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  • The dangerous world of combining selegiline with substances in pursuit of synergy:

    L-deprenyl, aka selegiline is an irreversible enzyme inhibitor that is selective for monoamine oxidase B at low doses, also inhibiting MAOA at higher doses.

    In addition to exerting positive effects on mood, cognition, and motivation, selegiline is neuroprotective. It turns out that MAO, in oxidizing dopamine-like substances, creates various free-radicals, many being peroxide species. These free-r

  • The dangerous world of combining selegiline with substances in pursuit of synergy:

    L-deprenyl, aka selegiline is an irreversible enzyme inhibitor that is selective for monoamine oxidase B at low doses, also inhibiting MAOA at higher doses.

    In addition to exerting positive effects on mood, cognition, and motivation, selegiline is neuroprotective. It turns out that MAO, in oxidizing dopamine-like substances, creates various free-radicals, many being peroxide species. These free-r

  • After lurking for a couple hours I've gathered some on the prominent methods for defeating the TIMERx ER protection in Opana ER for IV ROA. Here's what i've found:

    As of 09/23/09 there is no fast way to fix these but if you prep them a day in advance, you can still shoot them.
    I only tried a 12 hour extraction period this time but I'd give it 24 if you want to make sure it's all out.
    I didn't remove the coating but I'd recommend someone try and verify that nothing goes wrong

  • ... structures?

    I can think of a few off the top of my head.

    My favorite is....


    Lefetamine is really a substituted phenethylamine. It's SIMILAR in structure to amphetamines, but has a phenyl group at the alpha carbon rather than a methyl group (Alpha Methyl PHenyl EThyl AMINE is actually how amphetamine was "named"). It's still very s

  • Hey,

    My story is physically I have a very bad lower back. It hurts right in the middle on the very last "bone" or the end of the spine I think. The pain doesn't move, doesnt radiate or shoot or anything, its chronic on that bone. Nothing I do makes it better or worse, aside from standing which makes it worse while I stand.

    Im 29 and for YEARS going to the doctor they tinkered around with things like codeine, tramadol, paracetimol, gabapentin, orphenadrine, diclofe

  • I was just thinking, i wonder if you can inject Tramadol pills? I'm sure they put something in it that can harm you if injected it. What about cold water extraction of Trams? I wonder if it's possible?

    I'm not asking because i am gonna try it but i am kinda curious. Has anyone ever done it?

    I know there is an IV version of Trams but I've never heard of anyone crushing the pills etc... to inject it? Probably wouldn't be worth it to most people because there probably wouldn'

  • Since there are so many people here that use both Tramadol (also know as Ultram or Ultracet) and Zoloft (or other SSRI anti-depressants) I figured I should point out the possibly deadly interaction that this can cause. According to my research that can easily be confirmed, when people take both Zoloft and Tramadol together, they are at risk for a potentially deadly syndrome called Serotonin Syndrome. Both Zoloft and Tramadol work on the Serotonin usage portion of the brain. This can cause a toxi

  • Hello all.

    Yes I am a new member. I did my intro post in the beginner forum you can go read it there. Basically i am a Tramadol addict. I was wondering if any of you know any good Trmadol secrets. I am aware that there aren't a lot of Tramadol Addicts but for me it is a miracle drug, it gets me high, energetic, creative and it takes care of my chronic pain.

    I have tried cold extraction with it and anal use which worked ok. But I've also tried anal use wihtout cold extractio

  • I posted a reply to an earlier thread where he asked how, explaining the process. It is very simple.

    but since it seems to be such a sought after topic and I am trying to get to 25 posts i will repost it here where people might actually see what I wrote and stop asking this question what seems like constantly. And yes I feel for you guys who ask, not one of you has gotten a straight answer, just alot of retarted res

  • Tramadol

    9 years ago

    is there anything interesting that can be done with tramadol?

  • shooting morphine

    10 years ago

    I heard there are some morphine pills that r not water soluble. can anyone help me out and tell what morphine pills are water soluble so i can shhot them. Can anyone tell me about there expereince shooting morphine.

  • Okay, at the risk of making an arse of myself, most of my firearms experience is limited to the tactical side of things with mulsurp and pistol shooting, and I'm quite ignorant about the hunting/competition shooting. But, after being a member for just about a year at my local R&G, I really have an interest in shooting skeet and trap after stopping by to watch on occasion.

    I bought a new Remington 870 Express Tactical last year with the 18" cyclinder barrel and extended tube w



    I have been using drugs, primarily opiates, for around 10 years now. Being so, Ive heard alot of people talking about a couple subjects which Id like to share my views and experiences on. Please, please, email me any questions you have regarding opiates, ways of administration, etc.. to me if you are worried or concerned. I know p

  • The Saga of the M16 in
    Vietnam (part 1)

    by **** Culver

    The following story is one that I tell with some trepidation, since my experience(s) with the "Matty Mattel Mouse Guns" were not pleasant ones. In this time and place far separated from the grim reality of kill or be killed, the bitter memories of the "little black rifle that wouldn’t shoot" have started blending into the mists of long forgotten firefights. Some of the bitterness of those

  • Hey all, over the last couple of months I have been doing much experimenting with codeine and various ways to potentiate it and drugs which synergise well with it. There was a thread recently but I feel it took a turn more towards tripping on DXM and antihistamines.

    Codeine is a pro-drug converted into morphine in the liver by CYP2D6, an enzyme of the CYP450 system. This process is called O-demethylation. Approximately 7% of the Caucasian population are CYP2D6 poor metabolizers, meaning

  • Einzelverkauf aus großer Liste, Minimal/House/Techno/Elektro/Funk/Soul/Disco

    Mehrere 1000 Vinyle als Excel Datei

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    Zustand ausschließlich Mint - VG+

    "Little Louie"

  • It's on my mind and it's time for another late night Dragon post.

    I got to spend a moment with Dragon today at Red Studios Hollywood. Promptly afterwards during dinner I was asked why I'm spending so much time researching, studying, and testing this camera out. More specifically they were curious why I was so damn interested in it.

    I thought it would be fun to write up some of the features I l

  • scalar weapons

    2 years ago

    This is interesting. All done by extracting power from the vacuum of space with a huge di-pole. If this is a true invention then it would fit the bill for the kind of effects that Matthew Delooze talks about with the 2012 logo. It could be a hoax of course because the science of it starts to make sense and then disappears up its own aperture. Here it is - will be interested to hear what everyone thinks.

    by Christi Verismo

  • I hope that I'm not upsetting anyone by starting a new thread, but I think that this is imperative information for those who suffer from any kind of anxiety. I have pulled this list from a website, and it can be accessed easily by anyone, should they care to do the right kind of research.

    My suggestion to all of you with anxiety, like me, is this:

    Before presuming that you have any sort of rare (or not so rare) disease, take into account all of the other times that you be

  • The following ATL is based on the thread:

    Here is the final draft of the ATL so far:

    August 15th, 1977: Dr. Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977, while working on a SETI project at the Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University then located at Ohio Wesleyan University's Perkins Observatory, Delaware, Ohio. The signal bore all of the hallmarks of potential non-terrestrial and non-Solar System or

  • Ein guter Artikel, den ich bei den Steam News gefunden habe. Quelle ist

    How Has Assassin’s Creed III Disappointed Me? Let Me Count The Ways.

    I thought I was going to love Assassin's Creed III. From everything I'd seen, it seemed like Ubisoft was doing everything in their not-inconsiderable power to push their flagship series into brave new territory.Except… well, they didn't manage to

  • True FRPG story!

    10 years ago

    I assume a few of you have heard of Tunnels and Trolls, and maybe a couple of you played it, even though it was shadowed by Dungeons and Dragons. I recently started playing, have a level 5 dwarf wizard (doesn't make much sense in a roleplaying way, but I came up with a little background for him: he's basically an outcast from the dwarven society for casting destructive magic) named Galiot. I found this nifty T&T story, if you want to read it all - it's long!

    I. The Mist

  • I came across these pills, there 50mg of tramadol (ultram) and I have no info on them, haven't taken them before or even heard of them. So my questions are:
    How much can they be sold for on the street (if at all)?
    Can they really cause CNS stimulation (instead of cns depression :confused: )? (I'm not taking them if they do)
    Are they even an opiate?
    How is this high?
    How long till they kick in if chewed?
    Any other advice and anyone have any bad side effects or experiences

  • The game is far from released so all of this information is subject to change and varying in quality. A lot of what I've gathered so far is from various forum posts. I'm still working on compiling what I can, so feel free to post links to information you think should be added. Also, if there is anything Trendy would like removed, please let me know. I would like to keep this topic alive as information is available. The best place to start is by reading the official FAQ as well, which can be

  • Just a thread to see who will be interested. Map to come later.


    Mobius: Total Chaos


    Seven years ago, a vast tidal wave of energy surged across the planet. Many were vaporised, many driven insane, many left to mourn. Cities were obliterated, infrastructure disintegrated, civilizations collapsed. Mobius' wish of disposing of its tyrant had finally been accomplished, but at terrible cost.

    But, that was seven years ago. Your people have

  • SINCE The original "DRAGON - ITS THE REAL DEAL !!!!" thread got modded / closed, due to some crazy out bursts, lets keep this one civil ya... :)

    Hi Everyone...

    Having the Dragon in my hands was privilege… and a curse !
    Hundreds of emails from people wanting me to do tests for them, people wanting to know if there lenses will still work on it, people wanting to fly down and help out... crazy stuff going on in the back ground. (and sorry not to respond to y

  • Double Hong Kong film series at New York Film Festival

    The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York is sponsoring two film series: A Tribute to Shaw Brothers Studios and Recent Films from Hong Kong, at the 42nd New York Film Festival, which opened on October 1.

    Director of the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in New York, Miss Sarah Wu, welcomed the audience to the opening night of the Shaw Brothers tribute at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center tonight

  • Stephen quipped in his essay that if you can't kill an intruder (or your wife in the act of raiding the fridge) with 10 rounds, you need to go back to the shooting range.

    In response to that assertion, I'd like to point out the recent incident in Georgia where a woman successfully defended herself and her two nine year old children from a crowbar wielding intruder. She fired all six rounds from her .38 revolver, striking the man in the face and neck with five rounds, after retreatin

  • Rio Bravo (1959)

    8 years ago



    John Wayne The big gu


    Millennium Challenge 2002 (MC02) was a major war game exercise conducted by the United States armed forces in mid-2002, likely the largest such exercise in history. The exercise, which ran from July 24 to August 15 and cost $250 million, involved both live exercises and computer simulations. MC02 was meant to be a test of future military "transformation"—a transition toward new technologies that enable network-centri

  • Greetings to all of you !
    I'm from Serbia, and I've been using opioides in the past 9 years.
    Me and my family tried every method of treatment (we didn't try Naltrexone because I'm strongly against the use of antagonists, they destroy organism much stronger than any opiate and don't do anything to alleviate the mental suffering which lasts for years after stoping with opioides) and nothing worked for me. Buprenorphine is not yet registered in Serbia, but I tried it and it was completly no

  • tramadol 50mg

    7 years ago

    can you run tramadol, im gettin mixed feedback, 50 mg pills crushed and run?
    anybody tried it, if so, what was it like?

  • Dear all,

    I'm doing my best to understand creating stereo images, both via camera and via CGI. But one core issue has me perplexed, one which really hurts the otherwise beautiful effect of 3D: ghosting. In particular, when there is a great deal of depth between the fore- and background, the left and right images cannot line up on all depth planes, and some mis-alignment is introduced.

    Unfortunately, my 3D cameras are all fixed lens, so I have only one IA, but in 3DS Max (

  • Welcome to the Opioid Withdrawal Megathread and FAQ!

    The purpose of this thread is to facilitate questions and discussion for anyone who is considering, in the midst of, or even just curious about, withdrawing from opiates. Withdrawal is no picnic, however not knowing what to expect and what can be done to help ease the pain makes it that much worse. Remember that no matter how terrible your symptoms may seem they are only temporary. Countless people have been the

  • My intention is to make one unified thread containing solutions to the issues that this game has.

    Too many problems!
    DarkXL ( fixes many of the problems with a single solution.

    No mouse aim

    Solution #1: (
    Download GlovePIE (
    Run GlovePIE whenever you play Dark Forces. Load (and save) the following script:

  • From The Times
    London, UK
    26 March, 2011

    Dr Dukan: the man who’s made us all no-carb bores

    From Jennifer Lopez to Jenni Murray, suddenly the whole world seems to be on the Dukan diet

    French diet doctor Pierre Dukan, the famous creator of the Dukan diet – the one the entire world seems to be on – is looking for a pencil. “Where did I put eet?” he asks in his heavily accented English. He spots the pen I am using. Suddenly, he swoops down. “This wil

  • The following text is from "The Stinger Missile and U.S. Intervention in Afghanistan" by Alan J. Kuperman
    I shorten the post to the Stinger's impact; the beginning text details the policy decisions to provide the

    The Stinger’s Impact

    A number of important questions about the Stinger’s use in Afghanistan have never been addressed satisfactorily. Most fundamentally, what was the Stinger’s military impact? Second, what was its political impact,

  • I doubt weed is going to happen though, i don't know ANYONE in real life who i know does drugs. I might try and find somebody in the near future, but there isn't exactly anywhere close to me where i could just go to to "cop" anything, no "dealers walking the streets" in a 300,000 person city (i live close to it: Green Bay if anyone knows of the Packers!). Plus i don't think i'd feel comfortable enough to risk it, ESPECIALLY not with weed. Can't exactly order it over the inter

  • Hello everyone!!

    I looked in many posts, and I haven't seen any list of promo codes!
    So that, I decided to make a guide about it :)!

    This guide answers to :

    What is a Promo Code?
    How to enter one?
    Can you please tell me some promo codes?:O


    QUESTION 1 : What is a Promo Code?

    A Promo Code is a typing key which permits you to get Vanities!



  • This was a post that I made in the thread about Chicago's rapid detox. When I posted it, I thought the thread was going to be just about what the experience was like. If you have read that thread you know that there is much more to his thread.

    So I just wanted to share my experience so people don't think that everybody has had a horrible experience with rapid detox.

    Obviously it is not a magic bullet that is a cure for addiction. But, IME it can work. If you use it as a

  • Barrel length vs velocity seems to always be a topic of interest to most hunters. But with the 22LR cartridge, rifle length barrels can actually reduce the velocity potential of this round.

    In the VOL. 9, NO. 4 issue of GUNS & AMMO magazine, Bob Milek wrote an article titled: BARREL LENGTH VS VELOCITY, where he took a number of barrels and guns and cut down the barrels in one inch increments, measuring the velocity loss at each step of the process for a number of centerfires as

  • I read all that I could about this subject and the dreaded TIMERx anti-abuse matrix. I've had precious few Opana ER 20mg. to fool around with but decided to take a stab at it anyway. There's not much truly unique in the following but I thought it was worth recounting with a few little pointers I discovered the hard way for the most part.

    Firstly, I have not tried the 24-hour water soak method because I wasn't certain how I'd keep the water standing that long and remaining anything like

  • I dont know if this is the right forum but I thought it would be better to put it here than in BD or OD. I suffer from rather "powerful" social phobia. Ok so i've been fighting with social phobia for over 5 years with little luck. Here is my story: I've tried various medications,ADs,supplements and of course drugs. Here is the list of things Ive tried:

    - SSRIs were a joke. Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil - only fucking side effects.

    - Most people are helped in social phobia

  • I'm about to make an awesome trade this afternoon----- 8 x 4mg generic dilaudid for 8 x 50 mg tramadol!!!!!! ( yes I am receiving the Dilaudid and giving the tramadol....) Now I don't shoot, but c'mon oral hydromorphone is way better than fucking tramadol...... I'm making the trade with this dude who has no real habit and enjoys tramadol..... I don't feel bad because I informed the dude that dilauadid is highly sought after by IV users, but that its not nearly as effective when you take them o

  • There are only two ways to cure withdrawal. The first is by taking more opiates and it is really not the answer we are looking for. The second is time. No matter what you do to help ease your way through withdrawal, the only real way to get better is over time. During this time, since we can't directly treat the cause of the withdrawal by taking more opiates (or we only partially treat them if tapering), we treat the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

    Supportive Treatment

  • Overview:
    -Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
    -Offline:200 :gsicon:
    -Online: 0
    -Approximate amount of time to 200:gsicon:: 30-40hrs
    -Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 (1 per class)
    -Number of missable achievements: None (repeatable levels)
    -Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes
    -Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
    -Glitchy achievements: Critical Hit (Works on the Rogue only), Eternal Hero (Replay the last level until it unlocks)<

  • 1. Speak to Atronius in the Arcane University in the Imperial City and ask about the Vampire Cure. He will tell you about the Count of Skingrad also being a vampire and that you might want to speak to him.
    2. Speaking to the Count continues the quest. The Count will tell you about a Witch who is the last of her kind. Legend has it they were able to cure Vampirism. He will also tell you where to find this witch.
    3. Once you have spoken to the witch, she will ask for 5 empty Grand

  • With performance, I mean how well Arma runs on your computer. I do not mean your performance in shooting other people. The ARPS group does not care about scores (I do care about my own score, but that is because I am bloodthirsty, and an exception). This page is about making Arma run decently fast. You will be aiming for something 'round 20 fps, and things generally are playable. If you are struggling to reach playable framerates, here are a few notes:

    Interface resolution should always

  • Future Opiates

    6 years ago

    The language of this may be hard to understand but it is a great article, enjoy!!


    A significant minority of the population only feel truly well on opioids. In effect, they self-medicate, taking responsibility for their own mental health in defiance of medical orthodoxy.

    It would indeed be extraordinary if - alone among the neurotransmitter systems of the brain - the endogenous opioid families were immune from dysfunction. E

  • I notice that Jester is considered a weird class - most people dislike the class, or think it's the worst thing ever.

    I've been reading a while, but I figured I'd just bite the bullet and write this - this is more or less what happens when you spend FAR too much time playing the game, I guess.

    This will go into stupid amounts of in depth, and may be subject to change by Trendy Entertainment via patching. I suspect that a lot of stuff that will be noted in this document may

  • Dragon Skin...

    8 months ago

    Thanks to Jim and Jarred, I had a chance to spend some time with the Dragon last weekend...

    My goal was to explore the color and dynamic range of the new sensor specifically on people and skin tones.
    First off I want to make a few things clear...

    This camera's color science is beta, in fact the version of RCX I used is still using RG3 & RC3 so they are not yet matched to the immense DR and color info of these files.

    This came

  • i'm sure you are familiar with the taxing system, how we get taxed on our pay, taxed here there and everywhere. well, when it comes to supplements, the taxing is only so different as that "they" tax you health, big time, with the supplements you are taking.

    things you should be looking out for in you supplements that destoys you health and good moods quicer than the vitamins supposedly keeps it up, are:

    *Soy : Hundreds of epidemiological, clinical and laboratory s

  • The following is an excerpt from a article I authored so many years ago. Might be helpful in understanding the difference between a "power head" and a "bang stick"---there is a difference!

    Power Heads and Bang Sticks

    by Dr.Samuel Miller

    The "power head" and the "bang stick" are not synonyms, though they could be considered distant cousins. Both use a gunpowder cartridge, but the similarity ends there. The powerhead is shot from a

  • I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to look at this cryptogram. At several junctures I sought guidance through prayer and the Lord provided me with answers as to where to look. My understanding through prayer is that the Lord does not want these crimes to remain unsolved.

    The use of two different colored high lighter pens for alternating words will help you visually see the messages.

    Zodiac 340 Cryptogram

    This partial solution provides the killers name, pro

  • The information in this thread has been moved to

    A thread for discussion of the wiki page only can be found here

    Thread closed.

    I think it's about time we tried to make a list of all games on Kickstarter currently trying to get funding that either support Linux, say they might support Linux, or even just are worth mentioning as we may be able

  • this content and modern styling for < $14K? Really! ( Gerdes - CleanMPG ( - Jan. 3, 2012

    2012 Kia Rio 5-door - $13,600 to start and a 30/40 mpgUS city/highway rating awaits its new owner.

    Austin, TX -- In the very heart of Texas, the fiercely independent Capital of Austin has been

  • Q: What kind of file do you need to turn a 15mm hole into a 40mm hole?
    A: A pedophile.

    Q: What's a pedophile's favorite part of a hockey game?
    A: Before the First Period.

    Q: How do you swat 200 flies at one time
    A: Hit an Ethiopian in the face with a frying pan.

    Q: What is a redneck virgin?
    A: A seven year old that can run faster than her brothers.

    Q: What do you throw a Mexican man when he's drowning?
    A: His wi

  • Quick Note

    As of Ubuntu 8.10 driver installation is no longer necessary for rev 1 tuners and no longer necessary for rev2 as of 9.04 you just need to pop the attached firmware into /lib/firmware if you have the rev 2 then you dont need the firmware.

    Driver Installation

    sudo -i

    apt-get update

    apt-get install install mercurial build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`

    hg clone

    cd v4l-dvb

  • morphine --> heroin

    8 years ago

    Hi all, i have a few questions
    Someone Who I Met (SWIM) has procured a small amount of acetic anhydride and has some morphine sulphate pills
    he has a few questions, which i will ask
    does the morphine sulphate need to be converted to HCL or Citrate or the free base or anything else? if so, what one? can i free base morphine sulphate by using sodium hydroxide? is there any chance of the morphine free base being soluble in the sodium hydroxide solution, i have read that morphinate &q

  • Here is the Ritewing ZII molded in EPOR
    The Zeph has been a work in progress for a few years, it has never been avail as a buy it now off my website.

    I have gone through extensive design tweaks over the last few years and look what has happened.

    The new one builds out with lam only and needs no weave with 90.
    It can be built an easy 8 to 10 oz lighter than the EPP version,it has the wing area of the 60" EPP version in a 56'' wingspan.
    The wing area of the 5

  • First off, I know that there is a "Reaper on Hard" thread already, I just wanted to throw a few stratagies out there to help people who are having trouble with it. Also, half that thread is talking about the "Dupe Glitch" and what you can and can not do to get the achievement. (IE, changing difficulty right before you fight him.)

    Aaaaalso! This is my first guide-type-thing. So please don't throw stones at me if this doesn't work for you :)

    I beat the Harve

  • I wrote an article on SSD's, very short but maybe it helps to cut through all the myths of SSD's that infect all kinds of fora, including here.

    The SSD myth unraveled

    Written September 2011.


    SSD's are hot. Everybody talks about them and they are rumored to be the non-plus-ultra for performance gains. I write this to create a more realistic view on where we are now with SSD's.

    SSD's have the reputation of being very fast, much faster than

  • I'm not new to Ubuntu, but my last HP laptop just kind of worked out of the box when I put Ubuntu on it.

    I recently bought the Zenbook, and while I love the size, look, feel, everything, I've just spent about 12 hours actually getting ubuntu loaded.

    If anyone wants a breakdown of how to get ubuntu on the machine as a sole boot, using the SSD as the "/" folder, and the HDD as the "/home" I can write that up tomorrow.

    For now, I was wondering if some

  • Gentlemen,

    The Webley service revolvers from 1887 onwards are possibly the finest example of revolvers, especially, service revolvers. I will argue that there are none better (well, perhaps the Fosbery, but they're a tad absurd and complex), and even modern semi-automatic pistols cannot match its abilities.

    For this post, I will use the Webley & Scott Mk.VI revolver in .455 Mk.II as a reference, as it is the most common, and the summit of service revolvers (the .38 S&a

  • Black Mesa

    5 years ago


    CVG - 8.5/10 (
    Eurogamer - NA (
    ValveTime - B- (
    Metro - 8/10 (
    BeefJack - Masterpiece (

  • A not-too-exciting, but curious situation has presented itself recently and I'd like to get some opinions...

    One of the residents in my buddy's house recently moved out and chose to abandon much of his property. The former roommate is a chronic pain patient and opiate addict who possesses a small pharmacy worth of pills. He left quite a few bottles of various pills, most of which have no recreational benefit. (He kept his Dilaudid all of his other narcotics OF COURSE :rolleyes:). I not

  • Hello there !

    From day 1 sense Ubuntu was announced for Android devices and demoed on Nexus I was soooooo excited about this development. With all it's features and ability to have actual full featured OS Desktop inside your device with attached monitor is something amazing. But I would like to talk about actual performance we can expect from it. I do understand it'll take time untill all bugs and programs are optimized for this I totally get it so let's begin with little. Old generatio

  • Im using morphine dilaudid fentanyl and oxycodone
    I was two days off until today i cheeked 25mcg fent
    I been feeling like absolute total fucking shit (big surprise)
    I have plenty of opiates but cant taper with shit i like
    Tramadol, i got like 100 of the 50mg pills
    Is it actually possible to kick with tramadol?
    Or am i setting myself up for miserable, painful failure?

  • I don't normally post here...but I want to share some information that came my way on Friday. I attended a long complex medical conference on Chronic Pain, and one portion dealt with Fibromyalgia.

    The professor Daniel J. Clauw MD was just excellent.

    He is currently teaching the new data about Fibro to residents and staff at the University of Michigan. There is new data about what Fibro really is, and what methods treat

  • I stopped posting on and browsing these forums about six-seven weeks ago when I had a plan to quit underway. I was a heavy IV user, at the time I quit I had been up to 20-25 bags/day for several months, and I no longer got high anymore. I only got well, and what was strange was that no matter how good the dope was or how much I shot, I was incapable of getting high. Many bundles were wasted chasing nothingness. My life was unmanageable, I had hurt everyone around me and was close to ge

  • I had C5-6-7 ACDF surgery back on 6/22/06. Wore my Philly collar and did no lifting as instructed. Six weeks ago the collar came off and I started PT. I was started off with range of motion and gravity resistance exercises which immediately triggered the neck, shoulder, and arm, and upper back pain. My OS stated that the surgery was to alleviate the shoulder and arm pain. Here it is 3 months after surgery and my neck pain is constant and worse. I've been having the shoulder pain with the s

  • I doubt counterstrike was the first game to use this style of reloading, but it's a massively popular game, people for some reason seem to think it's realism focused, and so it gives credibility to this stupid design so I'm going to blame it.

    In games of this type (most modern shooters), you get a certain amount of rounds of a given ammo type. When you press the reload key, an animation of you sticking in a new magazine plays, your gun is topped off to its full capacity, and the numbe

  • I just want to say that I am thankful for this website, and anyone that can offer some advice for me. I know that this is a very hard disease to have, and I am praying for those that are diagnosed with it. I have many undiagnosed symptoms and am wondering if anyone with ALS had symptoms that presented this way or does anyone think that it could be a slow onset ALS. About 5 1/2 years ago I had a flu shot and a few days later I started having twitches every 30 seconds all over my body (everywh

  • Hi BLers I am now fed up with the constant opiate roller coaster that is now my life. I've only been an addict 3 and a half years. Started with Oxycodone, which eventually led to Oxymorphone, and now to the point Oxymorphone IR- and Heroin when i have the opportunity to IV it. Now I am starting to become more stupid and irrational with my thinking constantly doing ridiculous things for my habit and am constantly contemplating smoking Crack, shooting Coke, and searching for crank to fill my drug

  • 1. Whats your age and your geographical location?
    Age: 21. Location: Ohio, USA.

    2. What is your experience with opiates, which ones do you use?
    First opiate I ever used was hydrocodone, some Vicodin-ES 7.5's to be exact. Stuck to smaller-scale opiates like Vicodin, Percocet, and Tramadol through high school -- occasionally running into Oxycontin. By the time I went to my first semester of college it was all about Oxy's and stayed on Oxy's for another year, doing H when I couldn'

  • The Below was not written by Pharmbandit, but rather Someone Who Isnt Me.
    Do not shoot rubbing alcohol.
    Do not OD. Opana is 10x stronger than OC when IVed corectly (maybe more)
    BE safe, Be clean, Be smart. Use this post at your own risk and do not associate it with PharmBandit because again, it was written by SWIM:

    what you will need:

    your pill, something to crush it (hoseclamp), isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) 91% is best higher % the better. two cups plastic bath

  • M16a2

    11 years ago



    RIFLE, 5.56mm, M16A2

    REFERENCES: Field Manual 23-9, Technical Manual 9-1005-319-10


    1. What is the description of the M16A2?

    The M16A2 is a 5.56mm, magazine-fed, gas-operated, shoulder fired weapon. It is designed to fire either semiautomatic or a three-round burst through the use of a selector lever


    2. What is the weight of the M16A2?

    7.78 lbs, without sling or magazine


    Ain't too hard to figure life out. You get a job. You get paid. You keep flyin'. People don't rightly want a lot of complications to their life. They just want to get paid, get a roof over their heads, and to get through the day.

    'Course, where it get tricky s'when there's disagreements. You land on the wrong moon, fly past the wrong mountain, look at the wrong guy cross-eyed... maybe you got a difference of opinion. Sometimes it's just a

  • Fallout 3 review

    5 years ago

    <center>[ Page 1 ( ] - [ Page 2 ( ] - [ Page 3 ( ]
    Fallout 3 review
    Written by Vince D. Weller</center>


    <center>"We're not going to suddenly do a top-down isometric Baldur's Gate-style game, because that's

  • May, 2013 solicits (
    June, 2013 solicits (

    BATMAN #22
    Written by SCOTT SNYDER
    Backup story art by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE
    Cover by GREG CAPULLO
    1:25 Variant cover by MIKEL JANIN
    1:100 B&W cover by GREG CAPULLO
    On sale JULY 10 • 40 pg


    1. Skype
    2. Whatsapp(Wazapp will do)
    3. Cutetube (will be ported to SailfishOS)
    4. Stardict (QSTARDICT is expected to be ported to SailfishOS)
    5. XMPP / Jingle client with OTR and ZRTP support
    6. Broad based IM integration (FB, ICQ, Yahoo, Gtalk etc)
    7. Native FB app
    8. Native Twitter app
    9. Instagram app
    10. Spotify (MeeSpot Dev contacted)
    11. Grooveshark
    12. Stockona (stock quote app) (Will be ported to Sailfish)


    Plz post in English only, so that non-Croats can join in and comment.

    [Rijeka] Updates & Construction (English Version Only)


    Tower center Rijeka (150 mil €, november 2006) 1 ( 2 (

  • Can I shoot Adderal?

    5 years ago

    Ok, I have some old blue 10mg amphetamine pills and I want to bang them, maybe, or just get rid of them and cop something else. Or I might snort them with some subs...

    Either way, IS IT POSSIBLE TO BANG Adderol?

    Don't give me that UTFSE shit, I've looked and read back to last year or so and can't get a straight answer.

    Anyone tried it?

  • This is a really simple thing that's bugged me for a while, because every time I think I've worked it out I see a piece of film that ruins my ideas.

    Simply, how do they do shots in films from behind the actor where you can see the actor and their reflection? Or any shots where you can see that it's obviously a reflection (ie, not just shooting the actor from the front as if it's a reflection)

  • I know the blaze orange is a must when riding in areas that are hunted, but what other things can one do to stay safe? I board next to a heavily wooded area with wonderful trails, that are also full of Deer Hunters. I think my trail riding will be on Sundays for awhile, right now they are crazy!

    What scares me too is they drink and shoot. I ride a big shire, I would be surprised if they mistook us for a deer, but I know that any movement can sometimes trigger a shot.

    Any su

  • Hey gang, im getting into 3D and have some questions, maybe someone here can shed some light.

    Using JVC 3D camera
    I'm shooting in the MVC format and not SIDE BY SIDE.

    So far the camera is performing great- the only issue is that the MVC file types dont playback on the tv's. The tv's dont upconvert the image like they do with SIDE BY SIDE.

    Anyone have a solution how to get MVC to play in 3D

    i've exported is as every file type i could and nothing

  • Psychiatrist Treating Shooting Suspect Previously Reprimanded
    James Holmes Treated By CU Psychiatrist
    TheDenverChannel team
    POSTED: 1:03 pm MDT July 27, 2012
    UPDATED: 8:44 pm MDT July 27, 2012

    DENVER -- The psychiatrist who was seeing Aurora movie theater shooting suspect James Holmes, was reprimanded by the Colorado Board of Medical Examiners in 2005.

    Dr. Lynne Fenton was reprimanded in February 2005 for prescribing medication to herself, her husband a

  • Okay, this may sound stupid but I am not a drug user and and naive about some of the ways to use it. As you all might know from previous posts my husband is a heroin addict. Well he is still trying to stay clean (supposedly) but the other day we went to his cousins house who I did not know was a heroin user until now and I seen him try to be real slick and hand my husband something so as soon as we left and got in the car we had a big ole fight over it cuz he was trying to deny it. But I am n

  • I was thinkin of getting a .308 for a SHTF scenario. Would that be suitable for punching thru vehicles and/or body armor? If there is a food shortage or something a lot of city slickers from Columbus would be heading down towards my area and I might be in a situation where i need to put some rounds thru a car or truck door. I am looking for a semi auto rifle that could accomplish this.
    Around my area we do have some spots where you might have 500 to 600 yards you can shoot but most of any c

  • Friend of mine is ordering one today or tomorrow and was told that he can get them a bit cheaper if two or more are ordered. I was going to get one as well with income tax next year, but with a crapload of overtime coming this payday, said friend asked me if I wanted to go ahead and get it now (since we'll both save a bit with the discount). So, I said yes, and now he's ordering two of them.

  • 1. Whats your age and your geographical location?
    18 United Kingdom - SE London

    2. What is your experience with opiates, which ones do you use?
    Started with codeine,tramadol. Progressed onto poppy tea ( my first love/addiction) then oxycontin. From there I progressed to bupe, then diconal (DOC) , morphine, methadone and heroin

    3. How often do you use opiates?
    At least every week, usually when I can afford them.

    4. Why do you use opiates?

  • Warning: Fentanyl Citrate (active ingredient in Duragesic patches) is an extremely potent and RAPID-acting opioid...It must used with greater caution than just about every other opioids (Unless you can get some etorphine or sufentatinil, and if you do, you'll likely kill yourself trying to get off.)

    The Duragesic patches' gel can be extracted from that patch for IV use with vinegar/saline as solvent.

    Cut a tiny cut on one of the corners of the patch. Carefully place the op

  • If an injection of oxymorphone includes some water, couldn't we fill a nasal sprayer full of oxymorph and water???

    Harmonik had this idea:

    "if you like it in the nose, try: remove coating from opana, crush on sterile surface, place in bottle-cap or other "cooker" like device with ~2-4mL water, wait 12-24h for opana to soak out, filter with cotton, place in nasal spray bottle and badabingbadaboom you're higher than fuck."

    Has anyone ever tri

  • Okay, my breast sonogram was moved up to today (somebody cancelled?) so I did some shifting in my testing schedules and went for it.

    Of course, it was negative.

    I'm wondering if I could have shingles?

    Or is it possible to have neuropathy of the breast? One breast?

    My issue is: right breast, 1.5-2 months, burning, tingling, extreme sensitivity to fabric (clothing, bed sheets), and occasional sharp shooting pains. A sense of swelling or perhaps infl

  • This message is over at the board at (a non-official Placebo fan site)... It's a bit confusing, but it seems that Placebo has remixed "Slippage" and could possbily be putting it as a free download on their site on January 3rd.

    Anyone know anything more about this? (It mentions the goldfrapp board as well, so sorry if this has been posted here before)
    __________________________________________________ _________

    Well there is GOOD news

  • Hello all after searching long and hard, being a florida native, southern california transplant.... i got a black tar connect. It was a dark black brown, pretty hard, sticky and had a vinegar smell. I got what looked like a gram for 30 bucks, i didnt have a scale but it looked like a gram coke rock ( i used to sell coke so i could eyeball a gram rock with the best of them) the only diffrence was it was black and harder and sticky, was that a good deal????. I didnt have any rigs to shoot it with

  • I think it is rather humorous that over the last while everyone has been clamoring for telephoto shallow focus solutions for video cameras, and as soon as someone builds one, everyone starts complaining about lack of wide angle. Compared to what? Yes there are super wide lenses for full frame stills for shooting big group interiors, but guess what we are movie shooters and can move the frame to take in the shot.

    Our frame of reference if you want to talk crop factor should be the 1/3&

  • One Month Clean

    2 years ago

    I am 34 days clean of tramadol. I have been taking them recreationally for the past six years. For the first three plus years, I was able to keep a habit at bay. But I eventually caught one. Not really sure why it changed after three years. Possibly because of a horrible break up, and possibly from training for a marathon, but either way, about three years ago I started taking them every day.

    At first it was great. I could run for miles in my training, feeling no pain and getting buzzed

  • I'm not asking a question just sharing an experience that happened to me.

    Well last year I went home to visit family and attend a wedding, and it was harvest and everyone was giving me green. I was there two weeks and smoked most of it but the day before I go home I have a bowl left at the end of the night.

    Me and the wife stayed up all night drinking and the flight back was at 5:30 am. I think I remember saying I was going to save the last bowl till before we got to the airpo

  • New here, been lurking for some time but now I need to get something out and maybe get some help.

    Just a few days ago I found out my only and best friend has passed away. I have strong reasons to believe it was a overdose on Tramadol. he have had two seizures when I was him and took Tramadol, but he awoke after some 15 minutes.

    He was so close to me we planned to get an apartment together, I told him all my secrets and Im sure he told me all of his. We helped each other wh

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