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Vinyl Einzelverkauf Aus Großer Liste, Minimal/House/Techno/Elektro/Funk/Soul/Disco

by guydiscogs
Einzelverkauf aus großer Liste, Minimal/House/Techno/Elektro/Funk/Soul/Disco

Mehrere 1000 Vinyle als Excel Datei

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"Little Louie" Vega* FeaturingBlaze-Brand New Day (12")(MAW Records)
[Freestyle Man]* -Escape From Turku EP. (12", EP)(Moodmusic)
[T]ékël-Kolony EP (12", EP)(Initial Cuts)
10 Blondes In The Groove-Need A Filta (12")(Bikini Club)
10dB-I Burn For You (12", Single)(Crush Music)
11:59-Just Another Night (The Remixes) (12")(Boombastic Records)
12 Tree-Back In Town Again (12")(Regal Recordings)
187 Lockdown-Gunman (12")(EastWest)
187 Lockdown-Kung-Fu (12", Promo)(EastWest)
187 Lockdown-The Don (2x12", Promo)(EastWest)
2 Bar Jazz-You Can't Go Wrong (12")(Catch)
2 Brothers On The 1st Floor-The Drum Beat Goes / Time (12")(Andorfine)
2 Fierce (2)-Feel It (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
2 Live Crew, The-Yakety Yak (12", Promo)(WTG Records)
2 Or MoreFeaturing...Euclid Gray-Ghetto Gospel Man (12")(Kid Dynamite Inc.)
2 Or MoreFeaturing...Euclid Gray-Ghetto Gospel Man (12")(Kid Dynamite Inc.)
2 Work-Whistle Work (12")(MCA Music Entertainment GmbH)
200°* -The Darkness (12")(Mental Madness)
2020Soundsystem* Feat.Glass, The-No Order (12")(20:20 Vision)
2B-Trust Ur Receiver (Remixes) (12")(Special Needs Recordings)
2-Kut-Beat Boy (12")(Cashbeat)
2-Kut-I'm Gonna Explode (12", Single)(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH,Totenkopf)
2nd Verse* -Kick It To The Curb (12")(Mo' Family Productions)
2Pac-How Do U Want It (12")(Death Row Records (2))
2Pac-Thugz Mansion (12")(Interscope Records,Amaru Entertainment)
2raumwohnung-36grad (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(It.sounds)
2raumwohnung-Besser Gehts Nicht (12")(It.sounds)
2raumwohnung-Du Bewegst Dich Richtig / Nimm Sie / Ja / Lotus (Remixes) (12")(It.sounds)
2raumwohnung-Du Bewegst Dich Richtig / Nimm Sie / Ja / Lotus (Remixes) (12")(It.sounds)
2raumwohnung-Freie Liebe (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(It.sounds)
2raumwohnung-Sexy Girl (12")(It.sounds)
2ruff-Wicked Witch (12")(Polydor)
2ruff-Wicked Witch (12")(Polydor)
2Soundz-Together (12")(Realbasic Tracks)
3 Man Island-Jack The Lad (12")(Chrysalis)
3 Monkeys-Crazy People (12")(Bliss Productions)
3 PhaseFeaturingDr. Motte-Der Klang Der Familie (12", RE)(Tresor)
3070-Vision (12", Promo)(Fantasy)
32Phreeze* -Flesh (12")(Solar)
3P (2)-3P (License 2 Kill) (2x12")(Pelham Power Productions)
3ST vs. Dash-You Can Bomb Me In Five Minutes (12")(Rampe D)
4 By Four-Don't Put The Blame On Me (12")(Capitol Records)
4 Clubbers-Hymn / Someday (12")(Dropout)
4 Clubbers-Together (12", Promo)(EastWest Records GmbH)
4 Reeves-Jumpin' (12", Maxi)(EastWest Records GmbH)
4 Reeves-Keine Macht Den Doofen (12", Maxi)(EastWest Records GmbH)
4 StringsFeat.Andrea Britton-Catch A Fall (12", TP)(Liquid Recordings)
4-3-1-Animal b/w Susan (12")(Recovery Records)
49ers-Girl To Girl / Megamix (12")(BCM Records)
49ers-My Heart / (Escape) My Heart (12")(UMM)
4-Traxx-Compression (12")(Tr@nsenti@l)
4ward UK-Forward (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
4ward UK-Forward (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
50 Cent-Disco Inferno (12", Promo)(Shady Records)
60/40-Cupboard Love (2x12")(Deep Records)
6400 CrewPresentsOnionz&Halo-I Need Ya (12")(Electrik Soul)
65D Mavericks, The-Regeneration EP (12", EP)(Coda Records)
666-Supa-Dupa-Fly (12", Pic, Ltd)(House Nation)
666+DJ Bonito-Atención (12")(Kontor Records)
69-Lite Music (12")(Planet E,R & S Records)
6th Sense-Illusion (12")(Joint Records)
7th Wonder-My Love Ain't Never Been This Strong (12", S/Sided, Promo)(Parachute Records)
7th Wonder-My Love Ain't Never Been This Strong (12", S/Sided, Promo)(Parachute Records)
89ers-Words (Progressiv Mix) (12")(Promo (2))
8-Bit Science-Resolution (12")(Trope Recordings)
8Doogymoto* -Minimalistico (12")(Soundslike)
8th Avenue (3)-Mean Season (12")(Klub Records (2))
94 Rockers-Giro Dub / Get Rough (12", W/Lbl)(Highly Blessed Recordings)
A Man Called Adam-A.P.B. (12")(Acid Jazz)
A Man Called Adam-Bread, Love And Dreams (2x12", Promo)(Big Life)
A StudioFeat.Polina-S.O.S. (12")(Superstar Recordings)
A Studiovs.Till West&DJ Delicious-S.O.S Same Man (12", S/Sided, Unofficial)(AA (2))
A vs B* -Ripped In 2 Minutes (12")(Positiva,Positiva)
A.D.N.Y.* -Vida Mia (12", EP)(Corner Shots Ltd)
A.D.N.Y.* &Vincenzo-Various (12")(Raw Elements)
A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.-The Professional (12")(King Size Records)
A.Lee* -Back Again (12")(Basiqueroove)
A.Mochi-Ping E.P. (12", EP)(Kumo)
A.Mochi-Ping E.P. (12", EP)(Kumo)
A.Mochi-Ping E.P. (12", EP)(Kumo)
A.O.K. With Rayna-Visions (Pictures In My Mind) (12", Maxi)(Bellaphon)
A.O.K.-Shack It Up / The Signal (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Aaron Hall-All The Places (I Will Kiss You) / Move It Girl (12")(MCA Records)
Aaron HallFeaturingRedman-Curiosity (12", Sin)(MCA Records)
AB Logic-AB Logic (12")(Magnet (2),Magnet (2),Magnet (2))
ABBA-Lay All Your Love On Me / On And On And On (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
ABC-The Night You Murdered Love (12")(Mercury)
ABC-When Smokey Sings (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
ABCFeaturingContessa Lady V-The Night You Murdered Love (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
Abel Ramos-Te Quiero Puta (12")(Reset Records (3))
Abnormal Boyz-We Are Bad Too (12")(Style Rockets)
Abyale-I Don't Talk About L.O.V.E. (Remixes) (12")(Dance Pool)
Abyss (3)-Every Time I See You (12")(Groove Inc.)
AC Black-Funky Situation (12", Maxi)(Motown)
Acardipane* vs.Balloon* -Whoopie Whoopie (12")(Mental Madness)
ACE (13)-ACE (12")(Pingouin Musique)
Acen-Trip To The Moon (Part 2) (Electrodirt Remix) (12", S/Sided)(Electrodirt)
Acid Head-Overkill...That's The Way I Like It (12")(Emergo)
Acid Scout-Sexy Robot Remix EP (12", EP)(Kurbel)
Acrosome-Until Tomorrow (12")(Things To Come Records)
Acrosome-Until Tomorrow (12")(Things To Come Records)
Acrylite-What Is It? (12")(Silly Spider Music)
Acrylite-What Is It? (12")(Silly Spider Music)
Action Band, The-Sexual Research (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Active Sense-Squeeks & Kaoss EP (12", EP)(Immigrant)
Active Service Unit/Percy X-Zaytoon / Wrong Way Round (12")(Dublin London)
Ada Dyer-I Bet Ya, I'll Let Ya (12", Promo)(Motown)
Adam F/Shy FX & T Power-Circles / Shake Ur Body (10")(Positiva)
Adam Jay-Stick & Move (12", EP)(Uppercut)
Adam Sky-Ape-X (12", S/Sided)(Kitsuné Music)
Adamski-Killer (12")(MCA Records Ltd.)
Adamski-Killer (12")(MCA Records)
AdamskiFeaturingNina Hagen-Get Your Body! (12", Single)(MCA Records,MCA Records)
ADC Band-Fire Up / More & More Disco (12")(Cotillion,Atlantic,ATCO Records)
Addiction, The-Monsters EP (12", EP)(Lasergun)
Adeva-Beautiful Love (12")(Chrysalis)
Adeva-Beautiful Love (Remix) (12")(Cooltempo,)
Adeva-Treat Me Right (12")(Cooltempo)
Adeva-Warning (12")(Chrysalis)
Admirals, The (3)FeatSeraphina* -Second Step EP (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Admirals, The (3)FeatSeraphina* -Second Step EP (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Admirals, The (3)Feat.Seraphina* -Männer! (...Sch****Sexy) (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Admirals, The (3)Feat.Seraphina* -Männer! (...Sch****Sexy) (The Remixes) (12")(Superstar Recordings)
ADN Ckrystall* /Closedunruh-Live 1985-2008 (LP, Comp, Ltd)(Psych.KG)
ADNY-ADNY Presents Clear Vision (12", Promo)(Wave Music)
Advent, The-Brassik (12")(Kombination Research)
Advent, The-Infared (12")(Internal)
Advent, The-Inn Balance (12")(Seismic Records Detroit)
Advent, The-Recreations (2x12")(Kombination Research)
Adventures, The-One Step From Heaven (12")(Elektra)
Adventures, The-One Step From Heaven (12")(Elektra)
Advertising The Invisible-Advertising the Invisible EP (12")(Marble Bar)
African Unity-I Love The Way You Make Me Feel (12")(Tabu Records)
Africanism All Stars* -Sye Bwa / Zookey (Lift Your Leg Up) (12")(Yellow Productions)
AfricanismProduced ByDJ Gregory-Soldiers (12")(Yellow Productions)
Africano-Deewe (12")(Ubanikhaya Records)
Afrika Bambaataa & Family-Sho Nuff Funky (12")(EMI)
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force-Planet Rock 98 (12")(Dream Team)
Afrika Bambaataa-Just Get Up And Dance (12")(DFC)
Afrika Bambaataa-Just Get Up And Dance (12")(ZYX Records)
Afro Cuban Band-Baila / The Moon Is The Daughter Of The Devil (12")(Arista)
Afro Cuban Band-Black Widow Woman (12", Promo)(Arista)
Afro Cuban Band-Black Widow Woman (12", Promo)(Arista)
Afro Medusa-The Singles (Vinyl, EP)(Not On Label)
Afrojack-Amanda (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl, Sta)(Not On Label (Afrojack))
Afrojack&Groovenatics-Polkadots / Deep Down (12")(Sneakerz Muzik)
Afro-Mystik-Infinite Rhythm (12")(OM Records)
Afro-Mystik-Infinite Rhythm (Remixes) (12")(OM Records)
After 7-Heat Of The Moment (12", Maxi)(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
After 7-Heat Of The Moment (12", Maxi)(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
After The Fire-Dancing In The Shadows (12")(CBS)
Afterglow, The-Light Up The Stars (12")(Thirdwave Records)
Age Of Chance-Crush Collision (LP)(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Age Of Chance-Kiss (12")(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Agent Five-Hawaii 5.0 (12")(K-Town Records)
Agents Aren't Aeroplanes-The Upstroke (12")(RCA)
Agnes (5)-I Need You Now (12")(Net's Work International)
Agnes (5)-Release Me (12")(Planet Records (8))
a-ha-The Blood That Moves The Body (12")(WEA Musik GmbH)
Air Liquide-Let Your Ears Be The Receiver (2x12", Album)(Multicolor Recordings)
AIR-Alpha Beta Gaga (12", Promo)(Virgin)
Airbase-Escape / For The Fallen (12", Red)(Intuition Recordings (2))
Airbeat One Project-Airbeat One 2006 (12")(Aqualoop Records)
Aircrash-Shine On You Crazy Diamond (12")(Kazumi)
Airrace-First One Over The Line (12", Promo, Single)(Atco Records)
Aïwa-Yiyi Remixes (12")(Wikkid Records)
Akon Feat. Snoop Dogg-I Wanna Love You (12")(Universal Music)
Akon-Beautiful (12")(Universal Records)
Akon-Beautiful (12", Promo)(Universal Records)
Akon-Locked Up (12")(Universal Records)
Akon-Right Now (Na Na Na) (12", Maxi)(Universal Motown)
Aku-Aku-Ground Zero (12", Single, Promo)(Shatter Records)
Aku-Aku-No Expression (12")(Shatter Records)
Aku-Aku-The Night Belongs To Charlie (12")(Shatter Records)
Al "Baby" Green-Blockbuster / Coldblooded (12", Promo)(Partytime Records)
Al & Rainbow-Hold You (12", Promo)(Peppermint Records (2))
Al Agami-Nothin' Like An Idiot (12")(Motor Music)
Al Agami-Nothin' Like An Idiot (12")(Motor Music)
Al Agami-Nothin' Like An Idiot (12")(Motor Music)
Al B. Sure!-If I'm Not Your Lover (12")(Warner Bros. Records,Warner Bros. Records)
Al Corley-Land Of The Giants (12")(Mercury)
Al Hudson & One Way* -Driving Me Crazy (12")(Capitol Records)
Al Hudson & One Way* -Say You Will / Get Up Off It (12")(Capitol Records)
Al Hudson & One Way* -Say You Will / Get Up Off It (12")(Capitol Records)
Al Hudson & The Partners-You Can Do It (12")(MCA Records)
Al Hudson & The Partners-You Can Do It (12")(MCA Records)
Al Hudson & The Soul Partners* -If You Feel Like Dancin' (12")(ABC Records)
Al Jarreau-Real Tight (12")(WEA)
Al Kaporn-Wir Wollen Pussies / Clubbitch / In The Club Babe (12")(Royal Bunker)
Alan Braxe&Kris Menace-Lumberjack (12", S/Sided)(Vulture Music)
Alan Gorrie-I Can Take It (Specially Remixed Version) (12")(A&M Records)
Alarm, The-Absolute Reality (12", Maxi)(I.R.S. Records,I.R.S. Records)
Alarm, The-Rescue Me (12")(I.R.S. Records)
Alarm, The-Spirit Of '76 (12", Single, Promo)(I.R.S. Records)
Alarm, The-The Alarm (12", EP)(I.R.S. Records)
Alarm, The-The Chant Has Just Begun (12", Maxi)(I.R.S. Records)
Alarm, The-The Chant Has Just Begun (12", Maxi)(I.R.S. Records)
Alavi* VsGwen* -Gwens End (12", S/Sided, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Gwen Stefani))
Albert Vorne-A Leaden Day (12")(Platipus Euro)
Albert Vorne-A Leaden Day (12")(Platipus Euro)
AleemFeaturingLeroy Burgess-Fine Young Tender (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Aleem* -Why Hawaii (12", Promo)(Concrete)
Alex Cortex-Reticarga EP (12", EP)(Klang Elektronik)
Alex Cortex,Lopazz&Casio Casino-Shadow Key E.P. (12", EP)(Pomelo)
Alex Dolby-Hazy Way (12")(Mantra Vibes)
Alex Dolby-Instrumental Pleasure E.P. (12", EP)(Mantra Vibes)
Alex Gaudino-I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It) (12")(Ministry Of Sound)
Alex GaudinoFeat.Shena-Watch Out (12")(Ministry Of Sound (Germany))
Alex M. vs. Marc Van Damme-Hava Nagila (12")(Mental Madness)
Alex M. vs. Marc van Damme-Technodisco (12")(Mental Madness)
Alex Neri-Housetrack (12")(Size Records)
Alex Parsons-In The Bag E.P. (12", W/Lbl, EP, Sti)(Block Records)
Alex Peace-Faded Tools No. 1 (12")(Faded Muzik)
Alex Peace-Faded Tools No. 1 (12")(Faded Muzik)
Alex Smoke-Chica Wappa (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Soma Quality Recordings)
Alex Sword-Point Six (12")(Work Hard Play Hard)
Alex Under-Collage (12")(Plus 8 Records Ltd.)
Alex Under-Fe En Erratas (12")(Trapez)
Alex Visconti-Av EP (12", EP, Promo, W/Lbl)(Elettrica)
Alex* &A.J.* -Contamination (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Alexander Kowalski-All I Got To Know (12", Ltd, Cle)(Kanzleramt)
Alexander Kowalski-Start Chasing (12")(Different,Play It Again Sam [PIAS])
Alexander Marcus-1, 2, 3 (12")(Kontor Records)
Alexander O'Neal-Criticize (Special 12" Mixes) (12", Maxi)(Tabu Records)
Alexander O'Neal-The Little Drummer Boy / Sleigh Ride (12", Promo)(Tabu Records)
Alexander O'Neal-The Lovers (12")(Tabu Records)
Alexi Delano&Vincenzo-Against The Wall (12")(Was Not Was)
Alexi Delano&Vincenzo-Against The Wall Re:Re:Mixs (12")(Was Not Was)
Alexis Atari-In The Mood / Gimme Some Lovin' (12")(Vanguard)
Alexkid-Bienvenida (12", Smplr, W/Lbl)(F Communications)
AlexkidWithLissette Alea-Come With Me (Revisited By Llorca & Brett Johnson) (12")(F Communications)
Alfie Silas-A Puppet To You (12", Promo)(RCA)
Alfred Heinrichs-All For One (12")(Supdub)
Alice Cooper (2)-Feed my Frankenstein (12", Pic)(Sony Music Entertainment INC.)
Alicia Bridges-Body Heat (12", Promo)(Polydor)
Alien Sex Fiend-Stuff The Turkey / They All Call Me Crazee (12", Single, Ltd, Gre)(Anagram Records,Plague Records)
Alisha-Alisha (LP)(Metronome)
Alison Moyet-Is This Love? (12")(Columbia)
All About Eve-Wild Hearted Woman (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
All Saints-Black Coffee (12", Promo)(London Records)
All The King's Men-Mary Ann (12")(Sutra Records)
Allan Harris-You Bring Out The Best In Me (12")(A.Side Records)
Aloud-Bob O'Lean (12", Promo)(Open)
Alphaville-Big In Japan 1992 A.D. (12", Promo, Whi)(WEA)
Alphaville-Dance With Me (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Alphaville-Red Rose (12", Single, Promo)(Atlantic)
Alphaville-Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version) (12")(WEA Musik GmbH,WEA)
Alphazone-Flashback (12", S/Sided, Blu)(Waterworld)
Alphonse Mouzon-Our Love Is Hot (12")(Epic)
Alphonse Mouzon-Why Don't You Break It? (12")(Metronome)
Alter Ego-Beat The Bush (12")(Klang Elektronik)
Alter Ego-Beat The Bush (12")(Klang Elektronik)
Alter Ego-Blitz / Blank (12")(Klang Elektronik)
Alter Ego-Blitz / Blank (12")(Klang Elektronik)
Alternating Boxes-Dogtown (12")(Polydor)
Alula-Mr. President (12", Maxi)(Zip,Zip)
A-Lusion-Be Yourself / Freeek It Up (12")(Scantraxx Specials)
Alvarez* &Heppner* -Vielleicht? (12", Promo)(Island Records)
Alvin Fields-Special Delivery (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Alyson WilliamsFeaturingNikki D-My Love Is So Raw (12", Promo)(CBS)
AM.EC-Have 'U Ever Fucked On Cocaine? (12")(Not On Label)
Amalgamation Of Soundz, The-Alone (12")(Compost Records)
Amanda Lear-Blood And Honey (12")(Chrysalis)
Amanté-Give It To Me (12")(TSR Records)
Ambassadors Of Funk-My Minds Made Up (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Ambitious Lovers-Love Overlap (12")(Virgin)
Ambitious Lovers-Love Overlap (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
American French Machine-Platinium 501 (12")(Full Force Session)
Amii Stewart-Don't Be So Shy (12")(Ultrapop)
Amii Stewart-Don't Be So Shy (12")(Ultrapop)
Amp Fiddler-Basementality (12")(Genuine)
Amp Fiddler-I Believe In You (12")(Genuine)
Ampersand-Traction (12", Promo)(Pow Wow Records)
Ana-Before I Jump (12")(Parc Records,CBS)
Ana-Got To Tell Me Something (12", Maxi)(Parc Records,Epic)
Anagram-Across The Spectrum (2xLP, Album)(ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH,ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH)
Anagram-Across The Spectrum (2xLP, Album)(ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH,ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH)
Analog Pussy-Hanging Myself Comfortably / Discotek (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Anamorphic (2)-Dream (12")(Blutonium Records)
Ananda* .Rose* -Silverwear (12")(Tonsport)
And Again-To The Moles And The Masses (12")(Sender Records)
André Absolut-Step Through (12")(Vertikal Records (2))
André Cymone-Livin' In The New Wave (12", Promo)(Columbia)
André Sobota-Black Pearl (12")(Spectrum Recordings (2))
André Visior-Don't Go (12")(F+Plus)
Andrea & Hot Mink-Let The Girls Have Their Way (12")(Rock'n'Roll Records)
Andrea True Connection-N.Y., You Got Me Dancing / Fill Me Up (Heart To Heart) (12")(Buddah Records)
Andreas Christian* -93 (12")(Electrochoc Records,Electrochoc Records)
Andreas Kauffelt-Jetflange / Noisechamber (12")(Primate Recordings)
Andreas Kauffelt&Toby Izui-Kabuto EP (12", EP)(Frisbee Tracks)
Andreé Maranda-Rich Boys (12", Maxi)(NFS Records, Inc.)
Andrew McLauchlan-Boy On Fire (12")(Rogue Beat)
Andrew Spencer-I'm Always Here (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Andrew Spencer-I'm Always Here (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Andrew Spencer+Vamprockerz, The-Zombie (12")(Mental Madness)
Andru Donalds-Mishale (12", Promo)(Capitol Records)
Andy Crash vs. Andreas Kremer* -High Life E.P (12")(Highlife)
Andy Marc-Lost Desire / Same Dreams (12", Maxi)(Town Music GmbH)
Andy Prinz-Chaos In Motion (12")(Sirup)
Andy Scott (2)-Krugerrands (12")(Statik Records)
Andy Wolf (2)-Smile (12")(Sigma Records)
Angel Alanis-Compute Vol. 1 (12", Promo)(Contaminated Muzik)
Angel Alanis-Floor Essentials (12")(A Squared Muzik)
Angel Alanis-Floor Essentials (12")(A Squared Muzik)
Angel BeatsPresentsGodfather's Dome-Raise Your Hands Up (12")(Push Up Records)
Angela Bofill-Love Is In Your Eyes (12")(Capitol Records)
Angela Clemmons-B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Baby) (Vinyl)(Portrait)
Angelina (3)-Pictures Of You (12")(7th Sense Records)
Angélique Kidjo-Batonga (12")(Yum! Yum! Boogie Food)
Angie (8)-Let's Get On With It (12", Promo)(West End Records)
Angie St. Phillips* -Light Up My Heart (12", Maxi)(TSR Records)
Anil Chawla-Purple Fruit (12")(Twisted Frequency Recordings)
Animation (5)-Is It Too Late? (12", Promo)(Streetking Records)
Animotion-I Engineer (12")(Casablanca Records)
Animotion-Room To Move (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
Animotion-Room To Move (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
Anita Baker-I Apologize / Caught Up In The Rapture (12")(Elektra)
Anita Baker-Just Because (12")(Elektra,Elektra)
Anita Ward-Ring My Bell / Make Believe Lovers (12")(T.K. Disco)
Anita Ward-Ring My Bell / Make Believe Lovers (12")(T.K. Records)
Ann Margret-Love Rush - E Minor (12", Promo)(Ariola Records America,Ocean)
Ann Peebles-I Didn't Take Your Man (12")(Hi Records)
Annabella* -War Boys (12")(RCA Victor)
Annie Lennox&Al Green-Put A Little Love In Your Heart (12")(A&M Records)
Annie Lennox&Al Green-Put A Little Love In Your Heart (12")(A&M Records)
Anopheles-Deep Moon EP (12")(Polytox Records)
Ant Hill-Bad Mans Fingers / What Ya Got (12")(Push)
Antennae-Water (12")(Botanica Del Jibaro)
Anthony (12)-Roxanne Is A Man (12")(Out-Rage-Us Records)
Anthony Rother-Synthetic / Young (12", Pic, Ltd)(Datapunk)
Anthony Shakir-What, Me Worry? (12")(7th City)
Anthony White-Block Party (12")(Salsoul Records)
Antichic & Popped!-Chemical Junk / Punked (12")(Sixtone Music)
Antichic & Popped!-Chemical Junk / Punked (12")(Sixtone Music)
Antichic & Popped!-Chemical Junk / Punked (12")(Sixtone Music)
Antichic & Popped!-White Lines (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Antilopè* -Freakadella (12")(Eisfach Schallplatten)
Antoine Clamaran-Keep On Tryin' (12")(Kingdom Kome Cuts)
Antoine Clamaran-Let's Get Together (12")(Unlimited Sounds)
Antoine Clamaran-Sensation (12")(Filtered Records)
Antoine ClamaranFeat.Blue James-We Come To Party (12")(Filtered Records)
Antoine Clamaranvs.Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Relax 2006 Mixes (12")(Not On Label (Frankie Goes To Hollywood))
Antonia-All The World (12")(Stoney Boy Music)
Antranig-Submission (12")(Sondos)
Apeanaut-Fever (12")(Redbud)
Aphorism, The-Detangle (12")(Mutter)
Aphrohead-Thee Underground Made Me Do It (2xLP)(Clashbackk Recordings)
Apoll-Mental Mox Modus (Remixes) (12")(Neopren Recordings)
Apoll&Kriece-Australian Alpes (12", Red)(D.Strom)
Apollo Four Forty* -Carrera Rapida (Theme From Rapid Racer) (12")(Stealth Sonic Recordings)
Apollo Four Forty* -Heart Go Boom (12")(Stealth Sonic Recordings,Epic)
Apollo* -Heaven On Earth EP (12", EP)(Silent)
ApolloFourForty* -Charlie's Angels 2000 (12")(Epic,Stealth Sonic Recordings,Sony Music Entertainment (UK))
Apollonia-Since I Fell For You (12", Maxi)(Warner Bros. Records)
Apoptygma Berzerk-Suffer In Silence (12")(WEA)
Aquatherium-Discoacidfunkh (12")(Super Electric Records)
Arcadia (3)-Election Day (The Consensus Mix) (12")(Capitol Records)
Archae & Grovskopa-Cymatics (12")(Surface)
Archae & Grovskopa-Dwell (12")(IM Records)
Archetype-I Like To Interupt Your Sentence Part I (12")(77Records)
Archie Bell & The Drells-Look Back Over Your Shoulder (12")(Achievement Records)
Area (2)-Area 1 (12")(Intelligence Records)
Aretha Franklin-Another Night (12", Maxi)(Arista)
Aretha Franklin-Jimmy Lee (12")(Arista)
Aretha Franklin-Jimmy Lee (12")(Arista)
Aretha Franklin-Jump To It (12", Single)(Arista,Arista)
Aretha Franklin-Jump To It (12", Single)(Arista,Arista)
Aretha Franklin&James Brown-Gimme Your Love (12")(Arista)
Arg0n/Commander z0D-From A To Zahn: Disco Bitch EP (12", EP)(Wreckless Recordings)
Arg0n/Commander z0D-From A To Zahn: Disco Bitch EP (12", EP)(Wreckless Recordings)
Aries/Visionary-Herbsmoke / Sail On (12")(Co-Lab Recordings)
Arkarna-R U Scared? (12")(Indochina)
Armand Van Helden-I Can Smell You (12")(Armed Records)
Armand Van Helden-Je T'Aime (12")(Southern Fried Records)
Armand Van Helden-My My My (12")(Cube)
Armand Van Helden-MyMyMy (12")(Southern Fried Records)
Armand Van Helden-Ultrafunkula (12")(FFRR,FFRR,FFRR)
Armand Van Helden+A-TrakPresentDuck Sauce-Anyway (12", S/Sided, Promo)(Data Records)
Armin Prayd-I Need Your Lovin 2008 (10")(Flashdance)
Arnie's Love-Natural High (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Arno Cost&Arias* -Magenta (12")(Kontor Records)
Arno Cost&Norman Doray-Apocalypse (12", Promo)(Rise)
Aron Colemanvs.Cedrik Jordan-Distant Rumble (12")(Manmade)
Arpeggiators-Fading Into Light (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Overdose)
Arpeggiators-Freedom Of Expression (12")(Overdose)
Arpeggio (2)/French Kiss (2)-Love & Desire / Panic (12")(JDC Records INC.)
Art N' Soul-Ever Since You Went Away (12", Promo)(Big Beat)
Artefakt-Bypass Symphony (12")(Tongut)
Arthur Miles-Victims Of Our Love (12")(New Music International)
Artifex-Bachattio (12")(Random Dynamics)
Artificial (3)-Artificial Plastico EP (12", EP)(Karmarouge)
Artificial Funk-Never Alone (12")(Oxyd Records)
Artificial Latvamäki/Reynold-Kutsun Satamat / Climax (12")(Curle Recordings)
Arts And Crafts-Burnin' Love (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Ascii Disko-Einfach (Remixed) (12")(L'Age D'Or)
Ascii Disko-Einfach (Remixed) (12")(L'Age D'Or)
Ascii.Disko* -Einfach EP (12", EP)(L'Age D'Or)
Asem Shama-Hidden Planet (12")(Ghostline Electronics)
Asem Shama-Legalize It (12")(
Asem Shama-Silicon Demon (12")(Ghostline Electronics)
Asem Shama-Tachikoma (12")(Ghostline Electronics)
Ashaye-Electricity (12", Promo)(Montage Records,Record Shack Records)
Asher D & Daddy Freddy-Ragamuffin Hip-Hop (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Ashford & Simpson-Babies (12", Maxi)(Capitol Records)
Ashford & Simpson-Flashback / Ain't It A Shame (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Ashford & Simpson-I'll Be There For You (12", Maxi)(EMI)
Ashford & Simpson-I'll Be There For You (12", Maxi)(EMI)
Ashford & Simpson-It's Much Deeper (12")(Capitol Records)
Ashford & Simpson-Nobody Walks In L.A. (12")(Capitol Records)
Asian Dub Foundation-Fortress Europe (12", Promo)(Labels)
Astrud Gilberto-The Girl From Ipanema (12", Maxi)(Bellaphon)
ATB-Addicted To Music (2x12", Ltd)(Kontor Records)
ATB-I Don't Wanna Stop (12")(Radikal Records)
ATB-Marrakech (2x12")(Kontor Records)
Athens-C'mon, Dance The Night Away (12")(RCA Victor)
Atjazz-Against All Odds (12")(Clear Cuts)
Atki2andRenée Silver-Sweaty Palms EP (12")(Shadetek Records)
Atlantic Starr-Always (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Atlantic Starr-Kissin' Power (12", Promo)(A&M Disco)
Atlantic Starr-My First Love (12", Promo)(Warner Bros. Records)
Atlantic Starr-One Lover At A Time (12", Maxi)(Warner Bros. Records)
Atlantic Starr-One Lover At A Time (12", Maxi)(Warner Bros. Records)
Atlantic Starr-Stand Up (12")(A&M Records)
Atlantis Ita-See You In The Next Life (12", Promo)(Overdose)
Atmosphere (6)-Storm (12")(Skywarp Records)
Atrazin-In Paradise (12")(Fuse)
Attila Jahanvash/Rest-Happy Boy, Unlucky Girl / éClat (12")(Punkt Music)
Attitude-Pump The Nation (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Attuk-Cheats & Tricks (12")(Mutter)
Attuk-Cheats & Tricks (12")(Mutter)
Aubrey-We Three Kings (12")(Textures)
Audio Bullys-Snake EP (12", EP)(Source UK)
Audio Bullys-Turned Away (12", Promo)(Source UK)
Audio Soul Project-Nevicata (Remixes) (12")(Jamayka Recordings)
Audio Two-I Don't Care (12", Promo)(First Priority Music,Atlantic)
Audiofly-Mindtwista EP (12")(Fantastic House)
Audision-Vol. 2 (12")(Playmade)
Aural Expansion-[Remixes Vol. 2] (12")(SSR Records)
Aurra-A Little Love (12")(Double J Records / Salsoul New Generation Records)
Aurra-Like I Like It (12")(10 Records)
Aurra-Make Up Your Mind (12", Promo)(Salsoul Records)
Automatt/Locke (4)-Dekadenz Im Hörsaal (12")(Mainrecords)
Autotune-24h A Day (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Force Tracks)
Autotune-24h A Day (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Force Tracks)
Autumn Groove-Difficult Love (12")(Soulstorm Records)
Avalanches, The-Electricity EP (2x12", EP)(XL Recordings)
Avancada-Ha Deng / Tribal Nation (12")(Not On Label)
Avant Garde (9)-You Got To Be Strong (12")(DJ's Delight)
Aventura-Cuando Volveras (12")(Hedonism)
Average White BandFeaturingChaka KhanAndRonnie Laws-The Spirit Of Love (12")(Polydor)
Avril-Be Yourself (12")(F Communications)
Avril-Now It's Spring (12")(F Communications,Play It Again Sam [PIAS])
Avril-The Date (12", Promo)(F Communications,Play It Again Sam [PIAS])
Awesome Threesome-Nice And Slow (12")(RCA)
Awesome Threesome-Nice And Slow (12", Promo)(RCA)
AWeX-Underground (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Superstar Recordings)
Axel Bartsch & Asem Shama-Drumfiles 3rd Level Bundle (2x12", Album)(Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
Axel Coon-Close To You (12")(Aqualoop Records)
Axwell-Lead Guitar 2008 (Remixes) (12")(Submental Records)
Axwell-Watch The Sunrise (The Mixes) (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Axwell&Bob SinclarFeaturingRon Carroll-What A Wonderful World (12", Single)(Yellow Productions)
Axwell&Ingrosso* -Together (The Mixes) (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Axwell/Ingrosso* /Angello* /Laidback LukeFeat.Deborah Cox-Leave The World Behind (12")(Axtone Records)
AxwellFeat.Steve Edwards-Watch The Sunrise (12")(Net's Work International)
Axwell,Ingrosso*,Angello* &Laidback Luke-Get Dumb (12")(VIP Recordings)
Aycan-Lambada (12")(Attention! Music Recordings)
Aycan-Seduced / Lambada (12")(Andorfine,Andorfine)
Aycan-Seduced / Lambada (12")(Andorfine,Andorfine)
A-Zel* -Jazz Jupiter (12")(Acid Jazz)
Azuria-Forgive Me (12")(Andorfine)
Azzido Da Bass-Dooms Night (Part 3) (12")(Kontor Records)
Azzido Da BassFeat.Adrian Holtz* -So Wrong (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Luscious Sounds)
Azzido Da BassFeat.Roland Clark-Speed (Can You Feel It?) (12", Par)(Club Tools)
Azzido Da BassFeaturingDigitalism-Strobelightz (12", Promo)(Luscious Sounds)
B. Baker Chocolate Co.-Higher And Higher / The High And The Mighty (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
B. Baker Chocolate Co.-Higher And Higher / The High And The Mighty (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
B.E. Taylor Group-Vitamin L (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
B.G. The Prince Of Rap-Stomp (The Remix) (12")(JAM!)
B.G. The Prince Of Rap-Take Me Through The Night (12")(JAM!,Dance Pool)
B.L.I.M.-Headspace / Can't You See (12", W/Lbl)(Emotif Recordings)
B.M.Ø.-Mastermind (12")(Hangman Records)
B.M.O.C. (Big Man On Campus)-Play That Funk (12")(Sire)
B.V.S.M.P.-Anytime (12" Mix) (12", Single)(BCM Records)
B.V.S.M.P.-Anytime (12" Mix) (12", Single)(BCM Records)
B.V.S.M.P.-Hold Me (12", Maxi)(Pump Records)
B.V.S.M.P.-I'm In Love (12")(Bellaphon)
B.V.S.M.P.-On And On (Can We Go On) (12", Maxi)(BCM Records)
B.V.S.M.P.-On And On (Can We Go On) (12", Maxi)(BCM Records)
B4P!vs.Depeche Mode-Impossible Right Mode (12", Unofficial)(B4P)
Babie & Keyes-Playgirl (12", Promo)(Criminal Records)
Baby Chris-Dark Blaster (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Energie In Bestform Recordings)
Baby Fatso-Der Beat (12")(Attention! Music Recordings)
Back Bag, The-Dial My Number (12", Maxi)(Transparent (2))
Back Bag, The-Dial My Number (12", Maxi)(Transparent (2))
Back Bag, The-Dial My Number (12", Maxi)(Transparent (2))
Back Bag, The-Dial My Number (12", Maxi)(Transparent (2))
Back In Time-El Condor Pasa (If I Could) / All I Wanna Love Is Love (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Backroom Sounds* -Cielo Sumario (12")(Sounds Like Soul)
Bad Boy Crew-Best Of & Unreleased Remixes Vol.2 (12", Comp)(Bad Boy Crew)
Bad Boys Blue-What Else? (12", Promo)(Intercord)
Bad BoysFeaturingK Love-Bad Boys (12")(Starlite)
Badlands-Let Them Know (12")(Illuminate)
Balaam & The Angel* -I Love The Things You Do To Me (12", Single, Promo)(Virgin)
Balloon-Blow Job (12")(Control)
Baltimora-Juke Box Boy (12")(EMI)
Bamp-Don't Like No Shaved Pussy Girls (12")(Logic Records)
Bana Kuba-Bare Brass (12")(Stealth Records (UK))
Bananarama-I Can't Help It (12", Single)(London Records)
Bananarama-Venus (12", Single)(London Records)
Band AKA-Joy / Grace (12")(Old Gold (2))
Band Of Gold-Love Songs Are Back Again (12", Maxi)(Ariola,Dance Records,Ariola Eurodisc GmbH)
Band Of Gold-This Is Our Time (12")(ZYX Records)
Band Of Gold-This Is Our Time (12")(ZYX Records)
Band With No Name-Throw Down (12", Single)(Big Deal Records (2))
Banda Sevianas-La Passion De Mi Vida (12")(QPOINT! Records)
Bando-Pera EP (12", W/Lbl)(Monoïd)
Bando-Veinte Centimos EP (12", EP)(Northwest Dynamics)
Bangbros-Bangjoy The Music (12")(Mental Madness)
Banging From The Bedroom-Let Me In (To Your Life) (2x12")(Gash Records)
Bangles-Hazy Shade Of Winter (12", Maxi)(Def Jam Recordings)
Bangles-Hazy Shade Of Winter (12", Single)(Def Jam Recordings)
Bangles-In Your Room (12")(Columbia)
Baobab-N.O. J.O.B. (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Baobab-N.O. J.O.B. (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
BAP-Bunte Trümmer (12", Maxi)(EMI Electrola)
BAP-Bunte Trümmer (12", Maxi)(EMI Electrola)
Baphomet-Voodoo Party (12")(Highball Music)
Baracuda-I Leave The World Today (Part Two) (12")(Club Culture)
Barbara Jones-Just When I Needed You Most (12")(Sonet)
Barbara Mitchell-High On Love (12", Maxi)(Atlanta Artists)
Barbara Mitchell-Street Heat (12")(Capitol Records)
Barbara Pennington-Fan The Flame (12")(ZYX Records)
Barbara Pennington,Earlene Bentley-Don't Stop The World / Don't Delay (12")(ZYX Records)
Barbara Pennington,Earlene Bentley-Don't Stop The World / Don't Delay (12")(ZYX Records)
Barbara Roy-Gonna Put Up A Fight (12", Maxi, Promo)(RCA)
Barbara RoyAndEcstasy, Passion And Pain* -If You Want Me (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Bar-Kays-Don't Hang Up (12", Single)(Mercury)
Bar-Kays-Your Place Or Mine (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
Barnet Dogs-On The Rebound (12")(Epic)
Barnet Dogs-On The Rebound (12")(Epic)
Barracuda (18)-Ain't No Big Deal (12")(Epic)
Barry Gibb-Fine Line (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(MCA Records)
Barry Manilow-When October Goes (12")(Arista)
Barry White-It Ain't Love, Babe (Until You Give It) / Hung Up In Your Love (12", Promo)(Unlimited Gold Records)
Barry White-It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me (12")(20th Century Records)
Barry White-Passion (12")(Unlimited Gold Records)
Barry White-Sho' You Right (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Barthezz-Infected (12", Promo)(Superstar Recordings)
Basek* &Smart* PresentHeadland (2)-Nitefall (12")(Kindred Sounds)
Basement Jaxx-Red Alert / Yo Yo (12", Ltd)(Atlantic Jaxx,XL Recordings)
Basic Black-What Ever It Takes (12", Single, Promo)(Sound Of New York,Motown)
Basic J/Randy Katana-The Drums / In Silence (12", Unofficial)(Spinnin' Sampler)
Bass Kittens-Another Day / Silent Running (12")(Pretension Records)
Bass Kittens-Rise Of The Machines (12", W/Lbl)(Bowwow)
Bass Line-Acid Is Back (12")(Mighty)
Bass Up!-Hold Me Back (12")(Andorfine,Andorfine)
Bassface Sascha & Franksen-Wonderful World / I Really Love You (12")(Dance Rock)
Bastards At Work-Believe / Ruby (12")(City Spirit)
Basti Pieper&Florian Dalinger-Loop Den Tag (12")(Herz Ist Trumpf)
Basto!Feat.I-Fan-Savior (12")(U-Boot)
Bazaar-Hello Darkness (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Bazaar-Hello Darkness (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Bazzpitchers-Dooh Dooh (12")(Mental Madness)
Bazzpitchers-Dooh Dooh (12")(Mental Madness)
BCee & Lomax-Unbreakable / Regulate (12")(Intrinsic Recordings)
Be Big-Guilty (12")(10 Records)
Be Noir-Give Me Your Love (12")(Irma)
Beady Belle-Moderation (12")(Jazzland Records)
Beam & Yanou-Sound Of Love (The Hymn Of Nature One Festival 2000) (12")(Beam Traxx,Epark Music Production GmbH)
Beam vs. Cyrus&Joker, The-Launch In Progress (Phase II) (12")(EMI Electrola)
BearEssense-The Big Hurt (12")(Moby Dick Records)
Beastie Boys-Alive (Live) (12", W/Lbl)(Not On Label (Beastie Boys))
Beat Bandit-Duffer To The Bone (12")(Freundschaft Musik)
Beat Bangerz-Doop (Re-Washed) (12")(Balloon Records)
Beat Checkazzvs.Bass* n'Pulse* -Tekkno Bahia (12")(Capitol Music)
Beatmasters, The-Warm Love (12")(Rhythm King Records)
Beatniks, The (2)FeaturingAsa Gair-I Need Love (Forget The Cash) (12")(Vista Sounds International)
BeatThiefs, The-Dub Be Bad (12")(Not On Label)
Beautiful Ballet-Energy / Work-Out (12")(Metronome)
Bebel Gilberto-So Nice (12")(EastWest,EastWest Records GmbH)
Beck Family, The-Can't Shake The Feeling (12")(LeJoint)
Beck Family, The-Can't Shake The Feeling (12")(LeJoint)
Becker (3)-Don't Try (12")(Rise)
Beckett (2)-I Want Soca (12")(Cocoa Records)
Bedroom-Bedroom Secrets Vol. 2 (12")(Booby Records)
Bedrud* ,Grolle* &Giese* -Who Is .... ? (12")(Eisfach Schallplatten)
Bee Gees-If I Can't Have You (The Disco Boys Remixes) (12", Promo)(Warner Music)
Bee Gees-You Win Again (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Beenie Man-Hmm Hmm (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Beetle Juice-Day-O (Banana Boat Song) (12", S/Sided)(Kontor Records)
Beholder, The & Balistic Feat. Max Enforcer-Nuclear Reaction (12")(Seismic Special)
Bel Amour-Manual (12")(KLR Records)
Belfegore-All That I Wanted (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Belinda Carlisle-La Luna (12", Single)(Virgin)
Belle Stars, The-World Domination (12")(MCA Records)
Belouis Some-Some People (12")(Capitol Records)
Beloved, The-Hello (12")(WEA,WEA)
Ben E. King-Spanish Harlem / Stand By Me (Medley) (12")(Creole Records)
Ben Human-The Out Of Towner (2xLP)(Unique)
Ben Mono-Transmission (12")(Compost Records)
Ben Mono-Universal Unit (12")(Compost Records)
Ben Shaw-Celebrate (12")(Fire)
Ben Steele And His Bare Hands-Lies (12", EP)(Vanity Records (4))
Bendeth Band, The-I Was There / Rollin' (12", Promo)(Ensign Records,Ensign Records)
Benjamin Bates-End Of Beginning E.P. (12", EP)(Big & Dirty)
Benjamin Diamond-Fit Your Heart (12", Promo)(Epic,Diamond Traxx)
Benjamin Diamond/Connective Zone-Inner Cycle / Function (12")(Immer)
Benjamin Hart-Ben Hart EP (12", EP)(Brickhouse Records)
Benji CandelarioPresentsNew Hippie Movement, TheFeaturingBishop* -What A Feeling (12")(Maxi Records)
Benno Blome-Rumburak / Red Tuna (12")(Sender Records)
Benno Blome-Transmitter / Blau (12")(Sender Records)
Benno Blome/A Guy Called Gerald-Time To Jak (12")(Sender Records)
Benny Benassi Presents The Biz-No Matter What You Do (12")(Submental Records)
Benny Benassi-Satisfaction (12")(Submental Records)
Benny Page/VisionaryFeaturingPeter Ranking-Turn Down The Lights / Soundboy Burial (12")(Digital Soundboy Recording Co.)
Benny Sings-New Bed / Party (12")(Sonar Kollektiv)
BEP)))* -Boom Boom Pow (12", Promo)(Interscope Records)
Bergenline Locos-House Freaks! (12")(Metropolitan Recording Corporation)
Berlin Influence-Don't Wait / I Can't Forget (12")(Club U Nite)
Bernward-Mein Kleines Herz (12", Max)(Mercury)
Beroshima-Crucial! / This Could Be Love (12", Pic)(Beroshima Music)
Bert Reid-Music On My Mind (12")(Soundmen On Wax)
Bert Robinson-Occupy My Love (12")(Capitol Records)
Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance-On My Mind / Front Door (12")(Sound Trax)
Betrieb-Schlechte Vörbilder EP (12", Promo, W/Lbl, EP, Sti)(Klang Elektronik)
Bette Midler-Hang On In There Baby (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Betty Boo (4)&Ms. Thang (2)-Bad Girls (12")(Starlite)
Betty Lavette* -Trance Dance (12")(Streetking Records)
Betty Wright-Lovin' Is Really My Game (12")(T.K. Disco)
Between Two-Feel Like Makin' Love (12")(Epic)
Beverley Knight-Made It Back / A.W.O.L. (12")(Rhythm Series)
Beverly And Duane-Take A Ride (12", Promo)(Ariola Records America)
Beyoncé-Déjà Vu (12")(Columbia)
Bezu Et Le Grand St. Germain-Ali Baba (12")(ZYX Records)
B-Fats-How's Everybody Feelin'? (12", Promo)(Rooftop Records)
B-Fats-Music Maestro (LP)(Orpheus Records)
Big Audio Dynamite-Badrock City (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Big Audio Dynamite-C'mon Every Beatbox (12")(Columbia)
Big Audio Dynamite-E = MC² / A Party (12")(Columbia)
Big Audio Dynamite-Hollywood Boulevard (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Big Audio Dynamite-Just Play Music! (12")(Columbia)
Big Bang Theory-All Nite E.P. (Vol. 2) (12")(Slip 'n' Slide)
Big Bassvs.Michelle Narine-What You Do (Playing With Stones) (12")(Ministry Of Sound (Germany))
Big Country-King Of Emotion (12")(Mercury,Mercury)
Big Country-Look Away (12" Mix) (12", Maxi)(Mercury,Mercury)
Big Country-Look Away (12" Mix) (12", Maxi)(Mercury,Mercury)
Big Country-Wonderland (12", Single)(Phonogram)
Big Dish, The-Miss America (12", Single)(EastWest)
Big Man-Atomica (12")(Ultra Vinyl)
Big Man-Atomica (12")(Ultra Vinyl)
Big Mike (3)-World Of Mine (12", Promo)(Rap-A-Lot Records,Priority Records)
Big Sexy-Close To My Skin (12")(i! Records)
Big Time Charlie-Chasing Rainbows 2002 (12")(Fuel Records)
Big Tony & The T. F. Crew*,Hot, Cold & Sweat* -Bust The Beat / Shake Your Rump (12")(Rhythm Attack Productions)
Big Tony-Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love Babe) (12")(ZYX Records)
Big Tony-Ecstacy (12")(S.T.D. Records)
Big Tony-Let The Music Play (12")(ZYX Records)
Big Tony-Let The Music Play (12")(ZYX Records)
Big Tony-Out Of Hand (12")(BCM Records)
Biggabush* -Acid Fly (12")(Stereo Deluxe)
Bill Johnson (2)-So Beautiful (12")(House No.)
Bill Summers & Summers Heat-Dancing Lady / Feel The Heat (12", Promo)(Prestige)
Bill Summers & Summers Heat-Straight To The Bank (12")(Prestige)
Bill Summers & Summers Heat-Straight To The Bank (12", Promo)(Prestige)
Bill Withers-Who Is He (12", S/Sided, Unofficial)(Not On Label)
Billy Always-Back On Track (12")(Epic)
Billy Always-Where You Touch Me (12")(Epic)
Billy Bremner-Shatterproof (12", Maxi)(Arista)
Billy Cobham-Zanzibar Breeze (12", Promo)(GRP)
Billy Idol-To Be A Lover (12", Maxi)(Chrysalis)
Billy Jackson&Citizen Band, The-Have A Happy Christmas (T'Was The Night Before Christmas) (12", Promo)(Partytime Records)
Billy More-Up + Down (Don't Fall In Love With Me) (2x12")(Zeitgeist)
Billy Ocean-European Queen (No More Love On The Run) (12", Maxi, Ora)(Jive,Jive)
Billy Ocean-Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car (12", Maxi)(Jive)
Billy Ocean-Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car (New 12" Remix) (12", Maxi)(Jive)
Billy Ocean-Love Really Hurts Without You (12")(Supreme Records (3))
Billy Ocean-Love Really Hurts Without You (12", Maxi)(Ariola,Ariola Eurodisc Gmbh)
Billy Ocean-Love Really Hurts Without You (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Billy Paul-Let's Make A Baby / America / Malorie (12")(Old Gold (2))
Billy Preston-And Dance / Kick-It (12", Gre)(Blow Up)
Billy Preston-And Dance / Kick-It (12", Gre)(Blow Up)
BillywebFeaturingChris Willis-Supersonic (12")(Heartbeat)
Binder & Krieglstein-Desayuno (12")(Zeiger Records)
Binge & Purge-Take Your Drion Pill EP (12")(Xylophone Jones Recordings)
Bingoboys-No Woman No Cry (12")(Atlantic)
Bionikworld/Nick Coleman-The Black Dog Shuffle / Rooting Around (12")(Not On Label)
Bits & Pieces-Don't Stop The Music (12")(Mango)
Biz, The* -No Matter What You Do (Remix) (12")(Submental Records)
Bjoern Leineweber-Ich Denke (12")(Promisk Production)
Bjorn B-Be Yourself (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Spinnin' Records)
Bjorn Skifs* -The Arbiter (I Know The Score) (12", Promo)(RCA)
BKR-Brazilian Heat (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Frisbee Tracks)
Black & White (7)-Rainbow Bar And Girls (12")(Atlantic)
Black & White Brothers-World Wide Party (2x12")(Club Tools)
Black (2)-Everything's Coming Up Roses (12")(A&M Records)
Black (2)-The Big One (12")(A&M Records)
Black Box-Rockin' To The Music (12")(Deconstruction)
Black Britain-Funky Nassau (12")(Virgin)
Black Britain-Real Life (12", Promo)(Virgin,Atlantic)
Black Eyed Peas-Black Eyed Bootleg (12", S/Sided, Promo, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Fly Breaks Series))
Black Eyed Peas, The* -My Humps (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Black Flames, The-Watching You (12")(OBR)
Black Gold-C'mon Stop (12", Maxi)(Jupiter Records)
Black Gold-C'mon Stop (12", Maxi)(Jupiter Records)
Black Grape-Get Higher / Rubberband (2x12", Promo)(Radioactive)
Black Ivory-Mainline / Dance (12")(Buddah Records)
Black Market Militia-Audobun Ballroom / Thug Nation / Hood Lullabye (12")(Nature Sounds)
Black Orchid-The Dream (12")(80 Aum Records)
Black Science Labs-Son Of Silence / Exo-Genesis (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Certificate 18)
Black Strobe-Chemical Sweet Girl (12")(Output)
Black Sun (7)-Black Sun (You've Broken My Heart) (12", Promo)(Buddah Records)
Black Wine-Get Up / Where Ya At? (12")(Black Jam)
Blackfriars-The Lunchbox EP (12", EP)(Food For Thought)
Blacklight (3)-Spending Time (12")(Intrinsic Design)
Blackmaster* -Time Never Stops! (12", Maxi)(Bonzai Germany)
Blackmaster* -Time Never Stops! (12", Maxi)(Bonzai Germany)
Blackpool (2)-Floor Control 1 (12")(Not On Label)
Blackstreet-No Diggity (12")(Interscope Records)
Blade Boy-Don't Hold Back (12")(Housetime Records)
Blak Panta-Do What U Want (12", Promo)(Tommy Boy Music)
Blake & Hines-Sherry / Movie Queen (12", Promo)(Motown)
Blake Baxter-One More Time (Archiv #06) (12")(Tresor)
Blank & Jones-DJ Culture (12")(Kontor Records,Gang Go Music)
Blank & Jones-DJ Culture (2xLP)(Wild! Entertainment)
Blank & Jones-DJs, Fans & Freaks (D.F.F.) (Remixes Part 1) (12")(Gang Go Music,Gang Go Music)
Blast (8)-Lies (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Blauephase* -Dance (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Partysan Records)
Bleachin'-Peakin' (The Mixes) (12")(BMG)
Blendbrank-The Prophecy / Who's Next? (12")(BugEyed Records)
Blimp-Heaven EP (12", EP)(Framework Music)
Bliss (3)-Corncircle (12")(RCR Ltd)
Bliss (32)-Fun (Remix) (12", Promo)(WMOT Records)
Block 16-Find An Oasis (12")(Nuphonic)
Blome & Grummich-Programmier Die Nacht (12")(Sender Records)
Blondie-Heart Of Glass (12", Maxi, Ltd)(Chrysalis)
Blondie-Sunday Girl (12", Sup)(Phonogram)
Bloodhound Gang-Mama Say (12")(Columbia)
Bloodstone-We Go A Long Way Back (12", Promo)(T-Neck Records, Inc.)
Bloom Of Gutter-White Kitchen EP (12", EP)(Mutter)
Blow Monkeys, The-Digging Your Scene (12")(RCA)
Blow Monkeys, The-Forbidden Fruit (Vinyl, EP)(RCA Victor)
Blow Monkeys, The-It Doesn't Have To Be This Way (12")(RCA Victor)
Blow Monkeys, ThewithCurtis Mayfield-(Celebrate) The Day After You (12")(RCA)
Blowfly-Blowfly's Rapp (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
Blowfly-That's What Your Pussy's Made For (Remix) / You're Too Fat To Fuck (12")(Metrovynil Records)
Blu Peter-Funky Suite (12")(React)
Blu Peter-Substance (12")(React)
Blue Amazon-And Then The Rain Falls (12")(Jackpot)
Blue Horizon-The Journey (12")(Mainline (2))
Blue Magic-Romeo & Juliet (12")(Def Jam Recordings)
Blue Pearl-Naked In The Rain (12", Blu)(Big Life)
Blue System-Lucifer (12", Maxi)(Hansa)
Blue System-Testamente D'Amelia (12")(Hansa)
Blue Thunder* -Disconnected (12", Blu)(Toka Beatz)
Blue Thunder* -Disconnected (12", Blu)(Toka Beatz)
Blue Zoo-Cry Boy Cry (12", Promo)(RCA,Magnet (2))
Blümchen-Für Jasmin (12", Promo)(Control)
Bluemoon Productions-Track Show (Volume Two) (12")(Code Blue Records)
Blueprint (2)-Ritespot (12")(Fantasy)
Blues Brothers, The-Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Minnie The Moocher / Shot Gun Blues (12")(Atlantic)
Blues Brothers, The-Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Minnie The Moocher / Shot Gun Blues (12")(Atlantic)
Blutonium Boy-Follow Me (12")(Blutonium Records)
Blutonium Boy-Make It Loud (12", Promo)(Blutonium Records)
Board & Victorville-Chum / Buffer Corruption (12")(Klang Elektronik)
Board* &Victorville-Disciple / Self Life (12")(Klang Elektronik)
Bob Marley & The Wailers-The Essential Bob Marley (LP, Mono, Comp)(Design Records (2))
Bob Marley & The Wailers-The Essential Bob Marley (LP, Mono, Comp)(Design Records (2))
Bob Marley & The Wailers-Uprising (LP, Album)(Island Records)
Bob McGilpin-Superstar (LP, Album, Gat)(Butterfly Records (7),EMI Electrola)
Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band-Live (12", Promo, Smplr)(Capitol Records)
Bob Seger/Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band-Shakedown (12")(MCA Records)
Bob Sinclar-I Feel For You Vs. Freedom (12")(Yellow Productions)
Bob Sinclar-I Feel For You Vs. Freedom (12")(Yellow Productions)
Bob Sinclar-Ich Rocke - Part Two (12")(Defected)
Bob SinclarFeat.Big Ali-Ultimate Funk (Tocadisco Remix) (12")(Yellow Productions)
Bob SinclarFeat.Lee A. Genesis* -My Only Love (12")(Yellow Productions)
Bob SinclarFeat.Shabba Ranks-Love You No More (12")(Legato Records)
Bob SinclarFeaturingHendogg,Master Gee&Wonder MikeFrom The OriginalSugarhill Gang-LaLa Song (Part 2) (12")(Yellow Productions)
Bob SinclarFeaturingMaster Gee&Wonder Mike-Lala Song (12", Promo)(Yellow Productions)
Bob SinclarFeaturingMaster Gee&Wonder Mike-Lala Song (12", Promo)(Yellow Productions)
Bobbi Humphrey-No Way (12")(Club)
Bobbleheads, The-The Atomic Bomb (These Fumes Fall In To My Mind) (Unreleased 2008 House ReVamp) (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl, Ltd, Unofficial)(Unrestricted Recordings)
Bobby "O"* -I Cry For You (Remix) / Givin' Up / She Has A Way (12")(Unidisc)
Bobby Brown-Feelin' Inside (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
Bobby Brown-My Prerogative (Extended Remix) (12", Single)(MCA Records,WEA Musik GmbH)
Bobby Burns vs. Felice-Beach Candy (12")(Groovy Tunes)
Bobby Caldwell-Jamaica / Carry On (12", Pro)(Polydor)
Bobby D'AmbrosioFeaturingMichelle Weeks-Moment Of My Life (12")(Definity Records)
Bobby E And The Midi City Crew-Walk On The Wild Side (12")(Midi City Records)
Bobby Glover-Your Spell (12")(Columbia)
Bobby Jimmy And The Critters-Bobby Jimmy You A Fool (12")(Macola Record Co.)
Bobby Jimmy And The Critters-Roaches (12")(Macola Record Co.)
Bobby McFerrin-Don't Worry, Be Happy (12", Maxi)(EMI-Manhattan Records)
Bobby Nunn-Got To Get Up On It (12", Promo)(Motown)
Bobby Nunn-She's Just A Groupie (12", Promo)(Motown,Motown)
Bobby Peru-War Games (12")(20:20 Vision)
Bobby Ross Avila-Be Mine (12")(RCA)
Bobby Thurston-Is Something Wrong With You (12", Promo)(Prelude Records)
Bobby Thurston/Strikers, The/Unlimited Touch-Check Out The Groove / You Got What It Takes / Contagious / Yes I'm Ready (12")(Prelude Records)
Bobby Womack-Gypsy Woman (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
Bobby Womack-Living In A Box (12")(MCA Records)
Bobby Z.-Lie By Lie (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
BOC Productions-Excursions (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Trax Of Interest)
BOC Productions-V-Stylez EP (12", EP)(Trax Of Interest)
Boca-Miami (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Body & Soul-Girls & Boys (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
Body (4)-Have Your Cake (12", Promo)(Posse Records)
Body Count (2)-Born Dead (12", Pic)(Rhyme $yndicate Records,Virgin)
Bodyrockers-I Like The Way (12", Promo)(Universal Music (Germany))
Bodyrox-Yeah Yeah (Remixes) (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Bogart (3)-Modern Girl / Tonight (12", Maxi)(RCA)
Bollock Brothers, The-Harley David / Son Of A Bitch (12", Maxi)(Play It Again Sam Records)
Bomb Squad, The (2)-The Bomb Squad Returns (12")(Gossip Records)
Bomb The Beach-Bomb The Beach (12")(Skyhigh,Intercord Tonträger GmbH)
Bombers-(Everybody) Get Dancin' (12", Single)(West End Records)
Bomfunk MC's-No Way In Hell (12")(Polydor,Universal Music Domestic Division)
Bon Jovi-Bad Medicine (12")(Vertigo)
Bon Jovi-Born To Be My Baby (12")(Vertigo)
Bon Jovi-Livin' On A Prayer / You Give Love A Bad Name (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
Bon Jovi-Livin' On A Prayer / You Give Love A Bad Name (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
Bon Jovi-Wanted Dead Or Alive (12")(Mercury)
Bon Jovi-Wanted Dead Or Alive (Vinyl, Sil)(Vertigo)
Bon Rock-Dancing In The Street (12")(Earthtone Recording Company)
Bonanza Bros.-Why? (12")(Houseworks)
Bond & Blome-Ghost Story (12")(Sender Records)
Bond & Blome-Sniffer Dog (12")(Sender Records)
Bond & Blome-Tentacular (12")(Sender Records)
Bondage-Fuckin' Bitch (12")(EDM Progressive)
Bone Crusher (2)-Wood Grippin' / It's On (12", Promo)(So So Def)
Bones Of Men-Bones To Bones (12")(Laufwerk)
Boney M.-For Dancin' (2x12", Maxi, Ltd)(Hansa)
Boney M.-Kalimba De Luna (U.S. Club Mix) (12", Maxi)(Hansa)
Boney M.-Ma Baker (Remix '93) (12", W/Lbl)(MCI,BMG Ariola Media GmbH)
Boney M.-Megamix / Rivers Of Babylon / Mary's Boy Child (12")(Hansa)
Boney M.-My Chérie Amour (U.S. Club-Mix - Special Extended) (12")(Hansa,Hansa)
Boney M.-My Chérie Amour (U.S. Club-Mix - Special Extended) (12")(Hansa,Hansa)
Boney M.-My Friend Jack / I See A Boat On The River (12", Single)(Hansa International,Ariola Eurodisc GmbH)
Boney M.-Nightflight To Venus (LP, Album, Gat)(Hansa International,Ariola Eurodisc GmbH)
BongFeaturingMoa* -Do You Remember? (12")(Dance Pool,Dance Pool)
Bongos, The-Numbers With Wings (12", Promo)(RCA)
Bongos, The-Numbers With Wings (12", Promo)(RCA)
Boni & Tooth T-Reflexion (12")(38db-Tonsportgruppe)
Bonito* &Louis (5)-Rush (12")(Trak Music)
Bonnie Forman-All Night (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Boo Williams-Big Fat Woman (12")(Nite Life Collective)
Boo Williams-NB Project (12", W/Lbl)(Nite Life Collective)
Boobie Knight-Juicy Fruit My Love (12")(Starship)
Boogie Bag-Flyin' High (12")(Re-Chord Records)
Boogie Knights-Pornostar (12", S/Sided)(Fuel Records)
Boogie Pimps* -Then Came You (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Book Of Love-I Touch Roses (12", Maxi)(Sire Records Company)
Book Of Love-Lullaby (12", Maxi, Promo)(Sire Records Company)
Book Of Love-Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) (12")(Sire Records Company)
Booka Shade-Kind Of Good (12")(Touché)
Booka Shade-Planetary / City Tales (12")(Get Physical Music)
Booker Newberry III-Teddy Bear (12")(Polydor)
Boom Dangerous-Bad Boy Garage Sound (12")(Hardbass Recordings (2))
Boomerang (4)-These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Boomish-Sold (Auctioneer Re-Mix) / Filthy Sanchez (12")(Ism)
Boone Bros.-(Party People) Throwdown (12")(Atlantic)
Boosta (2)-Dance Is Dead (12")(Mylo Recordings)
Bootlecker-On The Floor (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Partysan Records)
Bootlecker-On The Floor (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Partysan Records)
Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.-Get Gatted On (12", Promo)(Intercord Record Service,Bullet Proof Records)
Boozed PanderzFeat.Sasha F-Boozed Up Nightmares (12")(StraightOn Recordings)
BOP* FeaturingSusu Bobien* -All Through Me (12")(Soundmen On Wax)
Boriqua Tribez-Fuego EP (12", EP)(Spilo Records)
Boris DlugoschpresentsBooom!-Hold Your Head Up High (Part 2) (2x12")(Peppermint Jam)
Boris Gardiner-I Wanna Wake Up With You (12", Maxi)(Chic (2))
Borneo & Sporenburg-What's Going On Tonight (Remixes) (12")(Italic)
Bosè* -The Eighth Wonder (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Boss Hoss* -Hot In Herre/ Like Ice In The Sunshine (12", Promo)(Island Records)
Boston-Amanda (12")(MCA Records)
Botox-Electromaniak EP (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Notorious Elektro)
Bounce-Get Nastie (12")(Ooh! Outstanding Original House)
Boundzound-Louder - Tiger Hifi & Beathoavenz Remixes (12")(Island Records)
Boundzound-Louder (12")(Island Records)
Boundzound-Stay Alive (12")(Universal Music Domestic Division)
Boundzound-Stay Alive (12")(Universal Music Domestic Division)
Bounty Killer-Hip-Hopera (12", Promo)(TVT Records,Virgin)
Bounty Killer-It's A Party (12")(Blunt Recordings)
Bounty Killer-It's A Party (12")(Blunt Recordings)
Bourgeois Tagg-Waiting For The World To Turn (12")(Island Records)
Bow Wow Wow-Teenage Queen EP (12", EP)(RCA,RCA Japan)
Box Of Frogs-Poor Boy (12", Promo, Single)(Epic)
Boys Don't Cry-Cities On Fire (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Boyz With Toyz-Feelin' Alright (12", Promo)(Liquid Recordings)
Brace-Position (12")(Subtitled Records)
Bradski & JenskiFeat.Eden (4)-S.O.S (12")(Urban,Urban)
Brainshaker-Big Elephant EP (12", EP)(Tech Aways Records)
Brancaccio & Aisher-Everybody (12")(Bedrock Records)
Brand New Heavies, The-Dream Come True (Brand New Mix) (12")(Acid Jazz)
Brand New Heavies, TheFeaturingN'Dea Davenport-Dream Come True (12")(Delicious Vinyl)
Brandye-Rhythm Of Love / Curiosity (12")(T.K. Disco)
Brass Construction-Give And Take (12")(Capitol Records)
Brass Construction-Zig Zag (12")(Capitol Records)
Brat Pack, The-So Many Ways (Do It Properly Part II) (12")(Vendetta Records (2))
Braund Reynolds-Rocket (A Natural Gambler) (12", Promo)(10 Records)
Braund Reynolds-Rocket (A Natural Gambler) (12", Promo)(10 Records)
Braxtons, The-So Many Ways (12")(Atlantic)
Brazilian Girls-Jique (12", Promo)(Verve Forecast)
Breakage-Loved U So / I 'N' I (12")(Digital Soundboy Recording Co.)
Breakage-Stoneheart / Bring Back (12")(Bassbin)
Breakage/Alias (6)-Ask Me / Cosmos (12", Ltd)(Bassbin)
Breakfast Club-Never Be The Same (12")(MCA Records)
Breakfast Club-Rico Mambo (12")(MCA Records)
Breakfast Club-Right On Track (12", Single)(MCA Records)
Breakin Stevens-Ze French Bootleg Zero One (12")(Ze French Bootleg)
Brecker Brothers, The-Big Idea (12")(GRP)
Breekout Krew, The-Matt's Mood (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Brenda & Herb-I Who Have Nothing (12", Single)(H & L Records)
Brenda & The Tabulations-Super Star / Everybody's Fool (12", Promo, S/Sided)(Chocolate City)
Brethren-Reservation (12")(Fire)
Brett Longman-Berlin (12")(Electrochoc Records,Electrochoc Records)
Brian Keith-Runnin' In And Out Of My Life (12")(New Image Records)
Brian Keith-Runnin' In And Out Of My Life (12")(New Image Records)
Brian NRG-Punk Motherfockers (12")(Seismic Records (2))
Brian Sanhaji-Beta EP (12", EP)(Enable Recordings)
Brick-Dancin' Man / We'll Love (12", Promo)(Bang Records)
Brick-Dancin' Man / We'll Love (12", Promo)(Bang Records)
Brick-Free Dancer (12", Promo)(Bang Records)
Brick-Free Dancer (12", Promo)(Bang Records)
Brick-Kum Danz (12")(Magic City Records)
Brick-Kum Danz (12")(Magic City Records)
Bridgett Grace* -Just A Memory (12", Promo)(Orphan Records)
Brigade, The (2)/Rawtee-Rowdy / Vagabond (12")(The World Of Drum & Bass)
Brilliant-It's A Man's Man's Man's World (12")(Food,WEA Records Ltd.)
Brilliant-It's A Man's Man's Man's World (12")(Food,WEA Records Ltd.)
Brilliant-Somebody (12")(WEA Musik GmbH)
Brilliant-Somebody (12")(WEA Musik GmbH)
Brisby & Jingles-Going To... (12")(Andorfine)
Brisby & Jingles-Going To... (12")(Andorfine)
Brisby & Jingles-We All Love Disco (12")(Andorfine)
Brixx-Poor Without Love (12", Maxi)(Columbia)
Brixx-Poor Without Love (12", Maxi)(Columbia)
Broadway (5)-Love Bandit / Kiss You All Over (12", Promo)(Atlantic,Hilltak Records)
Brommage Dub-Fettnice (12")(Alexi Delano Limited)
Brooklyn Bounce-Contact (Part One) (12")(Club Tools)
Brooklyn Bounce-There Is Nothing I Won't Do (12")(Epic)
Brooklyn Bounce-X2X (We Want More!) Remixes (12", MP)(Mental Madness,Zeitgeist)
Brooklyn Funk Essentials (2)-We Got To Come Together (12")(Minimal Records (2))
Bros-I Owe You Nothing (12")(Epic)
Brothers Budvs.THC (12)-Yap Yap (12")(Finger Lickin' Records)
Brothers Johnson-Kick It To The Curb (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Brothers Johnson-Kick It To The Curb (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Brothers Johnson-Light Up The Night (12")(A&M Records)
Brothers Johnson-The Real Thing (12")(A&M Records)
Brothers Johnson-You Keep Me Coming Back (12")(A&M Records)
Brothers Johnson, The* -Ain't We Funkin' Now / Ride-O-Rocket (12", Maxi, Ltd)(A&M Records)
Brothers Johnson, The* -Ain't We Funkin' Now / Ride-O-Rocket (12", Maxi, Ltd)(A&M Records)
Brothers Like Outlaw-Trapped Into Darkness (12")(Gee Street)
Bruda Svenfeat.J-Luv-Bin Wieder Da (2x12")(Pelham Power Productions)
Brun,Roger 23&Kenny Peterson-Old Man Sorrow E.P. (12", EP)(Volt Musik)
Bruno Banner-Space Shift (12")(Bits Music)
Brutus (6)-Excitation (12")(Philly World Records)
Bryan Adams-Can't Stop This Thing We Started (12", S/Sided, Etch)(A&M Records,A&M Records)
Bryan Adams-Can't Stop This Thing We Started (12", S/Sided, Etch)(A&M Records,A&M Records)
Bryan Adams-It's Only Love (12")(A&M Records)
Bryan Adams-Run To You (12", Pro)(A&M Records)
Bryan Cox-Flip The Script (12")(Ammo Recordings)
Bryan Ferry-Don't Stop The Dance (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Bryan Ferry-Limbo (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Bryan Ferry-Limbo (12", Maxi)(Reprise Records,Reprise Records)
Bryan Ferry-The Right Stuff (12")(Virgin)
Bryan Ferry-Windswept (12")(E'G Records)
Bryan Loren-Lollipop Luv (12")(Philly World Records)
Bryan Zentz-Dirt Boxx EP (12", EP)(High Octane Recordings)
Bubble Fish-Sushi Lover (Remixes) (12")(Sirup)
Bubblegum Crisis-Syncrasy (12")(Overdrive)
Bubblemen, The-The Bubblemen Are Coming (12", Promo)(RCA)
Bucci-Skip & Chord (12")(WMF Records)
Buckeye Politicians-Ride On The Rhythm (12")(Macola Record Co.)
Bucks Fizz-New Beginning (Mamba Seyra) (12")(Polydor)
Budgie-If Swallowed, Do Not Induce Vomiting (12", EP)(Active Records (3))
Buffalo Bunch, The-Buffalo Club (12")(Scratché)
Bug* &Tanzmann* -Shick'n Shock (12")(Poker Flat Recordings)
Bug* &Tanzmann* -Tanzbug E.P. (12", EP)(Poker Flat Recordings)
Bug* &Tanzmann* -Tanzbug E.P. (12", EP)(Poker Flat Recordings)
Buggers, The-The Bugger Groove (12")(Manhole Record Co.)
Buggers, The-The Bugger Groove (12")(Manhole Record Co.)
Builder-Devil's Doll (12")(Dance Pollution)
Buju Banton-Paid Not Played (2x12")(Epitaph Records)
Bulldozzer-BBoy MC (12")(Maithai Recordings)
Bulldozzer-Funky Groove EP (12", EP, Yel)(Pacemaker Records)
Bum Khun Cha Youth-Unendliche Freiheit (12")(Scheinselbständig)
Bumble B-4 Real (12", Unofficial)(Not On Label)
Bungle-Back To Life / Leaving Sao Paulo (12")(Nu-Directions)
Burnel-Nursing Home (12")(Nursing Home)
Burning Sensations-Maria (You Just Don't Know What You're Dealing With) (12", Promo)(Capitol Records)
Burrell-I'll Wait For You (Take Your Time) (12")(10 Records,10 Records)
Burrell-I'll Wait For You (Take Your Time) (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Burrito Boys-Electric Violin Toaster (12")(Atak Records)
Burrito Boys-Monkey Glands EP (12", EP)(Atak Records)
Burston & Littlejohn-Rich And Famous (12")(Motown)
Busta Funk-I Need Money / Funkadelicious (12")(Funky Tone)
Busta Rhymes-I Know What You Want (12")(J Records)
Busta Rhymes-Touch It (The Remix) (12")(Interscope Records)
Busta Rhymes-What's It Gonna Be?! (12", TP)(WEA)
Buster Maniac-Weirdo (12", Promo)(Freaxow)
Butch Quick-I Want You (12")(K4B Records)
Butch-Amelie Remixes (12", W/Lbl)(Kontor Records Italia)
Butch-Dark Fader (12")(Acid Fuckers Unite (A.F.U.))
Butch-No Worries / Tease Me (12")(Cécille Records)
Búzios-Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser (12", Promo)(Diva)
By All Means-I Surrender To Your Love / We're Into This Groove (12")(Island Records)
By All Means-Let's Get It On (12")(Island Records)
Bybo-Blue EP (12", EP)(Surface Records France)
C C Cooper-Totally New (12")(Krisma)
C. Auguste Charles-Get With It (Follow That Dream) (12", Promo)(Let's Go Records)
C.B.'s BandstandFeaturingD.J. Hollywood* -I Feel Great (12")(Mercury)
C.C.C.P.-American-Soviets (12")(Raya Records)
C.F.M. Band-Let's Do The Tap Dancing (12")(Underworld Records)
C.J. & Co-Deadeye Dick (12", Promo)(Westbound,Atlantic)
C.K.B.* Feat.Bob Marley-Sun Is Shining (12")(BMG)
C.M. Lord* -You're The Only One (12", Promo)(Wave (2))
C.Smooth-Groove To / Yes I Need (12")(Bikini Club)
C.T. & Friends-Next Summer (12")(Selected)
C.T. Satin-I Found A Friend (12")(Underworld Records)
Ca$h Money And Marvelous* -Play It Kool / Ugly People Be Quiet (12", Promo)(Sleeping Bag Records)
Caater-Dance With You (12")(Epidrome)
Cable Ready-Five-O / Yeah I Know (12")(TLO Records)
Cadea-Can't Wait For Summer (12")(Hausbrigade)
Cafe SoulFeaturingC.V.O* &Gene Hunt-World Ghetto (12")(Nite Life Collective)
Cajmere-Say U Will (12", Promo)(Badabing Records)
California Instant Replay Band-Big Foot (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
Call, The-I Still Believe (Great Design) (12", Promo, Single)(Elektra)
Calloway-Sir Lancelot (12")(Solar)
Calvin Harris-Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, La, La, La (12", Pic)(Fly Eye)
Camelot II-We're In The House (12")(BCM Records)
Cameo-Back & Forth (2x12")(Club)
Cameo-Back And Forth (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
Cameo-Back And Forth (12", Promo)(Atlanta Artists)
Cameo-Four From Cameo (12")(Casablanca Records)
Cameo-She's Mine (12")(Club)
Cameo-She's Strange (12")(Club)
Cameo-She's Strange (LP, Album)(Casablanca Records)
Cameo-Single Life (Extended Remix) / I've Got Your Image (12", Maxi)(Casablanca Records)
Cameo-Single Life / I've Got Your Image (12", Promo)(Atlanta Artists)
Cameo-Style (12")(Atlanta Artists)
Cameo-Word Up! (12")(Mercury)
Camilia-Get Your Thing Together (12")(Silicon Recordings)
Camisravs.Sandy B-Let Me Show You (2006) (12", Unofficial, S/Sided)(Not On Label (Camisra),Not On Label (Sandy B))
Camouflage-Heaven (I Want You) (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Campfire-Big Thing / Reasons (12")(Narski Records)
Canarias-Endless Summer (12")(Aqualoop Records)
Candela-She Said (12")(Arista)
Candi Staton-Young Hearts Run Free (12")(Warner Bros. Records,Warner Bros. Records)
Candido-Jingo / Dancin' And Prancin' (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Candido-Jingo / Dancin' And Prancin' (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Candy Dealers, The-Ooh La La (12")(Agave Records)
Candy-I Like It (12")(ACA Records)
Candyman-Melt In Your Mouth (12", Maxi)(Epic)
Caper-New World (12")(Sony Music Media)
Cappadonna-Run (12", Promo)(Epic,Razor Sharp Records)
Cappo-Spaz The World (2xLP)(Zebra Traffic)
Captain Chameleon-Grab Them Cakes / Jive Ol' Fo (12")(Millennium)
Captain Comatose-Up In Flames (LP)(Playhouse)
Captain Sky-Station Brake (12")(WMOT Records)
Cari Lekebusch-Acknowledgements (12")(H. Productions)
Cari Lekebusch-Magic Vandal EP (12", EP)(H. Productions)
Cari Lekebusch-Reverted / Återkommen-Part II (12")(H. Productions)
Cari Lekebusch-The Architect (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Truesoul)
Cari Lekebusch-The Architect (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Truesoul)
Cari Lekebusch-Understanding Of Nothing (12")(Kaun Trax)
Cari LekebuschReconstructingLion Dub-Woman EP (12", EP)(H. Productions)
Carl Anderson-Can't Stop This Feeling (12", Promo)(Epic)
Carl Anderson-Can't Stop This Feeling (12", Promo)(Epic)
Carl Carlton-Baby, I Need Your Loving / Everyone Can Be A Star (12")(RCA Victor)
Carl Carlton-Swing That Sexy Thang (12")(RCA Victor)
Carl Carlton-Swing That Sexy Thang (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Carl Kennedy-Don't Give Up (12")(Cr2 Records)
Carl Max-When The Body Speaks (12")(Global Trax)
Carlos Fauvrelle&Grand Master Tom-It's Allright... I Need U (12", S/Sided)(Lajja Recordings)
Carlos Peron-Brainticket (Remix 88) (12")(SPV Recordings)
Carnel-Salome (12")(Pulp Flavor Recordings)
Caro-Città Alla Notte / How Much I Feel (12")(Orac Records)
Carol Cooper-Tunnel Of Love (12")(ZYX Records)
Carol Cooper-Tunnel Of Love (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Carol Douglas-I Get What I Want (12")(Polydor)
Carol Douglas-I Get What I Want (12")(Polydor)
Carol Douglas-I Got The Answer (12")(Midsong International Records)
Carol Hahn-Your Love (Is All I Need) (12")(Wide Angle)
Carol Jiani-Get On Up And Do It Again (12")(J.C. Records)
Carol Jiani-Hit 'N Run Lover (12")(Moby Dick Records)
Carol Medina-Tell Me You Love Me (12")(Quality Records / Quality Music & Video)
Carol Williams-Queen Of Hearts (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Carola Pisaturo-Appendix F (12")(Southsoul Appendix)
Carola Pisaturo-Passione Extra (12")(Pigna Records)
Carole Davis-It's In My Genes (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Carolyn Harding-Gonna Get Your Love (12")(Emergency Records)
Carolyn Harding-I Need Some Time (12")(Profile Records)
Carolyn Harding-Memories (12", Promo)(Emergency Records)
Carolyne Bernier* -Hold Me, Touch Me (12")(Private Stock)
Carolyne Bernier* -Hold Me, Touch Me (12")(Private Stock)
Carrie Laporte-Keep On Talking / Lady Luck (12", Single)(First American)
Carrie Lucas-Summer In The Street (12")(MCA Records,Constellation Records)
Carrie McDowell-Casual Sex (12", Promo)(Motown)
Carrie McDowell-Uh Uh, No No Casual Sex (12", Promo)(Motown)
Cars, The-You Are The Girl (12", Single)(Elektra)
Carsten Jost-Divide Et Impera (12")(Sender Records)
Carsten Jost-Pinksilver (12")(Sender Records)
Casanova-Eye Contact (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Cascada-What Do You Want From Me? (12")(Zooland Records)
Cash Money & Marvelous-Find An Ugly Woman / The Mighty Hard Rocker (12")(Friends Records)
Cashmere (2)-Try Your Lovin' (12")(Philly World Records)
Cashmere (2)-Try Your Lovin' (12")(Philly World Records)
Cass v Slide* -Diablo (12")(Flying Rhino Records)
Cassidy (3)-Hotel (Vacation Remix) (12")(J Records)
Cassidy (3)-I'm A Hustla (12")(J Records)
Cassidy (3)-I'm A Hustla (Remix) (12", Promo)(J Records)
Cassidy (3)Feat.R. Kelly-Hotel (12")(J Records)
Cat Curtiss/Saxton Kari And Orchestra-Yes I Love You (12", Promo)(Sunnyview Records)
Cat Curtiss/Saxton Kari And Orchestra-Yes I Love You (12", Promo)(Sunnyview Records)
Cat Miller-Beat My Face (12")(Solar)
Catawba-High Five (12")(Raz M' Taz)
Catch, The-25 Years (12")(Metronome)
Catch, The-On The Road Again (12", Maxi)(Metronome)
Catch, The-The Difference (12")(Metronome)
Catch, The-The Difference (12")(Metronome)
Catch, The-Under The Skin (12", Maxi)(Metronome)
caTekk-Funny Little Clouds EP (12", EP)(Flex Schallplatten)
Cathy Zory-Feelin' Good (12")(Buddah Records)
Cats Can Fly-Flippin' To The "A" Side (12", Promo)(Epic)
Catz N' Dogz-Armadillo EP (12", EP)(Leena Music)
Caution (4)-Synthetic (12")(Andorfine)
CB Milton-A Real Love (12")(Not On Label)
C-Bank Featuring Diamond Eyes-I Won't Stop Loving You (12", EP)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
C-Bank-I'm So In Love With You (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
C-Bank-Nightmare Of A Broken Heart (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
C-Bool-Would You Feel (12")(Do It Yourself Entertainment)
Ce Ce Peniston-Nobody Else (12")(Silk Entertainment)
Cecil Parker-Dance Everybody (12")(Echo USA)
Cecil Parker-Get Up & Shake It (12")(Montage Records)
Cecil Parker-What It Is (12", Promo)(WMOT Records)
Cedric CeballosWithWarren G.* -Flow On (12")(Epic)
Ceejay-A Little Love (What's Going On) (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Cee-Mix-Orgon (12")(Don Q Records)
Celena Duncan/Linda Taylor-Faster Than The Eye Can See / Every Waking Hour (12")(ZYX Records)
Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch-One Love / Smile (12")(T.K. Disco)
Celi Bee-I Can't Let Go (12")(Dice Records)
Central Groove-Special How Ya Do (12")(Vanguard)
Central Line-That's No Way To Treat My Love (12", Promo)(Mercury)
Central Line-Walking Into Sunshine (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
Central SevenFeat.Khiara-Mystery (12", Maxi)(Deejay Nation)
Central SevenFeat.Lyck* -If I Were You (12")(Andorfine,)
Central SevenFeat.Lyck* -If I Were You (12")(Andorfine,)
Central SevenFeat.Lyck* -If I Were You (12")(Andorfine,)
Centrefold-Make That Match / High Score (12")(Clip Recordings)
Ceres-Ease Your Mind (12")(Adrenalin (2))
Cerrone-Supernature (The Danny Tenaglia Remixes) (12")(Pure Records)
Cerrone-Where Are You Now (12")(Record Shack Records)
Chaah-The Funkiness Of You (12")(Blackfoot)
Chad-Luv's Passion And You (12")(RCA)
Chagrin D'Amour-Chacun Fait (C'Qui Lui Plaît) (Special Version) (12", Single)(Metronome,Barclay)
Chaka Khan-It's My Party (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Chaka Khan-This Is My Night (Dance Remix) (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Chamillionaire-The Sound Of Revenge (12", Smplr)(Universal Records)
Champaign-Intimate Strangers (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Chanel-Dance (12")(Ministry Of Sound (Germany))
Chanelle-By My Side (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Chanelle-One Man (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Change-Change Of Heart (12")(Clever,Carrere)
Change-Change Of Heart (12")(WEA)
Change-Change Of Heart (12")(WEA)
Change-Don't Wait Another Night (12", Promo)(Atlantic,RFC Records)
Change-Magical Night (12", Promo)(Atlantic,RFC Records)
Channel 2-Keep It Simple (Vinyl)(Wing Records)
Channel 5 (2)-Isn't It You (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Chanson-I Can Tell (12", Ltd)(Ariola)
Chanson-I Can Tell / Don't Hold Back (12")(Ariola Records America)
Chanson-Jack Be Nimble (12", Promo)(Ariola Records America)
Chanson-Rock Don't Stop (12", Promo)(Ariola Records America)
Chapter & Page-Here Comes The Sun (12")(Overdose)
Chapter 8-How Can I Get Next To You (12", Promo)(Beverly Glen Music)
Chapter 8-So In Love (12")(Capitol Records)
Charade (2)/Dee Dee Martin-I'm The One / Save Yourself For Me (12")(Passion Records)
Charade (2)FeaturingJessica (39)-Got To Get To You (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Charades-Gimme The Funk (12")(Brunswick)
Charades-Gimme The Funk (12")(WEA)
Charades-Gimme The Funk (12", Maxi)(Flarenasch,Flarenasch)
Charles (2)-Mother, Father, Sister, Brother / Time, Time, Time (12", Promo)(Jaro Medien)
Charles Bronsson-Outsider EP (12", EP)(Booby Records)
Charles Earland-The Only One (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Charlie "Rock" Jimenez-She's My Baby Love (12")(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Charlie (5)-It's Inevitable (12", Promo)(Mirage (2))
Charlie Brown* ,That Kid Adam&James Oliver-In My Dreams (12")(Bluem Recordings)
Charlie Singleton-Good, Bad & Ugly (12")(Epic)
Charlie Singleton-Thank You (Falettinmebemicelfagain) (12")(Epic)
Charlie SingletonAndModern Man (2)-Nothing Ventured-Nothing Gained (12")(Epic)
Charlotte McKinnon-Honey Bee (12")(Funhouse Records (4))
Charlotte-Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (12")(Nervous Records)
Charly Brown-Freak Out EP (12", EP)(Guidance Recordings)
Charmaine (4)-In The Heat Of The Beat (12")(Nightwave Records)
Charme (2)-Let It In (12", Promo)(RCA)
Charo-(Mamacita) Donde Esta Santa Claus? (12")(Salsoul Records)
Charvoni-Always There (12")(Syncopate (2))
Charvoni-Always There (12", Maxi)(EMI Electrola,EMI)
Chas Jankel-Without You (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Château Flight-Baroque EP (12", EP)(Innervisions,Innervisions)
Chaz Jankel* /Raes, The-Glad To Know You / Don't Turn Around (12", RE)(A&M Records)
Cheap Trick-Saturday At Midnight (12")(Epic)
Chelonis R. Jones-Le Bateau Ivre (12")(Get Physical Music)
Chemical Brothers, The-Come With Us (12", Single)(Freestyle Dust,Virgin)
Cher-Just Like Jesse James (12")(Geffen Records)
Cher-Skin Deep (12", Promo)(Geffen Records)
Cherrelle-Affair (LP, Album)(Tabu Records)
Cherry Moments-Love Burns (Vinyl, W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Cheryl Barnes-Save And Spend (12", Promo, S/Sided)(Millennium)
Chevelle Franklin* &Beenie Man-Dance Hall Queen (12", Promo)(Island Jamaica)
Chevelle Franklin* &Beenie Man-Dance Hall Queen (12", Promo)(Island Jamaica)
Cheyne-Rude Boy (12")(Clockwork Records)
Chez Papaz/A. H. Corp-Chauffez! (12")(First Cut)
Chic-Good Times (12", Sup)(Atlantic)
Chic-Jack Le Freak (Extended Remix '87) (12")(Atlantic)
Chicago (2)-25 Or 6 To 4 (12")(WEA Records)
Chicago (2)-25 Or 6 To 4 (12")(WEA Records)
Chicago (2)/Paul Simpson-Street Player / The Real Woman (12")(Discocaine)
Chicago Crew-Jam It (12")(International Dance Music)
Chicago Jaxx-Vol. 2 - We Praise (12")(Le Petit Prince)
Chicago's Finest-1st District (12")(Uppercut)
Chicago's Finest-1st District (12")(Uppercut)
Chicken Lips-Echoman Re-Echoed Vol 1: Meet Me At The Freezer (12")(Kingsize)
Chicks On Speed-We Don't Play Guitars (12", Promo)(Chicks On Speed Records,Labels)
Chico DeBarge-I Like My Body (12")(Motown)
Chico DeBarge-I Like My Body (12")(Motown)
Chico DeBarge-The Girl Next Door (12")(Motown)
Chief Rocker-Our Music (12")(Aztlan Music)
Chi-Lites, The-Have You Seen Her / The Coldest Days Of My Life (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Chi-Lites, The-There's A Change (12")(Ichiban Records)
Chi-Lites, TheFeaturingGene Record* -Me And You (12", Promo)(Chi Sound Records)
Chi-Lites, TheFeaturingGene Record* -Me And You (12", Promo)(Chi Sound Records)
Chill Factor (5)-Conversation (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Chill Fac-Torr-Twist (Round 'N' Round) (12")(Philly World Records)
Chill Fac-Torr-Twist (Round 'N' Round) (12")(Philly World Records)
Chilliwack-Whatcha Gonna Do (12", Pro)(Millennium)
Chimes, The-1-2-3 (Raw Mix) (12", Maxi)(CBS,CBS)
Chimes, The-Heaven (12", Maxi)(CBS,CBS)
Chimes, The-I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (12")(CBS)
Chingy-Balla Baby / Fall-N (12")(Capitol Records)
Chiphead-The Self Go Wild (12")(Genau!)
Chizh&Cast (3)-Finka EP (12", EP)(Sender Records)
Chocolate Milk (2)-Video Queen (12")(RCA Victor)
Chocolate Milk (2)-Video Queen (12")(RCA Victor)
Chocolate Puma-Always And Forever (Part 2/2) (12")(Egoiste)
Chocolate-Megamix '92 (12")(EastWest Records GmbH)
Chocolate-Ritmo De La Noche '94 (12")(EastWest Records GmbH)
Chocolate* -It's That East Street Beat (12")(Supertronics)
Chocolette-Tell Me (That You Like It) (12", Promo)(Sleeping Bag Records,Sleeping Bag Records)
Chris "Bam Bam" Westbrook* -Round & Round (12")(Adulfo Records)
Chris Anderson-Overdose (12")(Catalyst Recordings)
Chris Cornell-Part Of Me (10")(Interscope Records)
Chris Delay-A New Day (12")(ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH)
Chris Doria-Movin' On EP (12", EP)(First Cut)
Chris Doria-Movin' On EP (12", EP)(First Cut)
Chris Doria-Movin' On EP (Vinyl, W/Lbl, 12)(First Cut)
Chris Jackson-Shape Shifting (12")(Catalyst Recordings)
Chris Korda-I Like To Watch (12")(Null Records)
Chris LakeFeat.Laura V* -Changes (12")(Kontor Records)
Chris Liebing-Es Ist Freitag-aaabend... 5th Anniversary Night (12", S/Sided, Promo, Etch)(CLR (2))
Chris Liebing-Es Ist Freitag-aaabend... 5th Anniversary Night (12", S/Sided, Promo, Etch)(CLR (2))
Chris Lum-BrokenHeartBeat (12")(Siesta Music)
Chris Niteshake-Never Wander In The Dark Alone (12")(Plejour Audio)
Chrissy I-Eece-Love Desire (12")(Bluedog Records)
Christian Borée-Futurum II (12")(Propaganda)
Christian Fischer-Stay In Peace (12")(Abyss Records (3))
Christian Fischer&Ascent, The-Meiler (12")(Definition Records)
Christian Quast-Six And A Half Bedroom EP (12", EP)(Obsolete)
Christian Smith & John Selway-15.5 Remake (12")(Tronic)
Christian Smith & John Selway-15.5 Remake (12")(Tronic)
Christian SmithandStryke-Highrider (12")(Platform (UK))
Christians, The-Forgotten Town (12", Maxi)(Island Records)
Christina (3)-Gimme Love (U.S. Remix) (12")(ZYX Records)
Christopher Just-Brand New Good For You (12")(Petra)
Christopher Just&Raphael Just-Popper (12")(Kitsuné Music)
Christopher* &Raphael Just-Disco 128 (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Christopher* &Raphael Just-Disco 128 (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Chromedioxid II* -Hardcore Motherfucker (12")(Drehscheibe)
Chromeo-You're So Gangsta (12")(Fabergé Records)
Chubby Dubz-See It Thru (12")(Appeal Musique)
Chuck Berry-My Ding-A-Ling (12", Comp)(Greenline SRL)
Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers-Family Affair / The Christmas Song (12")(Future Records & Tapes)
Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers-We Need Some Money (12")(Master Mix Records)
Chuck Brown-Be-Bumpin-Fresh (12")(Future Records & Tapes)
Chuck Cissel-Cisselin' Hot (12", Maxi)(Arista)
Chuck Jackson-When The Fuel Runs Out (12", Promo)(Channel)
Chuck Stanley-Jammin' To The Bells (Remix) (12")(Def Jam Recordings)
Chuck Stanley-The Finer Things In Life (12")(Def Jam Recordings)
Chuckie* -Aftershock (Can't Fight The Feeling) (12")(Net's Work International)
Chuggles-Chuggles Revisited (12")(Kid Dynamite Inc.)
Chuggles-Chuggles Revisited (Vinyl, W/Lbl, Wit)(Kid Dynamite Inc.)
Chyp-Notic-I Can't Get Enough (12")(Coconut)
Ciara (2)-Goodies (12")(LaFace Records)
Ciara (2)FeaturingMissy Elliott-1, 2 Step (12")(LaFace Records)
Cicada-You Got Me Feeling (12")(Critical Mass)
Cihan Güngör-Uultra Hart (12", Maxi)(Escape Recordings)
Cindy Nelson-How Sweet It Is (12")(Lark Records)
Cindy Valentine-In Your Midnight Hour (12", Promo)(Polydor)
Cinema (5)-Cinema (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Cinema (5)-New Girl Now (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Cinema (5)-Put You In My Pocket (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Cinnaman-Pornografix EP (12", EP)(Dirty House Records)
Circuit (7)-A Little Help (From My Friends) (12", Promo)(4th & Broadway)
Circulation-Blue (12")(Circulation)
Cirez D-Bauerpost / Glow (In The Dark Dub) (12")(Mouseville)
Cirez D-Horizons / Tigerstyle (12")(Mouseville)
Cirez D-The Tumble / Exit (12")(Mouseville)
Cirez D-The Tumble / Exit (12")(Mouseville)
Cirom-Thermic EP (12", EP)(Defcon Records)
Cissy Houston-Think It Over/An Umbrella Song (12", 45 )(Private Stock)
City (3)-Unter Der Haut / Kontra (12")(Pool,Pool)
City Streets-Get It Up Get It In (12", Promo)(RCA,RCA)
City Streets-Get It Up Get It In (12", Promo)(RCA,RCA)
Civil Attack (2)-Not Guilty (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Civil Attack (2)-Not Guilty (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Ciyo-Jazzy Mood For Love (12")(Ciyo Records)
CJ Stone-Don't Look Back (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Bass Bumpers Music)
CL McSpadden&Lysa Oldhams-Queller (12")(Hook Recordings)
CL2* -Locke (12", RP)(Molecular Recordings)
Claire (4)-High On Love (12", Promo)(Prelude Records)
Claire (4)-High On Love (12", Promo)(Prelude Records)
Clannad-Closer To Your Heart (12", Promo, Single)(RCA)
Clannad-Theme From Harry's Game (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Clarence Carter-I Was In The Neighborhood (12")(Tout Ensemble Records)
Clarence Carter/Gary B. B. Coleman* -Strokin' / Watch Where You Stroke (12")(Ichiban Records)
Clarence ClemonsAndJackson Browne-You're A Friend Of Mine (12", Maxi)(CBS)
Class (4)-Get Your Chic Together (12")(T.K. Disco)
Classic Action-A Chase (12")(Braintist Records)
Claude VonStroke-Big N Round (Remixes) (12")(Dirtybird,Dirtybird)
Claude VonStroke-Deep Throat (Remixes) (12")(Electrochoc Records,Electrochoc Records)
Claudio Mangione-Mondo Grande (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Claudja Barry-(Boogie Woogie) Dancin' Shoes / I Wanna Be Loved By You (12", Single)(Lollipop Records,Lollipop Records)
Claudja Barry-Hot To The Touch (12", Promo)(Epic)
Clé&Mike Vamp-Maisonette (12")(Dessous Recordings)
Clear People-Music Is Mine (12")(Camouflage Recordings)
Clemens Neufeld-Live In Shanghaï (12")(Giant Wheel)
Clemens Neufeld-Untot (12")(Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
Cleveland Watkiss-Spend Some Time (12")(Urban (2))
Cliff De L'Isle&Eric Cycle-Fly Me (12")(Quote)
Cliff Richard-We Don't Talk Anymore (12")(EMI)
Climie Fisher-I Won't Bleed For You (12", Ltd, Etch, S/Sided)(EMI)
Climie Fisher-Love Changes (Everything) (12")(Capitol Records)
Climie Fisher-Rise To The Occasion (12")(Capitol Records)
Climie Fisher-Rise To The Occasion (12")(EMI Electrola,EMI)
Clive Griffin-Be There (12")(Mercury,Mercury)
Cloudchaser-Aerodynamic (12")(Skywarp Platinum)
Clowns & Helden-Die Wahrheit!? (12")(TELDEC)
Clowns & Helden-Ich Liebe Dich/ Ich Frag Mich (12")(TELDEC,TELDEC)
Club 69-Let Me Be Your Underwear / Always Unique (12")(Twisted United Kingdom)
Club 69FeaturingSuzanne Palmer-Much Better (12")(Twisted America Records)
Club Control-House Machine (12")(Indisc)
Club House-Do It Again (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Club Invadersvs.Miss Thunderpussy-Mirage (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Club Nouveau-Envious (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Club Nouveau-It's A Cold, Cold World ! (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Club Nouveau-Lean On Me (12")(Warner Bros. Records,King Jay Records)
Clubworxx&Jerry RoperoFeat.Mr. Mike-Put Your Hands Up In The Air (12")(Interlabel Records)
Clusterfunk-Do Me Right (12", Promo)(Cooltempo)
C-Mos-2 Million Ways (12")(EPOS)
C-Mos-2 Million Ways (12")(Motivo Productions)
C-Moss* -2 Million Ways (12", W/Lbl)(Motivo Productions)
Coati Mundi-El Coco Loco (So So Bad) (12")(Sire Records Company)
Coburn-Give Me Love (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
Coburn-How To Brainwash Your Friends EP (12")(Frontier)
Coburn-We Interrupt This Program (The House Remixes) (12")(Swings Records)
CoburnPresentsDumb Blonde-We Have The Technology (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
Cock Robin-When Your Heart Is Weak (12", Maxi)(CBS)
Coco Steel And Lovebomb* -Set Me Free (12")(Warp Records,Warp Records)
Cocodance-Angels Of Love (12")(Maxi Records)
Cocooma-Virtual Experience (12")(EDM)
Code 44* -Theme From Dolphin Trance (12")(United Ravers Records)
Codec & Flexor-Tubed (2x12", Album)(Forte Records)
Coldcut-Doctorin' The House (12")(Columbia)
Coldcut-Doctorin' The House (12", Maxi, Ora)(Intercord,Intercord Tonträger GmbH)
Collage (3)-Romeo Where's Juliet? (12")(MCA Records Ltd.)
Collage (3)-Winners And Losers (12", Promo)(Constellation Records)
Coloma-Re:Finery (12")(Ware)
Colonel Abrams-How Soon We Forget (Extended Version) (12")(MCA Records)
Colonel Abrams-Trapped (12" Version) (12")(MCA Records)
Colonel Abrams-Trapped (12" Version) (12")(MCA Records)
Colourfield, The-Running Away (12", Promo)(Chrysalis)
Colours-The Guitar Track (12")(Vendetta Records)
Comateens-Ghosts (12")(Cachalot Records)
Comateens-The Late Mistake (12")(Jupiter Records)
Cominotto* -Trouble (12")(BXR Germany)
Commodores-Brick House '94 (12")(Bellaphon)
Commodores, The* -Why You Wanna Try Me / Keep On Taking Me Higher (12", Promo)(Motown)
Common Factor-That Was Then (12")(Playhouse)
Communards, The-Red (LP, Album)(Metronome)
Community Recordings-Dis Be A Skank (12")(Stupendous Music)
Community Recordings-Electrotech Ep (12", TP, EP)(Totem Music)
Community Recordings-Electrotech Ep (12", TP, EP)(Totem Music)
Compton's Most Wanted* -One Time Gaffled Em Up (12")(Orpheus Records,EMI America)
Con Funk Shun-Miss Got The Body (12")(Metronome)
Concord Dawnvs.DKay & Rawfull-Shout - Volume 3 (12", S/Sided)(Shout)
Conga Squad-A Gig In Cannes (Remixes) (2x12")(STX Records)
Constant Nonsense-The Big Surrender (12")(Plumb Music)
Constina-Are You Lonely Tonight (12")(Columbia)
Contour-It's You / Somatic (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Media)
Contraband (11)vs.Omar (22)-Nothing Like This (12")(Contraband)
Control X-Fear EP (12", EP)(Bottom Heavy)
Controllers, The (2)-I Gambled On Your Love And I Lost / If Tears Were Pennies (12")(Juana)
Controllers, The (2)-I Gambled On Your Love And I Lost / If Tears Were Pennies (12")(Juana)
Cookie Crew, The-Born This Way (Let's Dance) (12")(FFRR)
Cookie Crew, The-Born This Way (Let's Dance) (12")(FFRR,FFRR)
Cooky Factory Ltd, The-Vol 10 (12")(The Cooky Factory Ltd)
Cool'r-Victim (12", Promo)(Ode Records (2))
Copa America-Theme From Copa America (12")(Lost Vegas)
Copyshop-Reproduction (12")(Black Jack)
Corey Hart-Dancing With My Mirror (12", Promo)(EMI America,EMI America)
Corina-Out Of Control (12", Promo)(Cutting Records)
Cornbread-Character / One Fly Gemini (12", Single)(Toxsic Records)
Cory Daye-City Nights / Manhattan Cafés (12", Promo)(Blue Chip Records (2))
Cory Wells (3)-Starlight (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
CosmeticWithJamaaladeen Tacuma-So Tranquilizin' (12", Promo)(Gramavision,Gramavision)
Cosmetics (3)-The Crack (12")(I.R.S. Records)
Cosmic Rockerz-To Be In Love / Good Times (12")(Not On Label (Cosmic Rockerz))
Cosmo Wave & The Space Cadets-Star Treking / In The Hall Of The Mountain King (12")(Epic)
Council Collective, The-Soul Deep (12", Ltd, Single)(Polydor,Polydor)
Coxswain&J.P. Candela-Airport E.P. (12", EP)(CX Records)
Crack Jack-This Is Hip (12")(Crack Jack)
Crack Of Dawn-If You Want To Groove (12")(d.b.a. Records)
Craig Alexander-Groove Mission (Paul Johnson Remixes) (12", S/Sided)(Dust Traxx)
Craig David/Guru-Rendezvous / No More (12")(Wildstar Records)
Craig Peyton-Programmed Soul / Programmed Heart (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Crane A.K.-Tanz Gymnastique (12")(Poker Flat Recordings)
Crane A.K.-Tanz Gymnastique (12")(Poker Flat Recordings)
Cranque-Augenzeuge (12")(Italic)
Crashkorezed-The Survivor (12")(Idroscalo Dischi)
Crawl Crew-Crawl E.P (12", EP)(SYL:LABEL)
Crazy Drummer, The-Party Drumz (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Criminal Element Orchestra-When The Funk Hits The Fan (12")(WTG Records)
Crispin Klemp-Symptom Of The Effort (12")(Dosed Recordings)
CrookersFeaturingKardinal OffishallAndCarla-Marie* -Put Your Hands On Me (12")(Southern Fried Records)
Cross, The (3)-Heaven For Everyone (12")(Virgin)
Crowd Pleasers (2)-Freaky People (12", Promo)(Westbound,Atlantic)
Crowded House-Better Be Home Soon (12")(Capitol Records)
Crowded House-Something So Strong (12", Maxi)(Capitol Records)
Crowded House-World Where You Live (Extended Version) (12")(Capitol Records,EMI)
Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb-2006 (Remixes IV) (12")(Mental Groove Records)
Crown Heights Affair-I'll Do Anything (12")(SBK Records)
Crown Heights Affair-I'll Do Anything (12")(SBK Records)
Crusaders, The-Megastreet / Night Ladies (12")(MCA Records,MCA Records Ltd.)
Crusaders, The-New Moves (Remix) (12")(MCA Records Ltd.)
Crusaders, The-New Moves (Remix) (12")(MCA Records)
Crusaders, The-Soul Shadows (12")(MCA Records)
Crusaders, The-Soul Shadows (12")(MCA Records)
Cuba-Black Island (12")(4AD)
Cudy And The Bink Band-Home Boy (Home Girls Too) (12", Promo)(Sound Of New York)
Culcha Candela-Besonderer Tag (12")(Urban)
Culcha Candela-Ey Dj, Ring My Bell (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Eldorado)
Culcha Candela-Monsta (12", Promo)(Urban)
Culcha Candela-Move It (12")(Homeground Records)
Cult, The-She Sells Sanctuary (12", Maxi)(Sire,Sire)
Cultural Vibe-Mind Games (12", Promo)(Easy Street Records)
Culture Beat-Anything (Remixes) (2x12")(Dance Pool)
Culture Beat-Got To Get It (12")(Dance Pool)
Culture Beat-Mr. Vain Recall (12")(Abfahrt Records)
Culture Beat-World In Your Hands (Remix) (12")(Dance Pool)
Culture Club-Church Of The Poison Mind (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Culture Club-I'm Afraid Of Me (12", Promo)(Epic)
Culture Dance-Untitled (12")(K.R.B. S.L.)
Curan Stone-Come Back (12")(Relief Records)
Curan Stone-Pin-Up Girl (12")(Relief Records)
Cure* -High (12", Promo)(Fiction Records)
Cure, The-Never Enough (12", Promo)(Fiction Records)
Cure, The-Seventeen Seconds (LP, Album, RE)(Elektra)
Curiosity Killed The Cat-Down To Earth (12", Promo)(Mercury)
Cursor Miner-Explosive Piece Of Mind (LP, Album)(Lo Recordings)
Curtie And The Boombox-Black Kisses (Never Make You Blue) (12", Promo)(RCA)
Curtis Hairston-Chillin' Out (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Curtis Hairston-I Want Your Lovin' (Just A Little Bit) (12")(London Records,London Records)
Curtis Mayfield-Homeless (12")(Curtom)
Curtis Mayfield-I Mo Git U Sucka / He's A Fly Guy (12")(Curtom)
Curve-Faît Accompli (12", Promo)(Charisma)
Cut & Run (2)-Silk Twister / London Massive (12")(Cut & Run)
Cut GlassFeaturingOrtheia Barnes&Mildred Vaney-Rising Cost Of Love / Sometime Soon (12")(20th Century Fox Records)
Cut GlassFeaturingOrtheia Barnes&Mildred Vaney-Rising Cost Of Love / Sometime Soon (12")(20th Century Fox Records)
Cut La Roc-Makin' It Hot (12")(Skint Records)
Cute-The 'Silver' Walk (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Not On Label (The Cure))
Cyberdyne Systems-Skynet EP (12", EP)(Lush Records)
Cybersonik-Jackhammer / Machine Gun (12")(Probe Records)
Cybotron-Eden (12")(Fantasy)
Cylvia-Someone To Love (12")(Midnight Sun Records)
Cyndi Lauper-What's Going On (12")(Portrait)
Cynthia Manley-Back In My Arms Again (12")(Atlantic)
Cynthia Manley-Back In My Arms Again (12")(Atlantic)
Cynthia Woodard-California Dreamin' (12", Maxi)(H & L Records)
Czech-Boxy Rhodes (12")(Stereo Deluxe)
CZR&Mazi* -Against The Grain (12")(Simple Soul Recordings)
CZRFeaturingDelano (2)-I Want You (12")(Subliminal)
D. Clark* FeaturingRuss Ballard-So You Win Again (12")(Maad Records)
D. Hall & Rain-Video Lover (12")(Dance Pool)
D. J. Rogers-On The Road Again (LP, Album)(RCA)
D.A.4-What Is Love? (12")(Technoclub Records)
D.C. Scorpio-Stone Cold Hustler (12")(Kolossal Records)
D.H.T.* -Alone 2002 (Remixes) (12")(Alpha+)
D.J. Elliot NessandUntouchables, The (3)-Little Cezar (12")(Atlantis Records (2))
D.J. Groove Service-The G.R.E.P.P. (12")(Musicolor (2))
D.J. Hollywood* -Shock, Shock The House (12")(Epic)
D.J. Philly M.-Movin' The Floor (12")(Grove Street Records)
D.J.P.C.* -James, Je Ne Trouve Pas Les Mots (Can You Feel The Beat Mr. James) (12")(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
D.L.O., The-Luftheory (12")(Unpolite Records)
D.L.O., The-Ola (12")(Unpolite Records)
D★Influence* -Midnite (12")(EastWest Records America,EastWest Records America)
D4L-Laffy Taffy (12")(Asylum Records)
Da Bootyshakers-Da Bootyshakers EP Vol. II (12")(Da Bootyshakers)
Da Brat-Funkdafied (12")(Columbia)
Da Carlo-Sunshine @ Salinas (12")(Deep In Rhythm)
Da Click-Good Rhymes (12", Promo)(FFRR)
Da Discotheque-Bad! (12")(Good Beat Music)
Da Fresh-Dope Me Remixes E.P (12", EP)(Zebra 3 Recording,Zebra 3 Recording,Zebra 3 Recording)
Da Fresh-Luv Doesn't Love Me (12")(Weaked Records,Weaked Records,Discograph)
Da Hool-Light My Fire (12")(PIAS Germany)
Da Hool-Mama Sweet (Remixes) (12")(Kosmo Records)
Da Hool-Meet Her At The Love Parade (The 2001 Remixes) (12")(Kosmo Records)
Da Hool-Wankers On Duty (12")(Kosmo Records)
Da MobFeaturingJocelyn Brown-It's All Good (2x12")(Subliminal)
Da Vault-Da Vault #11 (12", Ltd)(Da Vault)
Da Vault-Say Yes (12", Ltd)(Da Vault)
Da Vinci (6)-Nostradame (12")(K-Town Records)
Dabrye-Payback (12")(Ghostly International)
Dada Life-Big Time (12")(Breastfed Recordings)
DADAFeat.Sandy Rivera&Trix (8)-Lollipop (12")(Destined Records)
DadaFt.Sandy Rivera&Trix (8)-Lollipop (12")(Data Records)
Daddy Cool (3)-Wodka Flight 269 (12")(Music Master Benelux)
Daddy Cool (3)-Wodka Flight 269 (12", Red)(Music Master Benelux)
Daddy Yankee-Lo Que Paso, Paso (12", Promo)(UMG Recordings, Inc)
DAF* -The Gun (12")(JCI & Associated Labels)
Daft Move-Daft Move (12", S/Sided, Ltd, Unofficial, Promo)(Not On Label)
Daft Punk-Harder Better Faster Stronger (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc.,Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Daft Punk-One More Time (12", S/Sided)(Virgin,Virgin France S.A.)
Daft Punk-Prime Time Of Your Life (12")(Virgin)
Dagtekin* &Schachta* -Visitation EP (12", EP)(Snork Enterprises)
Dahlbäck*,Diaz & Young Rebels* Feat.Terri B!* -Can't Slow Down (Morphine) (12")(Ministry Of Sound (Germany))
Dajaé-Time (12")(Kid Dynamite Inc.)
dáKRASH-Wasn't I Good To Ya ? (12")(Capitol Records)
dáKRASH-Wasn't I Good To Ya ? (12")(Capitol Records)
Dalbello* -Animal (12")(Capitol Records)
Dalbello* -Animal (12")(Capitol Records)
Dalbello* -Animal (12")(Capitol Records)
Dalbello* -Talk To Me (12", Maxi)(Capitol Records,Capitol Records)
Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley* -Where Is The Love (12", Promo)(Motown)
Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley* -Where Is The Love (12", Promo)(Motown)
Damien J. Carter-Holding On (Re-Release) (12", Promo)(Milk & Sugar Recordings)
Dan Berkson & James What-The Dig (12", W/Lbl)(Poker Flat Recordings)
Dan Curtin-Synaptic EP (12", EP)(Klang Elektronik)
Dan Hartman-Instant Replay (12")(Blue Sky)
Dan MaxamVs.Polygen-Tief Oder Hoch (12", Promo)(Silly Spider Music)
Dan Moving-Roll On / Lady Love (12")(ZYX Records)
Dan Nurse-Other Side Of The Tracks (12")(Housewerk Records)
Dan.O* -Untitled (12")(Red Melon Records)
Dana & Gene-Dario, Can You Get Me Into Studio 54 (12")(Midsong International Records)
Dana Dane-Love At First Sight (Remix) (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Dance In Reverse-Dance Me To The Floor (12")(Atlantic)
Dance NationVs.Shaun Baker-Sunshine 2009 (12")(Uptunes)
Dance United-Help Asia! (Vinyl 1 of 2) (12")(Kontor Records)
Dancefloor Rockaz-Attention (12")(YAWA Recordings)
Dani König-DJ Tools Vol. 05 (12")(Nouveau Niveau)
Daniel Benavente-Punked (12")(Neue Heimat)
Daniel Benavente-Punked (12")(Neue Heimat)
Daniel Hope* -Love & Pride (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Daniel Hundt-Optimus (12")(Planet Disco)
Daniel Hundt-Optimus (12")(Planet Disco)
Daniel Hundt-Optimus (12")(Planet Disco)
Daniel Magg-Set For Seizure (12")(Compost Records)
Daniel Magg-Set For Seizure (12")(Compost Records)
Daniel Nitsch-Room To Room (12")(Voltage Musique Records)
Daniel Steinberg-Ferino (12")(Style Rockets)
Daniel Steinberg-Pay For Me / I Like To Be (12")(Style Rockets)
Daniel Taylor's69ers Club-In The Scheme (12")(Vinyl Addiction Breaks)
Daniell Spencerfeat.Christi* -Feel The Music (12")(Jamayka Recordings)
Danielle (3)-La Poupee (12")(Not On Label)
Danielle (3)-La Poupee (12")(Not On Label)
Danielle (3)-La Poupee (12")(Not On Label)
Danielle Dax-Yummer Yummer Man (12")(Awesome Records (2))
Danilo Vigorito-Moonbow (12")(Intelligence)
Danilo Vigorito-Napoli Underground Pt. 1 (12")(Underground (3))
Danilo Vigorito-Napoli Underground Pt. 1 (12")(Underground (3))
Danilo Vigorito-Orbeat 02 (12")(Orbeat)
Dannii Minogue-I Begin To Wonder (2x12", Promo)(London Records 90)
Dannii Minogue-I Begin To Wonder (2x12", Promo)(London Records)
Dannii Minoguevs.Flower Power-You Won't Forget About Me (12")(Universal Music Domestic Division)
Danny Byrd-Do It Again / Dub It Again (12", W/Lbl)(Hospital Records)
Danny Freakazoid-You Are The Leading Man (12")(Cr2 Records)
Danny LugoAndDestination (2)-Going Through The Motions (12")(C&M Records)
Danny MarquezFeat.Natasha Mc. Beam* -Vibrations (12")(Bubble Soul)
Danny Red-Riddimwize (12")(Columbia)
Danny Tenaglia-Turn Me On (2x12")(Urban)
Danny Wilson (2)-If Everything You Said Was True (12", Maxi)(Virgin)
Danski & DJ Delmundo-Breakin' Records EP Vol. 2 (12")(EMI)
Danton Eeprom-One Thing Leads To Another (12")(Tsuba Records)
Danuel Tate-Pushcard EP (12", EP)(Wagon Repair)
Dany Lemonvs.Henry Bone-Deep In My Eyes (12")(MB Records)
Danzel-You Are All Of That (The Mixes) (12", Promo)(Superstar Recordings)
Danzelvs.DJ F.R.A.N.K.-My Arms Keep Missing You (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Danzelvs.DJ F.R.A.N.K.-My Arms Keep Missing You (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Dara Band-The Way Love Goes (12")(Gogo Music)
Dark Moon-The Prayer (12")(Go For It)
Darkwind-Beef (4 Letter Word) (12")(Fourty Five Rec.)
Darragh Casey-ANTQ002 (12")(Antiqua Recordings)
Darren Christian-Temporal (12")(Duty Free Recordings)
Darren Price-Instigator (12")(Intelligence Records)
Darryl Duncan-Heaven (12", Promo)(Motown)
Darryl Duncan-James Brown (12", Promo)(Motown)
Darryl Duncan-Rock The House (12", Promo)(Motown)
Darryl Pandy-Animal Magnetism (12")(Nightmare Records)
Daryl Hall & John Oates-Out Of Touch / Cold, Dark And Yesterday (12", Maxi)(RCA Victor)
Daryl Hall & John Oates-Possession Obsession (12", Promo)(RCA)
Daryl Hall & John Oates-Running From Paradise / Portable Radio (12")(RCA Victor)
Daryl Hall & John OatesFeaturingDavid Ruffin&Eddie Kendrick* -A Nite At The Apollo Live! (12")(RCA)
Das Modul™* vs.E-Love-Computerliebe 7.1 (Polydor Edition) (12")(Polydor)
Data (2)-Blow (12", Maxi, Promo)(Sire Records Company)
Datalife (2)-Disco Connection (12", Maxi)(ZYX Records)
Dave Adams-Dancing In My Sleep (LP, Album)(Elektra)
Dave Armstrong&Ben Delay-Come Back (12", S/Sided, Promo)(Sugarland Records)
Dave Barker-Last Train Out (12")(Aesoteric Records)
Dave Edmunds-Do You Want To Dance (12", Promo, Single)(Columbia)
Dave Kurtis-Latinos Del Mundo (12")(Attractive)
Dave Tarrida-Back To The O.S. EP (12", EP)(Neue Heimat)
Dave Tarrida-Back To The O.S. EP (12", EP)(Neue Heimat)
Dave Tarrida-Go With The Flow (12")(Neue Heimat)
Dave Tarrida-Go With The Flow (12")(Neue Heimat)
Dave Tarrida-Plays Records (12")(Tresor)
Dave The Hustler-2 Late 4 Change (12", Promo)(Paparazzi Records)
David Antebi-You're The First, The Last, My Everything (12")(Davante)
David Bowie-Blue Jean (12")(EMI America)
David Bowie-Day-In Day-Out (Remix) (12")(EMI America)
David Bowie-Fame 90 (12")(EMI USA,EMI USA,Ryko Analogue,Ryko Analogue)
David Bowie-Fashion (12", Pro)(RCA)
David Bowie-Let's Dance (12", Ltd)(Piss Off)
David Bowie-Never Let Me Down (12")(EMI America)
David Bowie-Time Will Crawl (12")(EMI America)
David Bowie-Tonight (12", Single)(EMI America)
David Bowie-Too Dizzy (12", Promo, Single)(EMI America)
David Bowie-Wild Is The Wind (12")(RCA)
David Bowie/Pat Metheny Group-This Is Not America (12", Maxi)(EMI America,EMI America)
David BowieAndMick Jagger-Dancing In The Street (12")(EMI America)
David BowieAndMick Jagger-Dancing In The Street (12")(EMI America)
David Carretta-Mouvement Automatique (12")(Rewired)
David Dexter D-Jack Le Jazzman (English Version) (12")(Polydor)
David Donohoe-Hail, Holy Light (12")(Minimise)
David Duriez-On My Elbows (12")(Duriez)
David Ekenbäck-Data Death / Trance Fats (12", W/Lbl)(Jackmoves)
David Foster-Tapdance (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
David Grant-Before Too Long (Sooncome Mix) (12")(Polydor,Polydor)
David Grant-Stop And Go (12", Promo)(Chrysalis)
David Grant-Take Us Back (The Movie Mix) (12")(Polydor)
David Guetta & Laidback LukeLaidback LukeJunior Sanchez-I Need You / My G.O.D / Elevator (12", S/Sided)(White)
David Guetta-This Is The Love Song (Vinyl, W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
David GuettaFeat.Chris Willis-Stay (12", Promo)(Virgin Music (France))
David Hasselhoff-Looking For Freedom (12")(White Records (3))
David K-Aromatik (12")(Tom Bone Vibrating Music)
David Lübnervs.Supa Channel-The Deliver (12")(Chateau Funk)
David Lübnervs.Supa Channel-The Deliver (12")(Chateau Funk)
David Martin* Feat.Hot Buttered Soul-Link Motion EP (12", EP)(Nightclubbing Music)
David Peaston-Take Me Now (12", Promo)(Geffen Records)
David Peaston-We're All In This Together (12")(Geffen Records)
David Pereira-Hugo (12")(Rhythm Convert)
David Roiseux-Demented (The Remixes # 1) (12")(Innovez Records)
David Roiseux&Cari Lekebusch-Parallel Content (12")(H. Productions)
David Rostamo-Culture Vulture (12")(Sire)
David Rostamo-Slum Lord (12")(Sire Records Company)
David Rudder&Charlies Roots-This Party Is It (12")(Metronome)
David RuffinAndEddie Kendrick* -I Couldn't Believe It (12", Promo)(RCA)
David Sanborn-Slam (12")(Reprise Records)
David Simmons (2)-Love Tonight (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
David Staeger-Butterflakes E.P. (12", EP)(Meerestief Rot)
David Vendetta-Love To Love You Baby (12")(Sound Of Urban)
David WS/Nifty (3)-Dona Do Primeiro Andar / The Latin Connection (12")(Sunrize Recordings)
Davis (2)-No Good (12")(Kontor Records)
Davis Import-I'm Glad You're Mine / Starchild (12")(AVI Records)
Davoli & MazzaVs.Beatles, The-Lonely People (12")(Not On Label)
Davoli & MazzaVs.Beatles, The-Lonely People (12", S/Sided, Unofficial)(Not On Label)
Dawn Deegan-We Can Have It All (12")(Out-Post Records)
Day Men-Jazzsimple (12")(Yuh Big)
Dayton-Hot Fun In The Summertime (12", Single)(Liberty)
Dayton-This Time (12", Promo)(Capitol Records)
Daz (4)-What Do I Need (12")(Dance Street Records)
Dazz Band-Anticipation (12")(RCA Victor)
Dazz Band-Anticipation (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Dazz Band-Heartbeat (12")(Motown)
Dazz Band-Hot Spot (12")(Motown)
Dazz Band-Hot Spot (12")(Motown)
Dazz Band-Joystick (12", Promo)(Motown,Motown)
Dazz Band-Love M.I.A. (12")(Geffen Records)
Dazz Band-On The One For Fun (12", Promo)(Motown)
Dazz Band-Wild And Free (12")(Geffen Records)
Dazz Band, The* -Wild And Free / Last Chance For Love (12", Maxi)(Geffen Records)
DBIT-Spellcaster EP (12", EP)(Live Wire Records)
dB's, The-A Spy In The House Of Love (12")(Bearsville)
De Bläck Fööss* -Huusmeister Kaczmarek (12")(EMI)
De Vargas-The Train (Disc One) (12")(Propeller Records)
Deacon Blue-Fergus Sings The Blues Extended Mix (12", Single)(CBS)
Deacon Blue-Will We Be Lovers (12")(Columbia)
Deacon Blue-Will We Be Lovers (12")(Columbia)
Deacon Blue-Will We Be Lovers (12")(Columbia)
Dead Combo-You Don't Look So Good (12")(Output)
Dead Or Alive-Lover Come Back To Me (Extended Remix) (12")(Epic)
Dead Or Alive-My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To The Doctor) (12")(Epic)
Dead Or Alive-What I Want (12", Promo)(Epic)
Dead Or Alive-You Spin Me Round (2003 Mixes) (12")(Epic)
Deadly Hunter-Raggamuffin (12", Promo)(Black Market International)
Deafness, The-Bela Lugosi's Dead (12")(Electrade)
Dealers De Funk-New Jersey (12")(Clubstar)
Dealers De Funk-New Jersey (12")(Clubstar)
Dean Cole-Line Of Control (12")(Corrosion Records)
Dean ColemanFeat.DCLA-I Want You (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl, Unofficial)(Not On Label)
Debbie Deb-Fantasy (12", Promo)(Jam Packed)
Debbie Gibson-Staying Together (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Debbie Sharp-Zapped By Love (12")(Polydor)
Deborah Allen-Telepathy (12", Promo)(RCA)
Deborah Harry-Sweet And Low (12")(Sire Records Company)
Debra Dejean-Strange Love (12", Promo)(Handshake Records And Tapes)
Decadance-Save My Soul (12")(EAMS)
Decomposed Subsonic-I Never Say / Whenever (12")(Ware)
Dedos-Walk Away With The Music (12")(Eighttrack Recordings)
Dee C. Lee-See The Day (12")(CBS)
Dee Dee Bridgewater-Bad For Me (12")(Elektra)
Dee Dee Bridgewater-Bad For Me (12")(Elektra)
Dee Jane Alleen-Have A Break... (12")(Spaceworld Records)
Dee Jay AC 16* &MC Derrick-Drums In Your House (12")(DA Records)
Dee Rex-The Chant / Rising Strings (12")(Lunatec)
Dee-Feeling Hm-Pa-Paa-Paaa (12")(Mercury)
Deekline And Wizard* -4x4x4 (Remixes) (12")(Botchit & Scarper)
Deele, The-Can U-Dance (12")(Solar)
Deele, The-Material Thangz (12")(TSR Music GmbH)
Deele, The-Material Thangz (12", Promo)(Solar)
Deele, The-Surrender (12", Promo)(Solar)
Deep Bros.Feat.Dawn Tallman-Go Deep (12")(Gogo Music)
Deep Dish-Flashdance (12")(Badabing Records)
Deep Dish-Flashdance (12")(Vendetta Records)
Deep Forces-One And Only E.P. (12", EP)(Foreplay)
Deep Forest III* -Madazulu (Remix By BBE) (12")(Saint George)
Deep Purple-Call Of The Wild (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Deep Touch (2)-Want Me Back (12")(Realbasic Recordings)
Deep.SpiritFeat.Kathy* -No Cover Song (12")(Andorfine,Andorfine)
Deepdown-Suffer And Die (12")(What's Up ?!)
Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson-Killer / Butterflies (12")(Klang Elektronik)
Deepwide-Kastanja (12")(Monster Pure)
Def Bond & Fafa Monteco-Back In The Days (12")(Chicayork)
Def Harmonic-Best I Can EP (12", EP)(Altered Vibes)
Def Jef-Black To The Future (12")(Delicious Vinyl)
Definition Of Sound-Child - Club Mixes (12", Promo)(Fontana)
De-Greesvs.Real Booty Babes, The-Apologize (12", Red)(YAWA Recordings)
Deichkind-Arbeit Nervt (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Indigo (2))
Deichkind-Arbeit Nervt (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Indigo (2))
Deichkind-Remmi Demmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah) (12")(Island Records,Universal Music Domestic Division)
Deichkindfeat.Sarah Walker-Ich Betäube Mich (12")(Island Records)
Deja-That's Where You'll Find Me (12")(10 Records)
De-Javu-Never (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(House No.)
De-Koder-Knife (10")(Bloody Fist Records)
Del 5-Mr. X (12")(Polaroid Recordings)
Delegation-The Mix (12")(ZYX Music)
Delilah (3)-Dancing In The Fire (12", Smplr, Promo)(MCA Records,MCA Montage Records)
Delle & Heinrich-Trockenzeit EP (12", EP)(Combi Int.)
Delta Plan-Delta Plan (12")(Nova Zembla)
Democustico-Grito (12")(Far Out Recordings)
Den (2)-Crossed EP (12", EP)(Them)
Den Harrow-Don't Break My Heart (12", Maxi)(Baby Records (2))
Denie Corbett&Station Break-Be What You Are / You Put The Music In Me (12", Promo)(RCA)
Denie Corbett&Station Break-Be What You Are / You Put The Music In Me (12", Promo)(RCA)
Deniece Williams-Free / It's Important To Me (12")(Columbia)
Deniece Williams-Heaven In Your Eyes (12")(Columbia)
Deniece Williams-I Can't Wait (12")(Columbia)
Deniece Williams-Never Say Never (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Denis The MenacePresentsSelecta-My Friend Is A Dee Jay (12", Maxi)(Midnight Groove Recordings)
Denise Jannah-Halloween (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Denise Lopez-Too Much Too Late (12", Promo)(Vendetta Records (2))
Denise McCann-Tattoo Man (Special Disco Version) (12", Promo)(Polydor)
Dennis Bohn-Rocky Beach Theme (12")(Kontor Records)
Dennis Brown-On The Rocks (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Dennis Edwards-Don't Look Any Further (12")(Gordy)
Denroy Morgan-Everybody Wants To Be Somebody Else (12", Promo)(RCA)
Denroy Morgan-Sweet Tender Love (12", Promo)(Becket Records)
Dentist, The-Destiny (12")(Boscaland Recordings)
Deon Estus-Heaven Help Me (12")(Mika Records)
Depeche Mode-A Pain That I'm Used To (12", Promo, 1)(Mute,Mute)
Depeche Mode-It's Called A Heart (12", Maxi)(Intercord Tonträger GmbH,Mute)
De-PhazzFeaturingKarl Frierson-Hero Dead And Gone (12")(Mole Listening Pearls)
Dept. Of Sunshine-Rude Boys / Space Tropics (Rapp-sody) (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Depudee, The-Move Around (12")(G-Net Records)
Der Dritte Raum-Der Schrittmacher / Tanzmedial (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Der Dritte Raum-Plutonium (12")(Harthouse Mannheim)
Der Dritte Raum-Tantzstanze / Spurrillen (12")(Virgin)
Derler & Klitzing-Lift Me Up / Dedicated (12")(Pro-ceed)
Dermaptera-Dermaptera 5 (12")(Dermaptera)
Desert-Lettin' Ya Mind Go (Promo Two) (12", Promo)(Future Groove)
Deshawn (2)-Get A Real Job (12")(Amazon Records (4))
Designer Music-Problemz / The Truth (12")(Planet E)
Desiree Coleman-Romance (12", Promo)(Motown)
Desiree Coleman-Romance (12", Promo)(Motown)
Desiree Coleman-To Stay Together (12", Promo)(Motown)
Deskee-Kid Get Hyped (12")(Black Out)
Deskee-Lost In The Groove (12")(RCA)
Desperate Dan-Skeeze Her (12")(Vibrations)
Des'ree-Mind Adventures (12")(Sony Soho Square)
Des'ree-Mind Adventures (12")(Sony Soho Square)
Destillat-Cabrio (12")(Klang Elektronik)
Destination (3)-Dream On (12")(Naked And Famous (N.A.F.))
Detroit Spinners, The* -Spaceballs (12")(WEA International,WEA International)
Detroyt-Physical Lover (12")(Tabu Records)
Deuce-Call It Love (12", Promo)(London Records)
Deuces Wild (2)-Living In The Sun (12", Maxi)(Columbia)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft-Goldenes Spielzeug/Gold Gold Gold / El Que (12", Single)(Virgin,Virgin)
Devo-Baby Doll (12", Promo)(Enigma Records (3))
Devo-Disco Dancer (12")(Enigma Records (3))
Dexter (4)-I Feel Like Groovin' (12")(NBRecords)
Dexter&Bass-A-Rani* -Boogie Chasers (12")(Nature Records)
Dextro-Do You Need Help (12")(Border Community)
Dextrous-Victory (Remixes) (12", W/Lbl)(MMDD)
DG* -Gettin Over (12", S/Sided)(Not On Label)
DHT* -Listen To Your Heart (12", Promo)(Ministry Of Sound (Germany))
Dhuo-Walkin' (12", Maxi)(Sire Records Company,CGD)
Di. Vision-Funky (12")(International Records)
Di_Indicator* -Too Hot (12")(Sandy Records)
Diadem-Saturday Session #2 (12")(Dessous Recordings)
Diagonal Man, The-Concrete Tings So Our Rhythm Will Perform (12")(Product Deluxe)
Dial M For Moguai-King Of Rock (12")(Kosmo Records)
Diamond Dolls, The-Toot Toot Tootsie--Good-Bye (12")(Vanguard)
Diamond Geezer-Humble / Top Ranking Remix (12")(Renegade Weed)
Diana King-Love Triangle (12")(Work,Work)
Diana Ross & The Supremes* -Medley / Love Hangover (12")(Bellaphon)
Diana Ross-Ross (LP, Album)(Motown,EMI Electrola)
Diana Ross/Marvin Gaye/Smokey Robinson/Stevie Wonder-Pops, We Love You (12")(Motown)
Diane Richards-Listen To Your Heart (12")(Zoo York Recordz)
Diaz Brothers, The-Here We Go Again / We Bad (12")(BCM Records)
Dibaba-The Tiger EP (12", EP)(Deeplay Soultec)
Dibu-Z-Don't Feed The Pigs (12", W/Lbl)(Antikonsum)
Dibu-Z-X...Y...ZET EP (12", EP)(Mutter)
Dibu-Z-X...Y...ZET EP (12", EP)(Mutter)
Dice, The (4)-Chayla (12", Promo)(Mercury)
Dickheadz-Pimp My Stereo (12")(Mental Madness)
Dickheadz-Suck My ....! (12")(Mental Madness)
Diddy* &Felix Da Housecat-Jack U vs I'll House You (12")(Rude Photo)
Die & Clipz-Work It Out (Dub) / Number One (Roni Size Remix) (12")(Full Cycle Records)
Diego Vega-I Can't Stand The Rain (12", Promo)(Ministry Of Sound (Germany))
Diego-Instant Reality (2xLP)(Kanzleramt)
Digital Boy-Exterminate / Direct To Rave (12")(D-Boy Records)
Digital Natives-Jumbo Line (12", Ltd, whi)(Intercord Tonträger GmbH)
Digital PrinceZZ-The Owner Of Half Of The World (12")(Mutter)
Digital PrinceZZ-The Owner Of Half Of The World (12")(Mutter)
Digital South-Spring (12")(Boxer Recordings)
Digital-Shout - Volume 5 (12")(Shout)
Digital-Termite / Ready Or Not (12")(Innerground Records)
Dimas* PresentsD-Formation-Signs & Portents: Remixed (12")(BeatFreak Recordings)
Dimitri & Tom-I'll Take You There / Usumba (12")(Trackdown Records)
Dimple Minds-Blau Auf'm Bau (Vinyl, MiniAlbum)(No Remorse Records)
Dina Carroll-Here / Special Kind Of Love / The Perfect Year (2x12", Promo)(AM:PM)
Dino (2)-24/7 (12")(4th & Broadway)
Dino (2)-In The City (12")(4th & Broadway)
Dion (3)-And The Night Stood Still (12")(Arista)
Dire Straits-ExtendeDancEPlay (12", Maxi)(Phonogram)
Dire Straits-Walk Of Life (12")(Phonogram)
Dirk Jones-What Would Dirk Do E.P. (12", EP)(Slavery 2000)
Dirty Doering-Saubermann EP (12", EP)(All You Can Beat)
Dirty Important PersonAndDavid Carretta-Stinck / Contact (12")(Space Factory)
Dirty Sole-Skattered Jazz (12")(Classic)
Dirty Vegas-Days Go By (12")(Capitol Records)
Dirty Vegas-Days Go By (12")(Credence)
Dirty Vegas-Walk Into The Sun (12")(Parlophone,Parlophone,Parlophone)
Dirty Water-Gypsy Woman (La Da Dee) (12")(Hansa)
Dirty-Dirty (12")(Junior London)
Disciples Of Phunk-Too Far Gone (Remixes) (12")(Catch 22 Recordings)
Disco Bee (2)-This Is My Club (12")(DJ Exclusive (2))
Disco Boys, The-Lunatic (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Disco Boys, The-Start All Over Again (12", Promo)(Superstar Recordings)
Disco Boys, The-The Discoboots Volume 4 (12")(Discoboots)
Disco Boys, The-What You Want (12", Pic)(Superstar Recordings)
Disco Stu-Sex Slave (12")(Cyclotron Records (2))
Discoblaster-Fading (12")(Zeitgeist)
Discoburger-Rewind 2.2 (12")(Rewind (Bootleg From Paris))
Discofreaks-Vol. 1 (12", W/Lbl)(EFF:ZET Records)
Disk Co.-Bond Girl (12")(House Of Naughty)
Disko Allstarz, The-Crazy Hustle (12")(Espirito)
Diskonaut-Chapter 1 (12")(Lizzard King)
Diskordia-So Big & So Close (12")(Tresor)
Dismissed-Test-Tube Baby (12", S/Sided)(Tenor Recordings)
Dissidenten-Inshalla (12")(Ginger Music)
Dissidenten-Telephone Arab (Vinyl, EP)(Shanachie)
Diva (24)-Memories (Theme From The Broadway Musical "Cats") (12", Promo)(Prelude Records)
Diver & Ace-Mental Thing (12", Single)(Go For It)
Diversion Distraction/LP-Retro>Future Sampler 2 (12")(Functional Breaks)
Divine-Hey You! (12")(ZYX Records,ZYX Records)
Divine-I'm So Beautiful (12")(Proto Records,Bellaphon)
Divine-Native Love / Shoot Your Shot (12")("O" Records,Hot Productions)
Divine-Shoot Your Shot / Native Love (Step By Step) (12")(Metronome)
Divine-Shoot Your Shot 2003 (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Nutrition)
Dizzy Gillespie CrewFeat.King MC-Dancing Together (12")(BCM Records)
DJ Alan X* PresentsX-Funkshun-Do U Wanna Work It (12")(Xtrax London)
DJ Antoine-All We Need (12")(Kontor Records)
DJ Any/Kali (3)-Split EP (12", EP)(6P-Records)
DJ Awaline-Everlasting Awaline / Mean To Me (12")(Mental Madness)
DJ B (3)-Mr. Dob (12")(Dob)
DJ Capricorn-Freak Of Nature EP (12", EP)(Proper N.Y.C.)
DJ Cat (2)-You Are The One (12")(P-Style Recordings)
DJ Cat (2)-You Are The One (12")(P-Style Recordings)
DJ Cellulitis-... Popo Streicheln? (12")(Balloon Records)
DJ Christopher* vs.DJ Bart (3)-My Face (12")(Zürich By House)
DJ Circle-This Love Is Real (12")(Realbasic Recordings)
DJ Crack-Rhythm Take U Higher (12")(Full-E Records)
DJ Crack-Space People (The Remixes) (12")(Full-E Records)
DJ Creator (2)-The Sound Of Sound (12")(Pirate Records)
DJ Cyglas-Roots Of Evil (12")(Sectioned Recordings)
DJ Dean-Dreamworld (12", Pic)(Tunnel Records)
DJ Dean-Kick Off (12", Pic)(Tunnel Records)
DJ Dean-Protect Your Ears (12", Promo)(Tunnel Records)
DJ Dean-Protect Your Ears (12", Promo)(Tunnel Records)
DJ Decent-Where you at G? (12")(Stickman Records)
DJ Deeon-Ass In The Air E.P. (12", EP)(Ghetto Test,Ghetto Test)
DJ Dero-Do The Rave Stomp (12")(Dureco)
DJ Dero-Do The Tango (12")(Nextfire Recordings,Nextfire Recordings)
DJ Dero-Revolution 07 (12")(BXR)
DJ Dero-Supertango (12")(Nextfire Recordings)
DJ Desue-Also Was !?! (12")(Streetlife Entertainment)
DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith-Kings Of The Jungle Part One (12", RP, W/Lbl)(Suburban Base Records)
DJ Dick-Sono In Coma (The Remixes) (12", Promo)(Low Spirit Recordings)
DJ Digress-Your Life (12")(L.M.E. Records,Arcade Music Company)
DJ DLG-Xess (12")(Pickadoll Records)
DJ DoveAndMilk & Sugar-Unkind (12")(Milk & Sugar Recordings)
DJ Dready-2-Rock Da House (12", Pic)(Turning Wheel)
DJ Edge-*33 (12")(Edge Records)
DJ Electric Max-Welcome To The Future (12")(Celebrate Records)
DJ Energy-Captain Future (12")(Superstar Recordings)
DJ Energy-Captain Future (12")(Superstar Recordings)
DJ Errik-Minimal Obsession (Part One) (12")(Logport Recordings)
DJ ESP-Home Sweet Home EP (12", EP)(Creation Rebel)
DJ F.E.X-Sensual Fantasy EP (12")(Robotronic Recordings)
DJ F.E.X-What The Girls Like (12")(Gourmet Recordings)
DJ Fresh Jay-Good Stuff (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
DJ Gilb-R* -Pressure (12")(Versatile Records)
DJ Gollum-Fortunes (12")(EDM)
DJ Gordon-Moonshine Boogie (12")(Rhythm Syndicate)
DJ Headhunter-Just Be Good To Me (12", Blu)(Waterworld)
DJ Hell* -Diese Momente EP (12", EP, RP)(Sativae)
DJ Hell* +Johannes Heil-PDD / Think Tank (12")(Rasputin)
DJ Hitch Hiker-Inside My Soul / Twilight Zone (12", Maxi, Promo)(Urban)
DJ Hype,J Majik & Wickaman-Dub Plate Killa / Look To The Future (12")(Ganja Records)
DJ HypervsGeneral Midi-We've Been Waiting (12")(Kilowatt Recordings)
DJ Isaac-Over The Edge / On The Edge (12")(Dropout)
DJ JamX-!Keep It That Way! (Remixes) (12")(Chaos Records)
DJ JaniPresentsTribal Funk (2)-Who Got The Papers? (12")(Houseworks)
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince-Parents Just Don't Understand (12")(Jive)
DJ Jean-The Launch (Remix) (12")(Mo'Bizz Recordings GSA Division)
DJ Jess&Per (8)-Black (12")(Vendetta Records)
DJ Julien & Gonzague-The Lost City EP (12", W/Lbl)(Mirage)
DJ Kizzy Rock-Bounce It Y'All / Let Me See U Ride (12")(Tommy Boy Music)
DJ Klutch-Crooklyn Clan Presents DJ Klutch (12")(Crooklyn Clan Records)
DJ Kool-Welcome To The Party (12")(Blazin' Records)
DJ KozeA.K.A.Monaco Schranze/Gebr. Teichmann-Speicher 25 (12")(Kompakt Extra)
DJ Krome & Mr Time* -Ganja Man (12")(Tearin Vinyl Classics)
DJ Lawless-Here We Are (12")(Mental Madness)
DJ Le Blanc&DJ Renegade-Hungarian Moustache Party 1 (12")(Jacuzzi)
DJ Lee-Bitch (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Aqualoop Records)
DJ Lee-Fugly (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Spin That Records)
DJ Lion (3)-Mania EP (12")(Remixator Records)
DJ Lion (3)&Mimi (23)FeaturingT'yana-Dynamic Pressure (12")(Remixator Records)
DJ Loop (4)-Extravaganza (12")(Disco State)
DJ Loop-Energie (12")(Shogun Records)
DJ Mani-Heavy Weight E.P. (12", EP)(Kattiva Records)
DJ Marky & XRSvs.Total Science-Battle Mix Volume 1 (12")(C.I.A.,Innerground Records)
DJ Matys* &D-Gor-Orgasm / The Flight (12")(Pulsive)
DJ Mellow-D-Hypnotizin' (12")(EDM)
DJ MFR&D'Layna-Just Because (12")(Gogo Music)
DJ Mind-X-Nightingale (12")(Overdose)
DJ Misjah-Volume 4/6 (12", S/Sided)(Hisjam)
DJ Motion-ETT (12")(Simple Soul Recordings)
DJ Motion-I'm Ben Gin Again (Remixes) (12")(Simple Soul Recordings)
DJ Moule-Somebody Smacked My Bitch (12")(Moule Boots)
DJ Murphy-Tem Lenha! (12")(Definition Records)
DJ Nasty-Filthy EP (12")(Public Housing)
DJ Nehpets-Lay It Down (12")(Databass Records)
DJ Piet Uit Volendam-De Scheet (12")(Piet Uit Volendam (PUV))
DJ Porny-Me So Horny (Jumpstyle Edit) (12")(Zeitgeist)
DJ Prom-Afrodynamix (12")(Houseworks)
DJ Quicksilver-Escape To Paradise / Timerider (12", Promo, Red)(Dos Or Die Recordings)
DJ R. Gee-You're Beautiful To Me (12")(Fairlight Records,A45 Music)
DJ Rap-Everyday Girl / Bad Girl - The Remixes (2x12")(C2Records,C2Records,Higher Ground,Higher Ground)
DJ Rap/Danny C-The Riff / Music In Me (Remix) (12")(Proper Talent)
DJ Remy-In Your Face / Butterfly (12")(Taste Recordings)
DJ Rodd-Y-Ler* -Nightflight (12")(Suck Me Plasma)
DJ Rom-I Write The Book (12")(Cuepoint Records)
DJ S.P.U.D.-Finally (12", Promo)(Superstar Recordings)
DJ S.P.U.D.-Fountain Of Youth (12")(Superstar Recordings)
DJ S.P.U.D.-Fountain Of Youth (12")(Superstar Recordings)
DJ Sabu-Follow The Lights (12")(Go For It)
DJ Sakin + Friends* -Protect Your Mind (Suspicious Remix) (12")(Overdose)
DJ Sakin-Nightmare (12")(Overdose,Overdose)
DJ SakinPres.Plexus (6)-Visions Of Igor (12")(Overdose)
DJ Savage-Random Trax Vol. 2 (12")(Kinetik Records)
DJ Sebbo* -Touch Mahal (12")(Kosmo Records)
DJ Session One-In The Way (12")(Blutonium Records)
DJ Session One-Set Me Free (12")(Blutonium Records)
DJ Session OneFeat.Kristen Ficara-Forever (12", Tra)(Dance 2 Trance)
DJ Shadow-You Can’t Go Home Again (12", Promo)(Universal Island Records)
DJ Shark & Fotr-First Time (12")(Prima Facie)
DJ Shark-Never Let It Go (12")(Sharkastique Tunes)
DJ Shufflemaster-Angel Gate (12")(Tresor,Tresor)
DJ Sneak-Inside (12")(Magnetic Recordings (2))
DJ Sneak-Message Of Love 98 (12")(Defiant)
DJ Sneak+Special Agents-Mad Bombers EP (12", EP)(Unabomber)
DJ Spinna-Outta Time (12")(Papa Records)
DJ SS-S Files (Sampler) (12", Ltd, Smplr)(Formation Records)
DJ Steve L-Drop The Needle (12")(Deejay Nation)
DJ Supremevs.Rhythm Masters-Enter The Scene (12")(Urban Tracks)
DJ Suv* -E.P. (2x12", EP)(V Recordings)
DJ Swam-The Spiritchaser (12")(Unsubmissive Records)
DJ Swingsett & J. Warrin-Tonal Mosaics (12")(Ism)
DJ T.vs.Thomas Schumacher-Lower Instincts (12")(Get Physical Music)
DJ T-1000-Minimal Science EP (12", EP, Promo, W/Lbl)(Pure Sonik Records)
DJ Tiësto-Theme From Norefjell (12")(Black Hole Recordings)
DJ Tim Sander-Peace Brings Silence (12")(Illuminate)
DJ Tocadisco* -Nobody (Likes The Records That I Play) (12")(Superstar Recordings)
DJ Tonio&Hacker, The-Connexion (12", Etch)(Error 404)
DJ Tristan & Neostar-3..2.. Lift Off (12")(Dance Pollution)
DJ Urban-You Work It (12", W/Lbl)(Flux Recordings)
DJ Valium-Doin' It Again (12")(EAMS)
DJ Virus&Blutonium Boy-Hard Creation (12")(Blutonium Records)
DJ W4cko&Casaya-Endless Desires (12")(Tuning Sound Records)
DJ Wag-Black Magic (12")(Overdose,Overdose)
DJ Wag-Braintalk (12")(Overdose)
DJ Wag-Braintalk (12")(Overdose)
DJ Wag-Man On The Moon (Remixes) (12", W/Lbl)(Overdose)
DJ Wolfe-100% Graveyard (12")(Knifes Edge Recordings)
DJ Worris-Spiegelbild / Goodness (12")(Planet Traxx)
DJ Yellow-Les Rym De Zoe (12")(ProgCity Deep Trax)
DJ Zap-Ghettotechnologist (12")(GTI Recordings)
DJ Ziggy-Show Stoppa - Re-Interpretations (12")(Blue Juice)
Djinxx-In Your Heart Again EP (12", EP)(Mangusta)
Djinxx-Music In Jamaica (12", Tra)(Mangusta)
Djosos Krost-Better Place (12")(Panamericana Recordings)
DJ's Factory-A View To A Kill (12", Ltd, Whi)(Rush Records)
DK7-The Difference (Remixes) (12", Promo, W/Lbl, Sta)(Output)
DKMA-The East West Connection (12")(Catalyst Recordings)
DKMA-The East West Connection (12")(Catalyst Recordings)
D'Menace-Deep Menace (12")(ZYX Music)
DMX Krew-Touch Me! (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Ersatz Audio)
DMX Krew-Touch Me! (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Ersatz Audio)
DMX-Get It On The Floor (12", Promo)(Def Jam Recordings)
DMX-How's It Goin Down (12")(Def Jam Recordings)
D-Nox & Beckers-Shanghigh (12")(Electribe Records)
Dobre&DJ Theor-Benzona! (12")(After Midnight)
Dog-It Productions Presents The Bluenotes-Taxin' Jazz (12")(Beat Bop Records)
Dogma 3000-Second Universe (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Dogs, The-Get Loose / Take It Off (12", Promo)(JR Records)
Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda-Eucalypse Now! (12")(Traum Schallplatten)
Dominik Eulberg-Die Rotbauchunken Vom Tegernsee (12")(Traum Schallplatten)
Domino (4)-Cuties Get Connected (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Domu-Quantum Blues (12")(Skindeep)
Don Armando's Second Avenue Rhumba Band-I'm An Indian, Too / Deputy Of Love (12")(ZE Records,Arista,Buddah Records)
Don Baron-Action (12")(UNI Records)
Don Henley-I Can't Stand Still (LP)(Asylum Records)
Donald O'Connor* -Dance All Night (12")(Echo USA)
Donna Allen-Can We Talk (12", Promo)(Oceana Records)
Donna Allen-Joy And Pain (12")(BCM Records)
Donna Allen-Satisfied (12")(Portrait)
Donna Allen-Satisfied (12", Promo)(21 Records)
Donna Garraffa-I Got You Covered (12")(Tremper Records)
Donna Garraffa-Let Me Be Your Fantasy (12", Promo)(Artist International Records)
Donna K.-Gomer (12")(Freizeitglauben)
Donna Montgomery-Go Head Go On (12")(Soundmen On Wax)
Donna Summer-All Systems Go (12", Promo)(Geffen Records)
Donna Summer-Love Is In Control (12", Maxi)(Warner Bros. Records,Warner Bros. Records)
Donna Summer-Stop, Look & Listen (Extended Remix) (12", Max)(Mercury)
Donna Summer&Barbra Streisand-No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) / On The Radio (12", Promo)(Casablanca Records)
Donnell Rush-Symphony (12")(ID Records)
Doolally-Straight From The Heart (12")(Locked On,XL Recordings)
Doolally-Straight From The Heart (12")(Locked On,XL Recordings)
Doom (5)-Shake Your Body Down (12")(Profile Records)
Dope Skillz-Tighten Up / Blocked (12")(True Playaz)
Dorian Max Mathis-Südsee (12")(Mainrecords.Ltd)
Doris Jones-No Way Out (12")(United Artists Records)
Doris Jones-No Way Out (12")(United Artists Records)
Doris Jones-No Way Out (12")(United Artists Records)
Dose, The-My Bi*ch Is Funky EP (12", EP)(Fumakilla)
Double DeeFeaturingDanny* -Found Love (Hank Scorpio Remix) (12", S/Sided, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Hank Scorpio Remix Series))
Double Discovery-Can He Find Another One? (12")(Polydor)
Double Entente-New Dance (12")(Columbia,Columbia)
Double Entente-Sleeping Dogs Lie (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Double Entente-Sleeping Dogs Lie (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Double Exposure-Ten Per Cent (12", Ltd)(Salsoul Records)
Double Exposure-Ten Percent / My Love Is Free (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Double Impact (3)-Arrivederci Ciao Ciao (12")(Polydor)
Double RC-Player In Love (12")(Dance Pool,Sony Music Entertainment (Germany))
Double X-A:LIVE (2xLP)(Kanzleramt)
Doug Laurent-Half-Life (12")(synSONIQ Records)
Doug Lazy-Can't Hold Back (U No) (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Down Low-Moonlight (12")(K-Town Records)
Down Low-Potion (12")(K-Town Records)
Downtown Science-Room To Breathe (12")(Def Jam Recordings)
Doz&Mocca-The Engine (12")(Nouveau Niveau)
D'Pac-Took Me 4 Granted (12")(Crash Records (2))
Dr Kucho* vs.SOS Band* -Just Be Good To Me (12", S/Sided, Promo)(Spinnin' Records)
DR' S, The-Black Lady (12")(Epic)
Dr. Alban-It's My Life (12")(Arista)
Dr. America-1990 / Time Stood Still (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band-James Monroe H.S. Presents Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band Goes To Washington (LP)(Elektra)
Dr. Dred & Spliff Shady-Dirty Silver (Let's Get Dirty) / Spliff Party 1200 (12")(Red Rock Test)
Dr. Freshh-Roxann's Doctor - The Real Man (12", Promo)(Zakia Records)
Dr. Hook-Clyde / When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman (12", Maxi)(Capitol Records)
Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto-Can't Stop Playing (12")(Lickin' Records)
Drake Dehlen-Gattaca EP (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Ctrl C)
Dramatics, The-Ready 4 Love / Just A Little Bit (12", Promo)(Volt)
Dramatics, The-The Dramatic Way (LP, Album)(MCA Records)
Drax (2)-Blue Sun / Scanners (12")(INCtraxx)
Drax Ltd II* -Amphetamine (12")(Acalwan)
Dream Express (2)-Midnight Dream (12")(MCA Records)
Dream FrequencyFeaturingDebbie Sharp-Take Me (12")(City Beat)
Dreamesque-Runaway (12", S/Sided, Ltd)(EDM Trance)
Dreams Unlimited-Dance (12")(Irma CasaDiPrimordine)
Drexciya-Untitled (12", Ltd)(Clone)
Driftwood-Freeloader (The Remixes) (12")(RR Records)
Drill, The (2)-The Drill (12")(Alphabet City)
Drill, The (2)-The Drill (12")(Electron Records)
Droid-Kapri Porn (12")(Dance Pollution)
Dru Down-Baby Bubba (12", Promo)(Relativity)
Dru Hill-How Deep Is Your Love (12", Promo)(Def Jam Recordings)
Drum Guru* -12 am (12")(Trackdown Records)
Drumatic (3)-Wrong Means Right / The Specialist (12")(Phunkfiction Recordings)
Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith* -Time To Burn / Barcode (12")(Citrus Recordings)
Dry Halleys, The-At The Day Of Anger (12", Cle)(Überschall Records)
D'Stephanie-If We... (12")(Realbasic Tracks)
D-Train-Music (12")(Jupiter Records)
D-Train-Music (LP, Album)(Prelude Records)
D-Tune (8)-Burn It Up (12")(Andorfine)
D-Tune (8)-Kingz Of The Music (12")(Andorfine,Andorfine)
Dub Collective-The Head EP Vol. 1 (12")(Cyclotron)
Dub Cord-Untitled (12")(Future Dub)
Dub Cord-Untitled (12")(Future Dub)
Dub Deluxe-Rock Da Floor (12")(Vendetta Records)
Dub Deluxe-Rock Da Floor (12")(Vendetta Records)
Dub Foundation-E-ffective (12")(iT Records)
Dub Pistols-There's Gonna Be A Riot (12", Promo)(Concrete)
Dub Squad-Enemy Or Friend (12")(NS-Com)
Dub Taylor-Handsteps EP (12", EP)(Morris / Audio)
Dub Taylor&Vital-Your Soul (12")(Force Tracks)
Dubious-Done Did It (12")(Bear Funk)
Dubstar/Mille & Hr. Hirsch* -Take My Hand / Push You (12")(Playhouse)
Dubtribe Sound System-Autosoul (12")(Defected)
Duces Wild-Gimmick (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Dude (2)-Moneyrunner (12")(MCA Records)
Duffy-Steppin Stones / Mercy (12")(Not On Label)
Duffy-Steppin Stones / Mercy (12")(Not On Label)
Dukestar&Brisby* -Discotex / Pounder (12")(Attention! Music Recordings)
DuMonde-God Music (12", Promo)(Superstar Recordings)
Dumonde-Just Feel Free_V2 (12")(Stereophonic,BMG)
Duncan Browne-The Wild Places (12", Ltd)(Metronome)
Duncan Sisters, The* -Boys Will Be Boys / Rock Along Slowly (12", S/Sided, Promo)(Earmarc Records)
Duncan Sisters, The* -Boys Will Be Boys / Rock Along Slowly (12", S/Sided, Promo)(Earmarc Records)
Duncan Sisters, The* -Sadness In My Eyes / Outside Love (12", Promo)(Earmarc Records)
Dune (3)-Electric Heaven (12", Maxi, Red)(Orbit Records,Orbit Records)
Dune (4)-Boomerang (12")(Rip Records)
Duoteque/Maximilian Skiba-Tuning 04 (12")(Boxer Recordings)
Duptribe-To The Power Of Two (12", Ltd, Whi)(Hilltribe)
Duptribe-To The Power Of Two (12", Ltd, Whi)(Hilltribe)
Duran Duran-Master Mixes (2x12", S/Sided, Ltd, Gat)(Capitol Records,Capitol Records)
Duran Duran-The Presidential Suite: "Meet El Presidente" (12", Promo)(Capitol Records,Capitol Records)
Duran Duran-Union Of The Snake (12")(Capitol Records)
Dusk (2)-Why? (12")(DNS Recordings)
Dust Man-King Of The Ghetto (12")(ZYX Records)
Dusted-Always Remember To Respect And Honour Your Mother - Part One (12")(Go! Beat)
Dustin Zahn-This Pain (12")(Live Wire Records)
Dusty Springfield-Arrested By You (12")(EMI)
Dutch Masters (2)-Take Some / Humper (12")(Dutch Master Works)
D-Vided-So High (12")(Blutonium Records)
Dwight Trible&Life Force Trio, The-Equipoise (12")(Ninja Tune)
Dynamic & Landen-Nasty Trick (12")(MD Productions)
Dynamic Breakers-Kim (12", Promo)(Sunnyview Records)
Dynarec-Yellow Trigger EP (12", EP)(Southern Outpost)
Dynasty-Love In The Fast Lane (12", Promo)(Solar)
Dynasty-Satisfied (12")(Unidisc)
Dynasty-Your Piece Of The Rock (12", Promo)(Solar)
E&E* -Rhapsody (12")(BMG,Stereophonic)
E. St. James-Fire In Your Eyes (12")(Raz M' Taz)
E.T. (8)-Hurt Me With Your Love (12")(Posse Records)
E.U.-Buck Wild (12")(Virgin)
E.U.-Da Butt (12'' Single Mixes) (12", Single)(EMI-Manhattan Records)
E.Y.C.-Feelin' Alright (12")(MCA Records)
E8* -Squawk (12")(Marguerita Recordings)
Eargear-Panatlantic (Remixes) (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Earlene BentleyfeaturingSylvester-Stargazing (12")(Record Shack Records)
Earons, The-Land Of Hunger (12")(Ariola)
Earons, The-Land Of Hunger (12")(Ariola)
Earth, Wind & Fire-For The Love Of You (12")(Columbia)
Earth, Wind & Fire-I've Had Enough (12")(CBS)
Earth, Wind & Fire-System Of Survival (12", Maxi)(CBS)
Easy Changes-Magic Tunes EP (12", EP)(Foundsound)
Easy Pieces-(You're My) Heaven (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Ebon-E-Pride & Joy (12")(Digidance)
Ebonee Webb-Too Hot To Be Cool (12")(Capitol Records)
Echo & The Bunnymen-Bedbugs And Ballyhoo (12", Promo)(Sire Records Company)
Echoboy-Turning On (Remixes) (2x12", Ltd)(Mute Records Ltd.)
Eclec Sonde & Cat Shaver-TroubleIsMyBusiness (12")(Incase Recordings)
Eclec Sonde & Cat Shaver-TroubleIsMyBusiness (12")(Incase Recordings)
Eclec Sonde & Cat Shaver-TroubleIsMyBusiness (12")(Incase Recordings)
ECT* -Junk Odyssey (12")(Carbon Recordings)
Ed Case-Good Times (12")(Sony Music Entertainment (UK))
Ed Luis&Santiago-Dance On (12")(Balance Music)
Ed Royal/Enne* -Born To Funk EP (12")(Innvision Records)
Ed Smit-The DJ Single Connection (12")(Break Records)
Eddie - "D"* -Backstabbin' (12", Promo)(Philly World Records,Philly World Records)
Eddie Amador-Rise (Remixes) (2x12")(Yoshitoshi Recordings)
Eddie Johns-I Put A Spell On You / High In The Sky (12")(Private Stock)
Eddie Johns-I Put A Spell On You / High In The Sky (12")(Private Stock)
Eddie Larkins-So Lovely (12")(69 Records (Germany),69 Records (Germany))
Eddie ThoneickFeat.Berget Lewis-Forgiveness (12")(Kontor Records)
Eddy Grant-Boys In The Street (12", Maxi)(Portrait)
Eddy Grant-Do You Feel My Love? (12", Maxi)(Intercord Tonträger GmbH,ICE)
Eddy Grant-Gimme Hope Jo'Anna (12")(Enigma Records (3))
Eddy Grant-Living On The Frontline (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
Edelweiss-Bring Me Edelweiss (12")(Atlantic)
EDMX-Pent Up EP (12", EP)(Nitsa Recordings)
Edwin Birdsong-Lollipop (12", Promo)(Philadelphia International Records)
Edwin Birdsong/Instant Funk-Rapper Dapper Snapper / I Got My Mind Made Up (12")(Salsoul Records,Unidisc)
Edwin Starr-H.A.P.P.Y. Radio (Vinyl, Maxi)(20th Century Records,Phonogram)
Edwin Starr-Marvin (12")(Streetwave)
Edwin Starr-Tell-A-Star (12", Promo)(20th Century Fox Records)
EDX & Leon Klein-Gonna Catch You Remixes (12")(Energetic Records)
Ege Bam YasiWithFiniflex-I Want More (12")(Finiflex)
Egohead Deluxe-Turn The Lights Off (12")(Attention! Music Recordings)
Egohead Deluxe-Turn The Lights Off (12")(Attention! Music Recordings)
Eiffel 65-Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Remix) (12")(Blanco Y Negro (2))
Eiffel 65-Move Your Body (12", Maxi, Whi)(Logic Records)
Eigenart-Solo One (12")(Rabbit City Records)
Eilmes & Kohlbecker-Tabasco (12")(Dreielf)
Einzelkind-Creative Spambot (12")(Playhouse)
Einzelkindvs.Meat-Words From The Frontline (12")(Get Physical Music)
Eiterherd-5 Finger Hat Die Hand Mit 5 Packst Du Den Feind! (7", Ltd, Red)(Silent Revolution Records)
El Coco-Coco Kane (12", Promo)(AVI Records)
El DeBarge-Another Chance (12", Promo)(Warner Bros. Records)
El DeBarge-My Heart Belongs To You (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
El DeBarge-Who's Johnny ("Short Circuit" Theme) (12", Maxi)(Gordy)
El DeBargeWithDeBarge-The Heart Is Not So Smart (12", Promo)(Gordy)
El Medico* -Chupa Chupa (12")(Topaz Records,WEA Records)
El Rojo Alma-Amelia (12")(Playmore Music)
Eleanor Grant-(I Am Ready) Sexual Healing (12")(Catawba Records)
Eleanor Grant-Name Your Game (12", Promo)(Catawba Records)
Eleanor* -Adventure (12")(Columbia)
Eleanor* -Adventure (12")(Compost Records)
Electric Poison-Infected By The Party (12")(Electronic)
Electric Soul (2)-Wateva... / Je Me Souviens (12")(People)
Electric Tease-Tear It Up (12")(Automatic Records (2))
Electro Headz-Out Of Asia (12")(Kickin Records)
Electro Peaks-Electro Peaks 001 (12", S/Sided)(Electro Peaks)
Electroid-France Electronique (12")(Drehstrom,Drehstrom)
Electronic-Get The Message (12", Single)(Virgin,Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Electroteam-Electricity (12")(Schallstadt)
E-Legal (2)-Infiltrator E.P. (12", EP)(John Doe Records)
Elektrochemie LK-Boogaloo / Action Hero (12", Ltd)(Massive!)
Elektrochemie LK-Come Right On Time LP (2xLP)(Leaded)
Elektrochemie LKFeat.Caitlin Devlin-Sweet Darling (12")(Leaded)
Eleven (2)-I Wanna Fuck U (12")(UDP Happy)
Eleven (8)-New York Groove (12")(WEA Musik GmbH)
Eleven (8)-New York Groove (12")(WEA Musik GmbH)
Eleven (8)-New York Groove (12")(WEA Musik GmbH)
Eli's Second Coming-Hop-Scotch / Foxfire (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
Elite Superstars-Break / Favelas (12")(KarateMusik)
Ella Brooks-It's Easy When You're On Fire (12")(QMI Music)
Ellis Hall Jr.-Every Little Bit Hurts / Back It Up Again (Try It Again) (12", Promo)(Houston Connection Recording Corporation)
Ellis, Beggs & Howard-Big Bubbles, No Troubles (12")(RCA)
Eloise Whitaker-Don't Turn Your Back On Love (12")(Destiny Records)
Eloy-Wings Of Vision (12", Maxi)(Harvest,EMI Electrola)
Elsa (2)-T'En Vas Pas (12", Maxi)(Carrere)
Elton John-The Thom Bell Sessions (12")(MCA Records)
Elton John-The Thom Bell Sessions (12")(MCA Records)
Elton John-Wrap Her Up (12", Promo)(Geffen Records)
Elton John/Millie Jackson-Act Of War (12")(The Rocket Record Company)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions-Armed Forces (LP, Album)(Columbia)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions-Everyday I Write The Book (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Elwood Blues RevueFeaturingWilson Pickett-Land Of A Thousand Dances (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Emanon (2)-Fresh Beats (12")(Pow Wow Records)
Embargo* -Scream (12")(Dropout)
Emill De Moreu,TactiK&Danito-La Oliva EP. (12", EP)(Tapas Recordings)
Emojonal-Silence Of Water EP (12", EP)(Container Records Hamburg)
Emotif Cru-Volume 1 (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(International Breakbeat Inc.)
EmSlice vs. Denga-Feel So Good (12")(Fiberglas Records)
Enchantment-Feel Like Dancin' (12", Promo)(Prelude Records)
Endgames-Love Cares (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Endgames-Waiting For Another Chance / Universe (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Enerdizer&Tron (4)-Funky Bastardz (12")(Andorfine,Andorfine)
Enie* -Baby Elephant Walk (Eat That Beat) (12", Red)(Akropolis Musik & Film GmbH)
Enigma-Sadeness Part I (12")(Virgin)
Enigma-The Eyes Of Truth (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Enigma-The Eyes Of Truth (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Ennio Morricone-Remixes Volume 1 Sampler (12")(Compost Records)
Enterplay-Water & Dust Sampler 01 (12")(Arm Records)
Entity Squad-Feel 4 U (12")(Funksta)
Entouch (2)-II Hype (12")(Elektra)
Epoch-Codebox EP (12", EP)(Surface)
Epoch-Codebox EP (12", EP)(Surface)
Epsilon-Christ As Bath Toy (12")(Bloody Fist Records)
EQ (4)-Let's Make A Move (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Eramis-Nasty (12")(Washington Hit Makers)
Eramus Hall-Checkin You, Checkin Yourself Out (12")(Capitol Records)
Eramus Hall-I Can't Keep My Head (I Always Lose It To You) (12")(Capitol Records)
Eramus Hall-I Can't Keep My Head (I Always Lose It To You) (12", Maxi)(Capitol Records)
Eramus Hall-I Can't Keep My Head (I Always Lose It To You) (12", Maxi)(Capitol Records)
Erasure-It Doesn't Have To Be (12")(Indisc)
Erasure-Rain Plus (12", Promo)(Mute Records Ltd.)
Erasure-Run To The Sun (12", Promo)(Mute Records Ltd.)
Erasure-Sometimes (Shiver Mix) (12")(Intercord Tonträger GmbH)
Erasure-Victim Of Love (12", Maxi)(Sire Records Company,Sire Records Company)
Erasure-Who Needs Love Like That (12", Maxi)(Sire,Sire)
Eria Fachin-Savin' Myself (12")(Critique)
Eric Clapton-It's In The Way That You Use It (7", Single)(Warner Bros. Records)
Eric ClaptonwithTina Turner-Tearing Us Apart / Hold On / Run (Live) (12")(Duck Records (2),Warner Bros. Records,Warner Bros. Records)
Eric Entrena-I Can Feel It (12")(Toro)
Eric Entrena&RPO* -Seduction (12")(Toro)
Eric Gale-I Know That's Right / We'll Make It (Sooner Or Later) (12", Promo)(Elektra Musician)
Eric Krakeroy-Union Carbide (12")(SYL:LABEL)
Eric PrydzvAlex M.O.R.P.H* -Call On Me vs. Unification (12", Unofficial)(Not On Label (Eric Prydz),Not On Label (Alex M.O.R.P.H.))
Eric PrydzVs.Blaze-Pjanoo Vs. Most Precious Love (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Not On Label (Eric Prydz),Not On Label (Blaze))
Eric Sneo-Mantra (12")(Le Petit Prince)
Erik (2)-We Got The Love (Loveland Meets Paul Gotel) (2x12")(PWL International)
Erika (14)-Shake! (East And West) (12")(Dice Records)
Erika (14)-Shake! (East And West) (12")(Dice Records)
Ernest Kohl-Bad To Be Good (12")(Dice Records)
Ernest Køhl* -Sooner Or Later (Extended Dance Mix) (12")(Dice Records)
Ernesto Ferreyra-Éxodo EP (12", EP, W/Lbl, Promo)(Cynosure)
Ernesto vs. Bastian-Dark Side Of The Moon (Remixes) (12")(High Contrast Recordings (2))
Erotic Drum Band-Love Disco Style / Jerky Rhythm (12")(Scope (2))
Erotic Exotic-L.O.V.E. (12")(Joey Boy Records)
Erotic Exotic-L.O.V.E. (12", Single, Promo)(Atlantic)
Errol Brown-Body Rockin' (12")(WEA International Inc.)
Errol Moore-Never Lock Me Out (12", Promo)(Epic)
Error Error-The End Of The Day (12")(Sender Records)
Escape Club, The-Wild Wild West (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
E-Smoove-Let The Music Move You (12")(Eclectik Recordings)
E-Smoovevs.Ron Carroll-Take Me Up (12")(Body Music)
Essence-Keep On Groovin' (12")(Salinas Recordings)
Essential DJ-Team-Bad Boyz (12")(Unsubmissive Records)
Estelle Feat. Kanye West-American Boy (12")(Atlantic)
Estelle-1980 (12")(V2 Records, Inc.)
EstelleFt.Cecile* -Tek It Off (12", Single)(Stellarents,True?)
Eternal (2)-So Good - House Promo (12", Promo)(EMI)
Eternal Life-Afrodisiac (12")(Apache Music France)
Eternal Sun-Afro-Swyped (12")(Wave Music)
Etienne De Crecy* -Prix Choc Remixes Vol. 2 (12")(Disques Solid)
Etta Cameron-You Gotta Move (12", Maxi, Ltd)(Barclay)
Eugene Wilde-Chey Chey Kulé (12")(Philly World Records)
Euphoria (13)-Thought Control / Chaos Rave (12")(Destination Recordings)
Euro-K-Wild Thing (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Europeans-The Animal Song (12")(A&M Records)
Eusebe-Summertime Healing (12", Promo)(Mama's Yard Collective)
Evan Rogers-Hold On (12", Promo)(RCA)
Evanti-Unleash The Essence (12")(StraightOn Black)
Evasions, The-Wikka Wrap 2 / And The Beat Goes On (12")(Chrysalis)
Evelyn "Champagne" King* -Day To Day (12", Maxi)(EMI USA)
Evelyn "Champagne" King* -Slow Down (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Evelyn Champagne King* -Flirt (12")(EMI-Manhattan Records,EMI-Manhattan Records)
Evermorevs.Dirty South (2)-It's Too Late (Ride On) (Part 1) (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Evermorevs.Dirty South (2)-It's Too Late (Ride On) (Part 1) (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Everyday People (5)-Headline News (12")(SBK Records)
Evil AngelFeat.Kym Marsh-Today (12")(90 Degrees North Special Edition)
Evil C & The Hustler-Rewind (12")(
Evil Nine-Crooked (12", Maxi)(Marine Parade)
Evon Geffries & The Stand* -Stand And Deliver / Sax With A Stranger (12")(Atlantic)
Exception-Slap You Back (12")(Rush Records)
Exploited, The-Archive4 (12", EP, Ltd)(Castle Communications)
Express Of Sound-Everybody To The Sound (12")(Mantra Vibes)
Ex-Sample-And So It Goes (12")(Wide Angle)
Ex-Sample-Make Your Move (12")(Wide Angle)
Extrabreit-Flieger, Grüss Mir Die Sonne Remix 90 (12")(Metronome)
Extrabreit-Flieger, Grüss Mir Die Sonne Remix 90 (12")(Metronome)
Extrabreit-Hurra, Hurra, Die Schule Brennt Remix 90 (12", Maxi)(Metronome)
Extrabreit-Joachim Muss Härter Werden (12")(EastWest Records GmbH)
Extrawelt-Titelheld (12")(Cocoon Recordings)
Eyerer & Chopstick-Get Alive! (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
Eyerer & Chopstick-Get Alive! (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
Eyerer* vs.Koletzki* -Granulum / Nimbus (12")(Kickboxer)
Eyes On Fire-Mama Don't Know / Jumping Jack (12", Maxi, Ltd)(CBS)
E-Z Rollers-Believe / Rolled Into One (The Remixes) (12")(Moving Shadow)
Eze "T"*,(D.J) Dazz* -Kicking Butts (12")(Force Groove Records)
E-Zee PosseeFeaturingDr. Mouthquake-Love On Love (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
F & K* -Die Mit Dem Roten Halsband (12", W/Lbl, S/Sided)(Not On Label)
F System-Into The Blue 2005 (12")(Not On Label)
F.eared B.lack I.ndividuals-Wild West (12", Maxi)(Coconut)
F.L.G.* -Amplifier / Pink Bird (12")(Toolroom Records)
F.L.G.* -Big Funk / Nonstopbodyrock! (12")(Work Records)
F.P.I. Project* -Rich In Paradise (Remix) (12")(ZYX Records)
F.U.-Stomp! (12")(Empire State Records)
Fabio MC-Mimic (12")(BXR)
Fabio-Liquid Funk Vol 2 (3x12", Comp)(Creative Source)
Fabrice K-Higher (12")(Blink Records)
Fabulous Poptarts (the)-New York City Beat (LP)(Baby Beck Records, Inc.,Personal Records Inc.)
Fachmann-Fachmann 05 (12")(Fachmann Tonträger)
Fachmann-Fachmann 06 (12")(Fachmann Tonträger)
Faction, The-Leben Und Sterben (12")(Funkhaus Music)
Facts & FictionfeaturingJérome (3)-Love Game (12", Maxi)(ZYX Records)
Fade 2 Blackfeat.Cynthia Hemingway-Streets Of London (12")(K-Town Records)
Fafa MontecoPresentsJuan Magan-Logical Progression (12")(Hypnotic Music)
Fairmont-All Dreams Are Nightmares (12")(Areal Records)
Fairmont-Flight Of The Albatross (12")(Border Community)
Fairmont-Gazebo (The Anthony Rother Remix) (12")(BigCityBeats)
Faithless-God Is A DJ (Remix) (2x12", Promo)(Arista)
Falco-Data De Groove (12", Single)(TELDEC)
Falco-Wiener Blut (12", Promo)(Sire Records Company)
Family Affair-You Can't Fight The Love / Lovey Love (12", Promo)(RCA)
Family Dream-Rescue Me (12", Promo)(Motown)
Family Dream-Rescue Me (12", Promo)(Motown)
Family Stand, The-Ghetto Heaven (12")(Atlantic)
Fancy-China Blue (12")(Metronome)
Fancy-L.A.D.Y O. (12", Maxi)(Metronome)
Fancy-L.A.D.Y O. (12", Maxi)(Metronome)
Fancy-Latin Fire (12", Maxi)(Metronome)
Fantastic 4-On The Strip (12")(Boombastic)
Fantasy (2)-(Hey Who's Gotta) Funky Song (12")(Pavillion)
Fantasy (2)-He's Number One (12")(Spring Records)
Fantasy's Dream-Vacation (12", Promo)(Sweet Mountain Records)
Fantom (3)-Wooly Bully / Bailar (Medley) (12", Promo)(Coast To Coast (2))
Fantom-Faithfull (12")(Source Records (FR))
Far Corporation-Fire And Water (Special Club Mix) (12")(IMP)
Far Corporation-Stairway To Heaven (12")(IMP,IMP)
Farley "Jackmaster" FunkFeaturingDarryl Pandy-Love Can't Turn Around (12")(4 Liberty Records Ltd)
Farolfi&Gambafreaksvs.Moloko-A Style Suite (12")(24 Records)
Farolfi&Gambafreaksvs.Moloko-A Style Suite (12")(Kontor Records)
Fascination-Don't You Think It's Time (12", Promo)(Vinylmania)
Fashion-Eye Talk (Mutant Version) (12", Single, Promo)(Epic)
Fashion-Move On (12", Promo)(Arista)
Fast Eddie* -Acid Thunder (12")(Retro House Classics)
Fat Boys-Falling In Love (12")(Polydor)
Fat Boys-The Twist (12", Single)(Tin Pan Apple,Urban (2),Polydor)
Fat Boys-The Twist (12", Single)(Tin Pan Apple,Urban (2),Polydor)
Fat Larry's Band-Golden Moment (12")(WMOT Records,Virgin)
Fat Larry's Band-Golden Moment (12")(WMOT Records,Virgin)
Fat Larry's Band-Stand Up (12")(Fantasy)
Fat Larry's Band-Stubborn Kind Of Fellow / Changes (12")(Virgin)
Fat Larry's Band-Zoom / Act Like You Know (12")(Metronome)
Fatback Band, The-Spanish Hustle (12")(BKO Productions Ltd.)
Fatback* -All-Nite Party (12")(Start Records (3))
Fatboy Slim-Sunset (Bird Of Prey) (Darren Emerson Remix) (12", S/Sided, Promo)(Skint Records)
Fats Comet & The Big Sound* -Bop Bop (12")(World Records)
Faze Action-In The Trees (12")(Juno Records)
FDR (2)-Somebody Stole My Mouse (12", Promo)(Fantasy)
Fedde Le Grand-Get This Feeling (12", S/Sided)(Kontor Records)
Fedde Le Grand-Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (12")(Kontor Records)
Fedde Le Grand-Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Remixes) (12")(Data Records)
Federal Hill-There's Got To Be A Way (12")(Sub-Urban)
Federico Molinari-Chucking Express (12")(Love Letters From Oslo)
FedericoandMarrakech Orchestra-Banana (12")(Delta (Italy))
Fehlfarben-Agenten In Raucherkinos (12")(Welt-Rekord)
Felix & Jarvis-Make It Rise (12")(Quality Records Ltd.)
Felix Da Housecat-Thee Anthem (12")(Pryda Friends)
Felix Rennefeld-The Max (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
Femi BFeat.Gary Bardouille-U R On My Mind (12")(Ultra Vinyl)
Fenderella* -A Wild And Crazzy Song (12")(T.K. Disco)
Fenderella* -A Wild And Crazzy Song (12")(T.K. Disco)
Fenin-Breakin / A Try Mixes (12")(Shitkatapult)
Feos* /Miroir* -Rezolution / Tria (12", Ltd, W/Lbl)(Level Non Zero)
Ferenc-Yes Sir, I Can Hardcore (12")(Kompakt)
Fergie-Ken The Men (Excentric EP: Volume 1) (12", EP)(Punch Funk Records)
Fern Kinney-Groove Me / Let's Keep It Right There (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
Fern Kinney-I'm Ready For Your Love / Boogie Box (12")(Malaco Records)
Fernet & Branco-Best Of (12", W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Ferri Borbás-Live At (12")(Autist)
Ferro-Redes Privadas Virtuales (12")(Danza Electrònica)
Ferry Corsten-Punk (12")(Tsunami)
Fettes Brot-Da Draussen (12")(Yo Mama's Recording)
Fettes BrotMitModeselektor-Bettina (Zieh Dir Bitte Etwas An) (12")(Fettes Brot Schallplatten (FBS),Indigo (2))
Fettes BrotMitModeselektor-Bettina (Zieh Dir Bitte Etwas An) (12")(Fettes Brot Schallplatten (FBS),Indigo (2))
Fever (3)-Beat Of The Night / Pump It Up (12")(Bellaphon)
Fever (3)-Beat Of The Night / Pump It Up (12")(Bellaphon)
Fever (3)-Standing In The Shadows Of Love (12", Yel)(Bellaphon)
Few Boys-Secret Times (12")(Westside Music)
Fields Of The Nephilim-Moonchild (Longevity) (12")(Situation Two)
Fifth Element-Stone Cold Part 2 (12")(Architecture)
Fifty Hertz-Get Up (12")(Out)
File 13-Party Line (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Filewile-Filewile Remixed (12")(Wankdorf Recordings)
Filta Freekz, The-Juicy Kisses / Good Time (12")(4th Floor Records)
Filterheadz-The One Who Got Caught (12")(Pitch Black)
Filur-I Want You (12")(Kontor Records)
Filur-I Want You (12")(Kontor Records)
Final Fantasy-The Sound Of The Atom Splitting (12")(Suck Me Plasma)
Fine Young Cannibals-Ever Fallen In Love (12")(Metronome)
Fine Young Cannibals-Funny How Love Is (12")(Metronome)
Fine Young Cannibals-She Drives Me Crazy (12", Maxi)(Metronome,London Records)
Fine Young Cannibals-She Drives Me Crazy (12", Maxi)(Metronome,London Records)
Finger & Kadel-Ihr Seid Doch Krank (12", S/Sided)(Gimme 5)
Fingertapp-You Can't Talk About Love (12")(EastWest)
Fingerwave Dave-Fingerwave Dave (12")(Pow Wow Records)
Finished Touch-The Down Sound / Need To Know You Better (12", Single)(Motown)
Fiorello-Azzurro (12", Promo, TP)(Rise)
Fire & Ice-Outer Space (12")(Bonzai Trance Germany)
Fire House-House On Fire (12")(Loose Leaf Records)
Fire Island-White Powder Dreams (12")(Junior Boy's Own)
Fire On Blonde-Bounce Back (12")(Spinn Records)
Fire On Blonde-Bounce Back (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Fireflies&Alexandra Prince-I Can't Get Enough (12")(Rise)
Fireflower (2)-Don't Let It Slip / If I Had The Chance (12", Single)(Luv Trax Records)
Firefly (2)-Stay (12", Promo)(Emergency Records)
First Choice-Doctor Love (Special Remix) (12")(Rams Horn Records)
First Choice-Hold Your Horses (12")(Rams Horn Records)
First Choice-Hold Your Horses (12")(Rams Horn Records)
First Choice-Hold Your Horses (12")(Rams Horn Records)
First Choice-Hold Your Horses (12")(RCA)
First Choice-The First Choice Medley (A Special Remixed Disconet Version) (12", Single, S/Sided, Mixed)(Rams Horn Records)
First Love-Don't Say Goodnight / Love Me Today (12")(Dakar Records)
Fischerspooner-Danse En France (12")(Kitsuné Music)
Fischerspooner-The 15th (12", Promo)(FS Studios)
Fish-Big Wedge (12" Extended Version) (12")(EMI)
Fish-Internal Exile (12")(Polydor)
Fish-Internal Exile (12")(Polydor)
Fish-State Of Mind (12")(EMI)
Fish-State Of Mind (12")(EMI)
Fishbone-Party At Ground Zero (12")(Columbia)
Fishguard-Dragrope (12")(Sheer Recordings)
Fishguard-Sleeper (12")(Sheer Recordings)
Fisk-Dirt (12")(Koba Records)
Fit, The-Just Havin' Fun (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Five Star-Can't Wait Another Minute (12")(RCA Victor)
Five Star-There's A Brand New World (12", Maxi)(RCA)
Fixx, The-Secret Separation (12")(MCA Records)
Fladenbrot-Was Guckst Du Lan? (Machste Korrekte Däschnobass) (12", Promo)(Flash! Records)
Flamingo-Come To Me (Tonight) (12")(Wow)
Flammable-Steppin To The Sound (12")(Hard Hands)
Flash And The Pan* -Waiting For A Train (12", Promo)(Epic)
Flashback-Black Betty (12")(4 Fingers)
Flat Mode-Play This Game (12")(Electrade)
Flat Pack-Sweet Child O' Mine (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Flatner* &Sloop-The Black Agenda (12")(BEV Music)
Flavio RagopresentsCafé Society (2)-We Got Love (12")(Strictly Rhythm)
Fleetwood Mac-Family Man (12", Maxi)(Warner Bros. Records,WEA Musik GmbH)
Fleetwood Mac-Seven Wonders (Extended Remix) (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Fleetwood Mac-Tusk / Never Make Me Cry (12", Promo, Mono)(Warner Bros. Records)
Flex (13)-Sweet Thing (12")(Pimento)
Flip Da Scrip-Throw Ya Hands In The Air '95 (12", Promo)(Nightown Records)
Flirtations, The-Earthquake (12")(D&D Records Inc.)
Flirts, The-A Thing Called Love (12")(Popular Records)
Flirts, The-Boy Crazy (12")("O" Records)
Flirts, The-Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime) / Passion (12")("O" Records)
Flirts, The-Passion (12")(Unidisc)
Flirts, The-Passion (Special R.E.M.I.X.E.D. Disco Version) (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Floaters, The-Levitation (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
Floaters, The-You Don't Have To Say You Love Me / Float On (12")(ABC Records)
Floorkiller-Dancefloorkiller (12")(House Nation)
Florian Schmidle-Feelings (12")(Paradox Music (2))
Florintintin* -Lapbop (LP)(This Is Not A Dub Recording)
Flower (2)-Are You Mad Enough (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Flower (2)-Strike While The Iron Is Hot (12", Promo)(Montage Records)
Fluid (10)-Das Noize 2 (12")(Ibrid)
Flybaby-You Must Admit '99 (12")(Formaldehyd)
Focus (8)-Zero In July (12")(EMI America)
Fokker-Gel Song (Kleine Melodie) (12", Promo)(Universal)
Fonzi Thornton-A Natural (Yesirree) (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Foo Fighters-This Is A Call (12", Single, Ltd, Lum)(Roswell Records,Roswell Records)
Force (4)-In The Heat Of The Night (12", Promo)(Becket Records)
Force M.D.'s* -Deep Check (12")(Tommy Boy Music)
Foreal People-Discotizer (12")(Z Records)
Foreigner-Reaction To Action (12")(Atlantic)
Forkman-Armin / Bush Booby (12")(EDM)
Forrest-Rock The Boat (12")(Ariola,Dance Records)
Forrest-She's So Free (12")(CBS Grammofoonplaten BV)
Forrest-Valerie (12", Maxi)(CBS Grammofoonplaten BV)
Fortran 5-Persian Blues (12")(Mute Records Ltd.)
Foster & McElroy-FM² (LP)(Atlantic)
Four Carry Nuts-Bausubstanz (12")(Aurinko Records)
Four Tops-Indestructible (12")(Arista)
Foxy-Get Off / Tena's Song (12")(T.K. Disco)
Foxy-Headhunter / Lady Of The Streets (12")(T.K. Disco)
Foxy-Let's Love / People Fall In Love (While Dancing) (12")(T.K. Disco)
Foxy-Let's Love / People Fall In Love (While Dancing) (12")(T.K. Disco)
Foxy-Party Boys (12", Maxi)(T.K. Disco)
Foxy-Party Boys (12", Maxi)(T.K. Disco)
Foxy-RRRRRRock / Devil Boogie (12")(T.K. Disco)
Foxy-RRRRRRock / Devil Boogie (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
Foxy-The Way You Do The Things You Do (12")(T.K. Disco)
Foxy-The Way You Do The Things You Do (12")(T.K. Disco)
FPU-Racer Car (12")(Turbo)
F-R David* -Words (LP, Album)(Carrere)
Fra Lippo Lippi-Every Time I See You (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
France Joli-Blue Eyed Technology (12", Promo)(Epic)
Franchise (3)-Inside Out (12")(Panoramic Records South)
Franck Keller JuniorPresentsEdouard De Tricasse,Silver (4), AndK.* -Hollywood Is Burning (12")(KLR Records)
François K* -FK-EP (The Remixes) (2x12", EP)(Open)
Frank Hunter-Act (12")(ZET)
Frank Hunter-Visons of Detriment (12")(Mono)
Frank Laverne-System Shock (12")(Andorfine)
Frank Leicher-Lazy Weather EP (12", EP)(Einmaleins Musik)
Frank Mauz-AfricanOpera (12")(Incase Recordings)
Frank Styles-Report (12", W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Frank Styles-Report (12", W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Frank Styles-Report (12", W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Frank Ti-AyaFeat.Yardi Don-One Love, World Love (12")(Kontor Records)
Frank Yentner-Brot & Spiele (12")(Neue Heimat)
Frank Yentner-Brot & Spiele (12")(Neue Heimat)
Franke & The Knockouts-Outrageous (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
Frankie Bones-House Special EP (12")(Urban Substance Records)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Relax - The Second Coming (2x12", Promo)(ZTT)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Welcome To The Pleasuredome (12")(ZTT)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Welcome To The Pleasuredome (12")(ZTT,ZTT)
Frankie Knuckles-It's Hard Sometime (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Frankie Miller-I'd Lie To You For Your Love (12", Promo)(Mercury)
Frankie Smith-The Auction (12", Promo)(WMOT Records)
Frankie Smith-The Auction (12", Promo)(WMOT Records)
Frankie Valentine-Marinheiro So (12")(Sunshine Enterprises)
Franky B.-Life's For Living (12")(Mental Madness)
Fräuleinwunder-The Vinyl Variations (12")(Universal Jazz (Germany))
Freak Sensation-Star Chaser (12")(ProgCity)
Freak Seven-Zub Complex (12")(New Religion)
Freaks-Blam! (The New Jam) (12")(Music For Freaks)
Freaks-The Beat Diaries (2xLP, Album)(Music For Freaks)
Fred Fowler-Times Are Changin' (12")(Chrysalis)
Fred Giannelli-Yoni Warship (12")(Tektite Recordings)
Fred Giannelli-Yoni Warship (12")(Tektite Recordings)
Fred Wesley-House Party / Another Song (12")(BCM Records)
Freddie Foxxx-The Master (12")(MCA Records)
Freddie Foxxx-The Master (12")(MCA Records)
Freddie Jackson-Crazy (For Me) (12")(Capitol Records)
Freddie Jackson-Hey Lover (12")(Capitol Records)
Freddie Jackson-Jam Tonight (12", Promo)(Capitol Records)
Freddie Jackson-Look Around / I Can't Let You Go (12")(Capitol Records)
Freddie Jackson-Tasty Love (12")(Capitol Records)
Freddie James-Get Up And Boogie / Hollywood (12")(WEA Musik GmbH)
Freddie McGregor-Just Don't Want To Be Lonely (12")(Transparent (2))
Freddie McGregor-Just Don't Want To Be Lonely (12")(Transparent (2))
Freddy Fresh-Yew'r A Sissy 2 (10", Promo)(Fresh (UK))
Freddy Goes To House-The Whistle (12")(Mantra Vibes)
Free Force-M.I.R.C.O. (12")(Action 4 Action)
Free Life-Dance Fantasy (12", Promo)(Epic)
Free Russell-I've Got A Song For You (12")(Halfmoon Productions)
Free Soul-Fluid Grooves EP (12", EP)(Primary Recordings)
Freedarich+Stiggsen* -Jibbie (12")(Freizeitglauben)
Freeez-I.O.U. (Megamix) (12")(Virgin,Virgin)
Freeez-Pop Goes My Love (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Freefall Collective-Kermit's Crafty Coconut / Loosen Up (12")(Resin Records)
Freeform Five-No More Conversations (Remixes) (12")(Motivo Productions)
Freelance Science-Urban Jungle (12", W/Lbl, Sti)(Freelance Science)
Freeland* Feat.Juice Aleem&Toastie Taylor-Heel & Toe (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Marine Parade)
Freeloaders (2)Feat.Real Thing, The-So Much Love (12")(Kontor Records)
Freestyle ManFeaturingIrwin Berg-Come To Dance (12")(Sähkö Recordings)
Freestylers-House Mixes (12")(Against The Grain)
Freestylers-In Love With You / Fast Life (12")(Against The Grain)
Freestylers-Push Up (12")(Play It Again Sam [PIAS])
Freizeichen-Eckstein (12")(Marx Capital Records)
French Kiss (2)-We're The Right Combination (12", Promo)(Polydor)
French Kiss-Bam Booshka (12")(Sheap Vinyl)
Fresh & Low-Redux! (12")(Elevation Recordings)
Fresh & Low-Redux! (12")(Elevation Recordings)
Fresh (18)-Funky Stuff (12")(CBS)
Fresh Moods-The Fall (12")(Elektrolux)
Freshmakers, The-Let U Go (12")(Serial Records)
Freshmen, The-Who Me? (12", Promo)(Select Records)
Freur-Doot-Doot (12", Promo)(Epic)
Fridge* -Paradise (The Remixes) (12")(Orbit Records)
Friends Of Heidi-Heidi (12")(Not On Label)
Friendship (3)-Tighten Up (12", pro)(Elektra)
From Karaoke To Stardom-Ill@Ease (12")(Rrygular)
Fruity 6/Qualkommando-Kopfkrank 6 (12")(Kopfkrank Records)
Frumpy-What It Is / We Can Sing A Song / All We Need Is Music (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
Fugo-Robots Engaged In Bondage EP (12", EP)(Neue Heimat)
Fugo-Robots Engaged In Bondage EP (12", EP)(Neue Heimat)
Full BeatFeaturingAfroside&Jovanotti-Beat Bop To Bicycle (12")(Full Time Records)
Full House-Communicate (12")(Epic)
Full Monty, The-Scream (12")(Container Records)
Fun Brothers-Summer Dreaming (12")(Andorfine)
Fun Fun-Living In Japan (12", Maxi, Ora)(TELDEC)
Functionvs.Jerome Sydenham-White Light (12")(Ibadan)
Funk Injection-U & Me (12", S/Sided)(Deep Blue (2))
Funk Leger-Bootyshaka (12")(Undefined Recordings,Undesigned Recordings)
Funk Masters, The* -It's Over (12", Maxi)(RCA Victor)
Funkagenda&Exacta* -Mad Money (12")(Size Records)
Funkapolitan-As The Time Goes By (12")(London Records)
Funkapolitan-As The Time Goes By (12")(TELDEC)
Funkapolitan-Funkapolitan (LP)(London Records)
Funkapolitan-In The Crime Of Life (12")(London Records,London Records,London Records)
Funkdoobiest-Bow Wow Wow (12", Cle)(Immortal Records (3))
Funkdoobiest-Papi Chulo (12")(RCA)
Funkerman-Speed Up (12")(Legato Records)
Funktastics, The-Honey / Angel Story (12")(SGN:LTD)
Funktion (2)-The Indication (12")(Dynamics Recordings)
Funkwerkstatt-Medizin Nach Noten EP (12", EP)(Superfancy Recordings)
Funky 9ers-Stars On 45 (12")(King Size Records)
Funky Disco-It's A Funky Groove (12")(DJ's Delight)
Funky Green Dogs-The Way (2x12", Gre)(Twisted United Kingdom,MCA Records)
Funky Junction&Marcelo Castelli-Dum Dum Dum (The New Mixes) (12")(Houseworks)
Funky Junk-Burnin (12", S/Sided)(Not On Label)
Funky Lowlives, The-Superlove (12")(Outer)
Funky Technicians-Desperate Housewives / Back Draft (12")(Advance//d Recordings)
Furney&Locksmith (6)/Modemellow-Wake Up Mr Red / Darksaber (12")(Camino Blue Recordings)
Fury In The Slaughterhouse-Hooka Hey (12")(SPV Recordings)
Fury In The Slaughterhouse-Won't Forget These Days (12")(SPV Recordings)
Fused-Twisted (12")(Columbia)
Fusionmen, The-Natural Elements (12")(Universal Prime Breaks)
Future Breeze-Cruel World (Remix) (12")(Orbit Records,Alphabet City)
Future Breeze-Ocean Of Eternity (12")(Data Records)
Future Funk-I Gotta Get Mine (12")(
Future Funk-Music Takes U High (12")(Dance Pool,Sony Music Entertainment (Germany))
Future Funk-Summertime (12", S/Sided)(
Future Loop Foundation-Conditions For Living (12")(Planet Dog)
Future Mind-Drum & Bass (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Future Pop-The Morning (12")(Trigger Records,BMG Ariola München GmbH)
Future Sound Of London, The-Papua New Guinea (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Future Sound Of London, The-Papua New Guinea (High Contrast vs. FSOL) (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(DAONE Records,Not On Label (The Future Sound Of London),Not On Label (High Contrast))
Fuzzy Hairvs.Steve Angello-In Beat (12")(Sound Division)
G & O Project-Hardworkin' (12")(Audio Deluxe)
G ConnectionFeaturingRichard A. Davis-Lift You Up (12")(Groove Odyssey)
G.T. (2)-I Need You (Vinyl, Promo)(Atlantic)
G.T.* -On The Line (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Gaag-The Flight EP (12", EP)(Planet Rhythm Records)
Gab Logan-Spin EP (12", EP)(Loukoum Records)
Gabriel Ananda-Küppers City (12")(Tonsport)
Gabrielle-Sunshine (2x12", Promo)(Go! Beat)
Gabro & Libe-I Can Be This (12")(Oxyd Records)
Gadgets-Key Moments (2xLP)(ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH)
Gadgets-Key Moments (2xLP)(ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH)
Gadgets-On/Off Remixes (2x12")(On-Off)
Gail Freeman-Mr. Right (12")(Mirage (2))
Galaxy (4)-Book Of Rules / Disco Boogie (12")(Sidewalk)
Galaxy II Orchestra-Acid Rain (12", Promo)(Sutra Records)
Galliano-Skunk Funk (12")(Talkin' Loud,Talkin' Loud)
Gamat 3000-Whispering (12")(Dessous Recordings)
Ganymed-It Takes Me Higher (12", Maxi, Yel)(Bacillus Records,Bellaphon)
Gap Band, The-All Of My Love (12")(Capitol Records)
Gap Band, The-Big Fun (12", Maxi)(Total Experience Records)
Gap Band, The-Gap Band 8 (LP, Album)(Total Experience Records)
Gap Band, The-Gap Band III (LP, Album)(Mercury)
Gap Band, The-Gap Band VII (LP, Album)(Total Experience Records)
Gap Band, The-Gap's Jam (12")(Atlantic)
Gap Band, The-I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (12")(Arista)
Gap Band, The-Not Guilty / Knucklehead Funkin' (12")(Passport Records)
Gap Band, The-Party Train (12")(Phonogram)
Gap Band, The-Straight From The Heart (12")(Total Experience Records)
Gap Band, The-The Boys Are Back In Town / I Don't Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance (Oops) (12")(Mercury)
Gap Band, The-The Gap Band Project (12", Ltd)(Total Experience Records)
Gap Mangione-Dancin' Is Makin' Love (12")(A&M Records)
Garbage-Milk (Massive Attack Remixes) (12")(Mushroom Records)
Garbage-Queer (Remixes) (12")(Mushroom Records)
Garcia* &Petralia* -EP (12", EP)(Brickhouse Tracks)
Gary Bardouille-Starting Over (12")(Soul Heaven Records)
Gary Beck-Toopin (12")(Mezzotinto)
Gary Byrd & The G.B. Experience-The Crown (Special Long-Mix) (12")(Bellaphon)
Gary D.-Can't Do Without It (12", Promo)(DJs Present,PIAS Germany)
Gary D.-D-Signals (2xLP)(DJs Present)
Gary D.-D-Signals (2xLP)(DJs Present)
Gary D.-Herdplatte 2000° (12", Promo)(Edel Records (Austria))
Gary Low-Forever, Tonight And All My Life (12")(CAT Record)
Gary Low-You Are A Danger (12")(Baby Records (2),EMI)
Gary Low-You Are A Danger (12", Maxi)(Papagayo)
Gary Moore-Empty Rooms (12", Promo)(Mirage (2))
Gary Numan-The Pleasure Principle (LP, Album)(Beggars Banquet)
Gary Numan-Your Fascination (12", Ora)(TELDEC)
Gary's Gang-Runaway (12")(Bellaphon)
Gateway-All They Want (12")(Floorwax)
Gayle Adams-Your Love Is A Life Saver / Stretchin' Out / Love Fever (12")(Unidisc,Prelude Records)
Gaz-Sing Sing / The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (12", Single)(Salsoul Records,RCA Nederland BV)
Gaz/Inner Life-Sing Sing / Moment Of My Life (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Gazebo-I Like Chopin (12")(Baby Records (2))
Gazebo-I Like Chopin (Disco Mix) (12", Maxi)(Baby Records (2),Baby Records (2))
Gazebo-I Like Chopin (Disco Mix) (12", Maxi)(Baby Records (2),Baby Records (2))
Gecko-Just Close Your Eyes 2.8 (12")(Gecko)
Gecko-Just Close Your Eyes 2.8 (12")(Gecko)
Gecko-Monophonic Bass (12")(Ash'n Diamonds)
Geiger (3)-Day (12")(Firm)
Geiger (3)-Day (12")(Firm)
Geiger (3)-Made In Home #1 (12")(Firm)
Genaside II-Narra Mine (12")(FFRR,FFRR)
Gene Chandler-Get Down (12")(Chi Sound Records,20th Century Fox Records)
Gene Chandler-Get Down (12")(Chi Sound Records,20th Century Fox Records)
Gene Hunt-Brazilian Nemesis (12")(Nite Life Collective)
Gene Hunt-Spazzed (12")(High Octane Recordings)
Gene Loves Jezebel-Suspicion / Twenty Killer Hurts (12")(Geffen Records)
Gene Rush-Thermoelement (12")(Swop Records)
General Caine-Bomb Body (12", Promo)(Tabu Records)
General Kane-Crack Killed Applejack (12")(Gordy)
General Kane-Crack Killed Applejack (12", Promo)(Gordy)
General Moders-Cross The Sky (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Genesis-In Too Deep (12")(Virgin)
Genesis-Invisible Touch (12")(Virgin)
Genesis-Land Of Confusion (12")(Virgin,Charisma)
Geneva-Everytime I See You (2x12")(Strictly Dance)
Genius/GZA* FeaturingD'Angelo-Cold World (Remix) (12")(Geffen Records)
Genobia Jeter-All Of My Love / We Got Love (12")(RCA)
Genobia Jeter-All Of My Love / We Got Love (12")(RCA)
Genuine Parts-Show Me What To Do (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Geoff White-Keyframe (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Edit)
George Acosta-Astro-matic Traxx Vol.1 (12")(Soap Records)
George Benson-Let's Do It Again (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
George Benson-On Broadway (12" + Vinyl, Ltd)(Warner Bros. Records)
George Benson-Shiver (Extended Remix) (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
George Benson-Teaser (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
George Benson-Teaser (Extended Remix) (12")(Warner Bros. Records,Warner Bros. Records,WEA Records Ltd.)
George Clinton-Bullet Proof (12")(Capitol Records)
George Clinton-Do Fries Go With That Shake (12")(Capitol Records)
George Clinton-Do Fries Go With That Shake (12", Promo)(Capitol Records)
George Clinton-Hey Good Lookin' (12", Promo)(Capitol Records)
George Clinton-Loopzilla (12")(Capitol Records,Capitol Records)
George Clinton-Loopzilla (12")(Capitol Records,Capitol Records)
George Clinton-Why Should I Dog U Out ? (12")(Paisley Park)
George Duke-Celebrate (12", Promo)(Epic)
George Duke-I Surrender (12")(Elektra)
George Harrison-Got My Mind Set On You (Extended Version) (12", Maxi)(Dark Horse Records)
George Kranz-Your Touch (12")(Pool)
George Michael&Run-DMC-Run X-mas (12", Ltd, S/Sided)(Epidrome)
George Morel-Morel's Grooves Part 8 (12")(Strictly Rhythm)
George Morel-Ritmo (12", W/Lbl, Sti)(Groove On)
George T-Quantum Fireball EP (12", EP)(Funky Piranha)
George T-The Under Elevator EP (12", EP)(Refried Music)
Georgio Allentini* -Sexappeal (12")(Picture Perfect Records,Macola Record Co.)
Gerald Albright-New Girl On The Block (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Gerald Alston-Activated (12")(Motown)
Gerald Levert-Taking Everything (12", Promo)(EastWest Records America)
German Broadcasters-Activate (12")(Disko B)
Gerome Sportelli-Arcane EP (12")(Sur Muzique)
Gerry Trew-Heartache (12", Promo)(Vinylmania)
Gerry Woo (2)-How Long (12", Single)(Polygram Records)
Geyster-Bye Bye Superman (12")(Gum Prod/Geyster Prod)
Gg D'Ag* -Cuba Libre (12")(BXR)
Ghetto Peoplefeat.L-Viz-Fever (12", Maxi)(Dance Pool)
Giana Brotherz-Giana Brotherz / Crossed Roots (12")(Basswerk)
Gianluca MottavsSnap!&NG3-Ooops Up (12")(Motivo Productions)
Giant Steps (2)-Another Lover (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Giant Steps (2)-Book Of Pride / Golden Hours (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Gibson Brothers-Better Do It Salsa / West Indies (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Gibson Brothers-Heaven / Symphony (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
Gibson Brothers-Latin America / West Indies (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Gibson Brothers-Sheela (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Giddy Aunt-Drum & Bass (12")(OnePhatDeepa)
Gideon (3)-Noname (12")(Lessismorecordings)
Gifted 4-Sounds Of The Mic (12", Promo)(Jive)
Giggles-Love Letter (12", Promo)(Cutting Records)
Gigi D'Agostino-Another Way (12")(B.I.G.)
Gigi D'Agostino-La Passion Medley With Rectangle (12")(Arista)
Gigi* -Sweetly (10")(CNR Music Germany)
Gilla-Cigarillo (12")(Hansa International,Hansa International)
Gina Go-Go-I Can't Face The Fact (12")(Capitol Records)
Gina Go-Go-I Can't Face The Fact (12")(Capitol Records)
Gina Xvs.Metro Area-More G.D.M. Vol. 3 (12")(Tigersushi,Tigersushi)
Gino Latino-No Sorry (12")(Deconstruction)
Gino Vannelli-Black Cars (12", Maxi)(Disques Dreyfus,Polydor)
Gino's & Snake Plissken-Mythomaniac (12")(Notorious Elektro)
Gino's & Snake* vs.Oxia-The Message (12")(Confused Recordings)
Giorgio Moroder-Chase / Istanbul Blues (12", Maxi)(Casablanca Records)
Giorgio Moroder-I Wanna Rock You (12")(Caus-N'-ff-ct)
Giorgio MoroderProject Presents:Gloria Gaynor-Last Night (12")(Caus-N'-ff-ct)
Giorgio Ponticelli-I Am The Master / Xplore (12", W/Lbl)(Acalwan)
Giorgos Gatzigristos-Boggling About The Future (12")(Channels Records)
Giorgos Gatzigristos-New World Order (12")(K2)
Giovani & Mosler-4 (12")(Giovani & Mosler)
Giovanni & Ginzu-Red/Yellow (12")(Giovanni & Ginzu)
Gipsy Kings-A Mi Manera (My Way) (12")(A.1. Records)
Gipsy Kings-Baila Me (Remix) (12")(Columbia)
Gipsy Kings-Baila Me (Remix) (12")(Columbia)
Gipsy Kings-Bem Bem Maria / Tu Quieres Volver (12")(Dureco)
Gipsy Kings-Sin Ella (12")(Columbia)
Girl Talk (4)-Kiss In The Dark (12")(Boni Records)
Girls Can't Help It-Pure Wild (LP, MiniAlbum)(Sire)
Glen White-TV Lover (12", Maxi)(ZYX Records,ZYX Records)
Glenn "Swan Gabler"* -Love Fantasy (12")(Jus Born Records)
Glenn (12)-Glenn(Zend) (LP)(Big Mouth)
Glenn Jones-Giving Myself To You / Set The Night On Fire (12")(RCA)
Glenn Morrison-Blue Skies With Linda / Rubberband (12")(Coldharbour Recordings Red)
Glenn Morrison-No Sudden Moves / Circles (12")(Pilot6 Recordings)
Glenn Morrison-No Sudden Moves / Circles (12")(Pilot6 Recordings)
Glenn Underground-Trust (Remixes) (10", Ltd)(Large Records)
Glenn Underground-Your Life (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Nite Life Collective)
Glenn Vernon-Can't We All Get Along (12")(Soiree Records International)
Glitterboys, The-Africa (12")(Kontor Records)
Global Bass Players-Human Behaviour / Back From Nowhere (12")(Mental Madness)
Global Deejays-Stars On 45 (The Mixes) (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Global Deejays-What A Feeling (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Global DeejaysFeat.Rozalla-Everybody's Free (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Gloria Estefan-Cuts Both Ways (12")(Epic)
Gloria Estefan-You'll Be Mine (Party Time) (12")(Epic)
Gloria Gaynor-I Am What I Am (12")(Polydor)
Gloria Gaynor-I Am What I Am (Club Remix) (12")(New Music International)
Gloria Gaynor-Megamedley (12")(Polydor)
Gloria Gaynor-Tease Me (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Gloria Jones-Bring On The Love (Why Can't We Be Friends Again) (12")(Capitol Records)
Gloria Jones-When I Was A Little Girl (12")(Capitol Records)
Gloria Weems-Wanna Dance With You (12", Promo)(Prelude Records)
Glory B-Star (12")(Grow!)
Glory B.* -Friday Island (12")(Grow!)
Glovefeat.Julia W.-Wunderbar (12")(Playhouse)
GMT Sound-Malaguena (12")(AVI Records)
GMT Sound-Malaguena (12")(AVI Records)
Gnarls Barkley-Crazy (Spencer Collective Edit) (12", S/Sided)(Not On Label (Gnarls Barkley))
Go Go Lorenzo And The Davis Pinckney Project* -You Can Dance (If You Want To) (12")(ZYX Records)
Go West-Call Me (The Indiscriminate Mix) (12")(Chrysalis)
Gobiman-Ticket (12")(Jerk Records)
Godfathers, The-Birth, School, Work, Death (Birth, School, Work, Dance Mix) (12", Promo)(Epic)
Godley & Creme-Cry / Love Bombs (12")(Polydor)
Godley & Creme-Golden Boy (Remixed Version) (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Godmoma-Godmoma Here (12", Promo, Mono)(Elektra)
Godscent-Moonlight Ride (12")(Impression Sounds,Impression Sounds)
Golden BoyWithMiss Kittin-Autopilot (12")(Ladomat 2000)
Golden Brothers, The-The Rhythm Of The Night (12")(Royal Flush Records)
Golden Fresh Females-Golden Fresh Females / Turn It Out (12", Promo)(Sam Records)
Golden Palominos, The-The Animal Speaks (12", Single)(Celluloid)
Goldfish & Der Dulz* -Plantage (12")(Hi Freaks)
Goldfish Und Der Dulz-Love Me Fender (12")(Playhouse)
Goldfish Und Der Dulz-Love Me Fender (12")(Playhouse)
Goldfrapp-Number 1 (12", Promo)(Mute Records Ltd.)
Goldfrapp-Slide In (12", Promo, W/Lbl, S/Sided)(Mute Records Ltd.)
Goldfrappvs.Sugiurumn-Star Number One (12", S/Sided, Unofficial, W/Lbl)(Not On Label (Goldfrapp),Not On Label (Sugiurumn))
Gomera-Faksimile (LP)(Laufwerk)
Gonno-Hammersmith E.P. (12", EP)(Re-Active)
Gonzalez-Just Let It Lay / Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet (12")(Capitol Records)
Good Girls, The-Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart (12", Promo)(Motown)
Good Manners, The-Le Tour (12")(House No.)
Goodie-Do Something / Come Into My Life (12", EP)(Total Experience Records)
Goombay Dance Band-Holiday In Paradise (LP, Album)(CBS)
Goosebump-Never Gonna Do (12")(Radikal Records)
Gowan-A Criminal Mind (12")(Columbia)
GP* -Contagious / Bruno (12", Ltd)(Kingdom Kome Cuts)
GP* -Contagious / Bruno (12", Ltd)(Kingdom Kome Cuts)
Grace Jones-Love On Top Of Love (Killer Kiss) (12")(Capitol Records)
Grace Jones-Slave To The Rhythm (12")(Manhattan Island Records)
Grace Jones-Slave To The Rhythm (Blooded) (12")(Manhattan Records)
Grace Kennedy-I'm Starting Again (12")(Profile Records)
Graham Parker And The Shot-The Weekend's Too Short (12", W/Lbl, Promo, Single)(Elektra)
Graham Parker And The Shot-Wake Up (Next To You) (12", Pro)(Elektra)
Graham Parker-(Get Started) Start A Fire (12", Promo, Single)(RCA)
Gramophonedzie-Swingin' With The Fishes! (12")(Guesthouse Music Digital)
Grand Def Audio-Ella (Share Our Lives) (12")(Hot To Trot Records)
Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel-White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) (12", Maxi)(Sugar Hill Records,Sugar Hill Records)
Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel/Various-White Lines (Don't Do It) / Sweet Sugar Edit (12", Comp)(Blatant Records)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five-New York New York (12")(Sugar Hill Records)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five-Scorpio (12")(TELDEC)
Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five* -Magic Carpet Ride (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Grandmaster Flash-Alternate Groove (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Grandmaster Flash-Behind Closed Doors (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Grandmaster Flash-U Know What Time It Is (12")(Elektra)
Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five-Beat Street / Internationally Known (12")(TELDEC)
Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five-Pump Me Up (12")(Sugar Hill Records)
Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five-We Don't Work For Free (12")(Sugar Hill Records)
Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five-We Don't Work For Free (12")(Sugar Hill Records)
Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five-We Don't Work For Free (12", Maxi, Tra)(Sugar Hill Records)
Grant Nelson-Spellbound (12", S/Sided, Promo)(Boss)
Graveyard CrewFt.Mic Man-Wild Wild West (12")(Knifes Edge Recordings)
Grayson ShipleyPresentsSolaris (22)-The Mighty Shari (12")(USR (Underground Sound Of Renaissance))
Graziano Avitabile-Lass Mich Los (12")(My Best Friend)
Green Man, The-Hardcore Junglist / Slavery Planned (12")(Basswerk)
Green Velvet-Cuz Of U (12")(Relief Records)
Green Velvet-Genedefekt (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Green Velvet-Genedefekt (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Green Velvet-Genedefekt (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Greg Osby-Mr. Gutterman (12")(Blue Note)
Greg*,Jeroenski* &Roog* -Your Mind Is Twisted (12")(Royal Flush Records)
Gregory Abbott-I Got The Feelin' (It's Over) (12")(Columbia)
Gregory Abbott-Shake You Down (Extended Club Mix) (12", Maxi)(CBS)
Gregory Abbott-Shake You Down (Extended Club Mix) (12", Maxi)(CBS)
Greppi's World-Una Questione Informatica (12")(Plastica)
Griffin* -Throw Down (12")(Qwest Records)
Groove Armada-I See You Baby (12", Promo)(Pepper Records)
Groove Connexion-Trance-Dance (12")(Bonzai Trance Progressive)
Groove CorporationFeaturingRomillie-Rain (12", Promo)(Sony Music Entertainment Inc.)
Groove Coverage-God Is A Girl (12")(Airplay Records)
Groove Diggaz-Dreams (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Groove Electronic-Indian Requiem (12")(Drehscheibe)
Groove Electronic-Indian Requiem (12")(Zeitgeist)
Groove Electronic-La Ventoline 2002 (12")(Drehscheibe)
Groove Lab, The* -EP Vol 3 (12", EP)(Fresh Fruit Records)
Groove Rebels-Untight (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
Groove Society-The Comeback (12")(Flower Grooves)
GroovecultFeat.Safiye-Bang To The Beat (12")(BMG)
Groovy 69-Lovestar (12")(New Meal Power)
Grossmann / Spranger-Männerträume Teil 1+2 (12")(Dance Connection)
Grossmann / Spranger-Männerträume Teil 1+2 (12")(Dance Connection)
GTS-What Goes Around Comes Around (2x12")(King Street Sounds)
Guadalcanal Diary-Spirit Train / Cattle Prod (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Elektra)
Gui Boratto-Sunrise (12", W/Lbl)(Plastic City)
Guido Schneider-Transmission (12", Promo)(Poker Flat Recordings)
Guido SchneiderMeetsJens Bond-Oh My Buffer (12", W/Lbl)(Poker Flat Recordings)
Gun & Gore-We Try / Chord Fashion (12")(Powder Records)
Gun Club, The-Death Party (12")(Animal Records)
G-Unit-Stunt 101 (12", Promo)(Interscope Records)
Guns N' Roses-Patience (12")(Geffen Records,Geffen Records)
Guru Josh Project-Infinity 2008 (12")(BigCityBeats)
Guti (2)-Asi Se Baila EP (12", EP)(JaGoo-Records)
Gutterstylz-Dirtbox / I Want Ur Love (12")(Bedrock Records)
Guy-Groove Me (12")(MCA Records)
Guy-Guy (LP)(MCA Records)
Guy-Round And Round (Merry Go 'Round Of Love) (12")(MCA Records)
Gwen Guthrie-Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Gwen Guthrie-Can't Love You Tonight (12")(Warner Bros. Records,WEA Musik GmbH)
Gwen Guthrie-Ticket To Ride (12")(4th & Broadway,Island Trading Co.)
Gwen Jonae-Destiny (12")(C&M Records)
Gwen Jonáe* -Red Light Lover (12")(Erika Records, Inc.)
Gwen McCrae-Do You Know What I Mean? (12", Promo)(Black Jack Records)
Gwen Stefani-Fuck You Very Much Vol. 11 (12", Unofficial)(Fuck U Very Much)
Gypsy (8)-Gypsy Eyes (12")(Clockwork Records (5))
Gypsy Lane-Cold Fire (12")(BMC Records)
Gypsy Lane-Cold Fire (12")(Vanguard)
H.A.B.* vs.Rockets (2)-Peace Maker (12")(Not On Label)
Hacker, The-Nothing Lasts (The Remixes) (12")(Missile Records)
Hacker, The-Traces (12")(Different,PIAS France)
Haircut 100* -Nobody's Fool (12")(Arista)
Håkan Lidbo-Fake Angel (12")(Illegal Ninja Moves)
Håkan Lidbo-Sexy Robot (2xLP)(Lasergun)
Håkan Lidbo-Truckdriver (12")(Xylophone Jones Recordings)
Håkan Lidbo-Truckdriver (12")(Xylophone Jones Recordings)
Hakan Lidbo* Feat.2kHz-Bad Girls Go To Hell (12")(Urban,Universal)
Halo, Hipp-E & TonyPresent6400 Crew-Dubb Me Sometin Fresh (12", Ltd, S/Sided, Etch)(Yoshitoshi Recordings)
Hamburger Arroganz-Livin' In Hamburg (12")(TELDEC)
Hamburger Arroganz-Zeitgeist (Geister Dieser Zeit) (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
Hamid Baroudi-Caravan To Bagdad (12")(TanTric Records)
Hamilton Bohannon-Bohannon Mix - A Steve Walsh Mix (12")(Passion Records)
Hampenberg-Grab That Thing (12", Yel)(Polydor)
Hanover Fist-Love Kills / Boys In Furs (12", Single)(Capitol Records)
Hanover Fist-Razor Garden (12", Single)(Capitol Records)
Hanover Fist-Razor Garden (Dance Mix) (12", Single, Promo)(Wide Angle)
Hanover Fist-The Tyger (12")(Wide Angle)
Hans Platzgumer-Aura Anthropica EP 1 (12", EP)(L'Age D'Or)
Hanson & Davis-Can't Stop (12", Promo)(Fresh Records)
Hanson & Davis-Tonight (Love Will Make It Right) (12", Maxi, Promo)(Fresh Records)
Harald Björk-Mindmap EP (12")(Deep Focus)
Hard Z Bass-1,2,3...Hardstyle! (12")(Trance Communications Records)
Hardbones-Project Leader (12")(Monotone Records)
Hardcell & Grindvik* -Shinogi (12")(Syndikaat Records)
Hardfloor-Murano / Joppiemuffler (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Hardfloor)
Hardstyle Champions-Move For Energy (12")(ET-Beatz)
Hardstyle Guru-Pumpin' Iron (12")(Dance Pollution)
Hardstyle Masterz-Age Of Reverse Bass (12")(Titanic Records)
Haris* -Figaro (12")(Laus Records)
Haris* andSeb Vronsky-Dopamine (12")(Ekstreme)
Haris* andSeb Vronsky-Dopamine (12")(Ekstreme)
Harlow (2)-On The Road To Mandalay (12", S/Sided, Promo)(SWS)
Harmony FunkFeaturingCei-Bei-La Bohème (12")(Nite Life Collective)
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes* -Baby, You Got My Nose Open (12", Promo)(ABC Records)
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes* -Baby, You Got My Nose Open (12", Promo)(ABC Records)
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes* -I Really Love You (12", Promo)(Philly World Records)
Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes-Prayin' / Your Love Is Taking Me On A Journey (12")(Source Records Inc)
Harrison Crump-Boom Da Boom (12")(Hump Records)
Harrison Crump-Boom Da Boom (12")(Hump Records)
Harrison Crump-Gone (12")(Hump Records)
Harrison Crump-Gone (Remixes) (12")(Hump Records)
Harrison Crump-Gonna Make It (12", Promo)(Hump Records)
Harrison Crump-Love Insurance (12")(Dust Traxx)
Harry Axt-... Rettet Die Welt (12")(Grand Petrol Recordings)
Harvey Lane-Dusky Maidens (12")(Veto)
Hatiras & Macca-Spanish Fly (12")(Blow Media)
Hatiras-Intergalactic Luv (Remixes) (12")(Canvas)
Hatiras-Spaced Invader (Part 2) (12")(Defected)
Hawk & Co.WithHelen Chappelle-Livin' For The Good Times / Nite Life (12")(Epic)
HD Substance/Joel Pons* -Espania EP (12", EP)(Morpheus Productions)
HD Substance/Joel Pons* -Espania EP (12", EP)(Morpheus Productions)
HDF & Bons-Scopin' & Gropin' EP (12", EP)(Inuendo)
Headcharge-Girls In The Club (12")(Punk Funk Records)
HeadhunterzvsAbject-Scantraxx Rootz (12")(Scantraxx Reloaded)
Heart-All I Wanna Do (12", Pic)(Capitol Records)
Heartbreak U.S.A.-Impulse (12")(Preppy Records)
Heatwave-Eyeballin' (12", Promo)(Epic)
Heatwave-Gangsters Of The Groove / The Groove Line / Mindblowing Decisions / Too Hot Too Handle (12")(Old Gold (2))
Heavy D-Big Daddy (12")(Universal Records)
Heavy D. & The Boyz-We Got Our Own Thang (12")(MCA Records)
Heavy Rock-(I Just Want To Be A) Drummer (Robbie Rivera Mixes) (12")(You)
Heavyhands BandAndT.M. Orchestra And Chorus-Heavyhands (Pump It Up) (12", Promo)(Casablanca Records)
Heidi (2)vs.Riton-Vejer EP (12", EP, W/Lbl, Promo, Sta)(Get Physical Music)
Heikki L* Feat.Mija Permanto-Rising Sun (12")(Starview Records)
Heiko & Maiko-Glücklich (12")(Kontor Records)
Heiko & Maiko-Sonnenschein (12")(Alphabet City)
Heiko & Maiko-Techno Rock (12")(Elektro Pop Records)
Heiko Voss-Senf (12")(Betrug)
Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner-Ear Worm EP (12", EP)(KarateKlub)
Heinz Rudolf Kunze-Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz (12")(WEA)
Helena* -I Want You (12")(Arista)
Hell Razor-I Heard It Through The Grapevine (12")(Global Satellite)
Hell-Keep On Waiting (12")(International Deejay Gigolo Records)
Hell-Original Street Techno (12")(Disko B)
Hennon-Ear To Mouth (12")(Herzblut Recordings)
Henrik BftTerri B* -Soul Heaven (Remixes) (12")(Boss)
Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass* -Bullish (12")(A&M Records)
Herb Alpert-Fandango (12")(A&M Records)
Herb Alpert-Making Love In The Rain (12")(A&M Records)
Herb Alpert-Making Love In The Rain (12")(A&M Records)
Herbert Boese-Walkin (12")(Was Kids)
Herbie Hancock-Autodrive (12")(CBS)
Herbie Hancock-Autodrive (12")(Columbia)
Herbie Hancock-Everybody's Broke (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Herbie Hancock-Vibe Alive (12", Maxi)(CBS)
Herby F.-Brainstorm (12")(Tunnel Records)
HereticFeat.Buju Banton-Champion (12", S/Sided)(Rude Bwoy Plastic)
Herre* &Ercolino* -Ringelpietz Mit Anfassen EP (12", EP)(Gastspiel Recordings)
Hesohi-Thankful (12")(Aesoteric Records)
H-Foundation-Hear Dis Sound (12")(Siesta Music)
Hi-BiasFeaturingHeather Cherron-I Wanna Take You (12", Bla)(Bigshot Records)
Hidden Variable-Misha's Story (12")(High Octane Recordings)
Hidden Variable-Neurobotic (12")(Kompute)
Hi-Definition-Saturday (12")(Dance Pool)
Hiem-She's The One (12")(Crosstown Rebels)
Hi-Gate-I Can Hear Voices / Caned And Unable (12")(Kontor Records)
High Contrast-Angels & Fly (12", Promo)(Hospital Records)
High Contrast-Twilight's Last Gleaming (12")(Hospital Records)
High Fidelity ThreeFeaturingSarah Dash-Satisfaction (12")(Cutting Records)
High Five Kings-Tonight (12")(Opaque Music)
High VolumeFeat.DJ Analyzer-Our Secret (12")(Mental Madness)
Highstreet-To The Rhythm (12")(USA Import Music)
Hilary (7)-Do It (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Hinda Hicks-If You Want Me (12", Promo)(Island Records)
Hindsight (3)-Stand Up (12")(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Hint-The Tremmuh EP (12", EP)(Tru Thoughts)
Hipkiss-Raw Love (12")(Columbia)
Hipsway-Ask The Lord (12")(Mercury)
Hipsway-The Honeythief (12")(Columbia)
Hiroki Esashika/DJ Hal-Intec Rocks (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Intec Records)
His Royal Freshness/King Bee-Royal Club 2000 (12")(Rotate Records)
Hi-Tack* -Waiting 4 U (12", TP)(Spinnin' Records)
Hi-Tension-British Hustle (12", Promo)(Island Records)
Hithouse-Jack To The Sound Of The Underground (The '94 Remixes) (12")(Dance Street Records)
Hitmen, The* -Torn Together (12", Pro)(Columbia)
Hoffman&Joyce (2)-The Soul Of Cell / Furious (12")(Fateful Bass Records)
Holger Flinsch-Der Zehnte Juli (2xLP)(Choke Music)
Holger Flinsch-Irrenkeller Part 2 (12")(Konfekt)
Holger Zilske-From Birds And Bees (12")(Playhouse)
Holger Zilske-Spooky Kissing (12")(Playhouse)
Holgi Star-Pusher (12")(
Holgi Star-Pusher (12")(
Holy C-Dusk (12")(Attic Space)
Home Service-Only Men Fall In Love (12")(Cachalot Records)
Homm & Popoviciu-Raumschiff (10")(Size Doesn't Matter Recordings)
Homm & Popoviciu-Raumschiff (10")(Size Doesn't Matter Recordings)
Honesty 69-Rich In Paradise (12")(BCM Records,BCM Records (UK) Ltd.)
Hong Kong Trash-Cactus Funk (12", W/Lbl, Sta)(Not On Label (Hong Kong Trash))
Hoodoo Gurus-Death Defying (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Hoodoo Gurus-Good Time (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Hoodys-Every Hour (12")(K-Town Records)
Hoodys-Judgement Day (12")(K-Town Records)
Hool* VBruckheimer* -In The Beginning (12", TP)(Toolroom Trax)
Hool* vsBruckheimer* -In The Beginning (12")(Houseworks)
Hooters* -Johnny B (12")(CBS)
Hope (4)-On The Border (12")(Zeitgeist)
Horny United-Good Times (The Mixes) (12")(Attractive)
Horrorist, The-One Night In NYC (2x12")(Superstar Recordings)
Horrorist, The-One Night In NYC (2x12", Promo)(Superstar Recordings)
Hostyle (2)-She's So Fine / Keep On Movin' (12")(Ligosa Records)
Hostyle (2)-She's So Fine / Keep On Movin' (12")(Ligosa Records)
Hot & Cold* -Just Gotta Tell Her (12")(ZYX Records)
Hot Butter-You Should Be Dancing (12")(Dynamo Records)
Hot Chip-Playboy (12", Ltd)(Moshi Moshi Records)
Hot Chocolate-Are You Getting Enough Of What Makes You Happy? (12", Maxi)(RAK)
Hot Chocolate-Every 1's A Winner (Sexy Remix) (12")(EMI,EMI)
Hot Chocolate-What About You (12")(Polydor)
Hot Gossip-Don't Beat Around The Bush (12")(Vanguard)
Hot Gossip-Don't Beat Around The Bush (12")(Vanguard)
Hot! House* -Crazy (12")(Deconstruction)
Hot, Cold Sweat-Move Like That (12")(D.E.T.T. Records)
Hothouse Flowers-Don't Go (12")(Metronome)
Hothouse Flowers-Easier In The Morning (12", Promo)(London Records)
Hotline-House Of Hell (12")(Rhythm King Records)
Hotline-Stay Away (12")(Rhythm King Records)
Hott (2)-Hip Service (12")(York's Records)
Hotz 'n' Plotz-Gotta Love (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Giant Wheel)
House Beat Mechanics-Oooh So Nice (12")(Slam)
House Divas-Life 2006 (12")(Nitelite Records)
House Keepers, The-Go Down (12")(Zeitgeist)
House Keepers, The-Go Down (Thomas Falke Mixes) (12")(Zeitgeist)
House Of Wax-Faust - Remixes (12")(EastWest Records GmbH)
Housemartins, The-Happy Hour (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Housemeister-Anti Gestern (12")(BPitch Control)
Housemeister-Who Is That Noize (Remixes Volume 2) (12")(All You Can Beat)
Housepunk-What Would We Do (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
Houston Person-Get Out'a My Way! (LP, Album)(Westbound)
Howard & Stereo-Santa Maria (12")(Not On Label (Howard & Stereo Self-released))
Howard & Stereo/Jaques Raupé-Dixieland (10")(Not On Label (Howard & Stereo Self-released))
Howard Headhunter & The Survival Crew-Jungle House (12")(MSR International)
Howard Hewett-I'm For Real (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Howard Hewett-Once, Twice, Three Times (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Howard Hewett-Strange Relationship (12")(Elektra)
Howard Hewett-Strange Relationship (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Howard Huntsberry-Don't Take This Out On Me (12")(MCA Records)
Howard Huntsberry-Sleepless Weekend (12")(MCA Records)
Howard Johnson-Let This Dream Be Real (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Howard Johnson-Let's Take Time Out (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Howard Jones-You Know I Love You ... Don't You? (12", Promo)(Elektra)
H-TwoFeaturingLeah* -Burnin' Fire (12")(Renaissance)
Huey "Baby" Harris* -You've Got To Be A Winner (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Huey Lewis And The News* -Simple As That (12", EP)(Chrysalis)
Huey Lewis And The News* -Small World (12", Single)(Chrysalis)
Huey Lewis And The News* -Walking With The Kid (12", Maxi)(Chrysalis)
Hugg & Pepp-Hands On Stacy (12")(ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH)
Hugg & Pepp-Remixes Vol. 1 (12")(Dahlbäck Records)
Hugger-Go Boy Go (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Huggotron-Pop It Bad (12")(Craft Music)
Hugh Masekela-Bring Him Back Home (12")(WEA International Inc.)
Hugh Masekela-Lady (12", Ora)(Jive)
Hugh MasekelaWithKalahari-Bring Him Back Home (12")(WEA International Inc.)
Hugo Braun-Lieber Ich (12")(Elektro.Komfort)
Hugo Cipres&Lucas Vidal-Twang EP (12", EP)(Tapas Recordings)
Human Body-Liberated Fantasies (12")(Bigelow)
Human Body-Slave Of The Machines EP (12", EP)(Notorious Elektro)
Huntemann* -Too Many Presents For One Girl Vol. 2 (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Confused Recordings)
Hurrah!-If Love Could Kill (12")(Kitchenware Records)
Husky Rescue-Diamonds In The Sky (12")(Catskills Records)
HvD* -Give My Love A Try (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Hybrid Funk-Everybody (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Funkhaus Music)
Hydroponix-Houston Calling (12")(Forensic Records)
Hypetraxx-See The Day (12")(Overdose,Overdose)
Hypnopunk-Cocaina (12")(Dance Pollution)
Hysteric Ego-Want Love (12")(WEA,Warner Music UK Ltd.)
I.Q. (4)-Procharger / Darkman (12")(K-D.N.A.)
i:-Wide Road (12")(Souldubsounds)
I:Cube-Picnic Attack (Remixes) (12")(Versatile Records)
Ian "45" Carey* -Nonstop (12")(Houseworks)
Ian CareyPresentsIllicit Funk-The Power (12")(Fluential)
Ian Cussick-Mighty Love (12", Maxi)(Joschua Music)
Ian Lehman-New Industrial Formats (12")(Blueline Music)
Ian Lehman-New Industrial Formats (12")(Blueline Music)
Ian Lehman-New Industrial Formats (12")(Blueline Music)
Ian O'Brien-Docker-Totally Alright (12")(Virgin Music Germany)
Ian Oliver-Skankin' (12")(Kontor Records)
Ian OliverFeat.Eastenders-Vino Vino (12")(Kontor Records)
Ian OliverFeat.Eastenders-Vino Vino (12")(Kontor Records)
Ian OliverFeat.Eastenders-Vino Vino (12")(Kontor Records)
Ian Pooley-Celtic Cross (Live Element) (12")(AV8)
Ian Pooley-Since Then. (2xLP, Album)(V2 Records, Inc.)
Ian Pooley-Traffic (12")(Cube Recordings)
Ian PooleyFeaturingJade* AndDanielle* -Heaven (12")(Pooledmusic)
Ian Wilkie-Guten Morgen (12")(Polyester Music)
Ibiza Unitedvs.K.K. Project-Wait A Minute (Hands Up) (12")(08:15 Records)
Icarus (3)-Stone Fox Chase (12")(ZYX Records)
Ice Cream Tee-Can't Hold Back / Ice Cream Tee Thing (12", Promo)(UNI Records,MCA Records)
ICE MC-Easy (12")(ZYX Records)
ICE MC-People (12")(Polydor,Polydor)
ICE MC-People (Remix) (12")(Polydor)
Icehouse-Cross The Border (Steel Love) (12")(Chrysalis)
Ich + Ich-Dienen (12")(Polydor)
Icicle Works, The-Reverie Girl (12")(Virgin)
Icicle Works, The-Seven Horses (12")(Beggars Banquet)
Ideal-Don't Need Her (12")(Cleveland City Records)
Iggy Pop-Cry For Love (12")(A&M Records)
Iggy Pop-Instinct (LP, Album)(A&M Records)
Ilija Rudman-Closer Dancer Remixes (12")(Red Music Records)
Illusion Orchestra-Autumn Leaves (12")(R & B Records)
Illustrated Man-Head Over Heels (12", Single, Promo)(Capitol Records,Capitol Records)
Ilya-Heavenly (12")(Virgin)
Imagination-Instinctual (12", Promo)(RCA)
Immortals, The (2)-The Ultimate Warlord (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Inaction-No More Love (12")(GBH Records (2))
Incage-Precious Kind / Decision (12")(Moonbootique Recordings)
Incisions-Substance (12")(Jinx Records)
IncognitoFeaturingJocelyn Brown-Always There (12")(Talkin' Loud,Talkin' Loud)
Increadible T. H. Scratchers, TheStarringFreddy Love-Hip-Hop-Bommi-Bop (12")(Totenkopf,EMI)
Indeep-Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life (12")(Sound Of New York)
Indeep-The Rapper (12", Promo)(Becket Records)
In-Dex-Now You're Gone (12", Promo)(Bigshot Records)
Informatix-Accidents In Paradise - Part 1 (12")(Punx)
Infusion-Do To You (In '82) (12", S/Sided)(Audio Therapy)
Infusion-Girls Can Be Cruel (12")(Audio Therapy)
Ini Kamoze-Listen Me Tic (Woyoi) (12", Promo)(EastWest Records America)
Inner System-ABC (Electric) (12")(RCA)
Innercircle* -Music Machine (12", Maxi)(Island Records)
Innersound-Out Cast (12")(Conform)
Innocence In Danger-Violate The Video (12", Single)(Epic)
Innocence-I'll Be There (12", Promo)(Cooltempo)
Innocent Lovers-Loveletters (From L.E.) (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Dessous Recordings)
In-N-Out-EQ-Lizer (12")(Jackit Music)
Instant Funk-(Just Because) You'll Be Mine (12", Promo)(Salsoul Records)
Instant Funk-(Just Because) You'll Be Mine (12", Promo)(Salsoul Records)
Instant Funk-Crying / Dark Vader (12")(Salsoul Records)
Instant Funk-I Got My Mind Made Up (12", Ltd)(Salsoul Records,RCA Schallplatten GmbH)
Intellect-Throw Your Hands Up (12")(Mid-Town Records)
Intelligent Concept-We're Rockin' The Planet (12")(Over-X-Posure)
Inter>Aural* -The Body / Like Fire (12")(BEV Music)
Intercontinental Express-Joe Gallivan/Charles Austin/Ken Wheeler* /Nick Evans/Jeff Green/Elton Dean/Ronnie Scott/Ian Hammer* /Roy Babbington/Toni Cook/Stephen Wick-London (LP, Album)(Compendium Records)
Internal Society, The-Vol. I (12")(West End Records)
Internal Sync-Dandy Knob (12")(Plasteline)
Intruders, The-It's Alright ('85 Mix) (12")(Polydor)
Invasion 22FeaturingVanessa (9)-Got To Have A You Injection (12")(25 West Records)
Invisible Man's Band-Rated X (12", Promo)(Boardwalk Records, Inc.)
INXS-Bitter Tears (12")(Atlantic)
INXS-Devil Inside (12", Maxi)(Mercury,PolyGram)
INXS-Listen Like Thieves (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Irene Cara-Fama (Fame) (12")(Polygram Discos SA de CV)
Ironbase-Maschine Eisenbass (12")(Club Culture)
Isaac Hayes-If You Want My Lovin', Do Me Right (12")(Columbia)
Isaac Hayes-If You Want My Lovin', Do Me Right (Special Club Mix) (12", Maxi)(CBS)
Isaac Hayes-Showdown (12")(Columbia)
Ish* -I Could Love You (12", Maxi)(Geffen Records)
Ish* -You're My Only Lover (12")(Geffen Records)
Isis (4)-Let Me Hold You (12")(Posse Records)
Isley Jasper Isley-Caravan Of Love (12")(Epic)
It's A Fine Line-Never Go With A Hippie To A Second Location (12")(Live At Robert Johnson)
It's Immaterial-Ed's Funky Diner (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Ivan Cattaneo-La Bambolina (12")(Ariola Benelux)
J Majik-Love Is Not A Game (Part 2) (12")(Defected)
J. Blackfoot-U-Turn (12")(Edge Record Company, Inc.)
J. Rocc* -Cold Heat Funk Mix (12")(Now-Again Records)
J.A. Posse-Ting-A-Ling (12")(Streetwave Music)
J.A.L.N. Band-One Sweet Taste Of Love (12")(ZYX Records)
J.Axel-Love Letters EP (12", EP)(Bohème)
J.C.A.* -I Begin To Wonder (12")(Deep Culture)
J.C.A.* -I'll See Her Again (12")(Deep Culture)
J.E. The P.C. From D.C.-Hello Rochelle (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
J.J. Fad-Way Out (12", Promo)(Ruthless Records,Atlantic)
J.J. Mack-Hang On Sloopy (12", Promo)(Salsoul Records)
J.M. Jay* &Hardy* -Work The Housesound (12")(Metronome)
J.M. Silk-Let The Music Take Control (12", Promo)(RCA)
J-A Groove* -Release The Tension (12")(Studio Records)
Ja Rule-Always On Time / Worldwide Gangsta (12")(Def Jam Recordings)
Jab (4)-Drunkenstein / Lala (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Jabbar-Shame / Let It Go (12")(L-Man Records)
Jacek Sienkiewicz-Beacon (12")(Recognition)
Jacek Sienkiewicz-Case Theory (12")(WMF Records)
Jacek Sienkiewicz-My Little Place (12")(Cocoon Recordings)
Jack B.-I Want To Be A Star In The DDR (12")(Hansa)
Jack Gillies & Mark Lerman-Hidden 01 (12")(Hidden)
Jack 'N' Chill-The Jack That House Built (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Jack Rock-Filter Games (12", W/Lbl)(ArtiFarti Records)
Jackal (2)-Praise The Funk (12")(Jackal Recordings)
Jackal (2)-Praise The Funk (12")(Jackal Recordings)
Jackal (2)-Praise The Funk (12")(Jackal Recordings)
Jackie Cohen-The Jackie Cohen Show - Variety Hour (2x12")(OMW (Oxygen Music Works))
Jackie Concepcion-Love To Love You Baby (12")(Hit-N-Run Records)
Jackie Moore-Love Is The Answer (12")(Bellaphon,Sunnyview Records)
Jackie Wilson-I Get The Sweetest Feeling (12")(ZYX Records)
Jackie Wilson-Reet Petite (12")(ZYX Records)
Jackie's Gang-Smoke The House (12")(MSR International)
Jackmate-Hot Wax EP (12", Ltd, EP)(STIR15 Recordings)
Jackmate+Oz* akaLeague Of Ordinary Gentlemen, The-Short Life / Dirty Hairy (12")(Phil e)
Jack's Project-Nightflight (12", Maxi)(Ariola)
Jackson Browne-Hold On, Hold Out / Hold Out (12")(Asylum Records)
Jacksons, The-Nothin (That Compares 2 U) (12", Maxi)(Epic)
Jahcoozi-Black Barbie EP (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Kitty-Yo)
Jailbait-Be The One (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
JakattaFeaturingSeal-My Vision (12")(Rulin Records)
Jake Childs-Back To Basics (12")(Dedicated Musique)
Jake Fairley-Blood From A Stone (12")(Sender Records)
Jake Fairley/Superpitcher-Speicher 9 (12")(Kompakt Extra)
Jake Island-All Good EP (12", EP)(Design Recordings,Design Recordings)
Jaki Graham-From Now On (12")(EMI)
Jaki Graham-Round And Around (Extended Version) (12", Maxi)(EMI)
Jaki Graham-Round And Around (Extended Version) (12", Maxi)(EMI)
Jaki Graham&David Grant-Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (12")(Capitol Records)
Jakie Quartz-À La Vie, À L'Amour (12", Maxi)(CBS)
Jakob Seidensticker-Lionel's ABC (12")(KlanGGut Recordings)
Jam, The-Town Called Malice (12", Promo, Single)(Polydor)
Jamaaladeen Tacuma-Show Stopper (LP, Album)(Gramavision)
Jamaica Boys, The-Shake It Up! (12")(Reprise Records)
Jamaica Boys, The-Spend Some Time With Me (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Jamaica Boys, The-Spend Some Time With Me (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Jamaica Girls-Need Somebody New (12")(Sleeping Bag Records,Sleeping Bag Records)
James "J.T." Taylor* -8 Days A Week (12")(MCA Records)
James "J.T." Taylor* -Sister Rosa (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
James (D Train) Williams* -You Are Everything (12")(Columbia)
James Bradley-Let's Paint The Town / Wrapped Up In Your Love (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
James Brown-Bring It On...Bring It On / The Night Time Is The Right Time (12")(Churchill / Augusta Records Inc.)
James Brown-For Goodness Sake, Look At Those Cakes / Get Up, I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine (12")(Polydor)
James Brown-Froggy Mix (12", Mixed)(Boiling Point,Polydor)
James Brown-Gravity (12")(Scotti Bros. Records)
James Brown-How Do You Stop (12")(Scotti Bros. Records)
James Brown-Pull Over That Thing (Black Legend Timeless Mix) (12", Unofficial)(Not On Label (James Brown))
James Brown-Rapp Payback (Where Iz Moses) (12")(T.K. Records)
James Brown-Star Generation (12", Promo)(Polydor)
James Flavour-If The Pimp Calls Back (12")(Highgrade Records)
James Hardway-The Illustrated Man (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Recordings Of Substance)
James Ingram-I Wanna Come Back (12", Maxi)(Warner Bros. Records)
James Ingram-It's Real (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
James Ingram-It's Your Night / Yah Mo B There (12")(Qwest Records)
James Ingram-She Loves Me (The Best That I Can Be) (12")(Qwest Records)
James Kee-Sounds Of The City (12")(Teldec)
James Kee-Sounds Of The City (12", Promo)(Critique)
James Tyler (2)-So Far Away (12")(Pow Wow Records)
James Wells-That's The Way The Wind Blows / All I Ever Need Is Music (12", Promo)(AVI Records)
Jamie Anderson-Short Stories (12")(Fixia. Records)
Jamie Anderson-Underground Compositions EP (12", EP)(On Test)
Jamie Bissmire&DJ Deeon-Slamm! (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(50 hz)
Jamie J. Morgan-Walk On The Wild Side (12")(Tabu Records)
Jamie Lee Thomas-Livin' In A Hard Time (12", Maxi)(BMG)
Jamie Lewis & Nick Morris-Downtown / Uptown (12")(Clubstar)
Jamie Lewis & Nick Morris-Spirit Of Dance E.P. (12", EP)(Aquarius Recordings)
Jamillah-Stand Up (In Love's Defense) (12")(Easy Street Records)
Jamiroquai-Runaway (12")(Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.)
Jammers, The-And You Know That (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Jammin & Wilson-Virtual Raver (12")(Explosive Vinyl)
Jan Driver-4-Wheeler (12")(Formaldehyd)
Jan Driver-Soulshaka (Part 1) (12")(Formaldehyd,Urban)
Jan Miles-You Shouldn't Do Me Like That (12")(Cyclops Records)
Jan Pravda-Abc (12")(Psychoakustik)
Jan Wayne-Piece Of My Heart (12")(Deutsche Dance Records)
Janet Dailey And Senses-If You Can Count (12", Promo)(West End Records)
Janet Jackson-Because Of Love (12")(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Janet James-Love To Be The One (12")(NelWin Records)
Janice Christie-Heat Stroke (12")(Supertronics)
Janice Christie-I'm Hungry For Your Love (12", Promo)(Supertronics)
Jansen & Kowalski-Action (12")(Island Records)
Japan-Canton / Visions Of China (12", Single, Promo)(Epic)
Japan-Life In Tokyo/ Quiet Life (12", Single, RE)(Old Gold (2))
Jaqueline Castellanos-Yara Yara (2x12")(Gogo Music)
Jaques Raupé-Pusteblume (12", S/Sided)(Toka Beatz)
Jark Prongo-Alleviation Of Distress (12")(Pssst Music)
Jark Prongo-Sweet Little Thing (12")(Phantom Recordings)
JaskFeaturingJocie-Beautiful (12")(Soulfuric Deep,Soulfuric Deep)
Jasmin (15)-Stop (Before You Break My Heart) (12")(TVI Records & Filmworks)
Jason Brunton-Looking Glass EP (12")(Laws Of Motion)
Jason Jinx-My Luv (10", Single, Cle)(Sm:)e Communications)
Jason Juston Jade-(Disco) Hokey Pokey (12", Promo)(20th Century Fox Records)
Jason Nevins-The Rhythm City EP (12", EP)(Sneak Tip Records)
Jason Nevinsvs.Cypress Hill-Insane In The Brain (The Mixes) (12")(Epidrome)
Jason Nevinsvs.Krew, The-We Want Some Pussy (12")(ZYX Music)
Jason Phats* Feat.Ben Ofoedu-Can't Stop! (12", Promo)(Data Records)
Jason Rooney-Klap! (12")(Rise)
Jaumëtic-Dulces Paparruchas (12")(Regular)
Javine-Don't Walk Away (12", Promo)(Innocent)
Jay Black-Love Is In The Air / (Don't Go) Please Stay (12")(Millennium)
Jay Hoggard-Rain Forest (LP)(Contemporary Records)
Jay NicePresentsWayne Live-I Remember / Original Craftsman (12")(Nice Sound Records)
Jay Novelle-If This Ain't Love (12", Promo)(Emergency Records)
Jay Tripwire-I Am A Masterbeater (12")(Utensil Recordings)
Jay Tripwire-My Pre-Teen Disco Party (12")(Funk'd Records)
Jay Tripwire-My Pre-Teen Disco Party (12")(Funk'd Records)
Jay Tripwire-The Gastown Shuffle EP (12", EP)(Nordic Trax)
Jayne Edwards-Rhythm Of Your Lies (12")(Nightwave Records)
Jay-Z-Ain't No Nigga (12")(Northwestside Records)
Jay-Z-Hovi Baby / U Don't Know (Remix) (12")(Roc-A-Fella Records)
Jay-Z-PSA (Remix) / Warm It Up Jay (12")(Roc-A-Fella Records)
Jay-Z-The City Is Mine (12", Promo)(Northwestside Records)
Jay-ZFeaturingGwen Dickey-Wishing On A Star (12", Promo)(Northwestside Records)
Jaÿ-Z* Feat.Foxy Brown-Ain't No Playa (Ganja Kru Remix) (12", S/Sided, Promo)(Northwestside Records)
Jazera-Jack Ruby (12", Promo)(Not On Label)
Jazzanova-Days To Come (Remixes) (12")(Jazzanova Compost Records (JCR))
Jazzanova-Soon (12", Par)(Jazzanova Compost Records (JCR))
Jazz-N-Groove-Midnight Sky (12")(Soulfuric Trax)
Jazzsteppa-Jakin / Two (12")(Hotflush Recordings)
Jazzy James (2)-Can You Swing It (12", Promo)(Mercury,Mercury)
Jazzy James (2)-Can You Swing It (12", Promo)(Mercury,Mercury)
Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince* -Boom! Shake The Room (12")(Jive)
JB³-The Selected Dub Plates (2x12")(STX Records)
Jealous Guys-Mr. Brightside (12")(Kontor Records)
Jealous Guys-Mr. Brightside (12")(Kontor Records)
Jean Carne* -Ain't No Way (12")(RCA)
Jean Élanvs.Andrew McCensit-S.O.S. Fire In The Sky (12")(Battle Beatz)
Jean Knight-My Toot Toot (12")(Mirage (2))
Jean Knight-My Toot Toot / My Heart Is Willing (12")(Polydor)
Jean Marie K* &Oliver Fox-Vicious Circle (12")(Megaphone Records)
Jean Steals-Are You For Me? (12", Single)(MCA Records)
Jeanne Shy-Night Dancer (12", Promo)(RSO,RSO Records, Inc.)
Jeans Team-Keine Melodien (Mellow Trax Remix) (12", S/Sided)(Not On Label)
Jeckyll & Hyde-Springbreak (12")(Dark Beatz)
Jeckyll & Hyde-Springbreak (12")(Dark Beatz)
Jeep Style-If There's A Cure (12")(Top Secret)
Jeff Bennet* -Recognition (12")(Poker Flat Recordings)
Jeff Bennett-Nite Wanderer (12")(Treibstoff)
Jeff Bennett-Nite Wanderer (12")(Treibstoff)
Jeff Lorber-Facts Of Love (2x12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Jeff Lorber-Full Moon (12")(Arista)
Jeff Ross (4)-Satellite (12", Promo)(Vanguard)
Jeff Tyzik-Jammin' In Manhattan (12", Promo)(Polydor)
Jeffrey Lee Pierce-Love & Desperation (12", Maxi)(Statik Records)
Jeffrey Osborne-Soweto (Remixed Version) (12", Single)(A&M Records)
Jelleestone-Money (Part 1) - The Remixes (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Jennifer Rush-Ring Of Ice (Extended Mix) (12", Maxi)(CBS Schallplatten GmbH)
Jennifer RushWithElton John-Flames Of Paradise (12")(CBS Schallplatten GmbH)
Jenny Burton-Dancing For My Love (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Jenny Burton-Do You Want It Bad Enuff (12", Single, Promo)(Atlantic)
Jenny Burton-Remember What You Like (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Jens Mahlstedt&André Winter-Kinky (12")(Dance Electric)
Jens Mahlstedt&Thomas Schumacher-The Boost / Kick That Beat (12")(Superstition)
Jens O.-Man On The Mic (12")(Dropout)
Jens O.-Reason (12")(YAWA Recordings)
Jeree Palmer-Late Night Surrender (12", Promo)(Reflection Records)
Jeremy Days, The-Sylvia Suddenly (12")(Polydor)
Jeremy Sylvester-Urban Dubz E.P. (12", EP)(Diamondhouse Electric)
Jerline & Friends-A Country Party / Red Hot Funk (12")(United Artists Records)
Jermaine Jackson-Dynamite! (Special 12" Remix By Jellybean) (12")(Arista)
Jermaine Jackson-I Think It's Love (12", Promo)(Arista)
Jermaine Jackson-Very Special Part (12", Promo)(Motown)
Jerome BraileyAndMutiny (2)-Peanut Butter And Jam (12")(LA Records)
Jerome Isma-Ae-Indigo (12")(Jee Productions)
Jerome Isma-Ae-Phantom - Something On My Mind (12")(BigCityBeats)
Jerome* -Something To Say About Love (12")(Calibre)
Jerry Harrison : Casual Gods* -Rev It Up (12")(Fontana)
Jerry Harrison : Casual Gods* -Rev It Up (12")(Sire Records Company)
Jerry Knight-Perfect Fit / Turn It Out (12")(A&M Records)
Jerry van Oz-Don't Sell Your Smile (The Return Of Timm Thaler) (12")(Bigfoot)
Jersey St.* -Cried Me A River (12")(Junior London)
Jeru The Damaja-Ya Playin' Yaself (12", Sti)(Payday,FFRR)
Jes* -Lovesong (12")(Magik Muzik)
Jesper Dahlbäck-Röda Rummet EP (12", EP)(Acid Fuckers Unite (A.F.U.))
Jesse Garcia-Let's Get Happy (12")(Stealth Records (UK))
Jesse Johnson-Baby Let's Kiss (12")(A&M Records)
Jesse Johnson-Baby Let's Kiss (12")(A&M Records)
Jesse Johnson-Crazay (Remix) (12", Single, Promo)(A&M Records)
Jesse Johnson-Every Shade Of Love (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Jesse Johnson-Love Struck (12")(A&M Records)
Jesse Johnson-She (I Can't Resist) (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Jesse Johnson's Revue-Can You Help Me (12")(A&M Records)
Jesse Johnson's Revue-I Want My Girl / Fast Girls (12")(A&M Records)
Jesse Rae-D.E.S.I.R.E. / Skydiver (12")(Bold Records)
Jesse Rae-D.E.S.I.R.E. / Skydiver (12")(Bold Records)
Jesse's Gang-Back-Up (12")(Geffen Records)
Jesse's Gang-Don't You Care / I'm Back Again (12")(Geffen Records)
Jesse's Gang-Noiz Without Words (12")(Geffen Records)
Jet Set (3)-In The Name Of Love (12")(Andorfine)
Jets, The-You Better Dance (12")(MCA Records)
Jeux Floraux-50 Miles Around (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Jichael Mackson-Baff (12")(Hartchef Discos)
Jigsaw (3)/Bombers-The Golden Dance-Floor Hits Vol. 12 (12")(ZYX Records)
Jigsaw (3)/Bombers-The Golden Dance-Floor Hits Vol. 12 (12")(ZYX Records)
Jigsaw (3)/Bombers-The Golden Dance-Floor Hits Vol. 12 (12")(ZYX Records)
Jill-Friendly Advice (12", Promo)(Wide Angle)
Jim Capaldi-I'll Keep Holding On (12")(WEA Musik GmbH)
Jim Capaldi-Something So Strong (12")(Island Records)
Jim Masters&Phil BarrypresentString Theory (2)-Swarm (12")(Intec Records)
Jim Masters&Phil BarryPresentString Theory (2)-Swarm (12", S/Sided)(Intec Records)
Jimi Hendrix-The Early Years Live (12", EP)(Receiver Records Limited)
Jimmy "Bo" Horne-Let's Do It (12")(Bellaphon,Sunnyview Records)
Jimmy "Bo" Horne-Let's Do It (12")(Bellaphon,Sunnyview Records)
Jimmy "Bo" Horne-Let's Do It (12", Promo)(Sunnyview Records)
Jimmy "Bo" Horne-Spank 88 (12")(Streetheat)
Jimmy "Bo" Horne-You're So Good To Me (12", Single, Ltd)(Sunnyview Records,Vogue)
Jimmy Bo Horne* -Is It In / Dance Across The Floor (Medley Mix '86) (12")(Streetheat)
Jimmy Bo Horne* -Spank (12")(Streetheat)
Jimmy Bo Horne* -Spank (12")(Streetheat)
Jimmy Bo Horne* -Spank / Is It In / Jimmy's Monster Mix (12")(Streetheat)
Jimmy Bo Horne* -Spank And Paarty Remix (12")(Streetheat Music)
Jimmy Briscoe And The Beavers-Invitation To The World / Living For Today (12")(T.K. Disco)
Jimmy Briscoe And The Beavers-Invitation To The World / Living For Today (12")(T.K. Disco)
Jimmy Castor-The Return Of Leroy (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Jimmy Castor-The Return Of Leroy (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Jimmy Castor-Troglodyte (Cave Man) (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Jimmy Cliff-Give Thankx (LP, Album)(Warner Bros. Records)
Jimmy Cliff-Higher And Higher (12", 33 )(Island Records)
Jimmy Cliff-Hot Shot (12")(Columbia)
Jimmy Cliff-Hot Shot (12")(Columbia)
Jimmy Cliff-Roots Radical / Treat The Youths Right (12")(Columbia)
Jimmy Cliff-Roots Radical / Treat The Youths Right (12")(Columbia)
Jimmy G. And The Tackheads* -Break My Heart (12")(Capitol Records)
Jimmy Jones-Swing Your Daddy (12")(ZYX Records)
Jimmy Lifton-Touching You At Night (12", Single)(Orphan Records)
Jimmy Messina* /Kenny Loggins-Do You Wanna Dance / Love Will Follow (12")(Old Gold (2))
Jimmy Ross/Kano-Fall Into A Trance / Another Life / Can't Hold Back (12")(Unidisc)
Jimmy The Hoover-Tantalise (Wo Wo Ee Yeh Yeh) (12", Promo)(Inner Vision,Columbia)
Jin Choi-High Quality Schal (12")(Roman,Photo)
Jinks, The-Inamorata (12")(MN2S)
Jinni Fontana-The Game Of Love (12")(Banana Records (3))
Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers-That's What I Like (12")(BCM Records,Music Factory)
Jo Jo Zep-Losing Game (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Joachim Spieth-Schlag Auf Schlag (12")(Auftrieb)
Joachim Spieth/M. Mayer* -Speicher 8 (12")(Kompakt Extra)
Joachim Witt-Tri Tra Trullala (Herbergsvater) (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(WEA)
Joalz-Very Upstairs From You (12")(Ntrop Recordings / Athens)
Joan Armatrading-(I Love It When You) Call Me Names / Drop The Pilot (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Joan Armatrading-Kind Words (And A Real Good Heart) (12")(A&M Records)
Joan Armatrading-Kind Words (And A Real Good Heart) (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Joan Armatrading-Temptation (12")(A&M Records)
Joan Faulkner-Groove Me (12")(Hansa)
Joan Faulkner-Groove Me (12")(Hansa)
Joann Harris* &Michael Bradley-Underground (12")(Carrere)
Joanna Gardner-Watching You (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Joanna Gardner-Watching You (12", Promo)(Philly World Records,Philly World Records)
Jocelyn Brown-Ain't No Mountain High Enough (12")(Dance Pool)
Jocelyn Brown-Ain't No Mountain High Enough (12")(Dance Pool)
Jocelyn Brown-Ego Maniac (12", Maxi)(Warner Bros. Records)
Jocelyn Brown-Freedom (12")(Tri - World Records)
Jocelyn Brown-Hands Off (12", TP)(Urban Rock Records)
Jocelyn Brown-Love's Gonna Get You (12", Maxi)(WEA Musik GmbH)
Jocelyn Brown-Somebody Else's Guy (12")(Vinyl Dreams Records)
Jocelyn Enriquez-A Little Bit Of Ecstasy (2x12")(Classified Records)
Jocker, The-Bring It Back(Your Soul) Episode 2 (12")(Hit! Records)
Jocko-The Rocketship (12", Promo)(Philadelphia International Records)
Jody* -Where The Boys Are (12")(Phonogram Int. B.V.)
Joe Bataan-Rap-O Clap-O (12")(Salsoul Records,RCA Schallplatten GmbH)
Joe Budden-Fire (Yes, Yes Y'all) (12", Promo)(Def Jam Recordings)
Joe Budden-Gangsta Party (12")(Def Jam Recordings)
Joe Budden-Pump It Up (12")(Def Jam Recordings)
Joe Cocker-Love Lives On (Vinyl, Maxi)(MCA Records)
Joe Cocker-Love Lives On (Vinyl, Maxi)(MCA Records)
Joe Cocker-Now That You're Gone (12")(Capitol Records)
Joe Cocker-Unchain My Heart (12", Maxi)(Capitol Records)
Joe Cocker-Unchain My Heart (Special Dance Mix) (12", Maxi)(Capitol Records)
Joe Cocker-What Are You Doing With A Fool Like Me (12")(Capitol Records)
Joe Jackson-Right And Wrong (12", Maxi)(A&M Records)
Joe Simon-Love Vibration (12", Promo)(Spring Records)
Joe Smooth-Promised Land (12")(BCM Records)
Joe Strummer-Love Kills (12", Maxi)(MCA Records)
Joe T. Vannelli ProjectFeaturingAlison Limerick-Never Knew (12")(Kontor Records)
Joe Tex-Don't Do Da Do (12", Promo)(Handshake Records And Tapes)
Joe Tex-Loose Caboose (12", Maxi)(T.K. Disco,T.K. Disco)
Joe Thomas-Two Doors Down / Here I Come (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
Joel Mull-The End Has Begun (12")(Railyard Recordings)
Joey NegroFeat.Taka Boom-Can't Get High Without U (12", Single)(House No.)
Joey NegroPresentsAkabu-The Way (12")(NRK Sound Division)
Joey Youngman-Keep Rockin' (12")(Jamayka Recordings)
Joff Roach-Regroovable (12")(Smoke Records)
Johan Bacto-Metal Detector (12")(Placktown Sounds)
Johan Gielen-Magnitude (12")(Kontor Records)
Johan Gielen-Magnitude (12")(Kontor Records)
Johannes Heil-The Seventh Seal (12", Ltd, S/Sided, Etch)(JH)
John & Arthur Simms-That Thang Of Yours (12", Promo, S/Sided)(Casablanca Records)
John Adams (3)-Strip This Heart (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
John Cale-Dead Or Alive (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
John Ciafone-Everyday (12")(Boombastic)
John Cougar Mellencamp-Pop Singer (12")(Mercury)
John Cougar Mellencamp-Small Town (12")(Mercury)
John Creamer & Stephane K.* FeaturingNkemdi* -I Wish You Were Here (12")(Critikal Records,Critikal Records)
John Dahlbäck-Bedroom Acts Vol. 2 (12")(Dessous Recordings)
John Dahlbäck-Now It's Not Summer Remixes (12")(Systematic (3))
John Dahlbäck-On The Stove EP (12", EP)(Brique Rouge)
John Dahlbäck-Winners & Fools Remixed (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Pickadoll Records)
John Dahlbäck-Zoovoices (12")(Pickadoll Records)
John Dahlback* -Belly Button / Song For Djingis (12")(Black Hole Recordings)
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra-Baby I've Got It / That's What I Get (12", Promo)(Columbia,SAM Records)
John DeAgo-Movin' (12")(GO4 Recordings)
John DeAgoFeaturingChaah-Lubrique (12")(Bigfoot)
John Fogerty-Eye Of The Zombie (12")(Bellaphon)
John Forté* -Poly Sci (2xLP)(Ruffhouse Records,Columbia)
John Groves-On The Strip (LP)(Selected Sound)
John James-She Bought Love (12")(Attic Records Limited)
John Kydd-Up The Ladder To The Roof (12", Single)(Nightwave Records,Altair Records)
John Kydd-Up The Ladder To The Roof (12", Single)(Nightwave Records,Altair Records)
John Lennon-Jealous Guy (12")(Parlophone)
John Noville-Greatest Love / Crazy Boys (12")(Transparent (2))
John Noville-I Know I Know (Remixed) (12")(TELDEC)
John Ozila-Harlem Reggae (12")(TELDEC)
John Starlight-Zauberstab Der Liebe (12")(Television Records)
John Tejada & Arian Leviste-Emo (12")(Pornflake Records)
John Thomas/Charles Siegling-Star Tracks Vol. 3 (12")(Star Tracks)
Johnny Bristol-Take Me Down / Rosebud (12")(Hansa International)
Johnny Bristol-Take Me Down / Rosebud (12")(Hansa International)
Johnny Clegg & Savuka-Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World (12")(EMI)
Johnny Clegg & Savuka-Siyayilanda (12")(EMI)
Johnny Clegg & Savuka-Siyayilanda (12")(EMI)
Johnny Fiasco-The Bug (12", Single)(Tonic Recordings)
Johnny Future-Volume 2: Out On Perfect World (12", Promo)(Perfect World (2))
Johnny Future-Volume 3: Out On Perfect World (12", Pro)(Perfect World (2))
Johnny Future-Volume 5: Out On Perfect World (12")(Perfect World (2))
Johnny Gill-Wrap My Body Tight (12")(Motown)
Johnny Gill-Wrap My Body Tight (12")(Motown)
Johnny Hates Jazz-I Don't Want To Be A Hero (12", Promo)(Virgin)
Johnson And D-Get Ready To Jump (12")(T.T.E.D. Records)
Johnson And D-Get Ready To Jump (12")(T.T.E.D. Records)
Joi (7)-I Need A Prince (12")(Epic)
Joi Cardwell-Run To You (12")(Eightball Records,Eightball Records)
Joker, The-The Orange Theme (A Tribute) (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Joli-Heart Aches (12")(Precise Records)
Jon Astley-Put This Love To The Test (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Jon Butcher-Holy War (12")(Capitol Records)
Jon Gibson-Ain't It Pretty (12")(Man Records)
Jon Gurd-Tell It Like It Is / Spit It Out (12")(Kill-A-Watt)
Jon Lucien-Sweet Control (12", Promo)(Mercury)
Jon Secada-Whipped (12", TP)(SBK Records)
Jona-Swamp EP (12", EP)(Fumakilla)
Jona-Tizia EP (12", EP, W/Lbl, Sta)(Get Physical Music)
Jonas Bering-Can't Stop Loving You (12")(Kompakt)
Jonathan Butler-Crossroads Revisited (12")(Jive)
Jonathan Butler-Lies (12")(Jive)
Jonathan Butler-There's One Born Every Minute (I'm A Sucker For You) (12")(TELDEC)
Joneses, The-Sugar Pie Guy (12")(Mercury)
Jonny Chingas* -I'm Looking For An Automatic Lover / Show Me How To Dance (12", Single)(Billionaire Records,Billionaire Records)
Jonny Rock&Luke Solomon-It's In The Rhythm (12")(Playhouse)
Jonny White-Musique Noire / Full Night (12")(Connect Four Records)
Jonny White-Musique Noire / Full Night (12")(Connect Four Records)
Jonzun Crew, The-Pack Jam (Look Out For The OVC) (12")(Metronome)
Jordan Fields-Organic Dubs E.P. (12", EP)(Experience Recordings)
Jordan Fields-The Music (12")(MAP Dance)
Jörg Henze-3000 (12")(Drehmoment)
Jörg Henze-Ash And Diamonds (2x12")(Zenit)
Jörg Henze-Ash And Diamonds (2x12")(Zenit)
Jori Hulkkonen-Let Me Luv U (12")(F Communications,Play It Again Sam [PIAS])
Jori Hulkkonen-Man From Earth (Re-Mixes) (12")(Turbo)
Joris Voorn-Re: From A Deep Place (12")(Green (2))
Joseph Gray/Jay Gees, The-Crackin' Up (12")(Vista Sounds)
Joseph Malik-Joseph Malik / Remixed - Re-constructions By Grand Unified & Aqua Bassino (12")(Compost Records)
Joshua Fried-Jimmy Because (My Name Is) (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Jovanotti-For President (LP, Album)(Blow Up,Intercord)
Jovanotti-Gimme Five (12")(High Fashion Music)
Jovonn-Blacque Houze Samplestrumental (12")(Next Moov Traxx)
Jovonn-Blacque Houze Samplestrumental (12")(Next Moov Traxx)
Joy Kitikonti-I Want You (12")(Footlovers Music)
Joy Rose-In And Out Of Love Affairs (12")(Tribeca Records (2))
Joyce Kennedy-Didn't I Tell You (12", Promo, Single)(A&M Records)
Joyce Sims-Come Into My Life (12")(Club Tools,Club Tools)
Joyce Thorne-Street Dancer (He's A) (12", Promo)(RBR Records & Tapes)
Joyful Noise-Peace Love & Harmony (12")(Qalomota Records)
Joz-Danger (12")(Knall Traxx)
Joz-Juice (12")(Knall Traxx)
J-Swift (2)-I Wanna Dance With U (12", Promo)(Sneak Tip Records)
Juan Farcik-Para Todos (12")(Preset)
Judson Spence-Hot & Sweaty (12", Pro)(Atlantic)
Judy Cheeks-I Still Love You (12")(Polydor)
Judy Cheeks-I Still Love You (12")(Polydor)
Judy Cheeks-Just Another Lie (12")(Polydor)
Judy Cheeks-Reach (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Positiva)
Judy Cheeks-You'll Never Be Alone (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Judy Cheeks-You'll Never Be Alone (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Judy Torres-Love Story (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Judy Torres-No Reason To Cry (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Jürgen Driessen-Testwalk / Counter Culture (10")(Mutekki)
Juggernaut Express, The-The Juggernaut Express (12")(Transfusion)
Juicy-Bad Boy (12")(Private I Records)
Jule Neigel Band-Der Rebell (12")(Intercord)
Jules & Ray Cadle-Oh Yeah (12")(Tough Records)
Julia Santana-Sooner Or Later (12", Promo)(Posse Records)
Julian Dawson & The Flood-Slipping Away (12")(Polydor)
Juliet Roberts-So Good / Free Love 98 (12")(Delirious)
Julius Papp - Dave Warrin* -Odyssey EP (12", EP)(Yellow Productions,Yellow Productions)
Julius Papp-Bole Bantu (12")(Large Records)
Jumbo (5)-Take It Light (Get That Mojo Working Day And Night) (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Junesex-Close To Mine EP (12", EP)(Sister Phunk)
Jungle Band, TheFeaturingMickey Murray-Marvellous (12")(Charly Records Ltd.)
Junior (2)-Communication Breakdown (12")(Mercury)
Junior (2)-Communication Breakdown (12")(Mercury,Mercury)
Junior (2)-Runnin' (12")(Mercury)
Junior Dangerous-Life Is Funny (12")(Mercury)
Junior Giscombe* -Step Off (12")(MCA Records,MCA Records Ltd.)
Junior Giscombe* -Then Came You (12", Promo)(MCA Records,MCA Records Ltd.)
Junior Jack-Rocktron / Life (12")(Play It Again Sam [PIAS],Play It Again Sam [PIAS])
Junior Senior-Move Your Feet (12")(Urban)
Junk Project-Block Busters #2 - The White Series (12", Whi)(Blockbuster Records)
Junk Yard Dog* FeaturingVicki Sue Robinson-Grab Them Cakes (12")(Epic)
Junkie XL-B Y Whop To The Y / Siyncho (12")(Mostiko)
Junkie XL-Catch Up To My Step (12", Single, Promo)(Roadrunner Records)
Junkie XL-More (12", Maxi)(Artwerk Music)
Just Four-We Ain't (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Justice (3)vs.Simian-Never Be Alone (12")(International Deejay Gigolo Records)
Just-Ice-Going Way Back / Lyric Licking (12")(Fresh Records)
Justin David-Acoustic Mass (12")(Future Monument)
Justine Electra-Fancy Robots Remixes (12")(City Slang)
Justine Johns-Babylon (12")(Artist International Records)
Justus Köhncke-Homogen (12")(Kompakt)
Justus Köhncke-Was Ist Musik (Remixe) (12")(Kompakt)
Justus Köhncke-Was Ist Musik (Remixe) (12")(Kompakt)
Justus Köhncke-Zwei Photonen (12")(Kompakt)
Justus Köhncke/DJ Koze-Speicher 20 (12")(Kompakt Extra)
K West* -Love Lockdown (12", W/Lbl, S/Sided, Sta)(Not On Label (Kanye West))
K. Hand* -Mayday EP (12", EP, W/Lbl)(Acacia Records)
K. Lakizz-Silverstar Bar (12")(Sender Records)
K.C. Delicious-Say What! (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Starschnitt Productions)
K.O.C.-Let Your Love Flow (Vinyl)(Big Maxx Records GmbH)
K.O.T.* -Witness Protection E.P. (12", EP)(Downtown 161)
K.R.-Hier Und Jetzt (12", Promo)(Not On Label)
Kabuki-Sex Drive (12")(Dialog Recordings)
Kabuki&Savine* -Intastate (12")(Skunkrock Productions)
Kagami-Tiger Track (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Frogman Records)
Kai Kurve-Mir Is Schlecht (12", Maxi, Promo, W/Lbl)(Stil Vor Talent)
Kai Tracid-Life Is Too Short (Remixes) (12")(Tracid Traxxx)
Kai Tracid's* Hands OnB.B.E.-Seven Days And One Week (12")(Urban)
Kaiser Souzai&Nudisco-Kaiserdisco Vol. 1 (12", Ltd, Yel)(Hi Freaks)
Kål-Wind (12")(Not On Label)
Kaleef-Trials Of Life (12")(Unity Records (5))
Kaliber-Kaliber 11 (12")(Kaliber)
Kaliber-Kaliber 13 (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Kaliber)
Kaliber-Kaliber 16 (12")(Kaliber)
Kaliber-Kaliber 18 (12")(Kaliber)
Kaliber-Kaliber 18 (12")(Kaliber)
Kaliber-Kaliber 19 (12")(Kaliber)
Kaliber-Kaliber 19 (12")(Kaliber)
Kaliber-Kaliber 3 (12", Promo)(Kaliber)
Kaliber-Kaliber 4 (12")(Kaliber)
Kaliber-Kaliber 9 (12", Promo)(Kaliber)
KamasutraFeaturingJocelyn Brown-Happiness (12")(S3,S3)
Kan Shinomura-Primitivedge E.P. (12", EP)(Futago Traxx)
Kane Gang, The-Brother Brother (12")(Kitchenware Records)
Kano-Another Life (12")(Full Time Records)
Kanye West-Addiction (The Official House Remix) (12")(Dopewax)
Kanye West-Addiction (The Official House Remix) (12")(Dopewax)
Kanye West-Heartless (12", Promo)(Roc-A-Fella Records)
Kanye West-Through The Wire (12", Promo)(Roc-A-Fella Records)
KanYe WestFeat.Chris Martin-Homecoming (12", Promo)(Roc-A-Fella Records)
Kaoma-Dançando Lambada (12")(CBS Disques)
Kaoma-Lambada (12", Maxi)(CBS,CBS)
Kaptein Kaliber-Pop Ultra 2b (LP, Pic)(Tellé)
Karel Fialka-Hey Matthew (12")(I.R.S. Records)
Karel Fialka-Hey Matthew (Extended Remix) (12", Maxi)(I.R.S. Records)
Karel Fialka-Hey Matthew (Extended Remix) (12", Maxi)(I.R.S. Records)
Karen Ramirez-Troubled Girl (12")(Manifesto,Manifesto)
Karin De Ponti-Show Me The Way (12")(Diva)
Karlos Mendez-Sex-A-Phone (12")(Promo)
Karmina-Wonder 21 (12")(OpossuMini)
Kartoon Krew, The-Batman (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Kashif-Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got) (Remix) (12")(Arista)
Kashif-Loving You Only (12")(Arista)
Kashif-Stone Love (12", Promo)(Arista)
Kasso-The Walkman (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Kat Mandu-I Wanna Dance (Remix) (12")(Unidisc)
Kat Mandu-We Got Your Groove (Special Remix) (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Kate Simko-She Said EP (12", EP)(Spectral Sound)
Kathy Barnes-Body Talkin' (12")(Republic Records (3))
Kathy Barnes-Body Talkin' (12", Blu)(Republic Records)
Kathy Kosins-I've Got The Night Off (12")(Carrere)
Kathy Mathis-Late Night Hour (12")(Tabu Records)
Kathy Mathis-Late Night Hour (12")(Tabu Records)
Kathy Mathis-Men Have To Be Taught (12")(Tabu Records)
Katmandu* -The Break (12")(ZYX Music)
Katy Perry-I Kissed A Girl (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Not On Label (Katy Perry))
Katy Perry-I Kissed A Girl (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Not On Label (Katy Perry))
Katy Perry-Teenage Dreams The Remixes (12", Promo, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Katy Perry))
Katy PerryFeat.Snoop Dogg-California Gurls (12", Maxi, Pic)(Not On Label)
Kay Cee* -Escape² (12", Promo)(Orbit Records)
Kay Cee* -I Feel You (Remixes) (12")(Zeitgeist)
Kay Cee* -Millennium Stringz (12")(Go For It)
Kay West* -Wanna Groove / Shake Together (12")(CAT Record)
Kaycee-Love Will Tear Us Apart (12")(Zeitgeist)
Kaylyn-Midnight Matinée (12")(Citadel)
Kazino-Shoot (12")(Carrere)
KC & The Sunshine Band-(You Said) You'd Gimme Some More (12")(Epic)
KC (4)-Are You Ready / Don't Break My Heart (12")(MECA Records)
KC (4)-Give It Up (12", Promo)(MECA Records)
KC Da Rookee-Somethin' Different / Watch Dis (12", Promo)(Showdown)
Kechia Jenkins-I Need Somebody (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Kechia Jenkins-Still Waiting (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Keen-Theory / Return (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Flex Records)
Keep It Dark-If You Be Mine (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Elektra)
Kei Kohara-Reflection (12")(+AD)
Keith Sweat-Make You Sweat (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Keith Thompson Project, The-The Rhythm Of Life (Part 1) (12")(Underground Solution)
Keith Tucker-Stick It In Your Ear (12")(End to End)
Keith Washington-When You Love Somebody (12")(Qwest Records)
Kelis-Get Along With You (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Kelis-Lil Star (12")(Virgin,Virgin)
Kelis-Milkshake (12")(Star Trak Entertainment)
Kelis-Milkshake (X-Press 2 Remixes) (12", Promo)(Virgin)
Kelis-Millionaire (12")(Virgin)
Kelis-Young, Fresh N' New (12")(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Kelis/Marcas-Boycee's Beats Vol.3 (12", Unofficial)(Boycee)
Kelis/T.I.-Bossy / Why You Wanna (12")(Love Recordings (2))
Kellee Patterson-Let Go, Let Go (Let Love Be The Driver) (12", Promo)(Shadybrook Records)
Kellee Patterson-Let Go, Let Go (Let Love Be The Driver) / How I Love Your Smile (12")(Shadybrook Records)
Kelly Charles&James Bratton-Reachin' (12")(Champion)
Kelly Marie-Breakout (12", Single)(Calibre + Plus!)
Kelly RowlandFeat.David Guetta-Commander (12", Pic, Unofficial)(Not On Label (PICT Series))
Ken Chaney-Love Attack (12", Promo)(Tempre Records)
Ken Laszlo-Tonight (12")(Memory Records)
Keni Burke/Collage (3)-Risin' To The Top / Get In Touch With Me (12", Unofficial)(RCA Victor (2))
Keni Rightout-Right Now (I Really Feel I Can Change Your Mind) / Out Of Sight (12")(Salsoul Records)
Kenneth Sherman-Why Can't We Live Together? / Just Dance (12")(EMI Music (Netherlands))
Kennie Delt-Funky Musak (12", Promo)(Mercury)
Kenny B. Devine-Bass In The Box (12")(Peters Records)
Kenny Blake-High Times (12")(High'N'Rising)
Kenny Blake-I've Been Watching You (12")(Brickhouse Records)
Kenny Blake-Tom's Diner (12")(Club Tools)
Kenny Dope* -Found Instrumentals Vol. 1 (12")(Dopewax)
Kenny G (2)-Champagne (12")(Arista)
Kenny G (2)-Hi, How Ya Doin'? / What Does It Take? (12")(Old Gold (2))
Kenny Moore-It Only Takes A Minute (12")(Lark Records)
Kenny Moore-It Only Takes A Minute (12")(Lark Records)
Kenny Takito-All Systems Go (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Kenny Takito-All Systems Go (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Kenny Takito-Moskito (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Kenshasa-Unusual Song / Usual Song (12")(Andorfine)
Kentaro Takizawa-Take My Soul / New Beginning, New Life (12")(Flower Records)
Këoki* -Caterpillar (2xLP)(Discore Recordings,Discore Recordings)
Kerosene-King Of The Slum (12")(Force Inc. Music Works)
Kesha-Blah Blah Blah (12", Unofficial, Promo)(Not On Label (Kesha))
Kevin Gideon-Dead End (12", Promo)(Sound Gems)
Kevin Gorman-Format (12")(Mikrowave)
Kevin Lyttle-Last Drop (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Kev-Ski (2)-Hanky Panky (12")(Major Records Inc.)
Keyboards Affair-Tubolar Bells (12", Maxi)(PolyGram Dischi SPA)
Keyzer* -Money Cash Cars (12")(K-Town Records)
Keyzer* -Money Cash Cars (12")(K-Town Records)
Khazad Dum-Come Together (Remixes) (12")(Time Unlimited)
Khetama* Feat.Rose (4)-Stand Up (12")(Spacefunk Recordings)
Kick Affiliates, The-People Workin (12")(Bassclef Records)
Kid Creole And The Coconuts-Caroline Was A Drop-Out (12")(Sire Records Company)
Kid Creole And The Coconuts-Dancin' (12")(Sire Records Company)
Kid Creole And The Coconuts-I Love Girls (12")(Columbia)
Kid Creole And The Coconuts-I'm A Wonderful Thing (Baby) (12")(Ariola)
Kid Creole And The Coconuts-My Male Curiosity (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Kid Dub-Around The World / When Doves Cry (12")(Sexy Trash Records)
Kid Flash-Hot Like Fire (12")(Tabu Records)
Kid 'N' Play-Bounce (12")(Select Records)
Kid Seville-Do You Have A Car? (12")(RAMS Horn Records)
Kidd City Orchestra* -Way Back (Back Into Time) / Black Rain (12")(More Music Records (US),International Dance Records)
Kiddo (2)-Give It Up (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Kiddo (2)-She's Got The Body (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Kids At Work-Singing Hey Yea (12", Promo)(CBS Associated Records,Sound Of New York)
Kids At Work-Singing Hey Yea (12", Promo)(CBS Associated Records,Sound Of New York)
Kiki-Trust Me (12")(BPitch Control)
Kiko & Gino's-Electric Boy EP (12", EP)(Lasergun)
Kiko (7)-Anything For Love (12")(Baila Records,Sutra Records)
Kiko Navarro-Leave Something Here (12")(Pacha Recordings)
Kiko Navarro-Perfect Place (Show Me Love) (12")(Flamingo Discos)
Kiko Navarro-Siempre (12")(Pacha Recordings)
Killer K-Ready For Take Off (12")(Dance Network)
Killerbounce-Psycho / Thunderball (12")(EDM)
Kiloo&Phonique-The Passion (12", EP)(Ladies And Gentlemen (2))
Kim Appleby-Free Spirit (2x12", Promo)(Parlophone,Parlophone)
Kim English-Higher Things (12")(Nervous Records)
Kim Rapatti-Time After Time (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Senator Recordings)
Kim Sanders-Food For Thought (2x12")(Zeitgeist)
Kim Wilde-Rage To Love (12")(MCA Records)
Kimberly Scott-Tuck Me In (12")(Columbia)
Kinetico-Valhalla (12")(Ground Groove)
King Bee-Back By Dope Demand (12", Maxi)(CBS Dance Pool)
King Brittfeat.Ivana Santilli-Superstar (The Remixes) (12")(Rapster Records)
King BrittPresentsObafunke* -Freedom (12")(Karma Giraffe)
King BrittPresentsSylk 130-The Reason / When The Funk Hits The Fan (12")(Columbia)
King Cobb Steelie-Unique (12")(EMI Music (Canada))
King Errisson-Manhattan Love Song (12")(Westbound,Atlantic)
King Kobra (4)-Home Street Home (12")(Capitol Records)
King Of Bongo-Bongo Bong (12", Promo)(Epark Music Production GmbH)
King Roc-Take Me Away / Mirror To Infinity (12")(Bugged Out)
King Sun-On The Club Tip (12", Promo)(Zakia Records,Profile Records)
King Tutt-Comin' Out / Even Though (12")(T.K. Disco)
King-Love & Pride (12", Promo)(Epic)
Kinga-Beechjet (12")(R.P.M.)
Kings Of Pressure-Brains Unchained / Slang Teacher (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Kings Of The Underground-I'll Be There/ Feedback Melodica (12")(Body Music)
Kings Of Tomorrow (K.O.T.)* FeaturingStacey Alexander-Black, Sinister, Science EP (12", EP)(Aspro)
Kings Of Tomorrow-Thru (Part One) (12")(Defected)
Kinks, The-How Are You (12")(London Records)
Kinky RolandFeat.Stephen Graville-Harmony (12")(Ultra Vinyl)
Kira (13)-Hot Child In The City (12")(Relentless Recordings)
Kirby Coleman-Hey Ton'i (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.,Tandem Records)
Kissing The Pink-Love Lasts Forever (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Kissing The Pink-Never Too Late To Love You (12", Maxi)(Magnet (2))
K-Jim + Y-bot-Summer And You (12")(Grand Casino Records)
Klaus Schneider-Nothing Is Real (12")(Dimmer)
Klaus Schneiderfeat.Phil Barnes-Wasted (12")(Fullscale Music)
Klaus Schneiderfeat.Phil Barnes-Wasted (12")(Fullscale Music)
Kleeer-Keeep Your Body Workin' (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Kleeer-Next Time It's For Real / Break / Keep Your Body Workin' (12")(Atlantic)
Kleeer-Winners (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
KLF, The-America: What Time Is Love? (12")(Blow Up)
KLF, The-Justified & Ancient (12", Maxi)(Blow Up)
KLF, The-Justified & Ancient (12", Maxi)(Blow Up)
Kling & Charles-Parallel Realities (12")(ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH)
Klippers-Step Into The Rhythm (12")(Rise)
Klopfgeistsyndikat-Kugelfisch (12")(Composure Records)
Klubbingman-Highway To The Sky (12")(Epic)
Kluster-My Love (Remixes) (12")(Superstar Recordings)
KLX-Acid Rain (12")(Dance Pollution)
Klymaxx-Fashion (12", col)(Solar,Intercord Tonträger GmbH)
Klymaxx-Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman (12", Promo)(Solar)
Knabberbox-Rezpect (12")(Brickhouse Tracks)
Knee Deep-I'll Be There For You (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Records Of Interest)
Knight & Day* -I've Been Watching You (12", Maxi, Promo)(Rhino Records (2))
Kocky-Remone / Everybody Is A Winner (12")(Windsong Records)
Kode IV-Near To The Divine (12")(KK Records)
Kode IV-Silicon Civilisation (LP)(KK Records)
Koko KolaVsMonsieur X-Tapas Para Todos EP (12", EP)(Pamplemousse)
Kollektiv Turmstrasse-Disconnect Me (12")(Ostwind Records)
Kölns Rumpelkammer-A Four Track E.P. (12")(Actual Label)
Kölsch-Speicher 68 (12")(Kompakt Extra)
Komma 8 Komma 1-Popmusic (12")(Not On Label)
Konk-The Jams (LP, Album + 12")(BCM Records)
Konstavs.Muffler-Butterfly / Mercy (12")(Revolution Recordings)
Konstrukt/CyBin-Black Widow / All Junglists (12")(Lockdown Recordings)
Kontrasequenz-Binaler Otoplastikjumper / Eigenzeitintervall (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Kontrasequenz-Protoplasmatisch / Apfel-Z Live! (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Kontrast (2)-Stammtisch Der Verzweiflung (12")(Kompakt)
Kool & The Gang-Raindrops (Blaze House Mix) (12")(Metronome)
Kool & The Gang-Tonight (12", Maxi)(De-Lite Records)
Kool & The GangFeat.J.T. Taylor-Salute To The Ladies (12", Maxi)(Curb Records)
Kool Rock Steady&To Kool Chris-Return Of The Bass! (12")(Renegade Records)
Koola News, The-Beatmaster / Casablanca (12", Maxi)(Hansa,Hansa)
Kosheen-Hungry (12")(BMG,BMG)
Kosheen-Overkill (Is It Over Now?) (12")(Universal Music Domestic Division)
Ko-Ta-Private Tools EP (12")(Stratosphere Records)
Kotey* &Mammarella* -Love Sprinkle / Tits & Assets (12")(Bear Funk)
Koto-Dragon's Megamix (12")(Memory Records)
Koto-Japanese War Game (12", Maxi)(Memory Records)
Koto-The Koto Mix / Jabdah (Megamix) (12")(Memory Records)
Koto-The Koto Mix / Jabdah (Megamix) (12")(Memory Records,Memory Records)
Koxo-Shake It Up (12")(Interstate Records)
Kozmic Gurt Brodhas-Invasion (2x12")(H. Productions)
K-Paul-Please, Baby (12")(Electric Kingdom)
Kraftwerk-Tour De France (2009 Kraft Mix) (12", S/Sided)(Not On Label (Kraftwerk))
Kra-Zee White Boy-If You See Kay (12")(Under-The-Counter Records)
Krid P.-Feel The Fire (12")(Alpha+)
Krisma-Miami (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Kristine W-Feel What You Want 2009 (12", W/Lbl, S/Sided)(Not On Label)
KRS-One-Knowledge Reigns Supreme / French Connection (12", Unofficial)(Not On Label)
Krush-House Arrest (12", EP)(Mercury)
Krush-House Arrest (12", EP)(Mercury)
Krust-Kloakin' King / Don't Front (12")(Full Cycle Records)
Kryptonite-Baby I Don't Know (12", Promo)(Roy B Records)
Krystian Shek&Beniafur Conti-Wheres The Funk At (Like That) (12")(Bandos Island Music)
Krystol-Nobody's Gonna Get This Lovin' But You (12", Promo)(Epic)
Krystol-Precious, Precious (12", Promo)(Epic)
Krystol-The Things That Men Do (12")(Epic)
K-Traxx-Propulse (12")(Titanic Records)
Kuato-Tube (D.Lewis & Emix Rmx) (12")(Zig Zag Records)
Kurtis Blow-Back By Popular Demand (LP, Album)(Mercury)
Kurtis Blow-I'm Chillin' (12")(Mercury)
Kurtis Blow-I'm Chillin' (12")(Mercury)
Kurtis Blow-Party Time (12")(Mercury,Polygram)
Kurtis Blow-Rappin' (12")(Phonogram)
Kurtis Blow-Rappin' (12")(Phonogram)
Kurtis Blow-Throughout Your Years (12")(Mercury)
Kurtis Blow-Under Fire / AJ Scratch (12")(Mercury)
Kwass-Osaka Sequels Part 2 (12")(Modular Music Channel)
Kwass-Osaka Sequels Part 2 (12")(Modular Music Channel)
Kwass-The People S Vote (12")(Modular Music Channel)
Kym Mazelle-Don't Scandalize My Name (12")(Capitol Records)
Kym Mazelle-Got To Get You Back (12")(Syncopate (2),EMI)
Kym Mazelle-Have A Nice Day (12")(Dance Factory (2))
Kym Mazelle-Useless (I Don't Need You Now) (12")(Syncopate (2))
Kym Mazelle-Was That All It Was (12", Maxi)(Syncopate (2),Syncopate (2))
Kym Yancey-Making Money (12")(Dice Records)
L&M Project-Crazy Beatz (12")(Mental Madness)
L.A. Dream Team-Citizens On Patrol / Hollywood Boulevard (12")(MCA Records)
L.L. Cool J* -I Need Love (12", Maxi)(Def Jam Recordings,CBS)
L.T.D.-Kickin' Back (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
L.U.P.O.-People (12")(Electric Kingdom)
La Griffe-Make It Shine (12")(Delicious Garden Recordings)
La Mariposa-Latin Love (12")([g] Flame)
La Place Au Soleil-Platz Rufus EP (12", EP, W/Lbl, Promo)(Plong!)
La Toya Jackson-Hot Potato (12", Single)(Private I Records)
Labelle (Patti Labelle, Nona Hendryx & Sarah Dash)* -Turn It Out (12", Single)(MCA Soundtracks,MCA Soundtracks)
Labi Siffre-(Something Inside) So Strong (12", Promo)(Chrysalis)
Lad:Nav* -Justice Breaks / Justice House (12", Unofficial)(Not On Label (SWFC Series))
Lady B-Dead! (12")(Drehstrom)
Lady D (3)-Imagination (12")(TSR Records)
Lady Gaga-Love Game (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Lady Gaga))
Lady Luck-R.U.S.H. / Come Get It (12", Promo)(Def Jam Recordings)
Lafleur-Boogie Nights (12")(Dig It International)
Laid Back-One Life / It's The Way You Do It (12")(Metronome)
Laidback Luke-Hot Hot Hotter (12")(Net's Work International)
Laidback Luke-Rocking With The Best (12")(Virgin)
Lakers, The-Just Say No! (12")(Capitol Records)
Lakeside-Money (12")(Epic)
Lakeside-Relationship (12")(Solar)
Lakeside-Your Wish Is My Command (LP, Album)(Solar,Solar,WEA Musik GmbH)
LAL-Brown Eyed Warrior (12")(Public Transit Recordings)
Lambent-Lambent 98-00 (2xLP)(Jetlag)
Lamont Dozier-Cool Me Out (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Columbia)
Lamont Dozier-Shout About It (12")(M&M Records)
Lamont Dozier-The Quiet's Too Loud (12")(Atlantic,Atlantic)
LAN-La Mannequin (12")(Mädchenmusik)
Lance Samuel-Fetch (12")(First Digit)
Land Of Fun-In The Basement (12")(EMI Music (Germany))
Language (4)-Touch The Radio "Dance" (12")(A&M Records)
Largo (2)-Tango Passion (12", Maxi)(BMG Berlin Musik GmbH)
Larry Elgart-La Cage Aux Folles (12", Promo)(RCA)
Larry Loeber-Love Me Or Leave Me (12", Promo)(Emergency Records,Profile Records)
Larry Page Orchestra-Slinky Thighs (12")(London Disco)
Lars Bartkuhn-Dimensions (12")(Sonar Kollektiv)
Lars Behrenroth-Armistice EP Vol.2 (12", EP)(ProgCity Deep Trax)
Lars Klein-Until Further Notice (2x12", Album)(Fine Audio Recordings)
Lars Klein-Wooden Man (12", Ltd, Gre)(Fine Audio Recordings)
Lars Klein/Peter Lindkvist-Audio Special Edition 03 (12")(Compressed,Fine Audio Recordings)
Lars Palmas-The Real Penetrator (12")(EDM)
Lars Sommerfeld-From Out Of Nowhere (12")(Fumakilla)
Lars Sommerfeld-Silverroom EP (12", EP)(Fumakilla)
Lars-Christian Müller-Mind Cookies (12")(Whirlpoolsex Music)
Larsson (2)-Limited (12")(Hi Freaks)
Larsson (2)-Taxi TT (12", Ltd, Gre)(Hi Freaks)
Laserdance-Future Generation (LP, Album)(ZYX Records)
Laserdance-Power Run (12")(ZYX Records)
Laserdance-Power Run (12")(ZYX Records)
Last Generation-Saturday Sessions E.P. (12", EP)(Sonic Mind)
LaTanya-I Want The B-O-M-B (12")(Indasoul Records)
Late Nite Magic* -Huneez (12")(Tabu Records)
Lateasha-Move On You (12")(Rawsome Records)
Latex-Encore (12")(Müller Records)
Laura Pallas-Emergency (12")(TVI Records & Filmworks)
Laura Taylor-All Through Me (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
Lauren Grey-Saturday Night (12")(Dice Records)
Laurent Konrad-Rock U (12")(Not On Label)
Laurent Zappone-Frankfurt Underground Pt. 2 (12")(Underground (3))
Laurent Zappone-Frankfurt Underground Pt. 2 (12")(Underground (3))
Laurent Zappone-Frankfurt Underground Pt. 2 (12")(Underground (3))
Laurent Zappone-IsSam (12")(Herz ist Trumpf)
Laurent Zappone-IsSam (12")(Herz ist Trumpf)
Laurent Zappone-IsSam (12")(Herz ist Trumpf)
Laurent* -Bad Boys (12")(Wea)
Laurie Saunders-I'll Admit It (12")(Epic)
Lauryn Hill-Everything Is Everything (12")(Ruffhouse Records)
Lavine Hudson-Intervention (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
LawnChair Generals-The Great Escape (12")(Viva!)
LawnChair Generals-The Truth (Remixes) (12")(LowDown Music)
Lawrence (10)-Can't No Good Come From Bad (12", Promo)(Fantasy)
Lawrence-Sporturlaub (12")(Dial)
Lawyer, The-I Wanna Mmm... (12")(Dance Division)
Lax vs. South-El Gato Negro (12")(Oceanlounge Records)
Layo & Bushwacka!-Break Boot Story (12", Unofficial, S/Sided)(Not On Label (Layo & Bushwacka!),Not On Label (LTD Series))
Layton & Kaato-Free Your Mind (12")(Universal Music Domestic Division)
Layton & Stone-Better World (12")(Not On Label)
Lazy Fat People-Pixelgirl EP (12", EP)(Planet E)
LCD-Independence Day / Aqualite Megga Mix (12")(Hypnotic)
Le Foxxe-French Kiss (12", Promo)(Telestar (2))
Le Page-Reconciliate (12", Promo)(Prism Records)
Le Page-You Can Do The Dancin' (12", Promo)(Prism Records)
Ledernacken-Let Yourself Go (12")(Yellow Ltd.)
Lee Cabrera* Feat.Mim-I Want You (12", Promo)(Badabing Records)
Lee Chameleon-No More Love Songs (12")(Surveillance)
Lee Marrow-Shanghai (12", Gre)(Chic (2))
Lee Marrow-Shanghai (12", Gre)(Chic (2))
Lee Marrow-Shanghai (12", Gre)(Chic (2))
Lee Marrow-Shanghai (12", Ora)(Chic (2))
Lee Marrow&Love Tools, The* -Biggest Dick (12")(Instinctive Records)
Lee Marrow&Love Tools, The* -Biggest Dick (12")(Instinctive Records)
Leeves , The-Now & Then Special Medley Mix (Vinyl, EP)(BC Records)
Lefreak-Dance (12")(Partysan Records)
Left Lane-Ooh I Like It (12")(Best Records)
Leftfield-Never Forgotten (12", S/Sided)(DDB Records)
Leftfield-Release The Pressure (12")(Hard Hands)
Legend B-Lost In Love '97 I (12", W/Lbl)(3 Lanka)
Legura-Ritual EP (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Leif-Customer Services E.P. (12", EP, Promo, W/Lbl)(Trimsound)
Leisure Process-Cashflow (Million Dollar Mix) (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Len Boone-Love Won't Be Denied (12")(Chrysalis)
Lene Lovich-Angels (12")(Stiff Records)
Lene Lovich-It's You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) (12")(Epic)
Lenny & Johnson-Dinner With Gershwin (12")(Kontor Records)
Lenny Fontana-Reach For The Sky (2x12")(Records Of Interest)
Lenny FontanaPresentsExclusive Club, The-Touch & Go (12")(Distance)
Leo Minor-Sudden Death City / Don't Bring Me Down (12", TP, Ltd)(Uppercuts)
Leo Young-A True American Hero (12")(Tummy Touch)
Leo-Hauté Densite / Angel Heart (12")(Piccasso)
Leon BolierPresentsPrecursor-Signwave / Systomatic (12")(2 Play Records)
Leon Haywood-Disco Fever / Party (12")(MCA Records)
Leon Haywood-If You're Looking For A Night Of Fun (Look Past Me, I'm Not The One) (12")(20th Century Fox Records)
Leon Haywood-Spellbound (12")(Evejim Records)
Leon Jackson (2)-The Dancin' Lamb (12")(Still Rising Records)
Leonard Seeley's Heritage-Feel It (12", Promo)(Zoo York Recordz)
Leonid Rudenko-Summerfish (12")(Starview Records)
Leroy & Darnell-Get Rich Or Try Dying EP (12", EP)(Sonar Kollektiv)
Leroy Hutson-She's Got It / Nice And Easy (12")(Elektra)
Leroy Hutson-Unforgettable / (You Put The) Funk In My Life (12")(RSO Records, Inc.)
Les Gammas-Outra Vida Remixes (12")(Compost Records)
Les Rita Mitsouko&Sparks-Singing In The Shower (12")(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Les Rythmes Digitales-Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat) (Part 1) (12")(Play It Again Sam [PIAS])
Lester Fitzpatrick-Zone (12")(High Octane Recordings)
Levert-Addicted To You (12", Promo)(ATCO Records)
Levert-Casanova (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Levert-Just Coolin' (12")(Atlantic)
Levitation-More Than Ever People (The Club Mixes) (2x12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Peppermint Jam)
Lewis Lovebump-Skatrip (12")(Zazaboem)
Lexington Bridge-Kick Back (12", Promo)(Universal Music Domestic Division)
Lexmatic-Automatic (12")(Groove'Ya Records)
Lexy & K-Paul-Boys ... Get It First (12", Uno)(Low Spirit Recordings)
Lexy & K-Paul-Der Fernsehturm (12")(Low Spirit Recordings)
Lexy & K-Paul-Freak (12")(Low Spirit Recordings)
Lian Ross-Do You Wanna Funk (12")(Chic (2))
Liason-D* -He Chilled Out 2000 (The Millenium Mixes) (12")(Ultra-x Records)
Liebe Ist Cool-Podcast 1 (12")(Lebensfreude Records)
Lifestyle Interiors-Nyquist (12")(240 Volts)
Light Of The World-The Boys In Blue / This Is This (12")(Ensign Records)
Lightning Seeds-Lucky You (12")(Epic)
Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz* -What U Gon' Do (12", Promo)(TVT Records)
Lil Jon* -Act A Fool (12")(TVT Records)
Lil' LouisvsHydrogen Rockers-Blackout (12")(FFRR,London Records 90 Ltd.)
Lil WayneFeaturingStatic-Lollipop (12")(Universal Records)
Lime (2)-I Don't Wanna Lose You (12")(Polydor)
Lime (2)-Lime 3 (LP, Album)(Polydor)
Lime (2)-You're My Magician / I'll Be Yours (12")(Polydor)
Limelight (3)-Like A Prayer 2002 - The Mixes (12")(Club Culture)
Limit, The (2)-Say Yeah (Long Version) (12", Maxi)(Portrait)
Linda Cary-Body Beat (12", Promo)(TSOM Records)
Linda Clifford-Bridge Over Troubled Water (12", Maxi)(RSO)
Linda Clifford-The Heat In Me (12", Single)(Red Label)
Linda Clifford-You're Mine (12", Promo)(Red Label)
Linda Imperial-Extra Credit (12")(Columbia)
Linda Kendrick Four-Stupic Cupid / Hideaway (12")(Formula Records)
Linda Kendrick-Stupid Cupid (12")(Airwave International)
Linda Ronstadt&Nelson Riddle Orchestra, The* -What's New (12", Promo)(Asylum Records)
Linda Tillery-Special Kind Of Love / Secrets (12")(411 Records)
Linus Loves-The Victoria Principle EP (12", EP)(Breastfed Recordings)
Linx-Go Ahead (LP, Album)(Chrysalis,Ariola Benelux)
Lion King-Jah Jah (Is Coming) (12")(Floorwax)
Lionel Bertrand-EP (12")(Enjoy Recordings)
Lionrock-Fire Up The Shoesaw (12")(Deconstruction)
Lip Service-Pucker Up (12", Promo)(Ligosa Records)
Lipps, Inc.-4 (LP, Album)(Casablanca Records)
Liquid Gold-My Baby's Baby (12", Promo, S/Sided)(Parachute Records)
Liquid Gold-My Baby's Baby (12", Promo, S/Sided)(Parachute Records)
Liquid Light-Beat The Drum (12")(Blue Bass)
Liquid Love-Sweet Harmony (Remixes) (12")(Gang Go Music,Gang Go Music)
Liquid PeoplePresentConan Liquid-Breathe (12")(1trax)
Liquid Spill-Insanity (12")(Creativ-Records)
Liquid-One Love Family (12")(XL Recordings)
Lisa (2)And ThePlain Truth (2)-Doin' It (Extended Dance Mix) (12")(Dice Records)
Lisa Dal Bello-Pretty Girls (12", Single)(Talisman Records)
Lisa Lisa-When I Fell In Love (12")(Pendulum Records)
Lisa M* -Rock To The Beat (12")(Jive,Jive)
Lisa MarieWithMalcolm McLaren And The Bootzilla Orchestra-Something's Jumping In Your Shirt (12")(Epic)
Lisa-Lisa And Cult Jam* WithFull Force-I Wonder If I Take You Home (12")(CBS,CBS)
Little Benny And The Masters* -Who Comes To Boogie (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Little Big Angel-Jam Hot (12")(Kontor Records)
Little Brother (3)-Ain't Nobody Like Me / Welcome To Durham (12")(Fastlife)
Little Jam-Wings Of The Eagle (12")(Go For It)
Little Toni Marsh-Video Burnout (12", Promo)(Prism Records)
Live Band, The-A Chance For Hope (LP)(The Sound Of Brooklyn (TSOB))
Living Colour-Ausländer (12", Maxi)(Epic)
Lizz Fields-When I See Love / Say The Word (Remixes) (12")(Unisex)
Lloyd Banks-On Fire (12", Promo)(Interscope Records)
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions-From The Hip (12", Promo)(Polydor)
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions-Perfect Skin (12")(Polydor)
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions-Rattlesnakes (12")(Polydor)
Loader&Jeyênne-Different Times / Catch You (12")(Electribe Records)
Loft, The-Up The Hill & Down The Slope (12", EP)(Creation Records)
Loleatta Holloway-Heart Stealer (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Loleatta Holloway-Stand Up (12")(Gossip Records)
Long Weekend (2)-Broken Up (12")(Drop Music)
Loni Clark-Rushing (12")(AM:PM)
Lonnie Liston Smith-If You Take Care Of Me (12", Promo)(Doctor Jazz Records)
Look, The (4)-Memories (12", Promo)(Fantasy)
Loose Ends-Golden Years (12")(Virgin)
Loose Ends-Golden Years (12")(Virgin)
Loose Ends-Magic Touch (Club Mix) (2x12", Gat)(Virgin)
Loose Ends-Mr. Bachelor (12", Ltd, Gat)(Virgin,Virgin)
Loose Ends-Nights Of Pleasure (12")(Virgin)
Loose Ends-Slow Down (2x12", Ltd, Gat)(Virgin)
Lophi-From Dusk Till Dawn (12")(MIS Records)
Lord Damien-Bass Punisher (12")(Creation Rebel)
Loredana Bertè-Lorinedita (LP)(CGD)
Lorraine McKane-You Make Me Feel Brand New / The Alamo (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Los Lobos-Don't Worry Baby (12")(Slash Records,London Records)
LoSoul-Raw Beauty (12")(Playhouse)
Lost Witness-7 Colours (The Moguai Rmx) (12")(EMI Electrola)
Lotti Dotti-I Know You Are / Penitentiary III (12", Promo)(RCA)
Lottie-Bushroot (12")(Duty Free Recordings)
Lou Gramm-Ready Or Not (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Lou Gramm-True Blue Love (12", Maxi)(Atlantic)
Lou Rawls-I Wish You Belonged To Me / It's A Tough Job (12")(Gamble & Huff Records)
Lou Reed-My Red Joystick (12", Promo)(RCA)
Lou Reed-The Original Wrapper / Video Violence (12")(RCA Victor)
Lou Reed-Video Violence (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Lou Reed-Video Violence (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Lou Reed/Velvet Underground, The-Street Hassle (12")(Arista,Arista)
Louie Louie* -Rodeo Clown (Remixes) (12")(WTG Records)
Louis Botella-Funkosmonic EP (12", EP)(Classic)
Love And Rockets-Ball Of Confusion (12", Promo)(Big Time Records (America) Inc.)
Love And Rockets-Mirror People (12", Promo)(Big Time Records (America) Inc.)
Love Bite, The-Take Your Time (12")(Zeitgeist)
Love Committee-Cheaters Never Win (12")(Gold Mind Records)
Love Connection-The Bomb (12")(Zeitgeist)
Love Nation (2)-Everything 4 You (12")(Calypso Records)
Love Nine-The Secret (12")(Two Faces)
Love Tattoo* -Drop Some Drums (12")(Fuel Records)
Love Tempo-Change For The Better (12")(Pow Wow Records)
Lovebirds-Lovebirds / The Limit (12")(Trax Of Interest)
Lovebug Starski-Rappin' (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Lovefreekz, The-Shine (12")(Rise)
Lovejuice-Biscuit Damage (12")(Mighty Atom Recordings)
Lovejuice-Bricked Up (12")(Console)
LovelandFeaturing The Voice OfRachel McFarlane-The Wonder Of Love (12", Promo)(PWL International)
Lover Speaks, The-Every Lover's Sign (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Loverde-Die Hard Lover (12", Single)(Rams Horn Records)
Loverde-Die Hard Lover (12", Single)(Rams Horn Records)
Lovestern Galaktika* MeetsLe PetitSam* -Loca Galaktika (12")(Dance Division,Sony Music Entertainment (Germany))
Lowrell* -Overdose Of Love (12", Promo)(AVI Records)
Lowtec-Mitre Peak (12")(Out To Lunch)
Lt. Stitchie* -Don't Cheat On Your Lover (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
LTC (4)-Serenata (12")(Ricky-Tick Records)
L'Trimm-Cuttie Pie (12", Single, Promo)(Atlantic)
Luba-Let It Go (12")(Capitol Records)
Luca & Paul-We Wanna Live In Germany (12")(Boxer Recordings)
Lucamino-More Than This (12")(Andorfine)
Lucas Vidal-El Beat Imbatible EP (12", EP)(unBEATable Records)
Luciano-La Limonada De Pepe Bombilla (12")(Mental Groove Records)
Ludacris-Move B***h / Keep It On The Hush (12")(Def Jam South)
Ludacris-Rollout (My Business) / Go To Sleep (12", Promo)(Def Jam South)
Lützencraft-Amplify / Noisebreaker (12")(Craft Music)
Lüztenkirchen* -Whats The Matter? (12")(Mistakes Music)
Luke Vibert-A Polished Solid (12")(Mo Wax)
Lumidee-Crazy (12", W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Lumidee-Never Leave You - Uh Ooh, Uh Oooh! (12")(Universal Records)
Lumidee-Never Leave You - Uh Ooh, Uh Oooh! (12")(Universal Records)
LumideeFeaturingPitbull-Crazy (12")(Urban)
Lunatik (2)-Teknofucker EP (12", Promo, EP)(Wreckless Recordings)
Luniz-I Got 5 On It (Urban Takeover Remix) (12")(VC Recordings)
Luniz-Playa Hata (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc. (Europe))
Luomo-Diskonize Me / Body Speaking (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Force Tracks)
Lupe FiascoFeaturingJill Scott-Daydreamin' (12")(Atlantic)
Lushus Daim & The Pretty Vain-More Than You Can Handle (12")(Motown,Conceited Records)
Luxury Man-Urban (12")(Poker Flat Recordings)
Luzon-The Baguio Track (The Remixes) (2x12", Promo)(Yoshitoshi Recordings)
LXR-Elevated EP (12", EP)(Blu Fin)
LXR-Massive_Passive (12")(Blu Fin)
Lydia Murdock-Superstar (12")(Team Entertainment Records)
Lynden David Hall-Do I Qualify ? (12")(EMI)
Lyniece-Rub-A-Dub (12", Promo)(Tin Pan Apple)
M (2)-Moonlight And Muzak (12", Promo)(Sire)
M + M-Cooling The Medium / Come Out And Dance (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
M Of M* -Speicher 27 (12")(Kompakt Extra)
M People-Fantasy Island (12", Promo)(Deconstruction)
M&S* -Master & Servant (12")(Kontor Records)
M. Walking On The Water-The Waltz (12", MiniAlbum)(Fuego,Top Hole)
M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade-Body Language (Remixes) (12")(Get Physical Music)
M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade-Donut (12")(Living The Dream)
M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shadevs.Mousse T* -Body Language Vs. Horny (12", Unofficial)(Not On Label (M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade),Not On Label (Mousse T.))
M.A.N.D.Y.-Put Put Put (12")(Get Physical Music)
M.A.R.S. (4)-Remote Area (12")(HEYA HIFI)
M.C. Dinero-Mambo Jambo (12")(Elm Street,Elm Street)
M.C. LO* FeaturingYolanda Reynolds-Dance To The Beat (12")(Vibe Records (6))
M.C. Luscious* -Pump It (12")(Heat Wave Records)
M.C. Shy-D* -I've Gotta Be Tough (12")(Champion)
M.L. In The House-The Message (12")(Onizom Music)
M.U.T.E.-Missed Beat (12")(Club Culture)
M.Y.N.C. Project* -R U Sure (12")(Cr2 Records)
M|A|R|R|S-Pump Up The Volume (12")(Rough Trade Records GmbH,4AD)
M1Feat.Flipside* -Freak The Frequency (12")(Electrade)
M83-Don't Save Us From The Flames (12")(Gooom,Labels,Mute)
Mabra-Cursed Destiny (12")(Andorfine,Andorfine)
Mabra-Cursed Destiny (12")(Andorfine,Andorfine)
Mabra-Cursed Destiny (12")(Andorfine,Andorfine)
Mac J-Nightware / Womaniser (12")(Free For All)
Mac MacWithJammalott Kingdom, The-So Shy (12", Promo)(Musicworks Records)
Machinations-Pressure Sway (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Machine-Is It Love / I Finally Found (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Machistevs.Isolations, The-We Save The Musical Landscape (12")(Thrill Beat Construction)
Macho Man MC Romeo, The-AH Freakout (12")(Tandem Records)
Machomovers-House The Music (12")(Sonntag Music)
Mack, The* FeaturingTim Bryant-Escape (12")(Quark)
Mad (23)-For Dancin' - 28 Superhits Nonstop (LP, Album)(Hansa International)
Mad Machine-Change Your Mind (12")(Attention! Music Recordings)
Mad Ro-White Neighborhood (12", W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Madagascar (5)-Baby Not Tonight (12", Promo)(Arista)
Madam Funkyfly-The Crazy Mule Saloon / That's It (12")(T.K. Disco)
Madam-Penetration (12")(Saw Recordings)
Madame X-I Want Your Body (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Madame X-Just That Type Of Girl (12")(Atlantic)
Madison Avenue-Who The Hell Are You (12")(Vicious Grooves,Dance Pool)
Madleen Kane-On Fire / Just For One Night (12")(TSR Records)
Madleen Kane-Playing For Time (12")(Chalet Records)
Madonna-Bad Girl (12")(Maverick)
Madonna-Like A Prayer (12")(Sire Records Company,Sire Records Company,Sire Records Company)
Madonna-Like A Virgin (LAV Da Booty Click Extended) (12", Unofficial, S/Sided)(Not On Label (Madonna))
Madonna-Live To Tell (12", Maxi)(Sire)
Madonna-True Blue (12", Maxi)(Sire)
Madonna-Vogue (12")(Sire Records Company)
Maetrik-Force Feeling (12")(Treibstoff)
Magas-Bad Blood EP (12", EP)(Ersatz Audio)
Maggie MacNeal-Night Time (LP)(WEA Records B.V.)
Maggie MacNeal-Night Time (LP)(WEA Records B.V.)
Magic Number-Fly Away (12")(Stereo Deluxe)
Magik Johnson-Asylum Sneaker (12")(Curfew Records)
Magnetic (4)-Bass Fracture (12")(Overdrive)
Magnum Force (2)-Get Up And Get In The Mix (12")(Paula Records)
Magnus Kollberg-My Name Is Courtney (12", Pic)(M)
Mai Tai-Am I Losing You Forever (12", Maxi)(CNR Records)
Mai Tai-Bet That's What You Say (12")(Injection Disco Dance Label)
Mai Tai-History (Special Dance Mix) (12", Maxi)(CNR Records,Metronome)
Mai Tai-History 1992 Remix (12")(Coconut,Coconut)
Mainfield-Supernova (12")(Mental Madness)
Maisonettes, The-Heartache Avenue (12", Gre)(Ready Steady Go!)
Majestic-Midnight Electric (12")(Dpress Industries)
Major (5)-Concrete Ni**a / Just Can't Lose (12")(ABB)
Major BoysFeat.Kathy Brown-Time And Time Again (Part III) (Junior Jack Mix) (12")(NO2)
Major Lance-Are You Leaving Me (12")(Kat Family Records)
Makaveli-To Live & Die In L.A (12")(Interscope Records)
Makoma-The Clapping Song (12", Maxi)(Coconut,BMG Ariola München GmbH)
Makoma* -Baby Come (12")(Breeze Dance Division)
Malatya 44-Wonderland (2x12")(Planet Love Records)
Malcolm McLaren And The Bootzilla Orchestra-Waltz Darling (12", Maxi)(Epic)
MalentePresentsManroX-tHIS MANROX (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Luscious Sounds)
MalentePresentsManroX-tHIS MANROX (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Luscious Sounds)
Mama Lou-Unser 1. Kind (12")(Mutter)
Mama Lou-Unser 1. Kind (12")(Mutter)
Mambotur-El Planta (Remixes) (12")(Multicolor Recordings)
Mamond-Que Coisa So? (12")(Far Out Recordings)
Mampi Swift-Puppetwalk / System (12")(Ganja Records)
Mampi Swift&Blame-Sleepwalker / Reptile (12")(Charge)
Man Parrish-Hip, Hop, Be Bop (Don't Stop) (12", Single)(Rams Horn Records)
Mancrab-Fish For Life (12")(United Artists Records)
Man-D.A.-Goldseries 4 (12", Ltd)(GoldSeries)
Mandatory Bass-Got Me Groovin (12")(Nu Groove Records)
Mandy & Randy-B B Baby (Kiss Me And Repeat) (Special D. Remix) (12", S/Sided)(Zeitgeist)
Mandy Smith-Victim Of Pleasure (12")(Atlantic)
Manero-Boogiedown (12")(Boogie)
Mango (11)-We Don't Work No More (12")(Metronome)
Mangohead-Dream (12")(Nitebeat)
Manhattan Project-Vol. 1 (12")(Club U Nite)
Manhattan Transfer, The-Brasil (LP, Album)(Atlantic)
Manian* Ft.Aila-Turn The Tide (Vinyl 3) (12")(Zeitgeist)
Maniquin-I Wanna Ride (New Remixes) (12")(Epic)
Manslaughter, The-Diamantenbohrer (12")(Jerk Records)
Mantrix (2)-Smack My Bitch Up (12")(Dipiù)
Mantronix-Simple Simon (You Gotta Regard) (12")(Capitol Records)
Mantronix-Take Your Time (12")(Capitol Records)
MantronixFeaturingWondress* -Got To Have Your Love (12")(Capitol Records)
Manu Dibango-Abele Dance (12")(Celluloid)
Manu Dibango-Abele Dance (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Manu Dibango-Happy Feeling (12", Promo)(Mango)
Manu Dibango-Makossa '87 (Big Blow) (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Manu Dibango-Makossa '87 (Big Blow) (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Manuel TurPres.Tweeq-Happy Hour E.P. (12", EP)(Opaque Music)
Manzerata-Baby Baby Hear My Heartbeat... Mi Corazon (12")(DA Records,DA Records)
Marc Acardipane-Ace The Space (12")(Slot Machine)
Marc Almond-Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (12")(Parlophone)
Marc Et Claude-Feel You (12")(Alpha+)
Marc Et Claude-I Need Your Lovin' (Like The Sunshine) (12", Vin)(Alphabet City)
Marc Et Claude-The History Of Acid House (Remixes) (12")(Alphabet City)
Marc Et ClaudePresent:Chicago Jaxx-Vol. 1 - Dirty Bitch (12")(Le Petit Prince)
Marc Hades-Whiphand (12")(Manmade)
Marc Korn-Spirit Of The Night (12")(DJ Exclusive (2))
Marc Marisvs.Alex Fuse-Es Vedra (12")(Bigfoot)
Marc Rembrandt-Drauf! (12")(Beam Records)
Marc Romboy vs. Blake Baxter-Freakin' (12")(Systematic (3))
Marc Romboy vs. Blake Baxter-House Ya (12", S/Sided)(Systematic (3))
Marc Romboy vs. Stephan Bodzin-Luna / Miranda (12")(Systematic (3))
Marc Romboy-616 Seconds (12")(Herzblut Recordings)
Marc Romboyvs.Fyta&Ray Willbern-Shake It Again! (12")(Brique Rouge)
Marc Romboyvs.X-Pact-Tribal Theatre (12")(Le Petit Prince)
Marc Romboyvs.X-Pact-Tribal Theatre (12")(Le Petit Prince)
Marcel Krieg-Xplicit Soundz (12")(
Marcel KriegFeat.Erin Perry-Surrender (12")(Mudanza)
Marcelinho Cic-Music Please (12")(ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH)
Marcia Griffiths-Electric Boogie (12")(Island Records)
Marcia Griffiths-Electric Boogie (12")(Island Records)
Marcin Czubala-Dope (2xLP, Album)(Neue Heimat)
Marcin Czubala-Dope (2xLP, Album)(Neue Heimat)
Marcin Czubala-Fuck Loops - Part 2 (12")(Mutter)
Marcin Czubala-Fuck Loops - Part 2 (12")(Mutter)
Marcin Czubala-Fuck Loops E.P. (12", EP)(Mutter)
Marcin Czubala-See Where It Takes You EP (12", EP)(Neue Heimat)
Marcin Czubala-See Where It Takes You EP (12", EP)(Neue Heimat)
Marco Juliano-I Wanna Be Your Star (12")(Zooland Records)
Marco Lenzi-Collaborations (12")(Eukatech)
Marco PetraliaFeat.Jimmie Wilson (2)-Come Back (12")(BigCityBeats)
Marco Polo (6)-Studiogirl (12")(Toneman)
Marcus Layton-I Rock The Show (12")(Sumo Records)
Marcus Levin-2 Take Me Away (12", Promo)(Badabing Records)
Marcus Lewis-Searchin' For A Good Time (12")(Aegis)
Marcus Lewis-The Club (12")(Aegis)
Marek Hemmann-Gemini EP (12", EP)(Freude Am Tanzen)
Margaret Reynolds-Day After Day (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Margaret ReynoldsWithGirlfriends (3)-Three Steps From True Love (12")(Dubwise Records)
Margie Joseph-Knockout (12", Pro)(Houston Connection Recording Corporation)
Margot Thomas-I'll Set You Free / Don't Stop The Carnival (12", Promo)(Deco (2))
MargotMeetsMelody Maker, The-Torch Remixes (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
Maria Howell-X-Ray Eyes (12")(Spirit Records (4))
Mariah Carey-Anytime You Need A Friend (12")(Columbia)
Mariah Carey-Emotions (12")(Columbia)
Mariah Carey-Open Arms (12")(Columbia)
Marie J. Kingston-You Don't Love Me (12")(X-Plode / Bellaphon Germany)
Marillion-Incommunicado (12")(EMI)
Marillion-Market Square Heroes (12", Single)(EMI,EMI)
Marilyn McLeod-(I Don't Wanna Dance Tonight) I Got Love On My Mind (12", Promo)(Fantasy)
Marilyn Scott-10 x 10 (12", Promo)(Mercury)
Marino Stephano-Eternal Rhapsody (The Remixes) (12")(No Respect Records)
Mario Lopez-The Sun Always Shines On TV / Angels From Heaven (12", Ora)(Fairlight Records,A45 Music)
Mario Lopez-The Sun Always Shines On TV / Angels From Heaven (12", Ora)(Fairlight Records,A45 Music)
Mario Ochoa-Twisted (12")(Net's Work International)
Mario Più&Lid Russel Bass-Tragically Lucid (12")(Fahrenheit Music)
Mark Anthony-1919 Main Street (12")(Tabu Records,Tabu Records)
Mark August-Old Joy (12")(Connaisseur Recordings)
Mark Dee-Get A Hold Of Yourself (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
Mark Force-Renegade / Minimum Wage (12")(Reinforced Records)
Mark Knight & Funkagenda-Man With The Red Face (12", Ltd, Promo)(Oxyd Records)
Mark Knight-The Reason (12")(Toolroom Records)
Mark Knight-Tonight (12")(Ultra Vinyl)
Mark KnightfeatKatherine Ellis-Insatiable (12")(Paradise Records (12))
Mark Mendes-Straight Away / Anzu (12")(Cinnamon Flava)
Mark Mendes-Straight Away / Anzu (12")(Cinnamon Flava)
Mark Morrison-Let's Get Down (12")(WEA,WEA)
Mark Williams-Construct Grooves (12")(Monoïd)
Markantonio-Thru - In EP (12", W/Lbl, EP)(MKT Records)
Mark-Henning-Vick For President EP (12", EP)(Frankie Rec)
Markus EnochsonFeat.E-Man-Sweetlove (12")(Flamingo Discos)
Markus Güntner* -Detective Stories (12")(Ware)
Markus Lange & Daniel Dexter-Shooting Tigers (12")(Craft Music)
Markus Schulz-Coldharbour Selections Part 9 (12")(Coldharbour Recordings)
Markus Schulz-Miami '05 Sampler 2 (12", Smplr)(Armada Music)
Marla Adler-Hard To Love (12", Promo)(Emergency Records)
Marla Glen-Also Love You (The Todd Terry Remixes) (12", Maxi)(BMG (France))
Marlene Sotelo-Sky High (12")(Dial Records)
Marmion-Best Regards (12")(MFS)
Marquis Feat. Harvy Dent & Emel-Melody (12")(Columbia)
Marscha Raven* -False Alarm (12")(ZYX Records)
Marschmellows-Flash Fried (12")(Audiopharm)
Marshal B-Come Together When I Dream (12")(Mighty High Musique)
Marshall Hain-Dancing In The City (Summer City '87) (12")(EMI)
Martha Reeves-Skating In The Streets (Dancing In The Streets) / Then You Came (12", Promo)(Fantasy)
Martha Wash-It's Raining Men... The Sequel (12")(Logic Records,BMG)
Martin Brodin-Semitone Shuffle (12")(Deeplay Soultec)
Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein-Kairo (12")(My Best Friend)
Martin Eyerer-H.E.A.V.E.N. (12")(Unsubmissive Records)
Martin Landsky-Bloodhound - Remixes (12")(Intim Recordings)
Martin Landsky-Mission Upskirt (12")(Poker Flat Recordings)
Martin Luther-Rebel Soul Music (12")(ABB Soul)
Martin Venetjoki-Go'natt Sandviken (2xLP)(Gungeligung)
Martinelli-Cenerentola (Cinderella) (12", Ora)(Chic (2))
Martinelli-Cenerentola (Cinderella) (12", Ora)(Chic (2))
Martinez-Vertical Movement / Another Space Rocker (12")(Galaktika Records)
Märtini Brös.-Big And Dirty (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Turbo)
Märtini Brös.-Boy / Girl (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Märtini Brös.-Flash (12")(Turbo)
Märtini Brös.-Saviours Of The Universe (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Poker Flat Recordings)
Martini Ranch-Reach (12")(Sire Records Company)
Marusha-Wir (2xLP, Album)(Low Spirit Recordings)
Marvin Gaye-Joy (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Marvin Gaye-Masochistic Beauty (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Mary Davis-Don't Wear It Out (12")(Tabu Records)
Mary Jane Girls-Break It Up (12", Promo)(Gordy)
Mary Jane Girls-Wild And Crazy Love (12")(Gordy)
Mary Jane Girls/Bobby Nunn-Candy Man / Sexy Sassy (12", Promo)(Motown)
Mary Kiani-Wrap You Up (12")(JAM! (2))
Mary Russell-Heart Of Fire (LP, Promo)(Paradise Records (8))
Mary Welch-I Could Have Danced All Night (12", Promo)(20th Century Fox Records)
Mary Wells-These Arms (12", Promo)(Epic)
MAS 2008-Forward Contraire (12")(Twilight 76 Records)
Mas Proteinas-Emocional (12", S/Sided)(Trackdown Records)
Maschinenmensch-Domo Origato (Special Edition) (12")(BMG)
MasCon-Massenkonzentration (12")(Mutter)
MasCon-Massenkonzentration (12")(Mutter)
Mask, The-Up An' Away (12")(Unidisc)
Mason & Shephard-Bassliebe (12")(Media Records Germany)
Mason (3)-Pour It On (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Mason-Exceeder (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
Mason-You Make Me Wanna Dance / Bigboy Exercises (12", Promo)(Art & Craft Recordings)
Masonvs.Princess Superstar-Perfect (Exceeder) / Exceeder (12")(Ministry Of Sound (Germany))
Masqueraders, The-Love Anonymous (LP, Album)(ABC Records)
Mass Extension-Happy Feet (12", Promo)(4th & Broadway,T.T.E.D. Records)
Mass Order-Let's Get Happy (12")(Columbia)
Mass Order-Tribulations (12")(Grove Street Records)
Mass Production-Can't You See I'm Fired Up / Eyeballin' (12", Promo)(Atlantic,Cotillion)
Massimo V.* -Vol. III (12")(Headzone)
Massimo Vivona/Kinetico-Filen / Psyactive (12")(Ground Groove)
Massive Lust-Never (12", Promo)(Oxyd Records)
Massive Töne-Geld Oder Liebe (12", Maxi)(EastWest Records GmbH)
Massive Töne-Komm Schon Baby (12", Promo)(EastWest Records GmbH)
Master Blastervs.Turbo B.-Ballet Dancer (12")(Clubland Records GmbH,Clubland Records GmbH)
Master Dam-Electrique Party (12")(Punx)
Master Genius-Let's Break Into The 80's (12")(Polydor)
Master Genius-That's Soul (12")(Break Records)
MasterbuildersFeaturingPhilip Ramirez* -Midnight Lady (12", Promo)(Strictly Rhythm)
Mastermind-Shaft / 70's Flava (12")(Renegade Recordings)
Mastik Soul-I Believe (12")(4Kenzo Recordings)
Mastiksoul* -Whisper / Hula Hula (12")(Tango Recordings)
Mastiksoul* vs.Saeed Younan-To The Beat (12")(Hoshi Recordings)
Mateo & Matos-Afro Vibes Part 1 (12")(ProgCity Deep)
Mateo & Matos-Club House Kit (12")(United Underground House Sounds)
Mathias Hatting-Rechange / Core (12")(Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
Mathias Schaffhäuser-Coincidance (2x12", Album)(Ware)
Mathias Schaffhäuser-Musik Ohne Bass / Music Without Bass (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Mathias Schaffhäuser-Musik Ohne Bass / Music Without Bass (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Matrix (13)-Stay (I Need Your Love) / Take Me Up (12")(Sugarscoop Records)
Matt Bianco-Don't Blame It On That Girl / Wap Bam Boogie (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Matt Domino-Duet / Sepia (12")(Bingo Beats)
Matt Paffel-Meet Raffel EP (12")(Parotic Music)
Matt Paffel-Meet Raffel EP (12")(Parotic Music)
Matt Star-Beladin (12", S/Sided, Ltd)(Mainrecords.Ltd)
Mattafix-Passer By (12")(Buddhist Punk Records)
Matthew Herbert-Mistakes (12", RE)(Tresor,Tresor)
Matthias Heilbronn-The Jungle Dub EP (12", EP)(Poker Flat Recordings)
Mauracher-Noonee (12")(Fabrique Records)
Maurice Starr-Electric Funky Drummer (12")(Arista)
Max Berlin's* -World Wide Party (12", TP)(Emergency Records)
Max Graham-Sepia / Dying To Survive (12")(Hope Recordings)
Max Mohr-Trickmixer EP (12", EP)(Playhouse)
Max-Him-Lady Fantasy (12", Maxi)(ZYX Records)
Maxi Priest-Goodbye To Love Again (12")(10 Records)
Maxim-I Don't Care (The Mixes) (12", Single)(Edel Records)
Maxtrack Orchestra-Love Is The Message (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Maxwell House-No Such Thing (12", W/Lbl)(Phono)
Maxwell-Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Maxwell-Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Maxx Renn-Poco Loco 1.0 (12")(Chiltepín Música)
Maxx Renn-Poco Loco 1.0 (12")(Chiltepín Música)
Mayana-Skips A Beat (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Mazarati-Stroke (12", Promo)(Paisley Park)
Mazarati-The Saga Of A Man (12", Promo)(Motown)
Maze Feat. Frankie Beverly* -Too Many Games (12", Single, Promo)(Capitol Records)
Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly-Back In Stride (12")(Capitol Records)
Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly-Back In Stride (12")(Capitol Records)
MC Defi J.* -You're Ready!! (12")(XYMO Records)
MC Mell'O'-Comin' Correct (12")(Republic Records (2))
MC Renegade-My Baby Is Gone (She's Gone) (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
MC Shy D-I Wanna Dance (12")(Luke Skyywalker Records)
MC Skibadee* -Man-A-Man (12", Ltd)(Rat Records)
McGruff* -Gruff Nasty (12")(Not On Label)
MD* -Selected Ultra (12")(International Porn)
Meat Katie & Elite ForceFeaturingRoland Clark-The Answer (12")(Kingsize)
Meat Katie-K-Hole (12")(Saw Recordings)
Meat KatieMeetsLee Coombs-Hum (12")(Kingsize)
Mécanique-Inertia EP (12", EP)(District Of Corruption)
Meck (2)feat.Leo Sayer-Thunder In My Heart Again (12")(Kontor Records)
Medicine (2)-As You Do (12")(Wall Of Sound)
Medicine8-The Flea ( And Now It Sucks Me...) (12")(Regal Recordings)
Mediengruppe Telekommander-MTK 01 EP (12")(Enduro)
MEG-Dance All Nite (12")(Musicworks Records)
Megablast-Jubita Remixes (12")(La Rosière Records)
Megablast-Jubita Remixes (12")(La Rosière Records)
Megara vs DJ Lee* -Human Nature (12", W/Lbl)(Cuepoint Records)
Megara vs. DJ Lee-For A Moment (12")(Dropout)
Megara vs. DJ Lee-Musical Society (12")(Dropout)
Megara vs. DJ Lee-Musical Society (12", S/Sided, Ltd)(Dropout)
Megara vs. DJ Lee-The Megara 2005 (12", Pic)(Cuepoint Records)
Megara* -The Megara (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Cuepoint Records)
Megatwa Fatman-Pants Too Tight (12")(Critique)
Mel Merio-Domino Dancing (12")(Klein Records)
Melanie-Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed (12")(Amherst Records)
Melba Moore-Love's Comin' At Ya (12")(EMI America)
Melba Moore-This Is It (12", Single)(TELDEC,Buddah Records)
Melba MooreFeaturingLillo Thomas-When You Love Me Like This (12", Promo)(Capitol Records,Capitol Records)
Melieck Britt-I Can't Find My Baby (12")(Intercord Tonträger GmbH)
Melky Sedeck-Raw (2x12")(Universal Records)
Melle Mel & Duke Bootee-Message II (Survival) (12")(TELDEC)
Mello Tone Tee/Mello Tone* -Mission Is Possible / Jersey Time (12")(Gitten Records)
Mellow Trax-Mystery In Space (12", Ltd, S/Sided, Ora)(EDM Progressive)
Mellow Trax-Outa Space (12", Ltd, S/Sided, Blu)(EDM Progressive)
Mellow Trax-Outa Space (12", Promo, cle)(EDM Progressive)
Mellow Trax-Outa Space (12", Promo, cle)(EDM Progressive)
Mellow Trax-Outa Space (2x12")(Radikal Records)
Mellow Trax-Phuture Vibes (12")(EDM Progressive)
Mellow Trax-Phuture Vibes (12", S/Sided, Ltd, Gre)(EDM Progressive)
Mellow Traxvs.Shaft-Sway (Mucho Mambo) Remixes (12")(Zeitgeist)
Mellowbag+Freundeskreis-Tabula Rasa (12")(Downbeat Records)
Meltdown-My Life Is In Your Hands (12")(S3)
Members Of Mayday-Members Mix (12")(Low Spirit Recordings)
Members Of Mayday-Troopa Of Tomorrow (12")(Low Spirit Recordings,Low Spirit Recordings)
Men At Work-Overkill (12", Single, Promo)(Columbia)
Men They Couldn't Hang, The-Greenback Dollar (12")(Demon Records)
Menage (2)-At This Moment (12")(Profile Records)
Menage (2)-At This Moment (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Mental As Anything-Brain Brain (Promo) (12", Pro)(A&M Records)
Menudo-Hold Me (12", Promo)(RCA)
Mercenary, The (2)-Setting Double Standards... ...Is A Way Of Life EP (12")(Payback Records (3))
Metropolis (5)-The Greatest Show On Earth (12", Promo)(Salsoul Records)
Metta And JTLove* -Koobla Cuts E.P (12", EP)(Flip-Flop)
Mettle Music-Capture (12")(Bar De Lune)
Mezzoforte-Garden Party (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Mezzoforte-Garden Party (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Mezzoforte-Nothing Lasts Forever (12", Maxi)(RCA)
Mezzoforte-Take Off (12")(Polydor)
M-FiveFeaturingBrad Raker-Lift Me Up (12")(Sorted Records)
Mia (4)-Addicted (12")(MiaDreamworld)
Mia Murasaki/Slot Machine-Electro Madskippers Vol. 1 EP (12", EP)(Mad Skippers)
Miami House AttackFeaturingGeorge McCrae-Rock My No. 1's (12")(Dureco)
Miami Punx-Ride A Pony (12")(Hilltribe)
Michael Bolton-(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (12", Maxi)(CBS)
Michael Burkat-All Due Respect (12")(Temper)
Michael Des Barres&Holly Knight-Obsession (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Michael Gray-The Weekend (12")(Kontor Records,Kontor Records)
Michael Jackson-Bad (12", Maxi)(Epic)
Michael Jackson-Bad (12", Maxi)(Epic)
Michael Jackson-Bad (12", Maxi)(Epic)
Michael Jackson-Bad (12", Maxi)(Epic)
Michael Jackson-Bad (12", Maxi)(Epic)
Michael Jackson-Bad (LP, Album, Gat)(Epic)
Michael Jackson-Blood On The Dance Floor (The Dubs) (12", Promo)(Epic)
Michael Jackson-Dirty Diana (12", Maxi)(Epic)
Michael Jackson-Dirty Diana (12", Maxi)(Epic)
Michael Jackson-Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough / Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (12", Single)(Epic)
Michael Jackson-Stranger In Moscow (Vinyl, Maxi, Promo)(Epic)
Michael Jackson-The Way You Make Me Feel (Special 12" Single Mixes) (12", Maxi)(Epic)
Michael Jackson-They Don't Care About Us (The Love To Infinity Mixes) (12", Promo)(Epic)
Michael Jackson-Wanna Be Starting Something (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Michael Jackson))
Michael Jonzun-Burnin' Up (12")(A&M Records)
Michael LivingstonFeaturingJocko (5)-Me Tell Her, Me Love Her (12")(Echo USA)
Michael Lovesmith-Baby I Will (12", pro)(Motown)
Michael Lovesmith-Break The Ice (12", Promo)(Motown)
Michael Procter-Come To Me (12")(Traffic Recordings)
Michael Procter-Der Rote Salon (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Exun,Exun)
Michael Rodgers-It's The Same Old Song (12", Maxi)(Epic,Epic,Epic)
Michael Sembello-Bossa Nova Hotel (LP, Album)(Warner Bros. Records)
Michael Shamblin-Party Machine (12", Promo)(Warrior Records (4))
Michael White (2)-I Was Made To Love Him (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Michael Zager Band, The-Music Fever / Freak (12")(Private Stock)
Michaelangelo-Miriad / Ngala (12")(Labrynth)
Michaelmusic-Comic EP (12", EP)(Little Big Recordings)
Michaelmusic-Comic EP (12", EP)(Little Big Recordings)
Michele Freeman-Tumble Heat (12", Promo)(Polydor)
Michele Freeman-Tumble Heat (12", Promo)(Polydor)
Michelle Goulet-Over And Over And Over (12", Promo)(Island Records)
Michelle Wow-Long Time No See (12")(Sudden Music Productions Inc)
Michel'Le-No More Lies (12")(WEA International Inc.,ATCO Records)
Michie Mee And LA Luv-Victory Is Calling / On This Mic (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Mick Jackson-Eveready (12", Maxi)(RCA)
Mick Jackson-Rock The World (No Other Girl) (12", Promo)(Select Records)
Mick Jagger-Hard Woman / Lonely At The Top (12")(CBS)
Mick Jagger-Just Another Night (12")(CBS)
Mick Jagger-Lucky In Love (12")(Columbia)
Mick ThammerFeat.Ms. Angelo Del-We Are All One (12")(Loft)
Mico Wave-Misunderstood (12", Maxi)(CBS)
Mico Wave-Misunderstood (12", Single, Promo)(Columbia)
Microbots-Burning Big Star (12")(Shootingstar)
MicrofunkAKA2000 And One* &Dave Ellesmere-Pecan (Pig & Dan Remixes) / The White Room (12")(Electrochoc Records,Electrochoc Records)
MicroWorld-Chip (12")(Waf Waf)
Midfield General-Reach Out (12")(Skint Records)
Midnight Oil-10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (LP, Album)(CBS)
Midnight Oil-Power And The Passion (12")(Columbia)
Midnight Rhythm-Climb / Rushin' To Meet You (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Midnight Star-Operator (12", Promo)(Solar)
Midnight Star-Snake In The Grass (12")(Solar)
Mighty Fire-One Good Love Is Worth Two In The Bush (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Mighty Fire-You Satisfy Me (12")(Elektra)
Mighty Fish-Culture Bug (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Ork Recordings)
Mighty Mouth-Hollywood Party (12")(Fantasy)
Miguel Graça-Monkey Mass EP (12", EP, TP)(Bombay Records (2))
Miguel Migs-Find What's Mine (12")(Yoshitoshi Recordings)
Mihai Popoviciu-Televised Society EP (12", EP)(Vokuhila)
Mihai Popoviciu/Jay Bliss/ToyGUN-Trei Sute Trei (12")(Momentum)
Mijan-Alright (95 North Salsoul Remix) (12")(Slip 'n' Slide)
Mijk's Magic Marble Box-The Wildlife (12")(S3)
MIKA (8)-Relax, Take It Easy (Remixes) (12", Single)(Casablanca Records)
Mikado Punchers-This Is The Melody (12")(Bambu Records)
Mike & The Mechanics-Silent Running (12")(WEA)
Mike Anthony-Man On A Mission (12", Promo)(Emergency Records)
Mike Anthony-What's Goin' On (12")(RKM)
Mike Bandoni-Starchild EP (12")(Monkey Funk Music)
Mike Del Saar-Lebensfreude / Nutrition (12")(LF Records (2))
Mike Gillenwater/TJR (2)-System On Blast (12")(Catalyst Recordings)
Mike Gillenwater/TJR (2)-System On Blast (12")(Catalyst Recordings)
Mike Jones (3)-Do It Any Way You Wanna (12", Cle)(Jump & Shout)
Mike Litt-The Sick & The Beautiful (12")(Tiger Records (Germany))
Mike Litt-The Sick & The Beautiful (12")(Tiger Records (Germany))
Mike Mareen-Agent Of Liberty (12")(ZYX Records,Night'n Day Records)
Mike Mareen-Love-Spy (12")(Night'n Day Records)
Mike Mareen-Love-Spy (12")(ZYX Records,ZYX Records,ZYX Records)
Mike Nero-The Song With The Dip (12")(Planet House)
Mikesh-Hardcore Salsa (12")(Mental Madness)
Mikesh-Sound Of The Clubs (12")(Mental Madness)
Miki Howard-Ain't Nobody Like You (12", Promo)(Giant Records)
Mikki Bleu-Whenyadowhatchado (12")(Ultrax Records)
Miko* -Mondsturmnacht (12", Spe)(Polydor)
Milano Brothers, The-Live In Verona (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Giant Wheel)
Milano Brothers, The-Permanente (12")(Giant Wheel)
Miles Davis-Shout (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Milk & Sugar-Stay Around (12")(Milk & Sugar Recordings)
Milk & Sugar-What Is Love? (Limited Remixes) (12")(Milk & Sugar Recordings)
Milk Inc.-Race (12")(Sugar Sugar Recordings)
Milli Vanilli-Girl You Know It's True (12", Maxi)(Hansa)
Millie Scott-Love Me Right (12")(4th & Broadway)
Mimo (2)-Break Yourself (12")(Punx)
Mimo (2)-Break Yourself (12")(Punx)
Mimo (2)-Break Yourself (12")(Punx)
Mineral Music-More Than You Know (12")(Trax Of Interest)
Minerva (7)-Love Compensation (12", Promo)(Blue Chip Records (2))
Minimal Funk 2* -The Groovy Thang (12")(Vendetta Records)
Minimalistix-Close Cover (2x12", Promo)(Superstar Recordings)
Ministry Of Funk-1999 (12", Promo)(Risque Recordings (France))
Ministry-Over The Shoulder (12", Maxi)(Sire,Sire)
Mink DeVille-I Must Be Dreaming (12")(Polydor)
Mink DeVille-I Must Be Dreaming (12")(Polydor)
Mint Royale-Blue Song (12")(Illustrious)
Minus 8-Night Digger (12")(Compost Records,Compost Black Label)
Minus 8-White EP (12", EP)(Compost Records)
Minus 8-White EP (12", EP)(Compost Records)
Miquel Brown-He's A Saint, He's A Sinner (12")(Carrere)
Miquel Brown-One Way Street / Love Reputation (12")(Record Shack Records)
Miquel Brown/Grace Kennedy-Eurobeat Is Energy (12")(ZYX Records,ZYX Records,ZYX Records)
Miquell "Santos"* vs.Massimo Girardi-Dry Sky (12")(Faith Music)
Mira Waters-You Have Inspired Me (12")(Motown)
Mirabeau (2)-Inner Love (12")(Forensic Records)
Mirage (12)-Give Me The Night Medley / Let's Groove Medly (12")(Vital Records (2),Vital Records (2))
Mirage (12)-The Jack Mixes (12", Mixed)(BCM Records)
Mirah-Happy Vibes (12")(Yaga Records)
Misarvs.DJ Frost-Nature Cries (12")(Tetsuo)
Misc.-Crunch Time (2x12", Album)(Sender Records)
Misc.-Grey Noises (12")(Sender Records)
Misc.-Hey Du! (12")(Klang Elektronik)
Misc.-Like Morning In Your Eyes (2x12", Album)(Sender Records)
Misc.-Rocket Skating EP (12", EP)(Sender Records)
Misc.-Rocket Skating Remixed (12")(Sender Records)
Misc.-Sabotage EP (12", EP)(Sender Records)
Misc.-Talking Ghosts EP (12", EP)(Sender Records)
Miss Peppermint-The Beat Is Rocking (12")(Dropout)
Miss Peppermint-Welcome To Tomorrow (Vinyl Part II) (12")(King Size Records)
Miss ShivaFeat.K (3)-Just More (2x12", Promo)(Club Culture)
Miss Squovs.2M Jr.-Attack The Rock (12")(Technosforza Rec.)
Missa Disco-Kyrie (12", Promo)(Ariola Records America)
Missing Persons-I Can't Think About Dancin' (12", Single)(Capitol Records)
Mission Control (2)-Standby 2004 (12", Blu)(Celebrate Records)
Mission, The-I (12")(Chapter 22,Chapter 22)
Mission, The-I (12")(Chapter 22,Chapter 22)
Mission, The-Never Again (12")(Mercury)
Mission, The-Never Again (12")(Mercury)
Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott* -Get Ur Freak On (12", S/Sided)(Code Blue,Code Blue)
Missy Elliott-Lose Control / On & On (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Mis-Teeq-Scandalous (12", Promo)(Telstar)
Mister Schnabel-Ruff In Micros (12")(Showdown)
Mitch Ryder-When You Were Mine (12", Promo)(Riva Records)
Mito-Droid (12")(Rush Records)
Mito-Hey Fonzo !! (12")(Creative Records)
Mix Busters, The* -D.J. Mega-Mix Vol. 4 (12", Ltd, Promo)(DJ Megamix)
Mix Mup-DJ Of Higher Quality (12")(Erkrankung Durch Musique)
Mixed Emotions-Sweetheart - Darlin' - My Deer (Lisa My Love) (12")(Electrola)
Miz (5)-Fun With Fat Girls (12", Promo)(T.C.Records)
Miz Gisele-In His Motion (Vocal Mixes) (12")(Liquid Groove)
MJ Cole-Crazy Love (2x12")(Talkin' Loud)
Mj Vs. Frankie Valli-Beggin Bootleg Vinyl RAR (12", Uno)(Not On Label)
MJ* /W.O.W* -S.I.M / Only Love (Jerome Isma-Ae Mixes) (12", Unofficial)(Not On Label)
MK2-Nicknurmitdemkopf... (Remixes) (12")(Epic)
MLA-Sub Elements EP (12", EP)(Tritone)
M'Lady-Baby, You Lied (12")(20th Century Fox Records)
MLK Project, The-I Have A Dream (12")(Island Records)
Mo' Horizons-Ai Mi Morena (12")(Stereo Deluxe)
Moby-In This World (Remixed) (2x12", Promo)(Mute Records Ltd.)
Moby-Lift Me Up (12", Promo)(Mute Records Ltd.)
Moby-New York, New York (12")(Mute Records Ltd.)
Moby-Porcelain - Promo 3 (12", Promo)(Mute Records Ltd.)
Moby-Run On (12")(Intercord Tonträger GmbH)
Moby-Run On (12")(Intercord Tonträger GmbH)
Moby-Slipping Away (12", Single)(Mute Records Ltd.)
Moby-Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (12")(Mute Records Ltd.)
Mochico-Mochico 2 (12")(Mochico)
Mocky-Mickey Mouse Muthaf*..#s!! (12", Single)(Four Music)
Models (2)-Out Of Mind Out Of Sight (12")(Geffen Records)
Modern Rocketry-(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (12")(Megatone Records)
Modern Rocketry-(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (12")(Metronome)
Modern Talking-Cheri, Cheri Lady (12", Pro)(RCA)
Modern Talking-In 100 Years ... (12")(Hansa)
Modern Talking-You Can Win If You Want (12")(Magnet (2))
Modern Talking-You're My Heart, You're My Soul (12", Promo)(RCA)
Modjo-Chillin' (Revisited) (12")(Sound Of Barclay)
Modjo-What I Mean (12")(Rise)
Modjo/Bob Sinclar-Welcome Bob (12", Pic)(Not On Label (Welcome Series))
Moev-Crucify Me (12")(Atlantic)
Mogdax-Ashling (12")(Mezzotinto)
Mogs, The-Kelly Blame (12")(Kitsuné Music)
Moguai-Old 'N' New (12")(Punx)
Moguai-Robotsoul (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Moguai-Robotsoul (12", Promo, S/Sided)(Superstar Recordings)
Mojado-Señorita (12")(Magik Muzik)
Mojolators-Who Can Dance / When I Hear Music (12")(Club Recordings)
Molder-Tongue In The Hole (12")(Audiomatique Recordings)
Moments Of Soul-The Life EP (12", EP, Promo)(Wave Music)
Mona Lisa (11)-Qualified Kiss (12", Promo)(TLO Records,Airwave Records (2))
Mona Lisa Young-Rock Me Down (12")(Spring Records)
Mondo Grosso-Vibe PM (12")(Nite Grooves)
Mongo Santamaria-Watermelon Man / A Mi No Me Engañan (You Better Believe It) (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt-Wavez (G-Force Re-works) (12")(Terminal M)
Monika Kruse&Patrick Lindsey-U Like (12")(Trackland)
Monkees, The-That Was Then, This Is Now / (Theme From) The Monkees (12", Promo)(Arista)
Monkey MafiaFeaturingPatra-Work Mi Body (12", Promo)(Heavenly)
Mono-High Life (12")(Echo)
Monobox-Monobox Remixes Vol. 2 (12")(Logistic Records)
Monologic-The Casting Couch Sessions Part 2 (12")(Blazaebla)
Monophace-Plankton / The Drift (12")(Krush Grooves)
Monophace-The Need (12")(K2 O Records)
Monsoon-Tomorrow Never Knows (12")(The Mobile Suit Corporation)
Monsta Boy/Suburban Lick-Sound Of The Pirates 2 (12")(Locked On)
Monster Tribe, The-Ma-Kun-Ba (12")(Empire State Records)
Montag-Going Places (LP, Album)(Carpark Records)
Montana Orchestra-Christmas Medley (12", Promo)(MJS Records)
Monte Laa Prod.* -Volume 1 (12")(Haikai Music)
Monte Vidéo* -Shoop-Shoop, Diddy-Wop, Cumma-Cumma, Wang-Dang (12", Promo)(Geffen Records)
Montego Bay-Joy (12")(Fantasy)
Montilla-All Night (12")(1-Off Recordings)
Montini Experience, The-My House Is Your House 2002 (Remixes) (12")(Vinyl Loop Records)
Monyaka-Reggaematic Funk (12", Promo)(Easy Street Records)
Mood II Swing-Searchin' (12")(Groove On)
Mood II Swing-Searchin' (12")(Groove On)
Mood II Swing-Searchin' (12")(Groove On)
Moody Blues, The-Sitting At The Wheel (12")(Threshold Records,Decca)
Moodymann-U Can Dance If U Want 2 (2x12")(KDJ)
Moonraker-Easy Fever (12")(Inuendo)
Moonraker-Easy Fever (12")(Inuendo)
Moony-Acrobats (Looking For Balance) (2x12", Promo)(Warner Music UK Ltd.)
Moral Support-Living With Passion (12")(ARS Productions)
Morcheeba-Otherwise (12")(China Records,EastWest)
Morgan Heritage-Unjust World (12")(MCA Records)
Moritz Piske-Pick Up My Life (12")(Eisfach Schallplatten)
Morpheous-Pseudo Psycho (12")(Contaminated Muzik)
Morris Day-Color Of Success (LP, Album)(Warner Bros. Records)
Morris Day-Daydreaming (LP)(WEA Musik GmbH)
Morris Jefferson-To Spank With Love / Spank Your Thang (12", Promo, S/Sided)(Parachute Records)
Morris Minor Project, The-25 Years (12")(Breeze Dance Division)
Moses Tyson* -My Heart's On Fire (Soul Desire) (12", Promo)(Curb Records)
Moskow Brothers-Dura Dura (12")(B.I.G.)
Mosley & Johnson-Rock Me / Music From My Soul (Vinyl)(Muscle Shoals Sound)
Mosley & Johnson-Rock Me / Music From My Soul (Vinyl)(Muscle Shoals Sound)
Mother's Finest-One Mother To Another (LP)(Epic)
Mousse T.-Fire (12")(Peppermint Jam)
Mousse T.-Pop Muzak (12")(Peppermint Jam)
Movemaster-I Can Feel It (12")(Nut In Bag Records)
Mr G Funk-Get U Down (Loco Dice Remix) (12", Ltd, S/Sided, Unofficial, RP)(Not On Label (Mr G Funk))
Mr Sam* -Lyteo (12")(Black Hole Recordings)
Mr Velcro Fastener* -Lucky Bastards Living Up North (2xLP)(Statra Recordings)
Mr Velcro Fastener* -Lucky Bastards Living Up North (2xLP)(Statra Recordings)
Mr X & Mr Y* -What's Up At The Brother Front / 1956 (12")(Loud & Slow)
Mr. A.L.I.FeaturingCarla Prather-Midnight Interlude (12")(Nite Life Collective)
Mr. A.L.I.FeaturingCarla Prather-Midnight Interlude (12")(Nite Life Collective)
Mr. Bishi/Twister-Twisted Development (12")(Response Audio)
Mr. BlankMeetsBig Country-Stay Alive In A Big Country (12")(RCR Ltd)
Mr. Cubanix-The Breakthrough EP (12", EP)(deVice Records)
Mr. Glenn Piper-Your Dance (Puts Me In A Trance) (12", Promo)(Select Records)
Mr. Jack Declare-Our House EP (12")(Unleash)
Mr. Jack Declare-Our House EP (12")(Unleash)
Mr. Lee-Make It Funky (12")(Jive)
Mr. Negative-Evacuate (12")(Four Music)
Mr. Negative/Liv-More Than A Feeling / Feel The Love (12")(Manthraxx)
Mr. Neo-L & Mr. DD* -Germany's Next Jungle Drum (12", S/Sided, Ltd, Unofficial)(Not On Label)
Mr. Oizo-Analog Worms Attack (12", Promo, Smplr)(F Communications)
Mr. Oizo-Flat Beat (12")(F Communications,Play It Again Sam [PIAS])
Mr. Reverdy* -Bubble (12")(Out)
Mr. T (2)-Mr. T's Commandment (12")(Columbia)
Mr. Vegas-How About That / Gal Them (12", Promo)(Greensleeves Records)
Mr. Vegas-Pull Up (12")(Delicious Vinyl,Universo S.P.A.)
MRE-The Deep Edge Part 2 (12")(Marc et Claude's)
Ms. Lady Q* -Mr. Postman (12")(Dream Team Records)
Ms. Lady Q* -Mr. Postman (12")(Dream Team Records)
Mtume-Body & Soul (Take Me) (12")(Epic)
Muddling Thru-Hi-Fi EP (12")(ferrifox)
Muddling Thru-Hi-Fi EP (12")(ferrifox)
Munchie-I'm Coming Out (12")(Tam Tam / Savage Records)
Murderbot/Anti-Man-Rub-A-Dub Soldier / Rude Walking (12")(JungleXpeditions Records)
Music Instructor-Hands In The Air (12")(CDL - Cologne Dance Label)
Music Instructor-Super Fly (Upper MC) (12")(EastWest Records GmbH)
Mutiny (2)-Peanut Butter And Jam (Funky Thang) (12")(J. Romeo Records)
MXM-Nothing Compares 2 U (12")(BHF Productions)
My Mine-Zorro (12", Col)(Blow Up)
My Mine-Zorro (12", Col)(Blow Up)
My$t:c DJz* -Apollo 14 (12")(Massive Records)
Mylo-Drop The Pressure (12", S/Sided)(Superstar Recordings)
Mylo-Paris Four Hundred - Paris Rmxs EP (12", EP)(Sister Phunk)
MyloFeaturingFreeform Five-Muscle Car (12", Single, 1/2)(Breastfed Recordings)
MylovsTocadisco-Muscle Car (12", S/Sided)(Superstar Recordings)
Mystix II* -Do It (12")(R & S Records)
M-Zee Band, The* -Bop Box (12", Promo)(Mirage (2))
M-Zee Band, The* -Doctor Rhythm (12", Promo)(Mirage (2))
M-Zee Band, The* -Doctor Rhythm (12", Promo)(Mirage (2))
N.C.C.U.-Super Trick / Bull City Party (12", Ltd)(United Artists Records)
N.O.H.A.-Balkan Hot Step (12")(Unique)
N.O.H.A.-King Of The Dancehall (12")(Unique)
N.O.I.A.-Unreleased Classics '78-'82 (2x12")(Ersatz Audio)
N.Y.C.C.-Can You Feel It (Rock Da House) (12")(Control)
Nachlader-Fett (12", Promo)(Labels)
Nacho Marco-The Sweetest EP (12", EP)(Freerange Records)
Nails, The-Let It All Hang Out (12", Promo)(RCA)
Nails, The-Things You Left Behind (12", Promo)(RCA,RCA)
Nairobi-Soul Makossa (12")(Metronome)
Najee-Najee's Nasty Groove (12")(EMI-Manhattan Records)
Naked Music NYC-I'll Take You To Love (12")(Ore Music)
Nancy Martinez-For Tonight (12", Single)(Atlantic)
Narada Michael Walden-I Don't Want Nobody Else (To Dance With You) (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Narada Michael Walden-You're #. 1 (12")(Atlantic)
Nari & MilaniFeat.Max C.* -Disco Nuff (12")(Rise)
Nas-Thief's Theme / You Know My Style (12")(Columbia)
Nas/Blazhay-Don't Body Ya Self / Da Niggaz Iz Comin (12")(Word Of Mouth (2))
Nasenbluten-100% No Soul Guaranteed (2x12")(Industrial Strength Records)
Nasty Boy* -Drain Monster (12")(Underground Limited)
Nasty Boy* -Drain Monster (12")(Underground Limited)
Nasty Boy* -Drain Monster (12")(Underground Limited)
NastyDirtySexMusic-NastyDirtySexMusic (12")(Brickhouse Tracks)
Nat Augustin-Ego (12")(A&M Records)
Natalie Cole-Jump Start (Extended Remix) (12")(EMI-Manhattan Records)
Natalie Cole-Pink Cadillac (12")(EMI-Manhattan Records)
Natalie Cole-Rest Of The Night (12")(Capitol Records)
Natalie Cole-Rest Of The Night (12")(Capitol Records)
Nate DoggFeat.Warren G-Nobody Does It Better (12")(K-Town Records)
Nathalie Makoma-NYC (12")(Dubmental Records)
Nathan Fake-The Sky Was Pink (12", Promo, Ltd)(Electrochoc Records,Electrochoc Records)
Nathan Fake-The Sky Was Pink (12", RP)(Border Community)
Native Instinct-Wigwam (12")(BMG)
Natural Born Grooves-Soulsystem (12")(Natural Born Grooves)
Natural Noise-Pressure Down Below (12")(KYR Records)
Natural Progression-Its Got Me (Spellbound) (12")(Burning Records)
Nature One (2)-Waterworld '98 (12")(Time Unlimited)
Nature One Inc.-Das Dreizehnte Land (12")(Toptrax Recordings)
Nature One Inc.-Live Your Passion (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Nature One Inc.-Live Your Passion (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Nature One Inc.-Mission To Future (12", S/Sided)(Superstar Recordings)
Nature One Inc.-Mission To Future (12", S/Sided)(Superstar Recordings)
Naya (3)-When We Are Together (12")(Fairground Records)
NCA Experience-The Rhythm (12")(Urban Gorilla Recordings)
NDKj-More Or Less (12", Promo)(Momentum)
NDKj-More Or Less (12", Promo)(Momentum)
NDKj&Mauro Alpha-Drunken Clam (12")(Momentum)
NDKj&Mauro Alpha-Drunken Clam (12")(Momentum)
NDKj&Mauro Alpha-Drunken Clam (12")(Momentum)
Neal White-Raum Und Strom EP (12")(Kammer Musik)
Neanna-You're My Special Love (12")(Smokin')
Neecy Dee-Best Of Me (12", Promo)(TNT Records (4))
Nefateri-Fatal Attraction (12")(Profile Records Ltd. (UK))
Neil Cloud Orchestra, The-Time Of The Seasons (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
Neil Landstrumm-The Observer EP (12", EP)(Neue Heimat)
Nelly Furtado-No Hay Igual (12", Promo)(Geffen Records)
Nelly FurtadoFeat.Timbaland-Promiscuous (12", Pin)(Geffen Records)
Neneh Cherry-Buffalo Stance Remix (12", Single)(Circa)
Neo Cortex-Elements 2004 (12")(PIAS Germany)
Neo Cortex-Hold Me Tonight (12", Pro)(PIAS Germany)
Neon 8-The Only Way Is Up (12")(Propa Good)
Nerio's Dubwork-Feel It (12")(Reshape)
Nerio's Dubwork-Needin' You (12", Promo)(Spotsound Records,Reshape)
NerViolence-Wired Afrika (12")(Tijjera)
NerViolence-Witchcraft (12")(Tijjera)
NerViolence/Receptor, The-Hey, You Know Nothing (12", P/Mixed)(Tijjera)
NerViolenceFeaturingDonie-The Faculty Years (12")(Tijjera)
Netzwerk Frankfurt-Hot Body (12")(Psi49net)
Neu-Matic-All Aboard The Dirt Bus / Eat The Street (12")(Red Ant Records)
Neven-Shriek! (12", Maxi)(Different)
Neville Brothers, The-Sister Rosa (12")(A&M Records)
New Age Funkstas-Rock Your Body (12")(Superstar Recordings)
New Aluminists* -Down The Discotheque (12")(Siesta Music)
New Edition-Candy Girl (12", Maxi)(Metronome)
New Edition-Crucial (12")(MCA Records)
New Edition-Crucial (12")(MCA Records)
New Edition-You're Not My Kind Of A Girl (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
New Kids On The Block-Stop It Girl (12")(Columbia)
New Music Movement-Don't Be Afraid... (12")(After Midnight)
New Paradise-Get The Look (12")(Uniwave)
New Power Generation, The-The Good Life (12")(NPG Records)
Newcleus-Destination Earth (Definitive Version) (12")(Dominance Electricity,Dominance Records)
Newcleus-We're So Hyped! (12")(Super Power Records)
Newcleus-We're So Hyped! (12")(Super Power Records,Hot Productions)
New-Ro-She's A Nymphomaniac (12")(United Sounds of America)
Nic Chagall-Monday Bar (12")(High Contrast Recordings (2))
Nice And Wild* -Obsession (12", Promo, Ltd)(Atlantic)
Nice And Wild* -Obsession (12", Promo, Ltd)(Atlantic)
Nicholas Wood-Vitamin E (12")(Ovum Recordings)
Nick Beat-Technodisco (12")(Zeitgeist)
Nick Beatvs.Jeff & Jay-I Wanna Be A Hippy (12")(Zeitgeist)
Nick Mundy-Ain't It All Right (12")(Columbia)
Nick Santillan-Treat Me Right (12")(Simple Soul Recordings)
Nick Straker Band-A Walk In The Park (12")(Decca)
Nico (4)&Makai-Omen (Makai Remix) (12")(Nu Black)
Nicolas Duvoisin-Blue Water (12")(Musique Unique)
Nicolas Stefan-Ophrys Fuciflora (12")(Polo Records)
Nicolas Vallée-Acid Punch / Intercom (12")(Bits Music)
Nicolas Vallée-Acid Punch / Intercom (12")(Bits Music)
Nicole Otero-Sunshine Song (12")(Cr2 Records)
Nicole Otero-Sunshine Song (12")(CR2 Records)
Nicole ScherzingerFeaturingT.I.-Whatever U Like (12", Promo)(Interscope Records)
Niels Van Gogh-Another Joy (Remixes) (12")(Kosmo Records)
Niels Van Gogh-Bombs Away (12")(Phobos Recordings)
Niels Van Gogh-Don't Be Afraid Of Tomorrow (12")(Phobos Recordings,Media Records Germany,Fast Forward (2))
Niels Van Gogh-Doppelgänger (Remixes) (12")(Kosmo Records)
Niels Van Gogh-Feeling A Pressure (12")(Fast Forward (2))
Niels Van Gogh-My Own Religion (12")(Media Records Germany)
Niels Van Goghvs.Eniac-Pulverturm 2.0 (2x12")(Kosmo Records)
Nigel Hayes-Manipulation (12")(Sunshine Enterprises)
Night People-L' Afreaque (12")(Realbasic Tracks)
Night Sessions-Roomservice From Hell (12")(Part Of The Deal)
Nightpitch-Ikon (12")(Native)
Nightpitch-Ikon (12")(Native)
Nik Kershaw-Nobody Knows (Extended Mix) (12")(MCA Records)
Nikita* &Lance* -Can't U See (12")(Attention! Music Recordings)
Nikita* &Lance* -Can't U See (12")(Attention! Music Recordings)
Nikitin & Semikashev-Ultraproof (12")(Human Garden Music)
Nikka Costa-Like A Feather (12")(Virgin,Virgin)
Nikki Lauren-Again & Again (12")(Wave (2))
Nikolai-I'm Back (12")(Go For It)
Nile Rodgers-The Land Of The Good Groove / My Love Song For You (12", Promo)(Mirage (2))
Nils Hess-DC01 (Remixes) / First Time (12")(Eukahouse)
Nils Krogh-Disposition (12")(DNM - Dealers Of Nordic Music)
Nina Hagen-Michail, Michail (Gorbachev Rap) (12")(Mercury)
Nina Hagen&Lene Lovich-Don't Kill The Animals (12", Maxi)(Ariola)
Nina Simone-My Baby Just Cares For Me (12", RE)(Charly Records Ltd.)
Nitro Deluxe-On A Mission (12", Promo)(Cutting Records)
Nits, The-The Train (12")(CBS)
Nitsch & Gleinser-Voltage EP (12", Pic, EP)(Pocketgame)
No Fear-24 Hours (12")(Phunki Butt Records)
No Name Requested-Come Ina De Dance (12")(Motor Music)
No Tenshun-Traffic EP (12", EP, W/Lbl)(Chillifunk Records)
Nobody Knows Me-F.U.N.K. (12")(Musique Moderne)
Nobodys, The-No Guarantees (12", Single, Promo)(Capitol Records)
Nocera-Summertime, Summertime (12")(Sleeping Bag Records)
Noel Pointer-Direct Hit (12", Promo)(Liberty)
Noel Sinner-Pull Over (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Noise Boyz, The-No Way Back (12")(BCM Records)
Noizmakers, The* Feat.V.E.G.A.-Electro Boogie Encounter (12")(BMG Ariola München GmbH)
Non (3)-Dizz You Right Now (12")(Fuse)
Nona Hendryx-I Sweat (Going Through The Motions) (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Nona Hendryx-If Looks Could Kill (D.O.A.) (12", Pic)(RCA)
Noora-Need You (12")(WEA)
Noora-Need You (12")(WEA)
Norma Jean* -Shot In The Dark (12")(MCA Records)
North End-Kind Of Life (Kind Of Love) (12")(West End Records)
Northern Lights (3)-Confessions Of A Raver (12")(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Northern Lights (3)-One Too Many (12", Maxi)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Northern Lite/Junghanß/Kristall-Treat Me Better (12")(1st Decade Records)
Norty Cotto-Bring Back The Love (12")(Electric Sparklers)
Nost-Is This The End? (12")(Force Inc. Music Works)
Nostrum & Frank Künne-Night In Motion (12")(Maximal Recordings)
Notorious B.I.G.Feat.Bob Marley-Hold Your Head (12", Unofficial)(Not On Label (Notorious B.I.G.))
Novatek-This & That (12")(Preset)
Novatek-Under Pressure (12")(Preset)
Novox-Coufault (12")(Ware)
Novy vs. Eniac-Pumpin (12")(Kosmo Records)
NSK Tune-Out Of My Mind (12")(Oxyd Records)
N-Tribe-The God Of Drumming (12")(Made In Frankfurt)
Nu World Braves-Monkey Shins / Joyride (12")(Planet Nice Records)
NU-Any Other Girl (12")(Bustin' Loose Recordings)
Nu:Tone-Back Of Beyond (3x12", Album)(Hospital Records)
Nu:Tone-Brave Nu World (3x12", Album, Promo)(Hospital Records)
Nu:Tone-Seven Years (Matrix Remix) (12")(Hospital Records,Hospital Records)
Numarx-Girl You Know It's True (12")(Studio Records)
Numarx-Our Time Has Come! (LP, Album)(ZYX Records)
Nunny-Kick It (12")(Trigger Records,Trigger Records)
Nuthouse* -Snap Your Neck 2 Dis / Take It 2 Da Stage (12")(Break Bread Projects,Counterflow Recordings)
Nuyorican Soul-Mind Fluid (12", Die)(Nervous Records)
Nuyorican Soul-Runaway (2x12")(Talkin' Loud)
O Band, The* -Look To The Left, Look To The Right (12", Red)(United Artists Records)
O Band, The* -Look To The Left, Look To The Right (12", Red)(United Artists Records)
O Liffey Family/O Liffey Cousins-Cold Liffey' (12")(All City Records (3))
O. C. Smith* -You Thrill Me / Everything's Changed (12")(Shadybrook Records)
O.B.A.-Hey DJ (12")(Blue Bass)
O.C. Smith* -Baby Come Back / You Mean The World To Me Sweetheart (12", Single)(Rams Horn Records)
O.C.B.-Synchronicity (12")(Automatic Records (2))
O.J. Project* -Locator / Locked (10")(Headzone)
O.U.T./T.B.B.-Jack Your Body Meets Electrica Salsa And Where Are You? (12", Tra)(Transparent (2))
Oattes Van Schaik-Miracles (12")(Portrait)
Oattes Van SchaikFormerlyLimit, The (2)-The Limit (LP, Album)(Portrait)
O'Bryan-The Gigolo (12")(Capitol Records)
Oceanic-Wicked Love (12")(Dead Dead Good)
Och-Dicken's Tracks (12")(PAL SL)
O'Chi Brown-Whenever You Need Somebody (12")(Magnet (2))
Octave OnePresentsKaotic Spacial Rhythms-Kaotic Spacial Rhythms Two - Dissident (12")(430 West)
Octavia* -2 The Limit (12", Promo)(Pow Wow Records)
Odyssey (2)-(Joy) I Know It / Laughing & Smiling (12")(Society Hill Records,Macola Record Co.)
Odyssey (2)-Lucky Star / You Wouldn't Know A Real Live True Love If It Walked Right Up, Kissed You On The Cheek And Said Hello Baby (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Odyssey (2)-Single Again/What Time Does The Balloon Go Up / Pride (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Odyssey (2)-Together (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Odyssey (2)-Use It Up And Wear It Out (12")(RCA,RCA Victor)
Odyssey (4)-Into The Light (12", Cle)(Metronome)
Offspring* -Self Esteem (12")(Golf)
Ofra Haza-Galbi (12")(Discos CBS,Wea)
Ofra Haza-Im Nin'Alu (Played In Full Mix) (12", Maxi)(TELDEC)
Ofrin-How Come (12")(Manual Music)
OGCFeat.Kelly Love-Pump Dance (12")(NRK Sound Division)
Ohio Players-Sight For Sore Eyes (12")(Air City Records)
Ohio Players-Sight For Sore Eyes (12")(Air City Records)
Ohio Players-Sweat (12")(Track Record Company)
Ohio Players-Sweat (12")(Track Record Company)
Ohm Boys-Thinking Of You (12")(Red Silver Recordings)
Oingo Boingo-Wake Up (It's 1984) (12", Single, Promo)(A&M Records)
O'Jays* -Have You Had Your Love Today (12")(EMI America)
O'Jays, The-Don't Take Your Love Away (12")(Philadelphia International Records)
O'Jays, The-Lovin' You (12", Maxi)(Philadelphia International Records)
O'Jays, The-What's Stopping You (12")(Volcano (2))
Olaf Apholz-Myzel (12")(Braintist Records)
Olaf Apholz-Untitled (12")(Apwood Recordings)
Olaf Pozsgay-Horses Don't Cry (12")(Nordwest)
Olaf Pozsgay-Horses Don't Cry (12")(Nordwest)
Olav Basoski-Opium Scumbagz (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Olav Basoski-Proper Tunes (12")(Rootz Records)
Oleksa-The Kozak / The Wind And The Rain (12")(AMS Records)
Olga (3)-Power Play (12")(AME Records)
Olive-Miracle (12")(RCA)
Oliver Cats & Kevin Sieja* -Stockholm Beatz (12")(Opaque Music)
Oliver Cheatham-Go For It (12")(ZYX Records)
Oliver Cheatham-Go For It (12")(ZYX Records)
Oliver Cheatham-Just To Be With You (12")(MCA Records)
Oliver Cheatham-Mama Said / Look Of Love (12")(Move (3))
Oliver Cheatham-S.O.S. (12")(Rush Records)
Oliver Cheatham/Al Hudson & The Partners-Get Down Saturday Night / You Can Do It (12")(Old Gold (2))
Oliver Dodd-Olivelected EP (12", EP)(Xylophone Jones Recordings)
Oliver Huntemann-Broadcast Service (12")(Dance Electric)
Oliver Kapp-Images Of Desire EP (12")(Indulge Records)
Oliver Kapp-Less / More Vol. 1 (12")(Theory Recordings)
Oliver Klitzing-I Like That Beat (12")(Tracid Traxxx)
Oliver Koletzki & Fran-I Might (12")(Stil Vor Talent)
Oliver Koletzki-Blackout (12")(Stil Vor Talent)
Oliver LiebPresentsSmoked-Metropolis (12")(Yoshitoshi Recordings)
Oliver Moldan-Elephantgirl (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Oliver Moldan-Freefall (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Oliver Way-Electronic Sockets Pt3 (12")(Urban Substance Records)
Olivier Gaudin-Standin' With A Suitcase (12")(Rotax)
Olu (2)-Sista Why (12")(Gee Street)
Omega Man* -After Dark / Virus (12")(Krush Grooves)
On Top-Up To You (12")(Bassline Records)
One 2 Many-Downtown (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
One Love-I Don't Know (12", TP, S/Sided)(Kontor Records)
One Man Show, The-Act II (12")(Herbal Recordings)
Oneness Of Juju-Every Way But Loose / (Family Tree) Make A Change (12")(Sutra Records)
Onionz & Master D-Celia's Groove / A Night In Frisco (12", W/Lbl, Sti)(NRK Sound Division)
Onyx (18)-Be My Lover (12")(Sound Sensational Records)
Onyx (6)-I Want Love (12")(Prelude Records)
Opaz-Oh My Goodniss Anutha Dope Jam (12")(Opaz Records)
Optic Crux, The-Psylocybe (12")(Djax-Up-Beats)
Opus 808-Don't Turn Away (12")(Go For It)
Oran 'Juice' Jones-Player's Call (12", Promo)(Tommy Boy Music)
Orange Club, The-Higher (12")(Dressed Orange Records)
Orange Dot-Hi John, By John (12")(Spunky Monkey Records)
Orbital-Belfast (12", W/Lbl, S/Sided, Unofficial, Sti)(Not On Label (Orbital))
Orchestra Threee/Heavy T.-World Peace (12")(Blade To The Rhythm Records)
Organ Grinder* -Running Scared (12")(High Octane Recordings)
Origin-Killing Me (Disc One) (12")(Renaissance)
Origin-Killing Me (Disc One) (12")(Renaissance)
Origin-Rage / Refined Intricacy (12")(Renaissance)
Original Swing Machine-It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (12")(RCA Victor)
Orinoko-Island (Remixes) (12", Promo)(3 Lanka)
Ortus-Resolve (12")(Airgap Records)
Osborne/DMX Krew-Bout Ready To Jak / I Won't Forget (12")(Spectral Sound)
Osborne* &Giles* -Stranger In The Night (12", Promo)(Red Label (2))
Osborne* &Giles* -Stranger In The Night (12", Promo)(Red Label (2))
Oscar (4)-Creep Speed EP (12", EP)(KarateKlub)
Osé Jang-Shake Me (12", Maxi)(Public Sound)
Osibisa-Getting Hot (12")(Chic (2))
Osibisa-Sunshine Day - Remix '89 (12")(Phonogram)
O'Sine-New Sensation (12")(Lana Lane Records)
Osmosis-Gyro Slam (12")(Visitor)
Ossia & Einhorn-La Fee (12")(Whoop! Records)
Ossie-Holyland EP (12", EP)(Sick Watona)
Ost & Kjex-Kjexterminate (12")(Planet Noise)
Ost & Kjex-Thru With Being Bad (12")(Par)
Osunlade-The Day We Met For Coffee (Remixes) (12", Ltd)(BBE)
Other Benjamin, The-Cover The Sun (12")(Progress Records)
Other Ones, The-Holiday (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Other Ones, The-We Are What We Are (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America)
Otropic T(h)ree-Ma Thang (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Loose Ends Records)
Otropic T(h)ree-Ma Thang (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Loose Ends Records)
Ottawan-Crazy Music / Shubidube Love (12", Maxi)(Carrere)
Oui 3-Stand Defiant / Crazy (12", Promo)(MCA Records,MCA Records Ltd.)
Outbreak-Forge EP (12", EP)(Touch Tone Recordings)
OutKast-So Fresh, So Clean (Raptile's Cryptotech Remix) (12", S/Sided)(LaFace Records,BMG)
Outloud-It's Love This Time (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Outra Nota Featuring Raylema Rosas-Quero Amar (12")(Natural Rec.)
Overcast-3:P.M. Eternal (2x12", Album)(Bloody Fist Records)
OverDrive Division-Dancing Nation (12")(Fanatic Beatz)
Overset-In My System (12")(Amused Records)
Overtone-Mental Movement (12")(XTC Germany)
Overtone-Soulstatic (12")(XTC Germany)
Oxia-Reflexion (12")(GoodLife,Play It Again Sam [PIAS])
Oxia-Special EP (12", EP)(GoodLife,Play It Again Sam [PIAS])
Oxia-Speicher 34 (12")(Kompakt Extra)
Oxtongue-Delight (12")(Kompakt Pop)
OZ (2)-Bring Your Love Back (Turn Up The Music) (12")(Posse Records)
Özgür Can-Just Go With It / Another Kind (12")(Furry Music)
Özgür Can-Mind Your Step EP (12", EP)(Truesoul)
Özgür Can-With Shades Of Grey EP (12")(Pickadoll Records)
Ozone (5)-Li'l Suzy (12", Maxi, Promo)(Motown)
Ozone (5)-Li'l Suzy (12", Maxi, Promo)(Motown)
Ozy-Dead Of Night (Vol. 1) (12")(Native)
P Diddy* FeaturingKelis-Let's Get Ill (12", Promo)(Bad Boy Entertainment)
P. Lauer* -Free Entry For Girls EP (12", EP, Promo, W/Lbl)(Punkt Music)
P.G.L.-The White Light (12")(Massive Records)
P.M. Project-Rima Brasilena (12")(S3 Ibiza)
P.P. Arnold-Dynamite (12")(BMG Ariola)
P4F-P.Machinery/Relax (Medley) (12")(Emergency Records)
Pablo Akaros-Karmarouge Noir Six (12")(Karmarouge Noir)
Pachanga-I Don't Like Reggae-Ton (12")(Island Records)
Paco Marotovs.Amo & Navas* -Disco Rock (12")(Fresco Records,Fresco Records)
Paddo/Dennis Soltendiek-Kimono Kojote (12")(Audio Rantanplan)
Paddo/Matthias Weimer-Rast Aus! / Dancing Gobbler (12")(Freiraum Musik)
Paddo/Matthias Weimer-Rast Aus! / Dancing Gobbler (12")(Freiraum Musik)
Paddo/Sis-Yuhricame (12")(Freiraum Musik)
PaffendorfVs.Real Booty Babes, The-Smile (12")(Lo:Go Recordings)
PaffendorfVs.Real Booty Babes, The-Smile (12")(Lo:Go Recordings)
Pain* &K.Laurent-This Way (12")(Andorfine)
Pair Of Jacks-Ghetto Muthafuckas (12")(A Squared Muzik)
Pair Of Jacks-Ghetto Muthafuckas (12")(A Squared Muzik)
Pair Of Jacks-Ghetto Muthafuckas (12")(A Squared Muzik)
Pair Of Jacks-Salsa Caliente (12")(A-Trax)
Pako & Frederik-Western Approaches 2002 (Part 1) (12")(Coded)
Pam Anderson-Beg, Borrow And Steal (12", Promo)(Fantasy)
Pamala Stanley&Paul Parker-Stranger (In A Strange Land) / Running Around In Circles (12")(TSR Records)
Pan/Tone-Chubby Chaser E.P. (12", EP)(Cereal/Killers)
Pancake-Don't Turn Your Back (12")(DMC Records, Inc.)
Pandella-Tell Me (What You Gonna' Do) (12", Promo)(Easy Street Records)
Panjabi MC-The Album (2xLP)(Superstar Recordings)
Papa Winnie-Rootsie & Boopsie - You Are My Sunshine (12")(MCA Records)
Pär Grindvik-Continuate (12")(Spectral Sound)
Parachute Club, The-At The Feet Of The Moon (12")(RCA Victor)
Parachute Club, The-Love Is Fire (12", Promo)(RCA)
Paradise Express-Dance / Poinciana (12")(Fantasy)
Paradise Inc.-11th Commandment / Somewhere Beyond (12")(Fourth Floor Records)
Parallel Sound-Falling Like A Star (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Hope Recordings)
Paranoid Jack&Robb G-Environmental Product (12")(Promo Records)
Paratrooper-Kiss Myself (12")(BMG,Stereophonic)
Paris & Sharp-Aphrodite Remixes (12")(Cream Records)
Paris Angeles-Originals & Remixes (12")(Serial Records)
Parker Frisby-Und Was Jetzt? (12")(Stil Vor Talent)
Parov Stelar-Move On! (12")(Etage Noir Recordings)
Part 2-Live From The Breadline (2xLP)(Big Dada Recordings)
Partners In Kryme-Undercover (12")(SBK Records)
Partners-Dance (Whoever You Are) / Partners (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
Pascal Colet-Pupille 2001 (12")(Hardware Files)
Pascal Device-Azure (12")(Time Unlimited)
Pasha Bros.-You're My Sun (12")(Unsubmissive Records)
Passion Puppets-Like Dust (12", Promo)(MCA Records,MCA Records)
Pat Benatar-Love Is A Battlefield (12", Maxi)(Chrysalis)
Pat Benatar-Sex As A Weapon (12", Single)(Chrysalis)
Pato BantonAndRanking RogerWith [Special Guests]Steel Pulse-Pato & Roger Come Again (12")(Primitive Man Recording Company,I.R.S. Records)
Pato BantonAndRanking RogerWith [Special Guests]Steel Pulse-Pato & Roger Come Again (12")(Primitive Man Recording Company,I.R.S. Records)
Patra-Worker Man (12")(Epic)
Patric & Timo-Du Riechst So Gut (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Patric La Funk-Malus (12")(Trusted Trax)
Patric La Funk-Sundrops (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Patric La Funk-Sundrops (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Patric La Funk-You Never Know (Jerry Ropero Remixes) (12")(Opaque Music)
Patrick Adams-Michael's Medley (12")(Mirage (2))
Patrick Blasa-Lose (12")(Stereo Deluxe)
Patrick Chardronnet-Eve By Day (Remixes) (12")(Connaisseur Recordings)
Patrick Cowley-Goin' Home / Tech-No-Logical World (12")(Megatone Records)
Patrick Cowley-Megatron Man '87 (12")(Megatone Records)
Patrick CowleyFeaturingSylvester-Do Ya Wanna Funk (12")(Megatone Records)
Patrick CowleyFeaturingSylvester-Do Ya Wanna Funk (12")(Metronome)
Patrick CowleyFeaturingSylvester-Do Ya Wanna Funk (12")(Metronome)
Patrick Gammon-Help Me! / Tough Luck (12", Ora)(TELDEC,TELDEC)
Patrick Hernandez-Born To Be Alive (LP, Album)(Aquarius)
Patrick Hernandez-Born To Be Alive (LP, Album)(Aquarius)
Patrick Hernandez-Born To Be Alive (Remix '88) (12", Maxi)(ZYX Records)
Patrick Hernandez-Born To Be Alive / I Give You Rendez-Vous (12")(Aquarius)
Patrick Hernandez-Born To Be Alive / I Give You Rendez-Vous (12")(Aquarius)
Patrick Hernandez-Can't Keep It Up / Crazy Days (12")(Aquarius)
Patrick HernandezAndHervé Tholance-Back To Boogie (12", Maxi)(Aavalanche,Aavalanche)
Patrick Juvet-Lady Night / Swiss Kiss (12", S/Sided)(Casablanca Records)
Patris-Love Oasis (12", Maxi)(Emergency Records,Bellaphon)
Patsy Gallant-Sugar Daddy / It's Raining This Morning (12")(Private Stock)
Patti Austin-Rhythm Of The Street (12", Maxi)(Qwest Records)
Patti Curry-Tenderness (12", Promo)(Jam Packed)
Patti Labelle-Something Special (Is Gonna Happen Tonight) (12", Single)(MCA Records)
Paul & Luke-The Riddle (12")(Do It Yourself Entertainment)
Paul Cacia Band-Saved By Your Love (12")(Alexander Street Records)
Paul Carrack-One Good Reason (12", Promo)(Chrysalis)
Paul Carrack-When You Walk In The Room (12")(Chrysalis)
Paul Hardcastle-19 (Destruction Mix) (12")(Chrysalis)
Paul Harris-Find Yourself A Friend (12")(Toolroom Records)
Paul Jabara-Disco Queen (12", Promo, S/Sided)(Casablanca Records)
Paul Jackson Jr.-I Came To Play (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Paul Jacobs-Soul Grabber Pt. 3 (12", Promo)(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Paul Johnson (2)-Burnin' (Extended Mix) (12")(CBS)
Paul Johnson-Finger Fuck (12")(Nocturnal Interludes)
Paul Johnson-Get Get Down (Rmx) (12")(Fuel Records)
Paul JohnsonFeaturingCandi Station* -Doo Doo Wop (12")(Dust Traxx)
Paul Kalkbrenner-Press On (12")(BPitch Control)
Paul LangleyAndChris Boulter-2 Faced E.P. (12", EP)(Audio Textures)
Paul Mac-Soundslike (12")(Surface)
Paul McCartney-Spies Like Us (12")(Capitol Records)
Paul McCartney-Spies Like Us (12")(Parlophone,MPL Communications)
Paul McCartney&Michael Jackson-Say Say Say (12", Maxi)(Odeon)
Paul Nazca-Talium (12")(Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
Paul Panzer-Mariannenplatz (12")(Knall Traxx)
Paul Pysik-Hot Asian Snack (12")(Trust Your Tribe)
Paul Simpson-Walk Away From Love (12")(Chrysalis)
Paul SimpsonPresents -Sessions Take 2 (12")(Henry Street Music)
Paul van Dyk-For An Angel 2009 (12")(High Contrast Recordings (2))
Paul Young-Every Time You Go Away (12", Promo, Single)(Columbia)
Paul Zone-Try My Love (12")(Recca Records)
Paula Abdul-Knocked Out (12")(Virgin)
Paula Abdul-Opposites Attract (12")(Virgin)
Paula Anderson-Four Year Battle (12", Single)(Starlite)
Pauline Henry-Feel Like Making Love (12")(Sony Soho Square)
Pawel Kobak-Singing A Song EP (12", EP)(Wrong Steps Records)
PBS* -Generate (12")(Endeavour)
Peabird-Teebee Tools (12")(Teebee Tools Records)
Peabo Bryson-Take No Prisoners (In The Game Of Love) (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Peabo Bryson&Regina Belle-Without You (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Pebbles-Girlfriend (Dance Remix) (12", Maxi)(MCA Records)
Pele (5)-Viva Macarena (12")(Tanzbar Limited)
Pelle Buys-Kiss The Ground (12")(Gedankensport)
People On Process/La Luna (2)-Rebelion EP (12", EP)(Grasp Records)
People Underground-Music Is Pumping (2x12")(Club Tools)
Pepe Link-Minimar (12")(Royal Plastic)
Perc-Morning, Evening & Afternoon / Closer (12")(Premier Sounds)
Perception-Take U Higher (Remixes) (12")(Talkin' Loud)
Percy X-X Trak 1 (12")(Soma Quality Recordings)
Perpetuum Mobile-Für Sanne (12")(Confused Recordings)
Perry Farrellvs.Rocket-Seeds (12", Ltd, Promo, W/Lbl, Sti)(Grayhound Recordings)
Pet Shop Boys-Fundamentalism (Part 1) (12")(Parlophone,Parlophone)
Pet Shop Boys-Heart (12", Maxi)(Parlophone)
Pet Shop Boys-So Hard (12", Maxi)(Parlophone)
Pet Shop Boys-West End Girls '86 (12")(ZYX Records)
Pet-Superpet (12")(Grönland Records)
Pete Bardens* -Whispers In The Wind (12")(Capitol Records,Cinema)
Pete Hellervs.Mylo-Drop The Simpler Pressure (12", Unofficial, S/Sided)(Not On Label (Pete Heller),Not On Label (Mylo))
Pete Moss-Therapy (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Dessous Recordings)
Pete Tong&Chris Cox-More Intensity (12")(Saved Records)
Peter "At Work" Presta* -Mix Of Trixx (Part 2) (12")(Cutting Traxx)
Peter "At Work" Presta* -The Loops Of Damage (12")(Rey-D Records)
Peter Allen-Bi-Coastal (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Peter Andre-All Night All Right (Brookly Funk Remix) (12", Promo)(Mushroom)
Peter Behrens-Dep De Dö Dep (Tom's Diner) (12", Maxi)(Teldec)
Peter Brown (2)-(Love Is Just) The Game (12")(Columbia)
Peter Brown (2)-Can't Be Love - Do It To Me Anyway (12", Single)(Drive,T.K. Disco)
Peter Brown (2)-Crank It Up (Funk Town) (12")(T.K. Disco)
Peter Brown (2)-Dance With Me / Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me (12")(Streetheat)
Peter Brown (2)-Dance With Me / Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me (12", RE)(Sunnyview Records)
Peter Brown (2)-They Only Come Out At Night (12", Single)(Columbia)
Peter Brown (2)/J. Geils Band, The-Can't Be Love - Do It To Me Anyway / Freeze Frame (12")(Unidisc)
Peter Fox (2)-Alles Neu (12", S/Sided, Ltd)(Not On Label)
Peter Fox (2)-Alles Neu (12", S/Sided, Ltd)(Not On Label)
Peter Frampton-The Art Of Control (LP, Album)(A&M Records)
Peter Frampton-The Art Of Control (LP, Album)(A&M Records)
Peter Gabriel-Big Time (12", Maxi)(Virgin)
Peter Gabriel-Biko (12", Single)(Virgin,Virgin)
Peter Gabriel-Sledgehammer (12")(Virgin)
Peter Gun-Main Attraction / The Chase (12")(Millennium Records)
Peter Jürgens-Momentaufnahme / Sponge (12")(Electribe Records)
Peter Jürgens-Übers Wasser / End Of All (12")(Electribe Records)
Peter Kent-It's A Real Good Feeling (12", Maxi)(EMI,EMI Electrola)
Peter Kent-It's A Real Good Feeling (12", Maxi)(EMI,EMI Electrola)
Peter Presta ProjectFeaturingMC Roby Rob-Where Is Osama (12")(Houseworks)
Peter Tosh-Johnny B. Goode / Peace Treaty (12", Maxi)(EMI Electrola)
Peter Tosh-Johnny B. Goode / Peace Treaty (12", Maxi)(EMI Electrola)
Peter Van Hoesen-Empire In Decline / Third Piece (12")(Time To Express)
Petrus&Glaubitz* -Space Funk (12", W/Lbl, Sti)(Reform House)
Petter (5)-Some Polyphony (12")(Border Community)
Petter (5)-Some Polyphony EP (12", S/Sided, EP)(Net's Work International)
Phage & Daniel Dreier/Franklin De Costa-Split 4 (12")(Sender Records)
Phalon-Dance Floor Of Life (12")(Elektra)
Pharcyde, The-Knew You (12")(Chapter One Entertainment)
Pharrell* -Angel (12")(Virgin)
Pharrell* -Can I Have It Like That (12", Promo)(Interscope Records,Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Pharrell* -Frontin' (12")(Star Trak Entertainment)
Pharrell* FeatKanye West-Number One (12")(Interscope Records)
Phat Austrian-House Fanz (12")(Twenty Third Tribe)
Phats & Small-Harvest For The World (12")(Multiply Records)
Phats & Small-Sweet Dreams (12", Pic)(Universal Licensing Music (ULM))
Phats & Small-Tonight (12", Promo)(Multiply Records)
Phats & Smallvs.Bob Marley-Phat Bob (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Bob Marley),Not On Label (Phats & Small))
Phil Carmen-Moonshine Still (12")(Metronome)
Phil Carmen-On My Way In L.A. (Extended Club•Mix) (12", Maxi)(Metronome,Metronome)
Phil Collins-Face Value (LP, Album, Gat)(WEA Musik GmbH)
Phil Collins/Anne Dudley-Two Hearts (12")(WEA Musik GmbH)
Phil Cordell-Hearts On Fire (12", Whi)(Virgin)
Phil Fearon & Galaxy-Everybody's Laughing (12")(Island Records)
Phil Fearon & Galaxy-This Kind Of Love (12")(Island Records)
Phil Fearon & Galaxy-What Do I Do? (12")(Island Records)
Phil Fearon & Galaxy/Phil Fearon-What Do I Do? (The Carnival Mix) / I Can Prove It (12")(Old Gold (2))
Phil Fearon And Galaxy* -You Don't Need A Reason (12", Maxi)(Island Records,Ariola Eurodisc GmbH)
Phil Fearon-Ain't Nothing But A House Party (12")(Cooltempo)
Phil Fearon-Nothing Is Too Good For You (12")(Chrysalis)
Phil Greenvs.SHOKK* -Fascination (12")(BigCityBeats)
Phil Hurtt-Boogie City (Rock And Boogie Down) (12")(Bellaphon)
Phil Hurtt-Giving It Back (12")(Fantasy)
Phil Stumpf-Even Steven (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Frozen North Recordings)
Phil York-Glide (12")(Tranzlation)
Philip Bailey-Photogenic Memory / Children Of The Ghetto (12")(CBS)
Philip BaileyAndLittle Richard-Twins (12", Promo)(WTG Records)
Philip BaileyDuet WithPhil Collins-Easy Lover (12", Maxi)(CBS,CBS)
Philipp StraubFeat.Collins & Behnam-Rich Of Madness (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(PS Recordings)
Philippe Cam-Karat #36 (12")(Karat Records)
Phillip Bent-Do For You (12", Promo)(GRP)
Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub* -Kill Your Ideals (12", Maxi, Ltd, Gat)(Polydor)
Philly Cream (2)-Sly-Hi (12")(Bellaphon)
Philly Society-Philly Medley (12")(BMC Records)
Phoebe Legere-Trust Me / Dance With Me Now (12")(Nemperor Records)
Phonekiller-Bite (12")(Acalwan)
Phonogenic-Panomeno EP (12", EP)(Dance Electric)
Photek+Die* /Krust+Die* -Thunder / Collision Course (12")(Full Cycle Records)
Phunk ElectricFeat.P.T.-Red Hot (10")(Sound Division)
Phunk Nouveaux-Whatever (12")(Slip 'n' Slide)
Phunklarique & Dejonka-Current Pulse (12")(Knall Traxx)
Phunklarique-Alors Quoi (12")(Wahrhaft)
Phyllis Hyman-Riding The Tiger (12", Promo)(Arista)
Pierre Deutschmann-Are U Ready...! (12")(Electric Kingdom)
Pierre J-I'm In The Mood (12")(Marlboro Music)
Piet Blank & Jaspa Jones* -Flying To The Moon (Remix) (12")(Gang Go Music,Kontor Records)
Pieter K-La Angel (12")(Palette Recordings)
Pieter K-Somna / Stop On A Dime (12")(Metaformal,Metaformal)
Pig & Dan-88 (12")(Pickadoll Records)
Pig & Dan-I Want Your Mind (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Pickadoll Records)
Pigbag-Sunny Day (12")(Sound Products Holland,Y Records)
Pigbag-Sunny Day (12")(Sound Products Holland,Y Records)
Pimp My Booty-Ceiling Dancing (12", Unofficial)(Not On Label (Pimp My Booty Series))
Pinballvs.DJ Palon-Wildstyle (12")(Aqualoop Records)
Pink* -So What (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Urban House Records)
Pipedream-Quicksand (12")(Zoo York Recordz)
Pipedream-The Flute (12")(Epic)
Pixies-Gigantic (12")(Megadisc,Rough Trade Germany)
Planet East-Nano Nai (12")(Electronic)
Planet Fuse-Secret Touch (12")(Fuse)
Plant Life-The Last Song (12")(Gut Records)
Plastic CityFeat.Melissa (14)-Take You Somewhere (12")(Juicy Music)
Plastic Voice-Welcome To The Jungle (10", Promo)(Urban Tracks)
Plastika-Disco Dancing (12")(Rough Trade Germany)
Plastique De Rêve-The Sounds You Hear (12")(Turbo)
Platform Nova/Basztart-Smart Toughts / Bird Of Passage (12", W/Lbl)(Junglegrowers)
Plattenpapst Jöak* -Lass Dich Von Deinen Gefühlen Leiten (12")(UltraPop)
Platypus (2)-Street Babies / Running From Love (12", Promo, Single)(Casablanca Records)
Play Paul-La La Land (12")(International Deejay Gigolo Records)
Play Paul-Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (12")(Kitsuné Music)
Play Paul&Leicos-Hell's Belles (12")(Silicon Square Garden Records)
Players Association, The-Get On Up Now / Let Your Body Go! (12", Promo)(Vanguard)
Players, The-Love & Happiness (12")(Kool Groove Records)
Pleasure And The Beast-Roq The House (12")(TLO Records,Airwave Records (2))
Plump DJs-Eargasm Album Sampler (2x12", Smplr)(Finger Lickin' Records)
Plump DJsFeatGary Numan-Pray For You (12", Single)(Finger Lickin' Records)
Pneumatik-GeForce 2 (12")(Composure Records)
Pockets-Catch Me (12", Promo, Single)(American Recording Company (ARC))
Poet, The (2)-The Moon / Der Mond (12")(ANP)
Pogues, The-Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (12")(Pogue Mahone Records)
Pointer Sisters-Goldmine (12", Maxi)(RCA)
Pointer Sisters-Happiness / Fire (12", Maxi)(Planet Records (5),WEA Records B.V.)
Pointer Sisters-He Turned Me Out (12")(RCA Victor)
Pointer Sisters-I Need You (12")(Planet Records (5))
Pointer Sisters-Twist My Arm (Dance Mix) (12", Promo, 33 )(RCA)
Poison Ivy (2)-Feel How I Feel (12")(Top Hits)
Poker (2)-I'm Moving On (12")(Eukahouse)
Pokker Life-I Wanna Be Your Love (12", S/Sided)(Pokker Music)
Pop.da.funk-Holidays In Nirvana (12")(Kurbel)
Popmuschi-Once Again EP (12", EP)(Kosmetik)
Popnoname-London Paris New York (12")(Italic)
Popof-Alcoolic (12")(Acid Fuckers Unite (A.F.U.))
Poppa Ron Love-I'm A Girl Watcher (12", Promo)(Def Jam Recordings)
Porcelain-Given Name (12", EP)(Ingoma)
Positive Vibe-Best Of My Love (12")(Freaky Records)
Potatoheads-Mix The Master (12", W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Potatoheads-Mix The Master (12", W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Pound Boys-Shine (12")(Records Of Interest)
Pounding Grooves & R.A.W.-Fuck Bush (12")(Fukt Records)
Powell-I Am Ready (12")(Dropout)
Power (3)-Play It Again, Sam (12")(Malaco Records)
Power Of Attorney-He Is My Lawyer (12")(Rock Dream Records)
Power Station, The-Get It On (12", Maxi)(Parlophone)
Power Supply (2)-Iron Weed (12")(Gyration)
Praga Khan-Breakfast In Vegas (12")(Fingerlicking Good Records)
Praga Khan-Breakfast In Vegas (12")(Fingerlicking Good Records)
Praxis (2)FeatKathy Brown-Turn Me Out (Turn To Sugar) (2x12", Promo)(FFRR)
Prayce-Feel Good (12", Red)(Zeitgeist)
Prayce-Feel Good (12", Red)(Zeitgeist)
Precieux-Maman, J'aime Ca (12")(Metronome)
Precious Wilson&Funky French Guy, The-Spacer (12", Maxi)(EMI (France))
Precious-Let's Get It Started (12")(BCM Records)
Precious-Let's Get It Started / Competition (12")(Big Beat)
Preformation-Chemical Cargo (12")(Niche Records)
Prelude To Passion-Tempted (To Give In) (12")(Starrway Records)
Preocoop-Ohrwerk (12")(Baalsaal Music,Baalsaal Music)
Pressure (2)-Shock (12")(H Of Music)
Pretenders* -Back On The Chain Gang / My City Was Gone (12")(Real Records (2))
Pretty Girls-Gucci You're Through (12")(ZYX Records)
Pretty Poison-When I Look Into Your Eyes (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Pretty Ricky & Boo-Ski-It's Mine / Dreams (12", Promo, Single)(Select Records)
Prima Klima-Das Wetter Ist Für Alle Da (LP, Album)(CBS)
Primal Plant-High Definition EP (12", EP)(Genau!)
Prince And The Revolution-America (12", Maxi)(Paisley Park,Paisley Park)
Prince And The Revolution-Mountains (12")(Paisley Park)
Prince Charles* -Skintight Tina (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Prince Phillip Mitchell* -Let's Get Wet (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Prince-Glam Slam (12")(Paisley Park,WEA Records Pty Ltd.)
Prince-If I Was Your Girlfriend (12", Promo)(Paisley Park)
Prince-Let's Pretend We're Married (12", Maxi)(Warner Bros. Records,Warner Bros. Records)
Prince-Little Red Corvette (Dance Mix) (12", Ltd)(WEA Musik GmbH)
Prince-Pink Cashmere (12", Single)(Paisley Park)
Prince-Space (12")(Warner Bros. Records,Warner Bros. Records)
Prince-The Scandalous Sex Suite (12", Maxi)(Warner Bros. Records,Warner Bros. Records)
Princess And Starbreeze-It's Gonna Be Lonely (12")(MCA Records)
Prinz Charles & The City Beat Band-I'll Be There For You (12")(Metronome)
Pritti BoyzFeaturingFelix (22)-Make Luv Tonite (12", Promo)(Posse Records,Posse Records)
Problem Kidz* PresentsBuddy Booth-Misbehavin' (12")(Junior Boy's Own)
Process-Glider (12")(Traum Schallplatten)
Prodigy-H.N.I.C. (12")(Loud Records)
Prodigy, The-Everybody In The Place (Deadhau5 Mix) (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl, Sti)(Not On Label (The Prodigy))
Prodigy, The-Girls (12")(XL Recordings)
Prodigy, The-Omen (12")(Take Me To The Hospital,Take Me To The Hospital)
Prodigy, The-One Love (12", RP)(XL Recordings,XL Recordings)
Prodigy, The-Outta Space (Remix) (Vinyl, Unofficial, Sin)(Superstar Recordings)
Prodigy, The-Wind It Up (Rewound) (12")(XL Recordings)
Producers, The-Flying The Funky Path (12")(End Recordings)
Product 01-EP.01/Part One (12")(Compost Records)
Professor Greenfeat.Ed Drewett-I Need You Tonight (12")(Virgin)
Profits Of Doom-Fat Girls (12")(Fantasy)
Project 247-Them (12")(Black Hole Avanti)
Project One-4 For Money (12")(Thumpin Vinyl)
Promatic-Tear Dis Place Up / Ecstacy (12", Promo)(Koch Records)
Prompt-Addiction (12")(Highgrade Records)
Prophet G-Ghettogame (12")(K-Town Records)
Prophet, The (3)-When You Find Love (12")(Black Jesus)
Pro-Tech-Out Of Control (12", W/Lbl)(Pulse)
Proxy (2)-Destroy (12")(Turbo)
Proxy (2)-Raven (12")(Turbo)
Pryda-Aftermath (12")(Pryda Recordings)
Pryda-Ironman / Madderferrys (12")(Pryda Recordings)
Pryda-Spooks / Do It (12")(Pryda Recordings)
Pryda-Viro / Emos (12")(Pryda Recordings)
Prztz-Copacabronx E.P. (12", EP)(So Sound Recordings)
Pseudo Echo-Funkytown (12")(RCA Victor)
Pseudo Echo-Living In A Dream (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Psi Performer-Art Is A Division Of Pain – Remixed – Part 5 (12")(K2 O Records)
Psychedelic Furs* -Shock (12")(Columbia)
Psychedelic Furs, The-Love My Way (12", Single)(Columbia)
Psychic Warfarr* -Dark And Dangerous E.P. (12", EP)(Slavery 2000)
Public Domain-Love U More (12", Red)(Tunnel Records)
Public Enemy-911 Is A Joke (12")(Def Jam Recordings)
Puff Daddy & The Family-Been Around The World (Armand Mixes) / It's All About The Benjamins (Dance Mixes) (12", Promo)(Bad Boy Entertainment)
Puff Daddy & The Family-Been Around The World (Armand Mixes) / It's All About The Benjamins (Dance Mixes) (12", Promo)(Bad Boy Entertainment)
Puff Daddy & The Family-Victory (12", Promo)(Bad Boy Entertainment)
Puff Daddy-P. E. 2000 (12", Promo)(Bad Boy Entertainment)
Pulsedriver-Vagabonds (Remixes) (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Aqualoop Records)
Pulsedrivervs.George Kranz-Din Daa Daa (12", Promo)(Zeitgeist)
Puncher-The Wall (Remixes) (12")(Star 69 Records)
Punk City-Mission (12")(Dance Division)
Punk People-Competition / Good Times (12")(Selected Works)
Punx Soundcheck-The Hellfire Club EP (12", Promo, EP)(Delta B Recordings)
Pure OrangeFeat.Shane Nolan-Feel Alive Remixes (12")(Melodica)
Push-Universal Nation (The Real Anthem) (The Millennium Remixes) (12", Promo)(Urban)
Push-Universal Nation (The Real Anthem) (The Millennium Remixes) (12", Promo)(Urban)
Pussycat Dolls* FeaturingSnoop Dogg-Bottle Pop Remixes (12", Promo)(Interscope Records)
Q Project-Greatest Thing / Rat In The Kitchen (12")(C.I.A.)
Q.-Project* -The Instrumental / Solar System (12")(Looking Good Records)
Q-Ram-Mr. Maguro (12")(Blu Fin)
Quarry-D-Velo (12")(First Cut)
Queen Samantha-Close Your Eyes / Summer Dream (12")(Megatone Records)
Queen-Radio Ga Ga (Extended Version) (12", Maxi)(EMI)
Quest For Life-Baby Don't Stop Me (12", Promo)(Sea Bright Records)
Quick, The-Down The Wire (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Quick, The-Rhythm Of The Jungle / Zulu (12")(Black Sun)
Quickest Way Out, The-Who Am I (12", Promo)(Warner Bros. Records)
Quiroga-Lust Theory (12")(Titbit Music)
R Factors-Rendez Vous (Remixes) (12", W/Lbl, Sti)(Silver Planet Recordings)
R. Campana&D. Reggi-Restless EP (12", EP)(First Cut)
R. Campana&D. Reggi-Untitled (12")(First Cut)
R. Campana&D. Reggi-Untitled (12")(First Cut)
R. Campana&D. Reggi-Vendredi De Grace (12")(Groovepressure)
R. Justice Allen* -Crackin' Up (12")(Catawba Records)
R. Kelly-Did You Ever Think (12")(Jive)
R. Kelly-Gotham City (Remix) (12")(Jive,Jive)
R. Kelly-I Believe I Can Fly (12")(Jive)
R. Kelly-I Wish (12", Promo)(Jive)
R. Kelly-If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time (12")(Jive)
R. Kelly-Snake (Remix) (12")(Jive)
R. Kelly&Jay-Z-Don't Let Me Die (12", Promo)(Jive,Roc-A-Fella Records,Def Jam Recordings)
R. KellyFeaturingLudacris,Kid Rock-Rock Star (12", Promo)(Jive)
R. Wood & DJ Spacecase-Blow My Mind (12")(Everlasting Records)
R.A.F. By Picotto-Tuttincoro / Voxband (12")(Pirate Records)
R.E.M.-Near Wild Heaven (12")(Warner Bros. Records,Warner Bros. Records,Warner Bros. Records)
R.E.M.-Nightswimming (12", Pic, S/Sided)(Warner Bros. Records)
R.I.O-R.I.O (12")(Vendetta Records)
R.I.O.* -After The Love (12")(Tiger Records (Germany))
R.I.O.* -When The Sun Comes Down (12", S/Sided)(Tiger Records (Germany))
R.J.'s Latest Arrival-Get It Up / Love Is A Rhythm (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
R.J.'s Latest Arrival-Stay With Me (12")(Zoo York Recordz)
R.J.'s Latest Arrival-Swing Low (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
R.O.A.R.-We Gotta Do It (12")(Tabu Records)
R.T. & The Rockmen UnlimitedFeaturingWill* &Craig* -(I Want To Go To) Chicago (12", Promo)(Criminal Records)
R.T.Z.-In The Name Of Love (12")(Bounce Records)
Raca-Raca Raca Chan (12")(Stereophonic)
Race (2)-Rockaway (12")(TELDEC,TELDEC)
Rachele Cappelli-I Feel Good (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Radiant (2)-Something's Got A Hold On Me (12")(CBS)
Radiant (2)-Something's Got A Hold On Me (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Radical Stuff-I Guess U Know (12")(Flying Records)
Radio Heart-Radio Heart (12", Maxi)(Chic (2))
RADIQ-Graffiti & Rude Boy 67' (LP)(Logistic Records)
Raes, The-Don't Turn Around (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Rafael Cameron-Desires (12", Promo)(Salsoul Records)
Ragazzi-Sex And Money (12")(Buback)
Raheem-Shotgun (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Rahsaan Patterson-Stop By (12", Promo)(Universal)
Railroad-Chaostheorie (12")(Swop Records)
Rainy Davis-Story Book Romance (12", Maxi)(Ripe Records)
Ralf GUM-Latin Flavour E.P. (12")(Flamingo Discos,Flamingo Discos)
Ralf GUM-Latin Flavour E.P. (12")(Flamingo Discos,Flamingo Discos)
Ralph Fridge-Mystery #2 (Remixes) (12")(Go For It)
Ralph Fridge-Mystery (Remixes) (12")(Go For It)
Ralph MacDonald-Where Is The Love / Calypso Breakdown (12")(T.K. Disco)
Ralph Miller-Appetizer (12")(Club Traxx! Record)
Ralph Sliwinski-Freak And Muscle EP (12", EP)(Morris Audio Citysport Edition)
Ralphi Y Raul Presentan "Hispaniks"-Bon-Bey-Oh! (12")(Freshly Squeezed)
Rama-Don't Want You To Be (12")(Sugarscoop Records)
Randell & Schippers-No Substitute For Love "No Hay Nadie Como Tu" (12")(Ear Candy Records)
Randell-Haus Der Drei Sonnen (12")(Bow Records)
Random / Noize-Multiform (12")(Informale)
Randy Crawford-Nightline (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Randy Crawford-Permanent (12")(Deep Culture)
Randy Crawford&Joe Sample-Rio De Janeiro Blue (12", Promo)(Universal Music (UK))
Randy Fredrix-The Hunter (12")(Salsoul Records)
Rappin' Duke-Rappin' Duke (12")(JWP Records)
Rappin' Reverend, TheFeaturingHaydens, The-I Ain't Into That (12")(ZYX Records)
Rapture, The-I Need Your Love (Ewan Pearson Remixes) (12")(Output)
Rapublic-Serenade (12", Maxi)(EAMS)
Rare Essence-Body Moves (12")(Fantasy)
Rashien-In '88 (12")(Rooftop Records)
Ratio-Central Remixed Part 4 (12")(Central)
Raul Rincon-DJs On The Box (12", Promo)(Tenor Recordings)
Raumagent Alpha-Mangoldrausch (12")(Festplatten)
Rave Allstars-Bitte Anschnallen! (12")(Dropout)
Ravel* -Bolero (12", Maxi, Ora)(TELDEC)
Ravelab-Seeing Is Believing '98 (12")(EDM)
Raven Bleu-Kiss The Boys (12")(Sheik Records)
Ravers On Dope-Hardcore Vibes (12", S/Sided, Promo)(EMI Electrola)
Rawsoul OrchestraFeat.Concha Buika-Everyday (12")(Flamingo Discos)
Rawtekk-Your Game / Silent Rave / Inside (12")(Destination Recordings)
Rawtekk-Your Game / Silent Rave / Inside (12")(Destination Recordings)
Ray Knox-Sign Of Love (12", Promo)(F+Plus)
Ray Martinez And Friends-Lady Of The Night / Hey Honey, Come Give Me Money (12", Maxi)(Importe/12 Records)
Ray Parker, Jr.* andHelen Terry-One Sunny Day / Dueling Bikes From Quicksilver (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Ray, Goodman & Brown-Gambled On Your Love (12", Promo)(Polydor)
Raymond Harris (2)-You're The One For Me (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Raz Ohara-Very Political (12")(Ware)
Raze-Let The Music Move U (12")(Grove Street Records)
Raze-Let The Music Move U (12", Gre)(Grove Street Records)
RC Groove-Spirit Of The Dance (12")(Body Music)
RC Groove-Superfreaque "Music" (12")(Body Music)
RC Groove-Superfreaque "Music" (12")(Body Music)
RC Groove-Superfreaque "Music" (12")(Body Music)
RCola-My Town / Raver Girl (12")(Royal Crown)
Re:Locate-Remorse / Rolling Thunder (12")(Galactive)
Ready For The World-Deep Inside Your Love (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
Ready For The World-Digital Display (12")(MCA Records)
Ready For The World-Digital Display (12")(MCA Records)
Real (6)-Juicy Fruit (12")(Diskret Musik)
Real Deal, The (3)-Salesman (12")(ZYX Records)
Real Image, The-Signal (12")(Force Groove Records)
Real Life-Catch Me I'm Falling (12", Mul)(Curb Records,Intercord Tonträger GmbH)
Real Roxanne, TheWithHitman Howie Tee* -Bang Zoom! (Let's Go-Go) / Howie's Teed Off (12")(Select Records)
Reàle-I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me (12")(Active Records)
Reality Or Nothing-Changes EP (12", EP)(Housewerk Records)
Reall Juice-Complicated Situation (12" Dance Mix) (12")(BMC Records)
Realm, The (3)&V-One Chance (12")(Papa Records)
Real-T-Just The Real Thing (12")(Kosmo Records,Kosmo Records)
Reamonn-Tonight (12")(Universal Music Domestic Division)
Reamonn-Tonight (Serge Santiágo Remix) (12")(Universal Music Domestic Division)
ReAnimator (3)&Big DaddiFeat.Vanilla Ice-Ice Ice Baby 2008 (12")(Lunatic)
Rebels, The (2)-Jeanny (12")(Mental Madness,Mental Madness)
Rebels, The-You Can Make It (12")(Celluloid)
Reboot-Ronson / Mirrasierra (12")(Cocoon Recordings)
Reck-The Never Ending E.P. (12", EP)(Eukatech)
Recycled Loops-Six Is Nine E.P (12", EP)(Primevil)
Red CarpetvsKid MassiveKid Massive&HaggstromvsRobert Miles-Alright / Children (12")(KMB (2))
Red Dragon, The* -The Red Dragon Part 1 / Dark Age (12", W/Lbl)(Poison Records)
Red FolliesFeaturingM.J. White* -Broken Promises (Remix) (12")(Classified Records (5))
Red Guitars-Blue Caravan (12")(Virgin)
Red Rockers-Blood From A Stone (12", Promo, Single)(Columbia,415 Records)
Red Rockers-Eve Of Destruction (12", Promo, Single)(Columbia,415 Records)
Red Rockers-Just Like You (12", Promo, Single)(Columbia,415 Records)
Red Sector-The Deep EP (12", EP, Promo)(Lafayette)
Redbase-Rough Beat (12")(Hardbazz Factory)
Reddings, The-Parasite / In My Pants (Remix) (12")(Boiling Point)
Reddings, The-So In Love With You (12")(Polydor)
Red-Eye-Don't Stop (12")(A Squared Muzik)
Redeyes-When Will It Ever End? (2x12", EP)(Bingo Beats)
Redman-Smash Sumthin' (12", Single)(Def Jam Recordings)
RedWing-Rocket (12")(Aqualoop Records)
Reel Master, The-Childs Play (12", TP)(Rhythmatic Rage)
Refine-No Comment (12")(G-TX Recordings)
Refine-No Comment (12", Promo, sti)(G-TX Recordings)
Reflections, The-Boogie City / I'm Gonna Let You Go This Time (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Re-Flex (2)-The Politics Of Dancing (12", Single)(Capitol Records)
Re-Flex-Lui (12")(Kontor Records)
Reg Mundy Band-Finger Pop (12", Promo)(Atlantic,RFC Records)
Rege Burrell-Say It Again (12", Promo)(Portrait)
Reggie Griffin-Whisper (In Your Ear) / B Mice Elf (12", Promo)(Sweet Mountain Records)
Regina Belle-Good Lovin' (12")(CBS)
Regina Belle-You Got The Love (12")(CBS)
Rei Mitsui-Heddohõn Shõ Ryokõ (2xLP, Album)(Ferox Records)
Reinhard Voigt-Jetzt Erst Recht (12")(Kompakt)
Reinhard Voigt-Recht Erst Jetzt (12")(Kompakt)
Reinhard Voigt-Speicher 29 (12")(Kompakt Extra)
Rell-Real Love (12")(Roc-A-Fella Records)
Remork-Casa De Bemelo EP (12", EP)(Brique Rouge)
Remute-Haide Haide (12")(Weave Music)
Ren Woods-Everybody Get Up (12", Promo)(American Recording Company (ARC))
Rena Mason-Do It (12", Maxi)(EMI,EMI Electrola)
Rena Mason-Do It (12", Promo)(Portrait)
Rena Scott-Super Lover (12")(Buddah Records)
Rena Scott-Super Lover (12", Red)(Buddah Records,Disques Vogue)
Renato Figoli-Le Stelle Sono Tante (12")(Trapez)
Renaud Papillon Paravel-J'Aime Tonku Remixé (12")(BMG (France))
René Breitbarth-Sunride (12")(Treibstoff)
Reneé Aldrich-Just Begun To Love You (12")(Jam Packed)
Renegade Master (2)-Renegade Master (12")(Zentimental Records)
Renegade Soundwave-Renegade Soundwave (12", Promo)(Mute Records Ltd.)
Rennie Ren-New York Woman (Of Ebony Shade) (12", Promo)(First String Records)
Rennie Ren-New York Woman (Of Ebony Shade) (12", Promo)(First String Records)
Repercussions-Promise Me Nothing (12")(Reprise Records)
RepercussionsAndCurtis Mayfield-Let's Do It Again (12", Promo)(Warner Bros. Records)
Rescue (3)-Feel (12", Promo)(Profile Records Ltd. (UK))
Resource (2)-18 Mne Uzhe (12")(Bigroom Records)
Retro/Grade-Moda (12", Promo, Ltd, S/Sided)(Retro/Grade)
Retro/Grade-Zoid (12", Promo, Ltd, S/Sided)(Retro/Grade)
Revanche-1979 It's Dancing Time / Music Man (12")(Atlantic)
Revelacion-The House Of The Rising Sun (LP, Album)(Crocos Records)
Revenge (5)/Ya Ya (2)-They're So Incredible / Don't Talk (12")(Scotti Bros. Records)
Rework-Love Love Love Yeah (12")(Playhouse)
Rework-Love Love Love Yeah Remixes Part 1 (12")(Playhouse)
Rex Riddem-Salvador Diaspora (12")(Fort Knox Recordings)
Rezonanze* vsEscaper-Get Naked (12")(Confusion Records (2))
RGC* vs.Nathalie De Borah-Women's Infotainment E.P. (12", EP)(Important Records)
Rhetta Hughes-Angel Man (12")(Ariola)
Rhythm Gangsta-The Crowd Song (Remix) (12")(Zeitgeist)
Rhythm Section (3)-Gangsta Boogie (12")(Catalyst Recordings)
Rhythmcentric-New School Fushion (12")(Kosmo Records)
Ric Ocasek-Beatitude (LP, Album)(Geffen Records)
Ric Ocasek-True To You (12", Promo)(Geffen Records)
Rice And Beans Orchestra-Disco Dancing / Our Love Concerto (12")(T.K. Disco)
Rice And Beans Orchestra-You've Got Magic / Coconut Groove (12")(T.K. Disco)
Rice And Beans Orchestra-You've Got Magic / Coconut Groove (12")(T.K. Disco)
Rich NiceWith Special GuestJeff Redd-Outstanding (12", Promo)(Motown)
Richard "Dimples" Fields* -I've Got To Learn To Say No (12", Promo)(Boardwalk Records, Inc.)
Richard Ace-Stayin' Alive / If I Can't Have You (12", Ltd)(Blue Inc)
Richard Bartz-Atomic Dog Remixes (12")(Kurbel)
Richard Bartz-Ghetto Blaster III (12")(Kurbel)
Richard Bartz-Ghettoblaster II (12")(Kurbel)
Richard 'Dimples' Fields-If It Ain't One Thing...It's Another (12", Promo)(Boardwalk Records, Inc.)
Richard F.-Good Love (12")(Subliminal)
Richard Grey-Warped Bass (12")(Pacha Recordings)
Richard GreyPresentsNew Yorker SoulFeat.Shernette May-Fallin' (Robbie Rivera Mix) (12")(NO2)
Richard Hewson Orchestra, The-What Shall We Do When The Disco's Over? (12")(AVI Records)
Richard James Burgess-Richard James Burgess (12", MiniAlbum)(Capitol Records)
Richard James Burgess-The Fugitive (12", Promo)(Capitol Records,Capitol Records)
Richard Turner-Utility Plastics Vol. 16 (12")(Utility Plastics)
Richard Turner-Utility Plastics Vol. 7 (12")(Utility Plastics)
Richard Turner-Utility Plastics Vol. 8 (12")(Utility Plastics)
Richie Scotti-The Break / Breaker (12", Single, Promo)(Radar Records (2))
Richter-Brush (12")(Couch Records)
Rick Astley-Whenever You Need Somebody (12")(RCA)
Rick Dees-Bigfoot (12")(Stax)
Rick James-Can't Stop (12", Red)(Gordy,RCA Schallplatten GmbH)
Rick James-Forever And A Day (12")(Gordy)
Rick James-Give It To Me Baby (12", Single, Ltd)(Motown,Disques Vogue)
Rick James-Sexual Luv Affair (12")(Reprise Records)
Rick James-Wonderful (12")(Reprise Records)
Rick James-You Turn Me On / Fire And Desire (12")(Gordy)
Rick Springfield-Celebrate Youth (12")(RCA)
Rick Wilhite-The Godson EP (12", EP)(KDJ)
Ricky M Bergmann* AKARMB* -This Time (12")(Stereo FX)
Rico Bassvs.Fun Fun-Happy Station (12")(Kontor Records)
Riddim Posse-No Money No Love (12")(BMG,RCA)
Riddim Posse-No Money No Love (12")(BMG,RCA)
Ride Committee, TheFeaturingRoxy-Curtains For You (12")(Wave Music)
Right Choice, The-Tired Of Being Alone (12")(Motown)
Rihanna-Shut Up And Drive (12", Promo)(Def Jam Recordings)
Rimini Rockaz-Blue (12")(Promo (2))
Ringmodulator-Tanz-Generator (12")(Autist)
Rino Cerrone-Rilis (12", W/Lbl)(Rilis)
Rinôçérôse-Le Mobilier (12")(V2 Records, Inc.)
Rio Reiser-Manager (12")(CBS)
Rio Rhythm Band-Carnival Da Casa (12")(Boom Box Records)
Riot303 vs. Observer-Keep Da Vibe Alive (12", W/Lbl, Ltd)(Extension)
Ripperton* -Prends-Moi Avec Toi (10", Lim)(Perspectiv)
Ritchie Family* -Alright On The Night (12", Promo)(RCA,RCA)
Ritchie Family, The-All Night All Right (12", Promo)(RCA)
Ritchie Family, The-Give Me A Break (12")(Metronome)
Riton-Homies And Homos (2xLP)(Grand Central Records)
Ritz (8)-Lovin' Hooks (12")(MSR International)
Riva-Lunar (12")(Dedicated (2))
Rivera* &Schmitz* -I Want Candy (12")(House Works)
Rizing Son-The Day (12")(Bumble Beats Records,Wheel Records)
RLC-Soldiers (12")(RCA)
RMB-Horizon (Remixes) (12")(Various Silver Recordings,Zeitgeist)
RMB-Horizon (Vinyl Three) (12")(Various Silver Recordings,Zeitgeist)
Roach (2)-Experience (12")(Allied Artists Records)
Roachford-Family Man / Give It Up (12")(CBS)
Roachford-Kathleen (Femi Re-Mix) (12")(CBS)
Roachford-Stone City (12")(Columbia)
Roachford-The Way I Feel (The Remixes) (12", Promo)(Columbia,Columbia)
Rob Base & D.J. EZ-Rock* -It Takes Two (12", Maxi)(Sm:)e Communications)
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock-Get On The Dance Floor (12")(BCM Records)
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock-Get On The Dancefloor (12", Pic)(BCM Records)
Rob Mayth-Can I Get A Witness (12")(Mental Madness)
Rob Maythvs.Floorfilla-iPower! (12")(Mental Madness)
Rob Salmon&Rob Rives-Shop Talk / Body Talk (12")(Yoshitoshi Recordings)
Rob Smith-Secret 12" (12")(Grand Central Records)
Robbie Rivera-Unreleased Mixes (12")(Filtered Records)
Robbie RiverapresentsInvasion (2)-Relax (12")(Underground Solution)
Robbie RiveraPresentsRhythm Bangers-Bang (12", Promo)(Milk & Sugar Recordings)
Robbie Riviera* -Trippin (12")(Fuju)
Robbie Robertson-Fallen Angel (12", Maxi)(Geffen Records)
Robbie Tronco-The Forbidden #1 (12")(Forbidden Records)
Robbie Williams-Rudebox (12", Promo)(Chrysalis)
Robert Armani-The Remixes (12")(ACV)
Robert Babicz-Mister Head (12")(K2)
Robert Drewek-Order Merging (12", Promo)(Musique Unique)
Robert Drewek-Order Merging (12", Promo)(Musique Unique)
Robert Ellis Orrall-Walking Through Landmines (12", Promo)(RCA)
Robert John/Muscle Shoals Horns-Give A Little / I Just Wanna Turn You On (12")(Ariola Records America)
Robert MFeat.Nicco-Can't Slow Down (12")(Proton Records (2))
Robert MFeat.Nicco-Can't Slow Down (12")(Proton Records (2))
Robert Natus-Catapilar EP (12", EP)(Fine Audio Recordings)
Robert Palinkas-Praktikum / Feedback (12")(Libra)
Robert Palmer-Riptide (12")(Island Records)
Robert Plant-Calling To You (12", Promo)(Fontana)
Robert Plant-Calling To You (12", Promo)(Fontana)
Robert Sacchi-Jungle Queen (12")(Compleat Records)
Robert White-Hold Me Tight (12")(Paris Records)
Roberta Gilliam-Magic In The Music / Let's Not Rush It (12")(Buddah Records)
Roberto Q&Boppers, The (2)-Roberto Q & The Boppers (LP, Album)(Backdoor)
Robey-Killer Instinct (12")(Silver Blue Records)
Robin Beck-Tears In The Rain (12")(Metronome)
Robin Leigh-Cold As Ice (12")(Polydor)
Robin S.-It Must Be Love (2x12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Robin ScottWithAfrican Pioneers, The-Crazy Zulu ! (12")(10 Records)
Robin ThickeFeaturingPharrell* -Wanna Love You Girl (12", Promo)(Interscope Records,Star Trak Entertainment)
Robyn-Do You Know What It Takes (12", Promo)(BMG)
Roc & Kato-Live And Direct From The Digital Dungeon - Volume 1 (12")(Soho Sounds)
Roc & Presta-Everybody Over There (Getting Robbed) (12")(MAW Records)
Rocco-Back In Town Again (12")(Aqualoop Records)
Roch Dadier-The Seeker EP (12")(Portrait Records)
Roch Dadier-Voodoo Criminal EP (12")(Portrait Records)
Rock And Hyde-Dirty Water (12")(Capitol Records)
Rockabilly-Funkelectricsoultrain (12")(Kosmo Records)
Rockabilly-Funkelectricsoultrain (12", Promo, W/Lbl, sta)(Kosmo Records)
Rockaz' Delight-Funky Cold Medina (10")(Virgin)
Rocket Base-In My House (12")(Planet Traxx)
Rocket Men-Candy / Zweiklang (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Rockin' Sidney-Dance And Show Off (12", Promo)(Epic)
Rockmelons* -New Groove (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Rockstar (2)&K La Cuard-Love Isn't Always (Hold The Line) (12")(Attention! Music Recordings)
Rod Stewart-Body Wishes (LP, Album)(Warner Bros. Records)
Rod Stewart-My Heart Can't Tell You No (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Rod Stewart-Out Of Order (Vinyl, Album)(Warner Bros. Records)
Rod Todd (2)-It's Dangerous (12")(Knall Traxx)
Rod Todd (2)-It's Dangerous (12", Promo)(Knall Traxx,Knall Traxx)
Rod Vey-Can You Hear Me Mother? (LP, Pin)(Bellaphon)
Rod-Just Keep On Walking / Shake It Up (Do The Boogaloo) (12")(Unidisc,Prelude Records)
Rodney Franklin-Bustin' Out (12")(Criminal Records)
Rodney Franklin-Gotta Give It Up (12", Promo)(Novus)
Rodney Franklin-Look What's Showing Through (12", Promo)(CBS)
Rodney Franklin-Stop To Love (12", Promo)(Novus)
Rodney Franklin-The Groove (12")(CBS)
Rodney Hunter-The Hunter Files (2xLP)(G-Stone Recordings)
Rodney P-Trouble (12", Single)(Riddim Killa Records)
Rodney Saulsberry-Who Do You Love (12")(Ryan Records)
Rodriguez Jr.-Hypotango (10", Whi)(TWO.BIRDS)
Rodriguez Jr.vs.Marc Romboy-Lac De Nivelles (12")(Systematic (3))
Rofo-Rofo's Theme 2 / Don't Stop (12", Maxi)(ZYX Records)
Roger 23-In Strict Tempo (12")(Playhouse)
Roger Chapman-How How How (12")(RCA)
Roger Chapman-How How How (12")(RCA)
Roger Chapman-Live In Berlin (12")(RCA)
Roger Daltrey-Walking In My Sleep (12")(WEA)
Roger Glover-Fake It (12", Promo)(21 Records)
Roger Hodgson-You Make Me Love You (12")(A&M Records)
Roger S.* PresentsTwilight (7)-I Want Your Love (12", Ltd)(Narcotic Records)
Roger S.* PresentsTwilight (7)-I Want Your Love (12", Ltd)(Narcotic Records)
Roger SanchezFeaturingCooly's Hot Box-I Never Knew (The Full Intention Remixes) (12", Promo)(INCredible)
Roger* -I Want To Be Your Man (12")(Reprise Records)
Rohb* Vs.Tony Jackson-Street Life (12", TP)(Sound Division)
Rok-Defender (2xLP, Ltd, Jap)(Müller Records,Müller Records)
Rokk Wild-Come Closer (12", Promo)(Kontor Records)
Roland Appel-Inner Soul (12")(Sonar Kollektiv)
Roland Klein-Nexus Point (12")(Angel Dust)
Rolf Imhof-Feel Good (12")(Traffic Recordings)
Rollergirl-Dear Jessie (12")(King Size Records)
Rollergirl-Superstar (12")(Universal Records,Universal Records)
Rolling Stones, The-Harlem Shuffle (12", Maxi)(Rolling Stones Records)
Roman Flügel-Geht's Noch? (Remixes) (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Roman Flügel-Geht's Noch? (Remixes) (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Roman Flügel-Stricher EP (12", EP)(Turbo)
Roman Flügel-Stricher EP (12", EP)(Turbo)
Roman Flügel-Tracks On Delivery Part 4 (12")(Ongaku Musik)
Roman IV-Neues Testament (12")(Playhouse)
Roman IV-Neues Testament (12")(Playhouse)
Roman Salzger-Sunday Night Shuffle (12")(Alphabet City)
Romanto & Out Of The Drum-From The Backyard (12")(Kosmotune)
Romanto-Do It Right (12")(Sonntag Music)
Romay-I Feel Power / Airwalker / On Your Mind (Laroque Remix) (12")(Full Fat)
Romeo Engine-...Live At The Kink (12")(Punx)
Romeo, Cupid & Hugg E. Bear-L.A. Girls (12")(Capitol Records)
Ron Carroll-Nothing But Funk (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Body Music)
Ron Perkov-Find Me (2x12", EP)(Arpee Records)
Roni Griffith-(The Best Part Of) Breakin' Up (12")(Vanguard)
Roni Griffith-(The Best Part Of) Breakin' Up / Voodoo Man (12")(Vanguard,Metronome Musik GmbH)
Roni Griffith-Breaking My Heart (12", Promo)(Vanguard)
Roni Size / Reprazent-Share The Fall (12", Promo)(Talkin' Loud,Mercury)
Roni Size-Papa's Got A Brand New Brown Paper Bag (12", Unofficial, S/Sided)(Nut (White))
Roni Size/DJ Die-It's Jazzy (Felix Road Remix) / Play It For Me (Part II) (12", RP)(V Recordings)
Ronnie Dyson-You Better Be Fierce (12", Promo)(Cotillion)
Ronnie Jones-Don't Turn Around (The Kommissar) (12")(Chalet Records)
Ronnie Jones-Fox On The Run / Southside Philly (12")(Lollipop Records)
Ronnie Jones-Fox On The Run / Southside Philly (12")(Lollipop Records)
Ronnie Jones/Claudja Barry-The Two Of Us (12", Promo)(Handshake Records And Tapes)
Ronnie McNeir & Instant Groove-Just Can't Let You Go (12")(Crossroad Entertainment Corp.)
Ronny Jordan-So What! (12", Maxi)(Antilles,Island Records)
Rookie-I'll Do You (12")(OM Records)
RookieFeat.Jelée* -No More & Music (12")(Gogo Music)
Room 604-Sleaze Factor (12", W/Lbl, Sti)(Dessous Recordings)
Rory Block-You're The One (12")(Chrysalis)
Rose Royce-Doesn't Have To Be This Way (12", Promo)(Omni Records)
Rose Royce-Love Me Right Now (12")(Polydor)
Rosebud-Have A Cigar (12", RE)(JDC Records)
Rosendahl-To You (12")(Four Seasons Music)
Rosenstolz-Blaue Flecken (Vinyl 2) (12")(Island Records,Universal Music Domestic Division)
Rosenstolz-Blaue Flecken (Vinyl 2) (12")(Island Records,Universal Music Domestic Division)
Rosenstolz-Wie Weit Ist Vorbei (Remixes) (12")(Island Records,Universal Music Domestic Division)
Rosenstolz-Wie Weit Ist Vorbei (Remixes) (12")(Island Records,Universal Music Domestic Division)
Rosetta Brown-Don't Make Tracks (12")(Strawberry Records Unltd.)
Roshelle Fleming* -Love Itch (12", Promo)(Prelude Records)
Roshelle Flemming* -I Know Just What You're After (12")(Gold Cleft)
Rosie Gaines-Clean Up Woman (12")(!Hype)
Rosie Gaines-Crazy (12", Dem)(Epic)
Ross (5)-Coming Up (12")(Indalo Music)
Rossell* FtEmmma-Dancing With Strangers (12")(Brandnewvibe Recordings)
Rotorik/TET - Travailleur En Trance-Phantom Commando EP (12", EP)(Mutter)
Rough Jam Jr.-382W Broadway (12")(WASP)
Rough Trade-High School Confidential (12", S/Sided, Promo)(The Boardwalk Entertainment Inc.)
RoughcutvsDamien Marley* -Welcome To Jamrock (RMX) / Sound Boy (12", W/Lbl)(Not On Label (Dubwize Series))
Routes In Jazz-Out In The Jungle (12")(Conscious Records)
Routine 6-For The Love Of Money (12", Promo)(Twinn Records)
Rouzbeh Delavari-Soup (12", Promo)(Maris Music)
Rov Vé-Gotta Go By What You Tell Me (12")(Home Of The Brave)
Roxette-The Look (12", Maxi)(EMI Electrola)
Roxy Music-The High Road (12", MiniAlbum)(E'G Records,Polydor)
Roxy Perry-Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' (12")(Personal Records)
Roy Ayers-I'm The One (For Your Love Tonight) (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Roy Ayers-In The Dark (12")(Columbia)
Roy Ayers-Poo Poo La La (12", Promo)(Columbia)
Roy Davis Jr.-Live It Up! (12")(Geisha House Music)
Roy Davis Jr.-Unreleased Basement Traxx Vol. 2 (12")(Bombay Records (2))
Royal Gigolos-Self Control / Somebody's Watching Me (12")(Unlimited Sounds)
Royal Kid-Jump To It (12")(!Hype)
Royal Kid-Jump To It Remix (12")(!Hype)
Royal Kid-The Program (12")(!Hype)
Royal Rasses, The-Unconventional People (12", Maxi)(Nocedicoco)
Röyksopp-49 Percent (Promo 1) (12")(Wall Of Sound)
Röyksopp-The Remixes (12", Unofficial)(Not On Label (Röyksopp))
Rozalla-Faith (In The Power Of Love) (12")(Buzz)
Rozalla-Faith (In The Power Of Love) (12")(Buzz)
Rubberhead & DJ Clean-Final Fantasy (Remixe) (12", W/Lbl)(ZYX Music)
Rubix Cube-Goin' Wild (12", Promo)(Superstar Recordings)
Rubix Cube-Goin' Wild (12", Promo)(Superstar Recordings)
Rubix Cube-Zauberwürfel (12")(King Size Records,King Size Records)
Ruby Turner-It's A Cryin' Shame (12")(Jive)
Ruby Turner-Never Gonna Give You Up (12", Promo)(Wired Recordings)
Ruby Turner-The Other Side (12")(Jive)
Rue Caldwell-Show Me The Magic (12")(Rudini Records)
Rufus Thomas-If There Were No Music (12")(Perfect Records)
Rumble!Feat.Dick Rules-Tricky Tricky (12")(Mental Madness)
Rumble!Feat.Dick Rules-Tricky Tricky (12")(Mental Madness)
Run Girl Run-Hallelujah! Dance! (12", Promo, Single)(Pow Wow Records)
RunFeat.Justine Simmons-Praise My DJs (My Funny Valentine) (12")(MGD Music)
RunFeat.Justine Simmons-Praise My DJs (My Funny Valentine) (12")(MGD Music)
RunFeat.Justine Simmons-Praise My DJ's (My Funny Valentine) (12")(More Music Italy)
Run-D.M.C.* -It's Tricky (And More) (12")(Metronome)
Run-D.M.C.* -You Talk Too Much / Daryll & Joe (Krush Groove 3) (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Run-D.M.C.* Feat.Method Man-The Beginning (No Further Delay) (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Run-DMC-Mary Mary (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Run-DMC-Walk This Way (12")(Metronome)
Rune-Calabria (12")(Credence)
Rupert Gayle-Tasteless Kiss (12")(Bigshot Records)
Rurals, The-Habits (12")(Peng)
Rush Hour (3)-It's Gotta Be You (12")(Star Gaze Records)
Russ Mason-Prep Rap (12", Promo)(Nemperor Records)
Russel Kent-Kick Your Fucking Ass (12")(Disko B)
Russell G&Maxi Valvona-Whippersnap (12")(Baroque Records)
Russian Roulette-Just Fall Out (12")(High Octane Recordings)
Russian Roulette-Just Fall Out (12")(High Octane Recordings)
Rutchov & Vladimir F.* -Rutchovs Gardenparty (12")(XXX Flicks Records)
Ruthless* -Gers (12")(Squaretraxx)
Ryan Paris-Dolce Vita (12")(Bounce Records)
Ryan Paris-Dolce Vita (12", Maxi)(Carrere,Clever)
Ryan Paris-Dolce Vita (12", Maxi)(CBS,CBS)
Ryan Paris-Dolce Vita (Original Version) (12", Maxi)(Carrere)
Ryan Paris-Dolce Vita (Original Version) (12", Maxi)(Carrere)
Ryan Paris-Fall In Love (Special Maxi Version) (12", Maxi)(Carrere)
RyRalio DJsFeaturingNica Brooke* -Dance Out Loud (12")(RyRalio)
Ryuichi Sakamoto-Moving On (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Ryuichi Sakamoto-Risky (12", Promo)(Epic)
S&D-Electrolicious Vol2 (12")(Electrolicious)
S.H.O.K.K.-My Madness Says What I Must Do... (12")(Pulse)
S.I.A.* -Buttons (Filterheadz Remix) (12", S/Sided)(Not On Label)
S.I.Futures* -We Are Not A Rock Band (12", Single)(NovaMute)
S.O.S. Band, The-Break Up (Remix) (12")(Tabu Records)
S.O.S. Band, The-Even When You Sleep (12")(Tabu Records)
S.O.S. Band, The-Even When You Sleep (Extended Remix) (12", Maxi)(Tabu Records)
S.O.S. Band, The-Just Be Good To Me (12", Maxi)(Tabu Records)
S.T. Techno Ensemble-Carnaval (12")(Nightwave Records)
S.U.M.O.-Samba Consumo (12")(Flamingo Discos)
S.U.M.O.-Seseland (12")(Flamingo Discos)
S_Creamvs.Gian-In My Eyes (12")(Trust Your Tribe)
Sade-Secretsoul / Life (12")(Not On Label (Sade))
Sadie Nine-Let's Work It Out (12")(D.J. Connection)
Sadie Nine-Let's Work It Out (12", Promo)(Omni Records,Atlantic)
Saeed & Palash-The Hunt / Dooms Day (12")(Addictive Records)
Sagat-Why Is It? (Fuk Dat) (12")(Maxi Records)
Sagat-Why Is It? (Fuk Dat) (12")(Maxi Records)
Saint* &Stephanie* -Gotta Keep On Dancin' (12")(Arista)
Saint* &Stephanie* -Last Train To The Boogie (12", Promo)(Arista)
Saints & Sinners-Peace (12", Promo, Dis)(Lost Language)
Saints & Sinners-Thin Ice (12")(Sounds Good Records)
Sakin & Friends* -For The Love Of A Princess (Braveheart 2006) (Remixes) (12")(Kontor Records)
Salt 'N' Pepa-Get Up Everybody / Twist And Shout (12", EP)(London Records,FFRR)
Salt 'N' Pepa-Twist And Shout (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Salt Tank-Eugina (12", Promo)(Lost Language)
Salt-N-Pepa* -Shake Your Thang / Spinderella's Not A Fella (But A Girl DJ) (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Sam & Dave (2)-Keep On Lovin' E.P. (12")(Sur Muzique)
Sam Bostic-Cold Tears (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Sam Dees-After All / True Believer In Love / Always Something (12")(BMG)
Sam Ostyn & Trish Van Eynde-Drama Of Life (12")(Minimaxima)
Samaria-Take Back The Love (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Samba Soul-Kriola (12")(RCA Victor)
Sami Dee&Freddy Jonesvs.Crystal Waters-Gypsy Woman 2006 (La-Da-Dee) (12")(Kingdom Kome Cuts)
Samim* -Heater (12")(Get Physical Music)
Samim* -Heater (12")(Get Physical Music)
Samklang-Foose E.P. (12", EP)(Snork Enterprises)
Samoa Park-Monkey Latino (12")(ZYX Records)
Samos (2)-Alpha Storm (12")(Theomatic)
Samuel L* -Reached (12")(SLS)
San Project-Xel-Ha (12")(Combined Forces)
Sancho & E-Lationvs.Second Sky-We Lie / In The Dark (12")(Bellarine Recordings)
Sandee-You're The One (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Sander Van DoornFeat.MC Pryme-By Any Demand (12")(Vendetta Records)
Sandra Feva-Love Came Right On Time (12")(Jerni Records)
Sandra St. Victor-Rise (12")(Warner Bros. Records,Warner Bros. Records)
Sanity-Welcome To Paradise (12")(EDM)
Sankt Otten-Stille Tage Im Klischee (12")(Eleganz Records)
Sans Souci-Jewel Box (12")(Kontor Records)
Santana-Inner Secrets (LP, Album)(CBS)
Santana-Veracruz (12")(CBS)
Santi Touch-Candle (12")(RyRalio)
Santos-4 Traxx EP (12")(Mantra Vibes)
Santos-Camels (12")(House No.)
Santos-I'm Not Homesick (12", Promo)(ZYX Music)
Santos-The Rhythm (12")(Mantra Vibes)
Sarah Dash-(Come And Take This) Candy From Your Baby (12", Pro)(Kirshner)
Sarah McLachlan-Vox (12", Promo)(Arista)
Sascha Klöber* -Dancing Light / Cheating Me (12")(Funkwelle)
Sasha (3)-Open Up My Heart To You (Don't Hurt Me) (12")(Musicworks Records)
Sasha F-Hardstyle Matters (12")(TiLLT!)
Saucermen-United Worlds (12")(Liquid Groove)
Sauza Doble-I Luv' To Dance (12")(Floorwax)
Savier-Should I (12")(Re-Fuel Records)
Sbassship-Block Universe (12")(Electronic Corporation)
Scam-Killer / So Good (12")(Deepcut Recordings)
Scandalous Tribe, TheFeat.Vamps 'N' RosesIntroducingDamon (14)-Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (12")(!Hype)
Scarlett & Black-Let Yourself Go-Go (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
Scattt-Scat And Bebop (12")(DWA (Dance World Attack))
Schaffhauser & Xhin-Ice Monster (12")(Persistencebit Records)
Schalldruck (2)-Einszwosiebendebeh (12")(Synchronicity Music)
Schatsi-Rhythm Machine (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Schatsi-Rhythm Machine (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Schiffer-Rivoluzione (12")(Underground (2))
Schiller-Ein Schöner Tag (12")(Zeitgeist)
Schiller-Glockenspiel (12")(Radikal Records)
Schiller-Liebe (Die Liebhabermixe) (12")(Polydor)
SchillermitThomas D-Die Nacht... Du Bist Nicht Allein (12")(Universal Music Domestic Division)
Schneider* WithKick, The (2)-Exposed (LP, Album)(WEA Musik GmbH)
Schon & Hammer-Here To Stay (LP)(CBS)
Schwarze Puppen-Tanz! (12")(Club Tools)
Scissorhands (3)-Dark Son (12")(Tough Luck)
Scooter-Aiii Shot The DJ (12")(Sheffield Tunes)
Scooter-Faster Harder Scooter (12", Gre)(Club Tools)
Scooter-Fire (12")(Club Tools)
Scooter-Fire (Remixes) (12")(Club Tools)
Scooter-J'adore Hardcore (12")(Sheffield Tunes)
Scooter-Jigga Jigga! (12")(Sheffield Tunes)
Scooter-Jumping All Over The World (12")(Sheffield Tunes,Sheffield Tunes)
Scooter-Our Happy Hardcore (LP, Album)(Club Tools)
Scooter-The Age Of Love (12")(Club Tools)
Scooter-The Age Of Love (Remixes) (12")(Club Tools)
Scooter-The Pusher I / The Pusher II (12")(Not On Label (Scooter))
Scooter-Ti Sento (12")(Sheffield Tunes)
Scotch-Take Me Up (Long Remix Version) / Loving Is Easy (12")(ZYX Records)
Scott Allan-I Think We're Alone Now / Will You Love Me Tomorrow (12")(T.K. Disco)
Scott Ferguson-White Buffalo EP (12", EP, Promo)(International Deejay Gigolo Records)
Scott Grooves-Mothership Reconnection (12", W/Lbl, Promo, S/Sided)(Soma Quality Recordings)
Scott K-I Love Music (12", Promo)(BOXMUSIC)
Scratch Massive-Seeing Is Believing (12", Promo)(Chateaurouge)
Screamin' Rachael-Fun With Bad Boys (12")(Grand Hip-House Groove)
Screamin' Tony Baxter* -Get Up Offa That Thing (Godfather II) (12")(4th & Broadway,4th & Broadway)
Screaming Blue Messiahs, The-Bikini Red (12", Promo, Red)(Elektra)
Screaming Blue Messiahs, The-Wild Blue Yonder (12", Promo, Single)(Elektra)
SCSI-9-Haystack (12", Ltd)(Subotnik)
Sean Dexter-Three Ways Of Humiliation (12")(Suck Me Plasma)
Sean Finn-Let's Do It Again! (Night Revival) (12")(UK-Records)
Sean Finn-My Eye (12")(BugEyed Records)
Sean Quinn&Andy Page-SQAP (12")(Therapy Music)
Seba-Waveform / Soul 2000 (12")(Looking Good Records)
Sebastian Döring* -Got A Feellin (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Records Of Interest)
Sebastian Krieg-U Care (12")(Mudanza)
Sebastian Krieg&Tyree Cooper-Say Your Prayer (12")(Brickhouse Records)
Sebastian Roya-Asi Caminamos (12")(Tapas Recordings)
Sébastien Léger-Electric EP (12", EP, Promo, W/Lbl)(Intec Records)
Sébastien Léger-GEFD / T (12")(Bits Music)
Sébastien Léger-GEFD / T (12")(Bits Music)
Sébastien Léger-The Mushroom Project EP (12", EP)(Riviera)
Second Protocol-Basslick (12")(EastWest)
Secret Society (5)-The Stolen Remixes (12")(DJ Sets Records)
Secret Squirrel (2)-Battle Tools: Mission 005 (12")(Secret Squirrel)
Secret Ties-One Night (12", Promo)(Nightwave Records)
Secret, The-Gorgeous (12")(Logic Records,BMG)
Seduction (4)-Let Me Be Your Fantasy (12")(Zenith Records)
Seeed-Dancehall Caballeros (12", Maxi)(Downbeat Records)
Selway* -Edge Of Now (12")(Shockers)
Sense, The (2)-6th Sense EP (12", EP)(Rotation Records)
September-Cry For You (12", Promo)(Hard2Beat Records)
Sequal-She Don't Want You (12", Promo)(Joey Boy Records)
Sequel-Upsolid EP (12", EP)(Straight Ahead)
Sergio Franchi-Laugh You Silly Clown / More (Theme From Mondo Cane) (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
Sérgio Mendes-Voodoo (12")(A&M Records)
Sesto Senso-Lay Your Hands On Love (12")(ZYX Records)
Seven Eleven (4)-Riding On My Jeep (12")(BMG Berlin Musik GmbH)
S'Express-Superfly Guy (12")(Capitol Records)
SFX (2)-Lightning Strikes / La Bête (The Beast) (12", Promo)(Megatone Records)
Shaaz-Funky Square (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Shade Sheist-Where I Wanna Be (12")(London Records,London Records)
Shadee-I Just Need More Money (12")(Motown)
Shadow Company-Hypnotize (12")(Boombastic)
Shadow Queens-Dressed Too Sexy (12", Promo)(Not On Label)
Shahi-Dubs Vol 1 (12")(Shahidubs)
ShahiPresentsGroove Hackers, The-Heartache No. 9 / Love Come Down (12")(Not On Label)
Shakatak-Down On The Street (Dance Mix) (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Shakatak-Watching You (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Shakatak-Watching You (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Shakawa-Totem (12")(We Are (2))
Shakedown-Get Down (Remix) (12")(Naïve)
Shakes, The-Hunt You Down (12", Promo)(Select Records)
Shakira-She Wolf (12", Unofficial)(Not On Label (Shakira))
Shalamar-Amnesia (12")(Solar)
Shalamar-Caution: This Love Is Hot (12")(Solar)
Shalamar-Circumstantial Evidence (12")(Solar)
Shalamar-Circumstantial Evidence (12")(Solar)
Shalamar-Uptown Festival (12")(Soul Train Recording Co.)
Shalamar-Uptown Festival (12", Maxi)(RCA)
Shalamar/Giorgio Moroder-Deadline U.S.A. / Knock Me On My Feet (12")(MCA Records)
Shanghai Express-Music Inspired By Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (12", Promo)(Team Entertainment Records)
Shanice Wilson* -(Baby Tell Me) Can You Dance (12")(Breakout)
Shanice-I Love Your Smile (12")(Motown)
Shannon-Dancin' (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Shannon-Sweet Somebody / Stronger Together (12")(Old Gold (2))
Shape Navigator-Solar / Jupiter (12")(Guerilla)
Shara Nelson-Inside Out / Down That Road (Remixes) (12")(Cooltempo)
Sharam Jey-When The Dogs Bite (12")(King Kong Records)
Sharam* -PATT (Party All The Time) (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Sharon Dee Clarke-I Can't Stay Mad At You / Past, Present & Future (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Sharon Dee Clarke-Mr. Right (12")(Bellaphon)
Sharon Redd-Can You Handle It / In The Name Of Love (Special Remix) (12")(Unidisc,Prelude Records)
Sharon Redd-Undercover Girl (12", Promo)(Prelude Records)
Sharp (3)-Playboy (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Shaun Baker-Back In Town (12")(Fairlight Records)
Shaun Baker-V.I.P. (12")(Sushi Tunes)
Shawn Christopher-Another Sleepless Night (Remix 2000) (12")(V.O.T.U. Records (Voice Of The Underground Records))
Shawn Emanuel-Slow It Down (12", Promo)(EMI)
Shawn Rudiman-Rhythm Sexy (12")(Technoir Audio)
She S.Sunshine* Feat.Jomar-Everyday (12")(Groove Music)
Shearon-Inside, Outside, In (12")(Streetheat)
Sheena Easton-Days Like This (12")(MCA Records (Canada))
Sheep On Drugs-15 Minutes Of Fame (12")(Smash Records)
Sheer Bronze-Love Sensation (12")(Black Pearl Records)
Sheila E.-Koo Koo (12", Promo)(Paisley Park)
Shell, The&DFNDR-5000 (12")(DMOM)
Shell, The&DFNDR-5000 (12")(DMOM)
Shell, The&DFNDR-5000 (12")(DMOM)
Shelley-I Will Follow You (12")(Kontor Records,Kontor Records)
Shibuku-Crazy Situation (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Shik Stylkø-Musica (12")(Realbasic Tracks)
Shik Stylkø-Musica (12")(Realbasic Tracks)
Shimon & Andy C* -Body Rock (12")(RAM Records,RAM Records)
Shinedoe-Dillema / Alpha (12")(100% Pure)
Shinedoe-Hey DJ (12", S/Sided)(Area Remote)
Shinedoe-No Boundaries Rmxs (10")(Intacto Records)
Shinedoe-Underspell (12")(Trapez)
Shirley Jones-Do You Get Enough Love (12")(Philadelphia International Records)
Shirley Murdock-Go On Without You (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Shi-Take-Sticky Green Fingers / Digital Domain (12", Promo, Gre)(Zoom Records (2))
Shithead-Techno Perversion (12")(DJs Present)
Shithead-Techno Perversion (12")(DJs Present)
Shitmat-Full English Breakfest Volume 5 (12")(Planet Mu)
Shock (3)-Electrophonic Phunk (12")(Fantasy,Metronome Musik GmbH)
Shock (3)-San Juan / Crank It Up (12", Promo)(Fantasy)
Shock (3)-Talk About Love / Get Off (12")(ZYX Records)
Shock (3)-Talk About Love / Get Off (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Shocking Blue-Venus (Don Pablo's Remix) (12")(ZYX Records)
Shoot To Thrill-Cinco De Mayo (12")(Intercord Tonträger GmbH)
Shooting Party-Safe In The Arms Of Love (12", Promo)(Vendetta Records (2))
Short Romans-Radio (12")(TELDEC)
Shortievs.Black Legend-Somebody (12")(Rise)
Shotgun (2)-Bad Babe (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
Shur-i-kan-Half Step (12")(Freerange Records)
Shy Brothers-Lost Love (12")(Solid Trax (2))
Shy FX & T Power-Feelin' U (12")(FFRR)
Si Begg-Revolution (12")(NovaMute)
Si Begg-Welcome To The Discotheque (12", W/Lbl)(Noodles Recordings)
Si Macca-Body Blow (12")(Jump Wax Records)
Sian (3)-Catskull EP (12", EP)(Einmaleins Musik)
Side Effect-Disco Junction / I'm A Winner (12", Promo)(Fantasy)
Side Effect-Keep On Keepin' On (12")(Fantasy)
Side Effect-Keep On Keepin' On (12")(Fantasy)
Sidney Barnes-Get On Up And Dance To The Boogie (Or The Boogie Man Will Get Cha) / Disco Queen Dance With Me (12", Promo)(Parachute Records)
Sidney Samson-Samsonic / Dirty Laundry (12")(Roog & Greg Electronics)
Sierra Sam-Similar EP (12", EP)(Nomor Records)
Sigue Sigue Sputnik-Love Missile F1-11 (12", Ltd)(Parlophone,Parlophone)
Silhouette (2)WithJeanie Tracy-Manhunt (12")(Fantasy)
Silicon Dream-Albert Einstein - Everything Is Relative (Russian Mix) (12", Maxi, Mul)(Blow Up)
Silicon Dream-I'm Your Doctor (Ganz In Weiß) (12", Maxi)(Ariola)
Silk Tymes Leather-Do Your Dance (Work It Out) (12")(Geffen Records)
Silver Blue (2)-We Got Love On Our Side (12")(T.K. Disco)
Silver Convention-Spend The Night With Me / Mission To Venus (12")(Midsong International Records)
Silver Convention-Spend The Night With Me / Mission To Venus (12")(Midsong International Records)
Silver Pozzoli* -Step By Step (12", Maxi)(Chic (2))
Silver Star-Eei Eei O (12")(Enjoy Records)
SilverspinFeat.Zoe* -Oh Superman (12")(Leaded)
Silvertone-Rock Da Disco EP (12")(Aphrodogz)
Simon Harris-Don't Stop The Music (12")(BCM Records)
Simon/off-Soon EP (12", EP)(Houseverbot Recordings)
Simone Angel-Walk On Water (2x12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Simphonia-Can't Get Over Your Love (12")(Republic Records (2))
Simply Jeff-Funkengruven / Heart Of Berlin (12")(Electro Life Records)
Simply Red-Ain't That A Lot Of Love (12", Promo)(EastWest)
Simply Red-Money's Too Tight To Mention (2x12", Promo)(EastWest)
Simply Red-Never Never Love (The Remixes) (12")(EastWest)
Simply Red-Remembering The First Time (The Remixes) (12")(EastWest)
Sine (3)-Rotation (12", Promo)(Prelude Records)
Sinéad O'ConnorWithM.C. Lyte* -I Want Your (Hands On Me) (12", Promo)(Ensign,Chrysalis)
Sinema-Maniak Fantasy EP (12", EP)(Hot Banana)
Sinitta-Aquarius (12")(EMI)
Sinitta-Cross My Broken Heart (12", Maxi)(Atlantic)
Sinitta-Cruising (12", Promo)(Vanguard)
Sinitta-Feels Like The First Time (12", Promo)(Omni Records,Fanfare Records)
Sinnamon-Always There (Always In My Life) (12")(New Image Records)
Sinnamon-I Like The Way (You Make Me Feel) (12")(New Image Records)
Sinnamon-Thanks To You (12")(BCM Records)
Siouxsie & The Banshees-Swimming Horses (12", Promo)(Polydor)
Siouxsie And The Banshees* -Cities In Dust (12", Maxi)(Geffen Records,Geffen Records)
Siouxsie And The Banshees* -The Peel Sessions (12")(Strange Fruit)
Sir Round (2)-The Imperial March (12")(Technoclub Records)
Siren (9)-Morning Music / Open Up For Love (12")(Midsong International Records)
Siri Lini-You Make Me Come Alive (12")(Orphan Records)
Sirius-B-The Fiend EP (12")(Diverse Groove Department)
Sis-Bubu (12")(Mitu Recordings)
Sis-Dejame 2/3 (12")(Cocolino)
Sista-Nightqueen (12")(Loft)
Sister J-Feel The Melody (12")(After Dark Records (2))
Sister Nancy-A What A Bam Bam (Remixes) (12")(Royal Crown)
Sister Sledge-Got To Love Somebody (12", Maxi)(Cotillion)
Sister Sledge-When The Boys Meet The Girls (12")(Atlantic)
Sisters Of Mercy, The-Dominion (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Sisters Of Mercy, The-Walk Away / Black Planet (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Skafish-Wild Night Tonight (12", Promo)(I.R.S. Records)
Skam-We Didn't Even Need James (12", Promo)(Criminal Records)
Skellern* -Astaire (LP)(Mercury)
Skillz (3)-Rocksteadycrew (12")(EMI Electrola)
Skinny Puppy-Dig It (12")(Capitol Records)
Skinny Puppy-Testure (12", Single, Red)(Capitol Records)
Skip Donohue-Hustle & Survive EP (12", EP)(Hip Therapy Music)
Skwerl-Best I Can Do (12")(International DeeJay Gigolo Records)
Skyform (2)/DJ Creek-Gaia Frequency / Pixel Panic (12")(Dark-Noize Blue)
Skyy-Dancin' To Be Dancin' (12")(Salsoul Records)
Skyy-Givin' It (To You) (12", Single)(Capitol Records)
Skyy-Let's Celebrate / Call Me / First Time Around (12")(Salsoul Records,Unidisc)
Skyy-Non-Stop (12", Single)(Capitol Records)
Skyy-Start Of A Romance (12")(Atlantic)
Slam-Alien Radio (12")(Soma Quality Recordings)
Slam-Positive Education (12")(Soma Quality Recordings)
SlamVersusUNKLE-Narco Tourists (12")(Soma Quality Recordings)
Slammin Unit-Some More Pussy (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Slang Bang-Thank You Ma'am EP (12", EP)(Sender Records)
Slave-Shake It Up (12", Promo)(Cotillion)
Slave-The Way You Dance (12")(Ichiban Records)
Slave-Thrill Me (12")(Ichiban Records)
Sleeque-One For The Money (A Paul Simpson Mix) (12")(Malaco Records)
Slick (2)-Forget You (It's Too Late) / Betcha Bottom Dollar (12", Promo)(Fantasy)
Slickaphonics-Modern Life (12")(Enja Records)
Slo Moshun-Bells Of N.Y. / I Feel High (12")(Columbia)
SL-Tronic-99.9 (12")(Aquabase Records)
Sly & Robbie-Make 'Em Move (12")(Island Records)
Sly & Robbie-Make 'Em Move (12")(Island Records)
Sly Cabell-Feelin' Fine (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Sly Dunbar-Hot You're Hot (12")(Island Records)
Sly Stone-Dance To The Music / Everyday People (12")(Epic)
Smacs & Patrick Kong-Coming From (12")(Flex Schallplatten)
Small Phat One-Vol. 4 - Number One (12")(Mutant Disc)
Small World (4)-Can't Give You Up (12")(Portent Plus Records)
Smash TV-Hi-Jacked (12")(BPitch Control)
Smash TV-Rock On Boy (12")(BPitch Control)
Smash* Präsentiert:Tschabos-Konstablerwache 2000 (Wie Schnell Brauchst Du ?) (12")(Acardipane Records)
SMD* -Clock EP (12", EP)(Wichita)
Smile ;-)-Ballarina (12")(Push Up Records)
Smitty & Eric Davenport-Money Shot (12")(A Squared Muzik)
Smitty & Eric Davenport-Money Shot (12")(A Squared Muzik)
Smoke City (2)-I Really Want You (12")(Epic)
Smoke City (2)-In The World Of Fantasy (12")(Epic)
Smokey Robinson-Get Ready (12")(Motown)
Smooth MC-Move Something (12")(Hot Records (5))
Smurf & Perry-Lovin' 2004 (12")(Flamingo Discos)
Snap!Feat.Loc (2)-Beauty Queen (12")(Not On Label)
Snax-Immer So (12")(Terranova Records)
Sneaker Pimps-Bloodsport (12")(Carbon Recordings)
Snoop Dogg-Beautiful / Ballin' (12")(Priority Records)
Snoop Dogg-Drop It Even Hotter (12")(Stackin Cheddar)
So Smooth-Soon (12")(111 East Records)
So Solid Crew-21 Seconds (12", Promo)(Relentless Records)
Soccer-Dancin Game / Give Me Your Love (12", Promo)(Roy B Records)
Sodiac-Rings (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Kanzleramt)
Soffy O.-Everybody's Darling (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Virgin Music Germany)
Sofonda C.-Say The Word (12")(Klub Records (2))
Soft Cell-Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go (12", Maxi)(Vertigo)
Soft Touch-Please, Please Me (12")(Pow Wow Records)
Söhne Marzahns-Präsentieren OST (12")(Electric Kingdom)
Sol Ray & Dark By Design-Future (In Your Eyes) (12")(Pulse)
Sola Nova-A Visit To The Planetarium (12")(Dream Inn)
Solaphonics-Give Me Some Love (12")(Milk & Sugar Recordings)
Solar Flare (2)-Boogie Fund / Don't Play With Fire (12", Promo)(RCA Victor)
Solar Heat-Let's Go Dancing (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
Solar Kingdom-5 AM EP (12", EP)(Unleash)
Solar Kingdom-5 AM EP (12", EP)(Unleash)
Solar Quest (3)-Voyager (12")(Propeller Records)
Solar-Jet Groove (12")(Spirit Recordings)
Sole Company, The-Single Minded People (12")(Kontor Records)
Solenoid-The Lotus Eater (12")(Orac Records)
Solid (2)-Loving You (12")(Micmac Records, Inc.)
Solid Force-Electro Music (12", Tra)(Control)
Solid Strangers-Vision (Of The Night) (12")(ZYX Records)
Solidarity-Find A Way (12")(OM Records)
Solomon Burke-A Change Is Gonna Come (12", Maxi)(TELDEC,Zensor)
Solomun-Woodstep (12")(Dessous Recordings)
Soloro-Feel The Music / Switch To Activity (12")(Supadrive)
Solsonics, The-Jazz In The Present Tense (12")(Chrysalis)
Solvent-Think Like Us (12")(Ghostly International)
Sølvpil-500 EP (12", EP)(Multiplex)
Some White GuyFeat.Marco Lenzi-Warzone (12")(Morpheus Productions)
Sonarsson-Dancing Crowd EP (12")(i220)
Sonarsson-Dancing Crowd EP (12")(i220)
Sonarsson-Dancing Crowd EP (12")(i220)
Sonia & Nancy-Never Can Say Goodbye (12")(ARS Productions)
Sonia Somner* -Love Impersonator (12", Promo)(Metropolis Records (2))
Soniquevs.Energy 52-It Feels So Good vs. Café Del Mar (12", W/Lbl, Unofficial, S/Sided, Sti)(Not On Label (Sonique),Not On Label (Energy 52))
Sono-A New Cage (12")(PIAS Germany)
Sono-A New Cage (12")(PIAS Germany)
Sono-Whatever (12")(PIAS Germany)
Sons Of Piru-Native Diffusion EP (12", EP, W/Lbl, TP)(Goathead)
Sontec-Black Sun (12")(Par)
Sonya Baines-Calling Out 2 U (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Sonya Grier-Love Flight 109 (12", Promo)(RCA)
Soon E MC-O.P.I.D. (12", Maxi)(EMI (France),EMI (France))
Sophie B. Hawkins-Right Beside You (12", Maxi)(Columbia,Columbia)
Soul AvengerzFeat.Kristin Cummings-It's Alright (12")(Realbasic Recordings)
Soul Connection-Change/Love (12")(Intrigue Records)
Soul D'Zire-Seasons Of Love (12")(Music Plant)
Soul Mekanik-Get Your Head Stuck On Your Neck (12")(Rip Records)
Soul Of Man-Dirty Waltzer (12", Ltd)(Mantra Vibes,Mantra Breaks)
Soul Preacher-Virgin Japanese EP (12", EP)(Pocket)
Soul Providers-Rise (12")(Azuli Records)
Soulbrothers, The-Audio Prostitution (12")(International Porn)
SoulectriqueFeat.Vanessa Atalanta-Your Dance (12")(UK Promo Recordings)
Soulfighter-Bad Man (12")(Massive Records)
Soulsearcher-Can't Get Enough (12")(D:vision Records)
Soultronikvs.DCL Project-Que Rica! EP (12", EP)(Goanche Recordings)
Soulvibes-Heaven (12")(Clubstar)
Soulwax-E Talking (12", Promo)([PIAS] Recordings)
Sound Doctor, The-Tonight Just Right (12")(Zoo York Recordz)
Sound Factory Inc.-Night Shift (LP, Album)(Palm Records)
Sound Signal-Follow Me (12")(Celebrate Records)
Soundcheque-Miracle (12")(909 Records)
Soundclash (3)vs.Rhythm Beater-That Girl / What Goes Around (12")(Cutterz Choice)
Soundconnection-Portero De Noche (12")(Bitter Sweet Music)
Soundgrabber-Acidfighter (12")(Pulsive)
Sounds Of Life-Mousetrap (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Peppermint Jam)
Soussol-Take Control Mas (12")(Real Estate Records)
Southern Comforter-Another Late Thursday (12", Promo)(Automatic Records (2))
Southern Roots-Bouldin Nights EP (12", EP)(Bunchlox Music)
Southern Roots-Bouldin Nights EP (12", EP)(Bunchlox Music)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes-Get Your Body On The Job (12", Promo)(Mirage (2))
Southside Johnny & The Jukes* -New Romeo (12", Single, Promo)(Mirage (2))
Southside Rockers-Rock On (12")(Epic)
Southside Rockers-Rock On (12")(Epic)
Southsoniks-Aging Be (Remixes) (12")(Scandium Records)
Southsoniks-Ars Longa (Alpha) (12")(Scandium Records,Play It Again Sam [PIAS])
Sowjet-SowJet EP (12", EP)(Fön)
Soylent Green-On The Balcony (12")(Playhouse)
SozAdams/Luka & Lazo-Tahiti Excursion Joint 2 (12")(Archipel)
Space Dee Jays* Feat.DJ VooDoo-Into Space (12", Promo)(Velvet Vibe Recordings,Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Space Trax-Vol 2 (12")(Stealth Records)
Spanos* -Wherever There's Smoke (There's Fire) / Lorraine (12", Promo)(Epic)
Spare Parts-Boys Will Be Boys (12")(Busy Bee Records)
Sparfunk&DCode* /Insideinfo-Apocalypse / The Argonauts (12")(Terrafunk Records,Terrafunk Records)
Sparkle (5)-Love By Starlight (12")(Universe Records (2))
Sparkle (9)-So Inspired (12")(Total Experience Records)
Sparks-4 Track EP (12")(Virgin)
Sparks-I Predict (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Sparks-So Important (12", Maxi)(Fine Art)
Spaze-Ka-Dett-ET In America (12")(Emerald International Records)
Spazmodic-The Spaztic Fantastic EP (12")(Planet Noise)
SpDhStEvs.Disco Cunt-Ultra Speedcore Zone (12", Ltd, Pic, Mixed)(Totschlag Records)
Special D.-Home Alone (12")(Mental Madness)
Special D.-Reckless E.P. (12", EP)(Mental Madness)
Special K-The Wrath / Rollin' (12")(Sophisticated Underground Sounds)
Specimen-Returning (From A Journey) (12", Promo)(Sire Records Company)
Spectre (4)-James Bond Dance Theme (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
Speedy J-Ginger (2xLP, Album)(Beam Me Up!)
SpeedyJ* _George Issakidis-Collabs 400 (12")(NovaMute)
Spektre-Minimal Machinist (12")(Dance Electric)
Spektre-Myst (12", Promo)(Dance Electric)
Spektre-Tempest (12", Promo)(Dance Electric)
Spencer & Hill-Spencer & Hill EP (12", EP)(Star Rouge Records)
Spencer Jones-How High (12")(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Spenitch-I'm Blessed (The Remixes) (12")(Basement Boys Records)
Spensane-Soul Power (12")(Eye Of The Storm)
Spicelab-2000 EP (12", EP)(Testified)
Spider Murphy Gang-Mir San A Bayrische Band (12", Maxi)(EMI Electrola)
Spider XFeaturingM.L.G.-Jack Attack (12")(CNR Music Germany)
Spiders Webb-I Don't Know What's On Your Mind / Reggae Bump (12", Promo)(Fantasy)
Spiller-_Mighty Miami E.P. (12", EP)(Kontor Records,Kontor Records)
Spiller-Batucada (Rmx Part. 1) (12")(Black Moon)
Spin (4)-We Sacrifice (12", Single, Promo)(Atlantic)
Spinners-(Medley) Cupid - I Loved You For A Long Time / Body Language (12")(Atlantic)
Spinners-(Medley) Cupid - I Loved You For A Long Time / Body Language (12")(Atlantic)
Spinners-(Medley) Yesterday Once More / Nothing Remains The Same (12", Maxi)(Atlantic)
Spinners-Body Language (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Spinners-If You Wanna Do A Dance (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Spinners-Long Live Soul Music (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Spinners-Magic In The Moonlight (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Spinners-Split Decision / Now That You're Mine Again (12")(Atlantic)
Spinners, The* -Love Connection (Raise The Window Down) (12")(Atlantic)
Spirit Catcher-Fission Trips EP (12", EP)(Winding Road Records)
Spirit Level (4)/Slide Five-Feel The Music / Outerspace (12", Ltd, Promo)(Ubiquity Records)
Spirit Level (4)/Slide Five-Feel The Music / Outerspace (12", Ltd, Promo)(Ubiquity Records)
Splash Band, The-Das Philadelphia Experiment (12")(ZYX Records)
Splay-Doubledeuce (12")(Eskimo Recordings)
Split Enz-Six Months In A Leaky Boat (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Split Image-Toss It Up (12")(Bentley Records)
Spoon Nation-I Don't Know (12", S/Sided, Maxi)(Mercury)
Spoons-Nova Heart (12", Single, Promo)(A&M Records)
Sportfreunde Stiller-Ich Roque (12")(Urban,Universal Music Domestic Division)
Spy (21)AndLane* -Freud (12")(Sex Sells Phonographics)
Spyder-D-I Can't Wait (To Rock The Mike) (12")(ZYX Records)
Spyyce-My Baby Loves Lovin'/Movin' (With The Rhythm) (12")(Moby Dick Records)
St. Paul-Rich Man (12")(MCA Records)
St. Sebastian-Bona-Fide E.P. (12", EP)(Dessous Recordings)
Stacey Q-Music Out Of Bounds (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Stacy Lattisaw-Jump To The Beat / Dynamite (12", Maxi, Ltd)(Cotillion)
Staffan Linzatti-We, We Watch E.P. (12", EP)(Eisfach Schallplatten)
Stan Campbell-Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Stan Campbell-Years Go By (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Stan Ridgway-Camouflage (12", Maxi)(I.R.S. Records,I.R.S. Records)
Stan Ridgway-Camouflage (12", Maxi)(I.R.S. Records,I.R.S. Records)
Stanley Clarke/George Duke-Heroes (12", Maxi)(Epic)
Stanny Franssen-The 8th Grave (12")(Platform (UK))
Staple Singers, The-Slippery People (12", Single)(Epic)
Star You Star Me-Stars 2 (12")(Stars-Music)
Star-Rock Rose (12")(Imago Gramophone Records)
Starchaser-Love Will Set You Free (Jambe Myth) (12", Promo)(Rulin Records)
Stardustvs.Unknown Artist-Music Sounds Better At Ibiza '06 (12")(Not On Label)
Starecase-Hopeless (12")(Hope Recordings)
Starecase-Hopeless / Navigator (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Hope Recordings)
Stargard-Wear It Out (12", RE)(Warner Bros. Records)
Starlet-Games (12")(Def Beat Records)
Starpoint-D.Y.B.O. (12", Single, Promo)(Elektra)
Starpoint-Don't Be So Serious (12", Promo)(Boardwalk Records, Inc.)
Starpoint-Don't Be So Serious (Special Remix) / Let Go (12")(Bellaphon)
Starpoint-It's So Delicious (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Starpoint-Object Of My Desire (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Starpoint-Touch Of Your Love (12", Promo)(Elektra)
State Of Grace (3)-That's When (We'll Be Free) US Remix (12")(PRT Records)
State Of Grace (3)-That's When (We'll Be Free) US Remix (12")(PRT Records)
Stathis Lazarides-Again / Reach Up (12")(Refrazed)
Stativ Connection-Hüpfschneckenliebe (12")(Stativ Records)
Status Quo-Ain't Complaining (12", Maxi)(Vertigo)
Steel Alley Productions-Summervibes (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Trax Of Interest)
Steel Pulse-Save Black Music (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Steel Pulse-Save Black Music (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Stefan Braatz-Where Is The Acid? (12")(Adapter Records)
Stefan Levan-Ultra EP (12", Ltd, EP)(Dee Magic)
Stefan Manceau-Didn't Saw It Caming (12")(Pornflake Records)
Stefano Prada-Amazing (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl, Sta)(No Name)
Stel & Good Newz-Particle (12")(Audio Therapy)
Step Color-Vaga General (12")(Fiat Lux)
Stephan Bodzin-Caligula / Marathon Man (12")(Systematic (3))
Stephanie Mills-Never Do You Wrong (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
Stephanie Mills-Stand Back (12")(MCA Records)
Stephanie Mills-The Medicine Song (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
Stephanie Mills-The Medicine Song (12", Maxi)(Mercury)
Stephanie Mills-Time Of Your Life (12")(MCA Records)
Stephany-Don't Let Me Down (12")(Flarenasch)
Stephen Cinch-Mysteries Abound E.P. (12", EP)(Primate Recordings)
Stephen Marleyft.Damian Marley&Snoop Dogg-The Traffic Jam Remix (12")(Tuff Gong)
Stereo MC's-Paradise (12")(Play It Again Sam [PIAS])
Stereo Mutants-I Wonder (12")(Diamondhouse Records)
Stereofreak-Potzblitz & Donnerwetter (12")(KarateMusik)
Stereofunk (2)-The One (12")(Bondage Music)
Stereophonic Sound-Journey Into Sound (12")(Refreshed Records)
Stereopol-Dancin' Tonight (12", Promo)(Badabing Records)
Stereos, The (3)-Video Dreaming / Put Your Arms Around Her (12")(Limo Records)
Steve And The Family Funk-Gotta Make It Better / Return Of The Funk Masters (12")(Hektoen Recording)
Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso-Click (12")(Joia Records)
Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso-Umbrella (12", S/Sided)(Happy Music)
Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso-Umbrella (12", S/Sided)(Superstar Recordings)
Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso-Umbrella (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl, Promo)(Superstar Recordings)
Steve Angello-Che Flute (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Steve Angello))
Steve Angello-Che Flute (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Steve Angello))
Steve Angello-Tool Box EP (12", EP)(Size Records)
Steve Angello-Tribal Inc. / Humanity 2 Man (12")(Tribal Spain Recordings)
Steve Angello&Dave Armstrong-Groove In You (Part 1) (12")(Opaque Music)
Steve Arrington-Feel So Real (12", Maxi)(Atlantic)
Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame-Hump To The Bump (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Steve Bug-At The Front (12")(Poker Flat Recordings)
Steve Bug-B Series Vol. 3 (12")(B Series)
Steve Bug-Double Action (Everything Is At Stake) (12")(Poker Flat Recordings)
Steve Bug-Freshly Squeezed (12")(Poker Flat Recordings)
Steve Bug-Two Of A Kind (12")(Poker Flat Recordings)
Steve Farris-2Gether (12")(Spinnin' Records)
Steve Lawler-That Sound (Remixes) (12")(Joia Records)
Steve Miller Band-Shangri-La (12", Promo)(Capitol Records)
Steve Rhyner-Dark Black Forest (12")(Black Forest Music)
Steve Robbins-Destiny EP (12")(Sprmint Recordings)
Steve Robbins-Destiny EP (12")(Sprmint Recordings)
Steve Robbins-Destiny EP (12")(Sprmint Recordings)
Steve Stoll-Too Legit To Quit (12")(Compressed,Compressed)
Steve'n King-Bounce (12")(Mo'Bizz Recordings)
Steven Vazquez-Just One Day (12")(Dream Records (2),Madly, Madly Inc.)
Stevie B-Girl I Am Searching For You (12")(LMR (Lefrak-Moelis Records))
Stevie B-In My Eyes (12")(BCM Records)
Stevie B-Pump That Body (12")(Sony Music Entertainment (Germany))
Stevie Wonder-Do I Do (12", Maxi)(Motown)
Stevie Wonder-In Square Circle (LP, Album, Gat)(Motown)
STFU (2)-Shut The F**k Up (12")(Royal Flush Records)
Stian Klo-Kaptein Klaus (12")(Plejour Audio)
Stian Klo-Kaptein Klaus (12")(Plejour Audio)
Stian Klo-Kaptein Klaus (12")(Plejour Audio)
Stick Figures (2)-No Hands No Teeth (12", W/Lbl, Sta)(Risky Disko)
Still Life (3)-Away From This Town (12", Promo)(Regard Records)
Stimulation-Shattered (12")(Infuture Music)
Stock Aitken Waterman* -Packjammed (With The Party Posse) (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Stockingcap-Wave Craze (12")(Greyhound Record Productions)
Stockingcap-Wave Craze (12")(Strut Records)
Stolen Kyss-2 Be With U (12")(Emergency Records)
Stomp & Weaver-Soundtrap / Snakebeats (12")(FT Recordings)
Stone City Band-Bad Lady (12")(Motown)
Stop-Rendezvous (12")(Damabi International)
Stop-Wake Up (12")(Damabi International)
Storm & Herman-Ghetto Dredd Part II (12")(Clear Cuts)
Storm & Herman-Ghetto Dredd Part II (12", Promo)(Logic Records (US))
Storm-Stormanimal (U.K. Mixes) (12")(Zeitgeist)
Storm-We Love (12")(Zeitgeist)
Storm-We Love (Remixes) (12")(Zeitgeist)
Strafe-Comin' From Another Place (12")(A&M Records)
Strafe-React (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Straight Shooter-Distant Scream (12")(Sky Records)
Strangeways (2)-Every Time You Cry (12", Promo)(RCA)
Streetmark-Lovers (12", Maxi, Ltd, Sup)(Sky Records)
Streetmark-Lovers (12", Maxi, Ltd, Sup)(Sky Records)
Streets, The-Has It Come To This? (12")(679 Recordings)
Streets, The-Weak Become Heroes (12")(679 Recordings)
Strictly M.O.R.-Let The Music Play (12")(Da n.c.e.)
Strictly M.O.R.-Let The Music Play (12")(Da n.c.e.)
Stridor-Banshee EP (12")(A38 Records)
Strikers, The-Contagious (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Strikers, The-Contagious (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Studio 2 (2)-Travelling Man (12")(Multiply Records)
Studio 303-My Pretty Face (12", S/Sided, Ora)(Dropout)
Studio 69Feat.Karl Frierson-Fantasy (12")(Air,Air)
Style Council, The-It Didn't Matter (12", Single)(Polydor)
Style Council, The-Shout To The Top (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Style Of Eye-Duck, Cover & Hold Pt. 1 (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Pickadoll Records)
Style Of Eye-Rockett (12")(Tiny Sticks Records)
Style Of Eye-Watch Out! (12")(Eye Industries)
Stylistics-A Special Style (LP, Album)(Streetwise)
Stylophonic-Dancefloor (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Styro2000-Passfahrt (12")(Motoguzzi Records)
Suavé-Don't Rush (12")(Capitol Records)
Suave* -My Girl (12")(Capitol Records)
Sub Da Fuze-PM*Sunday (12")(Scatological Records)
Submission-Women Beat Their Men 2000 Dripping Wet Remix (12")(Dripping Wet Records)
Subotic-8000 (12")(DMOM)
Subsky-Intensive Care (12")(Vivid Trax)
Subtech-Subtech Subtech / A Beat Like This (12")(Subtech)
Subtech-Take 'Em / Liv'in Dream (12")(Subtech)
Subway-Revelation (12")(Threetone Records)
Such A Surge-Ich Bin Ein Träumer / Strange Days (12")(Epic)
Suella Colbert-Going Home (Club Version) (12")(Prologue Records)
Sueme* -Sueme And The Banana Love (12")(Neue Heimat)
Sugar Caine-Punanny Deluxe (12")(Superbunny Recordings)
Sugar Kingz, The-Only You - Horny United Mixes (12")(Attractive)
Sugar Men* -Dance Until We Stop (12", Promo)(Not On Label)
Sugarcubes, The-Coldsweat (12", Promo)(Elektra)
Sugarhill Gang-Rapper's Delight (12")(Metronome)
Sugarhill Gang-Rapper's Delight (12", Single)(Sugar Hill Records,Disques Vogue)
Sugarhill Gang-Rapper's Delight (LP, Album)(Sugar Hill Records)
Sugarhill Gang-Rapper's Reprise (Jam Jam) (12", Sup)(CNR)
Sukothai-Project 1 (12")(Massive Records)
Sum (3)AKACarl Finlow* &D'Julz-Beat Route (12")(Klang Elektronik)
Sum (3)AKACarl Finlow* &D'Julz-Beat Route (12")(Klang Elektronik)
Sun (7)-Sun Is Here (12")(Capitol Records)
Sun:Port-Meet The Fallen Angel (12")(Go For It)
Sundance-Sundance (12")(OK Records)
Sunni-Why Did My Baby Get Over Me (12", Promo)(Alpha International Records)
Sunscreem-Exodus (12")(Sony Soho Square)
Sunset Strippers-Falling Stars (Waiting For A Star To Fall) (12")(Kontor Records)
Sunshine (15)-I Like To Move Fat Bottom Girls (12", S/Sided)(Not On Label)
Sunshine FunkFeaturingKeneda-Part Two: The Summer Threat (12")(Sunshine Groove)
Supadelics-Take A Look Inside (12")(Mylo Recordings)
Super Discount* PresentsMinos Pour Main Basse (Sur La Ville)-Le Patron Est Devenu Fou! (The Boss Has Gone Mad!) Remixes (12")(Different,Disques Solid)
Super Flu-She (12")(Traum Schallplatten)
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud-Girls I Got 'Em Locked (12", Promo)(Elektra,DNA International Records)
Superbird-Luv'n'Happiness (12")(Records Of Interest)
SuperfunkFeat.Everis Pellius-Last Dance (And I Come Over) (12")(Labels,Labels,Virgin France S.A.)
Superpitcher/Wassermann-Schaffelfieber 2 (12")(Kompakt)
Superpop (3)-You Got To Believe (12")(Visionary Music)
Supersoul&Judah MansonVsNick Fury&Dynas-Paper Chase / Get Cha Weight Up (12")(Metatronix)
Supertramp-Cannonball (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Surf M.C.'s* -Surf Or Die (12", Promo)(Profile Records)
Surface-I Missed (12")(CBS)
Surface-When Your X Wants You Back (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Surrounder-Control Me / The Journey (12")(Club Quake Records)
Survivor/Cinderella (3)-Didn't Know It Was Love / Don't Know That You Got (Till It's Gone) (12", Promo)(PolyGram Do Brasil)
Suspicious-Atlantis (12")(Go For It)
Susumu Yokota-Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (12")(Exceptional)
Susumu Yokota-Zero Remixes EP Vol.1 (12", EP)(Sublime Records (3))
Susumu YokotaFeat.Harrison Crump-On & On (Remixes) (12")(Sublime Records (3),Sublime Records (3))
Suv-Desert Rose (2x12")(Full Cycle Records)
Suzie And The Cubans-I Feel It (12")(Popular Records)
Suzy Q-Harmony (12")(ZYX Records)
Suzy Swan-Can't Take These Lies (12")(Midnight Sun Records)
Sven Andersson-2000-07-30/2000-07-02 (12")(Longhaul)
Sven Dedek-FM's Return (12")(Swirl (3))
Sven Dedek-FM's Return (12")(Swirl (3))
Sven Dedek-FM's Return (12")(Swirl (3))
Sven Väth-Fusion / Scorpio's Movement (12", Ltd)(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Sven Wegner&Bardia S.* -Der Kachelfunker (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(KlanGGut Recordings)
Sven Wittekind-Zombie Holocaust EP (12", EP)(Overdrive)
Swagman-Lone Ranger (12", Promo)(Chase Records)
Swamp Dogg&Riders Of The New Funk-My Heart Just Can't Stop Dancing (12", Promo)(Musicor Records)
Swat-Squad-Galka Y Nada (12")(Software)
Sweatshop-I Like It Dirty (12")(Eskimo Recordings)
Swedish House Mafia-One (12", S/Sided, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Swedish House Mafia))
Swedish House MafiaFeaturingPharrell* -One (Your Name) (12")(Virgin,Virgin)
Sweet Cookie-Do You Wanna Dance (12")(Danya Records)
Sweet Cream-I Don't Know What I'd Do (If You Ever Left Me) (12")(Shadybrook Records)
Sweet FA* -DJ Play It (Hackney Soldiers Remixes) (12")(Milkk)
Sweet Female Attitude-8 Days A Week (12")(Milkk)
Sweet Female Attitude-Flowers (12")(Milkk,WEA Records)
Sweet Pea Atkinson-Dance Or Die (12", Promo)(ZE Records)
Sweet Pea Atkinson-Dance Or Die (12", Promo)(ZE Records)
Sweet Pea Atkinson-Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight / Don't Walk Away (12")(Island Records)
Sweet Sensation-(Goodbye Baby) Victim Of Love (12", Promo)(Next Plateau Records Inc.)
Sweet Tee-Let's Dance (12")(BCM Records)
Sweet, The-It's It's... The Sweet Mix (12", Ltd)(Anagram Records)
Swen Weber-Android / Crunch (12")(Alphabet City)
Swimming With Sharks-Careless Love (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Switch (2)-A Bit Patchy (12", Promo)(Badabing Records)
S'Xpress* -Hey Music Lover (Spatial Expansion Mix) (12", Ltd, 2/3)(Rhythm King Records)
Syb Unity Nettwerk-Unconsciousness (12")(Aquarius (2))
Sycophant Slags-Cklanger (12", W/Lbl, Sti)(Superfreq Records)
Sydney Blu-Give It Up For Me (12")(Cinnamon Flava)
Sydney Fresh-If It's Love (The Remix) (12")(!Hype)
Sydney Fresh-The Party Remix (12")(Black Posse Music)
Syke 'n' Sugarstarr&Alexandra Prince-Are You (Watching Me, Watching You) (12")(Ambassade Records)
Syke 'n Sugarstarr* -Danz (12")(Kontor Records)
Syke 'n Sugarstarr* -Danz (12")(Kontor Records)
Syke 'n Sugarstarr* -Danz (12")(Kontor Records)
Syke 'n Sugarstarr* -Danz (12")(Kontor Records)
Syke 'n Sugarstarr* Pres.Cece Rogers* -No Love Lost (Part 2) (12")(Kontor Records)
Syl Johnson-Ms. Fine Brown Frame (12")(Boardwalk Records, Inc.)
Sylvester-Band Of Gold (12")(Megatone Records)
Sylvester-Dance (Disco Heat) (12")(Fantasy)
Sylvester-Do You Wanna Funk (Remix 1991) (12")(Full Time Records)
Sylvester-Lovin Is Really My Game (12")(Megatone Records)
Sylvester-Lovin Is Really My Game (12")(Megatone Records)
Sylvester-Sooner Or Later (12")(ZYX Records)
Sylvester-Stars / Body Strong (12", Maxi, Pin)(Bellaphon)
Sylvester-Too Late (12", Maxi)(Bellaphon)
Sylvester-You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (12")(Fantasy)
Sylvester-You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (12")(Southbound)
Sylvi Foster/Capricorn (3)-Automan 7 (12", Unofficial)(Automan)
Sylvie Marks & Hal 9000-Bad Woman Meets Zen On The Street (12")(BPitch Control)
Symbolic ThreeFeaturingD.J. Dr. Shock* -No Show (12")(Reality)
Symptom (2)-SYM-001 (12")(Symptom Records)
Symptom (2)-SYM-002 (12")(Symptom Records)
Symptom (2)-SYM-002 (12")(Symptom Records)
Synchronized Suckas-Stress Free EP (12", EP)(Bunchlox Music)
Synchronized Suckas-Stress Free EP (12", EP)(Bunchlox Music)
Syncopix-General Hospital (12")(Hospital Records)
Synthesis (4)-No Alternative (12")(Sigma Trance)
System 7-Interstate (12")(Butterfly Records)
System, The-I Don't Run From Danger (12", Promo)(Mirage (2),Atlantic)
System, The-It's Passion (12", Promo)(Mirage (2))
Syth;s-Hanabi (12")(Third Ear Recordings)
Szymon Hollner-Electric Neighbours E:P: (12", EP)(Relax 2000 Records)
T. Ark-H.A.P.P.Y. Radio (12", Maxi)(ZYX Records,KBC Records)
T. Luxor-EP (The Music In Me) (12")(Tiger Records (Germany))
T. Schumacher* -Yara / Ferris (12")(Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
T.C. (2)&Distorted Minds/Heist&Studio 12-Compton / Creeping Dub (12")(Digital Soundboy Recording Co.)
T.C. Curtis-Step By Step (12")(Hot Melt)
T.D. (2)-Siboney (12", Ltd, S/Sided, Blu)(We Can Do It!)
T.i.m.-Baby I Want You (12")(BOY Records)
T.K. Bros.-Everybody (12")(Realbasic Recordings)
T.Raumschmiere-Sick Like Me (12")(NovaMute)
T.S. Monk-Fantasy (12", Promo)(Mirage (2))
T.T. & Company-Voices (12")(United Sounds of America)
T.T.E.D. Allstars-Knock 'Em Out Sugar Ray '87 (12")(T.T.E.D. Records)
Ta Mara & The Seen-Thinking About You (Long Version) (12", Single)(A&M Records)
Taana Gardner-Heartbeat (12", RM, RE)(West End Records)
Tackhead-Demolition House (Remix) (12")(TVT Records)
Tag Team-Whoomp! There It Is (The Remixes) (12")(Club Tools)
Tahiti 80-A Love From Outer Space (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Taishan-Bring De Bongo (12")(Resin Records)
Taka Boom-Middle Of The Night (12", Promo)(Mirage (2))
Taka Boom-Night Dancin' (12")(Ariola Records America)
Taka Boom-Night Dancin' (12", Promo)(Ariola Records America)
Take Five-The Oop Oop Song / Join Us (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Takkyu Ishino-Suck Me Disco (12")(Exceptional)
Talisman P.meetsBarrington Levy-Here I Come (Sing DJ) (12")(Kosmo Records)
TalkFeat.Mustafa* -Touching You EP (12", EP)(Perfect.Toy Records)
Talla 2XLC-Love's Comin' Down (12")(Technoclub Records)
Talla 2XLC-World In My Eyes (12")(Urban,Urban)
Talla 2XLCandResistance D-Hypnotic (12")(Adrenalin (2))
Tama Waipara-April's Lady (12")(ObliqSound)
Tama Waipara-Colours Of You (12")(ObliqSound)
Tami-You Never Needed Me (12")(On The Move Records INC.)
Tamion 12 Inch-All Black, Eyes Closed To The Excess Of Disaster (12")(Ersatz Audio)
Tamir-I'm A Fool (Special Dance Remix) (12", Maxi)(Hansa)
Tammy Lucas-Hey Boy (12", Promo)(Supertronics)
Tango Fusion Club-Bandoneon Acorazado (12")(Groove Attack Productions)
Tania Mann&Peter DafnousPres.Apollonia (3)-Remote Kontrol (12")(Enhanced Recordings)
TapeDeckProject-HörspielMusik 3/5 (12")(Sugaspin Records)
Tapps-My Forbidden Lover / Runaway (With My Love) (Remixes) (12")(Boulevard Records)
Tara (5)-Feel So Good (12")(EMI)
Tasha Thomas-Shoot Me (With Your Love) (12")(Atlantic)
Tata Vega-I Just Keep Thinking About You Baby / Get It Up For Love (12")(Motown)
Tata Vega-I Just Keep Thinking About You Baby / Get It Up For Love (12")(Motown)
Taucher-Angel (Remixes) (12")(Not On Label)
Taucher-Science Fiction (2x12")(Scuba Records)
Tavares-She Freaks Out On The Floor (12")(Hi-Tension)
Taylor Dayne-Don't Rush Me (12", Maxi)(Arista)
Taylor-Xenophobe (12")(Fluid Recordings)
Tayo Meets Acid Rockers Uptown-Bloodline (12")(Skint Records)
T-Bone-Abyss / Watch Yourself (12")(Deep Mission Trance)
Tchòk-Pye Poudre / Zoklo (12")(Future Talk)
TD5-The Situationalist (12")(High Octane Recordings)
TDN-Shame (12")(3345 Recordings)
TDR-Coming Down (12")(PIAS UK)
Team Eimsbush-Deep Throat / Immer Noch Da (12")(Eimsbush)
Tease-I Can't Stand The Rain (12")(Epic)
Technasia-Hydra (12")(Technasia Records)
Technohead-The Passion (12")(Mokum Records)
Technosis (2)-Untitled (12", EP)(Baltimore Breakbeat Records)
Technotronic-Techno Medley / Rockin' Over The Beat (12")(SBK Records)
Ted Taylor-Keepin' My Head Above Water (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
Teena Marie-Fix It (12")(Epic)
Teena Marie-Jammin (12")(Epic)
Teena Marie-Lovergirl (Special 12" Dance Mix) (12", Maxi)(Epic)
Teena Marie-Surrealistic Pillow (12", Promo)(Epic)
Teena Marie/Foxy-Behind The Groove / Party Boys (12")(Unidisc)
Tefla & Jaleel-Beats & Raps (12")(Phlatline Records)
Tek Ed-All Blues / Papa (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl, TP)(Botchit & Scarper)
Teka (3)-Stuch (12")(Sismic Music)
Tela-Sho Nuff / Suave House (12")(Suave House,Relativity)
Telemark&Kudra Owens-I Feel Alright (12")(La Rosière Records)
Telemen-In All Nothing (12" + Vinyl, Promo)(Multicolor Recordings)
Telemen-Super String (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Multicolor Recordings)
Telephones, The-Monster (12")(John Henry Records)
Télépopmusik-Da Hoola (12")(Catalogue)
Telex-Peanuts (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Temper Trap, The-Sweet Disposition (12", W/Lbl, S/Sided, Unofficial)(Not On Label (The Temper Trap))
Template-Drops One (12")(Bloody Fist Records)
T-Empo-The Blue Room (12")(Soulstorm Records)
Temptations, The-All Directions (LP, Album)(Gordy)
Temptations, The-Masterpiece (LP)(Bellaphon)
Temptations, TheFeaturingRick James-Standing On The Top (12")(Disques Vogue)
Ten City-Right Back To You (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Ten City-Suspicious (12")(Atlantic)
Tenfold Loadstar-Sun And Rain (12")(L'Age D'Or)
Tenita Jordan-You Got Me Dreamin' (12")(Top Priority,CBS)
Tenth & Parker-Rollin Like Thunder (12")(Disorient)
Terence Fixmer-Electrostatic (12")(International Deejay Gigolo Records)
Terence Trent D'Arby-Dance Little Sister (12", Maxi)(CBS)
Terence Trent D'Arby-Do You Love Me Like You Say? (12")(Columbia)
Terence Trent D'Arby-She Kissed Me / Do You Love Me Like You Say? (12")(Columbia)
Terence Trent D'Arby-Sign Your Name (12")(CBS,CBS)
Terence Trent D'Arby-This Side Of Love (12", Maxi)(CBS)
Terence Trent D'Arby-To Know Someone Deeply Is To Know Someone Softly (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(CBS)
Teri De Sario* -The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of / Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You (12", Promo, S/Sided)(Casablanca Records)
Terminator (4)-The Terminator Project (12")(Mercury)
Terry Grant-Komputers Are The Devil (12")(Bedrock Records)
Tevin Campbell-Another Way / Never Again (12")(Warner Music)
Tevin Campbell-Another Way Remix Edition (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Tha Dogg Pound-Let's Play House (12")(Death Row Records (2),Interscope Records,Island Records)
Tha Nookie-Earthquake (12")(Red Alert)
Tha Track Assassin* -State Of Emergency EP (12", EP)(Catalyst Recordings)
That Petrol Emotion-Big Decision (12", Promo)(Polydor)
That Petrol Emotion-Groove Check (12", Promo)(Virgin Records America, Inc.)
THC (15)-The Phoenix Phunk (12")(Hush Entertainment (2))
The The-Cold Spell Ahead (12", Pic, RE)(Some Bizzare)
The The-Cold Spell Ahead (12", Pic, RE)(Some Bizzare)
The The-Dis-Infected EP (12", EP)(Epic)
The The-Dis-Infected EP (12", EP)(Epic)
The The-Love Is Stronger Than Death (12")(Epic)
Thelma Houston-Qualifying Heat (LP, Album)(MCA Records Ltd.)
Thief, The-Beautiful Day (12")(Vendetta Records)
Third Wave (4)-Street Walkin Cheetah / Wait For It (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Criminal Communications)
Third World-Cool Meditation (12")(Island Records)
Third World-Cool Meditation (12")(Island Records)
Third World-Cool Meditation (12")(Island Records)
Third World-One To One (12")(Columbia)
Third World-One To One (12")(Columbia)
Third World-Sense Of Purpose (12", Single)(Columbia)
Third World-Sense Of Purpose (12", Single)(Columbia)
This 'Lil Black Boy-Wildvibes Vol. 1 (12")(Vibe (Florida))
Thomas Anders-Can't Give You Anything (But My Love) - Remix (12", Maxi)(Eastwest)
Thomas Anders-I'll Love You Forever (12")(Not On Label)
Thomas Dolby-Airhead (12")(EMI-Manhattan Records)
Thomas Dolby-Hyper-active! (Heavy Breather Subversion) (12")(Capitol Records)
Thomas Fehlmann-Streets Of Blah (12")(Kompakt)
Thomas Fehlmann-Whistle (12")(Kompakt)
Thomas Gwosdz-Ring Frei (12")(Kompakt)
Thomas Krautmann-Bonzailead (12")(Blutonium Records)
Thomas Krome-Lord Of Darkness (12")(Corb)
Thomas Schumacher-Home 02 (12")(Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
Thomas Schumacher-Keep Believing / Renegade (12")(Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
Thomas Schumacher-Keep Believing / Renegade (12")(Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
Thomas Schumacher-Long Hot Summer E.P. (12", EP)(Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
Thomas Schumacher-Tainted Schall (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Thomas Schumacher-Taxi (12")(Get Physical Music)
Thomastic-Euro Style Tunes Vol. 1 (12")(Intense Recordings)
Thomilla-On My Mind (Limited Remix Edition Vinyl Vol. 1) (12")(Benztown)
Thomilla-Wenn Der Beat Flippt (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Edel)
ThomillaWithAyak-Freaky Girl (12")(Polydor Island Group)
Thompson Twins-King For A Day (Extended Mix) (12", Pic, Ltd)(Arista)
Thompson Twins-Lies (12", Promo)(Arista)
Thompson Twins-Rollover / King For A Day (12", Promo)(Arista)
Thompson Twins-Sugar Daddy (12", Maxi)(Warner Bros. Records,Warner Bros. Records)
Thornetta DavisWith TheBig Chief Band* -Shout Out (12")(Sub Pop Records)
Thrashing Doves, The-Angel Visit / Je$u$ On The Payroll (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Thrashing Doves, The-Northern Civil War Party (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Three Degrees, The-The Runner (12")(Ariola)
Three Degrees, The-The Runner (12", Ltd, Whi)(Ariola)
Three Drives-Greece 2004 (Pirates Of Tribal Olympic Btlg Mix) (12", Unofficial, S/Sided)(Not On Label (Pirates Of Tribal))
Threshold (11)-Bad To The Bone / Summertime (12")(Penthouse Records (2))
Thrill Factor-So Sexual (12")(Best Records,Hot Productions)
Thrillseekers, The-Synaesthesia (Vinyl One) (12")(Vandit Records,Vandit Records)
Thrust (2)-Can't Wait To Get To You (12")(Apexton Records)
Thrust (7)Feat.Florine Dimonyé-Out Of The Rain (Do This) (12")(U.S.S.,U.S.S.)
Tichy-RaumZeitErfahrungen (12")(Triebtäter)
Tiësto* -Just Be (12", Pro)(Kontor Records)
Tiga-(Far From) Home (12")(Different,[PIAS] Recordings)
Tiga-(Far From) Home (12")(Different,[PIAS] Recordings)
Tiga&Zyntherius-Sunglasses At Night Remixed (12")(International Deejay Gigolo Records)
Tiger Hifi-Music (12", Promo, Pic)(Homeground Records)
Tiger Stripes-Kayoko (12")(ProgCity Deep)
Tigerskin-Bordeaux (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Dirt Crew Recordings)
Tightrope* -Vibrate (12")(Phela Recordings)
Tightrope* -Vibrate (12")(Phela Recordings)
Tightrope* -Vibrate (12")(Phela Recordings)
Til & Ron-The Punishment (12")(Made In Frankfurt)
Till West&DJ Delicious-Same Man (12", Promo)(Kontor Records)
Till West&DJ Delicious-Same Man (12", Promo)(Kontor Records)
Tim Deluxe-It Just Won't Do (Fat Choons Remix) (12", S/Sided, Unofficial)(Fat Choons)
Tim Deluxe-It Just Won't Do (The German Remixes) (12")(Zeitgeist)
Tim Funatik-Fun City (12")(Ultrasound Recordings)
Tim Le El-Rise EP (12", EP)(Scream And Shout Recordings)
Tim Lennox-I've Seen Them Too (12")(Soul Storm)
Tim Lennox-I've Seen Them Too (12")(Soul Storm)
Tim Oe-Frankfurt Underground Pt. 1 (12")(Underground (3))
Tim Oé-Privado (12")(Herz Ist Trumpf Subtil)
Tim Vitek-Strange Revival (12")(High Octane Recordings)
Tim Wright-Oxygen (Remixes) (12")(NovaMute)
Tim Xavier-Leaky Faucet (12")(773 Tekno)
Tim Xavier&DBIT-Detroit Business (12")(Live Wire Records)
Timbaland & Magoo-We At It Again (12", Promo)(Blackground Entertainment)
Timbaland-Scream (12")(Blackground Entertainment,Interscope Records)
Time Bandits-Wildfire (12")(Columbia)
Time FactorFeat.Sheena (6)-Every Breath You Take / Watching You (12")(Ongoing)
Time Square-Pictures From The Past / Sunrise (12")(Go For It)
Time To Time-Pass It On (12", W/Lbl)(Strictly Dance)
Timeline (3)-Spontaneous Thing (12")(Exploding Plastic Records)
Timeriders-Future Generation (12")(Airtrance Records)
Times Two-Cecilia (12", Maxi)(Reprise Records,Reprise Records)
Times Two-Strange But True (12")(Reprise Records,Reprise Records)
Timmy Thomas-Are You Crazy??? (12")(Marlin,T.K. Disco)
Timmy Thomas-Gotta Give A Little Love (Ten Years After) / Why Can't We Live Together (12")(Polydor)
Timmy Thomas-Stone To The Bone (12")(T.K. Disco)
Timmy Thomas-Why Can't We Live Together? (1990 Remix) (12")(T.K. Records)
Timo Benz-Majia EP (12", W/Lbl, EP)(GAD X-Cell)
Timo Di Roy-Don't Stop (12")(KuFa Records)
Timo Di Roy-Don't Stop (12")(KuFa Records)
Timo Maas-Help Me (2x12", Promo)(Superstar Recordings)
Timo MaasFeat.Kelis-Help Me (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Timothy Wilson-Sugarland Express (12", Promo)(H & L Records)
Tin Pan Apple/After Dark (8)-Take The City With You! (Dance Version) (12")(Parallel Communications, Inc.)
Tina B-Miracles Explode (12")(Criminal Records)
Tina B-Nothin's Gonna Come Easy (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Tina Lestate-The Best Way (12")(Convex)
Tiny Tunes-Tell Me (12")(Real Groove Lounge)
Tipper-Dissolve (Out) (2x12", Promo)(Higher Ground,Higher Ground)
Tirez Tirez-Set The Timer / Uptight (12")(Sire Records Company)
Tito Valdez-Tumbe - MURK Remix (12")(IRMA Records)
Titus-Don't Worry About Me (12")(Guidance Recordings)
Tjark-Lonely Friend (12")(FQ.Inside Recordings)
TKA-One Way Love (12", Promo)(Tommy Boy Music)
Tobias Schulz-Johnny EP (12", S/Sided, EP)(Echo Records (5))
Toby Dreher-Western Von Gestern (12")(Dekadent Schallplatten)
Toby Holguin-Flirting Signals (12")(Bass Walk Records)
Toby Montana-Monte Rocks / Xound (12")(Selected Works)
Tocadisco-Music Loud / Crazy Cursor (12")(Superstar Recordings)
TocadiscoFeat.Lennart A. Salomon-Better Begin (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Today-Girl I Got My Eyes On You (12", Promo)(Motown)
Today-Him Or Me (12", Promo)(Motown)
Today-Him Or Me (12", Single)(Motown)
Todd TerryPresentsCLS-Can You Feel It (2008 Mixes) (12")(Strictly Rhythm)
Tojami Sessions-El Niño (12")(Dessous Recordings)
Tokn-Something To Believe (12")(Top Ten Music)
Toktok vs. Soffy O.-Day Of Mine (Ludicrous Idiots Remixes) (12")(Toktok Records)
Toktok vs. Soffy O.-Missy Queen's Gonna Die (12")(Leaded)
ToktokUndNena* -Bang Bang (12")(Superstar Recordings)
ToktokUndNena* -Bang Bang (12")(Superstar Recordings)
Tokyo Sub-Tokyo Sub EP (12", EP, Promo, W/Lbl)(Bacteria Records)
Tolga (2)-Leave It All Behind (12", Promo)(Cutting Records)
Tolga (2)-Lovin' Fool (12", Promo)(Cutting Records)
TolgaUndD-Flame-Highssgeliebtes Gras (12")(Downbeat Records)
Tom & Joy* -Antigua (12")(Yellow Productions)
Tom Browne-Ghetto Horn (12", Maxi)(Hip Bop Records)
Tom Browne-Rockin' Radio (12")(Arista)
Tom Browne-Rockin' Radio (12")(Arista)
Tom Browne-Rockin' Radio (12")(Arista)
Tom Browne-Rockin' Radio (12")(Arista)
Tom Churchill-Nocturnal Pursuits (12")(Deep Departures)
Tom Clark-Laylines (12")(Morris / Audio)
Tom Clark-Memory (12")(Gold Plate Music)
Tom De LuxePresentsWaterhouse-Burning / Is It Right (12")(Noom Records)
Tom Hades-Eclectic Twist (12")(MB Elektronics)
Tom Hades-Eclectic Twist (12")(MB Elektronics)
Tom Hades-Hormones (12")(MB Elektronics)
Tom Jones&Heather Small-You Need Love Like I Do (12", Promo)(Gut Records)
Tom Mangan-Good Words (12")(Lorna)
Tom Novy-Take It (2x12")(Kosmo Records)
Tom NovylovesVirginia* -Smoke Dis (12")(Kosmo Records)
Tom Parris&People On Process-Trickle Charge (12")(End Recordings)
Tom Robinson-Spain (12")(Castaway Records)
Tom Snare-Philosophy (12")(Alphabet City)
Tom Stevens* -Emotions (12")(Go For It)
Tom Tom Club-Suboceana (12")(Sire)
Tomahawk (2)-Where Is The Bassdrum? (12")(EastWest Records GmbH)
Tomas Andersson-Mot Matsalen! / Dubbel Problematik (12")(BPitch Control)
Tomaz&David Pereira-Tek Nights EP (12")(Pro-active Music)
Tomboy (2)-Samba! (12", S/Sided)(Kitsuné Music)
Tomcraft-Dirty Sanchez (12", S/Sided)(Kosmo Records)
Tomcraft-Quelle Heure Est-Il (12")(Kosmo Records)
Tomcraft-When I Was Sixteen (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
TomcraftvsHousepunk-Punk Da Funk (Remixes) (12")(Kosmo Records)
Tomie Nevada-Ante Zenit 25 (12")(Zenit)
Tominaga-It's Your Time (12")(Diaspora Recordings)
Tomito Satori-Blood Rising EP (12")(Exhibit Records)
Tomito Satori-Future Perfect EP (12")(Exhibit Records)
Tomito Satori-The Exchange Of... EP (12")(Exhibit Records)
Tommie Sunshine-Dance Among The Ruins/Head 2 Toe In Drag EP (10", EP)(Xylophone Jones Recordings)
Tomoki & Nonofeat.Rica* -Park In The Morning (12")(Nite Grooves)
Tonal Fusion-Broken Rhyme (12", Ltd)(MCR)
Tone Depth-Rumblefish (12", Uno)(Not On Label)
Tone Loc-Wild Thing (12")(Island Records)
Tone LocMeetsZZ-Bros.-Funky Cold Medina 'Y2K (12")(Logic Records,Logic Records,BMG Berlin Musik GmbH)
Tonetraeger-Welcome Back, Kotter (12")(Spinner Ace Records)
Toney Lee-My Baby Loves Me (12")(Jump Street Records)
Toney T* -Crazy (12", Promo)(M & G Records)
Tongue In Cheek* -Why (You Could Have Had It All) (12")(Criminal Records UK)
Tongue Twistin' Ten (TTT)* -Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me) / Beat The Devil (12")(Earthtone Recording Company)
Toni Braxton-He Wasn't Man Enough (12", Promo)(LaFace Records)
Toni Braxton-You Mean The World To Me (12", Promo)(Arista)
Toni Childs-Don't Walk Away (12")(A&M Records)
Toni Childs-Zimbabwae (12", Maxi)(A&M Records)
Toni Scott* -That's How I'm Living / The Chief (12")(Champion)
Tonio* &Vitalic/Hacker, The-To L'An-fer From Chicago (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Error 404)
Tonrausch-Lautstärker 1.0 (12")(Pigeon Tracks)
Tonrausch-Lautstärker 1.0 (12")(Pigeon Tracks)
Tonrausch-Tonrausch Presents... (12")(Wax Jakkers)
Tony Alessi-Soleil Noir (12", Maxi)(Dureco,Dureco)
Tony Carey-No Man's Land (12")(Metronome)
Tony Carey-Room With A View (12")(Metronome)
Tony Carey-Room With A View (12")(Metronome)
Tony McKenzie-Ha Chica (12")(Ariola Benelux)
Tony Montana Experience-Mamma Maria (12")(Zeitgeist)
Tony Orlando-They're Playing Our Song (12", S/Sided, Promo)(Casablanca Records)
Tony Ransom-Ice (12")(Hump Records)
Tony Senghore & Jonene* -Colorado Bulldog EP (12", EP)(Muzique Boutique Recordings)
Tony Senghore-Black Eyed Booty (12")(Knockin Boots)
Tony Stone-This Is Serious (12", Promo)(Ensign Records)
Tony Tee-Time To Get Physical (12", Promo)(Rooftop Records)
Tony Terry-Young Love (12")(Epic)
Tony Thomas-Cannibals (12")(Soma Quality Recordings)
Tony Thomas-Give Us Somit Fo' Me Pipe. Pt. 2 (12")(Red Frame)
Tony Thomas-Where Is My Pipe Pti (12")(Red Frame)
Tony Thomas-Yoghurtanal (12")(Red Frame)
Tony Verdi&Julio Posadas-Handicap E.P. (12", EP)(JP Releases)
Tony Xandrou-Free Yourself (12")(L'Attitude Records)
Tony! Toni! Toné!-Little Walter (12", Promo)(Wing Records)
Tonyboy-Jump (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Holon Records)
Too Nice-Two Can Play The Game (12")(Arista)
Top Secret (10)-It's A Warning (12")(Get Fresh Records)
Topaz (3)-Universal Music (12")(Supertronics)
Tornado (3)-Ich Bin Was Ich Bin (12")(ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH)
Torres Bros., The-Moonraker EP (12", EP)(Waxhead Records)
Torul V* -Pooh EP (12", EP)(Tissju)
Torul W/* -Discreamer (12")(Low Spirit Recordings)
Tosca-Fuck Dub Remixes Vol. 2 (12")(G-Stone Recordings)
Total Contrast-Kiss (12", Maxi)(Metronome)
Total Eclipse-Pulsar Glitch / Free Lemonade (Psychaos Remix) (12")(Blue Room Released)
Total Science+Marky* Ft.Ayah-Battle Mix Volume 2 (12")(C.I.A.,Innerground Records)
Touch (12)-Love Fixation (12")(Supertronics)
Touch, ThewithTerence Trent D'Arby-I Want To Know (International Lady) (12", Maxi)(IMP)
Towa Tei-Funkin' For Jamaica (Vinyl One) (12")(EastWest Records GmbH,Akashic Records)
Towa Tei-Funkin' For Jamaica (Vinyl One) (12")(EastWest Records GmbH,Akashic Records)
Toxic Twin & Lars B.-Toxic Twin vs. Lars B. (12", Cle)(Kamtschatka)
Trabant-Nasty Boy (12")(Southern Fried Records)
Tracid* &Zenker* -Nobita / Aktionsradius (12", W/Lbl)(Acid Files)
Tracie Spencer-Save Your Love (12", Maxi)(Capitol Records)
Tracie!* -The House That Jack Built (12", EP, Promo)(A&M Records)
Trackhackers-No This Was (12", S/Sided)(Not On Label)
Trackhackers-Oops Up! (12")(Tunnel Records)
Tracy Ackerman-Don't Want It (Don't Need It) (12")(Polydor)
Trama (The Funk-N-Roll Drama)* -Are You Ready (12")(Spector Records International)
Trama (The Funk-N-Roll Drama)* -The Whip (12", Promo)(Spector Records International,Spector Records International)
Tramaine-Freedom (12")(A&M Records)
Trammps, The-Hard Rock And Disco (12")(WEA Musik GmbH)
Trance Allstars-Lost In Love (Disc 2) (12")(Zeitgeist)
Trance Allstars-Ready To Flow (Additive Remixes) (12", Ltd)(Kontor Records,Zeitgeist)
Trance-Dance* -Do The Dance (12")(Epic)
Trancesetters-Beat Freak (12")(Azuli Black)
Trancesetters-The Search (12")(Touché)
Transatlantic Soul-Release Yo Self (12")(You)
Transformer-Das Lied Der Nacht (12")(Sysexx Records)
Translucent (2)-The Arranger (10")(Red Hot Records)
Trans-X-Living On Video / Digital World (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Trans-X-Living On Video / Vivre Sur Vidéo (12", Maxi)(Polydor)
Trans-X-Message On The Radio (12", Promo)(Mirage (2))
Trash Funk-Drum Down The House (12")(Chrysalis)
Trash Mo Pet-Trashy Romance (12")(Ghetto Charge Music)
Trashfunk-Sleeptalkin' (12", S/Sided)(Not On Label)
Travis Fludd-Have No Doubts (12", Promo)(Select Records)
Treatment, The-Sure Shock EP (12", EP)(Toronto Underground)
Treble & Bass-State Your Mind (12")(Dance Pool)
Tribe Of Issachar-Tribal Natty (Aphrodite Remix) (12", Promo)(Congo Natty)
Trick & Kubic-Can't Stop (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
Trick & Kubic-Orbital Dance Machine (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
Trick & KubicFeat.Valeska* -Easy (12")(Data Records)
Trickster* -Stomp (12")(Kontor Records,Kontor Records)
Tricky Moreira-Together (12")(Blue Elephant Recordings)
Tricky-T-Fight For Your Love (12")(K-Town Records)
Trilogy-Gotta Be Free (12", Promo)(Prism Records)
Trinere-Can't Get Enough (12")(Jam Packed)
Trinit-Danzio / Adrenalin (12")(trinit.rhythm)
Trio Rio-Greatest Love (12", Maxi)(Metronome)
Trio Rio-New York - Rio - Tokyo (12")(Metronome)
Triple S Connection-Dance The Night Away (12", Promo)(20th Century Fox Records)
Triplicity-Triplicity 2000 (12")(Undaground Therapy Muzik)
Tripwire-Advisory Vol 5 (12")(Advisory Records)
Triscovs.S Club 7-Don't Stop Movin' (Trisco Remixes) (12", Promo)(Polydor)
Triscovs.S Club 7-Don't Stop Movin' (Trisco Remixes) (12", Promo)(Polydor)
Tristy Nesh-Gold Is Fashion E.P. (12", EP)(Plasteline)
Tristy Nesh-Moon Balloon (12")(Plasteline)
Tropa De Elite-Rap Das Armas (The Ian Oliver Mixes) (12")(Kontor Records)
Tropa De Elite-Rap Das Armas (The Ian Oliver Mixes) (12")(Kontor Records)
Tropique-The Runner (12")(Midsong International Records)
Trouble Funk-In Times Of Trouble (12")(TSR Music GmbH)
Trouble Funk-In Times Of Trouble (12")(TSR Music GmbH)
Troy Hinton-Love Me To Death (12")(MCA Records,MCA Records)
Troy Johnson-Virgin Girl (12")(RCA)
Truce-Eyes Don't Lie (12", Promo)(CNR Music Germany)
True SteppersFeat.Dane Bowers-Buggin (12")(NuLife Recordings)
Trust&John Rolodex-Saigon / The Way I Hurt U (12")(Freak Recordings)
Truth (14)-International Dancing / Coming Home (12", Promo)(Devaki Records)
Try 'N' B-Sexy Eyes (12", Promo)(BMG)
Try 'N' B-Sexy Eyes (12", Promo)(BMG)
Tsui Baalbek-Full Contact EP (12")(Grade)
Tsui Baalbek-Full Contact EP (12")(Grade)
Tube-Tech-Raw II (12")(T:Classixx)
Tucán-E Você (12")(Vale Music)
Tullio De Piscopo-'E Fatto 'E Sorde! E? (Money Money) (12", Maxi)(ZYX Records)
Tullio De Piscopo-Stop Bajon (12", Maxi)(ZYX Records)
Tune Up!-Basstest (12")(Aqualoop Records)
Tunnel Allstars-Das Boot (12")(Tunnel Records)
Turbo Crystal-French Girl (12")(Tiny Sticks Records)
TV Junkeez-Battlestar Galactica (12")(Not On Label)
TV Rockvs.Dukes Of Windsor-The Others (12")(Ministry Of Sound (Germany))
TV-Prefecture (12")(Tektite Recordings) (12")(Tektite Recordings)
Tweet-Oops Daisy (12")(Not On Label (Tweet))
Tweetwoof-Kernkraft 400 (12")(Suntec)
Twen Tone One-Synthetics (12")(Eleganz Records,)
Twin Pitch-Midnight Klub (12")(Black Jack)
Twisted Society-Killer (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Superstar Recordings)
Twisted Society-Killer (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Superstar Recordings)
Two Culture Clash-Knock Knock (12")(Wall Of Sound)
Two In A Room* -A Passing Thought (12", Promo)(Cutting Records)
Two In A Room* -Somebody In The House Say Yeah! / A Passing Thought (12")(Cutting Records)
Two Minds Crack-Cry Cry Cry (12", Single)(Sire Records Company)
Ty Holden-Bullets Vol. 1 (12")(Running Records)
Tyares-Milk (12")(Blue Bass)
Tyler Phoenyx-Spank Up Ur World (12")(Not On Label)
Tyme Forse-Horizen (12")(E Legal)
Tymes, The-How Am I To Know (The Things A Girl In Love Should Know) (12")(RCA)
Tyranny-Is This A Game / Step Up Front (12")(Sophisticated Underground Sounds)
Tyrone "Tystick" Brunson* -Hot Line (12", Promo)(Believe In A Dream)
Tyrone (Tystick) Brunson* -Sticky Situation (12")(Believe In A Dream)
Tyrrell-Alright, Alright (12")(F3 Recordings)
U.S.A. - European Connection-I'd Like To Get Closer / Do Me Good (12", Promo)(T.K. Disco)
UB40-Sing Our Own Song (12", Single, Promo)(A&M Records)
UBF-It's All Comin' At Ya (12")(Unleash)
Überdruck-Now Or Never (12")(Überdruck Records)
Ullanda McCullough-Rock Me (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Ullanda McCullough-Rock Me (12", Promo)(Atlantic)
Ullanda* -Want Ads (12")(Ariola Records America,Ocean)
Ultimate Kaos-Casanova (12")(Mercury Beats)
Ultra Phunk-So Into You (12")(Concept Recordings)
Ultra Tech-Perfect Jump (12")(Resident E Recordings)
Ultrasonix-Nite Trax Vol. 1 (12")(Ride Recordings (2))
Umod-Tromboline / On The Down Low (12")(Sonar Kollektiv)
Uncle Louie-Full-Tilt Boogie (12")(T.K. Disco)
Un-cut-Fallin' (12")(WEA,WEA)
Uncut, The-Devotion/Fluent And Pure/Over The Edge 12" (12")(Festplatten)
Under Cover-Don't You Think It's Time (Nanana ...) (12", Promo)(Sony Music Media)
Understatement-The Message (12")(Nite Life Recordings Ltd.)
Underwolves, The-In The Picture (12")(Jazzanova Compost Records (JCR))
Underworld-Dark & Long (12")(Junior Boy's Own)
Underworld-Underneath The Radar (12")(Sire Records Company)
Undo-Mirrorball (Remixes) (12")(Factor City Records)
Unicorn (5)-Hard Road (12")(XTC)
Unit East-Gasoline (12")(Motor Music)
United Future Organization-The Planet Plan (12", RP, Promo)(Talkin' Loud)
Units For Hour-I Get Ready (12")(Mantra Vibes)
Universal Sound Squad-Extra Hand (12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Unknown Artist-2000 & More EP (12")(Patchwork)
Unknown Artist-All I Need Is You (12")(Opaque Music)
Unknown Artist-Applied Force (12")(Complex)
Unknown Artist-Bamm Booty (12")(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Bionic Bebop / Break Dance (12")(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Closer To You (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Come On Drill / Shake Your Head / I Don't Shake (12")(Essential Mashups)
Unknown Artist-Complex Vol. 4: Circulation (2x12")(Complex)
Unknown Artist-Da Da Da (12")(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Dinge Aus Denen Träume Gemacht Sind #1 (12", Unofficial, S/Sided)(Not On Label (Dinge Aus Denen Träume Gemacht Sind Series))
Unknown Artist-Dinge Aus Denen Träume Gemacht Sind #3 (12", Unofficial, S/Sided)(Not On Label (Dinge Aus Denen Träume Gemacht Sind Series))
Unknown Artist-Double A Mix (12")(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Everybody (12")(No Mans Air)
Unknown Artist-Formen 3/5 (12")(Formen Records)
Unknown Artist-Formen 3/5 (12")(Formen Records)
Unknown Artist-Four To The Floor (12")(Ibiza Club)
Unknown Artist-H4 (12", S/Sided)(H Series)
Unknown Artist-Histoire Et Technologie (12")(Complex)
Unknown Artist-Homage Volume 1 (12")(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Introducing The A Team (12", W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Knight Of The Jaguar / Dancing, Dancing, Dancing (12")(P Series)
Unknown Artist-Let This Groove / Let This Dub (12")(2001 Records (2))
Unknown Artist-Minimal Elvis / Maximal Michael (12", Unofficial)(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Mix Your Own "Stars" (12")(TTR,WEA Records B.V.)
Unknown Artist-No Tune Test / Can You Feel The Bass (12", W/Lbl)(Hardbass Recordings (2))
Unknown Artist-Read My Damaged Mind (12", W/Lbl, S/Sided)(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Saturday Night (12", Promo, Ltd)(Floorfiller Music)
Unknown Artist-Shout - Volume 11 (12")(Shout)
Unknown Artist-Shout - Volume 7 (12")(Shout)
Unknown Artist-Shout - Volume 8 (12")(Shout)
Unknown Artist-That Feeling (12", S/Sided, W/Lbl)(Ruhm Records)
Unknown Artist-Theme From Noddy's Bell (12")(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Thunder Wave (12")(Not On Label (AC/DC))
Unknown Artist-To The Club (12", W/Lbl, S/Sided, Unofficial)(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Turbodisco 1 (12", S/Sided)(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Untitled (10", TP)(Revelation Recordings (3))
Unknown Artist-Untitled (12")(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Untitled (12", Unofficial)(Black Ball)
Unknown Artist-Untitled (12", W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Unknown Artist-Voulez 01 (12")(Not On Label)
Unknown Cases, The-If You Want Me To Stay / Masimba Bele Dub Mix (12", Maxi)(Rough Trade,Rough Trade)
Until December-Call Me / Free Again (12")(Columbia)
Until December-Live Alone In Shame / Until December (12")(Columbia)
Untitled Orchestra-Vintage EP (12", EP)(Icon Recordings)
Untitled Orchestra-Vintage EP (12", EP)(Icon Recordings)
Untitled Orchestra-Vintage EP (12", EP)(Icon Recordings)
Un-Xplained, The-Theme From Mission Impossible (12")(Royal Records)
Up Front-Hold Me Tight (12", Promo)(Posse Records)
Upserver-Mood Swings (12", Cle)(EDM Trance)
Upserver-Talk To Me (12", W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Uptown* -I Know I'm Losing You (12")(Silver Screen Records)
Urban (2)-The Way (12")(V2 Records Italy)
Urban Advance-Operator (12")(Urban Advance Records)
Urban Clockers-Spirit II You EP (12")(Basic Beat Recordings)
Urban Cookie Collective-Spend The Day (12")(Pulse-8 Records)
Urban DischargeFeaturingShe-Wanna Drop A House (On That Bitch) (12", Promo)(MCA Records Ltd.)
Urban Landscapes-On The Corner (12")(Progressive High)
Ursula 1000-Boop (12")(Eighteenth Street Lounge Music)
User (4)-Through The Looking Glass (12")(Extra Length Recordings)
User (4)-Tokyo Trax (12")(Extra Length Recordings)
User (4)-Untitled (12")(Corp Records)
User (4)-User Remixes (12")(Extra Length Recordings)
Usher-Caught Up (12")(LaFace Records)
Usher-U Got It Bad (12", Promo)(Arista)
Utada-You Make Me Want To Be A Man - Remixes (12")(Universal Music (UK))
Ute-Free To Be... Free To Breathe (LP, Album)(33 Records)
Vagrant, The-Fleabite / Phases (12")(Fuze Recordings)
Val Young-If You Should Ever Be Lonely (12", Promo)(Gordy)
Valentino Kanzyani-Zvijaca (12")(Circle Music)
Valerie Ford-Keep This Feeling Alive (12", Single)(T.C. Records)
Valerie Oliver-I Wanna Be Discovered (12")(Cyclops Records)
Van Der Karsten-Medicine (12")(Aqualoop Records)
Van Der Karsten-Medicine (12", Promo, W/Lbl)(Aqualoop Records)
Van Halen-Jump (12")(Warner Bros. Records)
Van Stephenson-What The Big Girls Do (12", Promo)(MCA Records)
Vanessa FranklinAndMidnight Energy-My Mind (12")(Peppermint Records (2))
Vanessa Freeman-The Way (12")(Chillifunk Records)
Vanessa Williams-The Right Stuff (12")(Wing Records)
Vanilla Ice-Rollin' In My 5.0 (12")(SBK Records)
Vanishing Point-Maverick (12")(Polyester Music)
Various Artists* -Connexions EP (2x12", EP)(Prototype Recordings)
Various-µ Allstars Criminal '02 (LP)(Planet Mu)
Various-08.#06 (12")(Platform B Recordings)
Various-12 Inch Classics (12", Comp)(Rams Horn Records)
Various-Aggropromo.001 (12", Promo)(Aggro Berlin)
Various-Alfaritam Vol. 1 (12")(Alfaritam)
Various-Amphibious Carbine EP (12", EP)(Catt Records)
Various-Aqualoop 100 (12", Promo)(Aqualoop Records)
Various-Artefacts EP (12", EP,)(Fizzy Duck)
Various-Asthmatic Worm (2xLP)(Mobilé)
Various-Audio Distractions #1 (12", W/Lbl)(D-Version Records)
Various-Bar 1 | Autumn.04 | The Vinyl Edition (Part 1) (12", Comp)(Shayan Music)
Various-Based On A True Story (2x12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Various-Based On A True Story (2x12")(Hadshot Haheizar)
Various-Best Of Scarabee Records No. 1 (12")(Scarabee Records)
Various-Black To The Future Sampler (LP, Smplr, Promo)(Diverse Recordings (4))
Various-Blendz & Remixes Vol. 21: The Club Edition Part IV (Vinyl, EP, Promo)(Bad Boy Crew)
Various-Blendz & Remixes Vol. 22: The Club Edition Part V (Vinyl, EP)(Bad Boy Crew)
Various-Blue Note Revisited (12")(Blue Note)
Various-Bolero Mix 4 (12", P/Mixed)(Blanco Y Negro (2))
Various-Broken Bootlegs (High Heels & Fatlaces) Vol. 2 (12")(Not On Label)
Various-Bunchlox Sampler 3.0 (12")(Bunchlox Music)
Various-Bunchlox Sampler 3.0 (12")(Bunchlox Music)
Various-Catalyst Sampler 2 (12", W/Lbl, Sti)(Catalyst Recordings)
Various-Chapter Six: Lies Are Like Wishes EP (12", EP)(ARMS)
Various-Circumstance(s) (12")(Informale)
Various-Ciudadanos EP (12", EP)(Eintakt)
Various-Club Sessions EP Part 5 (2x12", EP, W/Lbl, Promo)(Liquid V)
Various-CR2 Classics - Electro (12", Ltd)(Cr2 Records)
Various-Crazy Debut EP (12", EP)(Flex Schallplatten)
Various-Dabrye - Additional Productions Vol. 1 (12")(Ghostly International)
Various-Dance Classics Volume 1 (LP, Comp)(Arcade,Arcade)
Various-Dance Classics Volume 2 (LP)(Arcade)
Various-Das Abendmahl (2x12")(Superstar Recordings)
Various-Das Abendmahl (2x12")(Superstar Recordings)
Various-Die Vögel Gehn Zu Fuss (12")(Freiraum Musik,Freiraum Musik)
Various-Die Vögel Gehn Zu Fuss (12")(Freiraum Musik,Freiraum Musik)
Various-Die Vögel Gehn Zu Fuss (12")(Freiraum Musik,Freiraum Musik)
Various-Dirty Workz Deluxe Sampler # 02 (12", Smplr)(Dirty Workz)
Various-Disco Champions (LP)(Hansa)
Various-DJ Dean EP (12", EP)(Tunnel Records)
Various-DJ International Acid House Megajackmix (12", Mixed)(ZYX Records)
Various-Drizzly Ten, An Own World Vol. 005 (12")(Drizzly)
Various-Dust Traxx Compilation (12")(Dust Traxx)
Various-Electrik Pants (12")(Proptronix)
Various-Emergency Exit (2xLP)(Hadshot Haheizar)
Various-Emergency Exit (2xLP)(Hadshot Haheizar)
Various-Exit Music - Songs With Radio Heads EP#2 (12")(Rapster Records)
Various-Faces Within (2x12")(Deafmosaic)
Various-Five Years Exile (12")(Definition Records)
Various-Formaldehyd -25- (Part 1) (10", Whi)(Formaldehyd)
Various-Fourty (12")(Monoïd)
Various-Freakstreet EP (12", EP)(Freakstreet)
Various-Freeform Five Misch Masch Vol. 1 (12", Comp)(Fine.)
Various-Frei-Tot Sampler (Comic Edition) (2x7", Smplr)(Totschlag Records)
Various-From Antenna To Antenna 1 (12", EP)(Sender Records)
Various-From Ciociaria With Dub E.P. Course 2 (12", EP)(Mantra Vibes)
Various-From Manchester With (Sampler) (12")( Records)
Various-From The East To The West (12", W/Lbl)(Genetic Recordings)
Various-Geisha Volume 1 (12")(Geisha Rec.)
Various-Glücklich V 12" (12")(Compost Records)
Various-Groove Me / Let's Rock / Dance And Shake Your Tamburine / Above And Beyond (12")(OK Records (2))
Various-Hart Und Trocken Volume 4 (12")(Ex-Fusion Records)
Various-Hart Und Trocken Volume 5 (12")(Ex-Fusion Records)
Various-Hedonic 003 (12")(Hedonic Recordings)
Various-Hedonic 003 (12")(Hedonic Recordings)
Various-High Octane Compilation, Octane Rating 2000.1 (2x12")(High Octane Recordings)
Various-High Octane Compilation, Octane Rating 2000.1 (2x12")(High Octane Recordings)
Various-Hipnocratia EP (12", EP)(Hadshot Haheizar)
Various-Hithouse Hypes - Volume 1 (LP)(ARS Productions)
Various-Hollertronix # 8 "Welcome To Hell" (12")(Mad Decent)
Various-Housepower 3 (Vinyl, MiniAlbum)(Boju Records,Boju Records,Boju Records)
Various-I ♥ Techno - The Classics (Volume 5 Of 5) (12")(541)
Various-I See Green / Keep In Mind (12")(Irie Way Records)
Various-Ibiza Rise Forthcoming Releases (2x12")(Rise)
Various-Immer Wieder Sonntags (12")(Whirlpoolsex Music)
Various-Immer Wieder Sonntags (12")(Whirlpoolsex Music)
Various-Indecent Grooves 1 (12")(Indecent Grooves)
Various-Italo Boot Mix Vol. 10 (12", Mixed)(ZYX Records)
Various-Italo Boot Mix Vol. 14 (12", Mixed)(ZYX Records)
Various-It's The Motherfucking Remix (12", Promo, Unofficial)(Not On Label)
Various-Johnny Fiasco - The Neck Snapper Sessions Vol 1 (12")(Just Rockin Music)
Various-Join Venture EP (12", EP)(Upfront Records (5))
Various-Jubiläumsausgabe (12", EP)(Robox-Neotech)
Various-Kollektiv Kraft Pt.1 (12")(Cleansuite Records)
Various-Kultbox 2 (12")(Clubstar)
Various-Leaders Of The New School Vol 4 (12")(Toolroom Trax)
Various-Les Amis 02 (12")(Voltage Musique Records)
Various-Life Is A Party (LP)(Pow Wow Records)
Various-Look Out Soul Is Back (12", Mixed, Unofficial)(Go-Go Records Inc.)
Various-Mayday - The Great Coalition Compilation - Volume Two (12")(Low Spirit Recordings)
Various-Miami Spice EP (12", EP)(Estrela)
Various-Miami Spice EP (12", EP)(Estrela)
Various-Mining For Rough EP (12", EP)(Siteholder Records)
Various-Mining For Rough EP (12", EP)(Siteholder Records)
Various-Most Wanted Vol. 3 (12")(Andorfine)
Various-Munich Disco Tech Volume 1 (12")(Great Stuff Recordings)
Various-Music From Mathematics Vol 5 (12", EP)(Mathematics Recordings)
Various-Na Zdrowie E.P. (12", EP)(DJ's United Records)
Various-Nachschlag/Refill [Warenkorb #5.2] (12")(Ware)
Various-Nervous House Beats Vol. 4 (12")(Nervous Dog Records)
Various-Ninth Wonder LP Part One (2x12")(Progress)
Various-Octane Rating 98.1 (2x12")(High Octane Recordings)
Various-Out Of The Blue Ep (12")(Fonkka Records)
Various-Parotic Foundations Volume 1 (12")(Parotic Music)
Various-Patterns Of Force (Schablonen Der Gewalt) (2x12", Ltd, W/Lbl)(Frei-Tot Records)
Various-Playlist EP (12", EP)(Jazzanova Compost Records (JCR))
Various-Promo-5 (12", Promo, Mixed, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Promo Series))
Various-Promo-8 (12", Promo, Mixed, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Promo Series))
Various-Pure Intec EP (12", EP)(Intec Records)
Various-Receiving Data.....Ah, It's Coming! (2x12", Comp)(Sender Records)
Various-Reduced Appetizers (12", W/Lbl)(Titbit Music)
Various-Regatta De Blanc - Jackfruit ))) Compilation Vol.1 (2xLP, Comp)(jackfruit ))) records)
Various-Regrooves Volume Two (12")(Future Groove)
Various-Remix Culture 142 (2x12")(DMC)
Various-Remix Nation 2 (2x12", Promo)(Remix Nation)
Various-Remote Areas (12")(Remote Area)
Various-Rhythmetic 10 (12")(Rhythmetic)
Various-Riddim Driven: 12 Gauge (LP)(VP Records)
Various-Riddim EP (12")(Not On Label)
Various-Rolling House Sampler Vol. 4 (12")(Rolling House)
Various-Sampler 17 (12", Smplr)(Royal Flush Records)
Various-Sao Benitez Elemental EP Two (Air & Water) (12", EP)(Mr Bongo)
Various-Second Vibes EP (12", EP)(Step Ahead Records)
Various-Series I (12")(Morpheus Productions)
Various-Series II (12")(Morpheus Productions)
Various-Series II (12")(Morpheus Productions)
Various-Shocking (12")(Neuroshocked Recordings)
Various-Soulfuric Spring Sampler (2x12", Smplr)(Soulfuric Trax,Soulfuric Deep)
Various-Spread The Groove Volume 1 (12")(
Various-Subliminal Sessions III (12")(ID&T)
Various-Summer 2000 (12")(Kontor Records)
Various-Summertime Dub Plate Specials 2000 (12")(Not On Label)
Various-Super Maxis On LP - Maxi Mania II (LP, Comp, Mixed)(TELDEC)
Various-Superstar Sommer EP 2003 (2x12", Ltd)(Superstar Recordings)
Various-Taigatrommel (12")(Taigatrommel)
Various-Take 7 - Skizzo (LP, Comp)(Dance Opera)
Various-The Catalyst Sampler V3.0 (12", Smplr)(Catalyst Recordings)
Various-The Catalyst Sampler V3.0 (12", Smplr)(Catalyst Recordings)
Various-The Devil Is Dope (12")(Catalyst Recordings)
Various-The Finnish Tournament (12", EP)(Poker Flat Recordings)
Various-The House Sound Of Chicago - Megamix Vol. 1 - The Dance-House-Power-Remix (12", Mixed)(BCM Records)
Various-The Mixes 146 (2x12")(DMC)
Various-The Mixes 147 (2x12")(DMC)
Various-The Next Generation EP (12", EP)(Great Stuff Recordings)
Various-The Next Generation EP (12", EP)(Great Stuff Recordings)
Various-The U.S. Tournament (12")(Poker Flat Recordings)
Various-Third Deck Trax Vol. 1 (12")(Fortek)
Various-Trance Essentials Part 18 (12")(Liquid Recordings)
Various-TV Tower EP (12", EP)(Pulver Records)
Various-UK*USA - Rampling & Morales (4xLP)(React)
Various-Untitled (12")(1605 Music Therapy)
Various-Untitled (12")(Again Records)
Various-Untitled (12")(Scotti Bros. Records)
Various-Untitled (12", Promo)(Cutlass)
Various-Untitled (12", Unofficial)(II Dam Funky)
Various-Untitled (12", Unofficial, W/Lbl)(Not On Label)
Various-Untitled (12", W/Lbl)(Last Trouble)
Various-Urban '88 (LP)(Urban (2))
Various-Urban Club Cutz 11 (12", Promo, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Urban Club Cutz Series))
Various-Urban Club Cutz 15 (12", Promo, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Urban Club Cutz Series))
Various-Various Artists 01 (12")(Nomor Records)
Various-West Coast Cuisine (12")(Jungle Boogie Records)
Various-World Herding Championships Part 2 (12")(Sheep Records)
Various-X-Zel Compilation Series 1 Of 3 (12", Comp)(X-Zel)
Various-Y04 (12")(L'Age D'Or)
Various-Zeitgeist Christmas Sampler (2x12")(Zeitgeist)
Various/Soft League-Promo-3 (12", Promo, Mixed, Unofficial)(Not On Label (Promo Series))
Varoman-It's Beautiful / Kickin & Drummin (12")(Plusquam Records)
Vedrenn-Shift Command (12")(John Henry Records)
Vedrenn-Sound Is The Cure / Curative (12")(John Henry Records)
Velvet Jungle-I'm Not In Love With You (C'mon C'mon) (12", Promo)(Urban Soul)
Vendex-No One Cares (12")(Go For It)
Venetians, The-So Much For Love (12")(Chrysalis)
Venom (6)-Bass-Can U Handle It? (12")(Pow Wow Records)
Ventura-Electrified (12")(Mocca)
Venus Dodson-Night Rider / Where Are We Headed (12")(RFC Records,Warner Bros. Records)
Veracocha-Carte Blanche (Remixes) (12")(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
Verano-Popcorn (12")(Mental Madness)
Vernon Burch-Brighter Days (12", S/Sided, Promo)(Chocolate City)
Vernon Burch-Brighter Days (12", S/Sided, Promo)(Chocolate City)
Veronica Underwood-Victim Of Desire (12", Promo)(Philly World Records,Philly World Records)
Veronique (2)-Forget-Me-Nots (12", Pur)(Ear Candy)
Vesta Williams-Something About You (12")(A&M Records)
VHS Or Beta-Night On Fire (12")(Kitsuné Music)
Vibe ResidentsFeat.Dragonfly (2)-Temptation (12")(Stealth Records (UK))
Vicious Pink-Take Me Now (Extended Version) (12")(Parlophone)
Vicky "D"-Mystery Lover (12")(Sam Records)
Vicky Martin-Not Gonna Do It (12")(BCM Records)
Vicky Martin-Not Gonna Do It (12")(BCM Records)
Victor Davies-Hear The Sound - Remixed (12")(Afro Gigolo Records)
Victor Malloy-Tallyvan Army / The Girl Who Wasn't There (12")(Inertia Records)
Victoria Martin* -All I Do (12")(Attitude Records,Attitude Records)
Vikki Benson-Easy Love (12")(Bronze Records (2))
Vikter Duplaix-Looking For Love (12")(Hollywood Records)
Viktor Lazlo-Slow Motion (12")(Polydor)
Village People-Cruisin' (LP, Album)(Metronome)
Vince Ailey-Escalation (12")(Stickman Records)
Vince Buffa-True Love (12")(Sire Records Company)
Vincent Capretta-Turn The Beat Around (12")(LSA Records)
Vincenzo-Can You Feel What I Feel (12", W/Lbl, Promo, Sti)(Dessous Recordings)
Vincenzo-We Wait, Right Here (12")(Dessous Recordings)
Vincenzo&Steve Ferrand-Things Like That (12")(Dessous Recordings)
Vinny-Vinny's Magic Show (12")(Groove Alert Records)
Vinyl Blair-Blair Necessities (2x12")(Hard Hands)
Vinyl Virgins-Vinyl Virgins (12")(Reflection Records)
Vinylshakerz-Forget Me Nots (12")(Kontor Records)
Viola Wills-Gonna Get Along Without You Now (Brand New Dance Mix) (12", Single, Pic)(ARS Productions)
Viola Wills-Gonna Get Along Without You Now (Garage Mix) (12")(High Fashion Music)
Viola Wills-Reggae High (12")(Island Records)
Viola Wills-Stormy Weather (12")(Metronome)
Viola Wills-Stormy Weather (12")(Metronome)
Virgie Williams-Touch & Go (12")(Pretty Pearl Records)
Visage-Love Glove (12")(Polydor)
Visage/Peaches & Herb-The Golden Dance-Floor Hits Vol. 6 (12")(ZYX Records)
Visionary-Around The World / War In The Streets (12")(Rock & Groove Records)
Visionary-Dub Rock Sound (Remix) / Rock The Dub (12")(Dance Rock)
Visionary-Feel It / Sola Bossa (12")(Oscillate Recordings)
Visionary-Shout - Volume 4 (12")(Shout)
VisionaryFeat.Peter Ranking/Visionary-In The Dancehall / Global Emergency (12")(On Point Music)
VisionaryFt.Camp Souljah-Love And Hate / Turn Back (12")(Dance Rock)
Visions (7)-Hypnotized (12", Promo)(Polydor)
Visitor-Passing Through (2xLP)(D1 Recordings)
Vitamin Z-Burning Flame (12", Maxi)(Geffen Records,Geffen Records)
VoiFeat.Dzenita-Free (12")(Tech! Trance)
Void (4)-Dark Side Of The Moon (12")(Leaded,EastWest Records GmbH)
Voigt & Voigt-Speicher 5 (12")(Kompakt Extra)
Voigt & Voigt-Speicher 5 (12")(Kompakt Extra)
Voodoo & Serano-When I Rock (12")(Urban,Urban)
Voodoo Chilli-Titans EP (12", EP)(Cheap Thrills Records (2))
W. Jörg Henze* -Break Your Nape (12")(Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
W. Jörg Henze* -Siente Mi Cuerpo (12")(Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
Wacker* &Mahlstedt* -Switchblade / Funkball (12")(Marc et Claude's)
Wailing Souls-If I Were You (12")(Columbia)
Waldeck-Northern Lights (12")(Spray Records)
Wally Jump Jr & The Criminal Element-Don't Push Your Luck (LP, Album)(Criminal Records)
Wally Jump Jr. & The Criminal Element* -Turn Me Loose (12", Promo)(Criminal Records)
Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element* -Ain't Gonna Pay One Red Cent (12")(Criminal Records)
Walter Murphy-Themes From E.T. (The Extra Terrestrial) (12")(MCA Records)
Wambonix-Wambonix E.P (12", EP)(Jus' Trax)
Wamdue Kids-Memory EP (12", EP)(Studio !K7)
Wanda "Star" Williams* -Soap Opera Lover (12")(Dash,T.K. Disco)
Wang Inc.-Meditations For A Better World (12")(Persistencebit Records)
War-You Got The Power / Cinco De Mayo (12")(RCA)
War/Lonnie Jordan-Galaxy / Junkie To My Music (12")(MCA Records)
Ward Brothers, The-Cross That Bridge (12", Promo)(A&M Records)
Wardell Piper-Come On Back To Mama (12", Promo)(Sam Records)
Wardell Piper-Super Sweet (12")(Midsong International Records)
Warp 69-Natural High (12", RE)(Fresh Fruit Records)
Warp 9-Light Years Away (12")(Metronome)
Warp 9-Skips A Beat (12", Promo)(Motown)
Warren G-Make It Do What It Do (12")(Peppermint Jam)
Warren Smith&Toki* -Duologue / Heritage (12")(RCA)
Was (Not Was)-Walk The Dinosaur (12")(Mercury)
Wastepaper-Origami (12")(Paper Recordings)
Watching The News-Light-Fading In The Night (12")(Polydor)
Wavehead-The Second Coming (12")(Dorigen Music)
Wawa&Mad Mark-I'm In Love (12")(Session Recordings Switzerland)
Wayne Frost-Dyslexic (12")(Trenton Records)
Wayne Johnson-The Power Of Love (12")(Sure Sound Records)
Weather Girls, The-No One Can Love You More Than Me (12")(Columbia)
Wee Papa Girl Rappers-Wee Rule (12")(TELDEC)
Wee Papa Girls* -Wee Are The Girls (12")(The Brothers Organisation)
Weekend Warriors-Endless (12")(Ministry Of Sound (Germany))
Wehbba* -Mary's Army (12")(Craft Music)
Weltlichter-Vision Of Love (12")(Push Up Records)
WeltZwei-Auf Empfang (12", RP)(Sender Records)
WeltZwei-Expander (12")(Sender Records)
WeltZwei-Expander (12")(Sender Records)
WeltZweivs.Thomas Schaeben-On Standby (12")(Sender Records)
Wendell Williams-Everybody (12")(Minimal Records (2))
Wendi Rogers-C'mon Lover (12")(Midnight Sun Records)
Wendy & Lisa-Honeymoon Express (12")(Columbia)
West Street Mob-Break Dance - Electric Boogie (12", Maxi)(TELDEC)
WestBamAndLove Committee, The-Love Is Everywhere (New Location) (12")(Ministry Of Sound (Germany))
Westbam,Koon&Stephenson* -Always Music (The Mixes) (12", Promo)(Low Spirit Recordings)
Westend Ghetto-Krümelsuppe (12")(Punkt Music)
Western Block-Right Here Right Now (12")(Epic)
Westworld (2)-Sonic Boom Boy (12")(RCA Victor)
Wet-Don't Hide Inside Your Love (12", Maxi)(Bellaphon)
Whateverman-Get On It (12")(Definitive Recordings)
Wheels & Disco-Funk (12", S/Sided)(Not On Label (Daft Punk),Not On Label (Wheels & Disco))
Wheels & Disco-Funk (12", S/Sided)(Not On Label (Daft Punk),Not On Label (Wheels & Disco))
Whip Project-Let It Whip (12")(House Utilities)
Whirlpool Productions-Dense Music (2xLP, Album)(Ladomat 2000)
Whispers, The-And The Beat Goes On / Can You Do The Boogie (12")(RCA Victor)
Whispers, The-Contagious (12")(TSR Music GmbH)
Whispers, The-No Pain, No Gain (12")(Solar,MCA Records Ltd.)
White Trash (3)-Auf Dem Dach (12", Promo)(Hi Freaks)
Whiteman (1)-Stop Crying Bruno (10")(Not On Label)
Whiteside-Joy & Happiness (12")(Zürich By House)
Whitney Houston-I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (12")(Arista)
Whitney Houston-My Name Is Not Susan (12", Pro)(Ariola)
Who Da Funk-Music In Me (12")(Sondos,Sondos)
Who Da FunkFeaturingJessica Eve-Shiny Disco Balls (12")(Subusa)
Wide Boy Awake-Billy Hyena (12", Promo)(RCA)
Wi-Fi (2)FeaturingMelanie M-Be Without You (12")(Kontor Records)
Wi-Fi (2)FeaturingMelanie M-Be Without You (12")(Kontor Records)
Wighnomy Bros.* /Köhncke* /Heimermann* -Speicher 31 (12")(Kompakt Extra)
Wil Davis-You Will Remember Me (12", Promo)(Emergency Records,Emergency Records)
Wilbert Longmire-Love's Holiday / Black Is The Color (12")(Tappan Zee Records,Columbia)
Wild Fantasy-Jungle Drums (12", Promo)(Midsong International Records)
Wilde & Wolsey-Byrnes' Unit (12")(Grade Recordings)
Will Downing-Come Together As One (12")(Island Records)
Will Downing-Something's Going On (12")(4th & Broadway)
Will Downing-Test Of Time (12")(Island Records)* -I Got It From My Mama (12", Promo)(Interscope Records)
Williams-Pinball (12")(Tsuba Records)
Willie Clayton-Never Too Late (12", Sin)(Polydor)
Willie Colón-She Don't Know I'm Alive (12")(A&M Records)
Willis Dempo-Where Did You Get That Body (Baby) (12")(4 Sight Records)
Willis-Paper & Stone (12")(679 Recordings)
Wilson Pickett-Groove City / Love Of My Life (12", Maxi)(EMI America)
Wilson Pickett&Jackie Moore-Seconds (12")(Mercury)
Wilson Pickett&Jackie Moore-Seconds (12")(Mercury)
Wilton Felder-Gentle Fire (12")(MCA Records)
Wilton Felder-Insight (12")(MCA Records Ltd.)
Winans, The-Let My People Go (12", Maxi, Pur)(Qwest Records)
Winans, The-Very Real Way / Let My People Go (12")(Qwest Records)
Wintermücke-Wintermücke (12")(Sturzflug Records)
Wish (2)-Mr. D.J. (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Wish (2)-Mr. D.J. (12")(Rams Horn Records)
Withard & JuvePres.Sonera/OverDrive Division-Takin' Me High / Paradise Remixes (12")(Fanatic Beatz,Fanatic Beatz)
Wokie* -She's So Cold (New Remixes) (12", Single, Promo)(Epic)
Wolfgang Press, The-Kansas (12")(4AD)
Wonderland Avenue-White Horse (12")(Kontor Records)
Wood II* -Wood II (12")(Energy Industries)
Woodentops, The-Good Thing (12", Single)(Rough Trade)
Woodentops, The-Plenty (12")(Food)
Woodentops, The-Well Well Well (12")(Rough Trade)
Work In Progress (3)-Maxou Birthday (12")(KarateMusik)
Worker Poor-Paradis (12", S/Sided)(Pornflake Records)
Workidz-Club Music E.P Vol. VI (12", EP)(Secret Service Records)
Workidz-The Ultimate Disco Soundz - Part IV (12")(Jeans Recordings)
Wouldbenice-Backlash EP (12", EP)(Vidab Records)
Wreckin' Crew-Pixie Dust (12")(Sounds Of Florida Records)
Wuf Ticket-Ya Mama (12", Promo)(Prelude Records)
WUZ-All Right (12")(Poumtchak)
Wyclef JeanFeat.Missy Elliott-Party To Damascus (12", Promo)(J Records)
X (5)-Burning House Of Love (12", W/Lbl, Promo)(Elektra)
X-13-Untitled (12")(Conrail Records)
Xavier (6)-Give Me The Night (12")(10 Records)
Xavier Naidoo-20.000 Meilen (2x12")(Pelham Power Productions,)
Xavier Naidoo-Sie Sieht Mich Nicht (12")(Pelham Power Productions)
Xavion-Eat Your Heart Out (12")(Polydor)
Xdistrict-Color Correction (12")(Playhouse)
XLR Project-The Space Programme (12")(Resistance)
X-Pact-Excess / My Soul (12")(Friends)
X-Press 2-Say What! (12")(Junior Boy's Own)
X-Press 2-Strobelight Silhouette / Bi-Curious Magic (12")(Skint Records)
X-Press 2-Supasong (12")(Skint Records)
X-Ray Connection-Replay (12")(Dance-Sing Records)
X-Ray Vision-Video Control (12")(Manhole Record Co.)
XRS/XRS+Marky* -A Mosca / Striptease (12")(Bingo Beats)
Ya Kid K-That Man (12")(SBK Records)
Yakooza-Big Deal (12")(Overdose,Overdose)
Yamaoka-Kirin EP (12", EP)(Kazumi)
Yamul-Planet Crash (12")(Important Records)
Yarbrough & Peoples-Don't Stop The Feeling (12")(Total Experience Records)
Yeah! (3)-Go Go Girls (12")(The M-Company)
Yellow Domino-Yellow Domino (12")(White Gold Dance)
Yo Se'-Stronger (12", TP)(Dust Traxx)
Yohann Js-I Feel So Good (12")(Rewind (Bootleg From Paris))
Yohei Suzuki-African Prayer E.P. (12", EP)(Nitelist Music)
Yomanda-You're Free (12")(Kontor Records)
Yomanda-You're Free (12")(Kontor Records)
Yonderboi-Were You Thinking Of Me? (12")(Mole Listening Pearls)
YoshPresentsLovedeejay Akemi-It's What's Upfront That Counts (12", S/Sided)(Funkin Donuts)
Yoshimoto (2)-Du What U Du (The New Remix Edition) (12")(Alphabet City)
Yoshimoto (2)-I Want Yu 2 Hear Me (12")(It Records (Italy))
YoungBloodZ-85 / Hot Heat (12", Maxi, Promo)(Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment,LaFace Records)
Yummy-If You Want Me To (12")(House Jam Records)
Yvan & Dan Daniel-Enjoy The Silence (12")(BigCityBeats)
Yvan & Dan Daniel-Enjoy The Silence (12")(BigCityBeats)
YZ-G.Rock-P-Funk (12")(BCM Records)
YZ-The Ghetto's Been Good To Me / Acid Rain (12")(Livin' Large Records)
Zairon-Stand Up (12")(Ipnotika)
Zan + Wandalis-You're So Vain (Vinyl)(Pulse 8 Records)
Zappaman-Another Day In Rio (12")(Dance Pollution)
Zappaman-One Day In Cozumel (12")(Dance Pollution)
Zdar* -Don't U Want / How Do U See Me Now (12")(Turbo)
Zen/Vital Elements-Bubble 'N' Squeek / Jugonaught (12", Promo)(Reformed Recordings)
Zenobia* -In The Night (12")(Streetwise)
Zero Sanity-Superdimp (12")(Next Chapter)
Zero Tolerance & Beta 2* -5 Spot / Your World (12")(Innerground Records)
Z-Formation-Intense EP (12", EP)(Hi-Bias Records Inc.)
Ziel 100-Freakwave (12")(Zielscheiben)
Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers-Everyone Wants To Be (2x12")(Elektra)
Zimmermann* -Geigenhimmel / The Return Of Horst Jackson (12")(Hi Freaks)
Zinc (2)-I'm Livin' A Life Of Love (12")(Jive)
Zinc* Feat.Slarta Jon* -Flim (Calibre Vocal & Dub Mixes) (12")(Bingo Beats)
Z'Looke-Gitchi U (12")(Orpheus Records)
Zoo Brazil-Bass / At The Weekend / Come Around (12")(Systematic (3))
Zoo Brazil-Bitch Boys (12")(John Henry Records)
Zoo Brazil-Black Light (12", W/Lbl)(Harthouse Mannheim)
Zoo Brazil-Body Talk EP (12")(Fine.)
Zoo Brazil-Do It Like Moss / Palidroms (12")(John Henry Records)
Zoo Brazil-Face (12")(John Henry Records)
Zoo Brazil-Face (12")(John Henry Records)
Zoo Brazil-Free Tour EP (12", Promo, EP)(Estereo)
Zoo Brazil-Future Chock E.P. (12")(Kass Recordings)
Zoo Brazil-Paranoia (12")(John Henry Records)
Zoo Brazil-Paranoia (12", Promo)(John Henry Records)
Zoo Brazil-Resist (12")(Pickadoll Records)
Zoo Brazil-Who Are Fake (12")(John Henry Records)
Zoo Brazil-Who Are Fake (12")(John Henry Records)
zuHOUSE Rockers presents Nerio Morales-Power (Vol. 4) (12")(zuHOUSE Records)
Zulus-Mission Imperative (12")(Marlboro Music)
Zweikarakter-My Refresh (12")(Playtracks)
Zwicker-I Get My Kicks At Nighttime (12")(Compost Records,Compost Black Label)

" Kennt ihr weitere gute Foren zum anbieten von Tonträgern? "

  • Na klar: klick ( Viel Spaß!
    - Hawkwind, 7 years ago
  • zählt das auch? ich dachte immer, ein gutes forum sei eines, in dem man gute menschen trifft.
    - Senator Axl Rose, 7 years ago
  • tja, ich hab nen mittleren posten platten geordert, davon waren aber 5 stück aus irgendwelchen gründen nicht lieferbar bzw. schon weg. der differenzbetrag sollte eigentlich erstattet werden, da ist aber nie wieder was gekommen und ich hab jetzt auch seit fast zwei wochen nichts mehr vom verkäufer gehört. :mad:
    - Senator Axl Rose, 7 years ago
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