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  • Na Novoj TV će 12. srpnja završiti prikazivanje turske serije "Da sam oblak" koja je u vrlo kratkom roku postala hit. Od 15. srpnja zamijenit će je nova serija sa zvijezdom "Strasti Orijenta" u naslovnoj ulozi.

    Feriha je prekrasna djevojka koja živi u luksuznoj četvrti. Njezin otac Riza je domar, a majka Zehra spremačica. Zajedno s braćom Mehmetom i Omerom Feriha živi u podrumu zgrade sa

  • Živa istina

    5 years ago

    Ziva istina

    Idem ja tako neki dan ulicom, taman popio jutarnji expreso, razmišljam jesam li ugasio malo kolo na štednjaku....kad tamo negdje kod ljekarne ugledam neku staru babu u dugačkom crnom mantilu...pređem ulicu, jer me put vodi u tom pravcu....kad baba skoči ispred mene, nešto nerazumljivo dreknu, rastvori onaj crni mantil.....haha....ispod mantila ništa ...gola-golcata.....

    I ja onako šokiran, jer nisam to očekivao....taman prebiram po glavi kako da joj na čistom h

  • This article was sent to me by my good friend Faith at myspace. I can see her point and am circulating this information in case she is right!

    Live H2o Concerts: The Plan To Put The World "To Sleep"

    Some of you may have heard of the upcoming LiveH2o Concerts reportedly planning to realign the world with "The Key Of Love", 528 hz., amplified to all on the planet - and in the Cosmos - through the Earth's "Key Bodies Of Water".


  • Adini Feriha Koydum (2011.-2012.g., Turska, Med Yapim, 67 epizoda) i nastavak, Emir'in Yolu

    Vahide Gördüm -Zehra Yılmaz
    Hazal Kaya - Feriha Yılmaz
    Metin Çekmez - Rıza Yılmaz
    Çağatay Ulusoy - Emir Sarrafoğlu
    Deniz Uğur - Sanem İlhanlı
    Ceyda Ateş - Hande Gezgin
    Metin Selçuk - Mehmet Yılmaz

  • My dog, spooky, is sixteen years old. I think that I soon may need to put her to sleep and it will probably be the hardest thing i have ever done. There have been several problem that have gradually gotten worse over the last two years.

    1. She can hardly make up and done steps any more. The biggest problem with this is letting her outside. Every time i let her out i have to pick her up (she weighs about thirty pounds), carry her down the steps, wait till she is done, pick her up

  • Evo jedan prilog o obveznom cjepivu do 1 godine života, te kako doći do lječničke potvrde za dijete da je zdravo.

    Naime, svoje treće dijete do kraja prve godine nisam cijepila niti jednim cjepivom - dobio je cjepivo u rodilištu kao i sva druga djeca.

    Prva dvojica su išla redovito te imala problema sa imunitetom. Da ne kažem da je doktorica u Splitu, bez krvne pretrage dala djetetu SUMA MED i nakon 5 dana rekla: A sada ćemo druge antibiotike. Već sutradan sam došla po karto

  • This week we have an interesting competition: Many people feel that they can do better than the cellular operators or ISPs to build innovative broadband packages. It is now the time to put your money where your mouth is:

    To Enter

    Design an ADSL product (bundles ADSL access and ISP, or only a data package) or a mobile/wireless data product which you think people would want.

    Please note that the service must be attractive for both consumers and companies (companies

  • File this away for next summer!

    How to build a Mosquito trap.

    Materials Needed:

    2L plastic soda bottle
    50gms brown sugar
    1gm yeast
    Measure cup
    Black paper

    1. Cut the top of the bottle as shown

    2. Put 200ml hot water in the bottle, stir with 50gram brown sugar. Put the sugar wate

  • After lurking for a couple hours I've gathered some on the prominent methods for defeating the TIMERx ER protection in Opana ER for IV ROA. Here's what i've found:

    As of 09/23/09 there is no fast way to fix these but if you prep them a day in advance, you can still shoot them.
    I only tried a 12 hour extraction period this time but I'd give it 24 if you want to make sure it's all out.
    I didn't remove the coating but I'd recommend someone try and verify that nothing goes wrong

  • I wasnt 100% sure were to put this, or exactly how it will be recieved, but here it goes.

    I dont remember who said it or exactly when but it went something along the lines of "too bad we opiophiles cant make our own personal supply of drugs like the tweekers can..."

    Well, recent events in my life combined w/ this statement got me thinking, while you can't make opies cheap and easy you can crank. You can then sell the crank to tweekers, and buy opies w/ the $. A quick

  • morphine --> heroin

    8 years ago

    Hi all, i have a few questions
    Someone Who I Met (SWIM) has procured a small amount of acetic anhydride and has some morphine sulphate pills
    he has a few questions, which i will ask
    does the morphine sulphate need to be converted to HCL or Citrate or the free base or anything else? if so, what one? can i free base morphine sulphate by using sodium hydroxide? is there any chance of the morphine free base being soluble in the sodium hydroxide solution, i have read that morphinate &q

  • Has anyone ever heard of this before?!

    Mark is a 45-year old white male with a stocky build and a beard. His head is shaved. He responded to my ad to be interviewed for this article wearing only leather pants, leather boots and a leather vest. I could see that both of his nipples were pierced with large-gauge silver rings.


    Questioner: I hope you won’t be offended if I ask you to prove to me that

  • True FRPG story!

    10 years ago

    I assume a few of you have heard of Tunnels and Trolls, and maybe a couple of you played it, even though it was shadowed by Dungeons and Dragons. I recently started playing, have a level 5 dwarf wizard (doesn't make much sense in a roleplaying way, but I came up with a little background for him: he's basically an outcast from the dwarven society for casting destructive magic) named Galiot. I found this nifty T&T story, if you want to read it all - it's long!

    I. The Mist

  • Einzelverkauf aus großer Liste, Minimal/House/Techno/Elektro/Funk/Soul/Disco

    Mehrere 1000 Vinyle als Excel Datei

    Die Titelliste finden sie unten,

    Falls sie interesse an der zugehörigen Preis-Liste oder fragen haben schicken sie mir eine Nachricht.

    Angebote bereits ab 1,00€

    Angebot: Ab einem Einkauf von 100€ gibt es einen Preisnachlass von 15%

    Zustand ausschließlich Mint - VG+

    "Little Louie"

  • Imam jedan problem, kasni mi menstruacija mjesec dana, ali to nije prvi put. Trudna nisam, a opet ne dobivam stvari. Tako je bilo i prošli put kad sam prestala piti cilest pa tri mjeseca ništa. Ovaj put sam ih prestala piti prije par mjeseci i dobila sam prve dvije normalno (začudo od proli put), ali nakon toga ništa. Dali ste vi imale takve probleme?

  • i'm sure you are familiar with the taxing system, how we get taxed on our pay, taxed here there and everywhere. well, when it comes to supplements, the taxing is only so different as that "they" tax you health, big time, with the supplements you are taking.

    things you should be looking out for in you supplements that destoys you health and good moods quicer than the vitamins supposedly keeps it up, are:

    *Soy : Hundreds of epidemiological, clinical and laboratory s

  • I'm going to try to maintain this post as a link to the current versions of the various hacks / tweaks / mods available for the Kobo family. I hope to keep the links in this first post current as development continues.

    In any of the quotes I have included, clicking on the BLUE icon besides the author's name will take you their original posting. For instance
    I'm going to try to maintain this post as a link to the current versions of the various hacks / tweaks / mods available for the

  • From The Times
    London, UK
    26 March, 2011

    Dr Dukan: the man who’s made us all no-carb bores

    From Jennifer Lopez to Jenni Murray, suddenly the whole world seems to be on the Dukan diet

    French diet doctor Pierre Dukan, the famous creator of the Dukan diet – the one the entire world seems to be on – is looking for a pencil. “Where did I put eet?” he asks in his heavily accented English. He spots the pen I am using. Suddenly, he swoops down. “This wil

  • Maybe we can pool strategies and guides into 1 spot? Can add hard mode primals too since I see it asked a bit. Also, I'll try to keep it up to date as more posts come in. Won't help the old timers, but I'm sure the new players who haven't yet delve into higher level would appreciate this thread.

    But importantly, please contribute!


    Sastasha (15-18)

    Sub-boss #1: Coeurl (need name)
    Adds?: No

    Standard tank and spank fight. Avoid the aoe surro

  • Below are relevant fragments of a very recent email exchange I had with Eric Jon Phelps in which I asked him what it means for someone to be Jesuit trained (my questions are in blue, Eric's response is in green):

    I would like to know from you what it means for someone to be Jesuit-trained. Does the Jesuit Order keep (close) contact with its pupil for the entire duration of the pupil's life? Do the Jesuits openly manipulate their pupils after their education, steering them into certai

  • scalar weapons

    2 years ago

    This is interesting. All done by extracting power from the vacuum of space with a huge di-pole. If this is a true invention then it would fit the bill for the kind of effects that Matthew Delooze talks about with the 2012 logo. It could be a hoax of course because the science of it starts to make sense and then disappears up its own aperture. Here it is - will be interested to hear what everyone thinks.

    by Christi Verismo

  • The Rothschild Thread

    6 years ago

    some background info


    If one looked on the backstage of history, he would find the House of Rothschild. They have indebted Kings, manipulated kingdoms, created wars and molded the very shape of the international world. Among the hierarchy of the Illuminati they are revered as a powerful satanic bloodline. They are "living legends."

    Said one biographer: "In America a boy wants to become President. In Europe he would rather be

  • Amphetamine FAQ

    9 years ago

    Renegade's Amphetamine FAQ

    This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive, unbiased source of information for all things related to the drug commonly called Speed. This is the first in a series of guides I hope to produce on drugs as a project I have undertaken to become a better informed individual.
    The information in this guide is provided for educational purposes only. Please be aware that use of possession of amphetamines is restricted in most countries of t

  • Amphetamine FAQ

    9 years ago

    Renegade's Amphetamine FAQ

    This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive, unbiased source of information for all things related to the drug commonly called Speed. This is the first in a series of guides I hope to produce on drugs as a project I have undertaken to become a better informed individual.
    The information in this guide is provided for educational purposes only. Please be aware that use of possession of amphetamines is restricted in most countries of t

  • The Saga of the M16 in
    Vietnam (part 1)

    by **** Culver

    The following story is one that I tell with some trepidation, since my experience(s) with the "Matty Mattel Mouse Guns" were not pleasant ones. In this time and place far separated from the grim reality of kill or be killed, the bitter memories of the "little black rifle that wouldn’t shoot" have started blending into the mists of long forgotten firefights. Some of the bitterness of those

  • Discussion Link

    Book I 1750-1777
    O Renascimento de um Império – O Princípio

    New Beginning

    In 1750 at the end of Dom João V reign Portugal found itself in a precarious position; the Portuguese Empire was a mere shadow of its former self, which at one time had spanned the globe from the Américas to Japan. The revenue from the gold and diamonds in Brasil that Portugal had been relying for the last century was starting to decline and Portugal’s position withi


    An award-winning collaborative timeline started by Aero in January 2011 and ending in March 2013. Progress, Decline, and Hope won the 2012 Turtledove Awards for “Best New Collaborative Timeline” and finished a close second in polling for “Best Shared Worlds”. In 2013, the timeline was nominated for “Best Continuing Future Timeline” and finished second in polling to the deserved winner, Pkmatrix' A

  • Mislim da sve više ljudi pokušavaju prehranom i alternativnim metodama lječenja spriječiti i izliječiti se od mnogih bolesti.
    Djelom je to i zbog reklama,gdje prehrambena industrija želi puno namirnica povezati sa prirodno,zdravo...i te riječi odzvanjaju sve više u ovom suvremenom svijetu,pa ljudi stvarno s razlogom počinju tražiti sve prirodnije i manje štetne namirnice,te čak prirodnije metode liječenja.
    Osobno nemam neka

    by Allen “horntagger” Morris

    This was passed to me from a private land conservationist from Missouri Department of Conservation in the county I have land in. This is just one example of how working with any game and fish department can benefit you. So now I am passing it along to you. You will be amazed on how well this works.
    The ultimate goal of mineral supplements in deer management is to increase antler size and improve overall health of de


    Reisu-l-ulema Islamske zajednice u BiH Mustafa ef. Cerić donio je danas fetvu protiv reisa IZ Srbije Adema ef. Zilkića.

    Tekst fetve prenosimo u cjelosti:

    Utječem se Allahu od prokletog šejtana!

    U ime Allaha Milostivog, Samilosnog!

    - A oni koji podignu džamiju da bi štetu nanijeli, kao i da bi nevjeru osnažili i među vjernice razdor unijeli, s

  • Hello people. The following is a beginners guide for The Blockheads. It is here to help out all the new players trying to figure out this game, and also to answer some of their many questions. Please note it is a work in progress and will be worked on in chunks. If you see any mistakes or grammatical errors, please make a comment on it. Comments and ways to improve upon it are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    This guide is correct as of 1.1.

    Starting Off
    OK to begin our journey

  • Just a tad over 69 things to do on E

    1. Get at least three people sit with your knees just inches from each other and hold hands , waving the hands of the other people never let go till the end when you say fall back and fall on the ground just make sure nothings behind you that would hurt your head.
    2. Kissing with Blow POP in mouth.(join lips with the blow pop between them)
    4. Riding a bicycle
    5. Swing sets
    6. Running up and down stairs (donno why?)

  • Well, for all of you dudes out there that can't or don't know how to get even near a pussy, this may be for you. I did NOT write this.

    What you will need:
    4-5 balloons
    1 Pillow
    1 Belt

    Step 1: Fill the balloons with warm water.
    Fill each balloon with warm, not hot, water. Tie the ends so that the water will not squeeze out.

    Step 2: Roll a pillow put a plastic bag inside

    Take a pillow; roll it up like a tube and tie a string a

  • Sadasnja cesta je takodje lokalna za Brijesce i Rajlovac i u losijem stanju od ove "nove".

    Ovim bi se saobracaju dala opcija da koristi alternativni pravac. Trebalo bi takodje aktivirati i ovaj treci alternativni pravac za Blazuj o kojem je govorio leopol. Sto vise, to bolje.

    Vozio sam se dva puta ove godine tim takozvanim alternativnim pravcem i uopste se nemogu koristit za magistralni saubracaj kao kamione i ostalo. Nijedan ni drugi nisu alternativni pravci jer

  • and you may not know how your kind and loving thoughts and prayers have helped me. Your support is felt each and every day. Even in my weaknesses you were my strength, and those who know understand the vulnerability of going through a traumatic experience in the hospital. My appreciation for doctors, surgeons, nurses and techs has never been higher then it is now. Our Loving God put me in the hands of the best team that I could have had.

    I went into the Emergency Room Tuesday ni

  • Here's some more details about wireless charging TOH prototype that I did yesterday. And yes its a bit ugly hack but it works :-)

    I'm working on improving it and testing different receivers and chargers to see whats the best combination.

    What you need:
    - Double sided glue tape or superglue
    - QI receiver pad. I used following in this 1st experiement: (But any 5V flat QI receiver will do).
    - QI transmitter pad. In demo I use

  • I bought myself an Asus K55VD SX696H 8 Gb model. I stuck with the original size harddisk, because Asus wanted too much money to upgrade for a slow 750 GB drive, instead I purchased Seagate Momentus XL 750 GB Hybrid drive to fit myself. My problems started immediately, Windows 8 is horrible, I think this is another Lemon just as Vista was. The EFI and Gpt system is also difficult to get your head around.

    The optical drive would not read my Ubuntu disk 12.04.2 (64 bit), so I had to mess w

  • HOWTO: thumb buttons

    9 years ago

    Have a Microsoft Intellimouse or a Logitech Mouseman? This will get you going with using the side buttons.

    You can also find this document on the wiki at:

    Step 1: Editing the config file:

    Edit your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 or /etc/X11/xorg.conf file so that the mouse section looks like this:

    Section "InputDevice"
    Identifier "Configured Mouse&q

  • Cleaning your hash.

    10 years ago

    First of all i think this is pretty important, and also think that everyone should know about it, so mod please make this as an Announcement.

    UK hash contains many impurities, which i am not going to list, many of these are poisonous and SHOULD not be smoked.

    Method 1: The simple water extraction.

    Heat water in saucepan until water boils, reduce temperature so that the water stops boiling.

    add hash (it can be solid), and allow heat to break it dow

  • Hello everyone, I'm new. I have severe ME/CFS plus a bundle of other things. I'm trying to get assessed for suspected POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), and also suspect a mast cell disorder and/or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I'm two or three specialists away from getting the latter two investigated, though, and we're talking NHS waiting lists as I'm in the UK.

    I'm having particular problems with itchy skin at the moment, especially at night, and it's going together with

  • Hay all
    its been a while hope your all good I have come across this product and would to love to get an idea of whats inside them, the pills are sold by a BZP pill company in the UK
    they say its like opium and they have had to bind something to the molecule to get it past the stomach and in the brain. It would be very interesting to know what’s inside I don’t think its kratom as they go on to say that a patient has been applied for.

    Chemisrty is the fourth

  • Morphine to Heroin conversion - If you wish to do this synth from codiene, then see the second post of this thread and then start where appropriate.

    If you have ever tried to inject the new time released opiate pills like MS contin or OxyContin you probably know that its damn near impossible to get more than usually 25 % using just plain old water and sometimes you cant get any. So if you would like to get the dope free of all the gack in the pills this procedure should work. Using this

  • By: The WebPreneur Herself, Sarah Scrafford

    Techies in general already aren’t the most healthy bunch. Add to that mix an entrepreneurial flair that will cause you to occasionally skip standard mealtime and come 6pm you’re starving.

    The problem is, the hungrier you become, the more likely you are going to overcompensate by eating too much (this is also known as “binging”). There are ways, however, to trick your slimming body into think it’s not hungry and avoid overeat

  • Safety questioned at Hong Kong Airlines

    Company defends its record as captain speaks out on what he calls 'terrible standards'
    SCMP Sunday, 21 July, 2013

    Simon Parry

    As Christopher Allan prepared to jet out of Hong Kong with his family before taking up a new job overseas, one thing was certain about their travel arrangements: They wouldn't be flying with Hong Kong Airlines.
    "I wouldn't put my wife and kids on Hong Kong Airlines - I rea

  • From The Observer:

    The woman who hates food

    American TV presenter MeMe Roth has attacked everyone from her own mother to Angelina Jolie in her one-woman campaign against obesity. She tells Gaby Wood why shaming people is the best way to a thinner world

    MeMe Roth is on TV. She is swishing her long blonde hair from side to side, widening her eyes behind sexy-secretary glasses, holding up a large pair of trousers to illustrate the size of the average American

  • The Raptor of Spain

    Part I: The New King

    During the Caliphate of Marwan ibn Muhammad ibn Marwan, known as Marwan al-Himaar the last Caliph of the House of Umayyah, Abu al-‘Abbas rose against him and was proclaimed in Kufa. At the Battle of the Zab the lancers of Caliph Marwan broke on the shield wall of al-Saffah (the Shedder of Blood) and were invariably defeated and Damascus the capital, fell. Marwan was put to death in the fifth month, Jumada al-awal, 132 AH (spr

  • From The Sunday Times
    London, UK
    19 January, 2014

    Sugar watchdog works for Coca-Cola

    ONE of the country’s leading nutritional experts, tasked by the government with proposing new limits for the nation’s sugar consumption, is working as a paid adviser to Coca-Cola and Mars.

    Professor Ian Macdonald chairs a government panel examining the health impact of sugar consumption, amid growing concern that excessive amounts in food are fuelling the obesity epidem


    Legend And History

    The origin histories of the Temple of Sree Padmanabhaswamy, known to the most of the rest of India as “Ananthasayanam”, are lost in antiquity. It is not possible to determine with any exactitude, from any reliable historical documents or other sources that when and by whom the original idol of Sree Padmanabhaswamy was set up at this location. Some well known scholars, writers and historians, like the Late D

  • hrvatski S-300

    6 years ago

    Pišu: Berislav Jelinić, Eduard Šoštarić, 24.10.2006. | br. 571 iz Nacionala (

    SAD, Izrael i Rusija otimali su se za hrvatski S-300

    Raketni protuzračni sustav S-300 u posjedu Hrvatske vojske bio je predmet interesa velikih sila: Izrael i SAD željeli su iskopirati superiornu rusku tehnologiju, a Rusi su ih htjeli spriječiti

    Nacional posjeduje izv

  • Working Timeline for Child Abuse and Savile related

    This is designed as mainly a thread for dates and basic info to add to the timeline below. This first post by me will be updated continually whenever possible with relevant dates to the Savile thread and child abuse scandals and can be used as a point of reference aside the Savile thread. Contributions, suggestions, corrections and extra detail all very welcome.


    1950's onwards - organised and sophist

  • DC septembre 2013

    7 years ago



    Written by GEOFF JOHNS
    Art and cover by DAVID FINCH and RICHARD FRIEND
    1:25 Villain A cover by TBD
    1:25 Villain B cover by TBD
    1:25 Villain C cover by TBD
    3-D motion variant cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
    1:200 B&W variant cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
    On sale SEPTEMBER 4 • 48 pg, 1 of 7, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

  • Sublingual Opana?

    3 years ago

    Today I decided to experiment a little. As most of you know, OxyM skyrockets your tolerance. I started to think, what about sublingual? So, I did it 2 ways. 1. crush the 10mg ir and just put under tongue an then 2. just put the entire pill under tongue.

    I was pleasantly surprised by both results. I cant say for sure which one is better, but I do know that putting under the tongue is tons better than just swallowing. I don't want to go as far as saying its better than snorting, but tha

  • The other day I woke up with a sore knee. I figured I just slept funny on it and it would go away. A week later it still feels the same way. It's not so much that it's sore, it just feels awkward, almost like the knee cap is loose or something, and it seems swollen. I cannot make my heal touch my butt, usually I can, but I can't anymore, it just locks. It also hurts if I force it. Also when I'm standing, if I stand in a way that feels natural, my foot is actually 45 degrees off. If I put

  • Anyone else experience this? My shrink prescribed desoxyn for me, and let me titrate it up to no more than 15mg 2x/day to see how it worked. I've been on various stimulants for ADD for 8 years or so.

    So, i started with 5mg, and it promptly put me to sleep. Literally. I woke up about an hour later rather annoyed. So, i took another 5mg, putting me at around 10mg total (some will have metabolized out in the couple hours since i took the first 5mg, but its marginal). I didn't fall as

  • Some people are still having some issues with resolutions in Doom 3... It's simple, just with some commands you can play with any resolution.

    *First, start the game
    *Put your desired graphical settings (Low, High, Ultra...)
    *Open the console pressing Ctrl+Alt+' (or ^, for some keyboards)
    *Type in the console these commands:

    r_mode -1
    r_aspectRatio 2
    r_customHeight XXXX (or your desired Height resolution)
    r_customWidth XXXX (your desired Widht resolution)

  • hello im from australia and as there's not many forums with ibc so here i am.

    my journey up to now had implants silicone tear drops put in overseas january 2012 malaysia..

    hard lump appeared feb 2012, off to gp, put on antibiotics, 1 month still lump, sent for fna,
    they wouldnt do it as breast like a red hot balloon and too swollen with pitted orange outer skin.
    back to gp, more antibiotics & sent for ultrasound, results large hemoglobin, told no bc, again mo

  • So you find a guy sneaking around your house in middle of the night, determine that he's a threat to your life and/or your family's and kill the guy. Now what?

    ISTM that the two major choices are 1) to report it to the police, or 2) to put on some plastic gloves, put the guy in a big garbage bag or two, drive the guy to some isolated place and dump him off.

    The big risk of the second option is that if you're eventually linked to the guy you are going to have a much harder t

  • Miris vodi do jajne stanice

    Kako bi osigurala da će spermatozoid znati pronaći put do nje, jajna stanica šalje miris, a to se naziva kemotaksija. Znanstvenici sa sveučilišta Ruhr-Universität Bochum nedavno su otkrili odgovarajuće mirisne receptore koji spermatozoidima pokazuju put kroz jajovod. Takav se receptor inače može pronaći još samo u nosu. Znanstvenici su pokusima dokazali da miris nalik mirisu ljubičica privlači spermatozoide te da se brz

  • By "The Northern Rivers" I mean the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Where I live now is south of The Northern Rivers ... I moved down to "The Mid North Coast" ... I'm about 4 hours drive from Lismore (which is in the NR) now.

    I'm not entirely sure of why I have to get back there ... & I've been putting in an exhausting amount of energy trying to figure it out. Until recently it was because my 2 sons were there, & I had hoped my daughter would return th

  • Just thought I'd start this thread for the heck of it, since nobody seems to have posted this yet. How do you take your subs under the tongue? wait till it dissolves fully and then wait 5 mins before swallowing? crush it with teeth and then hold the powder in your mouth for 5 or 10 mins like I just did and then swallow it? me I'm on 24 mg a day suboxone and I just changed my dose due to tolerance, I now take one when I get up late morning, another at 4pm and then the last at 7 or 8 after supper.

  • Hello...I've been over in the peripheral neuropathy forum for about two weeks now, and thought I would find my way over here as well based mainly on a comment that one or two people over there made to me...My neuro issues are (knock on wood) almost totally sensory in nature, without motor involvement, and involve pain and tingling/abnormal sensation and/or numbnesss and yet increased sensation/sensitivity. Started in my hands, now also involves my face (on the left side, the cheek, teeth, sinus,

  • Hello everyone,

    I have searched this forum desperately and as most thread are a few years old, I need some new information on my condition.
    I have recently been diagnosed with central serous retinopathy in one eye after experiencing the very first symptoms of it about 5 months ago. During this time, it did not go away on its own as it should in most cases. The area affected is at my seven o clock, halfway between my central and the very edge of my visual field in that parti

  • I'm seriously thinking of having a mini gastric bypass done (MGP). An MGB is a from of weight loss surgery, and usually results in the patient losing about 70% of their excess weight and a much better overall health. I found a surgeon willing to do the surgery. The surgery will cost about 5000 USD, incuding tests before and after. Luckily, I have saved up money and will be able to pay for the surgery out of pocket, so I won't have to deal with insurance companies.

    I want this surge

  • The simple version:

    You can't. Not yours.

    The detailed version:

    You are probably accustomed to storing your metadata in your computer's filesystem. That is, you are using the names of the folders to keep track of information about your books. That's how we all started. Calibre is why we stopped.

    For example, you might have a folder called /ebooks, and under that you have /ebooks/nonfiction, /ebooks/fiction, etc. One of those, in turn, might have /ebook

  • Polite squabbling between a local private organization and the National Park Service will delay only the targeted completion date of the $380-million Archgrounds renovations. The initial targeted completion date had been October 2015.

    Timeline puts completion of Arch grounds renovation in 2016 (

  • Ovako, neznam kako da počnem, nekome se moram izjadati ko će me možda razumijeti....

    Nakon kaj sam imala pobačaj prošle godine u 3 mjesecu ( 5 tj. trudnoće) čuvali smo se 6 mj i u 9 mj smo opet počeli sa pokušavanjem, kupila sam si trakice za ovulaciju, dočekala pozitivnu konačno i gin mi potvrdi ovulaciju i nikaj nije bilo, onda odem na drugi pregled gdje mi opet potvrdi O i ja pitam pa kak mi je onda socijalni reko da imam PCO.. i veli ona meni ti nemaš PCO tebi jedino kaj je je to da

  • I am not able to get my rx until Monday at the earliest. I have had a lot of breakthrough pain so I used more hydromorphone than I should have (and also thought I had more stashed away, but I didn't...lesson learned).

    I've been taking about 8mg dilaudid to 12-16, IR, for chronic pain (which I think is ridiculous). Breakthrough, sure. But the constant pain itself? Paired with an oxycodone, I can do well for 4 or 5 hours with just one dilaudid and 1 Percocet. I'm trying to get this

  • cdb10c81

    It's a good thing Captain Marvel's so dang powerful, because she's about to face some severe challenges from the outside as well as the inside.

    Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, who retooled Carol Danvers into one of Marvel Comics

  • This topic is becoming huge. I can recall lists from a decade ago that had just a few known drugs on them, but that has changed today.

    This change is because of the widening of research into mitochondria and how damage to these energy cells in our bodies leads to disorders and disease. The autism community is heavily now into this, and has its own results and therefore its own lists of offending drugs.
    Often the autism lists do not contain all of the same drugs the PN lists do. Yet

  • This post is a combination of a story, a HOWTO and a subtle customer review. It is not a support question; I already solved the issue.

    Acer Aspire Timeline 1810TZ
    Insyde H2O BIOS v1.3314
    160 GB SeaGate harddisk (ST9160314AS)

    I wanted to install FreeBSD as dual-boot on my laptop, which came pre-installed with Windows and the following partitioning scheme.

    12 GB factory restore partition
    283 MB Windows boot partition

  • The Fentanyl Trials

    7 years ago

    So, SWIM aquired one 100mcg/hr (10.2mg total fentanyl) patch tonight and after much debate/thought as to the best ROA, SWIM decided smoking and eating the gel was the way to go. Here are SWIM's results:

    SWIM considered adding the gel to a saline nasal inhaler with water but, after examining the nasal spayer, he came to the conclusion that it wouldn't deliver an accurate enough of a dose to ensure his safety.

    He was sharing the patch with a friend so wearing it just wasn't an

  • I am trying really hard to understand how diets work or don't, and what is happening chemically to the body under various circumstances. I'll detail the "facts" I think I know, and ask to be corrected where wrong, and add some questions perhaps. The more I read, the more contradictory information I see and the more confusing it gets. I'd like to "try" to separate fact from fiction.

    Conventional wisdom for the overweight is, the human body burns x number of calories p

  • If the demo worked for you, restarting Steam might fix your issue according to this bloke ( Worth a try before you start with my fix.

    Fixes for Detached Arm Mode on ATI cards, OpenAL32.dll Error or 'Your computer does not meet the minimum video card requirements' further down. Info on Nvidia cards further down too.

    Like most of you, I would guess, I bought this game on the sale because it was ridiculously cheap. No

  • Attention all lovers of the Magellanic Clouds. I would like to present a new, all in one extended object chart of the Small Magellanic Cloud for free use to all those interested. The chart is a large Jpeg file and also available is an excel spreadsheet listing all of the individual objects and their most common names and coordinates. The chart was originally started about 12 years ago as a result of what I outline below.

    To access the chart and catalogue visit the website of the Horowh

  • Budući da prije nego mi se dogodilo to što mi se dogodilo nedavno nisam imala pojma da ovakvo stanje postoji i da bob može biti (i) opasan, a i nakon toga surfajući po domaćim stranicama nisam otkrila puno, nagovorilo me da zapišem na omiljenom forumu svoj doživljaj.
    Prije mjesec dana probudila sam se ujutro s užasnom ali užasnom neopisivom glavoboljom (inače me glava rijetko boli, a nikad nepodnošljivo, mamurluk ne računam), kao da imam željeznu kapu na glavi i nisam mogla podići glavu od

  • Marc Marquez Alenta

    12 years ago

    Vreme je da nam se sa Stranice Velikana osmehne i najsladje dete moto-sporta:

    Taj osmeh je i glavni krivac sto mi ovaj momak vec godinama ne izlazi iz glave.Potpuno me je opcinio jos kada sam ga videla na jednoj od prvih trka njegove druge sezone u 125-cama.Nisam znala ni odakle dolazi,ni sta ce od njega postati,ali sam bila sigurna da ce mi taj broj 93 doneti neke od najdrazih trenutaka savrsene srece.Do tada sam mislila d

  • Not sure if anyone will ever use this, but I know it was a PITA for me since the shoutcast forum pointed to URLs that didn't show anything, and the docs were Win oriented. Thanx Strog for the help with streaming!!

    Start by installing the ShoutCast server port.

    cd /usr/ports/audio/shoutcast && make install clean


    Ok On to the config file. Jump into /usr/local/etc/shoutcast. After that use your favorite editor to edit the sc_serv.conf

  • It's Not About the Calories
    Why existing efforts to combat childhood obesity are bound to fail.
    By Gary Taubes

    Posted Wednesday, March 16, 2011, at 10:20 PM ET
    Read about Slate's project to generate new ideas for fighting childhood obesity here. (

    It's the carbs that hurt us

    The past few years have seen the launch of many admirable initiatives to solve the problem of childho

  • (this thread courtesy of firemonkey who found the article presented further down)

    Hoarding and Clutter
    the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

    . . . when does enough become too much?
    And why is it so hard for compulsive savers to know the difference?

    Hoarding involves the accumulation and inability to throw away unneeded possessions, to the point that a home may become so filled with stuff that furniture and rooms can no longer be used for their

  • Video Recording/Quality Guide


    Hi all. I am aware that many people around the community are interested in making videos and such, and the quality is getting frustrating. People recording directly from Fraps and getting laggy footage, or encoding footage in a really bad codec that makes it look horrible. So I decided I'd throw together a little guide on how to get uberquality videos in L4D, L4D2, and any Source game, really.

    Quality Examples:



    Mega Multicolored Cloorian Pants

    MH = Main Hand
    OH = Off-hand

    To get the item you must first equip the items/officer/crew/ship shown then attack the raid listed. The item(s) can be obtained using 1, 5, 20 Stam(Honor) hits.

    Riddle Master's Pants Enhancer 1
    Lase Edge Gladius - The Scarlet Harlot, Caligula, Agony and Ecstasy, Mercury, Mermara (raids)<

  • Hi,
    i would like to introduce a new filter for avisynth: NLMeansCL.
    The filter is my try on the NLMeans algorithm. Tritical already wrote TNLMeans in 2006, which is also an implementation of the NLMeans algorithm. (Thanks for your work tritical!)
    In contrast to tritical's implementation - which is written in C++ and runs on the CPU, my implementation is written in OpenCL and runs on the GPU (typically).
    Note: I will update this post to reflect all changes to the filter. The m

  • Rating scale:

    5.0: Format all-Star (pao, dark assassin). Probably would only include super-powerful neutral cards that can appear in virtually any deck.
    4.0: Format staple (firebolt, insect swarm, untamed wrath, wolf captain, most of the unique spells). The sort of card you always need to be keeping in mind, or creatures which are so powerful that they warp the meta.
    3.5: Good in multiple archetypes, but not a format staple (void arbiter, tainted orc, lilim, vampire knight, cora

  • Fat is the most valuable food known to Man


    We now know that we should eat a diet that is low in carbohydrates. But a plethora of books published in the last decade have been low-carb, high-protein, or low-carb, high-fat, or low-carb, high-‘good’-fats, or all sorts of other mixtures. In other words, the real confusion lies in what we should replace the carbohydrates with

  • Dubai

    8 years ago

    Boom town

    The fastest-growing city on earth, Dubai is spending mind-boggling sums on construction and is about to swallow up P&O in its bid to be a global maritime power. Given the scale of its ambition, could it become the most important place on the planet? Adam Nicolson reports from 'Mushroom City'

    Monday February 13, 2006
    The Guardian

    It looks like a hot Grozny. On the vast invented islands offshore and in the even vaster building sites that

  • 4Gamer:

    Google translate: 287%2F20111016006%2F

    Famitsu: (Apparently a teaser for the real one which comes out later in the next issue):

    Google translate:

  • Rubick lore attempt

    2 years ago

    And with this thread we can pretty much dub this forum "Fan Lore". Honestly, I was seriously thinking about putting this up - not only because I am really not sure about the wording and the concept has gone through so many changes I don't even know if it's decent right now, but also because there are at least 4 fan lore threads on the first page. And this would make it 5. Well, shucks, what's done is done. And I would really like spelling and wording corrections, since, uh... What's th

  • Just a thread to see who will be interested. Map to come later.


    Mobius: Total Chaos


    Seven years ago, a vast tidal wave of energy surged across the planet. Many were vaporised, many driven insane, many left to mourn. Cities were obliterated, infrastructure disintegrated, civilizations collapsed. Mobius' wish of disposing of its tyrant had finally been accomplished, but at terrible cost.

    But, that was seven years ago. Your people have

  • Obzirom da mnogi kriju ukoliko im se stvarno dogodi, nije na odmet da imaju informaciju vise. Ukoliko netko ima dodatnih pitanja, potrudit cemo se, vjerujem svi, da ponudimo odgovore i pomognemo.

    Važno je povjeriti ljekaru svoju sumnju na spolnu bolest, čak i ako se dobro osjećate. Obavijestite partnera o svojim sumnjama, a u slijedećim odnosima koristite kondom.

    Ne pokušavajte sami izliječiti spolno prenosivu bolest. Ove bolesti su zarazne i neke imaju teške komplikacije i pos

  • Windows 7 Club

    5 years ago

    This is the Windows 7 Club

    You can discuss anything here regarding Windows 7. But as you know it has to be within forum rules :slap:. If you have any information that would help those transition from XP/Vista to Windows 7 it would be very helpful for you to post it here.

    For example:
    How is the netcoding of windows 7? When playing Wow or COD4 or COD:WAW is the Ping the same? And other questions some might have. So go ahead asking them...

    Are you able to play ga

  • I've gathered information from all over the web to help me in getting through the w/d's...I've never had the self-discipline to taper, so if you're like me, you may find this information useful. Feel free to correct an misinformation, mistakes or methods not worthwhile. I've collected info abt both acute withdrawals, and those dreaded PAWS. You may have seen this info elsewhere, as much of it is cut and paste, but perhaps my endless hours of collection can save you time and energy!

  • Grub 2 Basics

    5 years ago

    This page has been migrated to the Ubuntu Community Documentation site. For the most up-to-date information, please visit:

    On that page are links to a variety of other Grub 2 pages which cover installation, troubleshooting, ISO booting, Grub menu displays, and more. The majority of those pages were migrated from threads started on the Ubuntu Forums.

    Thank you to all the users who posted in these threads and expanded our knowledge of

  • The following ATL is based on the thread:

    Here is the final draft of the ATL so far:

    August 15th, 1977: Dr. Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977, while working on a SETI project at the Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University then located at Ohio Wesleyan University's Perkins Observatory, Delaware, Ohio. The signal bore all of the hallmarks of potential non-terrestrial and non-Solar System or

  • Hands in pockets

    a year ago

    Troops complaining that they're not supposed to put hands in their pockets when walking?

    Is this a military organization or a golf club? Are these military members or wailing crybabies?

    You don't put your hands in your pockets on my watch. I've never done it, not in uniform, not in civilian attire. Don't you do it, either. Don't do it. That's an order.

  • Weed through customs

    7 years ago

    So hypothetical question of course
    If I were to ya know want to bring ....weed back with me from a trip via airplane. How would I go about doing this? Is it a hard thing to do? Obviously if you get caught with it you are fucked but honestly what are the chances of being caught with it.

    Ive heard that putting weed in a ziploc then putting the ziploc in shampoo works, but im not sure.

    I'd like to be as cautious about this as possible.....hypothetically

  • Despite several offers of an alternative home, Marius a perfectly healthy 2yr old giraffe was put down today. Having been bred in captivity at Copenhagen zoo the animal was deemed ‘surplus’ to requirements.

    I just don’t get this

    BBC News - 'Surplus' giraffe put down at Copenhagen Zoo (

  • I'm redoing my cousins lappy and Dell in their infinite wisdom put the product key sticker not inside the battery bay, but, right on the bottom of the lappy where it could get worn off - which has happen to a significant extent.

    When I go to register this thing and have to put in the key, and can't, does anyone know what kind of options I have left short of telling them 'Go buy Windows 7'? (Linux not an option or I'd do it)


  • New way to smoke Fent

    6 years ago

    I suck at smoking Fent on the foil, and always lose most of the vapors, so I tried someting new. I put a clean piece of chore boy in my crack stem and put a dab of gel on the chore, and smoke it through the stem. It worked fuckin great, it is VERY efficent done this way because there is no chance you will lose any of the vapors.

    I advise the big Fent smokers here on Opi, like Inspektadek to give this method of smokin fent a try, you will definetly be suprised as to how easy and efficen

  • Im in Eastern Europe and the people who smoke weed here they smoke with tobacco and they put ALOT of tobacco in there blunts..SO I tried it and I got more of a nicotine poisoning and I felt very very dizzy and sweaty..

    So is it normal to mix weed and tobacco?

    I told my buddy that I dont wanna smoke with him because they put too much tobacco with the weed.

    So in other wods...I felt sick rather than being stoned or I use to when I smoked weed straight.<

  • Im in Eastern Europe and the people who smoke weed here they smoke with tobacco and they put ALOT of tobacco in there blunts..SO I tried it and I got more of a nicotine poisoning and I felt very very dizzy and sweaty..

    So is it normal to mix weed and tobacco?

    I told my buddy that I dont wanna smoke with him because they put too much tobacco with the weed.

    So in other wods...I felt sick rather than being stoned or I use to when I smoked weed straight.<

More emirov put feriha ziva results .....

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