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  • Medcezir / Dizi

    4 years ago (,d.Yms&psig=AFQjCNH-zVhfvnz5YlhTbFB9Am4hoxPL8g&ust=137920253

  • MedCezir

    a year ago

    Nova Serija -Pocinje od Sept.2013 / 'MedCezir' (Plima i Osjek). Glavni glumci Cagatay Ulusoy i Serenay Serekaya!
    Serija ce biti izdanak uspješne američke serije The O.C
    Snimanje serije pocelo tek prije par dana :)

    Evo jos jedna fotka glavnih glumaca :)

    Çağatay Ulusoy, Serenay Sarikaya, Hazar Ergüçlü i Barış Falay


  • Iiiiiight! Folks the codeine section is totally empty but I want to change this....I don't know if most pepole on here are into the whole "Purple Drank" Epidemic but its everywhere now pepole also call it
    Lean,Sizzurp,Barre and Jelly etc etc but this Drink how it is supose to be contains Codeine/Promethazine but other RX'able dranks i.e Cheratussin,Robotussin A.C and alot of pepole like swim lovee using Tussionex (which contains hydrocodone) insted of codeine so basically like i s

  • Dacian Language

    2 years ago

    There are a lot of theories regarding Dacian Language. One is about Dacian connecting with Baltic languages and, flowingly, Baltic tribes:
    From wiki (

    "A number of scholars have pointed to the many close parallels between Dacian and Thracian placenames and those of the Baltic ( language-zone (Lithuania (,

  • Brazilske telenovele

    4 years ago

    Producentska i televizijska kuća Rede Globo iz Brazila, diljem svijeta poznata je po svom izuzetno kvalitetnom i zabavnom programu; a zavidna brojka od cca. 80 miliona gledatelja - svakodnevno, čini ih trećom po redu najgledanijih televizija u svijetu. Kao i meksička Televisa, Rede Globo se desetljećima vrlo uspješno bavi proizvodnjom telenovela. No, za razliku od njih, više su skloni inovacijama, slijeđenju aktualnih trendova, i promoviranju kulturne i povijesne baštine, što se prije svega može

  • Kresy

    2 years ago

    Kresy Wschodnie or Kresy ("Eastern Borderlands", or "Borderlands") is a former territory of the eastern provinces of Poland. These territories today lie in western Ukraine, western Belarus, as well as eastern Lithuania, with such major cities, as Lviv, Vilnius, and Hrodna. This territory was included within the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Second Polish Republic, until World War II. In the interbellum Poland, the term Kresy roughly equated with the lands beyond the Curz

  • I admit that I had been an optimist regarding Scope at major airlines after the recent UAL "Scope Choke" clause, but an underlying assumption for that model's success was the long term death of the 50 seat fleet which I had thought Delta started. It appears now that was a dream. Based on the information below, I now believe Delta will increase the percentage of flying done by RJs in the coming years and has simultaneously pushed the pilot labor costs to a new all time low and can use


    Desomorphine, 10xmorphine made @ home from codeine is rapidly growing in the underground of russia.

    Drug police RB is alarmed with growth of Desomorphine usage

    January 21, Ufa, "Bashinform", Elena Makushina
    The number of cases of Desomorphine consumption grew up in Bashkortostan. Desomorphine is a home-made drug, which components can be freely

  • The Big & Dandy Synthetic Cannabinoids Thread . . . .,497.svg/240px-CP-47,497.svg.png
    exempli gratia: JWH-073 (left) and CP 47,497 (right)

    This thread is for discussion of artificially manufactured chemicals named cannabinoids that are not necessarily analogues of THC but work ph

  • well, not quite... but pretty close :D

    I really like the X-Ray feature on the new Kindle Touch, but it's only limited to Amazon purchased books, and not all the books have it on Amazon(publisher permission required). Last night I decided to look into how X-Ray works and see what I could do to bring similar features to any book.

    So after working on it for few hours, I wrote a script to automatically grab the book info from Shelfari, parse it, then write to the X-RAY format.

  • City States Leaders
    for Civilization V, Gods + Kings, and Brave New World

    Adds leader icons to city state screens, making it easier to remember who is who.
    This is an update to mihaifx's City States Leaders ( mod.

    Now with mod support!
    for More City States ( and Ynaemp City States (


  • This is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article on Hydromorphone (

    Oral formulations of hydromorphone can also be administered under the tongue and between the lower jaw and cheek; these routes increase the effectiveness of the tablets by putting hydromorphone into the bloodstream prior to passing through the liver. A liquid formulation is commonly available and recommended specifically for these routes, and uncoated low-residue oral formul

  • I don't quite know how this will work, but it could be interesting.


    To pool the knowledge of the members to successfully launch a coup of a small African country.


    I was reading about Bob Denard, Simon Mann and other mercenary leaders past and present and their attempts to overthrow various countries in Africa. I started thinking of all the various reasons why the coups failed, and began wondering how a coup could work. And if it did wo


    Finally They make a map of Y DNA not just showing Europe. When u break it down almost all R1b in west Europe is under R1b L51. Almost all R1b around the central area of the middle east is R1b L23 or R1b Z2103. In central asia it seems mainly R1b M73 but i am not sure. In Africa mainly the hot spot in sub shara Africa R1b V88 which also exists around Israel and Levant

  • MPlayer ( and MEncoder ( are amazing tools not only for watching but also for backing up DVD content. This HOWTO demonstrates how to create a very high quality rip with next generation video (H.264 ( ( AVC ( serveral audio tracks (Vorbis ( in this case, can be

  • Hey all, over the last couple of months I have been doing much experimenting with codeine and various ways to potentiate it and drugs which synergise well with it. There was a thread recently but I feel it took a turn more towards tripping on DXM and antihistamines.

    Codeine is a pro-drug converted into morphine in the liver by CYP2D6, an enzyme of the CYP450 system. This process is called O-demethylation. Approximately 7% of the Caucasian population are CYP2D6 poor metabolizers, meaning

  • Let's talk about the greatest fucking show ever. It's called Freaks and Geeks and it's goddamn amazing. I've watched it before, but because I'm a maudlin motherfucker who loves depressing stories.

    Here's a blurb about Freaks and Geeks from the authoritative :

    "Freaks and Geeks is an American comedy-drama ( television series, created by Paul Feig ( and produced (http://en.

  • Hi:

    As I have written, the control of fire was both the first social act that separated humans from all other animals, and may have led to the appearance of humans.

    Controlling fire was also the most significant energy innovation ever, at least until we master FE. :) Burning wood was a huge boon to humanity, and a catastrophe for ecosystems. Wood also had another quality that made it such an epochal substance

  • Type: Rapid Transit
    Status: Active (4 station is still under construction)
    Stations: 19
    Operator(s): İstanbul Ulaşım A.Ş.
    Line length: 26.5 km (16.5 mi)
    Place of line in İstanbul transportation map
    (Full resolution: )


  • Histrionik kişilik bozukluğu
    Amerikan Psikiyatri Birliği (ği) tarafından genellikle yetişkinliğin ilk dönemlerinde başlayan, aşırı duygusallık ve dikkat çekmek, çevresi tarafından onay arama ihtiyacının yüksekliği ile kendini belli eden kişilik bozukluğu (şilik_bozukluğu) olarak tanımlanmıştır. Narsistlerden farklı olarak çevreleriyle ilişkilerinin her dakikasına dikkat ederler.



    What are Germanic Italo Celts????
    The word is confusing because when people hear Germanic they think Germany or Scandinavia when they hear Italo they think Italy and when they hear Celtic they think Ireland or Scotland. Germanic Italo Celtic is a branch of the Indo European language (

  • Preparing a Blu-Ray Disc for AppleTV 2 on Windows for Beginners

    Ripping Blu-Ray Disc (BD) to Apple TV 2 is trickier than with DVDs and as a newcomer I thought I would document what I have learned. There are plenty of great threads on the details of this (particularly here: and but again as a beginner I didn’t even understand the vocabulary. So following a lot of reading, I


    This RPG is a sword & sorcery fantasy setting set in the Earth of the past that combines elements of the D&D/fantasy genre with the stage being the ancient world.

    Many of the well-known cultures of old, though separated through the years, are thrust together in this campaign setting that plays upon the sword & sorcery genre. The Celts in the British Isles, the Roma

  • The various strands of Hap. E1b1b as found in Europe constitute the third most common group of YDNA clades in Europe, after the R1 clades (R1a and R1b of course) and the original I clades. It seems to predate R in Europe, R being associated with the Indo-European invasions of c. ~3,000BC and E1b1b being associated with the spread of agriculture during the Neolithic from Anatolia at the latest (c. ~5,500BC). Like I and R, E is found all over Europe - at consistent, but low (normaly <10%) frequ

  • The Psychedelic Index

    3 years ago

    *Please PM a moderator if you find a dead link* (



  • Discussion Link

    Book I 1750-1777
    O Renascimento de um Império – O Princípio

    New Beginning

    In 1750 at the end of Dom João V reign Portugal found itself in a precarious position; the Portuguese Empire was a mere shadow of its former self, which at one time had spanned the globe from the Américas to Japan. The revenue from the gold and diamonds in Brasil that Portugal had been relying for the last century was starting to decline and Portugal’s position withi

  • mtDNA 78 samples

    U=25 32.05%(U5=12 15.4%,(U5a=11 14%(U5a1=7 9%), U2=4 5.1%(U2e=3 3.8%(U2e1=1 1.3%), U4=3 3.85% U7=1 1.3%, U1=1 1.3%)

    H=16 20.5%(H6=1 1.3%, H5=1 1.2%, H2a1=1 1.2%)

    T=15 19.2%(T1=8 10.3%(T1a=2 2.6%), T3=3 3.8%, T2=2 2.6%(T2a1b1=1 1.2%)

    HV=6 7.7%(HV2=2 2.6%,HV6=1 1.3%)

    K=5 6.4%(K2b=1 1.3%)

    I=4 5.1%(I3=2 2.6%, I4=1 1.6%J=3 3.8%(

    J1=2 2.6%

  • Dear All,

    We're presenting here our conclusion from the replies for: How to choose Euler angles sequences of rotation.

    Thank you all for your emails, and thanks to Kevin McQuade at the University of Washington for his help with the translation.

    Professor Anamaria Siriani de Oliveira
    University of São Paulo – Brazil - Physical Therapy Division
    Research Fellow, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,
    University of Washington. Seattle, USA

    Summary o

  • For those individuals who have successfully built or currently successfully build their own system(s) and/or have successfully modified or do successfully modify their prebuilt system(s) for maximum CPU performance, and for those individuals who are earnestly interested in successfully building or modifying their own personal prebuilt system(s) for maximum CPU performance, this thread is dedicated to being a one-stop-shop for locating information helpful for successfully maximizing CPU performan


    Od 5. juna do 18. juna Izrael ce biti domacin zavrsnom turniru mladih reprezentacija do 21 godine. Sampionat U-21 reprezentacija je bio podjeljen tri faze. U prvoj fazi je ucestvovalo 52 reprezentacije koje su podjeljene bile u 10 grupa (dvije sa po sest reprezentacija i osam grupa po pet reprezentacija). Narednu fazu su izborili pobjednici svih

  • I figured if I was researching I might as well gather the information together. I know that info on Propylhexedrine isnt a priority, but I hope that use can be found for this at some point

    The Basics

    Introduction and Basic Description

    Propylhexedrine is a stimulant drug used mainly to treat nasal decongestion due to its vasoconstrictive qualities

    Timeline of Experience
    Onset: 2

  • Kolar Projects Thread

    2 years ago

    DEVELOPMENT activities in & around KOLAR DISTRICT (district)

    Promote "KOLAR DISTRICT"... Recreate Golden Era !


    The major sources of employment are agriculture, dairy and sericulture, floriculture hence it is popularly known as the land of "Silk, Milk and Gold". Farmers in Kolar are totally dependent upon borewell


    BIOS flashing is destructive. If you don't understand what this means, start reading here ( and here ( Read these documents and all related documents very carefully.

    RELEASE COMPATIBILITY (Ubuntu x86/i386)
    All versions of Ubuntu have been tested using the methods listed below (4.10 - 12.04).

    Many vendors now include native Linux u

  • Koliko mi od urednistva bude dozvoljeno ovdje bi postavio par fotografija grada u kojem zivim i radim,
    u gradu kojem u medjuvremenu rado zivim, grad u kojega se rado uvjek nanovo vracam.
    Grda je moje drugo prebivaliste, tesko bi si mogao zamisliti da bi ga sa bilo kojim drigim gradom mijenjao, ovdje sam davnih godina dosao i ovdje cu mislim da mozem slobodno reci
    i do kraja mog zivota ostati da zivim, sa ovim gradom puno me sta veze.

    Za grad Kassel ova godina je jubilarna 1

  • I recently saw this documentary about bacteriophages.

    Phage- The virus that cures (

    Bacteriophages (

    Horizontal gene transfers (

    You ask perhaps why i posted this message, well i ask for opinions.

    Long ago i bought a scientific ame

  • Type: Rapid Transit
    Status: Yenikapı-Şişhane UC, Şişhane-Hacısoman COM
    Stations: 12 in service
    Operator(s): İstanbul Ulaşım A.Ş.
    Line length: 20 km (12 mi)
    Place of line


    August 19, 1992: Construction of the M2 begins.
    June 12, 1994: Taksim-

  • Welcome to the XIth installment of the Altered Maps Thread! This'll be my second time OPing a AM thread, but now.... We must look forward...

    First ye olde past:
    Altered Maps ( (the original!)
    Altered Maps 2: Uber-Yugoslavia FTW (
    Altered Maps 3: The rise of the Basque Empire! (

  • mtDNA 236 samples Iberia from 7,000-4,340 years ago the vast majority of the mtDNA where not well enough perserved to show the subclade like H1 they just had the basic haplogroup H.

    H=98 41.52% (H20=4 1.7%,H1a1a=2 0.85%, H14a=1 0.4%)

    U=43 18.2%(U5=8 3.4%(U5a=2 0.8%(U5a1=1 0.4%), U5b2=1 0.4%), U4=2 0.8%)

    K=34 14.4%(K1a=3 1.27%)

    J=18 7.6%

    N=6 1.7%

    T2=5 2%(T2b=2 0.8%)

    X=3 1.27%(X1=1 0.4%, X2b=1 0.4%)


  • Maciamo(head of Eupedia) just made a thread which shows a map of Italo Celtic Y DNA R1b S116 .
    [/URL] (

    As you can see it dominates western Europe most Italo Celtic R1b S116 spread in the Iron age. proto Germanic Italo Celtic speakers with Y DNA R1b L11/P310 migrated to central Germany from the Steppes(central Russia) first about 5,000 years ago.


  • Working Timeline for Child Abuse and Savile related

    This is designed as mainly a thread for dates and basic info to add to the timeline below. This first post by me will be updated continually whenever possible with relevant dates to the Savile thread and child abuse scandals and can be used as a point of reference aside the Savile thread. Contributions, suggestions, corrections and extra detail all very welcome.


    1950's onwards - organised and sophist


    Флаг Иордании oснован на флаге арабского сопротивления против Османской империи во время Первой мировой войны.

  • Welcome to the Big & Dandy Methoxetamine Thread

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    Methoxetamine Wikipedia Entry (

  • Welcome to the Big & Dandy Methoxetamine Thread
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  • Nootropics

    3 months ago

    What are your thoughts on Nootropics?

    I've recently discovered PRL-8-53, It is nontoxic, has a high LD-50 in rats, and increases memory recall from 150%-250%. Reddit reviews say it is highly anxiolytic,

    Lion's mane mushroom,

    Studied for (citations on wikipedia page)

    Stimulated animal nerve cells.[4

  • Lots of Awesome Projects!

    Deserved an International Thread

    CENTRAL LUZON Projects & Construction (

    Central Luzon

    • Country: Philippines
    • Island group: Luzon

    • Total :21,543 km2 (8,318 sq

  • Welcome to the Big & Dandy Methoxetamine Thread

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  • This is an avenue potheads may enjoy traveling down in the future....

    Here's one that keeps it simple... it's a THC prodrug that's water soluble.


    The phosphate group is diacidic (can donate two protons). Either as the free acid or as a salt (like THC-O-Phosphate Sodium, for example), this compound is soluble in water and could be injected intravenously with ease, unlike regul

  • Welcome to the Big & Dandy Methoxetamine Thread

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  • Welcome to the Big & Dandy 2C-B Thread

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    Erowid 2C-B Vault ( (experience reports) (

  • İnadına Yaşamak

    a year ago

    Inadina yasamak (U inat zivjeti/Zivjeti u inat/) nova serija, koja je pocela sa emitovanjem na Kanalu D (cetvrtak 20h).Prva epizoda imala je dobar rejting, u totalu treca, a u AB druga, te je jedina serija Kanala D koja je pocela emitovanje, u ovoj sezoni, sa zirvede.

    Seriju radi Surec film, producent je Ali Gündoğdu (Kacak).Reziju rade Serdar Akar i Selahattin Sancaklı (Kurtlar Vadisi).Muziku potpisuje Gökhan Kırdar.Scenarista je Gökhan Zincir.Serija se snima u Kapad

  • Welcome to the Big & Dandy Methoxetamine Thread

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  • VIDEO:
    VIDEO 2:


    Okay, I have decided! I am going through with this and will try to make 100 pieces.

    -The 22 heroes that have donated to me are first in line and their donation is converted in a 'qwerty-oh' voucher!
    -The next 78 will go to the first people that complete their purchase via the donate button.

    Price will be 100 euro'

  • 67_n.jpg
    Картата ги претставува актуелните јазици во Римската Импеија.Направена е според спорњед архивски материјали од римската администрација.Боите дале многу прецизен приказ и разграничувања ,особено на Македонскиот Полуостров (Балкан) кои денес од,од непознати причини, политичарите и дел од историчарите овој ред сосема го испомешеле од,само за нив,познати причини.http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbc

  • 1. Introduction

    Hello guys!
    I wanted to confess that I’m a little disappointed with the new performance bar system.
    So, I decided to give here my two cents about a performance system that could really show how well you played a hero. And not just compare it randomly with other people, because I think that in each game a hero role is situational.

    If you get bored just jump to the end. =)

    Note that I’m against these parameters being part of a hero perform

  • Q: Where can I get the latest and greatest WMV9 (Microsoft VC-1) codec?
    A: There are several existing ways to get the WVC1 (Advanced Profile) and WMV3 (Simple/Main) codecs.
    Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2 (with Desktop Experience) ( - All versions of Windows since Vista (except "N" European versions) include the latest WMV9 encoder and decoder DMOs. The Vista encoder DMO is the same as the one that ships in WMP11

  • Welcome to the Big & Dandy Ketobemidone (Ketogan) Mega Thread

    This is the proper place to discuss ketobemidone, a relatively strong opioid drug related to e.g. meperidine and prodine.

    Wikipedia: Ketobemidone (


    Original Post by LAAM:
    Is it legal in UK?

  • Koje vise volite, meksicke il brazilske?
    Meksicke mi malo vuku na nase, niskobudzetne su jako, i losa gluma...

    Evo sto wikipedia pise

    Compared to the toned-down Brazilian soaps, Mexican soaps are considered tacky and exaggerated, but during the 90s were a huge hit with lower-class people.

  • 1. Komodo Island forms part of the Komodo National Park ( Particularly notable here is the native Komodo ( dragon. In addition, the island is a popular destination for diving


  • This Day in History

    7 years ago

    On this day in 1947, Howard Hughes piloted the "Spruce Goose" for about a mile.

    It is now sitting in the Evergreen Aviation Museum

  • Why isn't it used more in consumer PCs?

    The price of ECC RAM compared to regular RAM is not much higher at all. Are the ECC compatible CPU/chipset/motherboard that much more expensive to produce?

    The only other downside besides price is, according to Wikipedia, a 2-3% performance hit, which again is not that much.

    OTOH, you avoid errors, which, again according to Wikipedia, affect 8% of modules per year. Even if this figure is for servers which run all the time,



    Useful links about the city

    Wikipedia - Samsun (
    Samsun Muncipality (
    Samsun photo thread (



    Ancora Samsun (

  • I know the people that are sent to Mars are expected to live in man made rooms that will be supplied with Oxygen.

    What I was wondering was if it is possible for scientists to actually create an atmosphere on the planet by releasing certain gases, etc. Right now the radiation is way too strong and the air quality is no where near where it belongs. Is there anything that can be done to eventually create an atmosphere on the planet that protects people from radiation and supplies humans

  • Since there are so many people here that use both Tramadol (also know as Ultram or Ultracet) and Zoloft (or other SSRI anti-depressants) I figured I should point out the possibly deadly interaction that this can cause. According to my research that can easily be confirmed, when people take both Zoloft and Tramadol together, they are at risk for a potentially deadly syndrome called Serotonin Syndrome. Both Zoloft and Tramadol work on the Serotonin usage portion of the brain. This can cause a toxi

  • off topic serije Medcezir i mjesto pod suncem za sve one koji se osjećaju djetinjasto, a više nisu djeca :mig:

    Teen kralj..:D
    Cagatay Ulusoy, đečko koji voli ribice na sve moguće načine..:lol:
    Rođen je 23.9. 1990. u gradu Stambolu. Nakon što je pobjedio na natjecanju za najboljeg modela Turske, upoznajemo ga kao playboya Emira kojem se često omakne pur pjena.:lol:
    Naš teen kralj trenutno snima seriju pod imenom Medcezir gdje mu je partnerica poznata slinava Sera..:lol:

  • WARNING: Etaqualone

    4 years ago

    This is NOT your old phenazepam, which is already dangerous. It should be treated with even more care than benzos.

    This is something that very few people are familiar with because it has been virtually non-existent since the 70's. This is very similar to what "ludes" were but feels weaker, hence people think they need to take more.

    It has recently started being available openly and already almost claimed the life of one BLer.

    Be careful with this shit, and

  • WARNING: Etaqualone

    4 years ago

    This is NOT your old phenazepam, which is already dangerous. It should be treated with even more care than benzos.

    This is something that very few people are familiar with because it has been virtually non-existent since the 70's. This is very similar to what "ludes" were but feels weaker, hence people think they need to take more.

    It has recently started being available openly and already almost claimed the life of one BLer.

    Be careful with this shit, and

  • Engaged?

    7 years ago

    Something struck me recently.

    Danes don't get engaged. We tend to skip that part. Usually, people decide to live together, and if people do agree to get married (often after the kids have arrived), it seems like a good occasion to have a great party, fill up the house with blenders and microwave ovens, and get the tax issues out of the way. The latter matters a lot here.

    In this day and age, what's the point of getting engaged? Historically speaking (

  • Several people in the week 1 thread wanted to know about others experience with taking medication - did it help, did it not help, does it interfere with creativity?

    So, if you have tried medication, or are taking it now, tell us about your experience. I would also like to where on the Hyperactive/Inattentive scale you think you fall?

    If you don't take medication, do you take stimulants? (e.g coffee)

    Here are some articles I ran across this week that

  • Continuing the theme of my summer of suckiness (which began with my family being evacuated from our home due to Hezbollah's war with Israel), my father was just diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Apparently, they caught it very early. However, according to the Wikipedia site on MM (, the median survival time for people diagnosed with Stage I multiple myeloma is 62 months. I went with my dad to see the oncologist today, and the oncologist said that a

  • Modafinil Discussion

    7 years ago

    Just noticed there wasn't really an established thread for discussion of this drug and people who are using it in Australia. Would be interested to hear some user experiences.

    Modafinil is a eugeroic drug generally prescribed to treat narcolepsy, made by the pharmaceutical company Cephalon Inc. It is not a typical stimulant and is often described as a "wakefulness promoting agent." The drug is sometimes prescribed off-label for ADD/ADHD. In mass-media advertisements and

  • Mario Vargas Llosa

    2 years ago

    Mario Vargas Llosa (born March 28, 1936) is a Peruvian writer, politician, journalist, and essayist. Vargas Llosa is one of Latin America's most significant novelists and essayists, and one of the leading authors of his generation. Some critics consider him to have had a larger international impact and world-wide audience than any other writer of the Latin American Boom.

    Many of Vargas Llosa's works are influenced by the writer's perception of Peruvian society and his own experiences as

  • Dear all,

    This thread is dedicated for the developments, updates, business, marketing and projects related to Agriculture, Animal husbandry and Fisheries.

    Though some may question what is the relation between skyscraper and agriculture, this thread is opened because of supports in TN arratai arangam thread.


    Intro from wiki

    Agriculture is the most predominant sector of the econ

  • I normally drink a single cup of home-brewed coffee each morning with breakfast, and then I'm good for the day. It's usually Starbucks, but back in 2006 I had a cup of really tasty stuff at a local restaurant, so I asked what it was (Douwe Egberts (, and then ordered a couple of bags of grounds over the internet so I could brew my own at home.

    Shortly after starting to drink this stuff at home I began experiencing severe headaches that ib

  • Srbija za upućene!

    6 years ago

    Da ti pojasnim Josipe. Na prvoj slici je malj za ubijanje komaraca, muha i obada, koristen u Posavini s kraja druge polovice 20. stoljeca. Patentiran je u patentnom uredu NDH, ali nije usao u masovni

  • Hi, According to Wikipedia, the H.265/HEVC spec was released on 7 June 2013, which I found for free on ITU-T's website:

    Now that HEVC has been officially finalized and released, corporations (ATEME, DivX, maybe not Google) will be jumping up and down to quickly put forth their own HEVC decoders and encoders. However, as history has shown, open-source software often beats proprietary software. Look at x264, OPUS, nothing has wid

  • I don’t know how truly xenophobic most Americans are. I think dismissive and ignorant of foreign counties’ citizenry might be better characterizations. Still, we don’t have an equivalent to the FN.
    Uhmm, Republicans in Arizona?

    I meant on a national level. There are nasty attitudes towards immigrants and immigration in places in the U.S., without a doubt. I have no interest in defending SB 1070 ( but it’s worth taking into account 1

  • Within the last few months I've notice that my peripheral vision was not as good as I remembered it being. Cars would come out of nowhere, and I started bumping into things. Since I have scaring in the back of my left eye I just thought that was the problem, but since I needed new glasses I went to my eye doctor to see what was up. I got bounced around to two other doctors before finding out that there's nothing wrong with my eyes.

    The last doctor sent me for an MRI. As I have big sh

  • Zemljotres

    3 years ago

    Zemljotres ili potres (trus) nastaje usled pomeranja tektonskih ploča, kretanja Zemljine kore ili pojave udara, a posledica je podrhtavanje Zemljine kore zbog oslobađanja velike energije.[1] Nasuprot rasprostranjenom uverenju da su to retke pojave, oni se dešavaju vrlo često, ali njihov najveći broj je slabog intenziteta i javlja se na relativno malim poršinama kopnenih prostora ili okeanskog dna.
    Na zemljinoj površini, zemljotresi se mogu manifestovati kao drmanje ili dislociranje tla. Pone

  • reading this thread ( called to mind
    a suggestion from my son:

    because he enjoyed full-time parenting
    from his mother, her girl-friend and my self;
    non-stop home-schooling (one fun "game" after an other);
    no television or any other negative/out-side influence;

    facts, formulae and processes
    (for which others spend six years at university)
    flow effortlessly through his mind.

  • Observation of precession of the equinoxes can most easily be seen over generational timespans by observation of the position of the full moon against the background stars against the markers of the seasons.

    Precession, occurring at the very slow rate of one degree of arc per human lifetime (71.6 years) is often considered almost indetectable. The position of the sun cannot be seen against the background stars. However, for both ancient and modern observers, the ecliptic position of

  • Adini Feriha Koydum (2011.-2012.g., Turska, Med Yapim, 67 epizoda) i nastavak, Emir'in Yolu

    Vahide Gördüm -Zehra Yılmaz
    Hazal Kaya - Feriha Yılmaz
    Metin Çekmez - Rıza Yılmaz
    Çağatay Ulusoy - Emir Sarrafoğlu
    Deniz Uğur - Sanem İlhanlı
    Ceyda Ateş - Hande Gezgin
    Metin Selçuk - Mehmet Yılmaz

  • Here is the distribution map of mt-haplogroup J.

    Although it hasn't been found yet in Mesolithic or Palaeolithic Europe, it is possible ( that J was already in Europe before the Neolithic, especially for J2a1 and J1c, which are rare outside Europe.

    Samples have been identified J sampl

  • The Goddess and Seven

    7 years ago

    Most of those who have studied the issue of what or who the Illuminati worship have come to the same is not Satan, Baal, or the beast. The Illuminati worship a female entity of very ancient origin. Typically she is associated with the planet Venus and the pentagram, but there is also an assortment of other symbols that connects all these seemingly different goddesses into one.

    In my studies I have figured that

  • Hanse Davion, "The Fox." From Battletech. The dynamic ruler of the powerful, neo-feudal Federated Suns in the 31st century.

    Hanse Davion (2983 – 17 June, 3052, aged 69 years) was the First Prince of the Federated Suns from 3013 until his death in 3052. He was the second child of Prince Andrew Davion and his wife Jennifer Campbell. He was known by his nickname of "The Fox", for his shrewd and cunning military and political strategies.

  • Ever heard of greylisting (

    Greylisting is a powerful way of reducing spam to your mailserver. Greylisting in short means that when someone wants to deliver a mail to your mailserver it will simply reply "Please come back later". That is something all RFC compliant mailservers do and when they do come back the mail is accepted. Most spammers and spam software are not compliant and not patient enough to try again. You will be surprised to see how effe

  • Methamphetamine

    2 years ago

    I just noticed that Methamphetamine ( redirects to the Amphetamines ( article; shouldn't they have separate pages? Or is the inherent ambiguity among street amphetamines the reason for this redirect? Personally, I think that "Amphetamines" should redirect to the Amphetamines category ( so it will function

  • Methamphetamine

    2 years ago

    I just noticed that Methamphetamine ( redirects to the Amphetamines ( article; shouldn't they have separate pages? Or is the inherent ambiguity among street amphetamines the reason for this redirect? Personally, I think that "Amphetamines" should redirect to the Amphetamines category ( so it will function

  • MtDNA haplogroups U3 and X2 were identified in a new study ( of Tarim Basin inhabitants in the Taklamakan desert ( (Chinese Turkestan, aka Xinjiang).

    Haplogroup U3 is common all around the Black Sea, which made me think that it was one of the main mt-haplogroups associated with Y-haplogroup R1b1b2. R1b1b2 has the highest genetic diversity in northern Anatolia and the Caucasus. M

  • Electric roads

    a year ago

    ~My comments are enclosed with~ We should have roads with the ability to collect solar energy and recharge electric cars as they drive. ~expensive, but doable~
    Is the amount of sunlight captured enough to power vehicles? ~A few vehicles per hour can be recharged, but initially only a few vehicles will be designed to receive a charge. The road needs to be much flatter for efficient magnetic transfer = short flux gap; scraping is bad. Trollies will produce windage losses and distract other dri

  • Understanding self talk and using positive affirmations

    again what TI`s call v2k or microwaving hearing can get misunderstood by people that don't experiences it as audio hallucinations or inner voices chatter self talk again what ever !!! people going thou this need ways to help to cope and deal with this
    I think we can counter it with positive self talk and from positive affirmations from audio cds etc...
    again think about it the perpetrators are working over our mind to be

  • What New England companies are currently making guns, gun parts, or ammunition which can be purchased by civilians in New England? I'll start:


    Chaparral Arms ( [Shelton]
    Charter Arms ( and subsidiary Chaparral Arms ( [Shelton]
    Colt ([Hartford]
    Connecticut Shotgun ( [New Britain]
    Marlin Firearms (

  • ... structures?

    I can think of a few off the top of my head.

    My favorite is....


    Lefetamine is really a substituted phenethylamine. It's SIMILAR in structure to amphetamines, but has a phenyl group at the alpha carbon rather than a methyl group (Alpha Methyl PHenyl EThyl AMINE is actually how amphetamine was "named"). It's still very s


    Turkish people, also known as the "Turks" (Turkish: Türkler), are an ethnic group of the Turkic peoples primarily living in Turkey as well as in the former lands of the Ottoman Turkish Empire where Turkish minorities have been established in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Iraq, Kosovo, Macedon

  • We are pleased to announce the beta release of version 5 of Memtest86.

    Windows download:
    USB Image (
    CD Image (

    Linux download:
    USB Image (
    CD Image (

    Installation Instructions: (s

  • En löytänyt täältä varsinaista ketjua itse olympiakisoista, joten laitetaanpa sellainen tulille. Koska tuolla Maajoukkue-osiossa on omat aiheensa jääkiekkoon liittyen, niin pyritään pitämään tämän ketjun keskustelu jääkiekon ulkopuolella.

    Ja todettakoon se tähän alkuun heti, että minä käytän viesteissäni paikkakunnasta nimeä Sotshi, vaikka niitä väännöksiä taitaa olla aika monia (Sotsi, Sochi, Sotŝi jne). Tätä nimeä käyttää myös Yle ja valtaosa muista medioista, joten kaikkien e

  • Number 1.) I am not religious. I believe Religion was manufactured by reptilians..(devils if will) and has been a plague used to divide us and keep all people but especially my (the lost tribes of Israel) from the truth of there divine past.

    Number 2.) I am a Hebrew Israelites and the non-fabricated books of the bible are my peoples history. (I can proof that 100% with out a shadow of a doubt)

    But before I do: Here is a list of books that you may as well rip from your bible

  • Caffeine

    6 months ago

    The Basics

    Caffeine is a xanthine alkaloid with stimulant properties. It is used to elevate mood, increase energy, and block fatigue. It is both safer and far less euphoric than stronger stimulants like amphetamine and cocaine. Tolerance to it can be built extremely rapidly.

    Caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive drug in the world.

    Timeline of Experience (Erowid)
    Onset: 15-45 minutes (dependent on form and stomach contents)

  • Playing HD-DVD discs

    6 years ago

    HD-DVD on Linux

    1. Hardware
    I use a XBOX360 drive that I got on ebay, plug it in and it will work. On my Ubuntu system, it automajicly appears at /dev/scd0. As a bonus, it appears to ignore SD DVD regions.

    # lsusb
    Bus 005 Device 008: ID 045e:029c Microsoft Corp.
    Bus 005 Device 007: ID 045e:029e Microsoft Corp.

    # mount -o ro /dev/scd0 /mnt - For a DVD
    # ls /mnt

    2. UDF2.5 Filesystem Kernel patch

  • Deliriants are closer to dissociatives than they are to psychedelics. We know that the dysphoria from them can be too intense even for the most experienced drug users. Erowid has even placed a disclaimer for Datura, because it's so terrifying and horrible (usually).

    However, I feel that it should be possible to create a euphoric deliriant without the effects of dry mouth, urinary retention, constipation, dry eyes, excessive itching and tachycardia. I know that those side effects are pa

  • A Guide to Basic Kerbal Rocket Design:
    By Vincent McConnell and Kosmo-not.

    Getting to learn basic rocket science for a space game like Kerbal Space program can be very important to the success of building rockets that can perform a desired job. In this guide, we will be covering things like calculating the full Delta-V of your ship, explaining how to perform transfer maneuvers, getting Thrust to Weight Ratio, calculating the Peak G-force experienced durin

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