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  • Hello all,

    My story is quite lengthy so I will try and keep it brief. When I was 15, I blew a pupil and of course, doctors panicked. I had a CT scan which "showed something" and was sent for an MRI. The MRI came back as saying I had low-lying cerebellum and my family doctor waved it off, so I forgot about it. After many more tests and doctors, the pupil was later diagnosed as Adie's tonic pupil, even though my reflexes are still intact.

    Now nearly 6 years later,

  • Chiari questions

    2 years ago

    Hello...I am a 36 year old who has been having strange health problems for the last 6 years. My symptoms are severe headaches, balance problems, slurred speech and trouble saying what I am thinking, trouble swallowing, loss of motor skills in hands, muscle weakness throughout body, drooping eyelid, blurry vision, dilated pupils, eye sensitivity, sensitive to loud and to many sounds at once, joint pain, muscle pain, sensation of someone digging their elbow in between my shoulder blades on my spi

  • Hi,

    I am new here and have been searching for more information regarding recovery after surgery.

    My story: I had mild headaches with an occasional "big" one for several years but in July '06 they blew up. They became intense daily with very severe headaches every couple weeks. The daily ha intensified to the point that I couldn't handle any noise, movement made it worse and of course light sensitivity increased. After several doctors treated me with no results

  • Hi everyone! My name is Ambyr. I'm new here, and just found out I'm a Chiarian a few months ago. I'm a 31 year old mother of 2, a computer programmer/marketing specialist, and avid geek.

    I am, as mentioned, a total nerd, and when I got a strange notation on the bottom of my MRI results (“Tonsillar Ectopia with Cerebellar tonsils extending between 3mm and 4 mm below the foramen magnum” to which my doctor said was nothing to worry about), I set out to learn what it meant. I was the one

  • Hey guys. My name is Melissa and I'm 22. I was diagnosed with having a chiari malformation type one of 10mm in February of last year when I had a cyst decompression surgery related to an arachnoid cyst I have. My doctor told me that if I never had any symptoms, we wouldn't have to do anything with the chiari. Well, around January, I started getting more frequent headaches at the base of my skull. I didn't really think much about it. Since then however, they've only gotten worse. Now I'm in

  • Link (
    Altered animals: Creatures with bonus features

    * 14 July 2010 by Bob Holmes

    UNLESS you live in Europe, your last meal probably contained genetically modified ingredients - 80 per cent of soya grown worldwide is now genetically engineered, for instance. Yet while modified plants are rapidly taking over the planet's farms, the same cannot be said fo

  • Just thought I would put this up here to make our new forum seem more like home :)

    PM - pain management or pain monster or private message

    Medical abbreviations -

    Dx/dx - diagnosis
    Hx /hx- history
    Rx /rx- prescription
    Sx/sx - symptoms
    Tx/tx - treatment

    Abx - antibiotics
    Bx - biopsy

    h/o - history of

    BP - blood pressure (can also mean bipolar)
    LP - lumbar puncture (also known as a spinal tap)


  • APTA Credentialed Clinical Residency Programs

    Geriatric (
    Neurologic (
    Orthopaedic (
    Pediatric (

  • Anatomy & Physiology Interactive Video Animations

    Introductory Anatomy

    Levels of Organization ( Activity
    Relative Position ( Wisconsin Online
    Body Cavities ( Wisconsin O

  • Friday November 16 1:59 PM ET
    Thalidomide May Relieve Rare Pain Disorder: Report
    By Merritt McKinney

    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In a chance discovery, doctors at the Mayo Clinic have found that thalidomide--a drug banned in the 1960s for causing severe birth defects--may be an effective treatment for a mysterious form of disabling nerve pain.

    Based on a case of a woman with the condition whose symptoms disappeared soon after she started taking thalidomide to treat blo

  • Fascinating stuff but rather icky. Avoid if you are especially squeamish.

    A healthy gut is a multi-species society: it is the cooperative product of the human body with trillions of bacterial cells from a thousand or more species.

    An unhealthy gut is, more often than not, the product of a breakdown in this collaboration. Often, it is triggered by displacement of cooperative, commensal species of bacteria by pathogenic bacteri

  • Dear All,

    We're presenting here our conclusion from the replies for: How to choose Euler angles sequences of rotation.

    Thank you all for your emails, and thanks to Kevin McQuade at the University of Washington for his help with the translation.

    Professor Anamaria Siriani de Oliveira
    University of São Paulo – Brazil - Physical Therapy Division
    Research Fellow, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,
    University of Washington. Seattle, USA

    Summary o

  • my name is jenn! i am 36 . i was dx with chiari last oct only 4mm drop. but all my smptoms add up with all that ive read on here and on other chiari sites, at first i was miss dx'ed with fibro then they were thinking m.s... scary! but i think all my symptoms r linked to chiari. i have had the severe headaches in the back of my head since 16 yrs old. my main problems lately r leg weakness and a burning sensation in my shoulder blades.. especially the left 1! and when i extend my reach over my hea

  • My doctor of many years passed away recently. So I found a new one.

    I explained to him my situation. I suffer from anxiety issues and I also have an essential tremor that makes my hands shake. (Hence my screen name) The problem with this combo is that the anxiety compounds my tremors. Making them much worse than they should be.

    My previous doctor prescribed me Lexapro and Xanax. This was not with out trail and error though. I had to go through several scripts at varying lev

  • Liver Enzymes:

    There are many different ‘liver enzymes’ that a doctor looks at when evaluating a liver function panel (AKA liver function tests). In fact, the liver function panel is not limited to enzymes, it also measures the levels of total protein, albumin, bilirubin, and other molecules that are all produced by the liver and dispersed throughout the body by the blood.

    When examining the results of the liver function tests, the total protein and albumin levels w

  • Hi guys,
    My purpose in writing today is to address what I think is a good question: Is there a vast conspiracy of pharmaceutical companies who are bribing doctors to prescribe their drugs? If not, why do so many people believe there is?

    Here's what I think. A couple of recent articles have shown that research funded by pharmaceutical companies is often flawed and biased towards favorable results (i.e., results showing the funded drugs work the way they're supposed to). Also

  • I always assumed that physicians were commonly called doctors because they were the most commonly encountered higher-degree holders in most people's experience. (Especially in pre-modern and medieval society where few people outside of clergy were univeristy-educated.) But of course, the basic medical degree in the UK is a bachelor's degree, not a doctorate.

    I know that the American MD and the British MBBS are entirely equivalent and the difference in terminology is merely accidental.

  • UK Pedo Doctors

    8 years ago
    Needleblog - November 20, 2013
    Former Stoke Mandeville doctor charged by Operation Yewtree cops with rape and indecent assault of hospital patients
    Mirror - 20 November 2013
    Former Stoke Mandeville doctor charge

  • Hiya,
    I had a brain MRI/MRA done and a C-spine MRI done separate times for the same reasons.

    Anyways, the c-spine mri didn't say much accept for "right posterior lateral disc protrusion extending into the entrance of the right lateral foramen" and it also says "Posterior Fossa and Brainstem, no Chiari malformation."

    The Brain Mri says differently.. It says" There is a small, incidental Tornwaldt cyst involving the nasopharyngeal region. T

  • Hey there!
    My name is Michelle, I'm 17 years old. I was recently hospitalized for three days for stroke like symptoms. Many tests were done and my MRI results came back stating:
    My MRI results came back as
    "There is a Chiari one malformation. The cerebellar tonsils extend about 1.6 cm below the foramen magnum."

    I am suffering from all of the main symptoms of Chiari and saw a neurosurgeon who seems to think it isn't my Chiari (but didn't even look at my MRI's

  • I have very little cartilage left in either knee. It's bone on bone, and it hurts. Add in the arthritis in my ankles, the bone spurs on my insteps, and the fact that I work retail and stand 8-10 hours a day, and I am in constant pain. I had a gastric bypass and can't take NSAIDS anymore, so Tylenol and its friends are my only relief from the pain so I can do my job. I take a lot of Tylenol, though I keep under the daily limit. And I don't take it if I'm planning to have some wine with dinner. Th

  • About SiriCell Technologies

    Thank you for inviting me to respond to a few of your readers' interesting questions.

    To begin, let me explain that SiriCell Technologies's business model is designed to be an innovative and compliant therapeutic cell provider for patients that do not have the luxury of time to wait for the slow and politically charged process with the US FDA's approvals for cell therapies.

    In no way are we now, or have we ever compromised best ce

  • I live in WA state and my PM doctor was raided last week by the DEA. His office is now closed and I have been seeing him for 3 years now for treatment of my pain in my back, neck and legs due to an accident. I also suffer from chronic pain all over my body. I had an appointment today to fill my 15mg Oxycodones (#120/mo) and his office was closed until further notice. I am in so much pain and have medical insurance thru my work, but have no idea where I can find a doctor in WA state to help me.

  • ve_head_due_to_excess_f.html

    Neurosurgeons at a hospital in San Antonio are fighting to save the life of an 11-month old baby born with a rare condition that caused his head to swell to more than twice the normal size.

    "Baby Klaus," as his parents and local media are calling him, was born with hydrocephalus, a build-up of excess fluid in the bra

  • Hi I would like to know about Arnold Chiari Malformation please cause my husband has it for the past 18 years and is getting worse, even though he has been for surgery 11 years ago please help. Thanx


    I am not sure what you know or don't know about Arnold Chiari. Can you give me an idea so that I can begin to answer your questions?


  • Alaska



    Sheldon Jordan
    Neurological associates of West LA
    2811 Wilshire Blvd #790
    Santa Monica, CA 90403

    Also PT's, don't' know if they are there:

    Westside Spine and Joint Rehabilitation
    1082 Glendon Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
    (310) 209-2011

    Joyce Wilkinson
    2664 29th street
    Santa Monica 90405


  • I went through 4 doctors before I finally (so I thought) came across one who knew, at least, somthing about b12. My first appointment with him was 2 weeks ago. He agreed my b12 at 293 was too low, especially with my symptoms. So he gave me a b12 shot told me to take b12 supplements and come back in 2 weeks for another shot. He also drew some blood and was testing for lupus and celiac. I went today, my blood work came back negative for both. He did not want to give me another shot (even th

  • So in my life I've had 2 abscesses that simply would not go away. As in they stayed there for months, continuing to hurt throb and swell, these were both missed speed balls. I'm thinking my newest missed combo of heroin and roxies may have done the same thing. I missed about halfway through the shot, pulled out, and then finished elsewhere. Now the missed spot is still swollen and red. I can feel heat coming from it which generally means infection, the whole area is also very red and swollen.

  • I just happened across this forum and it seems like a good place to get some help. I should probably talk to a financial advisor but we'll see when that happens =P.

    I'm looking for general financial advice. I'm 29 and my money situation is about to change dramatically - I'm an emergency doctor (resident) whose 11 years of education are about to pay off (I'm totally finished and independent in August!). I want to know what you think are some important things I should know about mone

  • I was about to post this in GQ, since it doesn't necessarily ask for a diagnosis, but I decided to put it here instead to give myself a little more latitude in that regard.

    One point five weeks ago, I had two moles removed by a plastic surgeon. I'm fair skinned and have a decent collection of moles, the ones I had removed weren't any more or less "suspicious" than others, I just had them removed for mostly cosmetic reasons. One was on my cheek and tended to make shaving diff

  • Here is a good way to get a ton of gaming PDF's and help a worthy cause (see Post #7 below for a description of what a "Gaming PDF" is and a complete list of the current books in the bundle!):

    Gamers Helping Haiti BUNDLE. (

    Doctors Without Borders. (

    Gamers Help Haiti! DriveThruRPG Offers a Mega-Bundle to Spur Donations


  • hello every body
    im egyptian doctor just graduated this year
    i want to take residency in neurosurgery in universty hospital
    any body know any thing or informaation? please write to me
    i study german now
    many thanks for you

  • Let's make a list of the names and cities of the CURRENT doctors (including specailty), hospitals, and therapists our children see. That way, if someone is from say Boston and was wondering if anyone sees a neuro in Boston, they can look here and go "OH!" and look up the person.

    Let's refrain from being negative thou about the places that are bad. ;) Let's just go with the positive.

  • My husband's in a very good clinic, with a team for everything. The pain has been a problem - hydromorph and oxycodone only helped a bit - the doctor from the pain team prescribed a Fentanyl patch, which is a miracle. The Pain team - they are actually called the Palliative care team. My husband asks, does this mean i'l be going into a hospice soon? I dont think so. But does the term palliative mean, they already know he'll be dying soon and its just a matter of managing the pain? He's only had

  • I have two herniated discs on L4 and L5. Yesterday I had an evaluation by a Doctor assigned by the Department of Labor assigned to my case.

    When he was giving me a motor skills test everything was going decent until it was time to test my reflexes on my knees and ankles.

    I had no reflex in either leg or ankle. Well, I wouldn't say 'no reflex', but he just kept saying, "Hmm, how odd, that's supposed to be your good leg and there's still no response." He just

  • Exactly what the title says. Parking lot to parking lot, what seems reasonable for you? Feel free to break it down by new vs. established patient, primary care vs. specialist, long-scheduled appointment vs. urgent care, having tests done, how busy the place is, whatever you feel would affect your willingness to stick around.

    I'm working for a human doctor now, and we're trying to address some issues with our patient through times. Specifically, we're trying to convince our boss tha

  • I know we have a few doctors on the board, and I was wondering something the other day when I was leaving my doctor’s office: would you say the internet has made your job easier or more difficult treating patients? I know I’m guilty of it; feeling a pain here or there, and getting on the web and googling my symptoms to see if it’s worth a doctor’s visit.

    Do you find that when you’re treating your patients, they’ve already diagnosed (correctly or incorrectly) themselves by research

  • Hey guys...

    So I have a bit of a problem. I had a BAD week last week and was pretty much terribly dopesick the whole time. That being said, I had ZERO motivation to go to class and I really fucked up and missed a couple classes for a class that I really can't miss for. So, I was going to try to fake a doctor's note to my professor, but I have really no idea how to go about doing so. I was thinking of saying either kidney stone(s), which I have a history of, or ovarian cysts, which

  • I'm a man but this is something that has always bothered me. Before I ask my question I would like to make some points. I know a lot of people will pay little attention to them and try to sweep them under the carpet, but hopefully someone will take heed and pay attention...

    From research that I have done I have dicovered from people in the medical industry that there are many male doctors that do get aroused and have sexual desires if they examine an attractive woman. Some of the thin

  • I didn't want to comment in the original thread (, since the OP is mourning the loss of his relative, so this seemed to be the appropriate forum.

    Here's one thing to be ready for: if she is of a certain age, the doctors have already consigned her to the waste bin. I bet before you can say anything, he/she will be clucking about a Do Not Resuscitate order, so, don't abide by the doctor's judgement. Doctors can only give you a

  • Medical Council of India bans 25 doctors posing as fake faculty (

    NEW DELHI: Doctors who fake being faculty members in private colleges so that the institutes get a clearance to admit students will now have to watch out.

    In the first-ever action against this shameful yet common practice among doctors — showing themselves as full-time teach

  • Okay, so this is a combination of posts by myself and tm420tm, and should pretty much answer whatever basic questions anyone has about bupe!

    1. What buperenorphine is good for/general information
    2. Suboxone Vs. Subutex
    3. Finding a doctor and questions to ask
    4. Physician legal issues
    5. Dealing with your doctor
    6. First Dose
    7. Value of bupe for getting high
    8. Weekend Warriors
    9. Buprenorphine Myths

    1. What buprenorphine is good

  • My mother has had a thyroid problem for years. Finally, about 5 years ago she had her thyroid gland 'blasted'. Now these are HER words...I have no idea what the medical term is! :) All I know is that she has no more thyroid gland. Her doctor (in CA) told her that thyroid gland problems were very, very hard to diagnose, and the blood test commonly used to diagnose a thyroid problem were usually 50% inaccurate! :eek: That many people with an underactive thyroid go untreated because it's not detect

  • The golden child

    a year ago

    I have a sibling who is my moms favorite. He is the only one of us kids whos not adopted. my mother put him way up high on a pedestal years ago. When he became a lawyer she put him so high on that pedestal that she literally thinks he knows everything. I love him but the way she relates to him is sometimes annoying to me. Here is an example of how him being a golden child affects me personally,even somtimes indirectly. In a nutshell,my brother read something and came to a medical conclusion abou

  • Greetings to all of you !
    I'm from Serbia, and I've been using opioides in the past 9 years.
    Me and my family tried every method of treatment (we didn't try Naltrexone because I'm strongly against the use of antagonists, they destroy organism much stronger than any opiate and don't do anything to alleviate the mental suffering which lasts for years after stoping with opioides) and nothing worked for me. Buprenorphine is not yet registered in Serbia, but I tried it and it was completly no

  • For those who need OxyContin, stigma hurts

    Abuse of the painkiller has put doctors, insurance firms and pharmacists on alert.

    By Elisa Ung

    Kim Bondarenko says her insurance company is making it harder for her to get OxyContin, the drug that annihilated her severe neurological pain and let her go back to work.

    Orthopedic surgeon Norman A. Johanson has shied away from prescribing it after hearing about the region's recent spike in de

  • Hey,

    My story is physically I have a very bad lower back. It hurts right in the middle on the very last "bone" or the end of the spine I think. The pain doesn't move, doesnt radiate or shoot or anything, its chronic on that bone. Nothing I do makes it better or worse, aside from standing which makes it worse while I stand.

    Im 29 and for YEARS going to the doctor they tinkered around with things like codeine, tramadol, paracetimol, gabapentin, orphenadrine, diclofe

  • Last Wednesday, I got a sore throat. No big deal, I thought, it's a cold. Over the next two days it got worse. It was very painful to swallow and the pain shot up to my ear. Advil, Tylenol, sore throat drops, etc. did nothing to help.

    On Saturday morning, I went to one of those urgent care places, since my regular doctor isn't open on weekends. The doctor there told me that I probably had a bacterial thing, gave me a prescription for amoxicillin and sent me home. Later that afternoon,

  • Today, I went to my doctor for persistent lower back pain. I've been going to my doctor for about two years. I suffer from lower back pain [cause unknown]. As of today, I have not had any x-rays or tests and I have been prescribed 60 10mg Percocet tablets and 120 10mg Lortabs a month for about a year now. Today, I advised my doctor that my tolerance was at a very high level. I told him the Percocets and Lortabs no longer relieved my pain to my satisfaction. Today, in addition to the Percocets a

  • Within the last few months I've notice that my peripheral vision was not as good as I remembered it being. Cars would come out of nowhere, and I started bumping into things. Since I have scaring in the back of my left eye I just thought that was the problem, but since I needed new glasses I went to my eye doctor to see what was up. I got bounced around to two other doctors before finding out that there's nothing wrong with my eyes.

    The last doctor sent me for an MRI. As I have big sh

  • Hello All,

    A year ago this month, I began doing the couch to 5K program. I am in decent shape for a 39 year old, but I am not a runner.... I prefer to bike. Anyway, my left medial ankle began to swell after running. At first I thought it was due to running, but I had no pain. I went to my primary care physician and she said I had pitting edema. She immediately did blood work and sent me for a doppler scan of my leg. The scan did not reveal a DVT. Next she sent me to a nephrologist. He

  • Copied from an email message sent to me by a well-meaning friend!

    There are very few physical sensations that match the thunderous pain and awesome power of a swift kick to the testes. Everything seems to go in slow motion as you double over in agony… and then the gut-wrenching throb sets in. If you've ever discovered a new pothole with your ten-speed, you know exactly what we're talking about: Pain with a capital "YEOUCH!"

    Since the testes are among the most sens

  • Dungeon Loot Thread

    8 months ago

    So after the first handful of dungeons, pretty much all of the gear is untradeable and isn't on the market. XIVDB may have all the items, but since it's just an infodump it's not cross referenced the way it needs to be, this is so people can see what dungeons they will want to target for gear for their classes.

    So, as you go through the dungeons, take note of any non-pink drops you get (there are a few odd white items that are notable drops), and when you have a moment come post them he

  • Supplements for peripheral neuropathy may be helpful for some people. Nerve tissue is like other tissues of the body, and requires various nutrients to support it and repair it.

    There are nutrients that may be lacking in your diet. They may be depleted by another disease state (diabetes depletes magnesium), or they may be depleted by other drugs you may be taking. Many common drugs affect nutrient status of many things. I consult a reference for questions in this area, and urge people t

  • Thought you may be interested in this:

    Copyright 2002 The Dallas Morning News
    The Dallas Morning News
    March 11, 2002, Monday SECOND EDITION


    LENGTH: 1673 words

    HEADLINE: Identity crisis;
    Rare genital anomalies in infants pose difficult questions for parents, doctors

    SOURCE: Staff Writer


    Is it a boy or a girl?


  • So I went to the doctor about some burning while urinating and discharge. Long story short I was treated for chlamydia and ghonorrea. The doctor did a culture too and said the results would not be conclusive because those are difficult to culture so he wanted to take the shotgun approach and treat both, so he did. Now my symptoms are gone and the test results came back negative for both of those things, but my girlfriend and I are concerned about her. She shows no symptoms and her doctor said s

  • I'm not sure if we have a thread of this nature but I certainly believe we need one. India has a gigantic population and its healthcare industry has to rapidly expand to improve the standard of living.

    Personally I'm doubting private healthcare as the way to go. I think these services should be in the hands of an able government. But as an able government is far from reality privitization may just be the only option.

    Here's a nice article I came across to start this thread:

  • Many of you might have ask yourselves what it takes to becomes a health professional in the US Air Force. US Air Force Health Professions recruiting is very different from other recruiting programs like Enlisted Accessions, ROTC or even OTS recruiting. Applicants trying to get a position in AF Health Professions have different standards specially when it comes to age and when it comes to rank and I will explain that during these series of post. What I will like to accomplish in this thread is to

  • Hi this is my first post, but been lurking for some time. About 2 years ago, I finally figured out I had PCOS (without the help of a doctor). For first 10 years after puberty, almost NEVER had a period..but of course I was thrilled not to have to worry about it, and I had no interest in seeing a doctor. (had maybe 3 complete periods in all that time.) Then couple years ago, I started getting a few periods, so I thought I was becoming "normal." Then I got a period that wouldn't stop! I

  • LE Magazine July 2007

    Testosterone’s Overlooked Role in the Treatment of Diabetes in Men

    By Edward M. Lichten, MD

    For most of my 60 years, I’ve dreamed of finding a medical treatment or cure that could improve humankind. It has been my mission and lifetime quest.

    Fifteen years ago, I rediscovered the reparative properties of bioidentical testosterone. It not only reversed my slide into old age, but also reversed my male patients’ diabetes. A

  • 201

    What is HCG?[/B]
    Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that supports the normal development of an egg in a woman's ovary (, and stimulates the release of the egg during ovulation. HCG is used to cause ovulation ( and to treat infertility in women, and to attempt to normalize sperm count and testicular size in men. HCG is also used in young boys when their testicl

  • This confidential report from the US Special Interests Section in Havana (America's defacto embassy in Cuba) is pretty much in line with what I encountered when I was in Cuba. For all the boastful statistics the Cuban government presents (which are lauded by many on the left), I've yet to see any independent corroborations that their health care system doesn't suck. My impression is that, at best, Cuba's health care system is only somewhat better than most other impoverished developing countries

  • hi, im having problems with infections listed above in the thread title. please help, thanks.
    logs posted below.

    DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_x86
    Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.16518 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.51.2
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    AV: Spyware Doct

  • Taken from the book: Testosterone: A Man’s Guide by Nelson Vergel
    If no improvements in fatigue are observed after 6 weeks of testosterone replacement, factors beyond hypogonadism may be present.


    Thyroid and adrenal function should be checked to ensure that those two glands are working properly. Sleep apnea can also be a factor involved in the failure to improve stamina. Depression may still need to be addressed with the proper medications and counseling.

  • All, I hope I am posting in the correct area for the undiagnosed. In early june 2013 I presented with epididymitis. no infection, STD or other was found to be the cause. pain in epididymis head and ultrasound showing inflamation was used to diagnose. Pain in testicle lasted to early august (approximately 2 months). I early july i noticed a slight bulge in my groin area on the right side. doctor could not palpate anything. left to observe it. increasing feeling of pressure and fullness in

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  • I am new to this hi guys. I am a 38 year old mother of 3 teenagers, married and live in Australia. I wasn't sure where to post this thread, so here it is.

    To make my story shortish...I injured my back at work in Jan 2004. For 2 years I was shoved around from doctor to specialist to another specialist etc. I have heard it all...go home and go to the gym and it will resolve need a fusion or disc replacement to get pain relief...epidural cortisone injections will c


    Doctor Who Got Atkins' Death Report Is Selling His Own Diet Book
    By Robert B. Bluey Staff Writer
    February 12, 2004

    ( - The death of low-carb diet physician Robert Atkins may have produced both a financial boon for a Nebraska doctor who disclosed private medical information about Atkins’ condition at the time of his death and a political windfall


    Arlington airman can't sue for botched surgery
    An Arlington airman whose legs were amputated after a gallbladder surgery went terribly wrong lacks the same basic legal right to sue his surgeon that state and federal prisoners enjoy, a New York congressman says.

    But a bill in Congress could change that.

    Airman 1st Class Colton Read, 20, was in serious condition at the University of California Davi

  • Crusty Nostrils?

    3 years ago

    During one of my visits, my dentist looked over my x-rays and mentioned that the portion of the nasal cavity showing was, to use his word, "crusty" and that I should let my doctor know. Similarly, when I had my wisdom teeth out, the guy said he'd had the same problem, had had it "cleaned out" by a nose doctor, and now he breathes and sleeps much better. So I did mention to my doctor that my dentist said I had "crusty" nasal passages. He replied that "We only

  • Hello everyone,

    I thought I would post an update, as I know there are many of us on the "Do I Have ALS" section of the boards who share similar symptoms that perplex our doctors (and ourselves!) and it's nice to try to help each other in our quest for answers. And sometimes it's just good to know we're not alone.

    Super-quick recap on my case: started having fasiculations 4 years ago, atrophy in my thenar muscle presented 3 years ago, symptoms such as tremors, fatigue

  • Hey

    I know, I know, specific medical questions, etc. etc. but I am just looking for facts not medical advice, and besides I already saw a doctor, and anybody answering in this thread is NOT providing direct medical advice and are not my doctor, etc. etc. .


    About 5 weeks ago I got a bad cold for a day or two. Felt like flu (i.e. had trouble getting out of bed and up the stairs, but probably just a bad cold. I had a ru

  • Lupus Lead to Dialysis.

    Things about SLE Lupus; By Guy, (Karen Fiance/CareTaker)
    What I researched on SLE;

    Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)
    Introduction: There is perhaps no rheumatic disease that invokes so much fear
    and confusion among both patients and health care providers as SLE. Difficult to
    diagnose, evaluate, and manage, SLE is an illness that may result in a wide variety of
    complications, ranging from bothersome arthritis, rash, and fatig

  • I hope that I'm not upsetting anyone by starting a new thread, but I think that this is imperative information for those who suffer from any kind of anxiety. I have pulled this list from a website, and it can be accessed easily by anyone, should they care to do the right kind of research.

    My suggestion to all of you with anxiety, like me, is this:

    Before presuming that you have any sort of rare (or not so rare) disease, take into account all of the other times that you be

  • I've gathered information from all over the web to help me in getting through the w/d's...I've never had the self-discipline to taper, so if you're like me, you may find this information useful. Feel free to correct an misinformation, mistakes or methods not worthwhile. I've collected info abt both acute withdrawals, and those dreaded PAWS. You may have seen this info elsewhere, as much of it is cut and paste, but perhaps my endless hours of collection can save you time and energy!

  • Last Monday, my 76-year-old mother-in-law's blood pressure suddenly shot through the roof and my father-in-law took her to the emergency room of our local heart hospital. When they left home, she had a splitting headache and was starting to get incoherent. By the time they saw a doctor, she was completely incoherent, was having convulsions, and didn't know where she was, to the point that she tore out one IV and the ER staff had to sedate her and put her in restraints. After a head CT scan, an

  • Dr. Villareal passed on to me this letter from Dr. Vim Samonte (Class 2004) to share with you.

    July 11, 2010

    Dear Dr. Villareal,


    I am Dr. Vim I. Samonte of Rosario Malinao Aklan. This is regarding my experience after I graduated from the WVSU College of Medicine in 2004. After my graduation, I proceeded to Manila for my Post graduate Internship. In search for an ideal hospital, I had my one year internship at the Manila D

  • Building of Jurong General Hospital brought forward as construction prices fall
    By Pearl Forss, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 11 November 2008 1721 hrs

    SINGAPORE : Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan said construction plans for the new Jurong General Hospital have been brought forward to take advantage of softening construction costs.

    In July, the government has said it is deferring another S$1.7 billion of public sector construction projects to ease pressure on the then red

  • Therefore one part of recovery from heroin use is to regenerate the brain. You need to restore balance and function to the brain. We often mention Dr. Bob Gibson on this web site. He was a M.D. and healer 65 years and also a diabetic who lived to 108 years. He started treating addicts in the 1930's and continued to treat them into the 1990's. He understood the problems of the over stimulated and chemically imbalanced brain of drug addiction. He was also an orthomolecular doctor. Orthomolecular m

  • My neurologist brought this article from the front page of today's Los Angeles Times to my attention this morning:

    Methadone emerges as new killer

    Patients and addicts are mixing the opiate with other drugs, as did Anna Nicole Smith's son.

    By Charles Proctor
    Times Staff Writer

    February 26, 2007

    Methadone, a potent opiate once used almost exclusively to treat heroin addicts, is incre

  • I am reading these threads, seeing so much misinformation, sharing of information that is specific to certain claims for certain people in certain states, and hearing fear, confusion and worry . . . I would love to help! However, I can not set myself up as an expert and give legal advice, nor have I worked claims in every state and those I did have probably changed their laws somewhat since then . . .

    But there are some very basics that I could offer to help you through the "s

  • I am going to post this article in its entirety as the information is extremely important for people to hear. These days whole sites seem to be disappearing from the web and information lost. From personal experience, D3 works incredibly well on many ailments and diseases, as a preventative and/or cure. So lets protect and promote this little secret.

    Hippocrates (460 BC - 370 BC) proposed a cancer cure based on the humor theory of four bodily fluids: black bile, yellow bile, ph

  • SHA/UFA Draft

    2 months ago

    SHA Draft Picks:

    1. Zerzaxan - (Theviperstrikes18)
    2. Autter - (BaneTheDestroyer's Girlfriend)
    3. Bearracuda - (BaneTheDestroyer)
    4. Sphinxion - (Iodill/SladeX)
    5. Bane - DC
    6. Archangel - Marvel
    7. Iceman - Marvel
    8. Onomatopoeia - DC
    9. Zero - Capcom
    10. Yoshimitsu - Namco
    11. Bullseye - Marvel
    12. Deathstroke - DC
    13. Godzilla - Godzilla
    14. Batman - DC
    15. Anarky - DC
    16. Black Panther - Marvel
    17. Megaman - Capcom

  • Islam's Wife-Beating

    13 years ago

    By MEMRI | March 25, 2004


    On January 14, 2004, Sheikh Muhammad Kamal Mustafa, the imam of the mosque of the city of Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, was sentenced by a Barcelona court to a 15 month suspended sentence and fined € 2160 for publishing his book 'The Woman in Islam.' In this book, the Egyptian-born Sheikh Mustafa writes, among other things, on wife-beating in accordance with Shar'ia law.

    On pages 86-87, Mustafa states: "


    اخوانى الكرام اقدم لكم هذه الباقة من كتب الصيدلة لعلكم تجد

  • A very close friend was diagnosed with prostate cancer about a year ago. His prostate was removed and he had localized radiation. Today he had a checkup and just emailed me this:

    "my doctor took great pains to remind me "you're not dying." What did happen is my PSA rose somewhat, from near zero to 1.8. While that's not that high for normal cases, since I've had prostate removal it shouldn't even be that high. So... I am back on hormones-- I had an injection today, and I

  • I put this up here not so much as a question but just to relay experience. I went to neurologist for my fifth emg in four years. I had one of the legs/feet, arms/hands in January, but the normal numbness in my hands has become more pronounced in the thumb, index finger and middle finger of my left hand. I also went for cervical mri last week. I have two herniated disks that impinge on the spinal cord, one more than the other, but they havent gotten much if any worse since the last mri in 2004. A

  • Hello everyone, Im a newbie here! So please bear with me. I need help like no other. I will start with my story and take it from there. Back in June I got real sick and thought I may have the flu? Weird I know as its June! But I was fatigue and sick my body ached, I had a bad cough that wouldnt go away. I went to the doctor she said I had a bug of some sort. I started to feel a little okay so went back to work for a few days, by the end of the week I was ready to fall over.
    I couldnt breat

  • Hello. I havebeen visiting the neuropathy board and MS boards. I have a terrible long mix of symptoms and conditions. I do not feel that doctors are helping mee 2 years has almost gone by, and I feel symptoms are getting worse, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 7-8 yeard ago and started on Synthroid. The dose was changed a couple of times. At that time I had a attentive PCP, but she since has keft the medical practice.
    I have not focused on the endocrine side of the picture, beca

  • Query on MND/ALS

    7 months ago

    Hi All,

    I was just wondering whether these symptoms sound like ALS/MDN

    I'm 26 years old when i was 21 I was lifting boxes i know the saying lift with your legs not with your back but i got some electric shock feelings in my back so i stopped. I never had any problems with my back after that.

    I suffer from bad acid reflux in which i take Omeprazole for daily and I had an endoscope check 2 years ago which came back and just indicated GERD. I was still complaining a

  • Ok, went the doctor today and didn't get a chance to ask about avinza. It'll probably be better for me to wait anyway. So there was a new paper to fill out today and it was about sleep and fatigue. My last doctor had already diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My score on falling asleep was not anything to be concerned with. I don't have narcolepsy(sp). But the fatigue part of the questionaire scored me with 25pts of I think 35. 35 being the level at which you should talk to your doctor.

  • I will start at the beginning because I do not know what is relevant and what isn't.

    I am now 47 years old. Separated since April after 20 years with a verbally abusive man. Struggling to support myself and 2 teenagers.

    I was always awkward and uncoordinated. A big clumsy girl. But basically healthy. A few years ago I stopped walking at the track because my ankles would get stiff and burn where leg connects to top of foot. I got tired easier and started having a lot of pai

  • GBL Addiction

    a year ago


    I am really in a mess at the minute, I have been abusing GBL for over 6 months 24/7 and really need my life back. I have been to the doctor who has refused any help as he just doesn't understand the drug if I am honest. Drink water, Take vitamins and get some sleep 8) That is the problem doctor when I stop you just can't sleep! Try Nytol.... Useless bastard! I explained and he can see my records that I got addicted 6 years ago after 2+ years abuse and ran out totally of GBL so had

  • Doctor pulled the plug. I used my last 8mg on Thursday morning. Spent Thursday and This morning looking for alternative doctors/treatment. No luck.

    I made another appt. w/doctor for next Thursday, but as you can imagine I don't trust them with my health at this point. (they are only available on Thursdays).

    I think I may need some Imodium soon. On hand I have a bottle of T-3s. Some nice scotch. Smokes. Anti-histamines, Excedrin©. Some blood pressure meds (begins with I), an

  • Will I ever recover?

    2 years ago

    So, I got my first documented concussion March 26, 2011 during my lacrosse game. I didn't lose consciousness and felt fine after the hit. Later that day, I started feeling not "myself". I felt fatigued, foggy and kind of out of it. That monday the trainer at my school referred me to a concussion doctor and he confirmed it was a "mild" concussion. Well, two weeks went by and I started to feel pretty good, although i will admit now that i was not 100%. I would say i was at like

  • We had a neuro appt today for the kids and the neuro's nurse called and asked us to come early but didn't know why. So we get there and the neuro comes in and asks if it's ok if we meet with one of his collegues. Sure. We had been asked one time before to come in early to meet another collegue which ended up being some high up doctor of something from off somewhere (how's that for accurate?) that was speaking at our neuro's morning lecture at the hospital. We reviewed Jake's history and got sugg

  • Yesterday my son was complaining of nausea (and has been nauseous for a few days), so he asked to stay home from school and I asked my mom if she'd mind running him to our doctor's office just to be on the safe side.

    While they were at the doctor's office, the front desk was kind enough to tell my mother the following,

    "Oh! There was something on your last chest x-ray so we're scheduling you for a CT scan. Someone from the CT place should contact you later today."

  • I live in a small town and need am needing some advice. My side effects after treatment have not gone away and my doctor does not know whats wrong.

    Please share your advice, answers or alternative treatments to stop my sever pain.

    I am 74 years old and recently have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Rated a 7 out of 10 for aggressiveness. I was told the prostate had 5% infected with cancer and was caught early. I immediately began radiation treatments. After the treatm

  • Hi everybody,

    It's been a while, but I kept finding the board down and thought it was history. I had quite a few posts on here, still not sure if all were recovered but found some of them. This was the only forum that really looked close to the subject, so if not I'm sorry and feel free to move it or whatever.

    Anyway, recently they passed some kind of drug law (or "updated" it) so that now, we have to present ID at the pharmacy to pick up the big script. Not a big dea

  • NOT a good combo.

    I was strung out badly on IV heroin, along with my boyfriend. We had met in rehab, gotten clean together, were doing great--had a baby, working, life was swell. Then we relapsed. I had only ever done Rx pain meds (Tussionex) but the boyfriend was a long term IV heroin user. So we ended up quickly strung out on heroin. He got on the methadone clinic but I stuck it out with the H awhile longer before finally signing up myself. However, not knowing much about methadone

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