlon 2500 m
    CMX2048-4400PRO kit
    BFG 7800GS agp

    crimped my own cables (enermax wire choice sucks)

    all case fans are Panaflo at 5v and rad has silverstone 120mm and rheostat
    inaudible when standing next to tower
    233 x 11 at 36c-41c 1.75v
    2-3-2-5 T1 2.8V
    - Tangent inc., 7 years ago
  • I need a bigger case. :p
    - AaronP, 7 years ago
  • Heres mine :D

    Works fine on my AMD 3500+ winchester.
    - invalidbuffalo, 7 years ago
  • Loop re-done:
    - NEvolution, 7 years ago
  • Long time lurker. First time WC build. Learned a lot from this forum. Happy with the temps and overclock (e6600 @ 3.2 with 1.28v). On a nice day, it idles at 25-30C and under load 40-45C.
    - Ebisan, 7 years ago
  • Here's my new build using some old and some new. OC'd at 2.7Ghz and runs cool as ice.
    and the obligatory "light-up shots-
    Thanks for looking!:D
    - bonghitter400, 7 years ago
  • Here's my PC-7B, got lots of help from the right ppl here on [H] so ty to those that helped me out. Enjoy:
    - Tilde84, 7 years ago
  • mine.
    EK-FC8800 block, sorry for the blurry
    the Fuzion and the pipes on my new Asus P5k
    EK rez in action.. Dang that thing is slick
    top shot
    side shot
    D-Tek Fuzion and the corner of my OCZ XTC cooler
    side panel off
    w/side panel
    w/side panel take 2
    OCZ XTC cooler and the EK Multioption (you can also see the red/green lights from my tracers in the middle)
    during the test and windows install etc. earlier in the day, basically a day shot w/window off
    - hobbes70790, 7 years ago
  • Ok so mine got deleted with the forum roll-back.

    So here it is again...

    Nothing special inside right now.


    AMD 3200+ Venice 2.1 GHz @ 2.8GHz (255*11)
    MSI K8N Neo Platinum
    1.5GB Kingston Hyper X (2-3-2-6-2T 215MHz @ DDR333)
    Sapphire X1950 512MB GDDR3 AGP (Clock 648Mhz, Mem: 1538MHz)
    WD 200GB SATA HD
    Antec 900

    Future Plan:

    Intell Q6600
    ASUS P5K Delux
    4GB Crucial Ballistix 1066(PC8500) DDR2
    Nvidia 8800 GTS - 640MB

    - Vengeance, 7 years ago

    That is the only picture I can get atm. It is just leak testing and bleeding.
    - HotGore, 7 years ago
  • I just got this rig up and running. It replaces my A64 3400+ Mobile@2.5GHZ and X800XT system. So much faster and I haven't even started my usual go at overclocking.
    Took a few days to fabricate all the new brackets for my trusty old waterblocks. (Swiftech MCW5000 and MCW50)
    - VoodooNinja, 7 years ago
  • I found some better pics of my rig:
    - zeebs, 7 years ago
  • Sorry for the blurry pictures, my P&S has issues and I'm saving for a K10D so ...

    This is the first time ever I built my own PC and it took me quite a while, and I really need to thank Arcygenical publicly because he helped me tremendously...

    And my desktop ... with the overclocking windows on the right:
    - TigerLord, 7 years ago
  • you know that case model number?
    - piako, 7 years ago
  • New Setup using old components. First time WC.

    Maze 4 s478
    Swiftech MCP665 Pump
    Swiftech MCR220 Radiator w/ x2 Yate Loon med speed.
    Swiftech Micro-Res
    3/8" ID Masterkleer

    2.6ghz Northwood 800FSB
    Asus P4S800-D
    1GB DDR PC-3200
    40GB Maxtor HD
    Ultra X-Connect 500w
    FX5500 (kinda...sorta works lol)

    CPU Idle temp (Speedfan/PC Wizard) = 21c
    CPU Load Temp = 27c (Orthosx2 CPU stress)
    - Riddlinkidstoner, 7 years ago
  • to learn more ultram side effects withdrawal - tramadol withdrawal symptoms dizziness
    - MLFKSHUswv, 7 months ago
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    - Dyncmyngeam, 6 months ago