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  • Hi all, my name is the Norwegian "Gunnarson", not "gun arson", but I think it's too late to fix that.
    I am from Minnesota, male, 42 years old.

    This is my first post.

    Anyway, this is going to be my record of my experience quitting hydrocodone, 5/500's. I have averaged 40 mg, or 8 pills per day for the past ten years.

    There were times that I would take 75mg, or 15 pills per day, but generally I wouldn't take more than prescribed per 24-hour period

  • This could go in Great Debates, but I'm not a debater, so I hate to start a thread there. It could go in MPSIMS, but since it could get heated, I'm putting it in the Pit.

    "It was an interesting day." - President Bush, recalling 9/11

    My husband found this fascinating page. It might have been mentioned before, but I haven't seen it. It's the most complete account yet, jam-packed with cites, of what Bush did that day. There's a lot of information that I had nev

  • Einzelverkauf aus großer Liste, Minimal/House/Techno/Elektro/Funk/Soul/Disco

    Mehrere 1000 Vinyle als Excel Datei

    Die Titelliste finden sie unten,

    Falls sie interesse an der zugehörigen Preis-Liste oder fragen haben schicken sie mir eine Nachricht.

    Angebote bereits ab 1,00€

    Angebot: Ab einem Einkauf von 100€ gibt es einen Preisnachlass von 15%

    Zustand ausschließlich Mint - VG+

    "Little Louie"


    An award-winning collaborative timeline started by Aero in January 2011 and ending in March 2013. Progress, Decline, and Hope won the 2012 Turtledove Awards for “Best New Collaborative Timeline” and finished a close second in polling for “Best Shared Worlds”. In 2013, the timeline was nominated for “Best Continuing Future Timeline” and finished second in polling to the deserved winner, Pkmatrix' A

  • DC septembre 2013

    7 years ago



    Written by GEOFF JOHNS
    Art and cover by DAVID FINCH and RICHARD FRIEND
    1:25 Villain A cover by TBD
    1:25 Villain B cover by TBD
    1:25 Villain C cover by TBD
    3-D motion variant cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
    1:200 B&W variant cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
    On sale SEPTEMBER 4 • 48 pg, 1 of 7, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

  • The following ATL is based on the thread:

    Here is the final draft of the ATL so far:

    August 15th, 1977: Dr. Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977, while working on a SETI project at the Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University then located at Ohio Wesleyan University's Perkins Observatory, Delaware, Ohio. The signal bore all of the hallmarks of potential non-terrestrial and non-Solar System or

  • Rubick lore attempt

    2 years ago

    And with this thread we can pretty much dub this forum "Fan Lore". Honestly, I was seriously thinking about putting this up - not only because I am really not sure about the wording and the concept has gone through so many changes I don't even know if it's decent right now, but also because there are at least 4 fan lore threads on the first page. And this would make it 5. Well, shucks, what's done is done. And I would really like spelling and wording corrections, since, uh... What's th

  • scalar weapons

    2 years ago

    This is interesting. All done by extracting power from the vacuum of space with a huge di-pole. If this is a true invention then it would fit the bill for the kind of effects that Matthew Delooze talks about with the 2012 logo. It could be a hoax of course because the science of it starts to make sense and then disappears up its own aperture. Here it is - will be interested to hear what everyone thinks.

    by Christi Verismo

  • Dubai

    8 years ago

    Boom town

    The fastest-growing city on earth, Dubai is spending mind-boggling sums on construction and is about to swallow up P&O in its bid to be a global maritime power. Given the scale of its ambition, could it become the most important place on the planet? Adam Nicolson reports from 'Mushroom City'

    Monday February 13, 2006
    The Guardian

    It looks like a hot Grozny. On the vast invented islands offshore and in the even vaster building sites that

  • Morphine to Heroin conversion - If you wish to do this synth from codiene, then see the second post of this thread and then start where appropriate.

    If you have ever tried to inject the new time released opiate pills like MS contin or OxyContin you probably know that its damn near impossible to get more than usually 25 % using just plain old water and sometimes you cant get any. So if you would like to get the dope free of all the gack in the pills this procedure should work. Using this

  • If the demo worked for you, restarting Steam might fix your issue according to this bloke ( Worth a try before you start with my fix.

    Fixes for Detached Arm Mode on ATI cards, OpenAL32.dll Error or 'Your computer does not meet the minimum video card requirements' further down. Info on Nvidia cards further down too.

    Like most of you, I would guess, I bought this game on the sale because it was ridiculously cheap. No

  • Grub 2 Basics

    5 years ago

    This page has been migrated to the Ubuntu Community Documentation site. For the most up-to-date information, please visit:

    On that page are links to a variety of other Grub 2 pages which cover installation, troubleshooting, ISO booting, Grub menu displays, and more. The majority of those pages were migrated from threads started on the Ubuntu Forums.

    Thank you to all the users who posted in these threads and expanded our knowledge of

  • Brainwave Frequency Listings




    These frequencies are of all types; light, sound, electrical, etc. The two- or three-character source codes after each frequency are defined in the bibliography.

    0.1-1 Organ/muscle resonances [SS]

    0.1-3 Delta range, according to [NEU+CRI] - deep sleep, lucid dreaming, increased imm

  • While only a Preview, hopefully you will have a good understanding of this cars qualities. And hopefully we will discover its true capabilities in the very near future :) ( Sirach and Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG ( - Oct. 23, 2010

    The 2011 Nissan LEAF – 100-miles range and soon available

  • I've gathered information from all over the web to help me in getting through the w/d's...I've never had the self-discipline to taper, so if you're like me, you may find this information useful. Feel free to correct an misinformation, mistakes or methods not worthwhile. I've collected info abt both acute withdrawals, and those dreaded PAWS. You may have seen this info elsewhere, as much of it is cut and paste, but perhaps my endless hours of collection can save you time and energy!

  • The information in this thread has been moved to

    A thread for discussion of the wiki page only can be found here

    Thread closed.

    I think it's about time we tried to make a list of all games on Kickstarter currently trying to get funding that either support Linux, say they might support Linux, or even just are worth mentioning as we may be able

  • I'm going to try to maintain this post as a link to the current versions of the various hacks / tweaks / mods available for the Kobo family. I hope to keep the links in this first post current as development continues.

    In any of the quotes I have included, clicking on the BLUE icon besides the author's name will take you their original posting. For instance
    I'm going to try to maintain this post as a link to the current versions of the various hacks / tweaks / mods available for the

  • Don't know where this came from--it's been floating around my class, and it came from another school--but might be worth a glance. Use at your own risk!

    1 what is responsible for curvature of bladder in women -uterus
    2 Scar tissues in brain no astrocytes so i put fibroblasts.
    3 site of prostrate gland-beneath the bladder
    4 ct scan of internal capsule and asked deficit as a result of lesion of the genu of the internal capsule-contralateral motor/sensory loss on the fac

  • The Saga of the M16 in
    Vietnam (part 1)

    by **** Culver

    The following story is one that I tell with some trepidation, since my experience(s) with the "Matty Mattel Mouse Guns" were not pleasant ones. In this time and place far separated from the grim reality of kill or be killed, the bitter memories of the "little black rifle that wouldn’t shoot" have started blending into the mists of long forgotten firefights. Some of the bitterness of those

  • Marijuana Facts

    8 years ago


    The Emperor Wears No Clothes


    Chapter 6
    The Body of Medical Literature on Cannabis Medicine

    Our authority here is the 'Body of Literature,' starting with ancient materia medicae; Chinese and Hindu pharmacopoeia and Near Eastern cuneiform tablets, and continuing all the way into this centu

  • One of the main reasons to convert a pdf file into djvu is to save space. I've seen 577MB PDF file become 95MB DJVU after conversion. But a lot depends on the converter chosen and of course, the settings.

    Method 1: The easy pdf2djvu

    Installed by
    sudo apt-get install pdf2djvu

    After it's done just open a terminal and type
    pdf2djvu -o output_file input_file

    input_file being the pdf you want to convert.

    Method 2: The harder way d

  • The Raptor of Spain

    Part I: The New King

    During the Caliphate of Marwan ibn Muhammad ibn Marwan, known as Marwan al-Himaar the last Caliph of the House of Umayyah, Abu al-‘Abbas rose against him and was proclaimed in Kufa. At the Battle of the Zab the lancers of Caliph Marwan broke on the shield wall of al-Saffah (the Shedder of Blood) and were invariably defeated and Damascus the capital, fell. Marwan was put to death in the fifth month, Jumada al-awal, 132 AH (spr

  • Ein guter Artikel, den ich bei den Steam News gefunden habe. Quelle ist

    How Has Assassin’s Creed III Disappointed Me? Let Me Count The Ways.

    I thought I was going to love Assassin's Creed III. From everything I'd seen, it seemed like Ubisoft was doing everything in their not-inconsiderable power to push their flagship series into brave new territory.Except… well, they didn't manage to

  • hrvatski S-300

    6 years ago

    Pišu: Berislav Jelinić, Eduard Šoštarić, 24.10.2006. | br. 571 iz Nacionala (

    SAD, Izrael i Rusija otimali su se za hrvatski S-300

    Raketni protuzračni sustav S-300 u posjedu Hrvatske vojske bio je predmet interesa velikih sila: Izrael i SAD željeli su iskopirati superiornu rusku tehnologiju, a Rusi su ih htjeli spriječiti

    Nacional posjeduje izv

  • Hello,

    I am new here, I just found the forum while doing a google search to try to find other pregnant MODY 2 women.

    I found none so far.

    I am 12 weeks pregnant and this baby will not have MODY 2 as it I have used a donor egg after repeated miscarriages (all before 12 weeks). I have one 17 year old daughter though my pregnancy with her was complicated and I almost lost her at 23 weeks.

    Anyway, my issue now is that I was put on insulin at 11 weeks preg

  • This post is a combination of a story, a HOWTO and a subtle customer review. It is not a support question; I already solved the issue.

    Acer Aspire Timeline 1810TZ
    Insyde H2O BIOS v1.3314
    160 GB SeaGate harddisk (ST9160314AS)

    I wanted to install FreeBSD as dual-boot on my laptop, which came pre-installed with Windows and the following partitioning scheme.

    12 GB factory restore partition
    283 MB Windows boot partition


    If this picture hits a warm spot in your heart, this howto is for you!

    If you think this is the way a computer should look when you turn it on, this howto is for you!

    If this was the first program you ever wrote, this howto is for you!

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    The information is now held on the community wiki at

    Thank you for your thread and the work you have done in keeping it current and of use to the community.

    A thread for discussion of the wiki can be found at

    Support threads regarding the wiki and it's content should be created in a suitable forum.


  • Just a thread to see who will be interested. Map to come later.


    Mobius: Total Chaos


    Seven years ago, a vast tidal wave of energy surged across the planet. Many were vaporised, many driven insane, many left to mourn. Cities were obliterated, infrastructure disintegrated, civilizations collapsed. Mobius' wish of disposing of its tyrant had finally been accomplished, but at terrible cost.

    But, that was seven years ago. Your people have

  • Contribute if you got some more. No signatures, bumping, or joking around, please.
    Feel free to use this in a Bluelight FAQ, this is all written from scratch by me. I will update it with people's responses. This is a constantly-evolving document. Give it a week or two before setting it in stone.
    Please close "guide to bluelight ACRONYMS" (
    Peace --L/O--
    edited 1pm fri

  • 11.04 users: First read post #59 (

    Upgraded to Natty: Network Manager not connecting any more, check this out: Post #2 (
    Natty new install :read through this "first" post :(if device is not recognized) : note the reference to USB_MODESWITCH >Natty users: and the link

    Keep in touch

  • Hello everyone,

    I recently acquired a 1998 Bondi Blue iMac G3, and would like to install Mac OS X Panther. First off, do I need to install Mac OS 9 before you install OS X, and/or are there any firmware updates needed for it?

    My second question is: I have the .iso for Mac OS 9 burned to a CD, but when I put it in the CD drive, it says: (see attachment) "This disk is unreadable by this computer. Do you want to initialize the disk?" I also tried to put in an audio C

  • I wasnt 100% sure were to put this, or exactly how it will be recieved, but here it goes.

    I dont remember who said it or exactly when but it went something along the lines of "too bad we opiophiles cant make our own personal supply of drugs like the tweekers can..."

    Well, recent events in my life combined w/ this statement got me thinking, while you can't make opies cheap and easy you can crank. You can then sell the crank to tweekers, and buy opies w/ the $. A quick

  • After lurking for a couple hours I've gathered some on the prominent methods for defeating the TIMERx ER protection in Opana ER for IV ROA. Here's what i've found:

    As of 09/23/09 there is no fast way to fix these but if you prep them a day in advance, you can still shoot them.
    I only tried a 12 hour extraction period this time but I'd give it 24 if you want to make sure it's all out.
    I didn't remove the coating but I'd recommend someone try and verify that nothing goes wrong

  • marriage subdivisions1. vara prekshanam. 2. vaang nichayam. 3. vradha poorthy--kaasi yathra. 4. vara pooja -kanya dhaanam. 5. Agni prathistaapanam. 6. madhu bharga dhaanam. 7. Devatha prarthana. 8. Vivaha sangalpam. 9. kanya samskaaram. 10. Koorai pudavayum alankaramum.11. Maangalya dhaaranam. 12. Agni mukantham. 13. paani krahanam. 14. sapthapathi. 15. Agni pradhakshinam. 16. Ashmarohanam.-laaja homam. 17. jayadhi homam. 18. Pravesa homam. 19 . Aagneya stalibhaagam. 20. aupaasanam. 21. sesha ho

  • Evo nekoliko zanimljivih činjenica, ako upamtite koju možete komotno mudrovati ekipi kad idući put sidnete na makijato.... :D

    Štakor može izdržati bez vode dulje od deve.

    Ženka lasice će uginuti ako se počne tjerati, a ne nađe partnera.

    Putnički brod Kraljica Elizabeta II pomakne za samo 4 centimetra sa svakom litrom dizela koji sagori.

    Zarez napravljen na kori stabla uvijek ostaje na istom razmaku od tla

  • Dear Sir
    Passing 50 to 100 microamperes of simple d.c. electrical current through Aids infected blood disables the Aids virus and stops it reproducing it was discovered in 1992.
    It also works on a broad range of other viruses/bacteria including Hep-A,B,C and also quite importantly for Malaria.See trial study below.

    Research conducted at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Ave., Bronx, N.Y.10461 in New Y

  • Okay, so theres no catchy title to this particular pre cruise, pre-trip report.

    I know, how very un-DIS of me....


    So this is my first stab at writing a pre-trip report (well, actually my second but since I deleted my first one a day after I wrote it because I realized I didnt have time to write one, that doesnt count).

    So, first let me give you a little background information on my cruise travels (this may be helpful in deciding if you wan

  • START HERE > BioShock 1 - How to fix: Sound + Start-up Bugs! [2/2/10]

    Over the last several weeks I have answered many forum threads on Sound and Startup bugs with BioShock 1. The recent interest in the game as a freebie for BioShock 2 preorder is likely the cause of the influx of people seeking answers to their inabilty to load or enjoy the sounds of the game.

    The only problem is that people are CONSTANTLY starting new threads while not updating their drivers and in ge

  • This is a repost of a long forgotten thread ( created by Hefaistus ( back in the day, which I now have permission to update every time new bits of lore are added to the game. All credit goes to Hefaistus, once again, with me handling everything that came out after Shadow Demon.

    As of right now, some of the lore bits that accompany the latest items are not implemented yet, their importance being a non-ob

  • I'm putting this article here as it is likely a fair few of the missing at the end of this article ended up being trafficked for body parts but it would be just as much at home in War is a Racket or a couple of other boards. It is an important report on the hugely neglected subject of the genocide of Roma in Kosovo and Metohija
    written by the Law Projects Center in Belgrade (

  • Here is a fresh link ( to an old friend, a paper that deconstructs the poor construct validity of "myofascial pain" and connecting them to trigger points.
    I'm copying and pasting the whole thing, because I never ever want to lose this paper from a dead link again. Unfortunately, the tables do not copy well.

    Myofascial Pain Management

    Evaluated material for both the health care provider and consumer.


  • Thought I would post here as well, but be warned it's long.
    MDMA use on the rise©2000
    The use of Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), commonly known as Ecstasy, is invading American Society and has been for some time now. The East Merck Company, in Germany, first created MDMA in 1914 for the purpose of creating an intermediary substance to develop more highly evolved therapeutic medications. (Cloud 2000) In the 1980’s the popularity of ecstasy wa

  • i'm sure you are familiar with the taxing system, how we get taxed on our pay, taxed here there and everywhere. well, when it comes to supplements, the taxing is only so different as that "they" tax you health, big time, with the supplements you are taking.

    things you should be looking out for in you supplements that destoys you health and good moods quicer than the vitamins supposedly keeps it up, are:

    *Soy : Hundreds of epidemiological, clinical and laboratory s

  • Black Mesa

    5 years ago


    CVG - 8.5/10 (
    Eurogamer - NA (
    ValveTime - B- (
    Metro - 8/10 (
    BeefJack - Masterpiece (

  • Amphetamine FAQ

    9 years ago

    Renegade's Amphetamine FAQ

    This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive, unbiased source of information for all things related to the drug commonly called Speed. This is the first in a series of guides I hope to produce on drugs as a project I have undertaken to become a better informed individual.
    The information in this guide is provided for educational purposes only. Please be aware that use of possession of amphetamines is restricted in most countries of t

  • Amphetamine FAQ

    9 years ago

    Renegade's Amphetamine FAQ

    This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive, unbiased source of information for all things related to the drug commonly called Speed. This is the first in a series of guides I hope to produce on drugs as a project I have undertaken to become a better informed individual.
    The information in this guide is provided for educational purposes only. Please be aware that use of possession of amphetamines is restricted in most countries of t


    Reisu-l-ulema Islamske zajednice u BiH Mustafa ef. Cerić donio je danas fetvu protiv reisa IZ Srbije Adema ef. Zilkića.

    Tekst fetve prenosimo u cjelosti:

    Utječem se Allahu od prokletog šejtana!

    U ime Allaha Milostivog, Samilosnog!

    - A oni koji podignu džamiju da bi štetu nanijeli, kao i da bi nevjeru osnažili i među vjernice razdor unijeli, s

  • Just a tad over 69 things to do on E

    1. Get at least three people sit with your knees just inches from each other and hold hands , waving the hands of the other people never let go till the end when you say fall back and fall on the ground just make sure nothings behind you that would hurt your head.
    2. Kissing with Blow POP in mouth.(join lips with the blow pop between them)
    4. Riding a bicycle
    5. Swing sets
    6. Running up and down stairs (donno why?)


    The most complete, detailed and accurate 3D model of human anatomy.


    Derived from real human data, this range of software provides over 5,000 3D anatomical structures, clinical slides, dissections, animations and much more.

  • Classical vinyl

    7 years ago

    Classical Collectables

    Info about some of the more collectable classical pressings can be found here ( All prices on the classical listing include professional wet-vacuum cleaning using a VPI 17i record cleaning machine.

    Adam – Giselle, VPO / Karajan. Decca SXL 6002 wide-band deep-groove 1st issue. The thin laminated flip-back sleeve in VG++ condition due to some light creasing and general ageing, though it has

  • By: The WebPreneur Herself, Sarah Scrafford

    Techies in general already aren’t the most healthy bunch. Add to that mix an entrepreneurial flair that will cause you to occasionally skip standard mealtime and come 6pm you’re starving.

    The problem is, the hungrier you become, the more likely you are going to overcompensate by eating too much (this is also known as “binging”). There are ways, however, to trick your slimming body into think it’s not hungry and avoid overeat

  • What this little tutorial shows is:
    1. How to catch the lid open and close events.
    2. How to catch the laptop dock and undock events.
    3. How to run a script for each of those events.

    I will show a specific example which consist in:
    - When the lid closes -> play a "closing" sound and set my Pidgin status to away with a message saying "My laptop lid is closed..."
    - When the lid is opened -> play an "opening" sound and set my Pidgin s

  • Working Timeline for Child Abuse and Savile related

    This is designed as mainly a thread for dates and basic info to add to the timeline below. This first post by me will be updated continually whenever possible with relevant dates to the Savile thread and child abuse scandals and can be used as a point of reference aside the Savile thread. Contributions, suggestions, corrections and extra detail all very welcome.


    1950's onwards - organised and sophist

  • Some people are still having some issues with resolutions in Doom 3... It's simple, just with some commands you can play with any resolution.

    *First, start the game
    *Put your desired graphical settings (Low, High, Ultra...)
    *Open the console pressing Ctrl+Alt+' (or ^, for some keyboards)
    *Type in the console these commands:

    r_mode -1
    r_aspectRatio 2
    r_customHeight XXXX (or your desired Height resolution)
    r_customWidth XXXX (your desired Widht resolution)

  • Hey guys, i'm having some problems with my ASUS P8Z68-V PRO. I was benchmarks normally on it when the VGA stopped working. I restarted the PC and something wrong happened, I can't make any overclocking neither on the memory nor changing on the multiplier of processor. The "PLL overvoltage" option is also gone. I've already tried to refresh the BIOS several times and it don't solve my problem. I also tried to go back to an older BIOS version, but appears the "Image Outdated"

  • Star Wars IV: A New Hope

    1. "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid."

    2. "Curse my metal body, I wasn't fast enough!"

    3. "Look at the size of that thing!"

    4. "Sorry about the mess..."

    5. "You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought."

    6. "Aren't you a little short for a Storm Trooper?"

    7. "You're got something jammed in h

  • Ovako, neznam kako da počnem, nekome se moram izjadati ko će me možda razumijeti....

    Nakon kaj sam imala pobačaj prošle godine u 3 mjesecu ( 5 tj. trudnoće) čuvali smo se 6 mj i u 9 mj smo opet počeli sa pokušavanjem, kupila sam si trakice za ovulaciju, dočekala pozitivnu konačno i gin mi potvrdi ovulaciju i nikaj nije bilo, onda odem na drugi pregled gdje mi opet potvrdi O i ja pitam pa kak mi je onda socijalni reko da imam PCO.. i veli ona meni ti nemaš PCO tebi jedino kaj je je to da

  • Though I still wonder even now: Did Kirigiri's execution all take place in Naegi's mind? Because if so, it's kind of amazing that he knew exactly which execution method Monobear would use.....

    Personally, I think the bad ending and the Kirigiri's punishment is kind of like a meta rather than taking in place in Naegi's mind. It's supposed to tell the players to trust Kirigiri, even if it endangers Naegi's life in the exchange since this is case really the perperator's (Monokuma

  • cdb10c81

    It's a good thing Captain Marvel's so dang powerful, because she's about to face some severe challenges from the outside as well as the inside.

    Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, who retooled Carol Danvers into one of Marvel Comics

  • Larry A. Thorne, a Finnish-American Jaeger

    This little tribute is not for Larry Thorne's political views - since my own are more akin to those of Mauno Koivisto (who served under Lauri Törni in Detachment Törni). It is a tribute to his personal courage; and his life of "duty, honor, country".

    Jaeger (Ger. Jäger, Sw. Jagare, Fin. Jääkkäri) means "hunter". Here, "manhunter" is more accurate.

    The most famed Finnish-American Jaeger was

  • If you haven’t deployed because you wrenched your back or had a baby, the Air Force is watching you — closely.

    The scrutiny is the response to findings by the Air Force Audit Agency that the service failed to track its medical waivers from late 2001, when deployments ramped up after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, through 2006. Only this year has there been a strict accounting policy in place Air Force-wide.

    Now, all airmen who have medical waivers face a monthly review by thei

  • If you do not want to use grub for your bootloading control, you can do the following. This assumes Ubuntu is already installed, and the Windows MBR is still intact. This would be the case if you are booting from a floppy, or have it set up like I do. I have Windows installed on hda1 (C:\) and Ubuntu on hdb (used to be D:\) and I used to just choose the boot drive in BIOS before booting to select Windows or Ubuntu.

    The goal is to make a copy of a bootrecord that you can put on the windo

  • Public Warning.-Scammers passing themselves off as Spanish lawyers and law firms (

    Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt - Lawbird Legal Services (

    Friday 13th of March 2009

    Foreigners should be well-advised that there are many scammers trying to pass themselves off as legitimate Spanish law firms and lawyers (

  • Kao bivsi vlasnik ilegalne radio stanice pozivam sve koji su imali radio stanicu ili tek rade na tome da podjelimo iskustva...

    Ovaj tekst sam skinuo negdje sa neta.

    1. dio

    Mnogi ljudi još uvijek misle da se FM radio stanica sastoji od brojnih prostorija punih opreme koja košta na stotine tisuća kuna. Pokret za slobodni radio pokazao je da to nije istina. Za emitiranje mikroradija koriste se FM odašiljači čija je izlazna snaga od pola vata do četrdeset vati. Takvi

  • Hi,
    i would like to introduce a new filter for avisynth: NLMeansCL.
    The filter is my try on the NLMeans algorithm. Tritical already wrote TNLMeans in 2006, which is also an implementation of the NLMeans algorithm. (Thanks for your work tritical!)
    In contrast to tritical's implementation - which is written in C++ and runs on the CPU, my implementation is written in OpenCL and runs on the GPU (typically).
    Note: I will update this post to reflect all changes to the filter. The m

  • From The BMJ
    London, UK
    15 January, 2013


    Science souring on sugar

    Walter C Willett, professor and chair, David S Ludwig, professor of pediatrics

    Accumulating evidence points towards a role for sugar and other refined carbohydrates in the development of overweight

    Sugar—most importantly sucrose (table sugar) and high fructose corn syrup—has long been thought to have adverse health effects, such as contributing to dental c

  • Windows 7 Club

    5 years ago

    This is the Windows 7 Club

    You can discuss anything here regarding Windows 7. But as you know it has to be within forum rules :slap:. If you have any information that would help those transition from XP/Vista to Windows 7 it would be very helpful for you to post it here.

    For example:
    How is the netcoding of windows 7? When playing Wow or COD4 or COD:WAW is the Ping the same? And other questions some might have. So go ahead asking them...

    Are you able to play ga

  • A relative of mine has recently been diagnosed with "something" growing in his brain. Originally, it was thought to be possibly a calcium deposit, but evidently, that has been ruled out.

    These are the MRI results. If I'm reading this correctly, these are the two main candidates for what it could be...but I'm unsure of exactly what it all means.

    Of course, the results will be interpreted by a professional in a couple of days--but if someone could explain this, it would

  • Hi all,

    Just to put the topic to rest I'm testing out methods of breaking down Opana, I'm working with 20mg ER pills. Currently, I've placed 2 pills in a shot glass(actually a small glass candle holder but what the hell do I care..) with hot water. This water has cooled, and tomorrow I will place a lamp directly above it to warm the water for about 9 hours or so.

    Approx 1 hour later, the outside green coating had dissolved and the powder was visible.

    At 9:00PM tonigh

  • Iscjedak u trudnoći

    10 years ago

    Drage forumašice,

    trebao bi mi vaš savjet i vaše iskustvo jer imam pitanje.

    Da li je normalno da se u jako ranoj trudnoći (5-6 tjedana) pojavljuje svjetlo žuti iscjedak? Negdje sam na internetu čitala da je to tzv. sunčani iscjedak ali to nigdje više nisam čula o tome, pa me zanima da li vi što znate o tome.
    Znam da bi možda trebala kod ginekologa, ali to želim još malo prolongirat bar do 8-9 tjedna jer sam u prvoj trudnoći išla u 6-tom tjednu i vidjela se samo gestaci

  • TSH opet

    3 years ago

    Cure trebam pomoć!
    Prije tri mjeseca TSH: 6,06 (0,4-4,0)
    Terapija euthyrox 50ug svaki dan
    Nakon 10 dana kontrola TSH: 0,9

    Sada sam trudna, danas sam digla nove nalaze

    TSH: 9,99 (0,4-4,0)
    T4 : 150 (60-165)
    TPO: 254 ( do 50 )
    PRL: 18,1 ( 2,0-30,0)

    Krv sam vadila nekoliko dana nakon stimulacije ( superfact,gonal,choragon)

    Dali je to sve naraslo zbog lijekova ili trudnoće?
    Dali ovaj Euthyrox dijeluje i na ovaj TPO

  • For those having difficult getting the BOP to file a Motion for compassionate release, here is some information from a defense lawyer blog that may be helpful:

    BOP rarely files a motion for early release under 18 U.S.C. §
    3582(c)(1)(A) when an inmate has a terminal illness or for other
    extraordinary and compelling reasons under USSG 1B1.13. In this case, the
    inmate, Phillip Smith, was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia in
    August 2011, but BOP twice refused to fil

  • The Executive Protection Specialist program has been developed by the German based ICPTA to give students the ability to deal with new security risks that arise daily on a global scale. During the 5 day course, students will be trained by professionals who have operated in various corporate and entertainment environments, as well as in combat zones. The program is split between classroom lectures and practical exercises that allow students to put theory into action. Numbers are kept small in ord

  • hi perthies, thought this would be a good thread to start! I know some people like to hide away their little secret places but i'm of the opinion that the more knowledge we all have about places the better off we will all be! plus i love reading about other peoples experiences.

    So this is a thread to post your reviews, pros & cons, prices, websites and any other information about the places we go to pretty ourselves up! (a bit like the restaurant reviews in the food section!!!)

  • Any input?

    6 months ago

    So...I don't know how I found myself here. It's been about a year since the last time I logged into the phile'. Anyway, I'd like to share what has been my life for the past 2 years or so.

    Well, when I first joined this site, I had been a daily browser but always missed the opportunity to sign up. It's been two years now. When I first signed up, I remember I was staying in a hotel by myself because I had been caught using again and was kicked out of the family members' house that

  • How I got away with dropping a synthetic sample for a monitored Urinalysis

    Today I had to go to see my PO for the first time and I was expecting to be given a urine test. I knew that if I pissed dirty that I would have more piss tests to look forward to on my subsequent visits as well as a scolding from my judge. I was not willing to risk this happening. I had told the court that I had not used drugs or alcohol in a long time. It is none of their business what I drink or take, so I

  • Does anyone Have a walkthrough On how to use/setup X11Forwarding?

    I've been doing a little searching and the best thing I can find is this:

    I don't understand what he means when he says in the jail? I've tried a couple different options and other pages but I've not had much luck These are my config files:
    sshd_config(Everything Is Completely Default Except the Match user spot its not really question marks) :

    # override default

  • I enjoy high school thouroughly, but lots of things about it are starting to get on my nerves.

    I can't go for 10 minutes without hearing someone call someone/something 'gay'... Nowhere in the dictionary is gay defined as 'bad'. That really annoys me. During the first week of freshman year I met a Korean guy who had moved to the US recently named Jae. I had to explain to him why people were calling everything gay... He told me how a parent would never put up with hearing their ch

  • 1. AB-SrA are at the same time frames someone gets promoted, unless in trouble or Article 15'd. SSgt can be made at 4, 5, and 6 years, with 5 being the norm. If not SSgt at 6 years for the board, discharge mandatory in 1 year. TSgt can be made at 9, 10, and 11 years with 10 being the norm. If not a TSgt at 11 years, discharge by 15 years with the option of a small monthly retirement depending on how long served or lump sum. Once you make TSgt, you may serve a full 20 if you don't make the board

  • It's a new month and there are new freebies. Several from last month are still free, so be sure to check the previous thread, HERE (

    This is the sticky thread for free and bargain books in the Kindle store for January 2011. Rather than try to update the first post with a list of all the books, which is continually changing, instead new books will be posted at the end of the thread and each month there will be a new thread, lett

  • New Workstation Build

    2 years ago

    So I've been perusing these forums for the past few days trying to collect the information necessary to figure out the components needed to build a new workstation. I've used Mac Pro's my entire career thus far, but my 2008 Mac Pro is showing it's age and now that I've fully moved from FCP to Adobe, I'm not locked into the Apple Infrastructure anymore, which means I realize that I can really put together a serious machine that will give me more bang for my buck. Not that I don't love Apple, but

  • Welcome to the XIth installment of the Altered Maps Thread! This'll be my second time OPing a AM thread, but now.... We must look forward...

    First ye olde past:
    Altered Maps ( (the original!)
    Altered Maps 2: Uber-Yugoslavia FTW (
    Altered Maps 3: The rise of the Basque Empire! (

  • The various strands of Hap. E1b1b as found in Europe constitute the third most common group of YDNA clades in Europe, after the R1 clades (R1a and R1b of course) and the original I clades. It seems to predate R in Europe, R being associated with the Indo-European invasions of c. ~3,000BC and E1b1b being associated with the spread of agriculture during the Neolithic from Anatolia at the latest (c. ~5,500BC). Like I and R, E is found all over Europe - at consistent, but low (normaly <10%) frequ

  • First, the thread rules:

    Information about all episodes aired to this point -- including the current week -- will be unboxed.
    Information about this week's episode's "next week" teasers will be unboxed.
    Information about future episodes taken from spoiler sites/inside sources will be boxed. This includes links to promo photos and screencaps from future episodes.
    Speculation based on events in episodes aired up to this point (including teasers) will be unboxed.

  • USMLE Step 2 Review Courses - Audio for 2013-2014 USMLE
    - The Total Audio Package

    For TPW 2013 Apollo will be giving away Two (2) "USMLE Step 1 Review Courses - The Total Audio Package" and Two (2) "USMLE Step 2 Review Courses - The Total Audio Package" (a $349.95 value each) to 4 lucky SDN members! Winners for each raffle will be drawn from among the members who post questions or otherwise meaningfully contribute to the discussion. Good Luck on the 2013-2014 USM

  • This is really common, but I haven't seen a ubuntu howto for it, people more or less peice it together from posts and blog entries and the like.

    So, here it goes. First off, make sure your system supports WakeOnLAN (WOL), if you know your system well, you already know if it does or doesn't.


    Automatic way:
    This script does everything described in the Manual way, for you, except step 1 and step 4.

    The automatic method is super

  • I've been trying to install Linux on my MacBook Air Mid 2013 11" (6,1 Model: A1465) for a little while now. My end goal is a penetration testing distrobution such as Kali (, which I believe is based on Ubuntu. However my initial attempt failed so I tried to install BackBox linux on the machine, which worked to some degree. However the install wasn't stable and there were various problems. You can read what I went through here:

  • The drugs issue, re-re-re-revisited.

    Preface: This thread was inspired by a conversation I had today at work with three colleagues. I won't go into the specifics of the conversation but the gist of it was that drugs, all drugs, are a scourge on society in general and must be purged if there is any hope for social regeneration. I disagreed. They give me funny looks in the corridor now. Anyway, it got me to thinking whether my views on drugs are way, way off or whether they were just bein

  • I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to look at this cryptogram. At several junctures I sought guidance through prayer and the Lord provided me with answers as to where to look. My understanding through prayer is that the Lord does not want these crimes to remain unsolved.

    The use of two different colored high lighter pens for alternating words will help you visually see the messages.

    Zodiac 340 Cryptogram

    This partial solution provides the killers name, pro

  • Hello All

    All i need a Computer with 4x6990 Cards.
    what i want to Know

    Motherboard that can support 4 6990 Cards
    Power Supply that support this all.
    i want to put this System Open so No case. i am planning to build a Wood Case for this.
    Cooling supply etc.
    I am New 7 i have no idea of Computer stuff. so i am sure i will have a Super Doper Configuration.
    Plus Kindly Share your ideas also. for Better performance & Quick result..

    Also s

  • I want to test the sync of decoding mp3 and aac audio sources. I will be using the WAVSource, AVISource, DirectShowSource, NicMPG123Source, bassAudioSource and FFAudioSource API calls when I can.

    What I found is that when decoding mp3 files, use NicAudio if possible, and DirectShow might work also. For AAC decoding, there is no solution currently in AVISynth that will provide the audio in the proper sync.

    Windows Vista 64 bit (32 bit executable used)

    I am usi

  • Hi All

    Since the other thread is getting to unweildy with all the pics, I started the second thread. The older thread can be accessed here:
    Many, many great new pics of the Indian Army and Indian Navy (

    Again, here are images of the Indian military from news photos and from the Sainik Samachar, the fortnightly defense publication by and for soldiers of the Indian military.

    The magazine, like th



    A1 Ljubljana - Maribor - Austria (

    A1 Ljubljana - Adriatic Sea ( & Nanos (H4) - Postojna - Ljubljana (

    A2, H1 Ljubljana - Villach (Austria): 2007 (http://www.

  • Hello All,

    I have perused a number of sources around the web through Google, and I have located a number of leading journal articles, top forum threads, and DEA/pharmaceutical extraction analyses. Many of these sources have scientifically verified much of the anecdotal advice I have read here.

    I have sorted them in my view of their importance and authority. HTH.

    1. Source: The Journal of Pain, Volume 6, Issue 3, Supplement, Page S52 (March 2005).
    Fentanyl extra

  • I'll be posting this in both Right to Bear Arms and in Flora and Fauna for a more brod range of ideals and knowledge and quick linking them together.

    For right to bear arms I'd like to find out the practical use in military and guerrilla warfare both what you know about anything, from what you can process from plant matter, fungi, animals.

    For Flora and Fauna if you know anything about toxic or poisonous plants or fungi if it's even just a name and how commercially or locally a

  • Rio Bravo (1959)

    8 years ago



    John Wayne The big gu

  • Art of the new
    How a previously industrial area in Culver City morphed into the latest gallery hotspot.

    By Dean Kuipers, Special to The Times

    The crowd for the opening at Lightbox gallery was pretty impressive, for what is still an emerging space in a new part of town. The reception for painter and collagist Stefan Hirsig's pop-influenced exhibition, "There Is Water at the Bottom of the Ocean,

  • The Muslim-Croat Civil War in Central Bosnia


    In October, 1992, Jajce, an important town northwest of Travnik on the main road to Banja Luka, had been under siege by the Bosnian Serb Army (BSA) for nearly five months. A mixed garrison of Croatian Defense Council and Army of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina soldiers defended the town and its two important power stations. They were supported from Travnik over a tenuous, narrow, twenty-five-mile-lo

  • The third game of the Lightning Saga has been revealed.

    Five hundred years after the events of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, Lightning returns as a heroine in a world*thirteen days away from destruction. What will she do with the little time that is left? The choice*is yours to make.


    -Release Dates-

    JP - November 21, 2013


More emirov put 9 epizoda results .....

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